Is This My Life or What?


Whose LIfe Am I Living?

Recently I received one of those emails that make the rounds in the virtual world. This one was good, and one particular quote caught my attention. “You have lived the life you have chosen to live.” Wow! What a thought. I have to admit to you that I have thought for a long time that I am reacting to events in my life rather than forging ahead with my own ideas and choices. Something happens and I react to it. Sometimes I passively allow events to take their course. I must tell you that I never once thought I was choosing to live with these events. It never entered my head that choice was involved.

This set me to thinking about how many people live with difficult people or circumstances that they just do the best they can to get along ... and forget about happiness. I happen to believe that happiness is important. I rate happiness very high on my list. So I asked myself what would make me happy. I made a list of the things I knew would increase my happiness. Then I checked off each item and made a new list of ways I could make the items in the first list happen.


Will you be destroyed, defined or strengthened by your choices?
Will you be destroyed, defined or strengthened by your choices? | Source
So many choices, so little time.
So many choices, so little time. | Source
Tough Choices
Tough Choices | Source

Think Forward

Next, I changed the quotation to make it relevant to the future. Now the quote says, “You live the life you choose to live.” This is a forward thinking statement that means from this moment you will no longer react to events. You will actively choose your reaction. You will no longer feel helpless. You will no longer feel like you are living someone else’s life.

If you are a young person reading this, you do not have enough life experience to know that through the years one tends to create habits that make change difficult to achieve. That is why it is important to make good habits when you are a young adult. Everyone changes through the years, but some things do not change.

Let me explain it like this. I am an organized person. I need order and efficiency in my life. I have managed to organize my life to the point that I use efficiency of movement and do much less exercise than I could be doing to get the job done. I have a terrible habit of eating out regularly that has contributed to a real weight management problem. And yet getting my weight and my health under control is at the top of my happiness profile. My errands and shopping trips are so orderly that I save money, gasoline, and time. I also find that I hate waiting in line and having to go from store to store searching for an item. I became aware that happiness may be in the mind set rather than the actions.

Someone gave me a digital camera recently. I have wanted a camera for a long time. I needed a carrying case, a memory card, rechargeable batteries, and a USB cord to upload my images to my computer. As I traveled from store to store searching for my USB cord, I found myself annoyed. Suddenly, it was as if a voice spoke in my ear and said, “If you were younger and not so set in your ways you would be excited about the shopping you are doing. You are happy about this camera and you should be enjoying the process of getting your gear together.” I suddenly realized that I do not really hate overcoming set backs! Another light bulb popped on in my head. I have not thought about the process or why we do things in years! I just thought these errands were something to be endured. Wrong! The old saying, Stop and smell the roses, is so trite but still true. Or you could say, you live the life you choose to live.


Sometimes things are not the way you see them. Take a closer look. Things may be different.
Sometimes things are not the way you see them. Take a closer look. Things may be different. | Source

Perception is Reality

Perspective is so important to the way we view the world. If you view errands as a chore you will most likely dread or even hate getting them done. However, if you are excited about getting something you enjoy the process. Take a moment to review your mental process to discover your prospective. Could it be improved?

What about relationships? When people, whether family members, or lovers, abandon or otherwise hurt you how do you react to it? You do have a choice, you know. Think about it rationally. What are the choices?

  1. You can wallow in your pain.
  2. You can pursue the individual but usually without success.
  3. You can feel pain but choose to replace the gap in your life with other activities.

Choice number three gives you back control of your life.

You only have one life. You should choose to live the life you are living. Obligation has a place in your life but it should not be the only reason for living. Make good choices. Live life on your terms. If you find yourself wondering whose life is it anyway; you need a mental makeover. It is time to get your life back on track.

You are making choices every day of your life. Some of those choices are active, and some of your choices are so passive and quiet that you may not realize that you are making choices that will change your world.

You live the life you choose to live. Choose wisely!

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Duchess OBlunt 7 years ago

Good Hub Smireles.

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas Author

There was a time when I believed that everyone who was not a Christian was unhappy. I know differently now. But even happy people need the Lord. I also know that in spite of what many people think, every Christian believer is not necessarily happy, although God will help if one prays and changes one's life. Thank you.

coffeesnob 7 years ago


I am known for saying "if you don't like your life change it" - and God is teaching me to say even more "Even when you do like your life be willing to change it for Him"

good hub

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