Is Buprenorphine (Suboxone) Addictive?

What's the difference between buprenorphine and Suboxone – and can you get addicted to these drugs?


Buprenorphine is a methadone like medication that has helped millions overcome addictions to opiates like heroin or opiate type pain pills, like oxycontin or vicodin.

Buprenorphine works similarly to methadone in that it substitutes for the drug of abuse. If you take buprenorphine (provided you are a suitable candidate) you can stop taking the drug you have been abusing and not feel any cravings to use, or pains of withdrawal.

Buprenorphine is preferred to methadone by many as it does not need to be taken under supervision. You can be prescribed a month's supply of buprenorphine and you do not need to visit a clinic every day as you would if you were taking methadone – which does need to be taken under supervision. Many people also report that buprenorphine has fewer side effects than methadone, and is easier to stop using.


Suboxone is an FDA approved medication for the treatment of opiate addiction. Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, in a 4:1 ratio. Buprenorphine therapy for the treatment of opiate addiction is most commonly given using Suboxone.

Subutex is a sublingual formulation of buprenorphine alone – with no nalexone added.

Is Suboxone Addictive?

Buprenorphine is considered a partial opiate agonist. It works in the brain on the opiate receptors and works just like other opiates. It can be understood as a very low powered opiate – and like all other opiates – it is addictive.

Because Suboxone contains buprenorphine, it is also an opiate, and is addictive like any other opiate.

By taking Suboxone – you are simply trading an addiction to a drug like heroin or oxycontin – for an addiction to buprenorphine.

Why is that a good idea?

Although buprenorphine is addictive, at recommended doses, it will not get you high, and even if you try to abuse it – it's not going to work very well. You can take suboxone and once again participate quite normally in society, without feeling cravings or withdrawal pains.

Also, although buprenorphine is physically addictive, and will cause a syndrome of withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop, these withdrawal symptoms are less severe than for other opiates, and far less severe than for long lasting methadone. Most people that taper down slowly off of suboxone will not suffer many symptoms of buprenorphine detox.

Symptoms can include:

  • Yawning
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cravings
  • Muscle twitches
  • Joint Pain'
  • Restlessness
  • Leg restlessness
  • Runny Nose
  • Hot Flashes
  • Goose pimples
  • Others

Most people will experience only some of these symptoms, and many who taper off slowly enough do not complain that their withdrawal symptoms are that tough to bear.


Suboxone is just buprenorphine with an added medicinal ingredient.

Since buprenorphine is an opiate – Suboxone is also an opiate – and like all opiates – is addictive.

An addiction to buprenorphine is preferable to an addiction to a drug of abuse, as users of Suboxone will not get "high" and will be more easily able to taper down, if they choose. (Many people will use buprenorphine or Suboxone for years, or even indefinitely, in a long-term opiate maintenance program.

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nervousmom 7 years ago

I have a 22 year old son that has been addicted to opiates for about seven years. I have recently began to see some of my old son since he started the suboxone. I am however, very concerned that he has substituted one drug for another, but on the other hand I am so happy to see him functional. I think it may be the lesser of two evils, but I would prefer to have him totatlly drug free. Can anyone tell me if this will ?ever happen and what to expect?

BeenThere 7 years ago

From personal experience, suboxone is double-edged. The cravings for opiates dissipates pretty much completely, and you can avoid the dreaded withdrawal symptoms of some pretty heavy stuff. And those can be absolutely miserable. However, suboxone is not a miracle drug. There's no such thing, never has been, and probably never will be. Do some research on it, you'll find a lot of stuff the doctors won't tell you. For a short period of time it works well, and then you're hooked like you would be on anything else. When you take most drugs, your body adapts to having whatever chemicals are in them and translates that daily intake as being something it should expect. Take that out of the equation, you're imbalanced, and it's tough to find that balance again.

I've read testimonials of people who said the withdrawals from suboxone last two months. That's insane. And suboxone is not a short acting drug, as this article seems to's half life is somewhere around 37 hours, which means it's in your system for a long time. Even people who taper down according to what their doctor thinks is appropriate experience some pretty severe stuff.

So I think you have a right to be nervous. Your son is going to have to bite the bullet eventually and experience withdrawals and fight the demon. Every addict has to at some point. Suboxone is a great way to begin that process, but it's also something I would definitely not recommend taking for an extended period of time, and this is all from personal experience. It seems like it's just putting something off that needs to be attended to immediately, if that makes sense. Hope this helped.

merchantofdeath 7 years ago

if this is the first time your son has been clean he def. needs a "bridge" to help him re establish a new friends habits everything the subs will help with that but so will meetings and what not. i think subs can act as a band aid for a wee bit but he is still on an opiate and he will experience w/d if he stops taking it which can lead to relapse. what i would encourage is some out patient therapy and a taper schedule [ need to talk?] have an awesome plan. i wish i would have used subs as a tapering drug not a maintance drug but i was ignorant....subs are a lot stonger than methadone another long acting opiate and both should only be used as tapering drugs...he needs to make changes in his life completely if he wants to be clean...if he's around the same people and doing the same things...than better subs than dope...not ideal though.

cat 7 years ago

how can we get suboxine without having to go thru a dr??

do people sell it?

we need some my bf is addicted to perks

Concerned Fiancée 7 years ago

My fiancée is on buprenorphine, it has helped him quite a lot.

What I want to know is can someone on this program be taking buprenorphine in the wrong way at all to get a more high feeling?

Kyle 7 years ago

suboxone can be quite helpful, but i personally feel that it should not persribed for long peroids of time. Two weeks at the most, because most likely you will feel withdrawl symptoms if you take it longer then three or four days. The goal is to avoid the "bad" detox for a better" detox. But if you take this drug for months the detox could be worse then the detox from oxycontin or herion. To answer fiancée there is no other way to take suboxne that will get you higher. If you shoot it or smoke it the Nalaxone will be realsed wich make you very sick. That's one of the reasons suboxone is 4 parts buprenorphine 1 part naloxone sp?

Eliza 7 years ago

I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, on day two. I have been in and out of the program for 11 years, 6 months and 3 days is the longest length of sobriety I have gotten to duering this time. Many different drugs, and drinking have been my addictive path. The relapses are less, and I feel I have made a decision to really get involved in the recovry of my life through the program and therapy. My experience with this drug, is that it was a green light to convince myself it's a wonder drug to solve my craving and obsessing on getting loaded problem. I had a roomate that is in the program that is on it, has turned others on to it, and claims it really "helps." I didn't know that she has been on it for 2 years! She has between 90-120 days in the program, and it's her 1st time in. When I took it from her, I felt the opiate high. It was a lil' different, but still, it absolutley changed the way I felt. I got high. I also got very edgy, irritated, threw up a lot, and it wasn't real grand. For me, it was just another way to change how I felt, because the cravings were so intense. But she said, it wasn't addictive, and since you can't overdose from it, it was safe. She also said the high I thought I felt was the dopemine, not the opiate. So, tht's why I checked this site out. To find out if it is addictive. She said the program the doctors put people on with the subs is suppose to go from 12-24 months. But, here it seems to say it's to be used for the immediete withdrawals from the stronger opiates temporarily, then to be taken off from it as well. So are we talking days, weeks here? Or months and years? I am off it completely. I heard of natural vitamins to help with cravings like mine, but I am also away from the severe withdrawals now too. These relapses lately, haven't been like the others. But a relapse is definetly a relapse. I used the subs here and there, believing it to be a "help" to prevent me from the greater erlapses. So, addiction is addiction and I can't convince myself anymore that it was helping me. It was using with a justification and minimizing the truth of the addiction still worming it's ways into my life. Would someone comment back on their experiences withthis drug, th e right way and wrong way it's used, and the proper reason to use it, as well as what the proper time length to be on it would be? Thanks.

rayray 7 years ago

I was addicted to heroin for 5 years. I lost everything and was spending 900/1200 dollars/week on dope. I was doing 3 bundles/day. Finally, went to detox...once I started kicking, they gave me suboxone weaning me from 6/mg to 2/mg over 3 days. I got out and I still felt like shit. Found psych to prescribe suboxone and he put me on 8 mg. 3x/day. Finally I felt a little better. I have been on it for 7 months and haven't done a bag in all that time. Loved dope, hated the lifestyle. Suboxone gets rid of the cravings and lets me live a normal life. Some people in recovery think that this is a cop out and that you're not really "clean" if you're on it. I disagree. I'm not getting high off it, so its not like I'm using. Wasn't really getting high off dope anymore either, so this was a great trade off. Only problem is that when I've tried to wean myself off of it, I start craving dope again and it scares the sh*t out of me. So long as I take the pills, I'm good. Wish I didn't need them, but I do. So far as other peoples opinions are concerned... unless you've lived through the hell of heroin addiction and suffered the withdraw ... you're in no position to judge my behavior.

