Taking Anti-oxidants in Supplemental Form-Is it Safe?

Anti-oxidant Supplements Safe?

Are Anti-oxidant supplements safe to take? Anti-oxidants help to prevent, or slow down serious health conditions like cancer. Anti-oxidants aren't safe when taking them in large, extremely high doses, which can lead to serious health risks.Taking large, extreme doses of supplements can lead to undesirable health problems, such as diarrhea, bleeding, and toxic reactions. Anyone, who takes anti-oxidant supplements in large or extreme doses could be at risk for serious health conditions. People should consult with their doctor about taking anti-oxidant supplements, or any kind of supplements. Health care professionals are experts, who should know everything about supplements and diet. A better way to get anti-oxidants is through food. Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants is much better than taking supplements in pill form. Its easier to get anti-oxidants from anti-oxidant rich foods. Its a good idea to eat in moderation from the basic food groups, and to have the good advice of a good health care professional, who's an expert on supplements and diet.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Food Sources and Anti-oxidants

It may be better to eat foods rich in anti-oxidants rather than taking anti-oxidants in supplemental form. Eating foods from the basic food groups should supply the needed amounts of anti-oxidants. A health care professional should be consulted for advice on healthy eating for the individual for their particular care. People are not the same and are all different and have different dietary and nutritional needs. That is a good reason why a health care provider should be consulted.

What are anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants are substances and nutrients in foods. Anti-oxidants are necessary to prevent damage to the physical body, or can even slow the damage down. There are many sources of anti-oxidants in food, which are all in the basic food groups. Anti-oxidants prevent damage to the body that is caused by "Free Radicals." Free Radicals are a by-product of cells when they use oxygen. Free radicals cause damage to the body, so anti-ooxidants are needed to prevent damage, or slow it down. Free radicals can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease, macular degeneration, diabetes, and even cancer. Free radicals cause oxidative damage in the body. Anti-oxidants stop, or slow the process of oxidation to prevent or stop the damage from occurring. Anti-oxidants may even help the immune system by enhancing its defense mechanism, and may lower the risk of cancer and infection. Studies are being done on Anti-oxidants and free radicals to learn more. A lot of Information about Anti-oxidants can be found on the Internet, the library, and many other places, such as bookstores.

Basic Food Groups and Healthy Eating

The Food Pyramid Guide can be found on-line, which lists the basic food groups. The Food Pyramid Guide should just be used for a guide to get an idea of what foods should be eaten and how much daily. A health care professional should always be consulted about diets, Anti-oxidants and supplements. There is a Food Pyramid Guide that becomes a plate for kids' health that teaches parents and kids about healthy eating. The plate is designed to make it easier to understand healthy eating and living.

Foods Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Food that contain the largest amounts of anti-oxidants may be carrots, which contain beta-carotene that helps to produce vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A may help to fight cancer. Another food is beans. Beans are high in fiber and are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Berries are a rich source of anti-oxidants, especially blueberries. Other berries include: strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, and raspberries, which are, also, rich in anti-oxidants. Potatoes are, also, a good source of anti-oxidants. Dark chocolate is a good source of anti-oxidants, as well. All foods that are rich in anti-oxidants should be eaten in moderation. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants are fruits and vegetables that are healthy and should be included in the diet in moderation. Red grapes are a good source of anti-oxidants, because of their dark skin.

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Antioxidants are nutrients that protect the body from free radicals. Now a days people know the benefits of antioxidant supplements, which is why many people turn to these supplements and include them in their daily intake. Antioxidants prevents diseases especially infections by enhancing the immune system. So benefits are a lot and if your health consultant says that antioxidant supplements are needed, then there is nothing wrong to take it. Very useful article and rated up.

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I agree. Thanks.

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