It's Time for a New Attitude!

So You Can't Sleep

A number of years ago, a Lou Harris poll determined that there are two primary reasons to cause sleeplessness. Those reasons were health and wealth. When you look on the internet today, the search engines are still finding as the most searched items are health and wealth.

I felt compelled to make a note when reading an article, it stated that Virgil, one of the greatest free thinkers in the Roman Empire had indicated that "The greatest wealth is health."

These two concerns have been around for more than 2000 years and the concern is just as strong today. Yes, we keep making the same mistakes over and over. We make a bad choice and that decision affects our lifestyle and/or life expectancy.

One way to minimize this issue is to listen to our mind, body and soul. It seems if we listen, we will do a better job of managing our health and wealth.

Our health care costs continue to escalate and we seem to be contacting new diseases all of the time, wouldn't it be smart to step up, straighten up and start up with a new approach to our lives.

Start today, one step at a time, address our health and wealth issues and take corrective action.

To steal from Nike - "JUST DO IT!"


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