As to weather or not they are addictive... like I said, when I try and stop taking them I start craving dope really bad. I always go back to taking the suboxone rather than risk going back out. I'd rather be on this for the rest of my life than go back to using dope. I am in NA and work the program and all that good shit... but left to my own devices... without suboxone... I think the likelihood of my relapsing would increase exponentially. My doctor doesn't seem to be in any big hurry to wean me off of it. I wish I didn't need it...for that matter...I wish that I wasn't an addict...but I am, and I just gotta live with that. If this pill enables me to be a "acceptable, responsible member of society" then I guess I'll just keep taking it.

Judith Berry 7 years ago

It is addictive but it is preferable being under the care of a physician, than buying drugs off the street and risking legal problems, to name a few. Also, a doctor can help you taper effectively so that you are comfortable.

Cassandra Senior profile image

Cassandra Senior 7 years ago from Illinois

Suboxone is trading one addiction for another. I believe that leaving that door cracked led me back to using heroin time and again. Knowing what a full agonist feels like and then taking a partial agonist, my brain and body knew that it was being cheated and craved the heroin still.

Lexmarja 7 years ago

Being in a past relationship (with kids) with a herion addict, I can say this, trading one drug for another is a problem. You will never be free. I ended up throwing him out. I have ended up with the father to my eldest child, who was an addict as well(before we reunited). He will tell you the only way to have a chance with kicking this addiction is to endure the withdrawal (which is exactly what he did 2 years, 2 months, and 19 days ago). The pills may help, but you are only prolonging the inevitable. My ex never believed me (which is why he's my ex). I do have one thing to say that is probably going to jack a lot of people off, but who put the dope in your arm to begin with? The wonderful gift we all possess is free will. I am not perfect. Smoked some weed, did a few lines of coke, even did an oxy to prove my point to my ex, but I am no addict. Haven't even been around cocaine in ten years. I make a conscience decision to be drug free, if not for myself, but for my children as well. Addicts play the blame game when the blame is 100% on themselves. I am sick and tired of people calling this a disease. A disease is MS, Leukemia, Cancer, Crohn's, etc. things that can happen to you despite your lifestyle. Drugs are a choice. Own up to your actions and face the consequences. This is the only way you have even a chance at a normal life. My ex is in prison now, but guess what, it wasn't his fault, it was the drugs. He shot up my house on Christmas with a .38. (shot a hole directly in the middle of my daughters' Christmas gift), but since he was on drugs, it's excusable? No. He made a CHOICE years age to do drugs. They are illegal to begin with. We need stricter laws to be enforced not only on the dealers, but on the users as well. There must be harsher deterrants. So, remember, drugs are a choice, not a condition, that NOBODY makes but YOU! Take some responsibility for yourself.

jordi 7 years ago

@lexmarja... while i am deeply sympathetic to you and what you've been through with your ex, i feel i must correct you in that addiction IS, in fact, a DISEASE. you don't understand that because you yourself do not have the disease- YOU, luckily, are able to take drugs or leave them as you please. however, we recovering addicts do not have that luxury. we chose to experiment with drugs, just like you did, but we did NOT choose to become addicted. there is simply something within us that tells us we need to keep doing more and more and more. that is why, even when we are in recovery and have kicked the physical aspect of our addiction, it is vital that we DO NOT USE ANY SORT OF DRUG. we are literally unable to "casually" get high- for us it has to be all or nothing. a TRUE recovering addict DOES own up to his actions- it's a common theme of the 12 steps, for god's sake! OF COURSE drugs are no excuse for your ex's actions, and if he is making that excuse, he is NOT in recovery. i strongly suggest that you go to a nar-anon meeting or an open meeting of NA, because there you will begin to see and understand the difference between actively using and being in recovery. you may also begin to get a better understanding of the difference between you (the person who is lucky enough to be able to use once-in-a-while or not at all) and addicts who have the disease of, quite literally, being unable to stop once they start. again, taking that first drug IS a choice; becoming addicted, however, is NOT.

tim 7 years ago

commenting on marjenta i totally disagree addiction is a disease my mother was an addict/alcoholic therefor me my brother,sister have that over the top addictive gene which i believe is hereditary on the other hand it is the addicts choice if they never touch there fine but if they try it for any length of time the addiction is greater

tim 7 years ago

commenting on marjenta i totally disagree addiction is a disease my mother was an addict/alcoholic therefor me my brother,sister have that over the top addictive gene which i believe is hereditary on the other hand it is the addicts choice if they never touch there fine but if they try it for any length of time the addiction is greater

justmy2cnts 7 years ago

When your an addict, you will always be an addict, no matter what!! Whether its a few days cleazn or 10 years clean your still an addict and have a lifetime of recovery. Just like rayray says if that pill gets them through each day then that's the trade off and everything has a trade. Suboxone should actually be used at high doses for 3-5 days and immediately tapered down for the following 2 wks for someone who has an addiction to prescriptions pain meds, for someone who is addicted to herion may need longer it depends on the addict themselves. Recovery is a lifetime process and can sometimes meds like Suboxone can be traded addictions so bew careful. The lifestyle needs to completely changed. Friends, scenery, phone numbers, everything. Even the smallest thing can trigger relapses. Good Luck

Emily 6 years ago

Yes picking up for the first time is absolutley a choice but do you honestley think people would ruin their lives and the people around them just for the hell of it? No. We know/knew what we are doing is wrong but something takes over your mind and body compleyley Just like no one has ever asked or "made the choice" to be a Caner patient or severley ill, The same applies to an addict. It is a disease of the brain, some peoles brain chemicals are not as strong as others there for they turn to drugs to fill the gap, pain or whatever the case may be. We do not "choose" for this to happen to us but it does, almost like a coping mechanism. Some one who has never been an addict can never sit here and say that it is not a disease. Yes there may be choices but not everyones brain works the same. Walk in the shoes of an addict and get more facts befor you judge your opinion of an addict. To everyone else out there struggling, Best if luck. I've been on suboxen for almost a year, would like to come off soon but Id rather take the substitute (suboxen) for the rest of my life then being in acctive addiction..bc nomatter what it will always come back to haunt you. This alwos me to live my life the way it should be lived. Even if the withdrawel is so terrible from Suboxen, Il have to deal with that when it comes but for now Il will continue to keep putting my life back together.

beesage 6 years ago

I became addicted to opiates after a sporting injury, i was on oxycontin for 2 months, the doctor didn't tell me about addiction, i had no idea what the hell addiction was...that was until my leg healed up, i had no pain, and it was time to come off the pain medication. I remember being with my girlfriend (x) and telling her i just didn't feel right, something was extreemly wrong, i went into hospital, told the doctors there what i had been taking and for how long, and they then ...THEN told me about adiction, I always thought it was a problem that effected illegal drug users, like greedy people that were addicted to cocaine for the high, and liked the feeling so much they couldn't get off, but no, i found out it's a physical thing, the hard way.

Is Suboxone addictive HELL YES, i went from the very powerful pain meds, to very insaine withdrawal, to a very high methadone daily intake, finally asking my doctor if i could try the suboxone i had heard so much about, having to detox off the methadone (now that is evil stuff) to get onto the suboxone so i could have a some what "normal" life, suboxone doesn't make me as groggy as the methadone but it still makes me feel a little stoned, it is not a very nice feeling at all, as far as keeping me level, yes it is doing this, i don't know what the hell is wrong, i just can't function without an opiate in my brain/blood, after the drugs half life wheres off, i feel like i'm going insane, i think i am physically, and psycologically addicted, infact i know i am, and i also know at some stage i will need to deal with my SUBOXONE ADDICTION, so to sum it all up, YES suboxone is addictive, it is a band aid solution for those that don't have the strength to over come addiction without the risk of relaps, or like me going into hospital feeling like i'm going crazy, and feeling like i'm ready to die, in my opinion, you need to get your dose down as low as possible, then find out the underlying cause you have addiction, my head wont accept me being opiate free, and this at the moment i think is stronge than the physical addiction, so in a way, suboxone is addictive in many ways...just like any opiate.

cher1700 6 years ago

I have been taking suboxone for 17 days now..I take one a day 8mg/2mg. I feel totally normal and am I so glad to feel this way; however I don't want to be addicted to another pill. I was addicted to perks for the past year and I could not endure the withdrawl. Am i going to be able to have my docotor taper me off suboxone eventually without getting sick?

bella347 6 years ago

i have been on suboxone for i believe just almost 2 years. The withdrawals were not as bad as i thought they would be for the first 3-4 days. Just chills, sweating, feeling uncomfortable, restlessness. Only thing that bothered me the most was no sleep. Which these crappy sleeping patterns are going on now for 13 days now. Sounds bad but i would take xanax and kpins to chill myself out, cuz anxiety is no fun at all. I never found myself addicted to suboxone but in the past few months of being on it i found myself freebasing it for some reason i couldn't tell you! i found myself doing it over and over and over, would make me sick, make me feel horiible, guilty depressed and that is SO not like me. Fact is, its mind over matter... i know this was happening, it wasn't good so even though i know farely well i could have stayed on the subs i chose to stop. I don't crave it now after like 5 days. BUT i am now craving the xanax that i had been taking, the point is i was addicted to oxys for two years then on subs for two years... my body is going haywire... its scary as shit just as the one kid said about craving heroin like crazy so choosing to stay on it. I find myself craving opiates. All you can do is just remind yourself how shitty life was as an addict. That's what gave me strength to get off subs when i knew i was becoming somewhat and very closely addicted. If you love yourself and you love life you can overcome addiction. I never really believed in that meetings and therapy idea. I spent 8 months on subs and pretty much in solitude finding myself again. When your comfortable with who you are, and know who you are not... then you may be drug free. I know this and that is why i know this xanax thing will soon fade cuz ive already tapered down in the past few days. just give yourself things to look forward to... things you love. and most of all just love yourself. YOU ARE PERFECT. God made us as individuals, there is no other person that is YOU so just be YOU, it is the most important thing you could ever do in this life other than love others and everythind else. Loving yourself comes first. In the past two weeks ive known of two girls who have commited suicide at very young ages and i can guarantee you more than anything in this universe that it was due to the chemical imbalance that drug use caused in their brains. I vow it. LOVE YOURSELF, BE YOU* don't use drugs, don't even try em' if u haven't already.

