Is It the New Legal Marijuana or just "Pot-pourri"?

Gold Spice
Gold Spice
Salvia divinorum
Salvia divinorum

Drugs of all kinds should be taken with caution

A new marijuana-like substance has hit the market, creating a sensation among those adventurous enough to try it. The stuff is called K2, spice or “scary spice,” as some people have labeled it. K2 resembles herbs or potpourri and can be smoked just like marijuana. Apparently it gets some people high and doesn’t show up on drug tests.

Other users have tried mixtures with an impressive array of catchy names: Love Potion, Venom, Diablo, Wicked, Space Cadet, Bloody Mary, Mad Hatter, G-13, Camel Crush, King Kong, Purple Haze, Atomic Blueberry, Cloud 9, Magic XXX, Klimax and Xotic.

Unfortunately, these herbal mixtures have also given some users what could be called bad trips. Users have reported side effects such as fearsome hallucinations, nausea, vomiting or headaches. Moreover, in an article on the Web site,, Dr. Ulrich S. Zimmermann, claims that a brand of herbal smoke named Spice Gold is addictive. Ulrich also says that many ingredients, including a synthetic cannabinoid, are not listed on the product’s package. (Cannabinoids are structurally similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana.)

The advertising on some Web sites state that all herbal mixtures sold contain only legal ingredients (no marijuana) and are nicotine and tobacco free; in fact, some of the benefits of smoking such may include helping people quit smoking tobacco. However, judging from some of the product names – Wild Lettuce Opium Extract, Black Russian Herbal Hash, Panama Red Ball, Hard Core and Blueberry Haze – one might wonder what’s really in these products!

Some of these herbal concoctions may contain Salvia divinorum or diviner’s sage, a hallucinogen sometimes compared to LSD. Mazatec shamans in Mexico use it to facilitate a visionary state of consciousness. Not everybody has a good trip with this stuff, so beware. The substance is legal in most countries and states of the U.S.

Of course people should realize that just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s wise for people to consume it. After all, alcohol and tobacco, legal in most parts of the world, have caused countless billions of dollars of damage to social structures for hundreds of years. For good reason, the United States tried to ban the use of alcohol back in 1920.

Anyway, the use of K2, developed in Europe, is completely unregulated and its effects mostly undocumented. People, in search of a cheap and legal buzz, might as well go into the nearby field and harvest whatever is out there. Try some Jimsonweed, if you will. It’s got white flowers. White flowers couldn’t hurt you, right? Jimson weed, a.k.a. locoweed, will send you to a really freaky place and perhaps drive you into a psychotic state as well. But, hey, it’s legal. In fact, Jimson weed has so many bad side effects the authorities haven’t bothered to make it illegal!

Prefer to consume a spice of some kind? Ingesting common nutmeg can get one stoned - and it can be smoked. Taken in large amounts, nutmeg has a similar chemical composition to MDMA (ecstasy). But if taken in excess, nutmeg can produce numerous unpleasant side effects, including a sense of impending death!

Naturally, marijuana, at times considered the most popular drug in the world, is still available. It's illegal to use marijuana in most of the United States, yet 18 states (and Washington D.C.) have legalized its use for medicinal purposes; and two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized its use for recreational purposes. For example, California, often considered the bellwether state, decriminalized the use of a small amount of marijuana (less than an ounce) in 1976. And in 1996, California became the second state to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana (Virginia was the first in 1979).

Since marijuana, by some stretch of the imagination, can be considered “medicine,” if people must smoke to get high, the use of marijuana may be preferable to substances such as K2. At least the effects of marijuana have been studied for years and it is not considered addictive, though there’s great disagreement on this subject. Only the individual should decide for certain if it's okay to smoke it. Nevertheless, if you live in states such as Oklahoma or Texas, where possession of small amounts of marijuana can be a felony, either move to another state or avoid smoking it entirely.

So, if you try smoking any of this herbal stuff, be very careful. Just smoke a little at first and see what happens. Then proceed with caution. Or perhaps you should try medicinal marijuana instead. But only if you must.

After all, nobody needs to smoke anything, do they?

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madia10 2 years ago

i can't even read all that ?... but why do they try to reproduce a plant ? why not just use the real plant?? has SOOOO many beneficial uses even in "hemp" form . get with it people!!?? Way better than corn!

Tina 3 years ago

Well incense potpourri is for aromatherapy. So abuse of that is not good.

You can check more about us at

MyName 3 years ago

Okay people, some blends use lotus, white lotus, pink lotus, or a blue lotus extract. Lotus in some people will induce a panic attack; it feels like a heart attack, and you might think you are dying. (This even happens in people who don't smoke it at all, panic attacks happen.) Sometimes, people are allergic to certain plants or chemicals within the spice mix. Most of the time, the good spice uses damiana as a base; some may use mullen leaf or wild lettuce, et cetera. Spice is a mixture of several plants and many use a sprayed on synthetic. You can take two different people give them the same shot of whiskey and they'll each have a different reaction to the drink, spice is no different. You have to know yourself. If you do want to try some, talk to the person behind the counter, they tend to have some knowledge on what they are selling, or at least the places I've shopped. Try only a little at first, a hit, two if you know you can handle it. If you can get marijuana, smoke that instead. But, for those who are unable to get weed, or are on papers, this can be an ideal alternative. Like I said before, the person behind the counter should know some about what they're selling, usually from trying it or from customer reviews. I have tried many different brands and several gave me the same reaction, while others did either almost nothing or way too much, or at least to my taste. I enjoy a happy medium.

However, regardless of what I say, it is up to you to decide what you can or can't handle. If you have been talked out of trying it, fine. If you have been talked into it, be cautious. Not everyone is the same in how they react to a drug. Example, not every acid trip is the same for every person.

The main problem we should be focusing on is the inability for a government to understand it's people. The inability for the government and its citizens to learn from past mistakes when dealing with prohibition. When you prohibit the use of something, people will find a way. They should just let people have their freedom to smoke a plant of their choosing. Alcohol and tobacco kill millions, yet still legal. Weed, as far as I have found, has never killed anybody. The fact that we are born with cannbinoids already in our system, and it's always in our system, as well as cannabinoid receptors. Smoking weed can act as an analgesic and as an anti-inflammatory. It also helps protect against certain types of tumors (that means no tumors in testis, mammary glands, uterus, pancreas, etc). And, it even helps in stimulating appetites, for those that are unable to eat, hold down food and so forth.

