Jack3d - Dangerous and Addictive Supplement?

Manufacturers are fiercely competing to make the most powerful pre-workout supplement possible (or at least make you believe it is). Each new supplement to hit the market seems to make bigger claims. Many times it’s a new marketing angle and behind the label the product is basically identical to all the others. Every once in a while, the bodybuilding community confirms the hype; “Honeymoon period” user reports on message boards and various review sites abound. The latest example of this phenomenon can be seen with Jack3d. The USP Labs Supplement is fast becoming the flavor of choice among gym rats.

What is Jack3d

Traditionally supplements have sold in large tubs. Jack3d on the other hand is sold in small containers. The claim to fame is that it contains only active ingredients and no fillers while most pre-workout powders use additives such as maltodextrin and excessive amounts of magnesium to bulk up the weight of the formula.

Jack3d Abuse

This report does not seek to deny that Jack3d gives you the desire to work out for extended periods and with increased intensity. The point is to disclose that fact that there are indeed dangers to be aware of before you decide to load up on it. While safe for those that follow the guidelines, enthusiasts that go beyond their limits may pay a high price by potentially damaging their health.

Several consumer reviews have disclosed anecdotes about Jack3d causing awkward social situations. While the user of Jack3d is flying high on the stuff and “getting so much done” in the workplace or gym, they do not look they are operating in a healthy state to co-workers and friends. The terms “strung out” or “uppity” have been used to describe their state. Surprisingly, these remarks aren’t taken as warning signs but instead are seen as complementary. After all, it becomes clear that Jack3d is so powerful that others are noticing the effects.

People with an addictive personality or history of drug abuse have a good chance of taking it too far. Jack3d contains enough powerful stimulants to make it a substance that can fast become “a dependence powder.”

Ingredients Analyzed

Here is a breakdown of the compounds in Jack3d. Assuming the reader has already read about the positive attributes, we will be taking a look the potential dangers of each.

Geranamine (1,3-Dimethylamylamine or Methylhexamine)

This psychoactive drug is not FDA approved due to lack of research. It has adverse effects when safe usage is exceeded, including headache, nausea, and even stroke.

Schizandrol A

This is one of the effective components in the dried Schizandra fruit native to China and Korea. There is very little information available about Schizandrol A and only a few lab studies have been conducted. Botanists’ claim the fruit itself can increase in the speed of reflex nervous responses.

Methylxanthines (Caffeine & Theophylline)

Jack3d supporters claim that it gives them energy without “the crash” and yet pretty much anyone will agree that caffeine is a temporary fix. Theophylline is very similar in structure to caffeine. Due to its numerous side-effects, the drug is rarely administered for clinical use.


This amino acid really does increase muscular strength, endurance and delay fatigue. Numerous studies have proven it.

Creatine Monohydrate

There are no adverse side effects beyond occasional dehydration. Users of Jack3d often suggest drinking plenty of water to offset this, which is a good idea regardless.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

This is the salt of the amino acid arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid. Along with the other amino acid based substances in Jack3d, there are no major drawbacks to speak of.


Hopefully the research contained herein helps you to make an informed decision about Jack3d and if it is right for your workout routine.

If you already use Jack3d, as long as you use it responsibly and are aware of the risks of overdosing, you have nothing to worry about. Although it isn’t perfect, it can help you meet your fitness goals when used right.

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rylittleton profile image

rylittleton 7 years ago

Very nice, brief overview of the supplement. Informed builders really do need to know the pros and cons of any supplement. This is a great starting point for further research. Thank you for caring about the bodybuilding community.

John 7 years ago

Thank You for the review. I've been using jack3d for about 4 months now and that stuff is great!

Ronnie 7 years ago

I have used one tub of Jack3d. I workout using a kettlebell and found that I could workout for an additional 20 minutes without feeling tired. Currently cycling off for 4 weeks.

Frank G. 7 years ago

Have been using Jack 3d for 2 weeks now and find that it is one of the best pre-workout sups I've tried. It definitly gives you the boost and focus through-out your workout and then some. But I haven't had any trouble sleeping or crashing. Like it better than N.O. Explode

Steve 7 years ago

I took this supplement and ended up in the ER with a cardiac arrhythmia, please consult a physician before taking it, I'm taking blood thinners for life because of this supplement.

matt 7 years ago

steve how long were you talking this for?

josh 7 years ago

Steve how old are you? did you have any underlying medical conditions that you were unaware of prior to taking this supplement? Has it been confirmed that jacked caused your cardiac arrhythmia?....these are all questions that need to be answered in order for us other jacked users to make a better informed decision on taking this sup or not taking this sup.. thank you in adnavce!

4everfitness profile image

4everfitness 7 years ago

Sounds like great stuff. Hard to get myself off the creatine and argenine, but I'm always open.

Thanks for the review.


Jack 3d 7 years ago

The stuff is awesome, no doubt. I recommend trying it on heavy days. If you're new to pre-workout drinks, start with one scoop. The veterans can get 2 scoops.

Got great price comparisons on the link above as well

bojanglesk8 profile image

bojanglesk8 7 years ago

Is that supplement a prohormone?

sytor 7 years ago

a bit of a worry if you end up with heart problems

Colin 7 years ago

I just finished a tub of Jacked 3d and have have good results. However if I take a full 3 scoops I defiantly get high. 2 scoops however gives me good drive for a work out and actually keeps me pumped all day without a crash.

jbsweet profile image

jbsweet 7 years ago from Cleveland, Oh

Nice hub really thorough

Click Here!

Lauren 7 years ago

Is it safe for females?

WeLoveFitness 7 years ago

This stuff works, I have tried it, it gives me a boost in the gym

Arnold 7 years ago

Steve is either lying or incorrect in saying that he is taking blood thinners for life because of this supplement. It is because of some prior existing condition. Steve must work for Muscletech.

con 7 years ago

are there any side affects caused by this product?

Fitforlife 7 years ago

By taking Jack3d, would there be any substance in it that might make a person get acne?

Derek 7 years ago

I've been taking Jack3d for about 4 months now and I love it. It gets me focused and energized to work out more than other products I have used. With that said, I do crash after my workouts. It is, however, understandable because I usually stay in the gym for an hour and a half to an hour forty five minutes which will fatigue anyones body. I just wonder about its effect on one's heart because it does speed up my heart rate. Overall, I already have recommended this product to many people and will continue to do so since it has benefitted me so much.

Tony 7 years ago

I'm 61, in good health and I workout, but not consistent. I'm starting a totally new fitness program which include weightlifting and cardio. I am not new to the gym and have been lifting for over 10 years, but I'm just not consistent with my workouts. I take protein and creatine at this time and was reading up on Jack3d and wanted to ask if anybody thinks this would be unsafe for me to take. Any info would be appreicated.

Al  7 years ago

The majority of the product ingredients appear to be beneficial, except when the sweeteners are introduced. Both Acesulflume-K and Sucralose. A double yammie.

Sucralose (Splenda) is a Chlorocarbon.

It is in the same family of chemicals as DDT and PCBs.

Don't worry, it’s not DDT, it’s “DDT-Lite!”

Google the details on the web for these sweeteners, by searching for them in conjunction with the word "toxicity".

patrick w 7 years ago

i have been using it for 3 weeks now, i am 43 years old-with a great sex drive-i have gained 2" of muscle in my bicept-and this is going to sound weird-but it has made my sex tool grow 2" in length and gives me a powerful rock hard erection

Nicks 7 years ago

What, I ask, is the point of getting fit and looking 'healthy' if it is drug driven - surely, this is lunacy?

Jay 7 years ago

I agree with Nicks. This drug does give you a drive to workout, guaranteed. However, I just can't seem to convince myself that it is beneficial in many other ways. What happens when you get off the stuff? You're going to want to get back on it obviously to get the same results and that can't be healthy. I think it will be addicting in the end to anyone that uses it long-term.

Phil 7 years ago

In reference to steve, cardiac arrhythmia is one of the adverse side effects of theophylline, one of the ingredients synergized with caffeine to not make you 'crash'. As the article states theophylline has many side effects. I advise people to look it up there were several side effects of concern i.e Seizures (in some cases without excedeing the recommended dosage of theophylline). Upon looking it up it does say that most people do not have adverse effects, however it would suck to find out like Steve. Good article, glad I read it before trying jack3d, I will make sure to start with a scoop and increase as needed, however i never intend using 3 scoops due to the lack of information on Geranamine and the dangers of theophylline. Also, does anyone happen to know the mg of caffiene in jack3d?

Hope this was helpful but long story short.. we should be more knowledgable about the things we are putting in our body.

jay z 7 years ago

jack 3d is craz i am hooked i get so high of it but i never workout

Claudia 7 years ago

I am 53 and have been lifting/bodybuilding for years and would like to try something to give me more of an edge. Does anyone know if there are any side effects with asthma/COPD. Any additional information would be great!! Would like to boost my workout and gain size. Thanks

Amber 7 years ago

A lot of friends of mine use this while working long hours. Well, they just got drug tested and METHANPHETAMINES (METH) showed up in their system. They had this product tested and sure enough had METH in it.

Donna 7 years ago

Tried Jack3d tonight. It made me quite anxious. After my workout I had a hard time drinking my protein shake. I was a little nausious. I can't put my finger on it. I just don't feel right. I workout twice a day and burn at least 1000 calories a day in cardio. And 2-3xs a week I do strength training. Energy drinks do not affect me at all so I was amazed that I felt anything at all w/ Jack3d.

Alex 7 years ago

Im only 16 and I've taken jack3d for almost a year. I take 3 scoops everyday. I can actually feel this supp work. I never had any problems...so I don't no what people are talkin about here??? Maybe people can't handle a supp that actually works. Advice to those who have "problems", get real.

alex 7 years ago

My step brother is a bodybuilder in Cincinnati. He also got positive results of the meth thing. Should I be concerned as a user Of jack3d? Please reply. Thanks.

ACL 7 years ago

If this supplement were causing positive drug tests for amphetamines, I'm sure we would be hearing about it on a larger scale, rather than from "Amber's friends who use it to work long hours who coincidentally got drug tested".

To Steve, who indicated he developed a Cardiac Arrhythmia as a direct result of this product, I find it odd that you took the time to come to a forum to flame the product, but you don't feel inclined enough to actually provide useful information by giving details about your condition, or how you confirmed that this product was the cause.

Tony, at 61, you should consult with your physician before taking any new supplements. At 61, he'll probably tell you to be more concerned with heart health and maintenance, and not pushing your body to its limits. I would agree.

Alex, if you're 16 and have been taking 3 scoops a day for a year, it's probably time to slow down and read the directions on the tub.

I've been using it for about 2 months 2-3x week. It's definitely all that's advertised, so I can also see people getting hooked on it for its ability to delay muscle exhaustion. I know I'm pushing my body to the extreme each time I work out with this product. So if you're going to use this product, just use your brain and don't overdo it.

Chris 7 years ago

I've been taking this product for about a month and im almost done with the tub. It certainly does give you the focus and energy for the gym, but i question how safe it is to use. I'm not going to buy another one because the product is addicting and i have been experiencing some heart aches myself. I take it 2-3 times a week, never taken more than 1.5 scoops and im 19, 194 lbs. I might not even finish the rest of it because of the heart aches. feels like my heart is skipping beats

alex 7 years ago

To ACL, if I don't slow down, what's the result coin to be?

joecseko profile image

joecseko 7 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

This hub was created just to hype this stuff! I've been training for over 25 years, winning numerous USAPL contests etc. As well as overcomming huge, life threatening health issues.

This product:

Firstly, to the commentor asking if it works for women-- possibly, but very per reviewed study ever testing the effectiveness of creatine in women drew 100% negative results-- no creatine load, no increase in phosphocratine. This casts doubt over the fact that beta alannine would be effective.

Next, I too tried this product. I did not see any improvement in performance, nor muscle perfusion. In fact; the amount of AAKG is relatively small. The AEE is good for instant NOS gratification, but nitric oxide cannot be stored by the human body. This makes the AAKG the more effective NO booster, as AAKG remains in the blood stream much longer. Add to that there's only limited evidence that this perfusion by way of vasodilation really has any anabolic effects.

By the way, that is me in that picture, and yes, drug free for life.

So, my parting shot to the author: Accept this comment rather than deny it, and rebuff what I've said here. I'm rather curious to see what you come up with.

joecseko profile image

joecseko 7 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

Oh, and, Derek: Wow, a whole hour and a half in the gym? Whoopie! I'm 40 now and my back or leg workouts last at least two and a half hours! In fact, most guys that I know spend that kind of time in the gym.

BOBBY 6 years ago

Okay I have a q. I took 2 scoops in the morning and 2 at night today. and then I read the label. I was just wondering if this could be seriously bad. Because you know all the side effects and it says DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS IN 24 HOUR TIME but I did and just reallized I was not supposed too. Now I'm a little scared any advice???

6 years ago

Been taking for a week and definitely feel some discomfort with my heart beats. Going to see a physician asap

carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

I like the product fine.. I take 2 heaping scoops, it's effects similar to NanoVapor, but with the added strength-building benefits of beta-alanine. I think this post is hype, though- trying to make it sound so hardcore that some guys'd have to try it. That seems unnecessary to me. Just an opinion, though.

jay 6 years ago

just wondering kinda a noobie to lifting a lot... should i take my protein after and creatine before or vice versa or both at the same time?????

Jack 6 years ago

im 18 and i've been taking two scoops a day for the past two weeks and i've been getting bad cases of insomnia since then, in fact, its 3:42 am right now -__-

joel  6 years ago

okay i've been taking jacked for about 2 weeks now and i'm not going to lie the result has been awesome, amazing drive and focus but i'm only 16 what do you recommend? stop? continue? what could happen to me? the USPLABS does say its only for adults 18 years or older that are healthy? give me advice?

Luis 6 years ago

I just started taking jacked and I only do cardio the stuff works but would it be bad to take more than the three scoops a day? I want to up it since I intend to go to the gym two tines a week Also I don't bodybuild I only want to do cardio to burn fat is this ok???

Wes 6 years ago

I have been taking the supplement on and off for 2 months. When I use it no doubt it is amazing, increased drive and energy. I am concerned about heart issues however. Is anyone a doctor?

