Insight of Psoriasis: Causes, Symptoms and Home Treatment For Cure

Common location of Psoriasis
Common location of Psoriasis

Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin inflammatory condition. Psoriasis occurs due to faulty message sent my immune system to reproduce skill cells. This skin cells reproduce and form a thick, red, dry patches on the skin. Excesses production of skin cells accumulate and form a white silvery appearance. Psoriasis is considered as a long-lasting skin ailment, which could recur if the person has the history of this skin condition. The severity of psoriasis varies as per the type and symptoms. There is no known cause for psoriasis, it is concluded that it occurs due to the genetic factors, immune responses, and environmental factors.

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is concluded as the inherited disorder. This disorder commonly affects the people of ages between 15 and 35. Experts think that it could have severe affect, if a person has weak immune system. Specially, if a person is having AIDS, Autoimmune disorders, or Cancer chemotherapy then the severity of psoriasis could be higher. Studies suggest that around 30% of people who have psoriasis may have arthritis condition; this arthritis condition is known as psoriasis arthritis.

Apart from the genetic causes following are the factors that can trigger psoriasis condition in any person.

· Upper respiratory infection, viral or bacterial infection

· Dry skin and dry weather condition or air

· Some medicines such as, beta blockers, lithium and anti-malaria drugs.

· Too little or too much sunlight (sunburn).

Symptoms of Psoriasis

· Itching - Irritation or tingling of the skin, which will make a person to scratch the area. It can be confined to that particular area or over the whole body.

· Dry Skin ­– Cracks and scaling in the skin. Mostly commonly around the lower legs, thighs, flanks (sides of the abdomen), and arms.

· Pustules – Small pus-filled, inflamed, blister like abrasions on the surface of skin

· Skin redness – inflammation and redness of the skin, which signals the pathological condition of skin.

· Scaling Skin – loss of the outer layer of epidermis of skin. Peeling and scaly skin surface of skin.

· Nail Abnormalities – Brittle nails; Koilonychia; spoon nails; fingernail abnormalities; Beau’s lines

· Blanching of Skin ­ - Skin become pale when a little pressure is applied on it.

· Genital lesions in males

· Joint pain (psoriatic arthritis)

Home Remedies of Psoriasis

· Drinking adequate amount of water every day (at least 8 glasses).

· Diet must include plenty of vegetable juices, fruit, fiber, limes, lemons, lettuce (for cleansing the liver). Also, celery, turkey, fish, and parsley.

· Add one teaspoon of lime juice in a cup of freshly prepared bitter gourd juice. Drink this mixture every day for 4 to 5 days, in empty stomach.

· Mix garlic oil and Aloe Vera gel in equal proportion and apply to the affected area.

· Mix one cup of oatmeal into a warm water to take bath.

· Hot Epsom salt bath is recommended to treat psoriasis. Also, apply olive oil after the bath to increase the effect of this home remedy.

Psoriasis is commonly seen in winter season, because it’s a dry weather. Normally, skin gets dry due to the weather. It is also recommended to keep the body skin moisturized with the help of good quality lotion or moisturizer. Moreover, if you experience any skin inflammation or infection then you must consult a doctor. Precaution is better than cure; you must take necessary steps to keep your body healthy, to lead a happy life.

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