Now, I don't want to go off on a rant here, but......

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choose life first. 4 years ago

smoke this stuff and die. It's simple. It is engineered to be 10 times more addictive than crack. It's engineered to build a major tolerance fast. It's engineered by a group of crooked chemists owned by an individual who owns them and their families. Once you fall into drugs it's hard to get out of it alone. This synthetic smoke drives people to be depressed, withdrawn, anxious, angry, confused and violent. I have studied a close friend for a year as he has been smoking it for almost two. He lost almost 100 lbs. can't sleep for weeks at a time, spent $40K in 5 weeks on bullshit because he is that far gone from reality. He is now homeless and I battle helping him. I had to try it. I do not smoke for one. I will never do that again. My girlfriend found me curled up into a ball holding my tennis racquet sweating and huge pupils. Ok so I'm not a drug user and it may have hit me harder but trust me I do know this stuff will kill you. Please, if you know someone using this stuff, get them help or you will never see them again

Thomas 4 years ago

Will potpourri show up as marijuana on a drug test ?

cj 4 years ago

Look FAGS! Yes if u smoke out of a blunt there's a difference. I still smoke fake. Just out of a blunt it doesn't really fuck me up as bad. Smoking out of a pipe or bong is way more worse. Becuz of all the other recent different kind of legal bullshit u smoked is still in there... tht shit builds up . So its like you're smoking 50 different kinds of fake crap. Trust me ima heavy smoker nd I'm 21yrs of age. I smoked two bowls out an old spice pipe nd I thought my life was over. Not only tht. When I went to the ER.tht fake shit busted a blood clot in my eye . I knoe it did cuz I felt it. Till this day which is day 1 after being out of the ER my eye is still bleeding inside.only in my rite eye. My friends say it looked horrible while we were smoking diablo today We finished the bag. I felt fine but I can send pics of my eye nd my pipe shit gross as fawk . Its jus a smart N easy way for the fuckkers across seas to get Dumb AMERICANS to kill themselves WITHOUT NOTICE!!!!! Cuz they know white man or black man.. whoever da fuck is in da white house won't legallize weed cuz america is dumb af.u rather die smoking anything then legalize weed. Smh. Oh nd don't tlk shit about crack smokers becuz smoking fake.. is worse, nd it taste worse then crack too! For all u young curious fucks out there.

cjay 4 years ago

Marcopolo was rite read his comment. I jus came out of the emergency room last nite cuz I had a bad trip nd everything I told the doc nd what they had asked me.. is everything tht marcopolo said.. its true . This shit will wreck u watch out! I was trippin so bad I had to grow balls nd I mean fat balls to walk up to my dad nd tell em to take me to the emergency room.

jkes 4 years ago

they already have new shit they can se ll.gonna happen every time.

sam 4 years ago

can the federal courts test for "no more mr nice guy"?

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 4 years ago from California Author

Yes, it seems the market has changed somewhat regarding these dubious substances. It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Later!

robhampton profile image

robhampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

it's no longer legal

marcopolo 4 years ago

Reading all of these stories ,felt like posting mine. I am no stranger to recreational drug use, nothing to be proud of but I have tried just about everything you could imagine. So needless to say there has been a couple times I have had small panic attacks etc. , but nothing like I experienced from smoking this legal stuff. .. Anyway as with a new drug you have to practice moderation when experimenting with something for the first time. I took ONE hit. At first I noticed a bit of a 'head change', which was nice. then after a few minutes it set in. WHOA !! My heart rate skyrocketed , and I felt like I could literally feel all of the neurons misfiring in my brain. It was as though I had a thousand thoughts all at the same time. I became very self aware, best way I can describe it.. I started this horrifying introspective nightmare that lasted for several minutes ..the worst part about being that aware of your body is that when your heart rate increases you start to freak out, which only exacerbates the problem..I just felt really bad about who I was and what I was doing. I did panic for a few minutes pretty badly , I kept pacing around the house .. Although I was able to calm myself down , after all I was walking around so I couldn't be that bad off ..After the panic wore off , it felt like the high was traveling down my body. I felt real sick to my stomach and my legs just felt unnatural . I didn't vomit but it took almot half an hour for the nauseau to subside .. after that I was able to put down some food and that seemed to help out a lot... nothing about the experience was enjoyable.. I kept repeating to myself the entire time 'I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have done that" .. In a weird way im kind of glad I did, because I had a moment of clarity .. never touching any kind of drug EVER AGAIN ..I know someone is going to search for this , hopefully they are smart and doing their research . My advice is so stay away from it .

educatedbadidea 4 years ago

oh forgot to mention when comparing spice to weed keep in mind weed is a mental high spice is a body high IT IS MEANT TO BE ALL BURNED IN A ROOM AND IN SMALL AMOUNTS IT GIVES YOU A CALMING FEELING but in higher doses (bowl then joint then hookah bowl) the effect is inhanced.

ONE LAST NOTE! having spice is perfectly legal but if you have a pipe bong ect that has potpurri resin that's SUBSTANCE ABUSE and you can be arrested for it. but it is just a misdemeanor comparable to sniffing paint or aerosols

three cops pulled me over again for "looking suspicious" again i had "legal devil" in my hat it fell out he saw me pickit up asked to see it he looked at it the top it said 100% legal he opened it sniffed it closed it up and gave it back guess not all law enforcement is staying knowledgeable with the times :)

educatedbadideas 4 years ago

well since i don't see a lot of good comparison i see a lot of personal stories. and ive been in almost every situation ive done it all from k2 when it came out then the flow ive tried most spices legal devil, mr. happy, mile high, g7, the best shit from cali, laughing dog, handicapped, ect. all are good skywalker is the strongest ive had so far.

1 prices

spice i get 8 grams 5 dollars less than a dollar a gram!

