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For those who have suffered from foot problems, switching from padded running shoes with large amounts of support to minimalistic, barefoot shoes, can be immensely beneficial for the feet, especially if you suffer from tired, aching feet. In order to take advantage of most minimalistic shoes, however, it is often necessary to purchase socks with toes.

In fact, many minimalist shoes cannot be worn with traditional socks, making Injinji toe socks an obvious purchase. For example, the Vibram Fivefingers are unique and because each toe has its own separate compartment, normal socks simply will not work. For those who wear Vibram Five Fingers or similar footwear, Injinji Socks are required to fit into these types of shoes.

In order for the human foot to perform freely, the company re-engineered the traditional sock’s basic structure and shape and produced an interface that emulates being barefoot. With five separate toe sleeves, each sock incorporates the natural function of the human foot, thus greatly reducing friction and moisture and strengthening foot and leg muscles. By combining the ease and nimbleness of the barefoot state with the shield of a seamless sock, Injinji developed their Performance Toesocks™. They also offer toe socks for travel, sports, outdoor activities and casual everyday use. In 2008, Injinji was awarded the highly acclaimed Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Another reason that Injinji socks are valuable is because their wicking properties are vastly superior to those of traditional socks. For those who run frequently, having very sweaty socks can be incredibly discomforting and may distract runners from performing at their best (not to mention cause other problems, including athlete’s foot). Fortunately, however, these socks are specifically designed for runners and have fantastic wicking properties that can be highly beneficial for those who sweat frequently.

Along with their wicking properties, these socks are also great for those who wish to keep their feet warm. Because minimalist shoes typically have less overall padding and protection than traditional shoes, one may think that they would cause people’s feet to become cold during chilly weather; however, Injinjis are so superior at keeping feet warm that most people will never have to worry about cold feet when wearing minimalist shoes.

Another advantage of these types of socks is the fact that they provide a more tactile feeling. Not only do most people often find this to be more comforting and pleasurable, this can be an enormous advantage for runners who are running over rough terrain. For competitive runners who need every advantage they can acquire, investing in Injinji socks is clearly an intelligent choice.

Overall, whether you are a competitive runner, are looking into barefoot running, or you are simply trying to cut down on friction, limit heat and sweat and avoid foot problems, purchasing these toe socks through is well worth the inexpensive cost. They provide a vast array of advantages compared to traditional socks and should not be overlooked by those who value their feet.

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Will the toe part break easily???

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