Mike 6 years ago

Ive been using this stuff for 2 months 2 scoops or 2 and a half is all you need. great for workouts and no side affects anyone who says they are hooked on it is crazy. i went 8 months without using it.

Will (PLEASE READ) 6 years ago


Here me out: I needed to get some "boost" for my training session today so my brother gave me Jack3d.

By the way, I have tried supplements like Super Pump and N.O. Explode in the past. Besides having to shit 10 minutes after I drank these, they usually did the job of keeping me motivated for my training and I had no side effects. I only stopped taking them because they were too expensive and I felt like I was putting too much artificial shit in my body so I just switched back to black coffee.

But TODAY, I tried that Jack3d and I here's the sequence of events after taking it:

1. Took the 2 serving size scoops 30 minutes prior to training

2. Went through training (1 hr and 15 minutes including warmup). The Jack3d kept me stimulated, felt pretty good.

3. Got home, started to feel really moody for no reason (I felt like a zombie that was wired, depressed, irritable, anxious)

4. Approximately 3.5 hours after my workout I still feel the effects...zoned out like a zombie, wired, less depressed, not as anxious).

5. My brother told me my pupils are dilated, he says I look kind of like Jack Nicolas in the movie "The Shining" as I'm writing this post.

I really recommend that you think hard about putting this product into your body. Like all supplements, there is a risk and reward factor. The reward for this product is that it gets you pumped for your workout, no doubt. But the risk of potential short term and long term effects of the individual ingredients alone or in combination could be potentially dangerous.

puppet 6 years ago

Jacked3d definitely works. Great pump, focus and all the things you want in a pre-workout drink. I get a tingly feeling everytime I take it but it is not a bad feeling actually it makes me feel even more focus and ready to workout. However I am concerned about the addictive effects of this product. When I don't take it I miss it..like all pump prodcuts I recommend cycling on/off or use it sparingly not everyday for all workouts.

Laker fan 6 years ago

I used this stuff the first time last night and my energy was unlike I've ever had and my strength increased enough to notice. This stuff is awsome but I deffinitly wouldn't over do on it. I had 1 scoop and i felt like I could work out forever. I had a little trouble falling to sleep so i wouldn't recommend more then 1 scoop if you work out in the after noon like I do. Definitly try! If you get it at gnc you always have 30 days to return it if you don't like it.

Steve 6 years ago

I just tried the jack3d.. I took 1.5 scoops the first time and decided to go the whole 3 scoops the second time... It really helped in the workout... But my question is this... Later when with my wife... Well let's just say things didn't work... Lol has this ever happened with anybody while using jack3d

Derek 6 years ago

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks, 1 scoop before I workout. I admit I am a little worried about it, which is the main reason I only take 1; plus if I workout twice a day I can take it again. No side effects noticed and I am extremely focused and alert in the gym.

born35again 6 years ago from Florida

I've used it, and I loved it. It offered a real drive in the gym. With any supplement, a check up from a doctor is a non-option: This must be done. Also, take it easy on the dosage, it says take one, and one was usually enough. I don't really find it addicting, but for drug addicts, I guess it’s a different story. USPLabs puts out quality supplements, and Jack3d was worth the money, in my opinion.

John 6 years ago

I have been using this product for 2 months now. I love the feeling it gives me before and during the work out. I am focused and feel stronger than I have in years (I am 43). I know that my heart rate increases after taking 3 scoops, but I think that's only the caffeine. I only take it on the days that I'm lifting. I have not had any trouble sleeping or feeling like a "zombie" as some people have described, but then everyones body reacts differently. I eased into using the Jack3d starting with one scoop and then increasing to three. Usually 3 days a week. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a boost in their workouts. Again, you need to read the label and start with one scoop to see how your body reacts.

positives and negatives 6 years ago

Some positives and negatives. Jack3d gives you that extra energy in the gym. I think one person mentioned it. It does do something to your private parts. Let say while you feel Jack3d working out, other's parts of your body doesn't feel so jack3d. Once you wake up or it's out of your system, you should be fine. It takes a longer to get an erection and keep one with this stuff in your system.

Also, maybe not a bad but if you don't take it on a completely empty stomach expect to do a number 2 after 30 min. taking it. This normally happens to me about 60% of the time.

Next, This could be do to something else and NOT related to jack3d at all. I have been getting bumps on my forehead recently not regular acne. One big bump ...goes away then I get another bump. This maybe due to eating habits ...stress don't know. It leaves these little spots on my face like acne when the bumps go away ...ughh again THIS could be UNRELATED to Jack3d.

I tried working out without jack3d and I just didn't have the same energy. Btw... I take two scoops before I work out.

I've gained muscle and lost about 35 pounds ...well maybe it looks like more muscle because of the weight loss.

It DOESN'T feel addictive. I have taken it for about 4 months, and there isn't this addictive need to take it. I don't work out every day and I'm not thinking "MAN I need to gulp down this floor cleaner tasting fluid ...fruit (coconut )punch is slightly better."

Yes... like others said it's much more difficult to go to sleep for people who work out at night. I do work out at night. I'm able to go to sleep, but I could easily stay up all night after working out at night.

The most important question long term use to body parts? No clue whatsoever. I assume that I'll get bored of working out and hopefully I don't read in the paper that this stuff does long term damage to XYZ body parts.

The stuff is better than NO2 explode and Supercharge. I have before and after pics to prove it's effectiveness but I'm too lazy to link.

Steven 6 years ago

I'm 18, been lifting for 4 years, however mostly a swimmer. This is the first workout supplement I've taken excluding protein, and I have to say this stuff works. The first few times I took I did experience shaking throughout my workouts from the adrenaline. At 5'6 weighing in at 150 I've found that one scoop before, then half a scoop mixed in as i workout has great results. I am curious though if anyone else has found that using jack3d during the workout helps at all.

the spence 6 years ago

I like Jack3d, I am a runner. Jack3d kept me focus and full of energy during my runs. after running 9 miles at the gym I went home and cleaned the house.

the spence 6 years ago

I like Jack3d, I am a runner. Jack3d kept me focus and full of energy during my runs. after running 9 miles at the gym I went home and cleaned the house.

Good but Bad (for me) 6 years ago

I have been taking this supp. and love its effectiveness in the gym, it gives me huge pumps and the weights feel like they are very light (usually bench 225, and i was hitting 245, 2 reps).

However, I have been experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness, heart issues, speed, irregular it seems, etc with it that i couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from. I believe this supplement is the culprit and i had my blood pressure checked today and it was very elevated, and im a healthy 24 year old at 6'0" 165.

So im going to stop taking it and hopefully things clear up. I guess it reacts differently with everyone but its def. something to consider when you take it. I started off with 1 scoop and switched to doing 2 from there on. This kinda frustrates me because i loved its great effect for motivation ,etc. and the tingle in my face.


Eric 6 years ago

Yeah im workin out at roughly about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours at the gym every day, im using just 1 heaped scoop and its weird you can feel but it lasts about 4 hours. I really enjoy the stuff, wether im doing intense stamina workouts or just weights.

Roger 6 years ago

I am 86 years old and have been lifting for the past 50 years, every other day. I started taking Jack3d about a year ago and it works better than any other supp. I have taken. I can now pop boners and it is rock hard. If anyone would like to come feel it then please let me know. Thanks.

Rich 6 years ago

I've seen a wide range of comments here, so I guess, it depends how your body reacts to the supplement. After using NOS, and Supper Pump, where I felt the effects, I can't tell if Jack3d is working, or not, because I don't feel any side effects. Im also concerned that there are posts that report Methamphetamine in the contents,

Olivia 6 years ago

I tried this sup for the first time today. I rock climb and i noticed a big difference in power and endurance, it also helped my focus. Someone asked if this stuff will work for women, i can say first hand that it most definitely does. I have to say I'm a little scared to try it again tho. It left me feeling very light headed and dizzy, so if you take it, be sure to drink PLENTY of water.

I have to agree with a lot of the other comments, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR for prolonged or heavy usage.

Overall i like it. If you're going to use it, use it how the company recommends, be responsible and keep in mind that many of the ingredients or amounts of those ingredients are not natural for the human body so the product should be used carefully!

Bill 6 years ago

Jack3d is great. It shaved 2 minutes off my one mile run time. I enjoy the tingling sensation in my fingertips after i take it. Whoo hoo!!

patrick 6 years ago

I didn't even take the protective seal off my canister yet and more focused and pumped. This stuff really works.

Apoc 6 years ago

the first time i took this sup i had 3 scoops after that i felt coked up and felt like smoking a cig and buying some beer lol. it does give u energy but it doent help in the gym for extra reps i have noticed i might start look for another sup after my tube is done.

smanCometh 6 years ago

Dudes...this stuff is definetly addictive...trust me. I have been taking three scoops a day for the last 6 weeks and I just tried to quit and let me tell you the withdrawals are pretty nasty and scary...very freaky, especially when I tried to sleep. I know about addiction and have been hooked on opiates so I know what I'm talking about...it's as strong as a light dose of Ritalin if you have ever taken that...which you probably haven't...just be extremely careful with this product...very potent stuff.

Big sister 6 years ago

My 24 year old brother took this stuff yesterday. 2 scoops, I am witness. He worked out for about 4 hours just because he couldn't stay sitting down. His pulse was so going so fast it felt like a vibration in his neck. He went to take a shower and started puking and still couldn't sit still or sleep well. Today he's still feeling the weird high from it and looks strung out. He says he feels a little better but he's strangely on edge. Be careful before taking anything that's not well known. It's like buying a first model car--very few times are the kinks already worked out, you know? Wait and let it be under better research!!

Losx0908 6 years ago

Be careful with this product! I've tried 2 scoops yesterday and i could not get any sleep at all! I maybe slept for like 2 hours and i can still feel the energy i can say..TOO MUCH energy. But its still a great product always keeps you going in the gym!

Losx0908 6 years ago

Be careful with this product! I've tried 2 scoops yesterday and i could not get any sleep at all! I maybe slept for like 2 hours and i can still feel the energy i can say..TOO MUCH energy. But its still a great product always keeps you going in the gym!

Russell 6 years ago

I tried this product for the first time yesterday and used it again today... I use about 1 and a half scoops maybe a little more. I felt great during my workout, and after I was still pumped but nothing to extreme, I came down fine by the time I went to sleep.

Let me say that just because you take this and it jacks you up does NOT mean you should push yourself to far, maybe workout a little harder/longer, but the idiot that worked out for 4 hours puked from CNS (Central Nervous System) fatigue, ANYONE will tell you 4 hours of training is EXTREMELY bad for you unless your a pro and seasoned bodybuilder or power-lifter.

This product personally has worked great for me, I will post again if bad side effects occur, but for right now I recommend this to anyone who KNOWS WHAT THEIR DOING

Jesse P 6 years ago

I have taken NO Explode for years now. And wanted to swith it up. Bought this stuff and The Vitamin Shoppe for 29 bucks. The focus is amazing and is a very potent pre workout drink.

Where my problem lies is that I am a recovering drug addict (6 years sober) Stimulates. I do feel somewhat weird after my workout, kind of like I am coming down off coke. However I have been going to bed fine, where i have a harder time sleeping when taking NO Explode.

I have also noticed that my sex drive is way up.

It definatley works, and Im hoping i get more use to it so I don't feel so weird after my workout.

smanCometh 6 years ago

Oh yes...this stuff def. increases your sexual drive...I canstantly want to have sex with my girl of 22 years and shes tough to warm up...very challenging.

David 6 years ago

I have been taking this product for 3 months now and there are pros and cons to this product. I feel this product really delivers on what it promises, you lose body fat while building muscle, but there are a few side effects. As you can see from all the posts, this product affects everybody differently. Let me tell you a little about myself, I am 33 years old; I weigh 185 lbs with 10% body fat. I lift weights 3 days a week and try and stay active on the other days. When I first started Jacked I was 185 at about 12% body fat, so as you can see I have lost fat, while building muscle. Just to make sure my body was ok from the inside out, I went to the doctors last week and my blood pressure was good and all my vitals were fine.

I am very sensitive to energy drinks like rock star and red bulls because they make my heart race, I feel queasy, and I am unable to sleep, so with that being said I don’t get the heart racing and queasiness from Jacked. I don’t get the amazing focus and energy in the gym that everybody talks about on Jacked but I do get an awesome long lasting pump from it. I would say if you want incredible energy and focus try No Xplode, but Jacked gives you better results. I would recommend only taking 1 scoop the first time, just to see how your body reacts to it and then go up from there. A lot of people have mentioned their stomach not feeling well after taking Jacked and it could be because they are taking too much right away. If you are sensitive to caffeine or beta alanine then 2 scoops or more right away can make you feel sluggish, lazy, tingly and upset your stomach. You do get a tingly feeling when you take Jacked and I have no problem with it, but I know a few people who do not like that feeling and can’t work out on it.

After your workout your body is going to be extremely pumped for about an hour afterwards. And then after a few hours your body is going to be extremely relaxed. It almost feels like after you had sex and your body is numb and super relaxed. This is where I can see how some people say they have sexual issues, because you’re body is so relaxed it is difficult to get in the “mood”. If you workout at night, do not take too much because when I first started using Jacked I would take only 1 scoop and I would not be able to go to sleep for hours. That last for only about a week until your body gets used to it, but then you’ll want to take 1.5 or 2 scoops to get that awesome pump in the gym again and then you will have the same problem, so it’s a balancing act as far as how much to take vs. bedtime. I do not have an addictive personality so I had no problem stopping this product, but if you do you might want to reconsider or just start really slow with this product.

The few Cons I have personally had with this product are:

Back Acne

Hard to sleep if take too much

I think it slows your sex drive a little.

Josh 6 years ago

I used this 3 times a week for a month. After the fourth week of using the product (two scoops pre workout) I began to notice a stabbing pain in the back of my eye.. This would then spread down to the back of my neck. Because I was unaware that it was being caused by the supp I continued using it for another week. Each time I used it both during the workout and afterwards I would feel this strong stabbing pain in the back of my left eye. So I discontinued use although my lifts were increasing it was not worth the literal 'pain in the neck' whilst working out. After about 3 weeks without jack3d the pain had gone and I went back to drinking regular red bull pre workout.