(prices vary as much as 6-10 dollars for 1.5gs-5gs )

pot some normal plain regg 5 dollars a gram. (chronic 20-30 a gram) so it is definitely cheaper

spice lasts about 20-30 minutes its intense and chemical reactions are going off in your brain instantly before you blow out the smoke.

pot lasts 1-4 hours depending it kinda creeps up on you and maintains a steady feeling

spice effects; expect paranoia dizzyness, reduced perception, lower heart beat, rushes of excitement intense headrushes, possible bad trips

(theres pills to grow bigger eyelashes with more side effects.)

cant believe all you guys gettin destroyed off a hit or two know whatta hoookah bowl is? this stuff definitely builds up a tolerance quick ill smoke three bowls in a row smoke a cig finsish a bowl in tha hookah load another bowl and get down on some CODmw3 :)

jazz 4 years ago

to everyone first off stop fucking complanin if you have a problem with it shut up and look the other way, and to those who say ohh it will kill you and shit i had a bad trip....ummmm... everyone reacts different to everything you bunch of ideots to those who had bad trips thay where most likely alergic to it dumasses....and to ABSOLUTLY everone online smoking does not make you lazy or anything you only think that because you only see dumasses smoking on the side of the street..

john doe 4 years ago

you people are retarded.. stop bitching and complaining about almost dying.. its called a panic attack .. you think your dying but your not your just freaking out.. maybe control your mental state and calm yourself down.. don't be stupid like call 911 and then you come down 15 minutes later..maybe start off with one hit but theres gotta be retards who wanna smoke a whole gram in a sitting no wonder you trip your not used to it .. it has to do with your mind.. obviously people cant tap into there own mind and control themselves.. foolish children.. probably not even legal in there state .. your claims make me laugh .. you didn't die cuz you lived to tell your bullshit story online warning people how bad it is .. bc you couldn't handle your shit ..everyone is different everyone gets effected by things differently.. the internet is filled with information .. would it kill you people to do research on the things you put in your body and expirement before taking things to their extremity.. organic sachets contains no cannabanoids only herbs used way back in historical times for medicinal purposes .. google it ull see.. stop with your propaganda no one cares that your heart was racing and you thought you stopped breathing.. its ridicilous .. your under the influence and tripping how could you possible know you died.. are you a doctor did you perform tests on yourself no.. you were out of your mind thinking one thing making yourself believe it.. drugs don't control you .. you control yourself until you realize that stop crying about the dangers .. the government doesn't care how many ppl die off the shit they just ban it bc they simply don't get any taxes from it strictly store profit.. alcohol kills tons of ppl by drinkin and driving or deestroying your liver.. government doesn't care there pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars from alcohol companies .. let that sit in for awhile ..

casey vangundy 4 years ago


Bl4ckw1dow 4 years ago

we call it Fweed

kush420weed 4 years ago

ok so this was my first time smoking any kind of weed and it was synthetic herbal incense i took one little hit out of a bong and waited for it to kick in and once it did i wish i dident do it its like everything was so slow i don't mean like slow i mean like slower then the matrix kinda just like time stopped i looked at my friends they had like blurry faces i was scared shitless they told me i was staring at the wall rocking back and fourth for about 15 minutes then we left i tried to walk over a matress my friend had in the floor idk why it was there but i usually would have just walked right over it but it took me about 1 minute to get over it everything was so slow we went outside and it felt like the earth was falling on my head i felt like my brain was going to explode i hated it it was so scary then about 3 months later we smoked some synthetic smoking dragon12x out of a bowl and i was standing there then i hit the ground and my friends were talking but i couldent understand what they were saying my heartbeat was so fast everything was a blurr i hated it since then i have smoked a lot more synthetic and it dosent bother me anymore but its still not the best thing and i have also smoked some real weed trust me smoke natural weed not synthetic when i smoked real weed i felt safe and it made my brain feel so good and euphoric which means good so yeah i quit synthetic unless im desperate but foreal don't smoke fake weed its not that bad once you get use to it but real grown natural weed is a lot better it wont scare you like synthetic so yea smoke real weed not that fukin synthetic bullshit

king kong legal bud 4 years ago

KING KONG, this shit is the best of all the fake weeds. BAR NONE, STAY CALM,RELAX, if you leave this world on a couple hits who gives a fuck!

Porkchop 4 years ago

So, I don't know what the hell ppl go thru when smoking spice. I've never had a bad experience. Being a former heavy tree burner, I was a huge skeptic prior to taking my first hit. I made the mistake of trying it in the car while I was driving. I turned two corners and by the time I reached the stop sign, I was completely furred. Bad idea. But typically, I take three hits of Green Cobra and take my dog jogging. I am able to think abstractly. I am extremely reflective. Best of all, I have energy. No cottonmouth! No failed drug tests! It's an intense and inexpensive high. Aside from paranoia from having red eyes in public, I have no complaints.

P.S: If you are already in an unbalanced or disturbed mental state, it may not be a good idea to allow yourself to be under the influence of anything. Actually, it's a terrible idea. If you are sneaking to smoke, you are already in a paranoid un-relaxed state of mind. This is a formula for disaster. Oh, and only smoke it 1/3 of the blunt at a time...don't be a hero!

P.S.2: STOP CALLING 911, idiots! You are NOT going to die!

Smokindatdank 4 years ago

got a 4g bag of 'dank potpourri' right here. Pussies, suck it up. Everybody has bad trips. Yuppies stfu cuz ill smoke what i want. G's up ho's down and all that good stuff.

Christina 4 years ago

I have been smoking pot for 7 years and spice/potpourri for 2 years. I have done mr nice guy, wicked, space cadet and more. Since doing wicked and space cadet I am addicted. Trying to stop is very hard when its easy and cheap to get.

efff no 4 years ago

I've been a cannabis smoker since i was 12 years old so i guess for a good 8 years now. I've been smoking spice as well for three, but after two hours ago, I'm never going to smoke it again. Some friends and I were casually smoking and one of my friend happened to toss the pipe into a bowl of water. We were fine for about 20 minutes until the buzz went away. The only other pipe we had was a 1 1/2 foot long steamroller. I only hit it one time because of fear from previous experiences. I was good for about ten minutes. Then i started nodding down while i was completely awake. I realized i couldn't move. I could feel my heart racing. All i could do was mutter the words help. My friend came to me and helped me outside for air. He said i wasn't breathing. On the way outside, i went completely blind. I didn't know what was going on. After setting outside freaking out for about 5 minutes my vision returned and the ability to move my body. My mind was too clouded to process thoughts tho and i felt as that every motion i done was done with all the strength in my body. I was knocking shelves and tables over just trying to walk. Then my chest started hurting. I felt my heart and realized that it was now going even faster. All i could mutter was my friends name and the word heart. He felt it and realizing it was fast decided to check my heart rate. It was an astounding 185 beats which is extremely dangerous. I wanted to cry but couldn't get the tears to come from my eyes. I thought to myself this is it, game over. I was sure i was going to die with my heart rate being that high. My friend forced me to drink water and covered me up under a blanket. I was sweating but felt super cold. I was shaking uncontrollably as if i was laying in the snow with no clothes on. This lasted for about 1 and a half hours total. The my heart rate went down and i was completely fine. I could talk and function again as normal. I'm just happy that i'm alive when i know i should've been dead with my heart racing that fast. Anybody with any similar experiences please feel free to email me at and tell me about your experience. Mine was not a good time and i think i'll stick to my main mistress mary jane from now on.

