Is it possible to crave a cigarette when you've never smoked before? Are you craving the effects of the cigarette?

Cigarette addiction

I definitely believe it is possible. Not because of the nicotine and second hand smoke but because of the social aspects surrounding smoking. You might see a group of smokers taking a smoke break for lunch everyday. Some of them may be your coworkers or friends. You watch them and they seem to enjoy every puff they take of that cigarette. Huddling around each other smoking and laughing.Maybe you never thought about smoking and never wanted to but watching them enjoy this time with fellow smokers could make you crave a cigarette because you want to be a part of this social group. It just makes sense.

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AlexJC 8 years ago from Mississippi

I definitely believe it's possible, but not because of the social effects. While the point you've made is valid, here's something interesting to add to your post.

Both of my parents smoked for years before I was born, though not while my mother was pregnant. I noticed when I was about 14 years old that I would randomly crave a cigarette. I was not around smokers often, and most of my family even looked down on it; however, I still craved them at times. How I knew it was a cigarette that I wanted is beyond me, but when I picked up my frist cigarette, it was completely natural, as if I'd been smoking for years. From then on I've smoked.

Recent research has suggested that the smoking habits of a child's parents may affect the nicotine receptor's in the child's brain itself. Could this be the case here?


Jenn 8 years ago

Who knows but I'm glad someone posted this. I had a really realistic dream a few days ago & woke up with an extreme craving to smoke that has yet to go away.

The best part of this is I only ever tried to smoke about 5x almost 20 yrs ago now & I know for a fact that I"m seriously allergic to the scent of cigarettes & never before have I craved them.

Who knows right? Socially I can see the orginial posters pt. For me though, I don't have a group that smokes, only 1 of our friends' smokes at this pt so its not the social. Maybe its just a scent that came in through a window while I was sleeping.

Socially, though, get some prespective & note how many ppl in the group you want to forsee yourself a part of in the future smoke. For example, if u want to be a doctor, go to the local hospital around lunch brk and see whos' out smoking on a break.

Just a thought, money can be a motivational factor as well, lack of it or the want for it. Not at all times is your social peer group going to be smokers, and do you want to be isolated from them b/c of that?

grace 8 years ago

I've never smoked before and in the last few months have had a serious craving for them. I also agree the first post was valid with the "social" idea, but my cravings aren't that. The whole "social" idea is actually keeping me from smoking. I don't want to get addicted, I think smoking is gross, and everyone I know looks down on it, including me. But I get random cravings to smoke every few days. My father is the only one I know who smokes.

Kerrie 8 years ago

I have never smoked but for some reason i have had the craving for one really bad.My husband doesnt smoke either so i dont know were this is coming from. I am a stay at home mom and i am not expossed to smoke . To give anyone advice who wants to smoke DONT DO IT i have had so many family mambers die from lung cancer because they smoked.

fred 8 years ago

i looked up this post because i am completely in the same shoes.

i tried smoking about a year ago, a few times. i didn't like it, and it still made me cough. however, at a party yesterday, many friends were smoking around me, and i refused, pretending to have smoked before. but a lot of today, i have thought about nothing else but wanting a cigarette.its made me shaky. my parents both died of cancer and didn't even smoke, so i've always hated it. is this normal? what do i do? the cravings are driving me mad!

Stephanie 8 years ago

I have been having dreams that I am a chain smoker for months, and constantly wake up and want a cigarette for day afterward. Recently, my boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up, and, without the dreams, I have been craving cigarettes to the point that my body physically HURTS. I've never tried cigarettes, they make me sick (not morally, they really do make me get sick). I have an aunt who I love dearly who smokes and is addicted badly. And my best friend since 9th grade ended up at 2 packs a day for awhile, and I've been spending a lot of time with him lately, and basking in the secondhand smoke. It doesn't help that I've always found smoking sexy, and it also doesn't help that I love the smell of cigarettes. But I can't relax, and this has been going on for so long, it's driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do to stop it except to give in and smoke a cigarette. (i came SOOO close last night, but my friend wouldn't let me)

lauren 8 years ago

oh i came across this post because i feel just the same. it's very oddi'm 18, i have always hated the idea of smoking, and always said i would never ever do it. my ex smoked and i tried to persuade him to stop.however, the past few months i began quite liking the smell of cigarette smoke, and started to have these random feelings of wanting a cigaratte, and like the person a few posts back, i have no idea how i know it's a cigarette i want! i just do!none of my friends smoke, so i don't know why this is happening. what's even weirder is that the other night i was talking to someone who was smoking, and took a short drag (probably didn't breathe much in, i was a little drunk and besides, i didn't know how!) and didn't enjoy it. yet in the morning, and a few days later, i felt random impulses to smoke again!it's really frustrating, firstly because i don't know why i'm having these random cravings, and secondly because i'm scared i will actually start smoking which i don't want to do! mainly because i know how bad it is for my health (and bank!) but also because i don't have much willpower so will most likely find it hard to stop again.

if anyone finds out any explanation for this, PLEASE let me know!

also is there a link between alcohol and craving cigarettes? i know people who say they only smoke when they're drunk, plus i know that if i hadn't have had anything to drink the other night, i most probably wouldn't have had a smoke of that cigarette...


Katie 8 years ago

This is so weird. I'm sixteen and I've never smoked, and think it's gross and all that, but i keep getting INTENSE cravings to have a cigarette at the weirdest times. like a lot of you it started when i had a dream i was smoking. No one I know smokes around me, so I don't really understand why i get these cravings. Do you think it could be some kind of nutritional defficiency or anything? usually we crave stuff because of a lack of some mineral or vitamin in the paticular food or whatever it is we're craving.

Adam 8 years ago

yeeeeeeea pretty much in my dreams lately i have a cigarette in hand, and last night i had one that was shaped like a trumpet lol. In my dreams they taste delicious and fit in with what im doing, but in real life when im around them i absolutely HATE the smell of them its disgusting. I think its sublminal advertising. LOL

Paul 8 years ago

I'm 17 and i've been smoking on and off for 2 years. After a really intense few weeks of smoking i've decided to throw in the towel and quit. It's day 3 and i'm really struggling. one thing i do know is that smoking is the most disgusting habit ever. try it, just have one cigarette - you know how bad it is for you, one won't get you addicted and you will then feel the full force of how disgusting the habit is, the way it smells, the way it makes ur mouth taste, the way it makes u feel. trust me - one and it will put you off and send those dreams away. say one doesn't work, don't have another!!!

me 7 years ago

maybe you all are being haunted by some type of entity that used to smoke is is drawing on your energy...and it is influencing this craving.