Recovering Addicted  6 years ago

@nervousmom He is kicking one opiot for another hes still on opiots best bet would be to send him to rehab have him Detox in rehab. That's what i did and now im fine.

FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image

FrankiesGirl6Yr 6 years ago from South Carolina

Detox didn't work for me. It's like I went through all of that pain for nothing. It would only take a max of two days and I would be getting high again. My boyfriend and I have been on Suboxone for 5 years and were doing fine. I had problems at first, he didn't. I started with oxycontin, but later graduated to heroin, then speed balls. At first i used Suboxone to keep from getting sick. I'd do good all week then blow $2000 on the weekend. It wasn't until I was kicked out of the program that I was in to get serious. My biggest problem was the program. I was fine just taking suboxon, but they required me to come to two groups a week where everyone talked about getting high. I would go in there with no cravings and leave with someone in the group and go get high.

So if your like me, and feel that you can't deal with the groups, NA meetings, and just want to leave that world behind,until your strong enough to talk about it, finding a private Dr. to prescibe works the best.

knordin 6 years ago

I have been taking pills for the past two yrs. At first it was just casualy and then i became very dependent on them . i was taking 100mg of hydrocodone and also the oxy. i tried tappering off under a doc supervision and didn't work. I would just buy more. So i went and got on suboxone a week ago and its been the best thing ever. I was in so much pain even though i would take an un godly amount of pain pills and now all the pain is gone. I know im just substituting one drug for another but im my situation its the best thing for me and my family.

Nursesasei 6 years ago

I'm a nurse at a detox center and for those who are misinformed addiction is absolutely a disease.this determination was made by multiple medical proffesionals with years of formal education as well as experience with this population of the people who have time to judge people should utilize their time more wisely and educate themselves

Sarita 6 years ago

I am very confused. After 7 month of my husband taking prescribed vicodine by our doc he decided to quit. The doc put in on SUBOXONE, he has been on suboxene for about 7 months or longer. He is edgy, has moods swings, has to control everytning with my own personal money. I started doing research on suboxone and zanax. He tells me that because it is prescribed it is ok. I don't like his mood swings. What do I do. I want to be fair, but his moods swing have becoming intolerable. I want to be fair, is he supposed to be this long on this "MEDS"? Should he quit suboxen and zanax? He only take sit as prescribe, so he says. (one zanax and onee suboxen a day.

Help me please, i do not want to be unfair, but I don't want to suffer the side effects of his medications.

jt33 6 years ago

i have to agree that there is no miricle drug out there for anything..but on the good side it has kept me clean and not out combing drs offices or hospitols trying to get drugs..i have been on it now for a year now and it has saved has got me my family back,trust back,people actually like to be around me and i can get up and go to im just gonna lay it out there i know im addicted to it,but the way it is with me i will never be able to be off of this i do understand the people sayingh trading one drug for another..,but i would rather be on this and not out dr shopping or breaking laws trying to get my i am just saying if you need it ,it to be able to function then you need it.i have been an opiate addict for 11 years ..and now i have control of my life.i meen when you are diabetic you have to take the way i see it it fix,s my brain disease of addiction...anyway think you for all your opinions.. if you would like to write to me with a comment or question write

karmagurl65 6 years ago

I bought suboxone on the street one day when I couldn't score anything else and was simply desperate as we all know that feeling , well , atleast us addicts. I know for a fact this is a disease after being in the psych. field and even an addict counselor I didn't know what the hell i was talking about until I becme an addict myself. And like beesage mentioned above I had a major accident and became very ill and not one Dr. ever even told me that the massive doses of oxycontin they had me on would literally destroy my life. I also went to the ER and thought I surely would die when a good friend of mine who just happened to be the Dr. on-call came in the room and asked me how long were you on the drugs in the hospital and what did they send you home with? when I told him that after they removed the Morphene Pump ,I got 3-80's a day and 3-20's for breakthrough for the 5 months prior to this but was sent home with "take tylenol for pain as needed" written in my discharge orders.About 24 hrs later I was positive that I was going to die and that I must be in total Renal failure again, that was exactly how I felt.He then anounced to me "YOU ARE ADDICTED TO OPIATES" and they should have told you this, your not going to die but you are in withdrawal and I'm sure you feel like your going to. How embarrassed and furious I felt, I mean all the times I preached my book-taught crap about addiction and never knew what I was talking about. I can't tell you how many times I said (while keeping a patient "addicted to Heroin" from drowning in the toilet) "You have to be strong and It's all Mind Over Matter" makes me sick. I let this happen after conciously being drug free since high school and now in my early 40's I'm an addict, I felt like sucha hypocrit,but I'll tell you what I think of suboxone. It is the S#*t and it stops the cravings and the sickness and it works for me. Now that I found out about it in a strange way I am definitely going to pursue this Program either with a private Dr. or a clinic, it makes no difference to me, but I will be on Suboxone

It works and I think that not enough people know about it ,Think about going from feeling like death to normal life again in a day! There is no question, DO IT!!!

RF from the burgh 6 years ago

PLEASE..I have been using every single opiate in the "book" for 26 years...i shoot percocets before oxys were invented did every pill and syrup made of opiates, shoot heroin and was on and off methadone for 18 years...Now I have been taken suboxene for 3 years and my life has changed enormously...I live now not live to use,,,I give all the thanks to my God Jesus Christ and as any Father would do, He is helping me through the "natural" with suboxene and the "spiritual" with the Holy Ghost. To get anywhere in life begins with change, change your thinking, change your behaviorals, friends and find Jesus...I know eventually I can BE in this world but not live as the world does and help others through this pain of addiction with the help of God....God Bless anyone fighting these demons.RF from the burgh

JFK 6 years ago

While it is addictive, it doesn't leave you with the "more, more, more" compulsiveness of a typical narcotic. It will allow a person to stabilize, get into a routine, meet new people, work, and find the root of their addiction. Looking inside myself and looking at the reasons I used was a scary, self deprecating task. I got through it and have learned to love me. You will eventually start a taper, and without the obsessive thoughts, new way of living, you can taper and end the usage much easier than traditional narcotics.

daryl 6 years ago

suboxen is a crutch,but getting off of it is extremely difficult if you been using it long term. i've been on it for bout 2 years, and only till i started gettig bad abdominal pain did i even think of detoxing from it.There are permanent side affects if your on it for to long,such as liver damage.i've been kicking it for a week so far and i haven't slept yet.i'm in hell and am starting to get delusional, but this is for the best.there is no other way unless u have the money for rapid detox,witch is 7 thousand dollars.

want2comeoffmethedone 6 years ago

if there is anyone out there who can help me...i have been in the fight to get off methedone!!! i am an x heroin addict..i never went to rehab..but found methedone on the i don't shoot anymore..but i take 20-30 mgs a day of methedone..i have slowly bein tryin to eating vitamins and lots of water...are there any other suggestions??? this is way harder then heroin ever was!!i don't want there a chance in hell i will make it!!! i want all drugs out of me...weed has been the only drug that was ever good to me