zach attak 4 years ago

do they have a drug test for klimax? Please hurry and answer.

isvvghasg 4 years ago

I had a bad panic attack about 2 weeks ago, my heart stated racing really fast, but its not really what it seems. I talked myself out of it and INSTANTLY felt better when i said to myself "why am i tripping" used to smoke weed every day, on probation right now so i gotta smoke spice, The day after i had a panic attack i smoked some more, 3 puffs from a blunt and i was happy as hell and didn't trip. Different kinds of spice will fuck wit you but i recommend CAMEL CRUSH if you are going to smoke it, because i used to smoke g's at a time and just feel great. I think i tripped because this fool makes it himself and put some weird ass shit that makes it wayyy to strong. I smoked weed again and the high is way different since i had a panic attack..I kept thinking "im gonna trip" but Its really just in your mind, if you chill out and milk the happy thoughts you'll be all good, and now when i smoke weed im just relaxed, because in my head im not thinking about tripping. BE CAREFUL WITH HOW MUCH YOU SMOKE, 1 hit then wait an hour or so, see how the high is and continue from there (if you want to) If you start to trip, DO NOT FREAK OUT, ur mind makes it way worse than it could possibly be.

Primeus 4 years ago

Ok first off, yes it's addictetive .. Yes it can kill you.

Now having said that... I am a heavy user like ten grams a day and to the guy that questioned the guy about how much he uses . I know what I do and my checking account will prove it. I did smoke pot but the k2 high is 1000 times better to me. I have stole from family and friends to get it. Even found a place that rings the shit up as food and used my family's food stamps many times to get it. About every three trips are bad, I spend a couple of hours telling myself to breath . My wife holds my hand , me yelling never again, and I can tell by the hurt in her eyes she knows I am lying as soon as I come down I am back at the pipe. The way I look at it is this, cig, beer , sunlight, cellphone and even fucking rain can hurt you nowadays but should you just stay in your house... Well guess what there a million things

There that can kill ya too. All I am hearing is a lot of bible bangers that just becusas they don't like it IT SHOULD Be band.Bullshit everyone has the right to choose for them selfs. How would you like it of we outlawed religion. I mean like at the countless lives lost over the years. Same thing that shots the devil get Reid of it ... How many inacent girls where drown by bible banging retards an yes I believe in god. But Back to the k2 since I started I can't get high on weed anymore and trust me I only fuck with the stickiest. Os it's not my shit sucks.i have noticed mood changes like I am not the same person . But let's be really here anything you smoke CAN kill ya had a buddy quit breathing on good old weed everyone is different. I am up to three joints between me and my brother he's the one that turned me on to it. I have tried to quit but the cold sweat is a bit ch and always go back. The only thing that scares me is I might lose my wife and kids(3) over it she's a good women but this isn't the first of dumb. Shit I have put her though. And yes if it comes to it I will drop the shit but not unless I have too thanks for listing BIBLE BANGERS SUCK

C.Omorose 4 years ago

First Off I just want to say that this shit is NOT a damn thing like marijuana and should be banned, burned and immediately disposed of from off this earth !

I went thru exactly what a lot of yu went thru but a little bit more different. And here's my story. I was really starting to think I was going crazy or possessed or something? Well I have had K-2, bullet, and various varietes of weed. Well yesterdat my boyfriend bought this legal weed that I had never tried before called cloud nine.. And boy I swear I felt like I was bout to die. It was me, my boyfriend and his two little brothers. They told me that this "episode" lasted for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. And honestly i probobly took the most like 7 hits ? At first everything seemed hilarious and I just couldn't stop laughing & everyone was laughing w/ me I knew I was high so I slowed down. but then 10 minutes later shit got soo serious. I got this feeling that I needed to get inside the house.. & i just started trampling everything and everyone in my way so I could get inside. But they wouldn't let me they were trying to calm me down & didn't want their little sister or aunt to see me blowed like that, but I was not trying to hear that shit! I beat my boyfriend's ass, pulled his hair scratched him up real bad and banged my head into the wall and glass door several times without even really knowing or feeling anything trying to get inside the house. Then I felt like my life was flashing past me and leaving me behind like one minute i was in my past to when i was a child next minute I raced past my life to when I was like 30. Then I was stuck in the future and it was like I was on a mission to get back to reality I kept fighting with myself to try and get back to my life. I felt like I was about to die. The room was spinning, I was shaking and trembling and feeling hot then cold then hot then cold over and over again. At one point I felt like I was in my brain and i could feel and see it pulsating ? I couldn't really recognize the people around me and it scared me I started to think that they were after me I kept grabbing my boyfriend's face and trying to look him in the eyes because he looked so familiar but I couldn't make out who he was.. he said i started hunching, touching and feeling on him as if I was about to have sex w/ him right there.. I started running around in circles, back and forth and after a while I started to come back to reality I felt as if I needed water or the light to bring me out of it. I told my boyfriend to get me some water and I drunk a little bit of it and it felt so good that I thru the rest of it all over my body then I walked out the house and into the parking lot and tried to stare directly into the sun and looked up into the sky trying to ask god for help ? then I went back inside tumbling and tripping over everything and just got in the shower w/ all my clothes on and ran ice cold water on me for some reason the more water and freshness I felt the more I felt like I was getting back to my reality and snapping out of my "high". While the water poured down on me I kept feeling like I was going to stay high for ever and I would never get back to reality. I thought god was punishing me for smoking and all the bad thing I had ever done in my life and he was going to set an example out of me. I laid down for a little bit and I just wanted the high to go away so bad ! But It felt like it really would never go away so I just looked up into the sky and asked god to take me now and as I am so I wouldn't have to feel that anymore I kept seeing a light trying to peak thru the darkness but it was weak and counld't outshine the darkness ... idk? But After I got out the shower I started getting chills and shaking all over I threw up like three x's kept falling on the floor. My boyfriend was still kinda fuzzy too me and I had to keep reminding myself about my family and how and where we had met & how much I loved him. I started drinking some more ice cold water and just ran into the room jumped in the bed dripping wet w/ throw up all over me I really didn't care! And went to knocked out! I woke up a few hours later dizzy w/ a bad headache and scratches and bruises on me.. Everyone looked terrified and really thought i was possessed or had black magic on me. I was really starting to believe that too. but thanks to a lot your comment I feel a lot better. I still feel a little funny till now but wow that shit was real crazy !! I will NEVER try that again in my life!!


