Inner Thigh Exercises

2 Very Simple Inner Thigh Exercises You Can Do At Home

Obtaining slimmer thighs is an objective many women have and inner thigh exercises are an excellent place to start. This article will show you two extremely basic yet very effective inner thigh exercises that can be done in your home very easily.

However, you should first understand that targeting just your inner thighs IS not the best course of action. It is far more beneficial for your thighs if you concentrate your efforts on toning your legs as a whole rather than just your thighs as this will provide far better results in the long run.

To get you started here are two exercises that will give you great looking thighs and legs and which will work pretty quickly, so long as you use them regularly.

1. Run up the stairs...walk down the stairs!

Sounds too simple doesn't it?

But running up stairs and then walking down them will provide a great workout for every muscle in your legs, not forgetting your inner thigh muscles. Not only does using the stairs as an exercise machine help tone your legs very well but it will burn a considerable amount of fat too.

Exercising at home is a necessity for some people and this exercise is perfect for them. How can it get any simpler? Run up, walk down...easy peasy!

For the best results you need to do this exercise without stopping for about 10 minutes (or longer if you feel up to it!) once every day.

Before you know it your legs will look great and you will feel fighting fit and it will only take ten minutes a day...amazing! Now for your second thigh thinning, fat burning, easy to do at home exercise.

2.Thigh burning wall squats.

Don't be put off by the painful sounding title, the burning is a good thing as when your muscles burn they are burning more fat than usual and are working hard, here's what you need to do.

Stand with your back touching a wall. Spread your legs so they are your shoulder width apart and move them forward so they are about a foot and a half away from the wall.

Start to bend your knees and slowly control your descent sliding your back down the wall, you must keep your back straight by the way. Just a quick side note..use a smooth wall as there is a good chance you will lose a layer of skin if the wall has a surface like sandpaper!

Stop the descent when your legs are parallel to the floor, which should be when your knees have reached a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for at least a minute or until you feel a burning sensation in your thighs(The better shape your thighs are in the longer it will take for the burning to start).

Once you have reached a minute in the holding position return to your original position slowly and rest for a minute before performing another squat.

You should aim to do up to ten squats in each session at target four sessions a day for optimal results.

That's a wrap! Couldn't be any easier could it? Two very simple exercises that will tone your legs, help you to lose weight and can be easily done at home.

However, exercise won't cut it on it's own you will need to change the way you eat, more to the point, what you eat. Initially though, there is a way to lose weight without changing your diet too much....curious? Find out more here.

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Tea M profile image

Tea M 5 years ago

It's amazing how many things we can do at home for our health. No excuses :) Thanks for reminding us.

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