James 6 years ago

I LOVE IT. im almost 16 and i take 2 scoops and the stamina is there for my hole steength class period. definitely recommend it. But i did kinda feel zoned out afterward? Any answers why?

Kevin 6 years ago

Simply, and uniquivocally the best pre workout supplement there is to date. Have used Jack3d for over a year now and it never disappoints. 2 1/2 scoops along with 2 servings of Endorush. All day energy, no crash whatsoever, great nights sleep. Admittedly, it took a few months to work up to the Jack and Endo combo, but the gains I've made in my training are undeniable and at 33 I'm in my best shape ever and get so much more out of training..Can't say enough about Jack..just great great stuff.

Aaksdad 6 years ago

Thanks for all the comments. Need some guidance and insights from experts. I am 40 and returning to a regular 6 day a week workout schedule (with lofty goals) after a gap of 4 years. I checked with 4 different physicians about supplements but none advised for or against. Pardon if its a stupid question. Is there really a "Safe" supplement out there?

Ben 6 years ago

Spellcheck. Antidotes v anecdotes.

6 years ago

It is possible that everyone will react differently to any supplement, drug, or medication as well as there may be some commonalities with reactions. So I'll only speak for myself.

Pros and Cons


Increased focus in the gym

Very good gains

No crash


If I take more than 1 scoop I am wired up for the entire day.

Yesterday I took 2 scoops and worked out at 3pm and I was feeling this well after midnight. I worked out for an hour got home and took my shower. I drank my post-workout shake but couldn't eat my post workout meal an hour after that because it's like it kicked in again heavy around 6pm and I was worried I'd get sick. At first it was tired after the heavy workout but ended up wired up, heart racing, and needed to sit down.

After taking this sex is completely off the table for the remainder of the day. My mind will want it but my body will not cooperate if you know what I'm saying.

Sleep is thrown off.


Don't get me wrong. If I take 1 scoop or less the above effects are not as dramatic. I believe it hits me so hard because with the exception of the occasional green tea, I try my best to avoid caffeine at all times and this has a good amount of it in it.

In this case, if I can't eat and my rest (and sex!) patterns are thrown off, then it does my absolutely no good. It is great "At the gym" but not after.

For other people, I would suggest starting with a half a scoop and learning your tipping point. Mine is one scoop and when/if I take it again, I'll stay in my lane.

Priyom aka prince of gold's gym hollywood 6 years ago

Ok enough. I have read this shit.. and decided i am NOT switching to jack 3d from no xplode. i have been on no xplode for 3+ years now, and it works BEAUTIFULLY for me. I maintain 3.6% body fat 365 days a year about 160 pounds, and shredded to the bone too with decent mass and lean muscle.

ppl complain about crapping after no xplode.. but i LOVE that fact, because after i crap right after i take it, i have a GREAT uninterrupted work out. and i take only 1 scoop, train 5 days a week for 2 hours, and don't take any on non training days. drink about 3 gallons of fluids a day.. including water and chocolate milk and protein shakes, syntha six.

i had NO problems, matter fact when i was in no xplode, i actually feel MORE horny, than the off cycle. i cycle 3 months on, one month off, and it's FINE for me. i take 0 caffeine products other times.. ever.

go check my youtube vids.

Matt 6 years ago

It looks like Steve above had health concerns that he was unaware of. I have always used USP Labs supplements for years now and have never experienced any medical conditions that presented short term or permanent risks whatsoever. USP Labs is the only supplement company that actually puts in natural tested supplements that they list on it's labels. These are the only supplements that actually get you permanent results too. I've added 105lbs to my bench press, 215lbs to my squat, 2.5in to my arms, 2in to my chest, and 3in to my quads. I always have a complete physical done each year and have never experienced anything negative in my lab work. I think too many people jump the gun and automatically blame supplements for health concerns that were already present inside their bodies but were unaware of them. Also remember that everybody's bodies are different. One may be very sensitive to caffeine while another can take stimulants with no problems. Another person may already have a family history of high blood pressure and something they took set it off. Before we make ridiculous claims have a physical done to see where your body is currently at before we rip outstanding supplement companies.

alex 6 years ago

matt, from reading your comment I am convinced that you work for usp labs. Getting all those gains with supplements is impossible (at least doing it healthy). My profession is personal trainer and I trained many people and I've seen their progress while training with different supplements. Out of curiosity, I decided to try jack myself and I am very dissapointed from it. It did not give me the extra pumps it promises nor the exrta energy; i usually drink some green tea before my workouts but I replaced it with jack3d and my energy levels went drastically down. Steve might had health concerns that he was unaware of, but I wouldn't be surprised if he just got serious side effects from jack3d. Supplements like jack3d are very strong and I would not recommend to anyone to use them. I am fourty five years old and so far I only trained with pure whey protein(and I tried jack3d but just for once). I have two sons one 17years old and one 21 and I would never give anything else to them than pure protein. Also during my career, I noticed that the only way to get permanent results without side effects is having a healthy diet, work out hard and use whey protein. Additionally, one can try fishoil. As for nitric oxide products, before deciding to buy them,you should know there are serious side effects and if you are a man, they will affect (negatively) your errections. Before judging me, just go to google yourself and find a trustworthy site where you can see the side effects of nitric oxide. Sorry if I had any grammar errors but I was born in Europe and I came to America before twenty years approximately.

heath lewis 6 years ago

I used this product for the first time tonight and it definitely does something.

I am 19 and weigh 170 pounds, i used 3 scoops mixed in with a abb speed stack drink. I felt a sure boost in stamina as i worked out for 2 hours and more powerful pumps for sure. The bad part is how i felt after working out. It may have been caused by other things, including a long workout time, but i crashed hard. An hour after working out i felt like i have never felt before. I felt so hormonal, sad, energetic, etc. Just a bunch of feeling wrapped into one and it sucked. If taken a recommend to start out on low doses. hope this helps

Matt 6 years ago

Alex, I live in Phoenix, AZ and USP Labs is in Texas. I too am a former personal trainer. Maybe I have better genetics than most. However, don't make comments unless you know what your talking about. And for the knuckle head above that copmplained about a stabbing pain in his eye after using Jack3d, that's ridiculous. Maybe he should see an eye doctor. Or maybe cut down on the amount of weight he is using which is causing him to strain. People are way to quick to jump to conclusions. Perhaps if you guys really knew more about your bodies you wouldn't jump so quick to blaming a supplement for your weaknesses.

Justin 6 years ago

yo matt, u seem to know a lot about USP Labs u sure ur not workin 4 'em?? i gotta agree with alex on this one, he seems to know what he's talkin bout and if u r also a personal trainer why didn't u mentioned it the first time?? and calling a person "knuckle head"?? that makes me believe that u r a student just as me rather a professional trainer.

also, alex i would like to ask u a few questions. i am 19years old, 177pounds with low body fat. i use pure protein just as u but r there any other supplements out there that can help me go to the next level without any serious side effects?? maybe creatine with a fat burner?? thank u in advance.

Anthony 6 years ago

Does mixing a small amount for use during the workout help anyone at all? That's on top of the preworkout dose

placido3 6 years ago

hi i am 26 and i had try jack 3d for about a month and is the best pre-workout pouder i ever try. after being at the gym for 3 hours the first time i took it i have to go to play basketboll for another 2 hours becuase i was with so much energy. the best think to do is not to abuse of this suplement!! follow the instruccion and that's it. i took less then the recommended. 1 and a half scop. is really powerfull. sorry for my english i just wanted to expresed myself. it is a great product!!!

Jesse 6 years ago

One other thing that I just noticed, is that Jack3d gives me severe dry mouth. I have never had this before and I have put the two together. Anyone else notice this?

to jesse 6 years ago

jesse, when u take jacked ur body gets dehydraded so make sure u drink a lot of water. however, this is a very strong and addictive supplement so i tould recommend u to quit taking it or to start taking less

Sue 6 years ago

I just tried one scoop of this supplement yesterday. I know results will be different for everyone, but I felt very jittery. It was very frustrating.

6 years ago

OMG--- Jack3d give me intense focis and strenght, but my mouth gets so dry that I feel like a diabetic! I've noticed that my erections have become less too. But I do notice that I have bigger muscles. What should I do?

Dejan 6 years ago

Read up on the product guys!!! and don't belive the idiots baggin out the product. there just reps from other brands trying to put down someone elses or make theres sound better.

@ people saying its unsafe because there crazy high or what eva, your supposed to test your tolerance! one scoop frist and only take a second if you think you need it. it effects people differntly. SOME PEOPLE HAVE A RED BULL AND THEY THINK THERE OFF THERE FACE!!

i currently use N.O explode and love it, BUT have a mate who used jack3d and he said he loves it. so now im currious to try it next and compare the two.

I think these workout supplements are great, i work out after work and found myslef lil tired and yawning through my workout not getting any massive results, i stared taking my no explode (im sure jack3d does same shit) and they do really make u bust through your workout. i also jumped up dumbell size straight away

hope this helps, just don't abuse it

life 6 years ago

Today I tried jack3d for the first time.

I hate the feeling, feels like I'm high off meth,

I'm throwing the rest of this crap away, To all teens

please stay away from this stuff, the results could be serve

PPL 6 years ago

not that serious i use it for training also for sports. it works i felt it working but no meth high wtf. if u have health issues u shouldn't use anything beyond creatine n caffeine in my opinion. if u don't have a serious workout ahead of u don't use it... if all u have to do is arms 3x5 that day dont use it. its not cocaine its not that britney bobby enough wit the addict stuff. stick to the serving suggestings and ur good. be responsible , if ur 18 or 19 u shouldn't have to use something to pump u up u should have shit loads of energy... get some sleep and get ur Gh on the move before that shit starts to decline.

Gerry 6 years ago

ok first of all this stuff really works increase my strength , my stamina, my focus, etc. everything was fine with one scoop until i changed to 2 , shit i got high blood pressure, heart aches, nausea, and head aches i was like 165/100 in mi blood pressure and when i stop taking it i went back to 125/80 i mean this product really works but you are on your risk,im going to stop taking it cause my heart aches really get me scared .

Kristian 6 years ago

This shit is crazy.

Everything they said in the article is true. It gives you like a 2 hour adrenaline rush. I took 2 1/2 scoops and it makes you better at everything. you are in complete and utter focus. The crash is really shitty though but it only lasts for about 2 hours. It causes a decrease in appetite which sucks because the only way to get rid of the come down is to eat.

SGT Smith 6 years ago

I'm in the Military there is nothing that can come close to jack3d

not what i want  6 years ago

life 4 days ago

Today I tried jack3d for the first time.

I hate the feeling, feels like I'm high off meth,

I'm throwing the rest of this crap away, To all teens

please stay away from this stuff, the results could be serve

@Life... No you need to stay away from forums like this, its just fueling ur addiction to get back on to meth you crack head! i doubt anyone posting here has used meth except you since u know the feeling hahah, why you throwing it away?? so you go back on the real stuff? stop posting here and take ur stupid ass to a rehab clinic!

Julio 6 years ago

This is my third week taking jack3d... The pumps, the energy and the focus feels real good and I'm lifting 10 pounds more on the dumbells. The only problem is later at night when I want to have sex I can't get an erection and if I do it doesn't stay up. This only happens on the days I take jack3d and it really sucks because this has never happened to me and I'm 25 years old. I noticed that I'm not the only one with these side effects .. Therefore I'm gonna stop taking it because it's not worth it.. In my opinion my sexual health comes first. I'll stick to creatine alone for now.

Jason 6 years ago

I have been taking Jack3d for almost like a week. I can say that it is a great stuff, it makes me all hyper and want to work out like 5 hours but of course I get really tired after 1.5 hours. After the work-out I do not know if I am the only one feeling this way, but I feel very depressed. Overall, its really good.

Ras 6 years ago

Feeling verrrrry weird after taking 3 scoops at 11am and now its 9:30pm and am all screwed up.. Dialated pupils, jittery, Last time I will take Jack

Tony 6 years ago

Hey all, I have been using jacked 3d for about 2 weeks now and it really works...but pay attention to this article do not exceed the 3 scoop limit. The dehydration side effect is true, i usually avoid this by limiting myself to 2 scoops, but if you get dehydrated during your workout hit the zero calorie powerade...this will help the dehydration without loading you down with liquid...water does not work. Enjoy your workout.

Len 6 years ago

Would this be good before cardio workouts such as running to lose weight?

Jack3d Addict 6 years ago

My Jack3d experience started out fantastic, I would take a couple scoops here and there, to work out, to get me through my day, etc. But then it just got to be too much, I started taking 3 scoops everyday, started snorting some lines of jacked just to get that sensation.. then it became about life... all the sudden I couldn't live without jack3d, I sold myself just to get that 35$ needed to buy it at gnc, I'd go through a tub a day like it was nothing... I love jack3d!

73 -year old and still pumpin!

Phil 6 years ago

Jack3d put my perfectly healthy kid in the hospital with atrial fibrillation. He used the stuff and THE NEXT DAY had a few beers. I have a $10,000 hospital bill to deal with now. Crap should be BANNED.

drew 6 years ago

gets you jacked up, yes.

but if i take more than 3/4 scoop, i feel like i'm going to have a stroke when i start my weights.

during my cario warmup, i'm fine. but after a few sets of weights...no good.

the pain in my head was horrible. i was seriously seconds away from having someone at the gym call 911. to be honest, i was too embarrassed to ask someone to call. i would've rather died there on the gym floor than make a big scene and receive treatment.

luckily, the pain went away, and i was able to finish my workout.

i lowered my dosage and have been fine since.

leon 6 years ago

this shit kills u and gives u panic atacks!!!!!

someone who knows 6 years ago

if nebodys workin out for 4 hours they are ridiculous.. u only need to workout 45 min to an hr a day... stop wasting ur time instead get focused.. get in, get out, go home

sam 6 years ago

This stuff is great, I have currently completed an 8 week cycle and am currently 1 week through my 4 week break. I varied from using 1 scoop to on the odd occasion upping to 3 scoops and got great results. Over the 8 weeks i doubled the amount I was bench pressing (although before it I hadn't been to the gym for very long) so this stuff definitely works

Timo 6 years ago

Jack3d is quite a good pre workout supplement.