gettting back 4 years ago

I hadn't smoke weed or done any drug for yrs but me and my wife started smoking this stuff and it has helped our relationship we both talk real cool and listen to each other oh and f--k really good but i got to admitt first time we hit it hard really hard like five hits each and the trip was scarry but not we hit it wait 5-10 minutes and hit it some more if we need a litte higher effect

...was terrified. 4 years ago

That was a email is

...was terrified. 4 years ago

I am writing this not to scare anyone but to talk about my real experience. My boyfriend introduced me to Spice since he can't smoke weed for work so I just do it every now and then and only take like 1-2 hits each time. Last night I took 2 but he didn't tell me that he started buying a stronger kind, so the first hit I didn't feel anything so I took another and was gonna take a third but I am so glad I didn't. This was right before I went to sleep, so I thought I would just go to sleep and everything would be cool....wrong. Oh, so wrong. I remember watching Law & Order and then I started to feel like someone was trying to get into my body. This sounds crazy even typing it but at the time I was really feeling this way. I was laying down and I felt like some man was trying to take over my body. I felt I had a penis and that I was f***ing someone. This happened maybe 3 times. Then after that it really felt like someone was guiding my hands to do things, I felt like I had absolutely no control over myself. I felt like someone was making me masturbate, a lot but it was a way that I would never/have never done. I would try to stop but it just wasn't working so then after that I started to feel like someone was touching me all over, at first it was ok, but then it started to intensify. I felt like someone was on top of me trying to choke me, I couldn't breathe I really felt in danger for my life, so then I got up out of the bed and turned on all the lights in the house and I was still feeling like someone was following me and trying to touch me. I went in front of the mirror and I swore I could see hands in my shirt where I felt the touching...I really thought it was very sinister. So then I just literally got so so so so scared, I was trying to call my boyfriend and my phone kept acting stupid, it was very hard to call him. I felt like I was being possessed by something. I called him for an hour he didn't answer, in between that time I got myself and my daughter and left the house in the middle of the night. I tried to get in the car but I couldn't. I'm getting scared just typing it honestly. I was trying to removed our car cover and it just felt like someone was not letting me do it. I was never able to make it in the car. I just left the house, I went next door and knocked on the neighbor's door, no answer. I really felt like I was in a horror movie and I knew I couldn't see anything but it was like glances I would get of something black so I went to another neighbor she let me in and finally my boyfriend answered the phone he had to come from work to get me and take me somewhere else I was so scared. He tried to get me to go back in the house and I was crying b/c I was so scared. I will never do this stuff again and now I'm even afraid to go home, this is crazy like for real. It's the next day and I still feel a little weird but not as bad. I had to keep telling myself not to call 911 but it was really hard b/c I really felt like I was going to die. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience email me @ I don't know if this happened b/c of the spice or what & I have always been scared in that house ever since my bf told me someone died in there, which I now know is not true..

boom 4 years ago

Iv smoked weed for a long time. i hav started smokin the spice 2 months ago and i have had several different kinds if ur smart and don't just suck down a bowl u wont have no problems with it it don't take a genious to realize u have to try it slowly and see what u can handle i feel weed is better but sometimes u need thqt high and today everyone piss test but use ur heads and smoke it slowly till u see how ull reAct and ull be fine

NiKole Starr profile image

NiKole Starr 4 years ago

Ok here is my take on all of this lol. I thought this shit was a bunch of crap I've been smoking weed of all kinds for over 7 years EXO being my fav. It makes me calm down and not do crazy shit that I do when I'm sober. Call me bi-polar call compulsive what ever the fuck. But Only I know what I feel when I'm feeling it. Ok so I had to stop smoking or I'm going to jail. Its been about 4 months and I'm having emotional ups and down really normal for me. But now that I meditate I don't feel as crazi as before. To make a long story shorter lol I Want to try DMT so that I can go on a tru spiritual journey while still alive so I can come back and tell others what I saw, and just be satisfied with life period. I've tried esctasy,Dipper (PCP)and Hella Exotic weed. My friend said she tried some Zombie k2 and was scared as shit. Knowing me that would be a awesome trip and I went for it when my BF wanted to try it. So He hits it first Hits it like a pro 3 times real deep lol (not smart) Then I get it and comon-sense tells me take it slowly then I did. Twice Lightly lmao then it happens my BF Starts tripping Hard as shit getting out the car and telling me to not hit it anymore (I wasn't 2 times is a charm) Ok so as I'm taking him to the hospital that he so desperately wanted to go to . I realize he is really having a panick attack. LOL I have had tons of these so I began to talk him down (high as shit myself and driving) and that's all it took when we got to the hospital he was fine and we went back home. NEVER INHALE LIKE A PRO IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR SMOKING come on use your head. And Yes there is a spirit relm and a lot are scared of it. This drug hit the pineal gland and opens you up to the universe. If you rather stay on Earth don't take this shit but if you want to visit the twighlight zone go right ahead 2 hits is all you need. 1 at a time give it 5 minutes before you take another hit especially if you have never done it before USE YOUR COMMON SENSE PPL!!!! and have something to hydrate you near by and relax and breathe and enjoy*

