Invisalign Prices- How much does Invisalign cost?

A guide to the how much Invisalign Braces Cost

Invisalign braces are the most modern, convenient and discreet of orthodontic treatments, offering an almost invisible method of getting perfect, straight teeth. However, many people are put off by what they perceive to be the higher cost of Invisalign over traditional metal braces. In reality many orthodontists now offer Invisalign for the same, or lower cost, than more established alternative options.

Invisalign has several different plans available to patients. Full Invisalign treatment is for adults with more serious orthodontic corrections required, Invisalign Express is for patients needing minor corrections and Invisalign Teen has been specially designed to be more suitable for teenage patients whose adult teeth may not be fully erupted.

What affects the price of Invisalign?

As well as the complexity of the treatment and the Invisalign system used another factor in determining the price of treatment is the experience of the provider. Invisalign is offered by both dentists and orthodontists and the experience level varies enormously. Whilst some providers have worked on hundreds of cases of varying complexity, some have worked on only a handful of cases. Many providers offer low prices when they first start to use Invisalign, increasing the price as they gain more experience.

The Invisalign website offers a list of providers and a ranking system according to their experience level.

What Do The Invisalign Prices Include?

Another factor affecting the price is what the package actually includes. Some providers include all the aligners, records, moulds, any refinements needed and retainers all in one initial price. Other providers charge a fee for Invisalign but then charge additional fees for extra services. Most patients ultimately require more than one set of aligners to get a perfect result so it is important to ask your doctor how many series of refinements are included. Many patients need 2 or 3 series of refinements before they are happy. Some providers do not offer any additional refinements when using Invisalign express. Before signing a contract you should query all of these factors as well as the costs for any broken/lost aligners, moulds, mid course corrections, and what additional costs might be charged if you needed to switch to traditional braces.

Some health funds provide partial or full cover for orthodontic treatment. Please check with your own provider about your level of cover.

Invisalign Cost by Region

Invisalign cost is affected by all of the factors discussed above however as a rough guide average prices for countries are given below. Please bear in mind each case is different. This is a very rough guide only.

US: Average price is approx $5000 but prices vary between $1000 and $10000 depending on the complexity of the treatment and whether Invisalign express or full.

UK: Average price 3000GDP for full Invisalign

Australia:Average price $6000 for Full. approx $4000 for express treatment.

How can I pay less for Invisalign?

If your case is not too complex you might wish to use a new provider as they are frequently cheaper- although this is not always the case and a lower price does not necessarily indicate inexperience. Ask what their provider level is i.e. platinum, gold, silver etc. to establish a doctor's experience level.

Check with your local university. Many universities that teach orthodontics offer treatment at drastically reduced prices for patients willing to allow students to learn from their cases.

Always seek a number of quotes and opinions. Different providers can offer very different treatment options and costs. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

With any system such as Invisalign the success of the treatment is dependent upon the skill of your dentist or orthodontist. This is why the selection of your doctor should, if possible, be based on other factors as well as cost. Approachability, flexibility, experience and empathy can all be important factors when choosing a provider and can be the difference between a great smile and a perfect smile.

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Midtown Manhattan Dentist 5 years ago

I've been wearing invisalign braces for six month and during this time it never caused me any inconvenience.

Invisalign doctor 6 years ago

Thanks. Whatever other options are, the convenience of Invisalign braces is unbeatable.

Invisalign 6 years ago

Cost of Invisalign depends on the complexity of treatment, length of treatment, and the Invisalign dentist. In general, it can range from $3000-7000.

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