Itching All Over My Body! Resolved After 5 Long Years Of Suffering- Revised 3/25/15

I needed relief NOW!

Revised answers to itching
Revised answers to itching

Check my new findings at the end of this hub.

I have to share my story with anyone who is suffering with this problem. I thought it was over, but I still suffer with this problem. The itching has returned slowly but surly. I have suffered with this for over a year and a half of my life and it is horrible!!! I scratch myself till I bleed. I found hope through doing some much needed research. I have tried everything on the market including precriptions from doctors and nothing has worked. I am still frustrated, but I have found some real answers.

I have no rash what-so-ever. These are the precriptions I have tried with no relief. I have been given 3 rounds of Prednisone 10 days at a time, Hydroxyzine 50 mgs(which makes me drowsy) every 6 hours, Claritin, Benadryl, Allegra, Desonide cream for my face and ears, Fluocinonide for my head, triamcinolon ointment for my body, Clobetasol cream for my private area, Cortaid, anti-itch spays and and psorisis shampoo and scalpicin (which caused my head to burn) and even treated myself for scabies and head lice. I have gone through shear hell and NO RELIEF what-so-ever!!!! I did find that Cortizone 10 works the best.

I went to quick care numerous times and was given the same precriptions over and over. I went to the emergency rooms. Twice I was given a shot of steroids but no relief except to knock me out. I went to see allergy doctors and was given a patch test and was told it was mulberry and green beans. I went to a Dermatoligst and they said my histomine level was extremly high after they wrote my name on my back with a dull object "which is part of the answer".....but the problem was still there. I thought it might be my animals because I have 3 cats and 2 dogs but it wasn't that either. I took a laxitve and cleaned myself out because I thought maybe it was from constipation. I even checked for bed bugs.

I also weaned myself off of any meds I was taking to see if they were the reason and they weren't. I stopped drinking coffee and milk and sugar and salt to see if they were causing it but still no relief.

I am still suffering with this problem but I'm not giving up. I was told there was nothing more they could do for me. I still went to another Dermotologist and there is where I got some relief.

I was given a precription for Doxepin and it helps! I take 25 mgs at bedtime and I don't feel drowsy the next day. I sleep well. You can take a much higher dose as your doctor will allow if needed. I am fine on 25 mgs which is the lowest dose. Although Doxepin is used to treat depression it is also precribed for itching by several allergists and dermatoligists.

If you are taking other medications for depression you need to check with your doctor for interactions because there are interactions. I also started taking Triple Omega 3 and that is also helping. It may raise your blood sugar if you are diabetic. If you are a bleeder, Omega 3 may thin your blood so check the website on Omega 3 before you start taking it. Also I found a good remedy if your ears are itching on the inside. Take a Q-tip and put a drop of mineral oil on it and drop it inside your ears.

If you are hesitant about taking medication for this then I would just try the Triple Omega 3. I'm not sure because I took all 3 together. If the Omega 3 works alone let me know. The brand of vitamin I use is Nature Made. You can find it at Walgreens. I also started dinking a suppliment called Elations.

There are several Urticaria conditions you may want to look into. I found one that has described my condition well. It is called Dermatographic Urticaria where heat (even from my own body) causes me to itch. My body stores too much heat. I use cold packs and cool air helps and also not wearing restricted clothing. The simple pressure of clothing can cause itching. Also I am allergic to my own sweat even while not excerting myself. Can you believe that? You may want to do some research on the various types of Urticaria. They mention a drug called Cimetidine for this skin condition. I am going to try it. Scalpicin burned my head and cortizone 10 cream has worked the best.

Also I keep thinking, what did I do differently when the itching began and one thing I did do differently was to use the public washers and dryers in the apartment complex I was and am still living in. I may be allergic to the soaps etc; that other people are using. Maybe they are using too much soap and then I use mine too. I never itched when I used my own washer and dryer. If this is true then I can see why I'm itching, because I wear the clothes and sleep in the bed clothing and lay my head on the pillow cases. The biggest culprit would be the towels if you think about it. Anything dense like a towel would soak up soap and when you take a shower, what do you emmediatly afterwards...dry off.

June 28/2011. More Research

I've always believed there is a cause for a problem. It just doesn't come out of no-where. The doctors just wanted to call it Ucardia and leave it at that but the suffering was unbearable so I have kept searching, and it finally paid off. I suffered with this for 2 years and 3 months of my life and it effected my lively-hood each and every-day. I never dreamed it could be 2 small houseplants I had had for that long, but it was. It was Knat's. They were eating me alive! I threw out my beautiful plants because my health and well being is more important. Since then I have killed 10 strays in 3 days that remained in my home. I'm sure I will find more. I use a spray bottle and drown them because their hard to catch. I actually had a dule with one to keep it from biting my face tonight. It came at me 3 or 4 times. I didn't realize they were so aggressive.


Then I found their nest/breeding ground. I kept looking because I kept seeing more. There was a ridge around my bathtub and I took my shower head and flushed it out and alot of black mildue came out and then I sprayed raid inside the ridge. I have not seen a Knat since. Knats love moist areas where there is a leak or someplace where moisture can build up. Spray all cracks to make sure you get them all and then close the door of the room so you or your pets don't inhale the bug spray. Wait a half hour and then ventalate the room. I put a fan in my bathroom and ran it for 2 hours to dry out all of the moisture.

They thrive on houseplants whether`they are overwatered or not, dirty dishes, cooking oil, spices, old cooking oil, bananas and other fruit, standing water, cat feces and humans. Yes they bite humans and will cause a major itch and the itch from one bite can radiate through your whole body. The itch can last for up to 3 days. It is crutial that you wash the area of the itch thoroughly with "soap" and water emmediatly after the knit bite and apply ointment. This will calm the itch in about 3 minutes.They can also burrow into your scalp if you have oily hair or you don't wash your hair that often. I keep my hair in a ponytail, so now I take my pony-tail out and thoroughly run my fingers around my scalp a shake them out. They have probably been making babys in my hair because my scalp was sore where I pulled my hair together. That's probably why the Scalpacin burned my head when i used it. They were probably laying eggs which caused my scalp to be very tender on top. Now I use baby powder to absorb the oils. In fact you can use baby powder on all the moist areas of your body because they like moist areas. I use a fan in my rooms to keep them off of me. That works too. I make sure I put the fan where it will radiate all around the room but not in my face. I put it on low and that seems to work well. And Always make sure to wipe your kitchen counters and soak your sponges with diluted bleach water or spray Clorox Cleanup after oil spills or splatters and pour the water that's left down your sinks. My itch is 98% gone. I'm sure the residual effects will subside. If you have read the other part of my hub you will see what I went through to get to the point where I am today. I feel so calm now and it feels good! When I had the problem, I felt so anxious and hopeless. Now I can look forward to tomorrow and feel the calm.