Paul 6 years ago

I was shooting dope for well into 2years and was a HEAVY drug user before then. Im currently on a suboxone program. My suggestion to any1 wanting to get clean is first off, get into some kind of program. Whether it be one of the majors As (and yes AA is ok even if yournot into drinking) and second take it seriously. In my opinion try to get clean like you tryed to get high, you would call your dealer at 4am if you had to, so call a friend that's there for you. Also when they say don't do other drugs its for good reason. I had almost a year and a half clean and slipped up by drinking, which VERY quickly lead into the same place I started. If you think your alone and you cant do it I promise you can. Your not the only one that's been there and people are more than willing to help. Honestly methadone isn't the way to go if you ask me, but every1 has to find what they need. Please trust me when i say, this road isn't easy alone. I sincerely hope you all the best of luck, and remember, if this addict can do it so can you =)

needhelp 6 years ago

I have been taking opiates for almost 2 years an i really want to get off them i'm taking 10 mg of perks about 6 times a day I need some info on how this detox of subox works I only want to do this for a couple of days an be done with it all together a friend has gave me 3 orange tablets with a n8 on them how do i need to take them do i take like a half the first day i don't know how to take them so could someone plz help me with this info if u know what to do i just want my life back . thank you

needhelp 6 years ago

I finally had a minute to sit down an read some of the stories that are on here and now i'm more confused than ever some ppl say it works others say it doesn't .This is my second round the first time i went to jail an went to rehab for 6 months a few months after i was out my sister died from an OVERDOSE of methadone an xanax I thought I was coping an doing as well as could be expected then I got sick with TB infection and was put on INH'S for a year the medicine I took for the tb infection has caused severe damage to my muscles in my legs so I thought i could take a pain med that came from my doctor that was a big mistake here i am in the same place i was a few years back just now not selling them to support my habit but addicted once again .Now my body is so immune to the meds that i have to take them in order to keep from being sick an to be able to work I really want my life back that i had when i got out of rehab could someone plz help me I only want to take for these for a couple days to help me through the sickness but i don't want to overdose an die from them either.I do have God in my life he is who is giving me the strength to fight this demon i just need help from other people who have took the suboxone to tell me what i need to do to gradually wing myself off of it .God bless everyone and their families who are fighting the fight of adiction . Thank You

inrecovery 6 years ago

Hello - I am a recovering Heroin/oxy/opiate addict. I was on one form of an opiate or another for the last 15 years. Nothing could stop me not even jail.When I decided to get my life back I found a great doctor who was understanding, knowledgable and got me on the road to recovery and on suboxone. It took 3 years to get off suboxone, but it was a managed reduction under supervision of my doctor. I have now been totally clean off all drugs for the last 5 years and have turned my life around. I am now an extremly successful businessman, I run online and offline business', I am married and own my own home as well as a number of investment homes. Now I have decided its my time to give something back and help the people who feel like they are in a hopeless situation just how I was. I am looking to do some voluntering work in my community and I am also writing an ebook on my experience. I would also love to hear from people who have struggled to overcome their demons in particular thoes who used suboxone as these stories can inspire others to take the courage to take the first steps in their road to can email me at

I would love to hear your story of recovery and with your consent publish them in my book. Obviously I cant publish them all, we will choose the most inspiring and heart warming stories you don't have to have totally recovered you can still be an addict but dedicated to your recovery

Take care of yourself ;0)

Christy 6 years ago

I was addicted to methadone 4 bout 6 1/2 years (no script). It has been the hardest thing ever to get off of that crap. I went onto suboxone because i knew that i could not handle withdrawals. I have just been reading a lot of the comments about wanting to take suboxone for a few days just to get through the rough stuff, i don't wanna be the bearer of bad news but suboxone is a maintnence drug, not a cure. If you take it just to get through the withdrawals and then stop you will probably relapse. I said the exact same thing to my dr when i went to my first appt. " i don't wanna take this stuff for very long, just get me through the next couple of weeks". I wouldn't recommend just taking it for a few days, i have been on it for about 4 weeks and i have pretty intense cravings still cause I am still climbing up the ladder to the right dose. So in conclusion, I don't think it will work if you take it for a few days because in a month you will probably be back in the same situation wishing you had a "few suboxone to get you through the worst of your withdrawals", find a dr who can help you, get in counseling, or NA or AA, surround yourself with friends and family that are ready to commit to your sobriety.

Catherine Means 6 years ago

Haven't seen anyone mention this but I have Ehler Danlos syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Mobility extremely limited w/chronic pain. (I know a lot of NA people don't believe in chronic pain but it does exist.) Hated the up and down of opiates and they made me depressed. Take Buprenorphine 8mg 2x daily and my life is completely changed for the better. Much more energy, no fogginess, has even helped me to d/c anti-depressants since it has had a strong anti-depressant effect for me. No 'high' feeling or any of the 'stupid' feelings I had on opoids. I think it's a wonder from heaven and I say whatever works for anybody, addict, patient, you name it...nobody should judge them. Far too much of this judging other people's choices going on in this country anyway.

frustrated mom 6 years ago

My son age 25 just told me he had been in a methadone clinic and wanted to do it again. He said it helped more than the suboxone,he takes 8mg tablet 1/2 tablet 3x times a day as needed,although he takes regular. He is upset the Dr will not speak with him about methadone but I feel the Dr is doing the right thing.It is so easy to get hooked on medicines I keep his locked and disspense to him as prescribed. I am a nurse and I think what people do to their bodies is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! We are put on earth for such a short time and we should be thankful for our lives and if you are that unhappy with your life find out why and try to resolve the situation with solutions other than drugs you can make yourself as happy as you want to be as long as you believe in God he will lead you on the right path!! There are peoplE dying of true diseases(cancer,leukemia,terminal illness) and they make the best out of their lives!! I personally lost a sister at age 42 to breast cancer and she did everything she could to survive and people would ask her how she did it amazingly her reply was I have my eyes to see,my ears to hear and my arms to hug my children. When you people who think of doing drugs think of this think of how wonderful your life could be if you would be more positive! Oh by the way her baby was 10 months old when she was diagnosed but not once did she become addicted to drugs.Amazing right.BE strong there are people who care about all you addicts especially GOD follow his footsteps! Most people addicted to drugs have nothing physically wrong and many just start with illegal street drugs (HOW SAD) It is the people who really need the medicines that do not take them for fear of getting addicted after seeing other people doing them.

12345 6 years ago

I am 26 years old and have been on suboxone about 7 months and for the first time 6 years of opiod addiction 3 years of wich i shot herion everyday not even to get hi but just to function i finaly have a life again.they may be a crutch but it helps me live a normal life and not be misserable sick and depressed everyday.unless ur an addict and have been their nobody has a right to judge.addiction is a disease that i lost 2 uncles to and almost myself.i hate when people who have no idea what it feels like say addicts choose to live like that.addiction is a brain disease and that's a fact.and if suboxone helps me than so be it.

Wakeupme 6 years ago

I'm glad I hear all these horror stories about sub. My doctor prescribe this miracle drug for me to taper off heroin, about 1 week ago. I already experience methadone withdrawal after 14 years in that miserable place. Tomorrow, I will not take sub, because I'm not going to spend the rest of my life, chasing after another drug. I rather pull the trigger than to be in another miserable cycle. Thank to all of you out there. Get your life back!

Wakeupme 6 years ago

I'm glad I hear all these horror stories about sub. My doctor prescribe this miracle drug for me to taper off heroin, about 1 week ago. I already experience methadone withdrawal after 14 years in that miserable place. Tomorrow, I will not take sub, because I'm not going to spend the rest of my life, chasing after another drug. I rather pull the trigger than to be in another miserable cycle. Thank to all of you out there. Get your life back!

tearj3rker 6 years ago

I've experienced a dependence on suboxone, heroin and methadone. I was a believer in the "trading one addiction for another" argument for quite some time. In the last 3 years this kept me from returning to pharmacotherapy / suboxone / methadone. Instead I opted for residential rehab / detox and NA.

However, what happened to be over those 3 years was a miserable cycle of getting clean, holding onto my clean time for dear life only to stumble, lose everything I'd gained while clean, again lose the trust of my family and any relationships I'd repaired. It felt like the merry-go-round of being 100% clean / sober, then relapsing over those 3 years ravaged my body and soul more than just being in addiction 100%.

I haven't used heroin now for 6 months. I'm on a very low dose of suboxone. I have an awesome girlfriend, 2 jobs, a car, the love and trust of my family back. I'm aware that when I chose to discontinue my treatment I will detox hard even with a slow taper (suboxone detox is both more intense and longer duration than heroin, but less than methadone). However my reason for treatment isn't to avoid detox. It's to learn to live again and handle cravings so that I won't want to return to addiction down the road.

Suboxone is a powerful treatment tool, as is methadone. I've seen many people get clean using both. However, neither drug will provide the magical motivation to give up the using lifestyle. This can only come from genuinely being fed up with and completely over the misery of addiction.

I think people should be sceptical and do their research on any drug they put into their body. IMHO where RB went wrong is they were dishonest in marketing buprenorphine. They tried to paint it as the magic bullet, when really it's just another tool to help the recovering addict.

Here's some lies perpetuated by the company behind RB:

(1) Bupe withdrawal is mild.

It isn't. I'd chose detoxing off a half gram a day habit of gear over 2mg buprenorphine anyday. At least with the gear you know you're on the home stretch by day 5. Bupe you haven't even peaked by day 5.

(2) Buprenorphine's ceiling effect means you can "double dose" and get 48 hour protection (a BIG sale point to my country's pbs).

I've yet to meet someone who's successfully gotten by on taking larger doses every 2 days. Most people who succeed on suboxone take smaller doses twice daily!

(3) Suboxone has little to no opiate effect.

This is complete utter bullshit. An opiate naïve person who takes the lowest dose of Suboxone (2mg) would definitely suffer the symptoms of opiate overdose. A person with a low tolerance to heroin who started on 2-4mg suboxone would find themselves nicely stoned for a week or two before they built up a tolerance. Suboxone still has huge potential for abuse. It just often isn't the "preferred" option. However, many opiate naïve people find buprenorphine a nice "induction" opiate. I've met many people who were introduced to opiates when their boyfriend/girlfriend gave them their suboxone. Now they're full fledged heroin addicts.

