Is Fatorexia a viable disorder?

Being Attractive Is Not Just the Physical One

Being Attractive Is Not Just the Physical One
Being Attractive Is Not Just the Physical One | Source

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Beauty of a Woman Should Be Certified By a Man

Fatorexia Is a Mental Disorder Affecting Women

Fatorexia is a mental disorder mostly affecting women. A woman sees her in the mirror as very attractive but in fact she is not. Such women have lots of pretensions. They eat less before others but in private gorge themselves with heavy food. They always use small pocket sized mirrors to conceal their obesity to themselves. In other words, they are cheating themselves. They tear away the labels on their clothes that depict the size. They wear small sized clothes to pretend that they are attractive.

Beauty of a Woman Should Be Certified By a Man

Some of them may really be attractive, after all! Only males are competent to say whether a woman is attractive or beautiful. A woman may appear ugly to a man but may be quite attractive to another man who may long for her. It is all a mental phenomenon. Such women having Fatorexia should discard thoughts about themselves and concentrate on other work to make life meaningful. Beauty is a mental phenomenon and not a physical one. Every woman is attractive in some sense or other. Ugliest of the women may be attractive to some men. Most beautiful of the women may be despised and disliked by some men. Therefore the cure for Fatorexia lies in the mind.

Women Are Jealous Of Other Women

There are some truths about beauty and being attractive which many women do not know. Women are also jealous of other women who seem to be attractive. If a woman is wearing nice clothes, other women get jealous about it even though they pay a lip service and complement that woman in public. Jewellery, clothes, handbags, shoes, hairpins, cosmetics and other such things always attract women much more than men. Women spend hours together for their make up in their dressing room. The hairstyle itself occupies many long hours. Finally when everything is over, they are still not satisfied and want more!

Being Attractive Is Not Just the Physical One

Women should know that being attractive is not just about the physical look alone. Behaviour, mannerisms, style, body language, lending ears to others, being kind & showing concern to others’ problems, helpful attitude, putting other people’s problems above one’s own problems and many such qualities decorate a woman much more than cosmetics. In fact these qualities are the real cosmetics. A woman can be attractive to others even after crossing the age of fifty or sixty if she possesses these other qualities. On the other hand a nineteen years old girl can drive away others if she is secluded and without smile. A smile on the face can be more powerful than a make-up using thousand cosmetics.

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tigerbaby777 4 years ago from Nampa

Thank you for writing such a beautiful Hub to my question. Voted up and beautiful!

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ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear tigerbaby777,

I thank you for your valuable comments.

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