Maxine 7 years ago

I tried smoking 4 years ago but only about 2 months later I quit, my father used to smoke though and died with a cancer. My boyfriend and few of my friends also smoke but it never have been a problam for me to say NO to any pffer I used to go to the pubs when smoking wasn't banned, now out of the odd I crave for smoking, I know its bad But the taste is so nice and I feel completely relaxed I drink as well though but never felt that I need a cigarette, I know I am upsetting my boyfriend of 4 years but I don’t know why I crave so much, I know I will never allow myself to feed this habit for a long time but for now I just want to enjoy it. For that reason I log on to the internet to find that if there some other people have the same problam as have. I don’t understand why out of the blue I start craving for a cig? no peer pressure, I hardly socialise these days, My kids hate the smell of Cigarettes, my boyfriend never smokes around them. so why I am going potty :(

Maxine 7 years ago

Oh there is another thing I didnt mentioned that I am not a teenager, I never have any dream of smoking like some ppl said in few posts above, My friends and boyfriends never ask me to join them I am a full time staying-home mum My children hate cigarettes smell, I am 45, Like Kate said in the above post >Do you think it could be some kind of nutritional defficiency or anything? usually we crave stuff because of a lack of some mineral or vitamin in the paticular food or whatever it is we're craving < deep down I feel that it could be true, I'm really not look for an axcuse for this craving But I need some explaination. Can someone please help me or email me on this subject before its too late :(

Julie  7 years ago

I'm 17 and crave cigarettes all the time. I have NEVER smoked, but my mom smoked a lot and so did my aunt who I live with. She quit about 5 years ago. I have always hated somking and I even used to come home from school after those anti- somoking lectures and beg my aunt to quit so I don't think this is a social problem. Sometimes I'll have a dream about smoking and crave one for days. I also crave them anytime I see or smell them. The other day I saw a pack on the ground and I stopped and was about to pick them up. As stupid as this may seem, the only reason I didn't was because I'm under 18 and it would be illegal. I turn 18 next month and I don't know what I'm going to do. I've been fighting this off for a year but I don't know how much longer I'll last. If anyone knows why these cravings happen or a way to stop them please tell me and all the others who are having this problem.

julius 7 years ago

Im 15 and i haven't been havind dreams or anything, but I do just suddenly feel the urge to have a cigarette...Even though i've never smoked and none of my family or friends do. For me it doesn't have anything to do witht the idea of inhaling the smoke into my lungs but its more the idea of having a cigarette in my fingers and the idea of the smoke rising into the sky. I like sport and fitness and I know how shit it is for you and I never want to do it, yet i feel as though its inevitable. I plan on joining the army in a year and ive seen alot of soldiers smoking (i live near a barracks) which i think kind of looks kinda glamourous for some fucked reason.

Anyway i hope somebody comes up with an explanation for this crap!!!!!!!!! :(

Amanda 7 years ago

I've been having dreams about smoking I'm 21 I've never smoked. None of my family smokes only 3 of my friends smoke. Last night I went to a party and alot of people were smoking, and then I had another dream. So today I'm going to go buy a pack of cigarettes and try it. I know its bad but I just gotta try it and get it past me...I dont know..haha.

salman 7 years ago

Smoking is a disgusting habit. i always try to quit but i cant.........

Isa 7 years ago

To Maximillion:

You are one unrefined individual. Really lacking in class. Who are you to be so vulgar with your vocabulary?!? Do you think that this makes you sound intelligent or cool? NOT!!!

All the best to the others who have not smoked and all of a sudden have this strange craving to try. Don't succumb to it. It's not worth it!

Isa 7 years ago

To Maximillion:

You are one unrefined individual. Really lacking in class. Who are you to be so vulgar with your vocabulary?!? Do you think that this makes you sound intelligent or cool? NOT!!!

All the best to the others who have not smoked and all of a sudden have this strange craving to try. Don't succumb to it. It's not worth it!

cc 7 years ago

The same thing has been happening to me I've been having cravings so bad (despite never smoking before) that it is driving me crazy I can't think of anything but them

sylv 7 years ago

Okay I have def ha dthis same exact problem, and obviously we all know that the risk isn't worth it so we don't, but it's very strange. The only thing I can link it to is that my family does smoke and just smelling cigarette smoke is comforting beause of the nostalgia. It's weird though because I used to hate the smell What I think is strange is I did all the the activities that are required to smokers who try to quit. drink a glass of water instead chew gum breathing excercises and go for a walk. I think it might be anxiety if not anything else. because all of these things are often done when someone is stressed and a cigarette might offer the same comfort a stupid comfort but still one. anywayz excercize chew gum drink water breathe walk. anything but smoke a cig. I've never smoked so yay me I guess.

jolene 7 years ago

I'm 19, similar symptoms (per se). I find myself being entranced by people holding cigarettes and almost as if I want to go tear it from their fingers. I find that smoking pot takes away the cravings shortly but does not take them away. My mom smoked before I was conceived, not sure if that effects this or not. But this is definitely not social, anyone that smokes I automatically try to stay away from. I feel that inevitably I will succumb to these temptations, these wild longings to puff on something. I think I'll try a cigar before they take them off the shelf, maybe that will calm the tides for a while.

A Figment Of Your Imaginartion 7 years ago

I'm 13 and both my parents smoke. For almost my whole life I've said that smoking is disgusting and people shouldn't because they'll die, but recently I've had these crazy dreams, like a lot of other people I see when I look up at the other posts, where I'm smoking. I've always had really realistic dreams, and I seriously couldn't tell the difference. This guy I know from detention and the office at school (Lol I'm a bad kid) does all sorts of bad things and smokes, and in my dream he offered me a cigarette and I said yes. When I woke up, I actually had a craving for cigarettes. It kind of scares me. And I'm only 13! Geez!

Sagar White 6 years ago

checking this post first lol

bobby 6 years ago

I also have an experience to share. I am 21 years old and I have NEVER smoked a cigarette in my life. And i want so much to keep it that way. But almost several times a day i feel myself thinking "I need a cigarette". I feel it's such a weird feeling because i truly find that at people who smoke are unattractive, and i don't even care for the smell much. I think that my brain is craving an escape from my typical stresses of life.

Now in my scenario, i would also lean towards that i have these cravings because my mother smoked while she was pregnant with me.

6 years ago

I think I'm having this sort of thing too. I'm seventeen, my dad smokes and a few of my friends do. I've smoked before when I've been drinking alcohol, and I've randomly started thing "I need a cigarette", especially when I'm angry. It's pretty annoying because I really don't want to start smoking, health-wise and finance-wise. I have no idea how to stop this craving! Urgh!

Kay 6 years ago

I am 21 years old, I come from a christian past family members smoked, I did not grow up around people smoking and aboout two weeks ago I had a dream I had a STRONG urge for cigaerettes. I don't know where it came from after that I have been curious about them but not bold enough to even buy them. Last night I had another dream about them and today on my way home from class I was EXTREMELY tempted to buy cigs! I don't know where this is coming from but its scaring me. I am really tempted to buy them but I dont even know which one to buy also I dont even know where I would smoke it ( still live with my parents ) and Im to afraid to smoke in public from the fear of someone I know seeing me. I am really afraid because I have a strong strong STRONG desire for cigarettes to the point of me dreaming and actually seeing people smoke and wanting to try it. I don't know if its because of the recent amount of stress from school and family life thats doing it but Im scared.