(4) Suboxone isn't "addictive" - there's a difference between "addiction" and "dependence".

This is one of the most pie in the sky arguments I've ever heard. If you want more detail about it, check out some of the subox doctors videos (youtube). Basically RB are trying to say that since suboxone doesn't give an opiate effect (big lie), that it's not "addictive" - rather you're only "dependent" on it because of the withdrawals. Talk about splitting hairs then trying to euphemise dependency.

Addicts are shrewd customers. We've spent years learning to watch out for the signs of getting ripped off, fleeced and lied to. It's a bit arrogant of RB to think they can get away with this.

If only they could have been honest and said:

Yeah, it's harder to get off than heroin. But it's legal, cheaper, pharmaceutical grade, you only have to take it once a day. You don't have to inject it. It'll give you the chance to get your life together. And if you play it right and you're motivated, you should be able to come off it one day.

Apparently they don't want people to come off it though, hence why the lowest dose of suboxone is 2mg, which is hell to jump off. What sort of business would encourage their customers to stop buying their product!

Oxysux 6 years ago

I just finished my first peirod of oxycodone. 8 months 60 to 90 miligrams a day i was given 1 suboxen i took half the second day clean and third day half a half.. fourth day i don't feel the need no cravings if i can kick 8 months in two days with 3/4 of a sub its a wonder drug

whupped 6 years ago

I have been using a Norspan(brunorpherine) patch for the past two years as well as a sublingual 8mg from time to time for migraines. Twelve months ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. A recent second opinion with a Professor of neurology suggested that rather than PD it might just be a result of the medications I am on (the PD medication does make a big difference though). I immediately took off the buprenorphine patch. Ok for a couple of days but for the past ten days I have had constant severe pain in my legs, feet and elbows, I have had difficulty sleeping (even with 1 tablet for sleeping and 1 serepax tablet each night) and my days are an agony. Is this buprenorphine withdrawal? I am a 70 year old male, highly qualified in psychology, with a GP who is not at all proactive and a pain clinic specialist who just encourages the use of buprenorphine for chronic pain. I have never had a problem like this before, despite being on and off codeine 30mg over the past twenty years as well as anidepressants "for pain." I don't know what to do. Any help would be gratefully received.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

I was on sub for quite some time and quit cold turkey and started craving pain pills terribly.. without going into details about my situation I decided to start back on Sub recently and feel really good about that decision. After reading the comments here, I have to agree that with Sub you are in fact, trading one thing for the other.. but I also feel it is a personal decision between the patient and the doctor whether or not a person should stay on it long term or taper off quickly. It's hard to understand the pure hell that opiate addiction is until you've been there. I guess I'm just wondering where we draw the line.. I choose to support people on sub. Even going from active addiction to Sub is a huge step and I worked through a lot of grief when I first started it because believe me it's nothing like getting high yet it is subtly powerful in that the cravings for that other stuff are just completely gone. It's not a miracle pill but pretty darned close.. I congratulate and support anyone who takes Sub in order to stay off of that other stuff (even for the rest of their life) because I understand how it feels to live life being addicted to that crap and I never want to go back to that. I feel strongly that it isn't right for me or for anyone else to point out what another person should do regarding their addiction. That's a personal choice.

addicted4ever 5 years ago

I unforunately have the DISEASE (genetically) of opiate addiction for the past twenty years. I want to say to all the people who say just say no, or judge me because they LUCKILY don't have the gene, unless you know what you're talking about because YOU have been there, you are not helping because you have no clue what you're talking about. Do you really think we WANT to be addicted to anything?? We are not WEAK, we are unfortunate! Now, regarding suboxene, it has saved my life!! I have a horrible addiction to anything I touch and find it impossible to go through one day without anything, it's the horrible mental part. For me, detoxing is much much easier the hard part is staying off! Suboxene, which I only take a quarter a day now, has helped me sustain a somewhat normal life. I am able to function in all ways possible. I applaud anyone who can finally get to the point to take subs versus needles in the arms, snorting pills, etc. It makes a hell of a lot more sense to me to take a quarter of a pill a day versus twenty to thirty percocets. It was amazing for me and has saved my life. I am in the process of going off Subs very slowly. I've been advised to do it over a course of months...told to take a quarter for four weeks, then take 1mg to another four weeks, then so on and so forth until I am able to stop. What I'm afraid of now is not having the "daily dose" I need mentally. I'm going to begin therapy to hopefully fill the void of taking something daily. With the help of God and the helpful caring people around me, I hopefully will be drug free after twenty years!!! If it wasn't for Suboxene, I would be dead by now! Yes, I traded one drug for many many others, but isn't one pill better on my body than twenty to thirty?? I constantly pray to God to show me the way and to date, he's never let me down! I wish everyone on here the ambition and courage to get through it and start to live a better life, chasing drugs seems so exhausting to me now. There's sooo much more time to do good things to help myself now than wondering if I'm going to be sick, etc. God bless you all and GOOD LUCK!! Do the Subs and wean ever so slowly~

concerned wife 5 years ago

for all of you that have taken suboxene.. when you don't have your daily dose for a couple of days do u ever experience suicide thoughts??

daydreamer76 5 years ago

well,currently at a methadone traetment center,detoxing 3 ml a week,was on 95mgs,now down to 40mgs..its been a little rough,but klodopine and ibprofen seem to help.i star at a suboxone dr.on 4-13.i am very excited about the transition,i wont have to go to the clinic everyday wich really sux cause i don't drive,and its 65 bucks a week.the suboxone is 114 a moth a lot cheaper and my medicaid pays for my perscrption,i already tried just to be clean and always went bac to the methadone clinic..i relly hope this is my awnser:)

pressingtheissue profile image

pressingtheissue 5 years ago from Pa

I took suboxone for two years and it worked great now I'm drug free!

Great hub.

Butterfly 5 years ago


I need your help... my husband is addicted towards drug for last 2-3 years. I got to know about this once I got married to him. I have tried to talk to him why he is taking drugs but he alw deny... One day, I discovered some injection on his pocket which was written buprenorphine- TDgesic, lupigesic. Also I found syreinge adn butterfly needle on his washroom.. now I am very tensed how to help my husband to get rid of this additiction... I am very scared... how harmful is htis TDgesic, lupegesic drugs? should I take him to a doctor? please suggest...

Robert B 5 years ago

I have just read all the postings from top to bottom. I have been a drug addict all my adult life. Coke as a teen, then in a bad motorcycle accident when I was 18 when I was introduced to Morphene, Demorol and Vicodin. (I am now 54). I have been addicted to pharmacueticals since then. This is the bottom line. If you don't make up your mind to quite, you never will. I found Buprenorphine (on the internet reading like this) to help my suffering trying to quit Vicos. If I would have been in the right frame of mind, it would have worked, because it immediately cured my withdrawal suffering. But I didn't prepare myself correctly. I have been injecting Buprenorphene from ampules ever since (over 2 years). Now I'm addicted to Buprenorphene. And yes - it does get me high. In that I don't want to write a long disertation here, I agree you are just replacing one thing for another. Cold Turkey is the only way.

Bob 5 years ago

My mother is addicted to suboxone and is getting it prescribed by multiple different doctors. The doctors don't know about each other. She also takes diet pills that keep her awake for days. I think they are prescribed but I am not sure. She frequently thinks that people are spying on her and that she is being watched by my step father. She jumped out of the car to refill a prescription at the drug store. We took her to a clinic and she lied to them about her drugs and her problem so they didn't accept her. She has disconnected the internet out of fear of spying. She doesn't use a cell phone anymore out of fear of spying. She is unstable and my step father doesn't realize the negative consiquences of the pills she is taking and the immediate nesseciate to get her clean. He still sleeps with her sexually and then fights with her as if she is sane. I have no idea what to do to help my mother. I'm not sure if I should. I know she is killing me inside and the more I focus on her, the less I focus on myself. I might just let her go and move away.

daniel 5 years ago

Bob, sounds to me like your mother is doing more than you know. Her paranoid actions illustrate this. Suboxone alone should not make her paranoid, to the contrary. More likely it is the diet pills and whatver else she's taking that you don't know about. I understand your deep concern for your own mother, but if she does not acknowledge that she needs help and wants help, you're fighting a losing battle. Put it on the line with her - that you want to help, and if she doesn't hear you, (in my opinion) it's time to "focus on yourself". She needs to realize the consequences of her actions.