I have tried different ones before, like NO Explode or Horse Power.

The only problem with jack3d is that the amount of arginine is quite low, so for better pump I would recommend to add some AAKG (about 5 gramms)when drinking your two scoops. I also would recommend to add some beta alanin and to use beta alanine on a daily base ( about 5-6 gramms per day in 2-3 doses) to enhance it´s effectiveness.

For me, this mix of 3 gramms beta alanin, 5 gramms of AAKG and 2 scoops of jack3d is quite a brilliant training stimulator.

But I recommend to start slowly with jacked, in the beginning just test one scoop to find out how your body reacts when absorbing it´s ingredients.

I hope this was helpful.

Julian 6 years ago

I used to be epileptic but im no more only on a little bit of medication for a little while longer but my EEG

jamie 6 years ago

Its great for working out but i get very anxious and depressed afterward.

Bad move... 6 years ago

Ras it was probably a bad move for you to take 3 scoops. Try 1 and a half, but everyone i know who uses Jack3d only takes one. Its potent don't overdo it.

Brandon Ludwig 6 years ago

I just go finished using my Tub of Jack3d And i recommened it to everyone. at the end of wrestling season i weighed 159 and floated about 161, now after 2 months i have gained 13 LBS and weigh 174 after a good workout. My has gone from 190 to 230 and my squat is at 350.. BUT im very JITTERY and hyper after i work out and have mood swings. well worth everything though. I recommend it for everyone

Brandon Ludwig 6 years ago

My bench has gone from 190 to 230.. sorry i didn't clarify

Truth Hurts 6 years ago

I recently took NO EXPLODE for 12 weeks and now I jumped off the cycle for 4 weeks and in the 4 weeks I was off of NO EXPLODE, my buddy told me about Jack3d... So I bought it etc and tried it...

Overall it's a great product... Here's the thing about you Americans (NO OFFENSE) You guys take everything serious and it's all MENTAL!!!

I for one slept good everyday while taking this product and never felt depressed etc...

Dana 6 years ago

I tryed some tonight after my shift ended at 11pm. Um, it is amazing , but now I am wired to the hilt and it is after 3am. Hope this stuff wears off soon, lol. My girlfriend said I seemed like I had a lot of anxiety, can't sit still.

cristiano 6 years ago

i tried jack3d after 45 minutes it wil give u buzz

if u read the label this stuff contains Monoamine oxidade

inhibitor wich is an antidepressent wich stimulates cells in your brain...its has adverse effects if u are a moody person

u wont think twice in beating someone u also feel more awake

I did 30minutes cardio dint feel a thing but shit gave me crash i felt empty with sense of anxiety...

I have been training for 5 years my phisique is very good

read about the hype decided to give a try ..

I have used many goods NO PRODUCTS No explode,Mri black powder,super pump 250...and now size on..

Honestly jack3d its like buying a drug u will feel straight away do not recommend to anyone..

i though i was i was thought guy could handle anything this just a baby food no way this shits sucks

It will deliver what its says with future repercursion in your health..when i read the label the guy doing the comparisson with other label thought he was being honest...

trust me we are just giggy pigs like the article says...

u will get amazing results with gaspari super pump 250 even better gains with size on u don't have to combine both.

best so far size on its out of this world bang u will crash ur gym and great results

however wants to try feel free but a realy waste of money..

kevin 6 years ago

I don't understand these people saying they took two or three scoops and freaked out, puked, had insomnia, weird heart beat, etc. Are you literate? It says to take one scoop to assess your tolerance then increase as needed. I just finished my first can taking 1.5 scoops per day. I get great results with very little zombie-like or aggressive behavior. If you are too dumb to follow directions you have no business taking ANY supplement.

kevin 6 years ago

p.s. As for popping for meth on a drug test.... ridiculous. I am in the military and they sell this stuff in the store on base. We are drug tested more often than pretty much anyone in America and have heard of ZERO cases of people popping positive for meth.

chris 6 years ago

j3d mmmm what can i say ,dat sum weird shitt, im a fitness instructor took three scoops from a friend for the first time without knowing any side effects , stupid i know , but all i have noticed is sharper mental focus no matter what i doing ,from making dinner, driving,reading , conversation ect. i meant to train but didn't mke it on time , ive been up for about 5 hours now pupils are dilated ,feel a bit jittery , no apetite , and no where near ready to sleep overall good experience but i think the risks on his product are the same s most highs ...... what go's up mut come down peacccccccccccce

kevin 6 years ago

I have read every single comment on this page and have taken a complete bottle of jacked, and its worked fine. i have never uped passed 1 scoop and use every other workout. however, i recommend this new thing i just took two weeks ago called vasacore. it is the best. way better than my expirance with jacked. don't get me wrong jacked is good but if you over due it their could be side affects. vasacore is the way to go, just try it. its not addictive gets the job done and you never have to up the dose. its a white bottle with red labling. hard to find in any store other than nutri shop so you know its not bad for you.

Grant 6 years ago

I have been lifting for about 5 years now. For the last 2 years I would cycle on and off of super pump 250. A friend recommended jack3d to me and I took it for about a week. GREAT results in the gym!! The only problem... I went for a run the other day before work and decided to take 1 scoop ( I usually take 1 1/2 before my workout. Anyways when I got to work that night I had extreme paranoia and anxiety. I am a server at a restaurant. Anyways I almost lost my job and thought I was having a panic attack. Went to the doctor the next day and he put me on buspar ( an anti-anxiety) medication. Which I threw away last night.... anyways I am extremely hesitant to take anymore jack 3d and I wish I would have kept the receipt because I would take this back to GNC and get more super pump 250. BE CAREFUL

Chris 6 years ago

Jack3d has changed my work out entirely. I just decided to get into MMA a few months back. I take tae kwon do and kick boxing along with some plain high school wrestling. I smoked for 5 years and finally said enough is enough. I hit the gym and the punching bag and quit the butts. However my stamina was obviously wayyy under par. I work out 5 days a week and my 2 off days are

continued 6 years ago

For fighting. But I needed to intensify and jack3d was recommended by many people. I have had no side affects and it actually calms me down when I'm using it, as well as gives me that crazy muscle pump. If you (like me) have ADD or adult ADD or whatever, id recommend it especially to you: stimulants calm us down and keep us focused rather than bouncing from workout to workout because of boredom. I give this product a 10 out of 10, but use it right. As it says no more than 5 days in a row. And don't start with 3 scoops. You'll probably throw up and dehydrate quickly. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and DO NOT OVER DO YOUR WORKOUT TIME OR INTENSITY because you'll ruin your muscles. Summary, use as directed and responsibly and you will get exactly what you want out of this presup.

adam 6 years ago

taking jack3d and L-arginine a good idea? because there is already L-arginine in it, just wondering.


Russ 6 years ago

Started taking Jack3d about 1 month ago. I have been using 1 scoop 2-3 times a week. It has definitely helped energize my workouts. I have noticed that it can keep me awake at night unless I take it very early in the day.

As time has passed the effects are not quite as strong so I would recommend that a person should not graduate the dose upward in order to obtain same results as when first taken. It would be smarter to keep the dose as small as possible and use sparingly in order to minimize any adverse affects a larger dose might create and avoid addiction.

Taking to much I believe could lead to problems, however if it is used wisely can be benificial.

chris 6 years ago

everyone seems to have different side effect from jacked 3d.iv been taken it for 6 months and i love it, you just have to have a schedule or certain time to take it so it don't keep you up @ night---there are plenty of supps out there if you cant handle j.3d stop complaining and try something else.

rojo 6 years ago

Bought a tub today...took one scoop at 4 pm...played 5 games of basketball, no pain, no problems. It made my appendages tingle a bit 30 mins after I drank it. Gonna try it before I life weights tomorrow to see how it affects me.

Solomon 6 years ago

I took Jack 3d today for the first time 3 scoops, workout for 2.5 hours, was a little nauseaus and dizzy, but had an excellent workout, tomorrow will try less scoops.

Simo 6 years ago

Been thinking of takin this for a while but not sure if it's allowed in rugby. Can anyone advise? Has anyone taken both jack3d and ALRI primed ultra? If so which is better cuz I've heard great things about jack3d and I found Primed a good pre workout supp.

Chris 6 years ago

I took jacked for 1 month (1-1.75 scoop), cycled off, took if for another month(1.50-2.10 scoop), cycled off, then began taking it again 2 weeks ago. I had some tropical fruit punch left from the second cycle and finished that but wasn't gettin the same feeling i got the first two cycles and i was taking 2-2.15 scoops. So i opened up my lemon lime jack3d and took almost 2.5 scoops. Had a great workout but when i got to bed at night, i noticed my heart was beating irregularly so i went online and say that a side effect was increased heartbeat so ok, i fell asleep at about 3 and took jacked the next 2 days after about 2.15 scoops at 3-4 in the afternoon and it was still keeping me up and my heartbeat was still abnormal. I havnt taken jacked now for 2 and a half days and my i still have an irregular hearbeat and some shortness in breathing. I am very healthy, i take whey, fish oil, eat chicken and fish and a lot of dairy,vegetables, fruits, and some nuts. I am 158 ounds and 5 foot six inches. I weightrain and do sprint times a wek. I think i am going to stop taking jack3d. Im just wondering if anyone has some input

James 6 years ago

Does anyone know if this could have any effect on acne? (bad or good)

Hark 6 years ago

My son started using this a week ago..with what he called the best workout of his life. Two days later he suffered a sever seizure, rushed to the hospital where he suffered another even more severe seizure. Now was this purely coincidental or a result of the product? I don't know. But he is 20 years old, plays shortstop in college. He works out regularly and has only used creatine in the past. He has never had any health issues and is a cleancut kid. The hospital visit showed a clean catscan, good blood tests, clean urinalysis etc. Next on the schedule is a MRI and appointments with a neurologist. It just seems very strange that this happens within two days of using this product.

Stevess 6 years ago

About the acne thing, it depends on your body chemistry. For some it may improve acne and for others it may make it a lot worse. Only way to find out is to try it out. Personally I haven't had any issues with it but I do know it has made acne worse for some other people.

READ THIS BEFORE USING!!!!! 6 years ago

I used Jack3d one time and it gave me an excellent workout, but after I used it for the first time, I became very aggrivated and angry and slightly deppressed. This is after just one time of using jack3d.

Be Carful!

chelv 6 years ago


i am a HS football player/ weight lifter.

i really enjoy the Jack3d product

i have used it 3 times so far.

this is a very good pre-workout supplement.

i had been taking N.O. Explode for about a month.

all though the N.O. Explode does give me more energy

jack3d gives me a better focus on the lift.

the N.O. also gives me stomach pains

and it shows better after workout, which in terms makes u stronger and more muscular.

used 2 scoops for each of the supplements.

with one gallon of water drank between an hour before and the end of the work out

Jack3d- 9.5/10

N.O. Explode- 8.5/10

Debbie 6 years ago

My 21 year young son has started taking Jack3d and I am very concerned after reading all of these posts. Has anyone brought this product to their physician/ask for a professional medical opinion?

sebastian 6 years ago

im 17 about 150 lbs. ive been taking jack3d 3 scoops a day for a little over a month. the results have been phenomenal. my squat max has increased about 60 lbs and my bench 50. crazy right? but i can attest to the associated behavioral issues. where i lift most of the guys don't really notice but i know i feel the hype. i take it about 15 minutes prior to the lift so it hits as soon as i warm up. excellent product, but im cycling off for about a month. its always good to take a break, and i must say, i do feel its absence. but that is another sign why a break is necessary.


as long as he doesn't have any pre-existing conditions that may be affected and hes not just taking it to sit around, he should be fine. it is a PRE-WORKOUT sup. so if he isn't lifting, he shouldn't take it because it wont do anything except store excess unspent energy as fat in his body. and make him dehydrated.

i don't recommend it for running (i skip pre workouts on my run days) because most pre workouts ive taken rock your stomach during a run. jack3d is no exception, and it just makes you want to throw up.

Simon 6 years ago

Just had first jack3d workout. Used 2 scoops and10 mins later got the beta alanine tingles. Can't really decide whether I like th feeling or not. But anyway I increased my mag bench by 5 kgs and my max squat by 12 kgs. Felt great and had a great pump afterwards. No negative side effects to speak of yet but so far I'm very happy. I'll keep posting later on.

Ceez 6 years ago

Ive been taking jack 3d for about1 month now and my wife says that my penis feels much bigger! Thank You Jack 3d!

Jeffrey 6 years ago

I got my 1st tub of Jack3d today and this shit is crazy...i took it an within 7-10mins i was able to feel tingling in my fingers, lips, face, and legs. My workout was intense and i could have kept going. i only took 2 scoops of this stuff..but hands down this shit taste horrible...ive used N.O. explode and i like that stuff...also used superpump and im not a fan of that...im gonna finish the tub of Jack3d and get more N.O. Explode...

So im 20 years old and i have an incredibly high sex drive...after taking this stuff I could not get it up all day...and if i did it wouldn't be 100%...it also seems like it removed all the blood from my penis and testes and pumped it to other areas of my body...i took this stuff 9 hours ago and it still looks like i jumped in ice cold water and it has been like that all day...even in a hot shower or at my job where im in a kitchen that is about 90-100 degrees...everything was still shrunken like it was winter time in there.

Yes it gives insane workouts.

Yes you will see gains.

No its not worth the risk and side effects.

Personally id rather have my tool working rather then having a better workout...being 20 and sexually active...not being able to get it up and looking like a 11 year old in the dead of winter definitely IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

Buy some N.O. Explode...more ratings and reviews and none oof these hoorible side effects...N.O. Explode actually helps in the bedroom id say.

Buyers beware...get something else.

Kyle 6 years ago

R.I.P Tony

Teddy Roosevelt 6 years ago

Good for you ceez

Bob7 6 years ago

Jeffrey you crack me up. 11 year old in the dead of winter. That's hilarious. But I agree, this is a big downer on the sex drive. Shuts things down pretty much. No drive. And I have a very high natural sex drive. I agree NO explode may actually help with that.