??? 6 years ago

i have had the exact same experience as a lot of you all my life i have thought that smoking is disgusting until it got to the summer of 2009 and i really wanted one (but i didn't want to as i was only 12) but it was just all the time i wanted a ciggarette more than anything else in the entire world but i dint want to hurt my health or my bank ...

i tried one but i dont smoke but i always want to have one all the time i did have a dream about it once and that was what triggered it all off

its nnot the social status or anything as hardly any of my friends smoike i am now 13 and i really want to smoke

it is just the whole thing is attractive to me but i dont know why

should i start or not?

Nick 6 years ago

None of my immediate family smoked when I was growing up,and it definitely wasn't social pressure yet I always craved a cigarette and used to steal some from my nan and always enjoyed them.I don't smoke now because I am paranoid about cancer yet I still crave them and have never been a smoker,I do believe that after a few hundred years it has become a part of my genes to crave smoking like it has been proven for some alcohloics to be more prone do alcoholism

there is no other explanation

nick 6 years ago

to the above poster no of course don't start should i smoke or not what a stupid question,i crave it and don't because i don't want cancer

Brenna 6 years ago

I've been wanting to try cigarettes just recently. Though, about 2 weeks ago I was bashing them and commenting on how disgusting they were.

Anyway, I had multiple dreams in the same night and they all had to do with cigarettes and me smoking. I've never smoked in my life, and while I know people who smoke, and my grandma smokes, they aren't really an influence on me in that way. I'm still figuring out if I should try one or not.

Pepper 6 years ago

I don't have any friends or family that smoke. Nor have they ever, my mom has never even touched a cigarette. I find them disgusting and I'm only 16 and I don't know what it is but I have had these cravings for cigarettes for 2 months straight now. I want them in between my fingers and I want to taste it. I feel like I'm fighting an addiction! I've never even been around a cigarette for longer than a couple of minutes.

This is so weird and I want to why this random craving is happening. Anyone?

Kat 6 years ago

i am 15 and have smoked before, but just briefly, unfortunately i gave into peer pressure from my cousin. my dad and my brother smoke but i don't live with them.

a few months ago i started getting cravings for cigarettes and it is soooo annoying. i really want one so badly and the only thing stopping me is that i have no way of getting any! i really need to stop these cravings HELP!

Sam 6 years ago

I'm 19, never smoked a cigarette in my life. My grandpa smokes, and my boyfriend and some of his friends smoke. Before I even met my boyfriend, I had cravings to be a smoker. Lately I've been having dreams about stealing drags off of my boyfriend's cigarettes, as well as his best friend's cigarettes. I know the health risks and whatnot, but I'm starting to think I may fall in and do it. I'm more worried about my parents blaming it on my boyfriend than anything else. It's not his fault that I have these cravings because I've been having them for a couple of years now!

??? 6 years ago

i am still wanting a ciggeratte and its really getting on my nerves buti dont know why i had another dream about smoking again the other night and i am starting to want them even more than ever now but i am still resisting

but i dont know how much longer i can resist but i really want a ciggy really badly however both my parents smoke and i just have this random craving that i want one like the whole thing of sitting there with a ciggarette in my hand while i am typing this its so annoying but only 1 of my friends smoke and i hardly ever see her so its a bit random but i am so desperate for a ciggarette that it is unbelievable

i hope this craving gos away soon :( :( :( :( :(

agatha 6 years ago


i know tooo late 2 ask!!!!

but did u try smokin...............dat day?

Your Future 6 years ago

So many young people here. I even remember how I thought cigarette was sexy and how I saw people that smoke as more mature then others.

Folks, I'm 32 years now and am strugling to stop. I smoke since I was 17. And I started because of the same reason, to fit in, to look cool, because the girls like it. Not one likes the smell of cigarrete when they first start, that's a fact, but we force ourselves to do it to look cool. Oh well, in my age everyone that smokes is NOT cool. I am part of the loosers lane, we got to the trashcans to smoke, and people look at us and judge us. Dude, believe me you don't want to feel this way. I have a young son and I tried to stop a few times for him... I failed. Am trying again and makes me sad to see so many young people here saying they have cravings. The problem with cigarette is the guilt that comes with it. Rememer this. The guilt is something hard it live with.

Anyway, every does whatever they want.

If you wanna know how I'm going send an e-mail:

Lau 6 years ago

I've been having the same problem for a few months. I've always been against smoking and have never smoked except to try it when I was about 17 (I’m 22 now) and hated it. I only have a couple of friends who smoke but the majority don't so it can't be a social thing. My grandparents used to smoke but gave up years ago. I don't understand why I crave them when I know the health risks and my gran even quit smoking when I was born so I wouldn't be harmed by second hand smoke. It would be disrespectful to her if I started! Also whenever I'm out drinking and have been around smokers I get really wheezy the next day because I have asthma so I know it’s stupid!

I think like the above post states a lot of young people are curious about smoking so that's maybe why they get cravings. But it seems completely irrational to me because I know I don't like it yet I'm still getting these cravings, argh! Never had any dreams about smoking either...

Kisha 6 years ago

I am quite happy I am not alone with my problem and maybe you can help me. I am nearly 16 and honestly have never smoked before. My mother was a very strong smoker, at least 40 camels everyday - as far as I know also whilst pregnant with me. Last year she died from cancer - not lung cancer, she had leucaemia. She was only 35 fragile to the bone and constantly coughing and hurting. She smoked until the end and I hated it and even sometimes cried. After my mother died, I moved to my aunt - who does not smoke and I certainly never wanted to touch a cigarette in my life. I even turned down a really sweet boy, with whom I wanted to go out with all my heart because he smoked. Now since two weeks I have this real hard craving for cigarettes. I even dream about smoking and when I wake up my hands are wet and I am nervous. 2 days ago a girl at the busstation lit up a cigarette, she was about as old as I am but was a true shocking sight, pale and anorexic and already having a bad wet cough. When I looked her inhale my craving was so bad that my hands started shaking. I begged her to please give me a cigarette. After she gave me the cigarette I inhaled 4 times and it did not actually feel good. It was scratchy in my throat and burnt in my lungs and if I had continued I think it would have made me dizzy too. But the craving for smoke is so bad now and I know if I try a few more times I will learn to like smoking and probably become a chainsmoker like my mother was. What should I do know? I just want to feel good and happy again. My best friend tells me its probably genetic and I should start to smoke and she also wants to start. What do you suggest.

