Intuition and developing intuition

What is intuition or Intuitiveness?

The word intuition brings a sense of the unrealistic and improbable to one’s mind. Intuition is inner guidance or instinctive knowledge and often associated with psychic and prophetic properties. There is not too much of a scientific base to this quality of human mind process but yet, one cannot deny the existence of this extra sensory power of perception. Men call it gut feeling while women call it the intuition or the sixth sense. Intuition is like faith; it will only develop as far as you would let it develop. People are often afraid of basing their decisions on intuition. The rationale element as we know it, is missing from this source causing it to be viewed sceptically. Because of its illogical or so called irrational nature, it is often discarded as something worthless. Albert Einstein would say that “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Carl Jung believed that ‘intuition is perception through the unconscious.’ Ask any woman and she will tell you what intuition is.

Intuitive thinking - intuitive decision making

Most business hunches and decisions are guided by a certain level of intuition or gut feeling. Intuition by itself may not be the deciding factor in the decision making process but can contribute heavily to it. Intuition along with logistics can help you take calculated risks which are a part of any business decision making process. This is what most business men do, take calculated risk based on their gut feeling which is actually a unconscious processing of information available with what is seen and evaluated externally. Though people become astute business men basing their decisions on intuition and haunches yet when the word intuition is used it is dismissed as old wives tales. Here is what Bill gates has to say, ‘Often you have to rely on intuition.

Developing intuition or How to be intuitive

Intuition is a kind of extra sensory perception that tells you or guides you in the direction of a particular decision. Though you may not know why, but your mental processor has already processed the available information and is now giving you a decision. This is intuition defined in a very simplistic way. Carl Jung said, “I regard intuition as a basic psychological function that mediates perception in an unconscious way. Intuition enables us to divine the possibilities of a situation.”

It is almost like listening to your body or listening to your thoughts. This doesn’t happen overnight. It calls for a great amount of practice, quiet time and readiness to listen to what does not sound logical. You need to have faith to believe in yourself and what your mind is telling you. Intuition gets heightened as you allow your sense to pick up information from the world around you. You need to be really tuned to what is happening with the person or the circumstances around you to be able to draw from your intuition. It is almost like a bridge that connects reality to the surreal.

In order to develop intuition one has to take risks. You have to be ready to test out what your intuition tells you to find out if it works or not. You need to get in touch with your intuition on a regular basis to be able to draw from it. Listening to that small inner voice or inner guidance will be your first step but to get there you need to learn the art of silencing your mind. You need to tune in to your inner self and the thoughts and impressions that run though the mind constantly, is the only way to develop intuition. There is so much happening within our body we are nether aware of this nor do we concern ourselves with it. In similar manner we are unaware of the stream of thought that is constantly crashing on the shores of our mind. It takes a heightened awareness to get into that level of consciousness, not impossible but needs practice. Picking those stray thoughts and following them in quietness could lead us to a store house of information that is within us. You need to spend time developing it you would do with any other skill.

Understanding Intuition being in tune with yourself

Haven’t you ever been surprised at your own knowledge of things? Have you ever wondered where did all this come from? Have you thought any further on these things? It is the mind doing it own processing of which we are hardly conscious. It has been known that we do not like to focus on what we do not know; but pay attention to what we consciously know. Science tells us that we do not put to good use the full functioning of our brain, and such self imposed constraint on the power of the brain could be reason enough.

Sages and saints have discovered some of the deep working of the mind and it connectedness with the universe around just by cutting the world out and zooming in on their thoughts. Faith and many faith based actions are rooted in this kind of focus in one stream of thinking. Even to the discerned mind it would be foolish to dismiss as fallacy the things we do not understand. It may be worthwhile to be attuned to your mind and its deep thoughts.Intuition is ultimately your connection to the subconscious mind.

Intuition is well worth paying attention to

There have been times when your mind told you to do something and you found that when you just put away that urge you encountered some problem or the other. I have heard women say I knew this would happen - pure intuition. I have experiences of the same kind when I tell my husband something he asks me for the logic and I tell him well at the moment that I can only tell him that this would be the best course of action we have often found to our surprise that I was right more often than not. It is better to heed to the voice of intuition and trust that well spring of wisdom that rises up from within you.