Dane 5 years ago


KentukyWildcat 5 years ago

Hello! I have been on Suboxone since the first of October and have done all opiates I could get my hands on since about 16 and now I'm 25. I did them in high school from time to time but never really got addicted then I went to College and fell in with the wrong peeps. I did finally graduate engineering by the skin of my teeth. I was all about getting high and missing class. I had a friend who worked for a pharmacy and would still thousands of percocet 10's and i'd buy 100 for $350. I took'em all the time and never withdrew because i was physically very active I played basketball everyday for 4 hours a day. I first was introduced to Suboxone in 2005 and snorted an 8mg pill. I was wasted for two whole days everytime I smoked pot it would kick it back in. Then my friend who played on the football team would give me all the players who got injureds' drugs for dirt cheap, and where I came from a loratab 10 is $8-$10 dollars and i was paying like $2 dollars a piece. And I never had withdrawels because I was so active. Then I met this kid from detroit and he started GIVING me 80s and then he found out how muh he could make on them and I found the right guy to push them and was getting 2 a day for free. Eventually the guy i fronted them to stole 30 from me so that ended that. I was still playing ball so I don't think I was withdrawling. Then around 2009 i met the love of my life who helped me kick the problem taking her adderall. I don't know how safe it was but it worked. She had never done any drugs besides smoke weed and take a loratab from time to time. That's when I introduced her to roxy 30's off my boy. She loved them and it scared me to death. A few times we tried to quit but it didn't work. We were doing about 2 a day (60mg). I had quit playing ball everyday but i never went a day without one. I'm not rich so I had to hustle. Then its 2011 and we go to florida for spring break and don't take anything with us. It was miserable but we managed and on the 5th day I was able to really sleep. And when we got back we really messed up. We started doing about 10-12 each a day and she was doing 8-10 a day. 300mg-500mg a day. We were spending 500 dollars a day and if we had more we did it. We were both making cash so we had it but nothing else. And july 27th was the last day we did one. I thought I was close to dying because my heart was hurting everyday for the past two months. I graduated in May but didn't walk. Anyways that night we decided to quit because our lease was up. I went to my moms in Va and she went to hers in Cincy. For 5 days we didn't do anything and Florida was a walk in the park compared to this. I thought the only way i'd quit rolling around every 10 seconds would be to kill myself. But I have the will to live so i didn't. After 5 days my mom called my sister and she brought me a quarter of a subutex. I instantly felt so happy to feel normal. I was able to take a nap. At that point my sister called her doc and he said he would take me. He put me on 12mg however i was only taking 2mg a day so i could split my script with babydoll. Now I'm taking 8mg a day which sucks because Im now at that point where I want to feel more then normal. My doc as lowered my script to 8mg a day. But my girl gets them to which is good. She is also making staight A's in her classes. I'm rambling. Suboxone is very addictive. My sister has been on the subutex for 3 years and she doesn't plan on ever stopping which is fine by me because she has completely turned her life around I'm very proud of her. But now I'm here on the suboxone and I don't want to be on it long but I know that if I quit to fast I might relapse but it is all about WILL POWER. all up to YOU. My plan, and yes that's as far as it is, is to start working out and playing basketball to get real strong. Taper off to where i'm taking like 1/32 or 1/64 as small as i can cut it then quit. It worked when I was younger but i was younger so i need to get strong. Because the scariest thing is that my friend said he tapered down to crumbs every other day and it took him 41 days before he actually felt normal. So this stuff is no joke. Also my sister and my girlfriend only have bowl movements every 5-7days and I every 1-3 days so I think its harder on women if that helps. Its never to late to quit and if some kid is reading this who doesn't do drugs, then DON'T. It maybe fun at first but that's all the fun you'll have because it changes you and ruins the relationships you have with the most important ppl in your life...your family...peace and love Dane

Wildcat 5 years ago


I don't want to scare you but I know that taking lots of drugs and speed up the onset of schizophrienia. My girlfriend and I watched an Intervention episode where a girl was eating fentinal suckers like 10 a day which is basically morophine. She was very paranoid and when they took her drugs away she ended up being institutionalized. Also my friends mom pulled out a gun on him when he took could be the drugs or it could be more of a mental problem. I'm so sorry for you and only wish you and your mom the best. the episode was intervention and her name is Linda

tearj3rker 5 years ago

Buprenorphine is addictive, as is morphine, pethidine, codeine. However, most people who take these drugs don't get addicted. They take them as prescribed. They may end up slightly 'dependent', and suffer from some withdrawals when they stop, but they don't become addicts.

I take Suboxone every day, but I am not addicted to it. I don't obsess over it, as an addict obsesses over their drug. If someone cut off my Suboxone, I would simply go through the withdrawal and get on with my life. However given I have a busy life, to induce withdrawal would be idiotic, so instead I'm slowly tapering my dose.

The claim that a person who takes Suboxone is trading one addiction for another, fails to differentiate addiction from dependence. When I used heroin, I was addicted, and it ruled my life. Suboxone does not rule my life. I derive no pleasure from its use. It eased the cravings for heroin until I got my life together. I am still dependent on it just like a person who is dependent on their anti-depressants, but I am reducing my dose every week.

an agonizing mom 5 years ago

I have read each and everyone of your stories. I don't know what to make of it all. I have an 19 year old son who was snorting percocet 30's for a little over a year. He started stealing,pawning, and owing everyone money. In a short period of time his life fell completely apart, and our's as well. We took him to visit our other son out of state, and while on this long weekend he went through DT's. The only true noticable symptom was that his legs cramped terribly. The following week he came to me asking if I would take him to a suboxone clinic. I could only find one Dr that required counsing and NA meetings. When we went to our first meeting he was already drug free, but must have been fighting the craving. He is 8 days into his patches and is like my old son again (well almost). We are hoping to only be on this for 6 months or less. Do any of you think this is reasonable? Does anyone have any advice for me?

Dan 5 years ago

Hey there Tear3rker:

Listen to your own words "I take Suboxone evry day, but I'm not addicted to it". Yeah right. You refer to it as "my Suboxone" and say you don't "obsess over it", but please, get real. Your hooked. This site appears to be a place we can tell our stories and be honest, not an outlet for personal denial. Good luck with yours.

Betty 5 years ago

Hey Dane:

Yes, you are rambling.

nonna 5 years ago

There is nothing more painful than watching a loved family member growing up into a full addict....., almost lost his left arm,everything goes but HOPE AND FAITH and the Love of God, and prayers that one day they will come up with a real cure! I love my addict/grand/son/ and I always will.

Suboxone worked for the last 2 months, than relapse.....and now back on....

AlmostFullyRecovered;") 5 years ago

Lexmarja..well let me tell u .u said u tried many drugs before right and took one pill...ook soorry to burst ur bubble buut u dont become addicted with oone pill it takes a couple besides half of this addicts didn't become addicted by choice they became addicted for a reason either cus they had pain like me I have uc(ulcerative colitis) and they prescribed it to me and they didn't explain to me the consequences nor addiction and many doctors do that get u addicted to one thing andwen u go ask for help they substitute that drug for another in the end of the day ur just in a circle going around stopping invthe same us all the favor of eating ur words cus ur not in there shoes...theres always a reason for something and a solution for everything..

Adam Phillips 5 years ago

I agree that by taking buprenorphine one is substituting one drug for another. But apart from the obvious (not having to buy illegal drugs etc etc), it has one big thing in its favour. Although the eventual withdrawal may be bad, you can taper down and off it. I've never met anyone who could do that with heroin. If you come off from taking 0.4 mg pills cut into 8 or even 16 pieces, it's not going to be as bad as a heroin withdrawal.

Pale 5 years ago

Was Oxy addict for 5 years at 80-400mg a day. Started at age 13 on the easy stuff like perks and what not. Switched to methadone at like 21 worked up to about 90mg a day to just stay alive pretty much and not get into trouble legally, due to nodding off at work on methadone i made the decision to switch to suboxone to keep my job. Once i was on suboxone my life changed dramatically almost like hitting a brick wall everything came to a stop. Because i suffer no dramatic life experiences or depression or anything I was able to stop drugs with no problem at all. Went 2 years on suboxone got weened off woulda been perfectly fine, the withdraw is very minimum and nothing more than just a couple shakes of a chill each day and minimum sweating, abosolte joke compared to methadone or oxy detox. However, I started using again because i never set any roots or got away from the people that did drugs. Started back on suboxone went another 2 year round of it weened off again. BUT!! this time I changed my phone number, disconnected myself entirely from all people i knew previously. Started working towards the understanding of how addicts react and think studying it little by little over a couple years. Came off suboxone this time and I am entirely drug free with not a single thought of going back because I compare consequence and no madder how bad i feel today if I do one single pill, ill feel a million times worst tomorrow but careful what happens is you get the flu or get sick go to the doctor get some QVtusson or something with codeine in it and its like a rollercoaster drop back to hell. The key to sobriety for an addict that I have learned is ABSOLUTE sobriety I smoked weed my whole life but i cant even do something as simple as smoke weed or drink now because when I do those are the only times I have thoughts of relapsing. TO sum it all up suboxone is a miracle drug, but you have to bite the bullet eventually and fight the cravings with it as well unfortunately but if you've ever came off oxy or methadone...... don't fear coming off suboxone best way to do it I found was 30 day intervals: 1/4 of 8mg pill decrease each month

