Inner Thigh Toning

Two Minute Inner Thigh Toning!

Hands up who wants slimmer thighs! question.

What is one of the most common excuses that women use when told that they need to do some inner thigh toning exercises in order to have slimmer thighs?

All those that said a lack of time, give yourselves a pat on the back. Many women have busy schedules and there is no disputing that it is a full time job being a mother and looking after the home and family or in fact being a working woman and having the same responsibilities, but...if we don't make the time to look after ourselves we will all pay the ultimate penalty.

So for all you lovely ladies out there who want slimmer thighs (and a healthier disposition!) but have no time to get them, pin your ears back because here is a little method that you could use that will have you burning the fat and toning your thighs in short little two minute spurts and all you need to do to get started is to get your hands on a mini trampoline (a lot cheaper than gym or health club membership).

Right...I'm absolutely positive that the vast majority of you will at least watch one hour of television a day, probably more, so I'm guessing that you will know how often commercials will interrupt your viewing. Why not use the time when the commercials are on to get your mini workouts in!

You don't need to exercise through the whole commercial break just for two minutes, about the length of a single commercial.

Here's what to do:

Keep your mini trampoline close by and as soon as the program you are viewing goes to commercials get on your trampoline and spend two minutes jumping as high as you can, taking care not to hit your head on the ceiling or worst still fly head first into the television set!

In two minutes of jumping it should be quite easy to manage around twenty jumps.

Your goal should be to do this at least ten times a day, which would equate to twenty minutes of trampolining a day which is enough cardio and leg exercise to achieve the goal of slimmer and better toned thighs as well as helping you get fitter....and you don't miss a second of the program you are in the process of watching either.

How's that for a great use of a conmmercial break, short and sweet but it gets great results. If you would like some more information about how to tone your legs and inner thigh toning in particular pick up this FREE report on how to lose weight on your thighs.

You know what they say...every little helps!


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