Jeffrey 6 years ago

Haha..Im glad you found it funny Bob7...that's the result i wanted...but seriously this stuff does taste horrible and gives you a tiny dick.

Check out the reviews and rating on NO explode...good stuff that actually works and doesn't give you a small weiner.

Ed 6 years ago

Hi Guys,

Today was my first time using it, i walk everyday 6.5 Km in hour and 20 min, after used this product i walked in hour and 5 min and not only that, also i felt energy for another 6.5 more, definitely i will use it tomorrow for the gym, awesome product, i had try a lot of product before and this is by far the best i ever tried, Thanks in advance for such product.

6 years ago

Has anyone had a side effect like hullications or delusions?

Derrick 6 years ago

I've been using Jack3d for about 4 months now. I'm a power trainer and let me tell you something real fast. This stuff ain't going to buff you up, make you stronger or turn you into a beast, but it will give you/me a lot of energy for a few hours. I have found that after this stuff starts to wear off that I get very very pissed off at the world. I don't want to be around people or talk to them for that matter. For me Jack3d has its pro's and con's. It's up you, the user to weigh them out.

Nassty Nate 6 years ago


kwdriver 6 years ago

I am a 44 yr old male, a vegan, and have been taking Jacked3D as well as Anabolic Pump, Prime, and PowerFULL for the last 3 weeks. I use 1 scoop of Jacked3D before my cardio routines in the morning, which alternate days of 5 to 8 mile runs and Tae Kwon Do. I use 1 scoop before weight training in the late afternoon, which I do about 1.5 hrs 3 days on, 1 day off. I am a military test pilot and am fairly educated on human physiology and particularly supplementation and herbology. I have concluded so far that their products definitely boost my overall strength, power, endurance, and recovery in all of my training. I have never crashed and have experienced no cardiovascular anomalies. I have noticed light parasthesia in my face within 15 minutes after drinking Jacked3D, but the energy boost is phenomenal. I have increased my flat and incline bench over 20 lb just in the last 3 weeks and the pain from my partially torn rotator cuff is almost completely gone.

Andrew 6 years ago

I started using jack3d a week ago and I find it truly great. I have never used other products before. I went to the store, searched online, talked with other bodybuilders and found lots of recommendations for jack3d so I decided to try it.

I take 1 scoop a day for the past week. From what I've learned from sources, best time to take it is an hour after you've ate and 30 mins before a workout. I don't feel any tingling, I don't feel an increased heart rate (if it has increased, it must be very little). After starting to work out, I feel big and strong. I don't feel like I can pump all day as I stop after an hour. But I feel myself having huge gains and an urge to keep going and to get bigger (most likely being the "focus" everyone's talking about). This product feels great, and the thing that stands out the most is it's size. It's not some huge tub full of crap, it's small and direct. I don't have to make some huge milkshake just to get it down. The flavor is great, as I got lemonade and i don't taste bitterness or precipitate. I mix 1 scoop into 1 cup of water and it does fine.

I strongly believe this stuff is actually good. Depending if it's working or not and if anything goes wrong I plan to go off for a week after 1 month. If everything is still great, I'm going to keep on it and go off it after I've finished the container (as I am a bit cautious about any effects it has on my body or anything). Overall, so far this stuff is great.

One thing most likely completely unrelated: My forehead feels like it has bruises on it. This happened around the day I got it (can't remember if it was before or after I took it) but I know I've felt this before. Nothing wrong with the skin though, just feels like I have small bruises. Could also be from pimples on my forehead =P

Tarek 6 years ago

i have the same thing steve had svt Supraventricular Tacycardia and i just bought jacked3d and i heard its really good but am scared it will trigger an episode my heart rate has gone to 247 from lifting or runnning with my condition one reason i am scared to take it is because it has caffeine in it and my doctor told me to not drink anything with caffeine

Andrew 6 years ago

Tarek - As said on the jack3d website ingredients (http://www.jack-3d.com/ingredients), "Our estimations are that there’s about 100mg of caffeine in each scoop of Jack3d". A cup of caffeinated coffee contains 100mg - 150mg of caffeine where as a chocolate bar, I've heard, contains an average of 30-60mg of caffeine.

Francis 6 years ago

To tarek, if your doc told you specifically not to ingest caffeine then I would definitely not recommend taking jack3d. It is loaded with caffeine and to be honest it's not worth risking your heart just for th sake of a great workout.

Jake 6 years ago

This stuff is crazy, I took it for the first time today. I'm pretty small I just got into lifting, I only weigh 140 and I'm nearly 16. Today when I took Jack3d I did about 20 more pounds than usual on everything. Tastes great, works great, and is cheap.

Cody 6 years ago

As far as anyone having problems with the supplement goes, the only questions I have are you a novice? And, are you taking too much? I've been using it for a month and have been lifting for 6 months prior. Most reviews say you shouldn't take it if you're not already a consistant lifter, and I only take 1 scoop twice a week. Again, monday and thursday are my heavy days, which its recommended for. If you use it correctly and don't abuse it, I cant see any problems occurring. Overall though, I love this supplement. I was doing a sort of trial on supplements to use and stopped with jack3d because the effects were nothing but positive.

Lawrence 6 years ago

I have been lifting for 2 years off and on and I'm 18 and only wiegh 170. I started it today, and i definitely feel more focused but worried because of how much energy I have. I'm gonna shorten up the doseage and hopefully that helps. But I'm hopin to see some improvement for CSU-Pueblo Football tryout this fall.

Lisa 6 years ago

I am a 23 yr old female. I have been working out for one year consistently.

I started off drinking Speed Stack and switched to Jac3d as it was cost effective. Most times Jack3d was the best, however it is very sensitive for my boyfriend and I. Please eat the right amount before working out or this will make you very nauseated and disoriented.

Yesterday I took one scoop and had:

breakfast - oatmeal


lunch -chicken salad

snack-Greek yogurt

dinner - chicken

Then I took one scoop. From there I went to my normal cardio workout and could not focus. I stayed in the gym trying to work out for 2 hours then went home. That night I blacked out 3 times and threw up 5 times the next day. The next day I could not go to work because I could not get out of bed. Be sure to get right before taking this supplement- If you do it works GREAT!!!!

jake 6 years ago

I am 19 yrs old and just started taking jack3d. I usually take 2 scoops before workout. I always get a bad burning sensation on my face after I take it. Just wondering if I'm the only one that gets this or if anybody else has experienced this.

Alex 6 years ago

I have been using Jack3d for about 3 weeks now and I am getting off it asap. Personally, this supplement has made me angry, paranoid, and very anxious. Just yesterday I was in vegas having a good time. I only had a couple drinks before I ended up blacking out at the Encore Beach Club. The combination of alcohol and jack3d has caused me to get aggressive and angry twice this week. At the beach club I guess I was misbehaving and ended up being taken to jail because I was out of control and resisting arrest. I only got charged with trespassing, but I know this is because of jack3d. I did not have that many drinks to be blacked out drunk. My uncle who tried to calm me down told me my eyes were freaking out and my pupils were dilated. I am not saying this is for everyone, but personally I am getting off this supplement because it has something to cause anger. Hope this helps anyone who is interested.

dee macilwayne  6 years ago

is it safe if i have had high blood pressure in the past

De Bohun 6 years ago

I've found that usinany supplement, with calculated reasoning, is almost always the safest to approcah. The only time that I have had issues with supplements, was related to the fact that I abused them( using too much, not cycling between dodses properly).

I am curious if the "heartaches" are actually side effects related to anxiety issues? The "heartache" feeling is a common symptom associated with anxiety. I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder, but despite this fact, I have discovered a way to take these supplements without having too much of a side effect.

John John 6 years ago

Wow. A LOT of comments left for a pre-workout. *sighs* subtlety is obviously not your forte.

Simon 6 years ago

Another great workout with jack3d. Increased my max bench by 5 more kgs. Havnt got any side effects of yet but I would advise you to drink LOADS of water during your w/o. Almost had a very bad ab cramp so if you feel that you might cramp stretch immediately!!

Zach(Real talk) 6 years ago

This product is amazing

Zach(Real talk) 6 years ago

So i bought this stuff yesterday and after reading all the post i was a little scared to try it. I have taken N.0. Xplod for almost 2 yrs on and off. I took 1 scoop and i felt the caffeine take effect but no tingly feeling all that stuff above. I took another .5 scoop following the directions on the tub. I got to the gym ran 1 mile then worked out for an hour and 15 mins i never got tired and i stayed focused and energized the whole time(no headache, heartache, tremors, anxiety attacks,etc) This stuff keeps you focused and energized throughout your whole workout!! Very similar to N.O Xplod except it stays with you for the whole workout. YOU MUST DRINK ATLEAST A GALLON OF WATER DURING YOUR WORKOUT! The only way this stuff to me would cause all the damage in previous post was if this is the first time you ever tried a Supplement/and or abuse like 3 scoops or more. Hope this helps

Ray 6 years ago

Jack3d Contains something that they use for people with ADHD.

And Ive actually noticed that im starting to lose my focus when im not on jack3d....For example, when im reading from a book or TV, my eyes all of a sudden wander off for a bit, idk im probly just weird but....SHould i be worried??

tarek  6 years ago

okay thanks but also is there any other supplement i could take

Vince 6 years ago

shoooooot Jack3d works great ...Everyones body is different tho. 2 or my boys take it and they have seen amazing results. Ive been taking it for almost a month already. 22yrs old 5'11" 165lbs. Im puttin the lil beer gut away and buliding muscle! this stuff has helped me a lot. I did have a few sharp pains hit me around my heart the night of my third workout exercise but since then nothin. I try to work out at least four times a week but sometimes i only got to do 3. Ive enjoyed seeing results and so has my gf.

Give it a try. If you don't like it, don't take it. Thanks to everyone for reading, and for all the helpful knowledge you guys have posted

this link is to my photography myspace page. my boy eris is on my top friends..he's been takin jacked for a lil over a month and doin it hardcore. he's huge...www.myspace.com/532355554


HermanVonGerman 6 years ago

Jack3d is without a doubt one of the best pre- workout supplements on the market, does what the label and black box warning says!, you do need to have at least one week "off" jacked for every 6-8 weeks of use, so your body can flush itself, believe you me, this stuff is awesome... I have been lfting some immense wieght during training!! which I'm sure could be partly due to how jack3d I am at the gym!!!!

kyle 6 years ago

I bought a tub of this a couple weeks ago and the first few times i used it i felt absolutely great, but after i began taking 2 scoops before my workouts i have been feeling extremely weird after my workouts. so bad that i was so anxious afterward i felt like i was having a panic attack and ended up taking a benzodiazepine in order to calm myself down. my cardiac output hasn't dropped below 100bpm since i took it 6 hours ago. all i can say is that be careful with this product and be careful with your doses, i will not be using it anymore.

Erik Michaels 6 years ago

I've been using JACK3D for 5 months now and let me tell you, it's the only thing that's worked for me so far. Anything that is man made will hurt you or fuck you up one way or another, but when i went from 270 pounds to 205 pounds in 3 months, i know that Jack3d is exactly what i needed. It's good to be informed and i really do hope that your intents weren't to make this product look bad, but i know it works and i'm sticking to it. From someone that's taking JACK3D as we speak, i would highly recommend it to anyone that is tired of looking like a whale and having zero energy to do anything. JACK3D gives you the "WANT" to change things and get shit done!!!!

Chip 6 years ago

im 16 years old i just brought Jack3d today and going to start using it tommorrow. im wondering if i should and does it increase your strenth??

Rob 6 years ago

I'm seventeen so obviously school is important.. but s is working outI use N.O Explode and I like it... but the thing Is I work out late like 7 or 8 o clock at night. Will this drastically affect my sleep habits compared to N.o Explode? I take Melatonin supplements to sleep already

Michael 6 years ago

I recently started using Jack3d and so far it’s been great! I’m 25, work a full time office job so I’ve been taking it at night (between 5-7pm) after work before I go to the gym, and I have had no trouble sleeping due to the supplement (I usually go to bed between 10-11pm). Although I’m pretty immune to caffeine I do try to lay off excessive amounts and cut myself off by noon on days I know I will be working out – I also try to drink more water on these days as well.

Quite a few people mentioned it affected their sexual health, specifically the ability to maintain erections. I’ve only been using it a little over a week and have not noticed any changes, but if I EVER notice this becoming a problem I will stop using this immediately and switch back to Black Powder, which is more expensive (the main reason I made the switch to Jack3d) because of my several months using Black Powder I never noticed a change in my sexual health or performance.

This has definitely been one of the most informative pages on this supplement, especially due to the informative user comments, so thanks everybody!

sss 6 years ago

man you guys who are complaining about jack3d are stupid, read the directions: if its your first time take 1 scoops and 2 at the most. then you wont having any problems with sleeping or whatever

Daniel 6 years ago

The guy at the GNC clearly told me, just take one scoop 30-45 mins before and I had a really good workout. No side effects, absolutly nothing. One scoop is just right for people who weights around 165-180 pounds. I totally recommend this product

Barbara 6 years ago

my husband started taking jack3ed about 5 weeks ago and don't get me wrong, the results are amazing physically but emotionally and mentally he has turned into a monster. He is angry and violent and always pissed off for no reason. Has anyone else had this problem?

Mandy 6 years ago

I've been using jacked for 3 weeks- I like it, but I have noticed that it causes me to break out with little bumps on my forehead and neck

also sometimes I get heartaches- and if I'm doing cardio I get really dizzy-

It usually keeps me up at night,

as far as sex drive- I'm 25 yr old female it makes me want sex more! Lol not sure if it's because of jacked or because I feel better about my body?

Anyways- I love this product but it does tend to mess with ur heart and emotions.

Btw I usually take 1 or 2 scoops.

Mandy 6 years ago

Barbra he's probably mad all the time cuz jack3d makes it hard for men to get a hard on

Simon 6 years ago

I was out last nite myself having taken jack3d a few hours before and I also noticed being pretty ready to bottle someone all night. I was described as being like a bull on test boosters. Just my own observation but the lads with me were seriously worried I was going to lose it.

I think that with this knowledge in mind it'll be easier to control myself but I'd just recommend that if you feel pissed off take it easy and don't combine it with drink. Just my 2c

Basil 6 years ago

For all those who claim heart problems or experiencing a high, how much of the stuff were you taking?

