It Is Still Dark, Mama

Mama has Dementia

Mama Has Dementia

"It is still dark, mama" protested my sister Emma, as she noticed that mother was pulling off her blanket. She got Emma's pillow first (she thought Mama wants her pillow to add to hers) so she let mama take it. But when she started to pull her blanket, she realized Mama thought it is already morning. Emma had to go to the bathroom and left Mama for a while, and when she came back, her things were neatly piled on her bed, including the flat bed cover, and the mosquito net. She just looked at her, and Mama smiled in return. How can one be mad at her? Isn't she sweet? My sister was too sleepy to protest though.

Emma led Mama back to her own bed which is also cleared of pillows, cover, and all. All neatly piled at the edge of the bed. Coaxed Mama to go back to sleep as it is still midnight and gave her a back massage to make her relax. Eventually she went back to sleep.

Mama's condition made her become disoriented. She has problem with language, too. She forgets simple words, or uses wrong words to make us understand what she wants. She can hardly complete a simple sentence. We just nod to simply agree to what she is saying to ease her discomfort. And lately we also noticed that she even forgot the word "hungry". We know that she wants something to eat when she seems to be a little fidgety. Even if we ask her if she is hungry she does not respond as if the word is being deleted from her memory.

As long as her family is around we will never get tired of making her life comfortable. All she need the most is love and care. All her children is living nearby. There was a time when her memory was still clear, that mama said,"My children are unfortunate..I'm so sad for them.." But I told her that If we were moneyed and rich, or even found ourselves rich husbands or wives, the tendency is that we could be living somewhere very far from her, and that she will spend most of her time longing to see all of us together. She must thank the Lord God that she have all her children and grandchildren with her.

Until now we still live close to each other. Only Emma and I stay with Mama in our old house. God so loved my Mama as He gave her two daughters to take care of her day and night. Now she does not recognize her children nor does she gets sad for them. She smiles whenever her chidren is around. That's my mama.

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Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 7 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Be strong Alta, even if its impossible for your Mama to tell you she loves you keep remembering the good days...

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Alta5656 7 years ago

Thank you so much for the kind words. God bless.

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