k2 4 years ago

danm I AM ACTUALLY SAYING THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE" like i don't know what happened its been 6 months i smoke weed and i never buy it i always smoke on people's joint lol but let me tell ya, that night i was going out, i saw 3 black hot guys in the park smoking week (well I tought it was weed) and i asked them could i take some puff (I wanted to be high before going to see my friends) and YOOOO AFTER 10 minutes waiting for the buss , my eyes litteraly flips back and i started trippin I LITTARELY SAW A MAN staring at me from the park i was so high i couldn't go no more i ran back home and the person was running bk in fourth at the park and i yelled I Ran faster( I REally think it WAS A GHOST YALL) anyway i went home my parents weren't there ,,fuck i went into my room i sent a message to my friends explaining why i couldn't come no more and fuckkkk I TOUght i was gonna have a heart attack i couldn't breath i couldn't see well I went to the bathroom I open the water starting to put cold water to my face NOTHING fuck i have children dude I CALLED THE DANM AMBULANCE and i regret it because they said i was having an anxiety panick and im like DUDE I JUST SMOKE WEED IM GONNA DIE PLEASE HELP ME and they check my heart and all my vitals Everything was fine (I WAS LIKE WTF) and yaaa they even tought i was CRAZY ...worst experience with that drug ever. please dnt try it :(

Researcher 4 years ago

Great information . Doing a research paper on the effects of spice .... Seems to be a bad trip indeed ... My research topic question is spice, it's legal but is it safe? After reading all of the comments I agree with the posters who commented if they would legalize marijuana these designer drugs would go away ... Logical....the more molecular structures of spice they ban .... The more dangerous this spice will be ... I researched many studies on c9 .... Be careful it's actually a bug repellant sprayed on the incense .... Others are sprayed with an acetone .... Be careful many of my personal interviews with spice smokers start out ... Yeah i smoked it for months then it only took one time .... Two interviewees personally experienced loved ones ending up in psych ward with schizophrenia ....

Take care all ... And remember it only takes one bad trip to have a heart attack or stroke .... Just like coke ....

brian 4 years ago

ive smoked pot everyday since i was 6 (older brothers) and im 19 just recently started smoking down to earth i about died with an anxiety attack so i didn't smoke no more that night woke up smoked about 3 bowls never almost died again so now i smoke the shit out of mad hatter 3 people 10 grams a day every day or more so i suggest trip out then yall should be good.ive only been smokin about 3 weeks the potpourri and it gets me high unlike weed so Fire It Up

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 4 years ago from California Author

Thanks for the good writing, Sean. I'm sure many people would want to read this comment regarding your experienced and insightful point of view. Later!

Sean 4 years ago

I've smoked synthetics but I think it's terrible some of these manufacturers mix salvia in with their product. I've done salvia (after thoroughly familiarizing myself with its effects from studying many info sites) and if your mind and mental state are in no way prepared or familiar with STRONG psychoactive, hallucinogenic substances or you are in a negative mood then you could be in for one _extremely_ bad trip.

I've seen others smoke salvia then proceed to freak out, start screaming and trying to run around. Luckily there were plenty of sitters around to care for and calm them down (and NOT let them go off on their own like those who have committed suicide while under the affects of spice). Luckily this was pure salvia extract and its peak high only lasts a few minutes as opposed to the hours of misery others have experienced with spice.

Long story short, people who have no previous experience to psychoactive or hallucinogenic substances should not dive head-first into unfamiliar waters. Certainly not without people around to care and attend for them when they're under heavy drug effect.

Would a world where no one felt the need to escape reality with drugs or alcohol be great? Sure, but you can't force people into changing or scare them with ridiculously severe laws and misinformation. An irrational fear of something only brings irrational force and blind violence toward it. Better to educate people honestly and non-objectively on the positive/negative effects of a substance based on scientifically gathered data. Let the people choose what they do with their bodies so long as it hurts or risks no other and just guide them in the right direction.

ladyconcerned4evry1 4 years ago

this happened march 4. i am writing my story on march 15th. I drank 3/4 a pint of bud light with my friend when she came over and i wasn't thinking logically and took 2 hits off of a roach of "cloud 9" i was stressing that night over probs my finace and i going through, i guess my friend was just trying to help me relax. i love weed, not this synthetic drug but not thinking logically due to the beer in my system, i just hit it. i regretted it about 20 minutes later. the high came on instantly, i felt a body high, simular to the feeling after smoking 2 nice marijuana blunts. but it was different, because i didn't want to stay still. i paced around the kitchen and saw the knife on the counter because i had a pile of dirty dishes, and got scared as hell and went back in the room. i was sitting on the bed at one point, and my head was really really cold it was burning with coldness. i heard my body pop really loud on my right side, and i thought i felt tingly liquid running up and down my spine. my heart started racing fast and beating really hard and i was really scared. at one point, my breathing was like was sub-conscious couldn't control it, so i started controlling it with my conscious mind. my friend told me i was just having a anxiety attack and i kept asking is this supposed to make me feel this way?and she proceeded to tell me yes she felt the same way first time she smoked, which now, i know is a damn lie. i just kept thinking, i wanted the high to end, so i kept trying to think peaceful thoughts i told my fiancé i was sorry and that i love him with all my heart on the computer and i knew he was going to be mad at me when he got home, because i couldn't keep that away from him. i felt like i was going to die. like everything was just wrong and i told my friend i don't want to die, and i love him so much. my pit even scratched me at one point from jumping on the bed and i didn't even feel it until later when i noticed the scratch on my arm. i don't even remember her getting on the bed but shes such a sweetheart, i know she wouldn't do it on purpose ya know. i was shaking really bad and my teeth were chattering but i was hot at that point. it just kept getting hot then cold hot then cold and at one point i was burning so bad my friend had to put a cold washcloth on my back to cool me down. it felt so wrong being high on that. my body knew it was wrong for me. she stayed until my high was out of its bad trip stage which was about 30 minutes until my fiancé was coming home. so when he came home, i was sweeping the back floor, and i told him what happened. i had a mega headache and we went to sleep. when we woke up, both my shoulders hurt and felt tense, my left side felt all tense the most and i felt tugging at my heart, i still had an impending sense that death was near. i ended up going to work with him over the last week. i was scared to be alone, i thought if i had a heart attack, at least someone could call 911 for me. 4 days later, after contemplating and contemplating, we went up to the hospital and got me checked out. my vital signs were fine, heart beat normal, everything was normal, i was just having an anxiety attack. (which when i walked in there, i kinda was because i couldn't really talk straight because i am scared of hospitals a bit. they did a chest xray on me too, and said i was fine. i felt a little better after going there, but still even now, am concerened VERY concerned for my physical health and mental health. i don't regret this, because if i do i will just feel worse and worse about it, but i do wish i had never even drank the beer with my friend because honestly, i know that's what led to my foolish decision. now, my left side of my arm still hurts off and on and i have 2 swolen lymph nodes, one behind my neck and one behind my left ear. i feel like i have to breathe deep a lot more, if you ahvent done this drug and you are ocntemplating on it, take it from me, and everyone else who has had bad trips. its not a good thing to do. stay sober, smoke weed instead of this shit, i would rather have gone to jail for being caught with weed than to have gone through this. think about lsd in the 60s and shit, people were basically guinea pigs to that. and that's what i honestly feel like after smoking that, a guinea pig for experimentation, because they don't know what all these chemicals are and how they affect the human body long term. if you have smoked this, and have had problems after smoking like me, plz plz PLZ email me @ i will reply to your messeges because i feel like we need each other, to figure out wtf this shit really is and stop others from doing it.