I take 3 scoops pre-workout. it helps wake me up in the morning and I notice that when I take it, I am a bit more amped up than usual for an hour or so following my workout. But nothing crazy. And I have never experienced adverse affects.

My advice, if you have poor caffeine & stimulant tolerence, than don't take this or any other stimulant. If you can handle them, use them with common sense.

Jeremy 6 years ago

Just got this on the weekend. Needed something for energy before my workouts. Been lifting weights for almos 10 years now. Usually I buy caffeine pills and eat about 400 mg in the morning. That, I'm used to. One scoop of this stuff made me feel like superman. Things that normally make me very out of breath, I was doing and felt like I had done nothing. It was insane. ANN I had done 30 minutes of sprinting that morning.

Marcos 6 years ago

I tried it just today....this shit works but after done working out....I felt pissed off at the world and I'm normally a very nice guy! It works but I hope this shit doesn't piss me off everytime I take it!

Rob 6 years ago

I just started taking this supplement a few days ago and I'm up in the air on it. I've taken NO explode, extend, superpump and NO shotgun in the past without any problems. Jack3D is amazing but the only downfall is that I haven't been able to get sleep since taking it. I took it at 11am on my first day and couldn't fall asleep until 4am then was wide awake two hours later. Got some sleep the next day after taking it again at 9am. Then yesterday I took it around 5pm and got around an hour of sleep total. I've been taking 1.5 scoops but I'm thinking of doing 3/4 of a scoop or maybe just one scoop. Also, when do you take this? It seems like you should be taking this hours before you actually hit the gym.

Suggestions on this stuff because I don't know what to really think on this especially health wise.

neilo 6 years ago


im 22, 80sumtin kg and 6ft2inch, work out all the time,and never been sick really. my friend gave me some of this a few hours age,we had good workout and i felt it working abit, but i feel like iv been hit by a bus now,its not from the work out,it feels more like iv been tazered,cant even eat any thing,i feel sick too. this is very weird for me as iv used other sups like this but never felt so crap after them,it must just affect people different because my friend loves it,just scary because i never feel like this ever!im just gonna try rest and hope i feel better soon!!!

NewEra 6 years ago

Man, this stuff is no joke. I'm 24 6'1 185lbs and today i took half a scoop and felt like i was freaking steroids, and had this rage afterwards. Please do not take more than a scoop if you're a beginner.

Joe 6 years ago

Gave me the flexibility to suck my own wiener

Johnny 6 years ago

This worked fine for me the other day. I felt energized. I'm afraid of getting addicted to this thing (if it is).

I'll try it today with half the dose and just use this bottle. Then stop for a while. Those are the recommendations anyways for any creatine.

Cole 6 years ago

I'm 15 years old, took my first test run of a supplement from a friend. Took 2 scoops of jack3d and almost instantly felt very hyper and focused. I was able to lift 10 pounds more on my first day. I'm 6'2 225 pounds and used to large doses of caffeine so that is probably why I didn't have any side effects that some of you talk about such as inability to sleep. I didn't also have any other side effects that some of you talk about.

Then again everyones bodies are different and everyone reacts to things differently.

Bob 6 years ago

Don't take five scoops or more at once, i did a three hour workout with no rest and drunk 8pints of water, then had to drink some alcohol to wind down. the guy who sold me is on a tub a week now

dontabeasumeazz 6 years ago

honestly, do people read labels? are these people experiencing side effects drinking coffee,etc i addition to taking this? on decongestants? meth in this? lmao. i cannot believe how stupid people are. take pseudophed and you will test positive for crank. as for irregular heartbeat, what do you expect with extremely hardtraining? perhaps overtraining? i took 5 scoops with no problem....

Jon 6 years ago

This supplement is awsome in everyway, until I went to the doctor today for a check up and he freaked out when he saw my blood pressure at 170/120. I had taken it that morning and he clearly stated I could easily have had a stroke with blood pressure that high, but now its back to normal levels. I suggest you talk to a doctor before continuing on it. Still, I'll miss this awsome supplement.

Edwin 6 years ago

I've been taking Jack3d for a few weeks now, it is not a product you should not take seriously. I started taking just one scoop and moved up to two scoops. Two scoops is fine for me. I do CrossFit and power lifting type workouts and this supplement works great for me. Sometimes it messes with my appetite, so I don't take it everyday. Remember, everything in moderation.

James 6 years ago

two part statement first to joecseko, 2nd on product.

to joecseko I just wanted to make a comment that downing someone on there work time isn't cool. Saying you work out one muscle or 2 for 2 hours..not needed. Any body works out good my 2 buddies lift for 20 40 min. max. usually 20 min. there both 160 pounds lifting 460 poounds all natural. I wake 140 pounds benchen 280 natural. SO joecseko to think your big...your not.. don't down other people or how long or short they work out. Everyone is looking for different results..your picture isn't that impressive. your size aint that big and size doesn't always mean strength.

Now to comment on the product. I'm on airforce base we got 3 guys getting tested since this is a problem to see if it does pop up positive for meth. I will post those comments at a later time. two 1,3-Dimethylamylamin if you read about it has had some bad results. Those results used as party drug so some say fiction some say false. IF it gives you energy it has to be an upper it will increase your heart rate..see dr. before you use it. So many people want fast results...for me all natural 20 min. a day w/ out more then 30 sec. between anything i do got me my 2 friends who are all natural amazing results. A lot of it is mental. Before you take any supplement go online look up the lable under vitamine shopp or gnc..and look up each ingrediant and read if its natural, side effect.. and know what your taking. Anything i take i go online type in natural herb and take all natural adatives when i do need anything. A lot these products have chemically made..artificial flavoring and other crap that not good for your body. go see a dr., do the research on any product you take and if you don't feel right go see your dr. and stop taken the supplement its that easy be knowledgable on what you take.

B.A. 6 years ago

i been taking this supp for my first week i have seen real improvements with my routines and its great. i only take one to one and a half scoops and i am wired. this is a great product, but i will take a month off after i finish.

BOB 6 years ago


Dillion 6 years ago

failed a drug test because of jack3d today.... no joke! tested positive for amphetamines

D.O. 6 years ago

Jack3d works great but I, too, have felt some irregularities in my heartbeat and breathing. On Jack3d I had feelings of euphoria and an extended drive to continue working out at the highest possible intensity. I lost 15 pounds but put close to 30 pounds on my bench press. However, I'm pretty concerned with the possible side effects and the long term effects on my health. So it is up to you if you want to risk your health. I'll probably just switch back to No Xplode and buy a Beta-Alanine supplement.

Joseph 6 years ago

im 23 years old and have been taking jacked for about 3 weeks i really is a good boost for working out. but i just spent 3 days in the hospital with Rhabdomyolysis (which can lead to kedney failure)and very intense chest pains. my doctor advised me to stop taking it.

Matt 6 years ago

I used Jack3d one time, this morning, and it will be the last. I'm 21 years old, about 175 lbs. and exercise often even though I don't usually use a PWO supplement. I had intense shakes, a head ache, and was light headed during my workout. I ended up puking and am going to return the product. I don't recommend this product.

Lee 6 years ago

I've taken Jack3d for half a year now (with the cycling off), and I can assure you, you need to be careful with this stuff. I've been suffering from shortness-of-breath and pressure on my chest for the past couple of weeks, and I've now stopped taking it. And before someone else says that it isn't the Jack3d, consider it's the only pre-workout supplement I take and I do cardio 3 times a week. There's also nasty withdrawals coming off this stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if you can get a false-positive for meth from this stuff.

And I would be careful with some of the comments, because it's known that supplement companies will hijack comment threads to promote their products.

I'm just trying to warn you guys, because I'm trying to save someone from a stroke or heart-attack. That temporary feeling it gives you in the gym is not worth the long-term risks.

Tennis 6 years ago

I'm a mom and just bought Jack3D from GNC a month ago and now my adopted son is at the emergency due to heart palpitation. He is still at the Emergency hospital. Please be very careful when buying this supplements and taking them. They've taken White Flood and Purple Rush but Jack3D is very potent and can be hazardous to everyone's health. He is 18 years old.

Sean 6 years ago

Jack3d will show up on some AMATEUR drug tests as a methamphetamine for the simple fact that it contains something called Y-RD complex...within the Y-RD complex, there are substances that were made by USP Labs specifically to MIMIC amphetamines. These substances were birthed and created out of USP Labs, therefore are VERY POWERFUL STIMULANTS that are of the likes of Methampetamine and Speed. Therefore, the amateur drug test will detect the SIMILARITY of the two drugs, and show up as a postive. All you have to do to AVOID THIS is tell the person administering the drug test that you are taking Jack3d which is a LEGAL pre-workout supplement, have them test the Jack3d itself and see that it shows up positive, and then you'll be in the clear.

Hope this was some good info.


Miranda 6 years ago

LOL 2 1/2 hours in the gym on just one section of your body, that's crazy... It also kinda means you don't have a life other than fitness... I like to work out n be fit an I love Jack3d but thats too much, how could you have time to work and be social lol... Well Im 19, female, and this stuff is off the hook lol, i love it no need to over do it tho women should only be takin a half to 1 1/2 scoops and it gives you what u need :) I like to switch it up and use it for a work out then work out with out it and I definitely prefer the work out where jack3d is used, and you will too hopefully =]

Miranda 6 years ago

Also, I don't ALWAYS take this stuff but when I do, I notice it sets off my anger problem like crazy. That is something that runs in the family and I can normally control it but after taking jacked and workin out I just hate everything and everybody and get pissed real easy! That aint cool but still love this stuff lol

Todd 6 years ago

Matt - you are an idiot. don't come on here telling people you gained 2.5" to your arms using jack3d. unless you are using gear, you will NOT get those types of gains from ANY supplement. i would not doubt at all that you work for USP labs. you are a plain idiot - would love to meet you face to face to tell you that too.

James 6 years ago

This stuff lite me up. I usually do dumbell incline presses with 70 lbs, for 10 reps. Occasionally, I will pick up a pair of 80's for 6 to 8 reps. On my third day of using Jack3D, I picked up 90 lbs dumbells and began laughing after the fifth rep, it was so easy. I did 10 reps with the 90's and was certain I could have done 3 more reps. This stuff is sick. I don't know what the long term implications are for using this stuff. But it certianly works.

mike 6 years ago


aite so i bought this product today and i was wondering after you take this supplement do i have to wait 30-45min???? before starting to workout or can i ran right after i take it??? PLEASE HELP THANKS :)

John 6 years ago

I started taking Jack3d about two months ago (1.5-2 scoops). It was working great. Higher energy, better workouts...everything I could have wanted. However, I just started having serious chest pain.

After speaking to my doctor he told me to stop taking jack3d and that he had three other "Younger individuals that developed heart complications" after taking jack3d. I am going into see him next week to have him do some tests.

AJ 6 years ago

I'm 50 and been taking this for about 5 months now. In the beginning, I did feel jittery and "high" and very energetic. Almost bouncing off the walls. Had trouble sleeping later at night, about 4 or 5 hours after my workout. But it got me over the usual 40 minute hump and I was able to increase my workouts to over an hour each day and increase my lifting capacity 2 times what it was. I took 3 scoops and it really gave me focus and the ability to get a better workout. I've seen dramatic gains in the last 5 months, moreso that I made in the past 2 years.

But, I have noticed lately that it now does nothing for me and my workouts are now suffering. I can't lift what I used to. I was told by the local GNC dealer that I need to take a break and get off Jack3d for about 2-3 weeks to clear my system and then start it again. I've heard that elsewhere as well.

No side affects, blood work and heart are all doing well according to my doc. I haven't found that it's addicting but I do look forward to a real pumping workout. I like the stuff!

JB 6 years ago

If you ever took Adderall which is for Attention deficit syndrome - this will get you JACKED up for sure - almost like a cocaine high if you take too much! Be careful...

TC 6 years ago

ok this stuff is awesome. ive been taking 2 scoops every morning at like 6 to lift and it gets me through a good solid few hours, no prob. pumps are great, feel super strong and like I can go forever...i dunno if its actually the Jacked or placebo or a mixture of both. hadn't had any health problems at all. i also take 2 more (oops i guess that adds up to too many =)) before football practice in the evening. again, i have plenty of energy to be a monster on the field for HOURS. oh and also, it doesn't show up for METH. that's stupid, i take drug tests for my parents every 7-10 days and it has never showed up. and btw, the girls at my school still love what i can do ;) if you know what i mean, no probs there. my girlfriend hasn't noticed any difference either. overall, A++ product!

Jack3d Fan 6 years ago

been using this for a week and certainly has helped me with weight loss also which is great.

Iron Child? 6 years ago

i work out consistently, that is several times a week. doing some basic research before i start a new pre workout recently finished a tub of NO shotgun. excellent product. great pump. level headed all throughout my cycle. plus it has loads of bcaa's in it. anyways ill prolly buy some jackd 3d sounds like a good product. i appreciate all the input but u drama queens need to tone it down a bit. grow a set an be men u fairies

103ssf 6 years ago

I don't know if people understand that Creatine severely dehydrates you. This product has creatine in it. SImple, Hydrate yourselves prior to working out...your dizziness and headaches, are most likely from lack of hydration. Simply put. I have been taking Jack3d for a few months now, I switched over from Superpump just because of the increase in focus. This is by far my favorite pre-supp I have taken.

Mike 6 years ago

I've used Jack3d on and off for about 6 months. The side effects were good and bad at first since I experienced many long nights of sleeplessness. However, I found the best way to use it. Here is what I recommend in order to get the best results:

Start off with just ONE scoop. 1.5 might be too much.

Definitely eat some carbs before or during the time you're chugging it.

I highly suggest mixing your Jack3d with a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Your body will need it during the workout and help as a bit of a primer.

Cardio is very important before and after strength training when you're on Jack3d. a short 15 min warm up on the rowing machine works great as it breaks a good sweat.

Follow through with your normal weight training. Trust me, you will work hard if you are on Jack3d. And you will still feel like you need to do something else. MAKE SURE you are drinking plenty of water or even better, Gatorade. Electrolytes are so key in working out no matter what... some people that experience fatique may simply be dehydrated. Keep in mind that there is tons of caffeine in this product, and caffeine is a diuretic.

