Is a Body Bug the Right Fitness Tool For the Price?

The Body Bug (as seen on biggest loser)

I signed up my son for gymnastics about a month ago and was sitting in the parents viewing area each Monday for 2 hours reading magazines. It was cool to have time to myself to catch up on information I need to know like, minimize your pores in 1 minute or less! or Blast Cellulite we show you how! All this is great info except like most articles I read they just make me feel frustrated. I know I won't actually do half the stuff I am supposed too. If I want to look better and feel better I really need to get up and move my butt more! The problem I was having is HOW MUCH more do I need to be moving around? I am pretty active, I workout each day, my job is active, but is that enough? A facebook friend recently mentioned the "body bugg" a little gadget that measures your calorie burn, steps, activity and lets you input calories in order to create a daily caloric deficit and lose weight or get healthier. I researched the pricey little guy and decided I would make the investment. I have been wearing this thing non-stop for about 2 weeks and am realizing that I am not nearly as active as I claim to be! My daily goal is to burn a total of 2770 Calories per day. (including breathing, sleeping etc) in order to lose 2lbs per week... For the first week I did ok because I was camping and hiking for three days out of the seven that I was monitoring. I returned to the real world and it was a different story! By day nine I would look down at the display and see I still had 600 calories to burn! (it was 6pm). Some nights I would be in the kitchen doing leg lifts while doing dishes just to get in an extra 50 calories.. This week I decided that the numbers don't lie.. If I want to reach my goals I have to really change the way I live day to day. So yesterday during the boys gymnastics, instead of catching up on gossip in my magazines I walked around beautiful downtown Asheville (2000steps, 230 calories burned, 22 minutes moderate activity! Score!) Counting the walk plus the activity I had already done I went to bed last night with a grand total of 3000 calories burned!! Woo Hoo bring on the chocolate!!  I do like this little gadget it is a real eye opener for me!  Whatever tool you decide to use good luck!

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