I would like to conclude with this quote from Einstein ‘There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.’ If Albert Einstein depended on his intuition for his discoveries I am convinced that it might be worth while to spend time developing the same intuition myself.

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Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

The older I get, the more I find myself trusting and relying on my intuition to make both small and large decisions. I still assess the facts, but feel that intuition helps me make the wisest decision based on available facts.

I enjoyed this hub and am rating it up.

FaithDiva profile image

FaithDiva 5 years ago from Dallas, TX.

Insightful post. Intuition is a gift that keeps on giving as long as you are in tune with it.

viveresperando profile image

viveresperando 5 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

Very informative. :)

timorous profile image

timorous 5 years ago from Me to You

Very interesting sofs. Even though I'm a fairly logical thinker, I do rely on my intuition to assist my decision-making most of the time. I suspect our intuition is not random thoughts, but the mind sorting the information that we've taken in, even if we weren't conscious of receiving the information. Sometimes it seems like the intuitive response is just as logical as the consciously considered response, if not more so.

Listen to your deeper mind, it's probably not as clouded by the prejudices that your logical mind has developed over time.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Excellent hub, I really enjoyed it and found it true.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

Very nice information from you. I learn much from you. I am glad to follow your tips. Rated up!

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

Sofs what a brilliant read. Women generally in my opinion are very intuitive and tend to go more with their feelings. I find this often more reliable than my left brain logic! Great hub and voting up too.

profile image

Robert Veight 5 years ago

Nice work Sofs. Well, I'm a man and I've relied on intuition, intuitively... HA! I'm looking forward to checking out your hubs. I'm also going to post a question. Talk soon.

HennieN profile image

HennieN 5 years ago from South Africa

Excellent hub. Never underestimate the power gut feelings

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

I have been away and unable to individually answer each of your comments and I am glad as always to hear from you. I am sorry for the delayed response :)

@ Happyboomernurse I am glad that you depend on both information and instinct, making the best of both worlds :) I am with you 100% on that:) Thank you for the read and comment.

@ FaithDiva I appreciate the comment very much, you are spot on, the more in tune you are with your intuition the more you get from it :). Glad to meet you :)

@Viveresperando Thank you for reading and I truly appreciate the fact that you found it informative :)

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Hi Tim, I am glad as always to hear from you. You have some deep understanding here Tim. I am sure that intuition is not some random thought, I have been able to work on my intuition and tune myself to it more and more as I have become aware of this gift. Sometimes it is so much fun to check your intuition on your friends - isn't it?

@ Paradise, Thank you for the read and the comment, I truly appreciate it.

@Praestio, I am glad to share some of the stuff I know. I learn from you and all the hubbers all the time. Thank you so much for the read and the comment. :) Your comments are always appreciated.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

@ acaetnna, Yes, women are more intuitive than men, women tend to rust more than men, even in matters of faith women top the list. I guess we are indeed blessed with more gifts than men, rather we use our gifts much better and without questioning them.

@ Robert Veight, Thanks for the comment and the readiness to check out my hubs. I will check the question and answer it as soon as I have had a time to catch up with the back log. Men who are in touch with their feminine side are very intuitive, I have friends who are intuitive though they are men. I am Glad you are :)

@ HennieN, Thank you for the read and the comment, I truly appreciate it :)

howcurecancer profile image

howcurecancer 5 years ago

A very useful hub, thank you for sharing.

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Wonderful hub and very useful-which I hit. Sofs, Albert Einstein was a very wise man, wasn't he? thanks for sharing his quote.

The listening and tuning into our inner voice is one of the key elements. And, this can be developed, as you stated.

Awesome hub. Voted it up.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Howcurecancer, thanks for the read and the comment. Welcome to my hubs :)

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Denise I can see that you have been on a reading spree, Einstein was indeed more wise than we give him credit for.. and so is Jung my favorite psychologist. Intuition is something that is already there we just have to tune in and develop it.. the more we tune in the more we shall benefit from it. Thank you Denise for commenting and voting the hub useful and up. :) God Bless!