this is coming from an 18 year old female, email is

flowmasterish 4 years ago

ok im an everyday smoker of "spice" an i started out on "zombie killer" apparently its one of the most potent mixes u can buy, other than "jefry" but anyway i normally smoke "category 4" or "gucci". synthetic weed gets me waaaaaaay higher than marijuana. the first time i smoked i tripped hard, 2nd time tripped hard, 3rd time tripped the hardest i ever tripped in my life, i really don't remember much but my friends say i was rolling around in my boxers on my friends trampoline...but like most of the comments here state...u really nee to smoke this with a friend,...ive smoked it by myself before but paranoia wil sometimes overcome u and its pretty scary sometimes

Rogue 4 years ago

All i can say about smoking potporri is that i enjoy it, one hit and im fried, two hits, i'm gone, and three hits...LOST!!! I recommend 1 hit for sure in a bowl, that's all i use haha i go fancey! But serious if you try Barley Legal which is what i'm on right now... hit it once! I've had my share of "Bad Trips" I spoke to a Demon! No lie!!! Off of three hits! It aint like weed, weed the more you smoke the higher you get. But with potporrie hit it once people!!!

Anyway i've heard this does not show up in a drug test because the company does not know how to test for it because they do not know what is all in the potporrie that you smoked. Therefor- you can pass a drug test "Urine/pee test" because they normally know what to test for like.. weed, coke, pills, stuff like that and OMG i'm on a roll lmao wow i'm high haha. You should be good if you smoke this stuff cause it should be out of your system after it runs it's course.


Rvgorder 4 years ago

The scariest moment in my life happened last night, I thought my girlfriend was going to die in my arms..

We smoked 7h hydro in my car, I've smoked this many times before and it was her third time smoking it, imeddiately after smoking two hits each we were both so high, it was way more than Ive ever felt with this stuff and she was feeling the same.

Then about 10 mins after smoking, she passed out then seconds later, she started having a seizure,

my little sister has had seizures before, so I have expeirience with these, but this seizure my girlfriend had was unlike any thing I've seen before,

Her movements were so sporadic, when it's started she knocked down a cup near her and she was subtlety vibrating was unable to respond to me I then laid her down and then her entire body was moving, nothing rhythmic, it was all very random. her eyes were halfway shut and her face was very tense, I was just hugging her the entire time and crying out to any higher power I could think of, crying, and screaming her name

At one point during the seizure she grabbed and ripped my shirt, she had so much strength and then she pulle me in and started kissing me, I pulled her back and held her down slightly and then she started biting my arm

Then I opened up my door to try to get some air into the car, then as her body was making violent random movements, she started trying to get out of the car in a very unnatural way, finally after about one minute of this( it felt like an hour) she stopped, her eyes closed and her eye lids twitched,

Her heart beat was way too slow and her breathing was very slow and faint, her heart beat and breathing got slower and slower, until her breathing stopped and her heart beat was negligible, I imeddiately started CPR, each breath I gave her caused her breathing to speed back up, when I felt she was stable, I stopped and kept on talking to her, not reciveving a response,

About thirty seconds after CPR, she woke up and could respond, now her breathing and heart beat were extremely fast. And I let her rest, i was crying and talking softly to her and not telling her what had happened, then she sat up and started asking me what was wrong, she couldn't remember anything during the seizure, she could only tell me about the out of body experience she had, she described it as being stuck between reality and another place, she was in a worm hole type tunnel with reality at one end, and demons and "mean people" at the other end, both sides wanted her with them but reality was a stronger force, she said she felt like she was in this state for an eternity.

She stayed high for about 2 more hours just shaking and thinking about what had happened. After she went to sleep and woke up she felt fine but dizzy and sore, and now she feels fine, but I can not stop replaying those moments in my head, it was a feeling I had never had before, just the thought and reality of someone dying in my arms, it was the worst feeling I've ever had,

After this happened I threw the 7h away and I'm never smoking that shit again,

I had read stories of seizures happening with other synthetic canaboids but I just thought that something like that would never happen to me,

It's sad that something of this magnitude had to happen for those stories to actually go through my thick skull and mean something, you may think this will never happen to you but it's real, I bought this stuff at a shell gastation, the same place I went eveytime,

Everybody reacts to certain things differently and you never know how potent one pinch of the herb is to another,

It's just not a good idea and it's not good for your body

I would never want anybody to go through what happened to me or her

alex be trippn 4 years ago

i had a horriable trip on this spice called acid rain and it had me high as fuck for a few minutes then boom it was like i was in a different visual place like it was still my room but it looked different and my girl did not look lime my it was like something bad was tryn to get in me and it was not pleasant i was thinking negative about everything like my life didn't mean shit i looked at pictures on my wall and my shoes and it seemed like none of that ment shit to me and i felt my whole life meant nothing and was shitty as could be i kept seeing images of what i thought the devil looked like trying to look at me in the face and tell my i was nothing but a spec it was crazy as fuck i still smoke it but not so much at a time i would not recommend it to anyone because i would hate for anyone to go threw that EVER