Revised 9-21-11 New revelations;

I still believe Knats are a contributor because I just killed one in my kitchen this evening. They try to burrow themselves in my hair so I brush my hair with quick strokes to get them out. When I wash my hair I make sure I scrub my scalp and rinse thoroughly. Now I have some new research to share with you. This may sound a little grose but if it helps someone the way it's helping me, then that's a good thing. As I look back on the last 3 years I've had to endure this I notice that the gases in my body weren't escaping so I've been taking Gas-x everyday after a meal. You can take 1-2 soft-gels a day. Also I am adding Fiber one bars to my diet. They are only 90 calories each. Both of these products work. The itching is subsiding. I believe the reason is because gas is being released from both parts of my body. If gas gets trapped it can cause problems. It doesn't hurt to try something, especially if it works! Good luck!

New Research 10/9/11 New Research;

Well, if I had done the procedure correctly I wouldn't have had to suffer with this for 3 and a half years. I had no idea that head lice required a 3 (three) step process. I only did one step, which was to shampoo with the lice shampoo and comb the nits out. Well little did I know there is a kit that contains all three items. The shampoo, the hair gel and the spray. Without the gel the process is useless. The gel makes for easy combing to remove the nits. Do not wash your hair for two days after the treatment. Just rinse out the product and dry hair as you normally do. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Repeat the entire treatment in 7-10 days. You can also have body lice as well. The lice shampoo is good for that as well. Do not put on eyebrows or eyelashes or inside vagina. Body lice hide in the seams of clothing. Animals do NOT carry lice. The only place lice can survive is on humans (the host). If you cannot wash all your worn cloths right away then Put ALL clothing that you have worn in plastic trash bags and secure for 2 weeks and then wash in HOT water and dry in HOT dryer. LIce will die if the host (humans) within 24 hours if the host is not present. Lice can cause health problems if left untreated. I was beginning to have kidney problems and bowel problems. My creatnine levels were rising and i was having an onset of amemia from the lice feeding on me for 3 and a half years! I am taking iron pills as suggested by my doctor. I still believe knats contributed to the problem because Knats feed on head lice.


My cat has Mange! Which is animal scabies. I noticed a bald patch in the center of her head with burrows in the skin/like tunnels. She also has a lot of dandruff which is also a sign of scabies. She has been sleeping with me everynight. She loves to sleep next to my head. The reason I have had this ongoing problem for over 3 years is because I never noticed it or had her treated. She will be seeing a vet tomorrow. I am giving her 2mgs of benadryl per pound to help with her discomfort. Shes not showing any signs but she has to be uncomfortable. You still need to follow all the safeguards as you would with head lice. Cats and dogs can pass this on to humans and other animals under close contact. There are special dips and medications and shots for animals and should be done under a physicians care.

More Research 10/21/11

Humidity levels in your home can cause major ploblems such as itching. If the humidity is too high it usually means there is a source causing it. Humidity levels over 50% indicates moisture arising from somewhere. It could be mold or mildue spores, dust mites, condensation from your air conditioner, water dripping (loose hose or connection under a sink or behind a washer and dryer or your fridge having condensation. These types of problems need to be addressed because any one of these can cause major health problems such as allergies, itching, breathing problems such as asma. My humidity level in my apartment is at 60% so I am going to speak to my manager about my discomfort. Hopefully they will send a mold inspector to see what the problem is. In the meantime I am airing out my place and putting fans next to potential wet spots to dry them out. Hopefully this doesn't blow more spores into the air. I also turned my heat on to dry out my place. It did help, but the problem came right back. My itching and snezzing has subsided today but we'll see what tomorrow brings. Whatever I find out I will share with readers, in hopes that you may find something here that will help you. This is, as I'm sure you all well know, a very difficult and frustrating/time consuming thing to live with.


I have a staph infection and so does my dog! How did I find out? I knew I felt like something was eating me alive and it was all over me from head to the tops of my feet. Every time I itched I would pick these little specs off of my skin. I kept them in a medicine bottle. I knew there was something on me! Anyway, i went to see a new dermotoligist and I begged her to culture these things. The culture came back POSITIVE for staph infection on my skin. I was precribed Bactroban Nazel Mupirocin Calcium Ointment 2%. It's an ointment that goes inside the nose twice a day for 5 days. I was told to also do bleach baths using one quarter cup of bleach to my bathwater 3 times a week for 6 weeks. My itching is truly gone!!!!!!!!! I have been itchFREEEEEEEEEE for 4 days!!!!! I am so HAPPY!!!!! Now I just discovered my dog has it too! Dogs can pass the staph to humans and humans can pass this to dogs as well. He has a crusty area by his tail and the hair is gone in the area too so I put some of the ointment I have on it (I did research first before I applied the ointment and it's ok)......but he still needs to go to the vet tomorrow and get on an antibiotic like Cephalexin or Erythromycin and his own ointment. Anyway, skin scraping is the way to go if you suspect this on you or your animals. Also I need to emphasize on this! If your child picks his or her nose (which is where the staph infection originates) it can enter the blood stream which can cause itching all over too! Hands should be washed! Also my Dermatoligist recommened this lotion which i found to be better than anything I've used and think I've used everything. It's called CeraVe. It also comes in a body cleanser. It's over the counter and it helps re-build the skin. It work's wonders!!!

New Research 1/4/12

Itching will also occure if your child eats his or her bugers because bacteria collects in the nose. Try putting bandades on their index finger to stop this. If this is the reason for their itching, you will notice a difference in a couple of days. It takes at least two days to notice a difference.

New Research 1/13/12

Did anyone know that you can contract yeast on your scalp and it can itch like crazy? Yes you can. Here is a link to a home remedy Check it out. Also there is an ITCH RELIEF CREAM which is over the counter made by MONISTAT and I have found this cream to be useful on your body too.

New Research 1/21/12

Hormones also play a big part in the drying out of skin all over your body. Here is a website that will explain this more in detail and what we can do about it. Here is another website that explains this in more detail and a natural herb that can help ease discomfort called Macafen

This is unbelievable! Toilet Paper! New Research 2/15/12

I cannot believe what i just came across from someone right here on HubPages. You have got to read this artical!

New Research 2/27/12 Contagious Mites Walking Dandruff can be a serious problem.