Since you might still feel all "giddy," it may be important to finish off with some cooldown cardio. 20-25 minutes is sufficient, and you really don't have to push yourself hard. Go very light on the tempo. Afterwards you should feel very content with your workout and experience that relaxed feeling like you just got your nut.

This leads me to the other side effects. There are definitely sexual side effects that can be good or bad. When you are on Jack3d, you are essentially expressing your libido. Whether it be through sex or physical activity, you are draining that sexual or aggressive energy. Therefore, it may be important to cycle this product depending on when you have any plans to get it on. Either way, I have found that Jack3d enhances my libido overall. I may be completely sexually drained right after working out.. but that's basically what working your ass off does! The next day when I'm not taking the powder, I become a sex maniac.

This product is extremely powerful and can be considered a "double edged sword." Therefore, use it's pros to your advantage while either subduing the cons with proper usage; or allow yourself to bear them appropriately. Hope this helped.

collin 6 years ago

i think im gunna finish the tub of jacked i just bought and then stop takin it for a while. to much bad news on this page.

JJ 6 years ago

I have been taking jacked for 7 months with 2 off cycles for about a month(3 months on 1 month off). I love the supplement, best I have ever taken. I haven't noticed any side affects other that the Paraesthesia caused by the Beta-Alanine. Which I currently weight 178, I decreased my dosage to 2 scoops and eliminated the tingles. I'm not sure if the tingles are a good or bad thing in the case of jacked but Paraesthesia is a nerve damaging condition (tingles), so beware. I will continue to use jacked, hey at least it's not steroids or crack. Lol

Jeff 6 years ago

I have been working out for 10 years now and I started using this product recently and I am extremely impressed with it! I have used N.O. EXPLODE (which did not work for me) and also NANO-VAPOR (which worked but I had bad crashes). This product has kept me going faster, harder, and longer. I work out everyday and it keeps me going strong. I recommend this product to anyone who is actually healthy enough to use it and also not going to abuse it. Make sure you follow the directions properly and you wont have any problems just like any other supplements. Once you abuse it, that is when you are going to get hurt.

benedict 6 years ago

most of these shelf products contain poison. period. eat healthy fresh organic fruit and vegetables, chicken and fish. That's all you need. Scan the above comments and you'll see the effects of digesting poison. people are too easily sold on this stuff... WAKE UP!

Preston  6 years ago

i think Jack3d is effective if used properly along with the proper programing it provides tremendous results.its like crack for weightlifters.Now go watch "Pumping Iron"

trizz 6 years ago

ayo first off you fools are all pussy ass bitches. i take 3 scoops of this shit and bang out in the gym like nuts and combine that with some

up your mass after and i've been gettin huge. Plus if you smoke weed ever day this is the shit for when your too burnt out to hit the gym. One time

I smoked like 5 blunts and passed out. Then I took this shit and hit the gym just like any other day. It's crazy shit. I hope the FDA or whatever doesn't ban this shit even tho it's as strong

as coke. Holla atcha boi trizz reppin the 908

casket creed 6 years ago

just bought it really didn't know what i was buying to be frank i lift all the time all natural no protine sups, no creitine ect just all natural i have a 415 squat and a 315 bench natural, i love animal pak pump back when i was in football so i wanted something cheeper the guy at gnc said this is the next best thing i love the reviews on it but listen to me really quick i looked up all the side affects of all the ingredience(sorry about my spelling) the only one is the fucking sweetner they use i looked it up you can to its called acesulfame- k, this sweeter can cause cancer in humans it said on one side idk im still gonna take it for awhile we will see

casket creed 6 years ago

i ment to say site, lab rats where coming down with cancer lung cancer heart cancer idk still gonna use it for 2 weeks see how i like it

mr maynard 6 years ago

is this stuff really gud lots of negative comments can a proper physician comment please i have colitis(bowel disorder) is this stuff ok to use am currently on short term steroid use (cortisosteroids)wud only use recommended use of jack3d just want better pumps gud energy in the gym don't want irratability or crashes just want beta repsta and sets am taking creatine 5grams glutamine and protein please anyone help asap please thanks mr maynard

bty 6 years ago

i took this for the first time , but ive been really sick since , anyone ever have any side effects from jacked ?

Jack E 6 years ago

I agree with many of the comments made above. I use jack3d on days when I just don't feel like getting in the gym or have missed some sleep. I don't want to use it everyday as I don't want to be dependent on it to get a good workout. It does increase my drive which is what I'm looking for.

ryan 6 years ago

i took jack for about the months and i loved it. did have some side affects could have sex for hours after using it,also had a hard time taking a piss, and i always had a crash. so i switch to muscle spike so much better i would recamend it to everybody i get great focus with out feeling all uppidy and also no crash if u like jack3d please try muscle spike, its the bomb

Tom Dalrymple 6 years ago

I took jack3d for almost a month and half. Greatest feeling and great drive to work out. Although there are serious side effects. After taking jack3d in the morning and then concluding the day by drinking. I was extremely dehydrated and ended up in the ER the following morning. NEVER drink jack3d when planning to drink later that day. The ER called the poison control and they said that jacked was not safe to drink. Yes it feels great and yes it improves the pump and endurance at the gym, but it is not worth ending up with heart problems.. It is a proven fact that the more one works out or exercises the more natural uppers that person will have. Therefore i highly recommend everyone to stop using this product. After not using it for three days i have felt tired almost every day and do not have the great pump at the gym but i'm hoping that after it is out of my system the natural uppers will return and that natural pump that I had before taking this powder will restore itself. Just words of wisdom try to stay off any pre workout powder it isn't needed and there will always be side affects.

Ben of Oz 6 years ago

This article must be a joke right? You analyze the ingrediants citing no scientific facts or references. You give anicdotal accounts of users problems, and on the same fucking web page have space for Amazon to market the product. You've gotta be kidding. It's rubbish like this on the internet that gets people into trouble.

Tonya 6 years ago

I would stay away from this stuff if you have had a drug addiction in the past like it says. My hubby had been clean for 3 years and after taking this he said it was like a high for him and he messed up. so just wanted to put the warning out there for everybody. He compared jack3d to cocain. So please be careful and use it as directed. :)

Joshua 6 years ago

I've been using jack3d as directed with no side-effects or problems. It is one of the best supplements out there hands down. If you are having problems with it stop taking it. Listen to your body, if it doesn't like it don't force it.

Ricky 6 years ago

This is good stuff but I sometimes feel extra jittery or dizzy hours after workouts. Also feel my heart workin and pumping a lot harder then usual and also started getting headaches when I never use to get them before.One last thing do not take passed 7pm for those ppl that like to workout late because you want fall asleep until 2-3am.. Its really good stuff but monitor the efffects.

Daniel 6 years ago

Just wanted to respond to Joecseko up there. First, to give you a little background I am 22 years old and play soccer, weight is about 145lbs, and 5'9" tall.

I've been taking this product over a year now and consider myself an expert on this particularly product since I know how my body reacts to it and to others that I witnessed take it with me. It is absolutely the best, no blowing smoke up your a$$ best pre workout formula for many reasons. First, there is no BS maltodextrin like in all of NO's products. The only questionable ingredient in here is the sucralose and even then, you are only taking in small doses, b/c the scoop is about 4g, which is very small. In NO or most other energy supplements the scoop is the size of Texas and there is like a good 20-30 grams of fake ingredient fillers that your body shouldn't be taking in, primarily maltodextrin and the food coloring.

Yes, like every single other energy formula, your body will eventually build a tolerance. But you can do things to combat this, mainly cycle this with another energy formula. My advice is to take Jack3d a couple days in a row then another pre workout energy formula for a couple days (just make sure its something you would trust just as well as Jack3d, I am going to experiment with Anabolic Xtreme Stimulant X, just as I experimented with Jack3d before it was popular) .....That way you do not build a tolerance to either one. But FYI, this is definitely the best pre workout energy formula for the price.

And to Ricky, if you are getting headaches, you are losing too much water either through sweat, diarrhea, or urine...>So my advice to you is to keep hydrated, drink a decent heaping of water ever 20-30 mins and especially during workouts, b/c I know how easy it is to be in the zone while on Jack3d and not realize you just sweat out a lake of water.

Little bit of advice to anyone new to this....TAKE 1 SCOOP YOUR FIRST TIME!! Try to not take 3, b/c it is really overkill, I know I weigh only 145, but my friends that are 220, 180, 195 all said that 3 scoops is too much.

Matt 6 years ago

Jack3d is an excellent pre workout formula,

I use 2 1/2 scoops per workout,once per day with no adverse reactions,apart from irritability.

Many of these supplements can cause false positives when tested.

As long as this product is used respectfully and safely,there should be no problem.

Always have a check up with your doctor before using any energy enhancing supplement.

Most issues come with people charging in and using a product without knowledge of their own state of health.

David 6 years ago

People, people.... I was reading about this bcz its an Amazon best seller and after reading all this info I came to this conclusion -

Headaches, heart going faster... what are you doing to your body? So it makes you to be able to go for another 20 minutes at the gym? Work on your MENTAL STRENGTH and go for another 20 minutes because you are STRONG MENTALLY and not because you put into your body shit that is unnatural. 30 years from now you will get cancer and you will start eating only organic stuff in hope to combat the cancer and it will be too late (like my father did when he got cancer, stopped smoking after 30 years as if that would make the difference) You will ask yourself "why me?" and "what have I done?" The answer will be - you were taking all kinds of unnatural shit that you don't need in the first place.

Work with your BRIAN! When you think you don't have enough power to go - GO SOME MORE. And then SOME MORE. Set yourself goals and get there - WITHOUT THE FUCKING DRUGS.

Use the gym not only to make your muscles better but see it as a chance to work on your MENTAL STRENGTH ALSO!

Taking DRUGS shit is NOT the answer!

Good luck.

marco cando 6 years ago

Hi I just bougth Jack3d. So I will see what happened while taking this sup.. I'm 27, ex-bodybuilder and to add I've not be sick for about 14 years. Know I tryign to get in shape. I'll be posting some comments tomorrow nigth I hope will be good comments. Sorry for my English...Ecuatoriano

Andrew 6 years ago

I tried J3D for about two months and ended up in the hospital with Congestive Heart Failure! My lifting partner suffered the same fate and so did another 19 year kid using the stuff at my gym. DANGEROUS STUFF!!! Yeah sure it feels great at first but after a little bit of use you then realize you don't get the same results from it anyway just like every other product out there.

Herbert 6 years ago

I've been using jack 3d for about two weeks now. I decided to get myself back in shape after my 73rd birthday and needed somehting to give me that boost. This stuff rocks as the kids say. I can bench press 400 pounds all day and pound my old lady all night. My little fellow has grown 4 and a half inches in length and 2 inches in girth. I've also dropped 29 pounds.

I have no feeling in my face or hands and my legs turn blue after taking it, but it's a small price to pay for the gains I've gotten.

marco cando 6 years ago

Ok, I just back from the gym and before that exactly 30 minutes before I toke 0ne scoop of Jack3d. I did not notice any chance in my workout. Also no nausea, headache anyting. I'll see what hapend later, and for tomorrow I'll take two scoops..Let see what hapend....

Green 6 years ago

I have used Jack3d, SuperPump, 1MR, NO Explode and NeuroExplode. I never take more than 1 scoop in a day and I think those of you taking more than 2 scoops need to think some common sense.

I work out 3 times a week and play ice hockey 1-2 times a week. For a 50 yr old, I am in almost great shape.

My experience; Jack3d is intense (it's a wow), I look forward to the wieghts with music blasting in my ears from my IPhone, my water intake more than doubles, but 1 scoop alone messes with my sleep. SuperPump is excellent but a full scoop does create it's nickname - "SuperDump". Still checking out 1MR, so far it really messes up my stomach, produces some slight headaches, and It seems to have a lot of caffeine jitterness. NO Explode doesn't do anything for me, although it did at first, and NeuroExplode was a waste of money (I gave it away).

I feel and see the difference in both my weight performance and my ice hockey performance. I mix a half of scoop of Jack3d with a half of scoop of SuperPump and it eliminates the sleeping problem and the SuperDump problem. My workout time has doubled to almost 2 hours. When I was only using SuperPump I felt wiped out in the afternoon after a morning workout, I don't with the addition of Jack3d. My hockey performance is a bummer without using the supplement(s). Some of the hockey players are 18-19 yr old Jr-A Players and the supplement mixure definitely increases alertness, relexes, and gives that extra drive.

A note to first time users: I strongly suggest when starting any new supplement, start with a half scoop, not a full scoop, a half of scoop, to see how your how your body chemistry reacts. I had problems when I first started with NO Explode and it went away. I also suggests never going over a full scoop, like caffeine, you will want more.

The boot state 6 years ago

I have been on and off jack3d for some time now and haven't had any side effects. I feel great after and during my workout to, just don't take it too close to your bedtime cause it does do it's job but as far as negative side effects I have none but everyone is different, it takes two hours to start working on my father and he's 53. Only takes 5-7 minutes on me and I'm 25

Aaron 6 years ago

I've used it twice so far both times before mountain biking, let me tell you once you get your second wind there s almost no stopping you. It provides excellent muscle fatigue recovery. Still a little weary about the side effects, just got to use it in moderation i guess.....

Omar 6 years ago

I just started using it, today is my second day. I have notice that my heart rate decreased doing the same exercise. Im doing Insanity workout

Chad  6 years ago

I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and typically any pre-workout supplement. NO Xplode made me vomit on 1 scoop until I got used to it. My heart would race and felt like it was going to burst. That leads into Jack3d. It didn't make me sick, dizzy, heart didn't beat fast, nothing. It does make me tingle and also makes me feel a little bit like I am on some kind of painkiller, but it also gives me good workouts. I take the dosage as specified and it works like a charm.

I am highly skeptical of all the "caused me to go to the hospital" stories.

Jeff 6 years ago

I have taken Jack3d 5 times now.when I first got it I took it 3 days in a row , starting with 1.5 scoops .By the 3rd day I was feeling like I was a little "spun out" and experiencing some minor chest pain? Also not able to sleep well as my heart was pounding through the night.