Kalli 6 years ago

I find the comment about parents who smoked affecting the nicotine receptors in the child's brain interesting. My mom did smoke before having me and my dad was a social smoker and he chewed. I'm 24 never tried a cigarette and all of a sudden started having cravings in college. Up until now, I assumed it was from second hand smoke. I went to a lot of concerts in high school and college where I was basically breathing nothing but smoke. I'm definitely not ruling this out as an option. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one experiencing this!

James 6 years ago

This so weird because I have always been grossed out by the idea of smoking and a week ago I tried it, sure it was kinda fun blowing smoke out my mouth, but I felt know affect so the next day I threw the rest of the pack out, but now I'm really mad at myself because now I am waking up in the night after a dream were i was smoking, and now I really crave a cigarette.

I think this may be, as many people have said, because my parents used to smoke constantly but gave up just before I was concived, it is very helpful to no I'm not the only one feeling this

Tom 6 years ago

After reading everyones posts I think , and don't get me wrong I hate the idea but, I think all of us are destined to be the next generation smokers.

jesse 6 years ago

i had this problem when i was 12, now i am 15 and i smoke like a chimney, every week when i get money it goes straight towards cigs.

Sue 6 years ago

I read Maxine's comment near the top and have to agree with her. I haven't smoked in 27 years (I did off and on for about 1 year in college). I then became a staunch advocate against the habit. Recently, however, I started craving cigarettes after not smoking for all of those years! I bought a pack and it was if I never stopped before (which wasn't hard back then because I was never really crazy about smoking even then). Well, the other day I began taking a good GNC vitamin, liquid B complex, Sun Chlorella, Biotin and Vitamin D, and the cravings have completely stopped! I think I was deficient in a vitamin or mineral that caused me to crave the cigarette smoke. (It was the smoke taste I was after, not the nicotine and certainly not the tar!) So, anyone who is trying to quit or who is craving cigarettes out of the blue, try taking these vitamins. I don't know which one it is that took the craving away, unfortunately.

Sue 6 years ago

The GNC vitamin I take is a multi-vitamin: Ultra Mega for Women, Bone Density (without iron and iodine), just for your information.

Also, you may not need to take the Sun Chlorella, which is a blue-green algae available by mail-order, if you want to try it. I'd start with the multi-vitamin and the others and see if they work then if not, go to and order that. I wish I could pinpoint what it is that is helping me, but I cannot.

Casey 6 years ago

When I was about 14 yrs old I started having strong cravings to smoke cigarettes and vivid dreams about smoking. I tried to ignore the cravings to smoke and never mentioned these feelings to anyone. When I was 17 the dreams and the cravings weren't going away, and I gave in to cigarettes. Honestly, I really, really liked smoking, but also felt an enourmous guilt. I have been unable to quit since. (I'm 32) I don't know what turns on this trigger in people. I think most of it is psychological, but I think being exposed to 2nd hand smoke can also be a factor. My Dad smoked inside the house, and he smoked alot. I think people who have these strong cravings, have the hardest time giving up the habit later in life. But, I don't know how someone can get rid of the cravings. Is is due to a nutritional deprivation, is it due to something that happened at a young age that had a psychological impact, or is it all genetic? After reading messages above from people having these urges I don't know what to say. Telling them simply "don't start" isn't going to cut it for most people. If the urges to smoke don't go away, most are going to cave in, i did. If you have just recently started having cravings, try not to give in, maybe its just a short faze. If you have been having cravings for 6 months, a year or 2 yrs....then I don't know what to say.

tammy 6 years ago

!!!! i am feeling the same way! I'm not a smoker but i'm craving for cigaretter, so badly for the past 6 hrs, i just lost my concentration so i googled.. even i'm wondering is it because of some deficiency or something else? thit s happens to me every now and then. It is definitely not social. I've been to parties, i just drink and not smoke, I'm at home at the moment. I have had similar cravings for beer during summers, and i've actually given in for it and have had it during lunch along with my meal. I've felt better soon and gone about doing my job. This logic is actually making me just take a smoke and get over with it. I'm at home and no one smokes in my family i can't smoke at home. Has anyone don't anything to get over with it? It is irritating!

tammy 6 years ago

Has anyone tried those nicotine patches or gums to get rid of this craving?? I know its for addicts but will it help us? I already have bronchial problems so if i take get into this it will be a big mess and in future having a baby will make me more guilty!

casey 6 years ago

Hey Tammy, if you are craving cigarettes and try nicotine patches or nicotine gum, you will just transform your urge to smoke from a mental craving to an actual addiction to nicotine. I don't know why you would have these cravings. I also had the strong cravings for cigarette at a younger age, and caved in to the dark side. I am still addicted to cigarettes 15 yrs later. Can't shake the habit. It is extremely addictive, and there is a very good chance that if you start smoking, you will never be able to quit. It is an enjoyable experience to most, but after you are addicted that all the negative side effect come into play. You'll become short of breath, it can worsen brochial problems, and can make you look like an outcast at work when you step out for a smoke break. I did have asthma when I was a teenager, but don't haven't had any asthma symptons for many yrs, even though I smoke. (maybe I'm lucky) But the idea of getting cancer due to smoking is always in the back of my mind.

Kimberlee48 6 years ago

Recently I have really been craving cigaretts so bad. My father smoked when I was younger and before I was born. He stoped when I was 2. My fathers side basically everyone smokes and I have wanted to have a cigarette when I'm around them but I force myself not to cause I dont want my parents to see. I hope that I dont start soon

Mason  6 years ago

I'm 14 and I have a bad craving for cigarettes and it Just started not to long ago and it's not to look cool or peer pressure,but I really hate smoke and smokers. It won't go away and my mom does smoke and so does my stepdad. I don't want to tell my mom because she'll think I'm lying and trying to look cool. Should I wait awhile to tell her about my cravings or to see if thei go away?

scott YA dig? 6 years ago

well i smoke cigs errday and get high as a kite and do acid and all that shitt... IT FEELS SOO GOOD.

Jason_M 6 years ago

I am in my 40s and have never smoked. Yet for as long as I can remember I have craved being around secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke smells SO good to me. (Interestingly I hate the smell of cigar smoke, it smells foul and nasty to me).

Tonight I was in a crowded casino where EVERYONE was smoking. It was extremely smokey..overwhelmingly so and I LOVED every second I was there. I loved being bathed in all that cigarette smoke and the smoke going straight in my face. My clothes are soaked in cigarette smoke. Just smelling them puts me in the best mood ever.

I also LOVED being surrounded by so many smokers. Smokers are so sexy and exciting to me. I like being around their fun, pleasure seeking energy. Non-smokers are very boring to me. I realize everything I think about this subject goes against what is considered normal and mainstream..especially for a non-smoker like myself...yet I could care less...this is part of who I am and it's not going to change.