Here are two more conditions that wll cause severe itching 3/6/12 These conditions are referred to as; Intrahepatic Cholestasis and extrahepatic Cholestasis. I have provided a link to each one of these conditions.,+intrahepatic and

New Research 3/7/12; This is serious! I think I may be allergic to my cats acne. I noticed black spots on my cats chin and I had to use tweezers to remove the debree. I then cleaned the area with peroxide. I haven't itched since. I won't let him sleep with me till this is cleared up. Here is a website about the acne. It doesn't mention being allergic to it, but I know my itching has subsided. I will also post some pictures of it. and here are some pictures of the acne,

New Research 5/15-12; There is a parasite (Dermodex Parasite) that not only effects animals but humans as well. Here is a site where this person suffered for 34 years without any relief. I'm going to try the soap that is recommended to see if I get any relief. It's worth a try. The soap has an ingredient in it called Sea Buckthorn oil. You have to buy it at a health store and it's only $5.00 a bar. Anyway, here is the site that explains this in more detail, If you can't get to the site just type in Dermodex parasite.

11/14/12 I Finally Found The Cause! I have been itch free for 30 days now. Never have I been itch free for this long. I wanted to be sure I found the remedy before I posted and I'm sure now because it hasn't returned. Gluten, Knats and dust mites. A great combination. Anyway, when I drank regular milk my body was storing too much fat and my body wasn't ridding itself of the fat, therefore my body attracted Knats and dust mites. There must have been an odor that only Knats and dust mites can notice because the Knats were attacking my face. Most of the time I didn't even see the Knats but I itched all over my body. The Knats were causing an allergic reaction that I wasn't aware of. I guess the combination of the Gluten and the allergic reaction I had to Knats and dust mites caused me to itch all over. Now I drink Lactaid milk and Gluten free foods like Chex mix (Gluten free). The bread I eat is called Great Grain multigrain with flax seeds (very tasty) I drink Crystal light (I get the Great Value Cherry Pomegranate) and I use International Delight french vanilla coffee creamer (it's gluten free). Another thing I realized when I was drinking regular milk was I wasn't passing gas. My body was storing up fat and I was bloated in my stomach and face. Now I am passing gas. My body is healing. The thing a lot of people don't realize is,,is that we develop new allergies every 7 years and some allergies dissapear every 7 years. This is the key. As far as the dust mites and the Knats, I took great steps in ridding myself of them. I have a Rainbow now. If you ever want to look up what a Rainbow does go to Rainbow Cleaning The difference between the Rainbow and a vacuum is the Rainbow doesn't use bags or filters. It uses water. The problem with bags and filters (which all vacuums have) is there are hundreds of tiny holes in them so every time you turn on a vacuum the dust and dirt sprays all over your house. These are called dust mites. If you want proof that this is happening every time you turn on your vacuum, shine a light next to your vacuum when you turn it on. Then if you vacuum for 20 minutes or so imagine how many dust mites are spreading. With a Rainbow the dust mites get trapped in water and there is no way they can escape. The only way to get rid of dust mites is to either burn them or drown them. Dust mites are dead skin and we shed dead skin continuisly so there are millions in our mattresses, pillows, furniture etc; Since I have used the Rainbow I have been itch free. As far as Knats, the only way to rid yourself of them is to get rid of soap scum in your showers, make sure all your surfaces are dry and clean of all food debree, Also clean under and behind your stove and fridge, keep dishes washed up and run some bleach water in your dishwasher on the rinse cycle every now and then and pour it down your drains too. Take out the trash every day and clean your computers and keyboards. Also keep your cat boxes clean of feces and urine and change your house filters every 3 months and get a Rainbow to free your home of dust mites. This has worked for me. I tryed everything else with no resolution. I have resolution now and I feel great!!! Here is an article that may be well worth the read;'I am still in the process of doing more research on this, but this could also contribute to itching.

New Findings after 5 long years of suffering- Revised 8/13/13

What the eyes don't see! I had part of the answer but not all of it. I thought my house was clean (which it was) BUT when i just recently took a good look with a flashlight i noticed urine all over my carpet from my dogs. I couldn't see it without the flashlight. It was on the baseboards too. What a mess!! Once i got the urine out of my carpet, my itching stopped and it has been gone for 3 days. What a relief!!!!!! What was happening was there was so much urine that it was attracting knats and they were eating me alive. Knats are hard to see and i only actually saw a few and i even bombed my apartment and that only lasted a couple of days because once the dogs started peeing again it started all over again. What a living hell i went through! If you have dogs in the house, it's worth checking out. I used Spot Shot carpet stain remover and a bucket of water.

New Findings dated 3/25/15

I discovered 3 more products that help resolve itching. For me they work immediately. The first is for scalp itch. it's Vagisil talk-free feminine powder. Just part the hair and sprinkle. The second is BeKool itch relief patches. You can get them at Walmart. The third is If you have feminine itch outside the vagina use Vicks Vapor Rub. These all work wonders!!!

I also checked some more websites and there was another product that some people were using and finding some relief. The product is called Sarna anti-itch. It comes in a lotion.

I know a lot of you may have read this article before I revised it but it has taken me this long to find some answers. I hope some of my new research will help. I will add more research as I go. All this information can be researched on the web if you need more info. I pray you find relief and...if you do find relief please share it by commenting here to give others hope who are suffering with this...Thank you!

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Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 6 years ago from Roseville, CA

God answers prayer! I'm so glad you're delivered from this horrible itching!!

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

god speed greatreading thanks

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you sis! I had to share my hope! Thank you so much for your prayers! Hugs!

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you thevoice! God speed to you as well!

no body profile image

no body 6 years ago from Rochester, New York

God being faithful to you makes me so happy. Love you my sister.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you brother! God brought me out of bondage and gave me peace. Love you too my brother.

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

Through you need and hunger for a cure, The Holy Spirit guided your path, until you discovered what you needed. Praise The Lord!

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you Dave! I am so thankful! Blessings!

heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

Wow, sounds like you went through a horrible experience? Glad you found relief:) Thanks for sharing, we are rooting for your good health!

profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

Praise the Lord for all He has done...


TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you heart4theword, I thought my suffering would never end and I thank God everyday for the hope that has been restored in me. Blessings!

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you Quill, Praise the Lord is right! For all he has done and will continue to do! Blessings!

kaja_mel profile image

kaja_mel 6 years ago from Saraland, AL

Wow! I'm praying for you and thanking you for this hub. God bless and take care.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

You are very welcome kaja mel! I am still itch free! Thank God and Blessings!