Thomas 4 years ago

I use subs for a short time so not to get addicted to it. I jump from one drug to the other every four days or so. If your on the H drug go to a meth clinic but only take three doses over the three days then stop. You will feel like you have a bad cold for a while. I have done this and on the forth day did the H drug to just feel a bit better. But do not do more than a ten dollar bag from that piont on. If you know a lot of people on it some of them can tell you the tips. But subs they will cause withdrawl if you take it over 3 to four days. For me it a jump from one to the other as I am using for pain. Subs help for low pian but something like a kidney stone forget it. However it is nice to have subbies in case you get hooked. I can get off of the H with three of them IM not a happy camper but it stops the worst of the withdrawl. Sorry for the spelling I have no spell correct on my computer yet as I am just now setting it up.Good luck to all you that have been there or are now. God be with you as you try to make it in this drug world we live in.

lygra67 4 years ago

my boyfriend is in prison and due out soon but he has been in for 3 years and he rang me today saying they are going to put him on buprenophine,so he cant usse when he is released but wont he become addicted if its like methadone, also i hae been on methadone now for 6 years and i never intend coming of it i loved my heroin habit but had to stop so that is why i am staying on my meth , but i do need to no if my boyfriend should refusse this drug or not so if anyone no's please let me no thanks

Subutexter 4 years ago

Add me to the long list of sub users. To all who have actually been in the arena, I value you guys' stories, and the ways you have learned to use this wonder drug and lay down the smack or pharmies, whichever WAS your curse. Let e reiterate "WAS" to the folks who have probably never puffed a good bowl or blunt of G Purp, Skunk, Pure, Cheese, Blue Dream.....etc,etc....I could go on and on with all the delicious varieties to my homeys on here, but that is not my point. My point is probably a futile one, however, it is to STFU these people on here making ludicrous statements about addiction and Suboxone, Subutex.

JT 4 years ago

Soboxone has become a street drug, and the people who sell it are selling death.

lygra67 4 years ago

to subutexter i think you missed my point i asked if he should refuse it now as i think it would be stupid to take it now after he has been clean for 3 years and i have had a heroin habit for 20 years and i got off it using methadone as i think subatex is the nastyist stuff i have ever tryed so don't you tell me that about ludicrous statements and it was not a statement i did and do not no about it that is why i was asking on here why cant you read what i said befor you go sounding off if i no nothing of a subject i will ask for info so i can learn about it.wonder drug my ass and why do you value other peoples stories on drugs oh my god if you are an ex-user why oh why do you want to read about other peoples tragidies on the stuff you must have a very sad life if you are now off the stuff move on with your life god i have i keep away from it now as i loved my habit but i just had enough of scoring every bloody day not funny not when the police are so hard on every one now but like i said i grew up and moved on ,i would say thank you for the reply but no as all you have done is make me feel like a total freak for trying to help me ex-man so worry not to be honest it is up to him and if he is not strong enough to leave it alone when he comes out of prison well i want nothing to do with him. but i really do think you mr subatexter should bother about your own story and not other peoples stories .all i wanted was an answer for the guy in prison not to be made to feel like an idiot so thanks for that i hope one day you are made to feel like a fool .

subs saved me :) 4 years ago


lygra67 4 years ago

to subs saved me , no disrespect but i too had a heroin habit for 20 years but i would never take subs as they are so nasty plus the other guy is right they are now been sold on the street for people to get off on so how can they be the life saver you say oh and i am on methadone that is the life saver , but you say you will stay on your thing forever so now you are dependant on subs one for the other , i loved my habbit but it was killing me so i had to stop and i am happy on my thing and no god did not give you a second chance you did that all by your self i dowish you luck but tell your self the truth , and don't be so angry chill out it keeps you sane longer .

b4itends 4 years ago

I've been on prescription oxy for 8 long years. It helped with the horrid pain I live with for a while, but then I began being awakened at night with withdrawal symptoms. It is not a pleasant feeling at all. At the risk of having to live with the pain, I asked my doctor to wean me off of the oxy. I've gone from 640mg a day down to 45 mg a day. Next month I move down to percocet, then hydrocodone, then off. I'm already suffering the symptoms of withdrawals so I myself have cut what he has prescribed in half as I want off of this crap as soon as possible. I should note that the oxy didn't help the pain at all in the year so why take it? I've never been one to take a drug just to get high. I want to know what's going on in my life; not live in some fantasy world. Sure, life isn't fair, but none of us was promised a great life when we were born. Had I known that I was taking addictive medications, I never would have started. My doctor didn't tell me it was addictive either. I find that irreprehensible. At any rate, I now have more pain than I would normally have just getting off of this stuff. There were times I considered taking them all, but I then thought of those I would leave behind and came to my senses. I read in the paper that the pharmaceutical companies have now come out with an even stronger pain medication that is even more addictive. Someone should shoot the doctors that prescribe this stuff. The only people that should be taking it are those that are in hospice care.

Okay, enough, I'll get off my soap box. Good luck to you all who have the guts to get back to real life and congratulations on taking a positive step in making a better life for yourself and those who love you.

lygra67 4 years ago

b4itends, oh my gosh i no what you are saying the doctors are so wrong and we are the bad ones cause we are addicts but i so hope you get of the oxy safley i too am slowly getting there gbut with the meth and thankfully no pain and no side affects at all , this is why it angers me that my ex-man who has been in prison for over 3 years has been told that he will be put on the same stuff that is hurting you so bad and out of order but he did mess up and end up in side . again real good luck , respect, the lygra xx0xx

Please Kill Me! 4 years ago

All you people who say "it doesn't get me high...but I feel great and can function etc" are in complete denial. It's just like Oxys, dones, insert drug of choice. It gets you high and it is addictive. You feel like since it's prescribed and legal that it somehow isn't just like every other opiate addiction...just shut up with all your self righteousness it is the same damn thing. I tried every opiate there is, and for some reason loved the sub high the best. So I became addicted to subs because of subs. It's no miracle drug, unless you consider synthetic heroin a "miracle drug". People saying the withdrawal is mild makes me so unbelievably angry, they need to try it sometime. I go 5 days without and Im ready to kill myself. And I can't afford to pay legal drug dealers aka "doctors" $1500 cash a month for subs so I have to buy off the street, and since they're not prescribed that makes me a real drug addict to any employer so I can't get a job to support my addiction. Oh my god the hypocrisy is unbelievable. I don't know what to do, "bite the bullet", more like swallow a shotgun barrell. I can't take this anymore, opiates are the most evil thing on the planet, specifically designed to doom addicts to a cycle of illegal activity and depression when they can't afford the legal drug dealers "doctors" because they can't get a job or go a couple days without and not be able to function. God fucking bless America!

lygra 4 years ago

to pleasekill me , oh my gosh i do really see your point , yes i am on methadone and it is so much better than the heroin in the sence that it is safer but yes still an addiction but i am in britan and its free as long as i want that is why i intend on staying on it till i die , all i can suggest well actually i don't no if you were a woman i would say your sitting on a gold mine so sell it i did and made so much money but i have come off it raw all the drugs many years ago and it was horrod but i did it , in a house in the middle of no where with food tabacco and a telly oh plenty of sleepers i so wish i could help you asa i have helped some of the friends i have get off the stuff and they are still clean but no way can i get to you sorry ,look i hope you are some how ok and get through this , but just no i am thinking about you and wishing it comes good for you. like i say if i could help i so would , we all hate the stuff when we have nothing but i am sorry to say i love doing it the meth that is and when i don't have it yes it hurts and i do not get high on it wish i did but i have been on it for years now . you no all i can say to anyone reading this just don't do heroin of an addictive drug then you wont go through hell when you want to stop cause you will find you cant ever really stop , shame but i love being naughty oh well , please kill me i hope your angel protects you . xx0xx

Please Kill Me! 4 years ago

To Lygra, thank you so much for your kind words. Your sympathy really inspires me, and gives me hope for a future. Most people can seem so cold and indifferent when you are stigmatized as "an addict". Because through the eyes of the largely-ignorant general public, "an addict", regardless the drug of choice, is a criminally degenerate, bottom-feeding  parasite to society. Someone who puts babies in ovens when they have had a "bad trip", and all those other completely over the top, hysterical exaggerations. But if they can afford to go to the doctor and get their suboxone or methadone, they are a responsible, recovering addict with a disease. By the way, I'm a 23 year old man, named Caleb, living near Indianapolis, Indiana in the Midwestern U.S.. Where I'm from, the government spends more $ on the "war on drugs" against non-violent drug offenders than they do on healthcare. The first pill I ever took was a methadone 40mg "pie" and I was high for 3 days. I never wanted it to end, it was heaven. Unfortunately, my whole family was ripped apart when I was a kid because of alcohol, benzos, then eventually opiates, so I swore I would never do them. But after I knew what it felt like, I couldn't resist. It's like a needle-phobe who will gleefully stick a needle in their arm because the feeling is worth it. So you can imagine the guilt I feel now that I've become a suboxone addict (which is all I've done for 5 or 6 years now...aside from some pot here and there). I don't really get high on the suboxone ANYMORE either, unless I do a ridiculous amount. Its an endless nightmare because I don't get high, but if I go without I'm sick. It's so fucked that I spend virtually all my time, energy, and sanity searching for, and obtaining, a drug that doesn't even do anything but make me feel normal. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean as far as tolerance goes, since you've been on the 'dones for so many years. I have done just about every drug imaginable, but miraculously, I've never even seen heroin. I know I would love it, and that scares me to death. I wish I would've never even touched these damn things, but everyone makes mistakes everyday. I remember being stuck at my dads house deep in the country, miles away from the city, completely isolated, broke, and going through withdrawals. All I had was some cigarettes, my guitar, and my loaded .38 pistol. After about day 4 of no car, no phone, no tv, no girlfriend, and obviously no suboxone, I was ready to end it all. My girlfriend had cheated on me, my best friend and cousin overdosed on methadone and died. So needless to say, it was my darkest hour, the lowest I've ever felt in my life. The only thing that kept me alive was my passion to create art and write music. Although I do still have very, VERY bad days, and seriously contemplate suicide, taking the easy way out, I remember that as bad as I feel now, it can't get any worse, only better. Anyway, enough about me, I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck and happiness. And in my own personal opinion, I would say not to let him get out of prison and get hooked on the subs, especially if he's been clean for 3 years. Also, my ex-girlfriend broke up with me because she said the subs made my mood fluctuate up and down, and sometimes made me very emotional, so you might not want that in your life right now. Although who's to say it will affect him that way though, everyone is different. Anyway, much love and respect to you.         