How did I develop a love for the smell of cigarette smoke in the first place? Looking back my mother had to be a major influence. She was a heavy smoker. She smoked while she was pregnant with me. She smoked around me all the time including in the car (with the windows closed a lot of the time). Plus ALL of her friends smoked. Even my babysitters smoked. So I was exposed to a LOT of secondhand smoke. It seemed my entire childhood (outside of school) was spent in a cloud of smoke. I must have developed a nicotine addiction even if I never smoked? Also my mother and all the other smokers I knew must have wired my brain to have a very positive association with smokers...which remains to this day.

maxine 6 years ago

22 months later I am back on this site again as I haven't/couldnt quit smoking and @ Isa what is it got to do with amy kind of vocabulary?? as not everyone is an english speaking person on the web.. stop being a narrow minded and just get the point!!! can you speak chinese??? lets talk :)))

Tim 6 years ago

I think that blaming some semi-mystical force, like some role model, nutrition, secondhand smoke and so on, really makes things worse. It's better for one to admit that they really are attracted to smoking and want to do it, because at least you put control in your hands and not in the hands of some mysterious force that can't be controlled. Then you have a choice, and cease being victimized.

Some people just want to smoke, and they may have many different or unusual reasons. There's no need to feel conflicted by that, since you can choose not to smoke if you wish. But if one denies the impulse so vigorously that it starts to pop up in dreams, then control is already being lost and the chances of becoming a smoker are actually increased.

Catherine 5 years ago

Well, I had the same thing happen to me and I just restarted a not that old habit, sucking my thumb! It worked wonders and now that's what I do and, really, I don't care who sees. It totally got rid of my smoking urges.

petar 5 years ago

I am 28...i have cravings too...if somebody want, let's share experience at mail:

customised 5 years ago

Like everyone else here I appear to be getting inexplicable cravings for cigarettes despite not being a smoker. I tried in my teens as I thought it was cool but never saw the point of it so stopped before I really got going. I'm now 33. I can't stop thinking about having a cigarette. It's got so bad that I have ordered one of those electronic cigarettes to try as I don't want to smoke normal cigarettes and inhale all the smoke. Hopefully, it's just a nicotine hit I crave and this will address that need. It's bugging my out royally though.

Beth 5 years ago

I have been craving cigarettes for the last few days. It is to the point sometimes where it almost drives me mad! I don't smoke, nor does my husband, but my father smoked my whole life when I lived at home. My friends don't smoke either, so I haven't given in to this urge! I don't understand why I would be craving this!?

lily 5 years ago

No one I know smokes or has ever smoked. But I always get cravings for cigarettes as well. Last night I couldn't sleep and I just kept thinking about how much I needed a cigarette.

I think its because I used to be really ignorant towards smokers. I would make fun of them and go, WHY would people do that? But a few months ago I read a web page about why people smoked. And then I realized that what they told you in school was completely 1 sided. There are so many reasons to smoke and I definitely think that, based on your values, you can say the pros of smoking out way the cons.

Emily 5 years ago

I am 19 years old and I want to start smoking. These craving are driving me mad! I too have had several dreams about smoking, and in my dream it feels pleasureable and I really enjoy it. I've smoked once or twice in the distant past, usually when drunk, and I've enjoyed it then - but I've always been against smoking because I've spent a life time trying to convince my Dad to stop! I've never wanted to start until now, I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for the past 9 months and this is the longest time I've been around someone so much who smokes (as we're now living together - and my Dad used to smoke outside.) I love the smell of the smoke and I find that I only crave a cigarette if I've not been around him during the day. He's at work right now and I just want him to come home and spark up! What should I do? Should I try to get him to stop and make him smoke outside? It was my idea to allow him to smoke inside in the first place. But I plan on spending the rest of my life with this man. How long can I keep this up? I don't want to pester him to stop - and I just know he won't stop just becuase I want to start. He's really against me starting and I've asked him to give me a cigarette plenty of times and he's said "no". He says "Smokers are the biggest hypocrytes. Don't start it's a disgusting habit," I'm already overweight and I don't want the additional health risks and I'm a University Student and I'm a skint as hell! Help!

Tim 5 years ago

Emily - It's not so much that your boyfriend is a hypocrite as much he is, frankly, a coward, as many smokers can be when dealing with someone who wants to pick up the habit. The guilt of being a party to harming someone stops them from advocating something they do so happily. So, expect no support from him, but if you do decide to take it up he would adapt to your smoking fairly quickly and easily, as long as it was YOUR decision and he had no part in it.

You have to decide, and my advice is to look at this decision in the proper light. Deciding to smoke is a non-rational decision, in that it makes no sense to do when you think about it, but if you don't think about it it is amazingly easy to do. How you decide is simply by evaluating whether your rational objections against smoking are stronger or weaker than your impulses to start smoking. The stronger influence wins and the weaker one must be discarded, because with smoking you are on one side of the fence or the other.

That's my advice for staying sane.

craz431 5 years ago

Ok I'm 12(almost 13) and have oddly been wanting a cigarette,I've been around smokers and thought it was the most disgusting thing....but now for almost 5months I've been thinking about smoking 24\7....yes I have smoked once and it seemed like I've already been smoking,like it was nothing new...I've talked to the closest people to me and they been trying to help me,and still are but......not much progress is being made..ugh idk what to do.....any ideas how to get smoking off my mind?...if so please tell me

craz431 5 years ago

Ok I'm 12(almost 13) and have oddly been wanting a cigarette,I've been around smokers and thought it was the most disgusting thing....but now for almost 5months I've been thinking about smoking 24\7....yes I have smoked once and it seemed like I've already been smoking,like it was nothing new...I've talked to the closest people to me and they been trying to help me,and still are but......not much progress is being made..ugh idk what to do.....any ideas how to get smoking off my mind?...if so please tell me

Ronnie 5 years ago

I'm so happy someone posted this. I've been craving cigarettes since I was 10 and I'm older than 13. I finally bought a lighter. I was wondering too, but I recall in science class how they said that if both or even one of your parents smoked then it becomes impaled (weird wording) in your genes, and then into your child's genes. My parents smoked (my mother until she I was 9 or 10) and my father stopped when he was in his twenties and then they got divorced. My grandma smoked, and my grandpa (on the other side) smoked since he was twelve! And my mom's boyfriend's mom and parents smoke. So I've come from a line of smokers, and I'm around smokers all the time, like my bff's parents, and other friends's parents and family.

Me 5 years ago

I can't beleive so many other people dream about smoking!

I've never smoked in my life, my parents dont smoke and none of my friends smoke. Theres no peer pressure or fitting into society aspect in it at all but in my dreams i'm always smoking and sometimes I even dream about going to buy cigarettes so when I wake up i find myself craving one. Lately i cant even get to sleep at night because i find myself craving them so bad!