Williamjordan profile image

Williamjordan 6 years ago from Houston TX

Great imfo have a simmilar promblem thanks

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks Williamjordan! There are not too many solutions out there. I think I tried them all with no relief. But this works for me. Blessings to you!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 6 years ago from West By God

That is great news and that you found your answer. I went through 2 years of similar things, but I had a rash. I was put on all kinds of meds and all that too and still didn't have any relief. I finally found my answer. I didn't used to be allergic to this stuff but found that I am highly allergic now. I am also currently doing the de-tox of refined anything in my body. What I found, by accident, what I was allergic to was Avon Skin Spray--the ones that have the strawberry and peach and other scents added to it. I am now itch-free too. It is a good feeling and a good thing to figure it out! As I read your hub, I felt your pain and anquish because like I said, I have been there. I even changed to the higher priced non-scented and non-allergetic laundry detergent, stopped using shampoos and all that. Through that I also found that I am highly allergic to any Jirmack hair products.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you Lady Guinevere! This can be an ongoing battle. Something attacking our bodies. I had this problem all the while I was writing on Hubpages about God. I still kept writing, I never gave up. I am so glad you found the problem as well! What a relief! Blessings to you!

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 6 years ago from West By God

I don't consider anything really attacking our bodies unless there is an outside source, like a dog biting you or a smake bite or mosquito's and such things. Our bodies are wonderful things and they tel us exactly what they do not like when we do something to them that makes them react. I used a product that my body didn't like and it told me so with my rash. Your's only did the same thing. I don't see it as anything attacking your body only that it gave you many warnings as to what it didn't like and it was up to you to solve that mystery.

Peace Be In You

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 6 years ago from West By God

Here is something that will get your blood boiling and actuall see the cause and effects of what we are putting into our bodies and why we are having these issues from the inside out:

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you Lady Guinevere, I read your article/link and I agree that what we consume can and will cause reactions. I also believe in thinking outside of the box in how Satan does attack us in many ways to hinder us from growing spiritually. Thank you for your comments and blessings!

profile image

medical blog 6 years ago

One key to using prednisone is to keep the duration of treatment as short as possible. If you use even a very high dose for less than 2 weeks you usually don't need a prednisone taper.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I still have some minor itching going on but I found that if I take a Triple Omega 3 capsule it usually relieves it. I wonder sometimes if the itching could be caused by fat build-up as it didn't start till I put on a few pounds. Just a thought for my readers.

Jaclyn 6 years ago

I am going to visit my doctor and try to get this. I have been suffering with the same itchy problem all over my body for almost 7 YEARS! I have visted several different allergists and dermotologists and have found no cure except for zyrtec. However, it doesn't help 100 percent. It's so embarressing to get random itchy welts on my body and people ask what they are. I also feel like the doctors that I see don't go too far out of their way to REALLY try to help me. I still itch even after taking zyrtec, but it does help. Without it, I itch from HEAD to TOE, absolutly no exageration here. Without allergy medicine, sometimes I will scratch my back so much that it looks like I have been wipped with a strap repeatedly. This is aweful to live with, thank you so much for creating this article..I will let you know if it works for me.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Hi Jaclyn, try the Triple Omega 3 vitamin made by Nature Made asap. It has been the most help to me. I take it when the itching hit's me hard. I am still on the Doxepin everynight at bedtime. I would say since I have been on both of these my itching has gone from 100% down to 30% and that's major. Doctor's don't seem to know what to do or even care. Been there done that. You can also take Hydroxyzine with the Doxepin. My doctor just informed me of that so I'm going to try that as well and see if the itching goes away completely. This is a horrible thing to go through as I'm sure you know. Let me know how you do.

SamboRambo profile image

SamboRambo 6 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

I put in a link from my hub ("Scratch that Mosq. Bite") to yours. I'm a life-long sufferer, but not much nowadays, with my handy little brush.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you SamboRambo~Glad your doing better. Hope my problem isn't a life long one. I look forward to reading yours as well~

Casey McHugh 5 years ago

I wanted to let you know I have the same symptoms of itching like that even from my own body heat but I found mine was from a wheat allergy. Once I stopped eating anything with wheat in it ( and you would be surprised where you might find it) and was wheat free for a few months my itching has disappeared. It is a fabulous feeling. I hope you find the cause of yours so you don't have to stay on meds.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you Casey, I will try that. You never know what the cause is and I have tried everything else. Thank you!

CB 5 years ago

Hi, my 3yr old son suffers from itching all over his body but not everyday mostly in February, August, and October he stays with itching for a period of 6weeks (not even sleeping at night. Blood tests are confusing me because enzymes are high, Bilirubin sometimes get high, Alkaline phrosfactase high even a liver biopsy was done but it was normal. Anyone can help me out please !!!

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Hi CB, I am still suffering with this problem. Sorry to hear what your family is suffering. i went to see a demotoligist yesterday and was told I have Nero Dematitis. It is a nerve disorder. I was given a cream called Desoximetasone and a body wash and lotion called CeraVe which you can buy over the counter. It is very good for the skin. It really helps. Its better than any other lotion I have used and I've tried everything. I also take benedril every 6 hours. I hope somehow, someway, someday i can find the answers and if I do i will keep posting any relief I find. I will pray for your son and i hope you get some answers.

Linda 5 years ago

hi, recently I started to itch very bad . To to toes. Now my both hands is itching. Tomorrow I will go see the doc. I will try some of yr remedy.

Cleanfreak 5 years ago

Did u know in 3rd world countries allergies and asthma simply don't exist? Their bodies are doing what they r designed to do; fight parasites, bacteria, viruses etc. In our 1st world environment there is not enough for our immune system to do. It then begins to fight against what is normally standard bodily functions.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Hi Linda, usually when hands itch it's a sign of swelling..endema. I would have your sodium and potassium checked.

SAMIRA 5 years ago


TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Hi Samira, I'm assuming you have been to a Dermatoligist. I am seeing an infectious disease dr. now. They are checking to see if i have an infection in my blood. They are checking for fungus in the blood.

There is also such a thing as a heat rash which i will be discussing in my next post. I know if someone has been in other countries they can pick-up all kinds of things. Good luck and i hope this helps.

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BkCreative 5 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Wow - this is a great reminder that we have to help ourselves. We were never meant to be mindless and helpless. This is our health - this is our life and our livelihood. Speaking of gnats - I decided to grow just a few mini - vegetable plants on my windowsill - and the gnats took over. I realized growing veggies indoors deprives the natural predators of their meal - gnats. I had to throw everything out.

Thanks for mentioning my toilet paper hub. I am surprised at how many people have this problem. We are up against so many toxins in our environment. Good thing your immune system is still working - it lets you know that something is bother you.

Oh and to pass along - I read once again the the blow dryers in the restrooms are worse than using a paper towel because they harbor bacteria. I learned from a young woman with a ton of hair - just to pat my hair with my wet hands, and it safely dries my hands.

