It all comes full circle

Age brings wisdom

Knowledge brings about sound decisions

Fear brings loss of goals/dreams

Wisdom makes for great kings/queens

Lovers make for heat - a life passionately complete

Family sticks with us and are loyal

Career fulfillment gives daily purpose

Community involvement makes hearts leap with joy

But nothing compares to the happiness of a child playing with a new toy

Kisses and hugs make us relate, relax, release-have peace

Silence allows us time to be one with ourselves and nature

Darkness radiates solitude

Light brings activity and hope

Laughter is more effective than b-12 and patron shots

Giving allows one to experience more joy than receiving

Hope allows for you to continue despite grieving

Joy allows riches beyond material belief

You reading this and sharing a moment with me

Is my highlight for this week

My challenge to thee

Enjoy life -mind, thought, and actions

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