Cat 5 years ago

A few years back I started to think maybe smoking wasn't so disgusting. My Step mum smokes and now so does my dad, but I don't see them much. The smell of stale smoke is still nasty, but when walking to school the scent of fresh smoke is just sooo tempting. I've never smoked before and I can, but don't, drink heavily which suggests it's not just a general tendency to form addictions. I'm really grateful for the few barriers that keep me from smoking; too young, have asthma, have no money and not wanting to be the only friend who smokes. But soon it'll be legal for me to buy them and I just hope my will power holds out! :/

Michael 5 years ago

I'm 17 and have never smoked nor wanted to but my dad does and idk what's happening but recently ive been trying desperately to find a place to sell me some. It's so weird.

Helioslosloslix 5 years ago

i am 13 yeas old and i also crave cigarettes.. a lot. i admit, ive smoked once before. but even before that i wanted to smoke all the time. i also want wine all the time, which i have alsi had but only in church and at home a few times. its so weird.

Rebecca 5 years ago

im aged 14 and im constantly craving a cigarette even though ive never smoked before. My dad had been smoking all my life but gave up 2 years ago and now even though i think smokings wrong i still feel like i need im trying to find some just to see if it will stop it. everyone else thinks im werid fo craving one and so do i but i just need to do something about it

Elle 5 years ago


Im 14 and i was at the rugby club having a party with a load of friends. It all got out of hand amd people brought along booze and cigarettes, my boyfriend doesn't smoke but i found a group of my close friends including him smoking. He always smokes now, he often offers me one but i say no. Evevery time im around a smoker all i want to do is snatch it off of them a take a really big puff. I know i shouldn't, but ive been like this since the night of the party 2 weeks ago. Im worried im addicted and its bothering me now and its getting really hard to resist it. What could i do to take the unbaarable need of a cigarette away?


travis 5 years ago

hi i am not the one with the craving its my gf i am 13 years old i used to take some hits here and there but i always hated it and my gf has never smoked and she randomly one day said she had a craving to smoke and i toold her i wont let her because my whole family i mostly know of has cancer from smoking or being around smokers but i dont know how to stop her craving that.

Beth 5 years ago

I am 12 and i have been craving a ciggerette for ages now, all my family smoke and i am very stressed right now. I am easily able to get hold of them but i dunno whereni coukd do it. I am ceriosly considering it too. But rollies, cos they're better for you

bill o rilly 5 years ago

I think you guys are delusional. Professional help is definitely needed.

Charles 4 years ago

Yeah, that's not a craving stupid... It's just called being a sheep, making things up so its OK to try a cigarette. Seriously, people like this remind me of lemmings, Stop thinking 1) that smoking's cool and 2)that smokers think they're cool. Ever wonder why we all congregate in one area, far away from windows, doors or foot traffic? Its because we're embarrassed of our disgusting habit and DONT WANT TO OFFEND OR ENCOURAGE ANYONE. any one notice most of these complaints are coming from 12-15yo brits, man they say the american educational system is jacked up...

Charles 4 years ago

@beth, IDK what educational system you grew up in but it was obviously one with very bad drug-ed. Rollies are not better for you,even though some have less chemicals added, they lack a cotton filter which traps something like 60% of tar. NO CIGARETTE is good or even better for your health.

These "Cravings" you guys are talking about aren't for cigarettes, they're for acceptance. best option is find a more comfortable social group, or stop being such a sheep and lead your pack, find something to do other than hang out in a f*ggin rugby field, like hit a club or see a show. If they'd rather hang out in a field being stupid, ditch 'em their probably gunna be doing the same thing in ten years.

Trust me, in about ten years, us smokers aren't the cool kids anymore. we smell bad, get mad when craving, have to take breaks from the stuff that actually is fun to go smoke, most women find it unattractive (even women who smoke), its harder to find work, people harass you, your ALWAYS BROKE cus you spend $100-200 on them a month, that's a lot of weed you could be smoking instead or idk, a car payment....

it really is a ball and chain, and its a lot easier to never get locked up in the first place than to wait for the blacksmiths son to bring you brandy and a file if you catch my drift

Please learn from my experience

Charles 4 years ago

And for the idiots who think, "its genetic" or that it somehow gets passed on from your parents,

Genetic predispositions to addiction are just that, predispositions. What this DOES NOT mean is that you will crave cigarettes or alcohol without trying them. What this DOES MEAN is that once you start, It is much harder to stop than it would be for someone without that disposition. In genetics, its not (A)gene +(B)gene= (C)effect, you have to take into account environmental factors that affect how certain gene manifests itself.

You may have a genetic predisposition to Cancer or Heart disease, but that cancer may never manifest due to a lack of environmental stimulus (let's say, cigarette smoke). by the same virtue, you dont have to have the genes for the disease to manifest either...

Don't be a sheep, educate yourself, be a leader, and never let ANYONE EVER TELL YOU "IT'S GENETIC"

Bradley 4 years ago

My mam smoked but recently stopped! However im only 13 and want one so badly yet i dont. Im confused its like i need one but know i dont! I could easily go get one from the corner shop i WILL NOT give in!

A20blue505 4 years ago

I'm 14 and have just recently gotten insane like feelings to smoke and I have to clue what it is, I've always enjoyed the smell of smoke but I've only known one person who smokes and its my moms bestfriend after a couple weeks of these insane feelings I finally had to do something so when I went to this lady's house I stole a pack I was dying to try it so I did and it was horrible seriously it tasted disgusting and I couldn't get the taste out but the visual experience of having smoke come out of my mouth was like awesome and I keep having these intense cravings! I don't know what to do but like some of you I've never had dreams only really intense feelings there killing me

Sydney 4 years ago

I'm 21 and have smoked maybe a total of 2 cigarettes through all of my drunken drags in my life, but I have lately been craving cigarettes. My other smokes and I don't know if that is where I want them from; I'll be driving or stressed and just really want one. I have seen people get sick from it, seen the studies and smelled the effects in my own home. I don't want to start, but I feel like I need to!

Kimberly 4 years ago

I hate the smell of smoke i think its gross and the thought of what it does to you is awful but the idea is so enticing and it looks like fun so to avoid all of those things and still get what i want i am buying smokestik i cant wait to get it

Cyane 4 years ago

I am 19 and have had dreams before about smoking as well. Only my g-father was a smoker and my neighbor as well. But in those dreams I have felt so good and it was such a great feeling to smoke in them. I have always thought cig smoking was bad and still do and never want to see myself addicted. But tonight I tried one - and only one - for the first time. It really wasn't that bad - maybe that's why people smoke... I didn't cough,it didn't really burn my throat and since it was at night, it was really cool to see the orange glow and the faint plume of smoke that I blew in the air against the streetlight. I nonchalantley just finished it off and walked away like this was nothing new to me. BUT IT IS!! I don't want to be a smoker and am hoping that one cig isn't that bad health wise. I also hope that since smoking the one didn't hurt me, that I won't want to smoke again. I am worried about a nicotine craving from just this first one! The only drawback tonight was the worry caused by it and the smell of it on my breath. had to take a shower and chew gum. Kinda want another one.....but I have to resist I know!