Rated up!

SandyHeels 4 years ago

Another thing to consider as a cause of the problem is artificial sweeteners, specifically Splenda. I had an allergic reaction: red cottage cheese looking rash on chest, large welts running diagonal across my back, large welts on my scalp, swollen body, swollen tongue. After trying several meds to control the symptoms over 2 1/2 years, I ended up taking 7 different meds. One day I read an article on Splenda which included stories from folks that had issues. Two of them were almost exactly like my situation. I told my doc & we adjusted my meds & after another year was able to wean myself off all but one med & its an allergy pill & if I don't take that for a couple of days the red rash starts popping up all over. I do not eat anything that contains any artificial sweetener, except gum. Won't take the chance.

But, consider the Splenda. Ya never know!!

NOLYNN 4 years ago

I am scratching as I read these comments.I'm glad I'm not alone.This is the most irritating thing I have ever gone through.I am so glad to read what Timehealsall said.You gave me hope that one day this nightmare will come to an end with me finding what's the cause for this.

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TimeHealsAll 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I know your nightmare Nolynn, I'm right there with you scratching as I write this. I will not stop searching till I find an answer and I will share it with everyone. There has to be a cause and I will never stop believing that. Hang in there girl!

RICHELLE 4 years ago

RICHELLE 4 years ago

Take instant coffee and use it as an exfoliant rub granuales into your body with small amounts off water sit somewhere like the tub cause it's messy wait for it to dry you can leave it on as long as you want or rinse and repeat it truly work ASAP.

steven 4 years ago

Go on a water fast for 30 to 40 days and you will be problem free guaranteed! Yah bless you!!

Tiggerifictracy 4 years ago

I'm also suffering from extreme all over body itching. Mine just started about 8 weeks ago, right after I had a hysterectomy. I'm trying to figure out of it was a coincidence, but now think its not because I developed a staph infection on one of my incision sites. They said it didn't spread to my bloodstream, but now I wonder if it did? I have also developed a cough that won't go away since surgery....could it all be related?

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TimeHealsAll 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I would get a chest x-ray right away because my younger sister had lung problems after her hysterectomy and she didn't make it. She was 39. I also had a staph infection and may still have it. The way my staph was confirmed was when I itched I would pick these tiny specks off my body and I kept them in a medicine bottle and the Dematoligist told me they looked like dead skin, but when they sent it for culture it came up positive for staph infection. I am still suffering and picking with no resolve. The Deratoligist precribed me Bactoban nazel ointment. She said that staph originates in your nose so you need to treat the nazel to get rid of it. I also had a cough. It's gotten better but now my voice is somewhat hourse so I'm having a CT of my neck. I have had allergy testing, fungas or infection of the blood testing and it all came back normal. My primary doctor just sent me to a cancer specialist

last week (not that I have cancer). He said that the blood work would be more in depth and that because it's more in depth, something might show up, so we'll see. I will keep you posted as I know how frustrating and agonizing this can be. I have never had a hysterectomy so that is really pecular that you started itching right afterwards. Maybe your healing and it's effecting your whole body...not sure though.

Ithinkwewillfigureitout 4 years ago

I have suffered from this itch go for a couple years pretty sure its blood related what's strange about it is I think it's becoming an epidemic more people have it and I kinda wonder if somebody actually knows what it is,never

Brendon 4 years ago

Maybe you have MOLD in your home!

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diogenesindra 4 years ago

My wife had uncontrollable itching on her skin for three years. She went on a gluten free low sugar diet and it went away. Thank the Lord Most High. It took 2 to 3 monthes on the diet before the itching went away

Mindy 4 years ago

I been suffering for one month now and after a long research i found this two places, that am willing to try their products, please read and a very good luck to you!

I am tired to be treated for doctors like if i am imagining my itching!!!

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Marlezzy 4 years ago

I have the same problem for 2 years. I'm itching all over my body and i lost a lot of weight because most of the food i used to eat is now making me itch!! I have poor digestion and i get fatigue pretty easily now.

I went to go see a functional doctor and spent so much money on test and supplements. The doctor said i had heavy metal toxicity and candida. After 4 months of chelation, I'm still itching. I felt like taking my own life right now, i know it's not the way to go but I'm so miserable. If anyone got cured from this please help.

Mary 4 years ago

I have been itching for three mos now. Uncontrolably at night. One product that seems to help is Eucerin skin calming body wash it contains omega 3 oils. Eucerin skin calming itch relief treatment also helps

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Pestilence 4 years ago

I think this is caused by a couple of things the main one being gmo foods, they are not as safe as they led us to believe. testing done on rats showed moderate to severe conditions within 5 weeks of being fed gmo food. after 4 generations the rats are sterile. so i have a feeling that is why so many people are getting this now. Thing is though, this also will weaken your immune system really bad, you will develop a candida problem most likely, and eventually you will attract various mites and even collembola as you are a living breeding garden for them now. Mold also might play a big role in this, if you have any in your house have it taken care of sooner better than later, and finally dental toxins, mercury and over 250 other chemicals that in the USA dentists don't test us first to see if we have an allergic response to, so take the gmo foods, the fact that our foods have over 10,000 more chemicals in them than 20 years ago, environmental pollution, dental toxins, throw a busted pipe and some mold into the mix and voila you have yourself a pretty serious problem that is extremely hard to get over. I had it over 5 years before i got better. No sugar, breads, or basically anything seriously consider a candida diet, sea salt baths helped me with the itching immensely. Also consider the possiblity of lymes disease, a lot of people are popping up with that now as well and has similar symptoms.

fungus is really bad everywhere. genetically altered strains as well as normal ones, too much humidity will make it harder to get over this.

hope you all get better soon.

naba 4 years ago

I am naba 29 yrs old and sufffering from Genital Herpes in penis from sience2007 years and my last Blood test on 06-02-2007was 1. Herpes Simplex Virus ( 1+2 ) IgG 1.00 2. Herpes Simplex Virus ( 1+2 ) IgM 0.69 and i have taken supress treatment 4 yrs back for1 year of Acyclovir 400 mg three times a day but it was relief for one year only now i am having problem sometime 3 times in a month. i have consulted Doctor here in guwahati( assam) and he advised when blister are there Vailcyovir 500 mg half tab once daily for 15 days and microvir250 that i have taken for around 7 months but no cure only blisters are coming with less pain. So i request you to tellme that is there any treatment for this problem. .