lygra67 4 years ago

to please kill me , yes yes nice to hear from you , so im 44 years old i did heroin for over 20 years and imagine scoring every day not good buti really grew out of it and just got fed up oh i still love it but its just too much i remember doing it at the end of the 70's think of that ? but it takes a hard person the kill them selfs not the easy way out at all and yes the stigma we addicts get not very fair at all the "normal people" could not even handle it i lived in a tent for 7 years and so loved that but i got old as when you are on the gear it kind of keeps you young and when i stoped i actually aged 10 years over night imagine how i felt wheni looked in the mirror the next day i nearly fell on the damb floor aaahhh i was old , i funded my habit as a prostitute and loved that oh in the way of the life style so bad and so much fun but all things come to an end one way or another but you please message me when ever you need me to listen i will always answer be safe caleb wicked name oh and he si my ex-man as he kept messing up , i need that not again take care and keep doing your music and art , the lygra cat.

Please Kill Me! 4 years ago

To Lygra, thanks for sharing your fascinating story. You have obviously been through a lot...but you managed to take control of your life and continue...and for that I applaud you.  About suicide, I always seen it as an easy way out because it seems easier to just end it, than to have the courage to continue battling my addiction day after day. Anyway, I will message you very soon...take care of yourself too~Caleb

jimmy 4 years ago

ive been on subs for a month before that roxy 15 7 times a day for 6 years will someone help me clean up as pain free as i can

lygra 4 years ago

jimmy, i admit i am no expert , by that i am no counciler but i am a recovering addict and doing real well , is there any way you can get on methadone as i am on a reduction that is so good and totally pain free i swear i am on 50ml a day and they are reducing it at the rate of 2ml's a week and now i am on 42 ml's and feeling actually great i no it would mean you have to swap from one to the other but it really works i do not even have cravings any more so that can't be a bad thing can it . i so hope it all gose well for you and if i can try to help i will ,the pain is not nice and makes you feel that it is not worth it , i truly do no how you feel and i am so sorry but like i said im here for you and you no what , "you can do this if i can and i loved my habbit so if i can you can" so be safe and i will be thinking of you i really will , lygra

Mike 4 years ago

I am too a recovering drug addict. Did everything from vicodin to heroin for 10 years. I am 27 years old and have been clean for a year and a half d/t my parents. God bless them! A doctor put me on suboxone and I took it for one day and it did help. I didn't like it because I felt normal. I felt like I did nothing wrong and that I wasn't an addict. I didn't like that so I quit taking it and just dealt with the physical and physcological withdrawls on my own and with the support of my family. I didn't want the easy way out. If I ever felt like relapsing I wanted to remember the hell I went through to quit. I just finished my first year of nursing school and have one year to go. I thank God everyday for my parents. They saved my life. With saboxone, it all depends on the person. When it comes down to it, the person has to want to quit!

Ellen 4 years ago

My son is in mid 20's and has been an addict (heroin etc, you name it) and fighting cravings.He's been on seboxone for a few years and tried cutting to 1/4 a pill a day but couldn't. He's now in a 30 day away program trying to get off seboxone. It's 2 weeks, can't sleep, in lots of pain, hot compacts are not working any more, high anxiety. Anyone gotten off this stuff? How long will this last?

lygra 4 years ago

ellen, wow sorry to hear about your boy, im no doctor but an ex-user and i no that the sub's are as bad as the drug he is coming off he's now addicted to that sad but true , i so wish i could help more but again you will have to ween him off this now and from what i have been through just as bad if not the same , sorry to saybut should have used methadone i was off it in just 15 weeks by starting on 30ml and going down at 2ml's a week this way no pain and you don't feel coming off it that is all i can suggest i so wish you all the best and tell your son take it one day at a time i have only been clean 2 years my self and i am pleased to report i am not even craving any more i am well pleased about it again good luck to you both. the lygra xx0xx

its 4 years ago

Its just another drug that I can't afford it takes a long time to detox. Hard core detox. I'm on subs and my insurance wont pay for them and and they. Cost 600 for 90.

Cheeper on heroin.sad.h

lygra 4 years ago

its oh my gosh you have to pay for your medication you are so unlucky as i am from england we don't have to pay for well anything , i have3 been on methadone for well over 4 years now but i was on 50ml a day and now i am only on 25ml a day now so i am slowly getting to the end game of drug free, i do feel for you, but what with all the government cut backs now things are getting real bad , i wish you luck and one day it will all come good for you , it did for me . the lygra xxOxx

the drug child 4 years ago

everytime i did suboxone it got me messed up like taking 20 xanax

Deano 4 years ago

I find this page on google after watching a documentary about heroin. It brought back some scary memories. My addiction got me to 4 years of injecting heroin on a daily basis. The last 2 years I never once went a day without shooting up because of the fear of withdrawal. Luckily where I lived it was real cheap. My life ended up just being doing heroin, working for money for heroin and repeat. Eventually due to a car accident I had no choice but to try and quit. If it wasn't for methadone and subutex I would probably be dead. I'm now 11 years clean off all opiates and just have the occasional few drinks. It took me 5 years totally sober to take that step. Now just looking at the track mark scars on my arms reminds me of where I don't want to be again. I got my life together and now own a nice house, car, and can look after my family. Opiate addiction can be beaten! You can be happy again!

pressingtheissue profile image

pressingtheissue 4 years ago from Pa

Wow, what an uplifting testimony Deano! I love hearing about other people's successes.

ganesh 3 years ago

i was a heroin addict for about 20 years going to rehabs and relapsing even after going to 12 step meeting.Now i take 2mg sublingual tablets of buprenorpine daily at bedtime and never took heroin again for last 5 years ie since i took sublingual bupreponorpine.Works great and I find no potential of overuse.

Polly 22 months ago

It's ultimately one's choice to use drugs, you are what you want to be!

liladybugz26 profile image

liladybugz26 21 months ago from Cambridge

I was on Suboxone after a nasty opioid addiction for five years. For five years I was sober, and two weeks ago I started rapid Suboxone withdrawal (insurance reasons). The withdrawal from this is much more long-lasting than kicking the real deal by far, and sadly, the years of feeling no desire for opiates while on Suboxone quickly came to an end.

After five years of Suboxone sobriety I am back at square one. After days of no sleep, diarrhea, restless legs and intense muscle aches I threw in the towel. What started only four days ago as relief from agony, has once again become a chase for the high.

People that have never experienced opiate dependency simply can't comprehend it. And no Polly, it is not always a "choice to use drugs". My "choice" came from a doctors prescription pad, and multiple surgeries on my neck and back. After taking 240 mg of oxy a day for years it escalates to the next level, and your brain thinks you need it for survival.

I have an assessment next week to get funding to once again get back on Suboxone. The scary thing is, I think I will forever be a slave to it, or fall back into the abyss.

liladybugz26 profile image

liladybugz26 21 months ago from Cambridge


You hit all the nails right on their heads. True, true, and true.

Darren 20 months ago

Because people put down negatively suboxone, for me has saved my life, and my doctor considers me a lifer. don't consider myself a weak person, I have my phD in philosophy, masters in psychology. and working for my MD. My sisters thinks iam a drug addict but she puffs on here pipe the thing cigarette users and abusers and substituting for another drug I think its cherry flavored and has her kid on it, how is that acceptable in society when its like a decaf coffee, some of the nicotine still gets into the blood stream just like caffeine still gets into the body.

liladybugz26 profile image

liladybugz26 20 months ago from Cambridge

Suboxone and nicotine are two completely different beasts in themselves. Suboxone has also saved my life, but when it comes down to it, it is an opiate, and is just as addictive as any other opioid, and it is mind altering.

I did not realize how much it dulled my pain and my senses until I was just forced off it. And after two weeks of withdraws and the cravings that immediately came back, I gave in, and am back at square one. I undermined the power Suboxone had, and for the first time I see it for what it is. Sadly, I can not imagine my life without it, and bad things happen when it's not there.

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