Cyane 4 years ago

Prayed about it and sat down to think about it. You know, that cig didn't really do anything for me. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good. Pray about it to the Lord; I have faith that I will not have to deal with this 'want' again. Just don't smoke - it is bad for you anyways and makes you smell.

Sassay123 4 years ago

Personally I believe that you can crave smokes even if you don't smoke! It's because the kids these days all smoke and always talk about it and sometimes they ask you if you have and if you say "no" they call you a loser etc. I am 13 and I have tried smoking once, I had 3 little puffs and put it away! I finally got the nerve to do it and I did. All the kids that smoke weed and tell everyone and think their so cool, really there not! People, like me whenever they say that shit I think "oh we got a badass over here" lol. Basically what I'm trying to say is it's not cool to smoke, but if you try it ince atleast you know what it's like and hopefully won't try it again!

Th 4 years ago

Well I have experienced the same problem. I have never purchased a pack of cigarettes for myself ever, until today. I have had the craving off and on for several weeks now. I was slightly embarassed at finally giving in to the crave but felt better after I went and bought a lighter. Whrn I finally stepped up to the counter at the gas station it was a big relief when I finally said ehat I wanted. My parents both have smoked all of my life, until my mother quit last year. I will be 25 in just a few months. Since I have given in I have torn back and forth between continuing to smoke or stopping. I have had several cigarettes and feel as if I need one. So, hopefully ai will change my mind, but I believe I will end up continuing to smoke. I have always criticised people fir the habit, but I can fully understand the addiction now. Hobestly, I would say try your hardest and not give into the crave unless you want to start something. I believe the reason being is because if my oarents addictiin for so many years, thus I am predisposed.

4 years ago

I hate smoking. I hate the smell of it. I don't want to die early. Or my family to be ashamed. BUT I want one badly. I want to try it. I am only 15 and have a lot of problems at schools since I don't attend and I may be fined soon. I don't know what to do. I think people are stupid when I hear they smoke. But I want one.

Gc. 4 years ago

I just want one. Like ive had a few puffs of other peoples before but that was ages ago. I cant help it but i always have urges to go do weed too, but i dont want to get hooked on anything. Im only fifteen, ill probably go socially when ive moved out though?

Sarah 4 years ago

Of course it's possible, I crave them all the freaking time, and I've never touched one. I dant actually want them for the social stand point, because I really hate peer pressure because I like being different, but there is just something crave worthy about cigarettes. Not only that, but cigarette smoke is my favorite scent, and it has been from the time I was six, so yes, of course it's possible.

Matt 4 years ago

I've experienced this same issue for YEARS. Although I have NO IDEA how it all started, at the age of 12, I started to crave cigarettes. The funny thing is, at that age, I also tried smoking for the first time. I didn't know what to expect, since everyone seems to talk about their first cigarette being nasty and going into coughing fits. But when I tried smoking, it almost seemed like it was something I was doing all along. And let me just say that NOBODY in my family smokes. And I had no friends that ever pressured me to smoke. Furthermore, I really had no admiration for the kinds of people who typically smoked at the time. Yet, if I actually smelled cigarette smoke or smelled it on someone's clothes, I just REALLY want to smoke. Over the years, I have occasionally smoked a cigarette here and there, but have never really gotten into the habit of it. However, I always fear it could happen. But maybe it is this fear of addiction that keeps me from regular smoking.

Punkie 4 years ago

I work at a gas station, where I have to sell cigarettes and cigars. I've never smoked once in my life, and I'm already 21. But lately, when I get to work, the cigars just smell so sweet and enticing. I'll stand beside them for 10 minutes, just sniffing their scent. :/ its an awful habit I know can potentially cost my life,but they just look and smell so good, I can't help but want one. I feel I may possibly be iron deficient anyway, so that could possibly be my problem. Plus I'm always stressed too. Gah. Why hasn't anyone figured out these questions ?

Kimberly 4 years ago

I have the same problem! I am around smokers a lot, basically my whole family smokes... But I never have and never want to. I'm 17 and the idea of smoking disgusts me, not to mention the health risks. But for the past few months I've been craving a cigarette for some reason. Both the feel of it and the taste are really appealing for some reason...? I feel kind of ashamed because I am so not the kind of person who would smoke... After reading some posts I have realized that I had a dream I was smoking a few months ago, probably when this craving started. But I was thinking it might be from my exposure to second hand smoke... Of course I have always tried to stay away from it as best as possible, but that's hard sometimes when everyone around you is a smoker. Giving in is not an option for me, but I would like a way for these cravings to go away.

Sarrina 4 years ago

I'm 19 and I've never been a smoker, ever. My mom smoked through her entire pregnancy with me but she and my dad quit when I was little and I don't remember ever seeing them smoke, they never smoked in the house or car either. When I was 18 I started having dreams about craving cigarettes, in my dream I would tear my house apart looking for a cigarette, or I would walk miles to the gas station and buy a pack. When I wake up I feel like I need a cigarette VERY bad, I crave it like I've never wanted anything more in my life. It takes up to 5 minutes for the craving to go away but for the rest of the day I feel like I want a cigarette. I don't live with smokers and none of my friends smoke so I'm not around 2nd hand often. I have the dream less than once a month. I'm thoroughly confused about why I have sudden cravings for something I've never had.

Leah 4 years ago

I thought I was the only one; I'm 15, I have depression and have never smoked but know a couple of people who do. I've always been repulsed by smokers and the fumes make my asthma really bad. But since I was diagnosed with depression I've had recurring dreams of smoking and I know its terrible but I want to try, just to know if it helps or to see if the cravings go.

Blake 3 years ago

Hi, I'm 20 and I have never touched a cigarette with my lips, I'm completely disgusted by them. I always tell people who smoke to stop smoking. I don't like the smell and I start coughing real badly when I'm near a smoker. I know all about how bad it is for your health and how hard it is to quit but lately I've been craving a cigarette. I don't know why this is but I really hate it, my dad died 2 years ago because of the tobacco (he smoked for 44 years) and that made me hate it more. But now, I just have that urge to grab a cigarette and smoke it. HEEELP!! I don't want to feel this way.

doll 3 years ago

It is kind of creepy how everyone describes having dreams about cigarettes, and it's the same for me. I'm 16 and have been around a lot of smokers in my life, including my mother and step-father who is currently trying to quit. They never really bothered me much, because I like the smell of smoke, though I was never interested either because of the health risks. Now I'm suddenly wanting one all the time.. and dream about smoking or trying to get cigarettes. I'm almost willing to believe it *is* some kind of weird subliminal messages causing this- or vitamin deficiency like others were suggesting. Either way I hope I don't start, I don't want to go down that road.