I am naba 29 yrs old and sufffering from Genital Herpes from last fifteen years and my last Blood test on 06-02-2007 was

1. Herpes Simplex Virus ( 1+2 ) IgG 1.00

2. Herpes Simplex Virus ( 1+2 ) IgM 0.69

tundex 4 years ago

i have suffered these exact symptoms for over 3years, heat is the major cause for me and some types of fabrics,now here is how i handle mine, i was prescribed Loratadine by my doctor, i started using 3-4 pills a day and it worked, i hate to use pills so i started reducing the amount till it reduced to 1pill for 3days and my body adjusted pretty well too, then i could go a week with only 1pill, then i thought i was cured and stopped using the pill, only for it to return a month later but i resolved to not using pills again and i have not for 10months now. the result is that i still itch but its not as bad or long as it used to be, the scratch marks disappear sooner too and at times i can do without scratching the itching part, i hardly have a itch outdoors now, but when i get home and remove my clothes i get the itch sensation but i ignore it and do what i want to do and i forget within seconds that i felt any itch. Now that is my story, if any1 has a more effective and permanent solution or cure please do post it and God bless. by the way i am African and i am based in Nigeria where the itch started, i have been schooling in Asia for 2yrs without going back to Africa, so i do not think location is a factor or base for the ailment.

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chiapooh2005 4 years ago

I have IBS and when I get constipated, I itch ALL over to the point of distraction, bathing, moisturizers, nothing seems to help, pleasehelp me. I am tired of itching. What to do , what to do!!!!

FARAZ 4 years ago

hi. i have itching problem from last 9 months.. but i don't have any spot or pimple or any thing , and my itching is not on any specific part of my body but my full body... mainly under legs and downside of my body and its very bad itch..its start after i eat spicy food ,beef or lamb... beef or lamb i am not taking now but spicey food i take and my itching start till i take 1 pill of astrax but after that my itch goes for 1 week but i feel very sleepy and lazy till 3 to 4 days.

moe 3 years ago

i too am amongst you and wondering how many more people are out there with this strange condition. gmo, celiac, staph, demodex candida fungus

moe 3 years ago

dose anyone notice that sunlight helps

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I do notice a reduction in itching if before i go to bed i brush my sheets off and that helps tremendously. Particals from air vents and if its windy stuff accumulates on your bed and in your sheets. Especially too if you have animals.

ivan 3 years ago whole skin right from the head to the toes has been itching me for ten(10)years.when i sit on cold ground it itches me behind,when i bath it itches ,on top of that it swells when i scratch it,i have tried doctors but failed,i last took my treatment three years ago because i had lost hope.i still have the same problem.please any one just help wife is seven months pregnant,i don't know whether it can affect the child or my wife her me please.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Have you talked to your doctor about water retention? I know that can cause itching and swelling. Also brushing your sheets off before bedtime can help. Dead skin cells accumulate on sheets and in the mattress. Also take a cool washcloth and go over your body before bed and in the am. Use a good moisturizer too. It could also be an allergy to laundry soap and/or fabric softener or even a type of fabric. Wear loose clothing. Hope you get some relief. My problem was Knats biting me.

ivan 3 years ago

thanks,but of all you said i have tried them ,except using laundry soap.because i have been using only one type of soap which is of laundry could it be the cause of my itching.and again tell which actual tablets/drugs/medication am i supposed to take for this problem,& hasn't it already affected my wife.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Any laundry soap including fabric softeners can cause itching. I use hypo-allergenic laundry soap because i have sensitive skin. I cannot prescribe medications because i am not a doctor and i am not a marriage counciler. I have written what has helped me and what hasn't. Hope this helps.

Srinivasan Amudhanar 3 years ago

Well, after seeing all the comments and the main article, I feel that I am not the only one suffering from itching all over the body. Actually every year, I have itching all over the body for a month or two and that starts between the period from March to July. Now this year, I am still suffering for the past 60 days. All my blood parameters are under control, except RBC, HB and HEMOCRIT, which are 12% below the minimum level. I was prescribed Ectozone (Betamethazone). After 20 days of use after bathing for 10 minutes and also using dry skin moisturizer, I found no relief but only extra itch. Now I am trying to avoid gluten foods and also use low histamine foods, low potassium foods and clariton. No improvement. I had bought Omega 3 capsules but I have not started using it. I am now taking Ferrous Gluconate.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

There are quite a few people suffering from itching. I couldn't believe it myself until the comments started rolling in. I have had over 85,000 reads on this topic alone. I wish i had the answers as i have done alot of research on the subject. I still itch but it's off and on now. I never considered potassium as a possible link as i had a sweet potato tonight and it did cause me to itch. My blood tests are normal except for a slight rise on my kidneys but the doctor says to drink more water. I know i don't drink enough water so i am doing that now to see if it helps. I know we are in the dry skin and muggy weather time of year and that gives cause to itch. Wish i had more answers for you.

robin 3 years ago


keep your skins clean dust free

clean your bed every 2 days

keep your house reall clean buy a bodylotion from your drugstore i used eucerin body repair but just a little drop to make it moist with a protective layer on your skin no parfume or other stuff don't get some non alergich shampoo keep your skin out of water don't shower more than 5 minutes and not to hot

keep yourself cool

try not to sweat on your itching spots get some vitamin D and C maby some Orange oil C for your skin helps really good if aplied once or twice a week

if you shower try not to rub all your own oil of your skin its natural and protects the skin but it needs to be cleaned to so ..,. that's hard ...

try some antihistaminica from the doctor it helps allot if one not work try other antihistaminica

Keep calm at all times if you have itch allot don't try to scratch instead just go over it with your knockls and don't scratch just touching the itching spots might give some relieve put a wet cold towel on the itching spots after it dry it with a dry towel no Wiping just be real carefull

if you keep all these things in mind it will go better also watch your food and see what gives you the itch

just don't scratch it onley makes it worse

Hope this all helps you a bit

sorry for the bad english :)

Kelly 3 years ago

When you refer to "Knats" do you mean fungus gnats (spelled with a 'g' and not capitalized) or fruit flies or both? Were you actually seeing bugs or you just thought you had them? Same thing with the lice. Did you actually have lice? I had them once when I was a child. Got them from a pillow on an airplane. I never saw adults, just nits. My dog and I both had ringworm too when I was young. That was really itchy.

Now I get itchy all over. My scalp, face, and arms mostly. It's driving me crazy

Kelly 3 years ago

Oops, hit submit by accident. I took 2 benadryl tabs 30 minutes ago and I think it helped but now I'm very sleepy. Oh well.

TimeHealsAll profile image

TimeHealsAll 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Maybe it is spelled with a 'g'. Anyway they're the same gnats that attract to the wet soil of a houseplant. I thought i had lice but after finding the cause of my problem, it turns out they were gnat eggs. I had hundreds of them in my hair. Dog pee attracts gnats and i would have never known had i not used a flashlight to see the pee. It was everywhere ie; bottom of my cabinets too.