Devn92 4 years ago

I just got some of this spice stuff yesterday. Before i get into talking about this topic let me state that ive smoked salvia before. Well before i got some spice to try out i did some research and didn't find anything that made me think badly of it. Im also part native american not much but have family that is almost 100% native i did research on herbs and spices that they smoke for their medicinal effects and started blending my own herbs together. The natives smoked thing from wormwood to different types of sage and of course cannibis which should be legal. Any herb blends that i mixed myself had a relaxing effect that's pretty nice not as strong as cannibis but it worked to help me sleep at night. I have really bad insomnia. Well i only smoked three times and know never to smoke spice again. The first two times i enjoyed felt similar to cannibis. But the third time wasn't so great. I started hearing a lot of wat i would say demons screaming and yelling at me. I felt like it was never gna end i didn't know where i was i didn't who i was. One of my friends walked by and checked on me and kept asking wat was wrong. By this time i was berelly able to move again but not much i wasn't able to open the front door. I felt like my soul was lost and i was never gna get it back. Like i said ive tripped on salvia along with codein that i was prescribed wen i was in a car accident. They were never like this i triped out but always knew it would end. other people don't get these horrible effects of hell so if ur gna smoke it be very cautious of it and don't smoke too much and never smoke it alone. I would suggest if u want an alternitive to cannibis do the research like i did and find out wat herbs u can mix urself. And enough fighting with each other about stupid shit. Just cuz this shit makes u feel like ur in hell for a couple hours doent make u a pussy use that argumentiveness and try legalize cannibis. It should be legal as i stated before natives smoked it a lot and there health seems to be a lot better than the people that take all these "legal" drugs.

forrest smith 4 years ago

i bought a 12 gram bag of bluebarry zero gravity. best shit around. ive smoked it before and nothing has ever happened like what happened to me this morning for 2 hours striaght. i couldn't get it to stop. first i knew i was high, but not this high. i got in the car with my mom and ex girlfriend, it was pouring down rain, which i think mad it way worse.i had a tanktop on and was trying to put on my red shirt, but i was going at it trying to put it on for i have no idea how long, and then it didn't even look like a shirt, it didn't even have a head hole or arm holes or anything. just a red cloth spinning in my lap. it started spinning faster and faster and expanding bigger and bigger. then everything went to spinning, i couldn't see at all besides everything spinning and combineing together. all i could hear were loud pittched screaming from my mom and ex girlfriend. they kept on asking me what's wrong and to calm down, but there was nothing i could do. i thought i was stuck that way. i thought i was in a permatrip and i would be tripping for the rest of my life. then finally after a few mins, which felt like hours, i could see again and i thought it was over, but it wasn't. the same thing happened 3 more times while in the car on my way to my grandmas. then when i got to my grandmas i went inside and sat on the couch, and it happened the last time. my mom and grandma were outside talking about what happened. i just told my grandpa, "its happening again, please hold my hand." every time it happened, i grabbed my ex's or my moms hand, and it made it a tad better. i was crying, screaming, and my mom said i was kicking with my feet in the dashboard. the one thing i remember most is thinking if i looked high, so i looked in the visor mirror and i looked myself in the eyes and my eyes looked so glassed over and aslo look like i had no life to them whatsoever. i felt like when i was looking at my self that i was being possessed by something and it never wanted to quit. my eyes looked black to me and i felt like i was seeing my eyes turn to the outside of my head. i couldn't look at myself. im still scared to even look in a mirror. that's how i knew it was over,after about 30 mins of it not happening i looked in the mirror and look fine. i don't do shrooms or acid and have never tripped in my life, but this was the worst and last trip i will ever have. scerw the spice shit. ive smoked it for almost two years now and the old shit never did anything to me like this. i for real thought i was going to die. im just so glad i had my family and love ones there for me when it happened. cause if i was alone i have no idea what couldve happened.

dadriller 4 years ago

LEAGALIZE WEED AND REGULATE LIKE ALCOHOL. Potpurri and the problems associated with it would disappear. And Damn, it still just gets me every time how many stupid people are out there. I've smoked weed for 20 yrs and potpurri for the last 4 or 5 yrs(can still catcha buzz and pass a piss test,fkn establishment) and all I can say is if your dumb enough to just start huffin away at something you are not familiar with and don't know the effects you probebly deserve whatever "bad trip" you get.

If you ever go to try this sht just take one hit and wait 5 minutes before you go smokin a whole bowl and realize that you shouldn't have. Everything in moderation, be safe, and if your one of the stupid braindead fks just go do your dumbass sht and don't broadcast it to the world..

smokes 4 years ago

ive been smoking the fake stuff for a while now. ive tried a couple of different brands but have remained loyal to The Hulk and The Bullet. Since they banned it in NJ i cant get it at the local smoke shops anymore. Only had a bad trip with Down To Earth. Anyone know where I can order it online or get it near Newark NJ?

limited user 4 years ago

I tried most trip supreme the best... used to use shrooms..seems like a short term mix of a shroom buzz and weed buzz.. had some scary times but like they say if it don't kill you it will make you stronger.. be carefull though seems to have slight meth characteristics... as a matter of fact I believe the key to breaking a meth habit could be the use of synth weed... I would like to study it... my wife says that it is the best buzz she ever had... I do think control is key... two of us half to 3/4 of a bowl... next morning little off but it subsides... probably a hang over effect... I felt it was a muscle stresser like crack or meth... that's why i think it is a good treatment for meth treatment... I used meth and crack in my 20's so I know the if you are a meth or crack addict and want to quit try this synth weed....

Mkk0519 4 years ago

My wife smokes this crap all the time. She's addicted. She can't function without it. If she doesn't have it, she's the biggest bitch in the world. She is unable to start her day and get any motivation without the high. I think a woman with a pipe in her mouth and the constant coughing are total turn offs. She walks around like a bumbling idiot for hours after smoking it. She can hardly even talk. I can't be in the same room with it. It makes my heart race, I can't breathe and it causes massive headaches. She tried smoking while I was asleep last night. I woke up within 5 minutes with my chest pounding and couldn't breathe. I had to go outside for air. It took over 3 hours for my heart rate to slow down. My doctor even said that being around it could've caused irritation that led to a massive sinus infection. This stuff is not good. Another side effect seems to be stupidity seeing everyone I've known that's done this is a total burn out or half brain dead. This shit will lead to a divorce if my wife can't get out of her denial and clean up b

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