Sydney 3 years ago

Ok guys, what the heck is going on here?! I just now discovered this discussion and I think it's unbelievable.. I'm 15 and have intense cigarette cravings too, even though I've only smoked once (I had the cravings before I smoked though). I too even dream about smoking! I wish someone would explain this phenomenon.

kd 3 years ago

I've been getting really bad cravings to smoke even though i think it's disgusting, i've been resisting since my early teens, but the other day i tried it (im 18) with my friend and it's so natural. I didn't even choke, my mate who's a seasoned smoker (of everything) was completely shocked. Nobody in my family smokes. I even have dreams about smoking. I know it's disgusting and unhealthy and i don't even find it attractive! wtf is going on!

ChinaChckn 2 years ago

If you're a woman craving cigarettes, I believe I have the answer. Hormones. Probably too much estrogen to be exact. I have read stories of pregnant women craving 'dirt' when pregnant and actually eating it because the craving was so great--all due to hormone imbalance. I am nearly 52 and have these same cravings (for cigarettes--not dirt). I was sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store that I rarely frequent (while reading these posts)...just so I could buy cigarettes that I have ashamedly been craving for a couple weeks. As I sat in the car planning how I would sneak them at home I broke down, called my husband and confessed everything I've been thinking and feeling about cigarettes. He calmly answered, "Do you think it might have something to do with the hormone cream you've been using...?" It clicked. Yes! I had been using my bio-identical hormone cream with such great results that I started doubling the amount of both my estrogen and progresterone creams. I'm writing this next day while giving my body a break from the cream and the cravings are sincerely going away. Perhaps you're on a new birth control, or going through a bad pms time. See a doctor or try a natural progesterone cream -- it balances out estrogen (I use Dr. Randolphs). You're not crazy...and you will feel in control again. When estrogen is in balance so are we. Too little can make us feel like the sky is falling, while too much can turn us into a fire breathing demon dragon. Demons out!

Jim 2 years ago


Again, James? 2 years ago


meriam 2 years ago

After years af hating it, Finaly became a smoker... i had the same thing, drived me crazy an just gave in. Happy that the people around me accepted me as a smoker pretty soon as i just couldn't resist any longer

Kk 2 years ago

well here i am, scrolling through all these stories, relating to most of them. 2 smoking dreams a few months ago and bam! craving ever since.. Its not the taste, or feeling of holding one, its just the smoke that comes out of your mouth, as dumb as it sounds, i love it. I cant smoke, my mom would kill me ! + i have no other way of getting it if i get addicted ... my question is, if i am craving one badly, will i certainly be addicted to it ? I think ill crave it even more....

Alexia 2 years ago

I tried smoking once. it was peer pressure. I was at a sleepover with my friend. in the middle of the night we snuck outside and tried smoking. she had done it before, but I hadn't. but I loved it. it was amazing. when you smoke you feel better. You feel powerful, strong, and beautiful. I haven't smoked since, but I'm addicted. Luckily, my friend won't let me have any cigarettes. I'm still fighting this addiction.

nichole 2 years ago

okay, so i really wanna smoke. but i know its not good. im 15 turning 16 and all my family members smoke, my cousins my parents, etc.. and i was at a grad party and everyone had a cig in their hands but me. so maybe its just the feeling of not being with the croud?

Cassidy ^_^ 2 years ago

I'm 12 and I just found this sight and i know alote of ppl haven't been on this sight in year's but I don't care I need help with this cig problem. My dad has been smoking sence he was fourteen and he is now forty1 and I still live with him. My mom would smoke off and on like every other month she would smoke and I love the smell and I love breathing it in and im like going insane right now. .I WANT ONE SO BAD...... And i dont want want to do it because I think its sexey or anything but I do it because im honestly really streassed.... trust me I am.. I have alote of shittie things going on in my life......But um anyway hah I uh have no wers to smoke I'm thinking about doing it on the school bus some how but idk..and I've had a cig twice b4 and it felt as if everything was lifted off my shoulders but I haven't done it in a very very long time also I don't have amamazing dreams about smoke although I wish I did hah but my 16 yr old sis does it like alote and I ask if I can have one while werw like behind a bulding or something and she says NO and that gets me going more insane please please help you guys are all I have. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM : dimondcass33

Annie 2 years ago

Wow, I can't believe I've found people with the same issues as me...

I've always never understood why people would want to smoke. I always thought that it was unnecessary and that it was a deliberate choice.

Now I realize that I was wrong.

Recently, I have loved, and I mean LOVED the smell of cigarettes. My boyfriend smokes, but even before meeting him, the smell has just been lingering in my head.

I get cravings all the time, I sometimes even wake up wanting a cigarette.

I want to smoke so badly these days that it actually feels like it's driving me insane.

How could I be so addicted to something that I've never tried?

Whenever I see someone even lighting up a cigerette, I rush to them for a chance to inhale some of the second hand smoke.

I constantly get dreams of me smoking packs and packs of cigarettes.

I feel so addicted to them and I don't know what to do because they are all I think about...

Callum 2 years ago

This thread is a bizarre discovery. I've been going through identical feelings and I've never tried a cigarette, I never want to try a cigarette rationally at least. I'm a 19 year old male with non smoking parents. My great grandfather smoked 60 a day before dying of lung cancer in a matter of 2 weeks, my dad is very cagey about the subject. I have all these reasons not to smoke yet I find myself turned on by smokers. I can't help but stare at people lighting up and taking drags. I have frequent dreams about taking pleasurable drags on cigs. I'm going bananas thinking about it, I really want one! It's unbearable. I wish it would stop and I could go back to being a high-minded, self-righteous non-smoker. I spent years trying to get my friends to quit, what a hypocrite I would be if I took up their habit.

Jeff 2 years ago

I've been getting random cravings too and I've been searching the web for a no tobacco flavored electric cigarettes and on the site it says people under 18 aren't allowed to use it even though they say there's nothing toxic about it.

The reason people get lung cancer is because they spray the tobacco with poison. Don't say I am wrong because when tobacco was first discovered no one died from lung cancer. I suggest looking for an Organic cigarette, there harder too find but they wont kill you.

Kk #2 20 months ago

12 months ago i posted. Till this day, i still crave one.. Ive recently took my moms used cigarette (scared to take a new one incase she counts) i smoked it & i liked it... 3 days later here i am smoking a left over my mom didn't squeeze it properly in the ashtray.. Its very hard for me to hide but for a week ive been sucking on an unlit cig and somewhat helps.. There is not much anyone can do, but i just enjoy the smoke i try to get as close i can to it. Still crave it... But i can completely forget bout it and as soon as i see it or smell it i crave ! Somehow i wanted to get addicted and then quit to pullthrough my willpower...

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