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dmh1000 3 years ago

Read these posts with interest. I've always been super healthy, yet have had two strange 'all-over body itch' experiences I'd like to share. Hopefully what I've found it will help someone else. The first time the all-over itching was due to a (first-ever) allegic reation to Monistat, a Candida yeast infection medication. VERY intense itching all over, especially on palms and feet. It starts 4-7 days after you do the medication. Thankfully, my doctor recognized it and quickly gave me a Medrol dose pack, which wiped it out and it did not come back. The other time was quite different- tiny red bites which were intensely itching. It was not bed bugs, mosquito bites, fleas, nothing like that, so I could not figure it out at all. It turned out that I had bird nests within 25 feet of my bedroom, and unbelievably, the bird mites of all things were attacking me! They are completely clear and so tiny you cannot see them. They did not like my husband or our kids, just me. We had to have a company come and move the birds nests and that took care of it!

Jim550t 3 years ago

Just spent the last few mins reading about your prob with itching! You have dogs and cats that pee all over your home! Wow, your home must smell so bad, don't you think it would help your health/allergies big time if you got rid of the animals ? As for letting cats sleep in your bed! Omg thats disgusting, it's no wonder you have health issues.

ryan 2 years ago

You may have an infestation of bird mites or morgellons. Tons of people have it

Kristi 2 years ago

I have been itching for two months now, coincidentally when we moved into a new rental house. Since moving in here I have cleaned many times, bug bombed, moped repeatedly, vacuum every few days, even the furniture. At first it started behind my legs below my bum. Since it has spread, my bum, around the front of my legs, up my abdomen. Just recently I have noticed a rash, I'm beginning to wonder if that isn't from itching so much though. The only thing that helps, temporarily at that, is Sarna lotion. I've tried so many others I've lost track and spent so much money. The doctor has no clue, referred me to a dermatoligist by the ins denied it. I see my primary again this week and will plead with her again to try another referral to a derm. I am dying. My cats are treated for fleas (among other things with their sonesta collars). I suppose its time to try the Gluten free, dairy free and low sugar approach. I'm already on Omega 3 vitamins 2-3 a day 1000 mg each. I don't each much dairy or ingest too much gluten so it shouldn't be too hard :)

I have one house plant I will put outside see if that helps. I know the issue is this house, and I don't want to have to move, that is a tad extreme. Calling the landlord and explaining my issue to them seems like the next thing to do, however they are borderline slumlord type and don't like paying for things that aren't necessary. So having them send out an exterminator because I itch doesn't seem like something they will do. But you never know til you ask. The reason I know its this house because I didn't have an issue before moving in here and when I'm gone for a few hours from the house I don't itch. Therefore = this house! So where to look that I haven't already. I'm up for suggestions please please please help!!

Johne381 2 years ago

cheers for the actual article i've recently been on the lookout with regard to this kind of advice on the net for sum time proper now so numerous thanks kgdkgdgagfbe

Karen Logan Mays profile image

Karen Logan Mays 2 years ago

This was great content and your persistence paid off. I had a similar problem with severe chronic hives and was treated with high doses of Prednisone for 3 months. Doctors insisted I was allergic to one of my long term meds....went off all that I could and the two I could not were changed. But we never determined which med it was for sure. One question I have......when you refer to knats you are speaking of gnats, right? Thank you so much for sharing so much.

Don 17 months ago

Anyone with ongoing unexplained itching should have a workup on their liver enzymes and see if there is billirubin problems and other high liver enzymes. Pancreatitis could be considered, and some pancreatitis is not super painful .

Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack.

earth99 17 months ago

If you have silver fillings, they do contain trace amounts of mercury. When mercury is scratched, it releases a toxic gas. I believe that if it is leached into the system long enough, it is the cause for people with chronic itching(Theres a name for people who think there are bugs crawling on them, and some have made the connections-Youtube). You can have them replace them with white fillings, but most dentists won't do it because it's like an admission of guilt for the dental industry really. But some do. Good luck.

balwant-singh 15 months ago

Every day After lunch my wife facing problrm of becoming body red spot and itch .don't know why

moose 14 months ago

Omega 3 works the best for this ....all the other prescribed meds doesnt work ...the only thing that counters this is omega 3 or krill oil tablets, and also drinking lots of water combined with exercise helps the omega 3 to circualte throughout your body for longer periods.

Jbunny 12 months ago

I have been going thru about the same things!! I was wondering if u noticed increased static ? Even in 100% cotton items? I am going to my infectious disease Doctor appt next week . Two years of seeing my derm and trying everything!! Luzu antifungal cream it's new- helps a bit. Hydroxyzine 25-50 mg help a bit too. But the main thing that has helped the itching is 4 pounds of baking soda ( arm and hammer make sure it's says it can be taken as an antacid - there are other ones even in the baking aisle that are for cleaning ( not well labeled) and 1 cup of Epsom salts. 20 min soak head and all. With pretty hot water in the tub. I do this every couple days. Also I was able to rid myself of the crawling sensation with 100% cold pressed neem oil. Smells bad but it's been two years and no crawling. I put it on at night every night for 30 days and it was gone. My mom also did it and it was only 3 weeks ( her issues were not as extreme ) . Paul Mitchell awapuii shampoo healed my scalp. I also recommend get a digital microscope. Looks at what's bothering you! The black specks look oily and very strange when I magnify it. I was able to identify specific cynobacteria out of the clear skin after it seems to spore clear balls. Really was expecting to see mold spores. I'm in the process of going to my next doctor and intend on bringing this with. My theory is that this is what is affecting us. Also look at the toilet paper under the microscope . I was getting a really bad rash when I touched it and noticed black specks in toliet paper in even public bathrooms?! I always thought it was bark bits! lol anyway just some tips that have helped me. And I also really think there may be a link to our ph. When to acidic ph allows for fungals, viruses and bacteria to colonize where they shouldn't. There are a couple books by a dr sircuis. Spelling mayb off. But he has a free e-book I just started reading on baking soda and ph. But it kinda of made some sense as to why some people are bothered by this and others are not. Since most everything out there is always lowering our ph /excessive acidicity . Good luck to all!! And please be patient to your loved ones who are suffering . Things are changing in our world thru ge agriculture. You can't look at diseases from a 30 yo perspective . Medical sciences have to catch up with what we as human beings are coming into contact now on a daily basis! Peace and a good night sleep! Xoxo Jess

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Jbunny 12 months ago

I forgot mention that I believe that the issue maybe from cynobacteria because I was purchased organic soil and it killed all my plants except for one that was brought in and out in the bathroom window. Little black dots came out of the pot . I started getting itchy every time I went in there. Then it spread to the whole house. We fogged the house with a cold fogger and cedarcide. It greatly helped . But the itching remained. See above for some of the things I've found that work . But our soil now is enriched with blue green algae to boost nitrogen . Blue green algae is cynobacteria . Some good some bad. It is now being ge to cherry pick attributes to promote plant life / depending on the plant and its desired needs. This is a link I am attaching about one method that is used.

