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As an Invisalign patient I have spent a huge amount of time reading and learning about Invisalign braces. Since I also love to write I have been slowly sharing this information on hubpages through a series of articles related to teeth and Invisalign. These articles have been designed to help people who are thinking about braces make up their mind, and also to help new Invisalign users to work out the best way to care for and remove their braces.

You should bear in mind that I am not a health professional. Everything I have written is my opinion and from personal experience only. Of course, in some ways I think that makes it more believable than if I were a dentist trying to sell you braces!

Below are links to all of the articles that I have written about teeth and braces. I've put them together into sections so that hopefully you can find that area that interests you most. If there are question that I haven't answered in my braces or tooth whitening articles, please leave me a comment and perhaps I'll write an article on it!

Introductions To Invisalign Braces

The following are articles that I have written about Invisalign that give a general guide to them and also to help people considering Invisalign to make up their minds about whether or not Invisalign would be the right product for them or not.

Hopefully the above articles cover most of the information that you need to know about invisalign. My personal favourite is the Invisalign before and after pictures, not because of the writing, but because of the huge progression that you see in the patient's teeth. These are the photos that I wish I had taken of my own teeth, but somehow never got around to it!

For New Invisalign Patients

When I first started Invisalign they seemed so difficult! Two months in, I barely noticed them. These are the things that I wish I had known when I started Invisalign. I have tried to write about the things that I found difficult but I would love to share your tips with my readers too! Please let me know whether there are any areas that I haven't covered that you struggle with and I will try and research it!

My Top Invisalign Removal Tip? The Outie...

My Other Teeth Related Articles

Once you start thinking about your teeth they can become something of an obsession! These articles grew from my interest in finding out about what needed to improve with my teeth and also, what was the best way of getting my teeth perfect. I really hope this information is of use to you. I think that the information about how cosmetic dentists improve your smile is fascinating, I hope you do too!

Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces?

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