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

HI Sofs, Yes, Jung is my favorite psychiatrist as well. I love his work with dreams and archetypes. Great tool: Intuition.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Denise, it seems like we have a lot in common :) and we keep finding the common bases more and more as time goes by :) ya and thanks once again (((( hugs))))

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Yes, Sofs, it is amazing isn't it. Thank you for being such a good friend and support person. There is so much strife in my personal life (no rhyme intended) right now and much sorrow. Hubpages and the community is my one bright spot after my children and grandkids.

((((Hugs back to you!))))

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Oh Denise,You are a wonderful person and I hope things work out well for you :) I truly hope they do and will keep you in my prayers. I am glad to have found you and I appreciate this friendship that we have.. I always look forward to meeting you and Mark on the forums, and yes HP is one community that I love ..because of people like you, Mark, Tim and a few others :)

My best wishes to you :)

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Thanks. I appreciate that. I know the feeling. I like the forums as well-sandpit. I'm up way too late and have work tomorrow. I will check in later in the evening my time as it is now almost 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. Yikes! I have to be up by 6 a.m. Take care. Goodnight.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

LoL you sure need some sleep with a whole new week ahead of you. I am glad that we had this chat in the comment boxes :) and hope to continue it on mail or chat whenever we can :) Have a lovely week Denise :)

days leaper profile image

days leaper 5 years ago from england

I just knew that one day you'd get around to writing this Hub! And when I read it, it confirmed how good it would be. -Voted Up!- The only thing in my way now is convincing the silly doctors that such a thing exists and I know what you're saying "It won't happen!" And guess what, you're most likely right!!!

Best Wishes from


sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

LOL DL ..your intuition was right then!! I understand what you are saying.. nah! the docs are not going to accept your theories.. but you know that you know.. don't you.. ? It is like faith you cannot understand it until you experience it.. they other day suddenly this thought jumps into my mind the phone is going to ring and steve is on the other end.. and in a minute the phone rang and steve .. (not anyone I know.. a cold business call) was on the other end.. it is crazy but true.. sometimes not many understand it.. :)

I am glad you do... best wishes and hugs to ..take care :)

LailaK profile image

LailaK 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

I love your hub! Very informative and practical!

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Thank you LailaK. I appreciate your interest and your comment. God Bless!

live and succeed profile image

live and succeed 5 years ago from England, UK

Thank you for this Information as I was just saying to a relative of mine that If you can develop your intuitive faculties, you will know which path to take and follow through. I have had a few great experiences in the past couple of weeks and your hub is a very useful guide. Thanks.

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Live and succeed, I am glad you do understand and appreciate the power of intuition, many do pass it off as if it were a waste of time.It is like any other art the more you use it the more aware you become.

Best wishes to you for the New Year!!

sofs profile image

sofs 5 years ago Author

Thank you Anna Adam, I appreciate your stopping by. Thanks for the comment. Have a lovely day!

Ruby H Rose profile image

Ruby H Rose 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

It does take practice, and it sure is worth it. Loved this hub!

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

Yes, it does take practice to be silent..silence your thoughts enough to hear what your intuition is saying.. but for some it is easy... Yes, it is sure worth it! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Have a great day!

haikutwinkle profile image

haikutwinkle 4 years ago

Sometimes it is difficult to express one's intuition in a logical way to others so that it can be easily understood.

I find it rather annoying when one of my encounters causes me nightmares and negativity. I know it is from that person when the person mentioned about experiencing negative moments during that time when the nightmare occurs.

But not all experiences are least some encounters have good energies about them ;)

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

Haikutwinkle, Intuition is beyond logic.. Your Intuition tells you what to associate with or what not to... The problem lies with not understanding what we receive or what we perceive. You could always decide not to receive negative vibes from people..

Thanks for the read and the comment ...Have a Lovely day!

Cyndi10 profile image

Cyndi10 4 years ago from Georgia

I believe intuition is important, but ntuition can be hard to tune into with so much of our training telling us to be logical when making decisions. But trusting the gut has an important place and we should get training on that as well. Good article with a lot of insights to think about.

sofs profile image

sofs 4 years ago Author

Yes, I do agree with you that it is more difficult for some people to tune into this great thing called intuition... but it just needs some training. Thanks for looking it up. Have a lovely day.

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