Inspired Living

Inspired Living

I’m still catching my breath post Olympics. What a wonderful 2 weeks! I saw sports I didn’t even know existed (I know, where have I been?!) and I spoke to people who aren’t sports fans but who thoroughly enjoyed the event from start to finish. Even being miles away from London I could feel the energy in the air… it was hot, it was strong and it was inspiring!

There really is something special about sport and music that has a way of fusing people together and the Olympics, being such a big event, magnified it. Watching people from across the globe, having fun, giving all their support (the volunteers giving their time so graciously) to help others achieve their goals was beautiful.

One of the most inspiring things for me was seeing people live out their dream; the medal winners who had dedicated themselves to training over the past 4 years receiving their reward. Even for those who didn’t get medals their efforts were applauded and appreciated; their dedication to sport honoured… you have to be doing something right to get to there in the first place.

My highlights; Jessica Ennis – superstar! She took the pressure of expectation and delivered for her home crowd in stunning fashion. The Great Mo Farah doing the double; I am certain he used the energy of the crowd for those last few steps to win the 5000 – outstanding self-belief and ability. Usain Bolt – I just love that guy; a real showman who has mastered his craft – simply the best! And what about Gabby Douglas, US gymnast talent, in a league of her own – she wowed the crowd and changed not only her own life but that of her mother’s forever – awesome.

I was trying to imagine what it must be like for the youngsters too, 15-16 years of age, becoming Olympians… the joy of fulfilling dreams at any stage of life is amazing but those youngsters will no doubt serve as a springboard of inspiration for other youth to follow. That is the legacy.

What it has left me with is a sense of striving everyday to live my dreams, not to be complacent, not to wish but to do, not to freeze with fear but to press on with it and through it.

So when it comes to living an inspired life here are 10 recommendations:

1. Dare to live your dreams

2. Be the best you, not a poor 2nd of someone else

3. Care about others

4. Give to others; time, knowledge, support

5. Inspire someone to greatness

6. Leap across a fear or fight it!

7. Pursue your innermost passions

8. Quit complaining – it doesn’t make for quality living

9. Set your sights high

10. And say ‘yes I can’ often

What would you add to the list?

Live Blissfully!


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