I just stumbled upon it. World wide use of cynobacterium is the go for soil cultivation. I have been researching this and my constant discomfort is the drive to figure out what the heck it going on. I do recommend to limit inflammatory foods .i cut out wheat, dairy and sugar. It helped a lot esp the sugar. I get itchy when I eat it now.

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Jbunny 12 months ago

I recommend that everyone takes the power back . Get a microscope and look at what the at what's on your skin. I used alcohol and as the specimen is drying out really look at it. It takes 2-5 min. . Record your data . I have compared the black specks that are in my skin to the toliet paper. It looks like algae. It's actually a dark blue greenish black when illuminated. Hobby lobby has a microspin digital microscope for $89. That works well. Not too expensive. Good luck everyone!!

Anita 11 months ago

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Vash 10 months ago

Hi any help would be appreciated

My son is 7 years old and has suffered everyday if his life with uncontrollable itching from head to toe.. The only time he does not itch is when he is distracted.. He jumps up from his sleep multiple times... His skin is very patchy, skin broken, face oozing...he has seen many dermatologist and still no relief.. He has been on various serious, hydroxyzine etc absolutely no relief... Any advice I will be will to try??? Keep in mind that he has severe food allergies..

Shannon 7 months ago

My heart goes out to anyone who has ever had to fight the itch battle and dealing with the rest of the ignorant and cruel people in the world who clearly have never experienced this. And don't get me started on the medical community who are supposed to help find cures for people with symptoms because once you mention crawling and itching they tend to want to label you as "crazy" and then they want to put you on crazy pills so they don't have to deal with you. Sure there's a concept, give a person crazy pills and then they become crazy, problem solved, right? I think they are the crazy ones. My story is quite tragic and long and very similar to what all of you have suffered. I'm going on 3 1/2 years of daily suffering, sores on my face that sometimes became black, fibers, white pricker things that get stuck like a cactus in my skin that hurt so bad you wish you would just die and be done with it, black specs with stuff coming out of my skin that looks like paint chips or fiberglass or metal. My life is no longer my own and my two kids and I have bounced hotels for over 3 yrs after having our home and my business destroyed by someone placing a selenite crystal in my windowsill that ignighted a flame from the sun hitting it. While having our home repaired we tried to move to many places and almost all of them would become severely itchy and the kids and dogs also the same so the whole delusional thing didn't fly too well with me cause the dogs would sneeze repeatedly and my daughter has had memory loss and headaches for 2 yrs and my son started failing school and becoming agile and hostile and angry and depressed. We have spent countless amounts of money on Drs, dermatologists, vets, vet dermatologists, sprays, lotions, prescriptions, non prescriptions, lost many family members and friends, had my reputation slandered and was accused of being a drug addict, the list goes on. I started putting the pieces together when my ex had decided to get a newer younger girlfriend who seemed a bit off and who had a problem with my ex keeping in contact with my kids whom he raised since the ages of 2&4 (they are now 12&14) and she felt that we were in the way of her plans to have his children. Soon after they moved in together, my problems began. People began following me, tapping my phone lines, I have had tracking devices put on my car, and when we didn't stay in high rise hotels we would suddenly have the motel room infested with this itchy chemical. When we went back home after the damage from the fire was fixed two weeks later and after having the house even tented and everything cleaned really well the itching began so severe that I would have to put a motorcycle helmet on to enter the house to grab a belonging we needed. Our bedding and clothes had to be washed everyday in Borax and immediately sealed in plastic bags to prevent the fabrics from being infested. Even my car would get itchy. My face would never fully heal either and I walked around looking like some crazy homeless drug addict cause I could never sleep and would have to leave my home every night at 2am when suddenly the house would become infested with this chemical. Sometimes I could see the dust like substance if the sun would shine in at certain times and every single person would say that's dust there is nothing there your delusional and crazy. Or your on drugs again. I got accused of being consumed by this and I had to shut down my online shirt/ jewelry/art shop which was my only source of income and my dreams of finally finding my passion in my job that I worked so hard to build that was just taking off were all shattered. I couldn't send itchy shirts to people. We had to live in survival mode pawning every single thing of value I owned and we have a mound of unpaid bills and are at risk of foreclosure on a home I sunk my entire life savings into as I was unable to work an outside job because of the way I looked and lack of sleep and I wasn't sure what I had been exposed to. I could go on but what I discovered was that this new girlfriend was schizophrenic and very insecure and crazy and wants me and my kids gone. I hired a PI and tried to contact police for help but really got no where so I had to take matters in my own hands and what I discovered was that this girl had connections with a group of sick people with military connections who get paid to destroy other people's lives and they were paid to come to my house and jump my fence and put a chemical that contains aluminum similar to that of Chem trails into my A/C system and through the pest system which are tubes put in the walls during construction where pest control companies can hook into and spray your home for bugs. So that is my horrible hell I have endured which doesn't even seem to touch on the horrible shit we have been through. My kids and I bounced to over 130 different hotels in the past 3 yrs and I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone. Not even the people doing it. I have yet to stop this or find justice but I can assure one thing and that is I will do everything in my power to protect my family and not listen to all those who think they know what goes on in our world. It's my body and I am not crazy and I know what I feel and everyone else can kiss my ass because I will prove that what I've been saying is true if its the last thing I do. Really it breaks my heart that the person behind it doesn't even know me because if she did she would probably feel very different about me and who I am as a person. Rather than lash out at me she might want to break up with her cheating bf who has many other women in his life cause I'm not the one he's with. Sure beats spending your life behind bars for attempted murder on two different attempts on a single mom and her two kids who are just trying to make it in these tough economic times and who already were hurting because we lost someone who meant the world to us because my ex was also my best friend. But clearly he didn't feel the same cause he turned on us and took her side in all of this. So that is my itching nightmare. All I can say is that I've said so many prayers and thru this I learned so much and there is something to be said about the power of prayer and accepting Jesus as our savior. He does hear you and He does listen and He does exist, but that's a whole other prayers go out to all those who suffer with itching and having your life turned upside down. God bless....stay strong and don't give up. Peace and love to all!

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