But... I am a competitive amature athlete and this stuff will take you to another level.It does something at the top end of your workout and allows you to push harder than ever before.I will only take it on race day....

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

This is the biggest crock of spam nonsense. Some retard up there actually said "Here me out". Anyone who reads this should know right now, this stuff is mediocre at best. Oh, and I'm reporting this hub to the Federal Trade Commission, as none of this is true, and this is some company shill (shills, actually) posting this crap!

Oh, check the laws. The FTC regularly fines bloggers HUGE money for this kind of thing!!!!

I'd really like to see some pictures of you "huge beefcakes".

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

And Jeff can't even spell amateur!

SoulSide 6 years ago

Seems a little perspective is in order here.

First, tons of energy and focus from a product like this are great until you realize you have little core strength and push yourself too hard because you're flying on Jack3d. This is where you puke. This is where you pass out. This is where your weak heart muscle decides to freak on you and spasm.

So, don't be an idiot. If you're just beginning to work out, don't use this. Build some core strength naturally. Get oxygen in your blood and muscles first, THEN, and only then should you be pushing harder.

I can only imagine how many people think this is going to be the key to pushing them over the skinny limit, only to find out that their bodies aren't ready for what they're trying to throw at them.

The product will hit everyone differently. Shit, some people can't drink ONE cup of coffee without getting an abnormal heartbeat, what makes anyone think a strong stimulant will act any differently, especially when their CNS isn't used to any stimulation from external sources?

Get real. And another thing. Before you focus on building your body, a great many of you should figure out how to spell first. Really, those ripped abs won't pay the bills when your illiterate ass can't find work because you can't spell basic words. Reading these posts has been terrifying.

bb_misker 6 years ago

i havnt taken Jack3d yet.... no need, all you need is cell-tech..

trust me.. u want to gain pounds of lean muscle in only hours? that's the shiznit u need... not any other suppliment.

cell-tech is all in one combination of supplements with the results better then any steroids... and is legal.

stick that in yo pipe and smoke it.

tim 6 years ago

First of all I prefer jack3d over other pre-workout supplements. I have tried No xplode and superpump 250, but these two don't compare to jack3d. However, ever since I have been taking jack3d i have not been able to get any sleep... i do go to the gym at night around 6PM and i only take a scoop. Anyone else have the same problem??

RIZZO 6 years ago

just got done with a container of superpump, now i'm gonna try some of this jack. starting with a half scoop. after reading all this shit on here, this is what i think. everyones body handles shit different, some guys can go out and drink 20 beers and still act descent, and some can only handle 6 beers before they get stupid. taking any supplement has side effects, do as the lables say. be responsible, respect the product and your body.

1 last thing, to show how much of this talk is bullshit, just look at the posts where the person is under 18 and taking 3 scoops of this shit. once again, READ THE F****** LABLE

Colt 6 years ago

My son works out with it, so he was out of town and I thought I try some, OMG I'm 64 I just tried 1 scoop in 10 minutes the back of my hands were tingeling, I worked out and def it was good to use, PS very sensitive and rock hard erection too. Think I'll get some just for that side effect !!

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

Colt, you idiot! Tingling doesn't have an E in it. Also, moron, that's the beta alanine causing the tingling.

You people need to shut up! Every single one of you are fiercely illiterate and know nothing AT ALL about training, nor supplements!

Uraprick 6 years ago

Even worse than people who can't spell are the annoying, arrogant, know-it-all pricks who randomly just insult peoples intelligence based on a paragraph of shorthand text written without much attention to detail. Get a fucking life. If you don't have anything constructive to say just leave, there's other places you could be insulting people, for example, you might enjoy hurling abuse at the players in a little league game. If you're that much better than everyone here don't even talk to us...you're above it.

hey JOE 6 years ago

you think disrespecting people is fun? To top it off you show your pic? Your a little puke. I know who you are and to validate it buy putting your picture on here only makes the ass beating im gonna put on you that much more fun. See you at the gym you bitch !Can you spell Karma?

greg 6 years ago

listen...i have been working out strong for the past 7 years and i am 23 years old. I take jack3d and another supplement pink magic and i have no negatives about either. but for the tough guy that is a body builder that does back or legs for over 2 hours in the gym...good for you not everyone needs to do that. i have 19 inch biceps and a 58 inch chest and i am in the gym no longer than 2 hours ever. i bench press 365 while weighing 225. i don't need to stay in the gym that long so don't try and rip people for saying they stay in the gym that long ok. and for this supplement..,.i suggest take it but be smart about it and don't abuse it follow directions and you will see everything you want to see.

greg 6 years ago

listen...i have been working out strong for the past 7 years and i am 23 years old. I take jack3d and another supplement pink magic and i have no negatives about either. but for the tough guy that is a body builder that does back or legs for over 2 hours in the gym...good for you not everyone needs to do that. i have 19 inch biceps and a 58 inch chest and i am in the gym no longer than 2 hours ever. i bench press 365 while weighing 225. i don't need to stay in the gym that long so don't try and rip people for saying they stay in the gym that long ok. and for this supplement..,.i suggest take it but be smart about it and don't abuse it follow directions and you will see everything you want to see.

greg 2 joe 6 years ago

i didn't mean to post my post twice but joe your a joke and a clown. enough said

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

And I'm the ONLY one posting both my picture and my full name! None of you can even justify the garbage that you're (you're not your, retard Greg) spewing. Go to Bodybuilding.com and try to get away with this. With a staff of writers that actually have higher education and muscles, you'll all get eaten alive.

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

Let me add, too- I reported this hub months ago, and Hub Pages had shut it down 'til it was edited, because the author contended that Jack 3d contained methamphetamine.

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

And to the coward named "hey joe". I train at Powerhouse in Pensacola. Please, oh please come beat my ass!

joecseko 6 years ago

ok im sorry. i didn't mean to say all that guys. this picture is not really me. i'm just a dumb ass guy who wants to play with you all! peace out.

PS. im gay

joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

PS: That's Rich Gaspari. There's a colon after PS, moron! You can see more of Rich's cowardice posts elsewhere on the Net.

He's the guy about to be sued by the FTC for false and exaggerated claims, and selling drugs called Novedex.

cac 6 years ago

joe is the kind of guy who gets fucked up by guys like the rest of us,you suck joe,fuckin queer

Doug 6 years ago

I've been taking jack3d for a few weeks now and really like it.

I busted right through my previous max's on almost all my excercises with weights in the gym.

Before, I was unmotivated between sets and didn't really have that "drive" I was looking for.

Now, I literally dominate the gym and keep others motivated too because they see my progress.

I accidentally took more than 3 scoops one night last week and was so high people were telling me I looked "wired".

It made me kind of panicky at that dosage and I would most definitely not recommend anyone take more than the max of 3.0 period.

I used to be a heavy coffee drinker and even addicted to caffeine.

Even drank 10 red bulls in 24 hours once before when staying up for work for an all-nighter to beat the deadline.

But 3.5 scoops of Jack3d was *over the limit* for sure if you know what I mean although I've been kind of sensitive to stimulants and anxious/had panic attacks before.

My advice as an experienced user of this stuff who has used it for positive gains in the gym, with the weights, on the scales and in the mirror:

Start out your first time with just 1 scoop.

This way you can see how it works.

When it is your first time, 1 scoop is all you need anyway since you didn't build up any tolerance to it yet anyway.

After that, if you feel safe, bump it up to 2 scoops.

Only after you know how your body responds, maybe try the full 3 scoops...

IF you do not have anything else with caffeine in it.

Reports have said each scoop of jack3d has around 100mg of caffeine.

That's about the same as a large cup of strong coffee.

What I do is not have ANY caffeine when I'm using it for 24 hours.

Then on my "off" days in between gym days,

I'll use coffee or tea instead.

Then I'll give it a rest until my next workout day

and use the jack3d again.

Most days, I'll start out with 2.0 scoops at first

about an hour before going to the gym.

Then I go to take a quick shower just to make sure I'm clean before going to the gym.

I'll take one scoop of protein powder to make a shake.

Then I'll take another .5 of jack3d just before going out the door.

The time I accidentally overdosed is when I poured a whole scoop instead of .5 after already having my


So I just drank half that cup thinking it would equal out at 3.0

It actually felt like I drank way more because the results kicked in fast, hard and strongly intense.

I was up for hours.

So this stuff IS strong.

But it IS Effective too!

I'm about to take another 2 scoops before going to the gym now.

So to sum it up, it may feel 'scary' or 'nervous' or 'panicky' at first,

but if you ride it out,

you'll do AMAZING at the gym.

That's no hype.

Just my experiences.


joecseko profile image

joecseko 6 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

Wow, dazzle me with science, Doug. This is a glorified NO booster loaded with caffeine. The creatine ethyl ester is more subject to creatininine degradation than any other form of creatine.

jimlad 6 years ago

hi guys (and girls)

I have been using Jacked for 2w weeks and i am really feeling the benefits. yesterday however i feel i went a step too far. i took 3 scoops for the first time after trying 1, 1.5, and 2 scoops. on 3 scoops i did a full 1 hour 30 mins in the gym on weights and cardio, i got home and was still loaded with energy so i decided to got for a run and did 4 miles in 26 mins. it took all of that just before the effects started to fade. i found that although this was an almighty work out i did have a come dowm.

i feel the best about 2 use is no more than 2 scoops. 3 is way to much for my body to handle.

all in all i would recomend this product.

Tyler 6 years ago

Im 17, and a senior, ive always been really scrawny my whole life and never lifted weights 3 weeks ago i went out for football and played for a while i quit because all of the time it took up, but loved working out! A week later i join a gym,I went to the gym for about a week and only did arms, i usually tired out at 45 minutes....today i tooked Jack3d and went there i didnt feel anything, no buzz, no weird feelings (i also have a heart murmur, dont know if i should be worried...)before i knew it people were coming in and leaving before i had even took a break! I got home a didnt feel any problems, in fact im usually a talkative guy, if anything i was calmer! I plan to cycle this stuff and stay posted on the website!

Sam 6 years ago

I have just bought this product today. I was told by the sales person that it would help me train harder and keep going so i bought it. I have opened it yet. I have now read these reviews and am having second thoughts.

I was born with a mild case of CF(cystic fibrosis)and can someone tell me if its alrite to take with this condition. My condition is very mild and my doctors tell me i am gud.

Sam 6 years ago

The comment above i mean i havnt* opened it yet. Still sealed

lecoop 6 years ago

Does it work?

Hell yes it will make u stronger and reduces pain the next day


EAT Take only 1.5 scopes and eat after your workout this will help neutralise the substances. I cant stress it enough eat after a workout.


Dont take more than 1.5 scopes it will effect your sleep.

Dont overdose ever.. the chemicals in this are the equivalent of drinking a lot of caffine. If you do u risk damaging your heart big time.

In short dont exceed the doseage i can only guess that overdosing would probbaly be fatal it really is that strong, and for gods sake keep it away from minors this is not to be messed with. On the plus side it does work..

Josh t 6 years ago

Three weeks in, two scoops every two days, no issues, just energy. Anybody else get the blushing feeling though directly after taking it? feels like i'm partially sunburned on the face, then fades away.

freqeist1 6 years ago

a stimulant is a stimulant, that is what this is.

ant 6 years ago

ive been using jack3d for a few month now,,its the best pre work out drink ive taken by far,,although i must admit after a good work out and im chilled out at home i do start to feel a bit low,,kind of reminds me of the days i used to take wizz but not as bad

lol 6 years ago

well i just buy it today i dont see shit

Mel 6 years ago

I know that it says it on the label but i cannot stress enough that you need to SHAKE the tub EVERY time that you use jack3d. Negative side effects for some people could possibly be caused because of overdose of one or more ingredients that were not properly blended.

I have been using jack3d on and off for about 8 months, (Im a female, 23 yrs old) I use it to work out and to go to work. I work at a portrait studio and the energy boost helps me so much, I am happier, more confident and really go the extra mile, customers ask me all the time how do I stay so energized.

I gotta say tho I only take one to one and a half scoops a day, I have to admit it is a bit addicting to me, I really miss it on off days. All and all it has been a great supplement for me, I have not experienced too many side effects, occasionally dizzy but I can chalk that up to lack of food, thats another thing, Jack3d is a great weight loss supplement, it forces you to drink tons of water, keeps hunger at bay and you eat smaller portions. I have highly recommended it to friends, in small doses tho.

avichak 6 years ago

I'm 54 a runner and occasional weigh lifter. I took this product yesterday and I was just unstoppable in the gym. I took 1-1/2 scoop and will stick to it. Today I took the same amount and went for my run. Feeling just great.

leo 6 years ago

i took this two days in a row and i notice im more aware of things around me kind of like a high, i took one and a half scoops doesnt do too much except keep me awake till 5:30 am but i take it at 10:00 cuz thats when i go to gym. maybe i should try three scoops because i dont feel any tingling?

cwseven 6 years ago

i have taken jacked 3d and have experienced

good results such as good pumps and concentration during workouts also more intense training. However the cons outweigh the pros, not so much as the tingling sensations but lack of sexual ability physically, mentally i'm ready but physically i can't give her that long and strong like i used to it's not getting hard enough for a long enough period of time. So weigh it out big arms or terrible sex i have been on my first container for a couple of months now and i am going to discontinue use for now PS: won't stay up

jon 6 years ago

this product sucks

Matthew Garcia 6 years ago

I took one scoop of this shit the other day, did my hour workout, 2 hours later, my left eye is half blind, and I have a extreme Headache. Took about 20 minutes for the brief blindess too go away. Never taking it again. Just gonna be natural.

Jay 6 years ago

Hey ive taken jack3d a few times and it has great drive and focus and long lasting energy but the only bad thing is after i get so moody that i snap at the smallest things does anyone else get this? Also when i stop takin jack3d will i see the results go? cheers

Angry 6 years ago

SO Ive been taking Jacked for several months. After the first few months I noticed a fluttering in my chest and throat from time to time. I went to the doctor and he told me that I seemed ok but I should discontinue use of the Jacked if I thought that might have been causing the stange chest sensations. So I left it for a month and then started at a low dose of 1 scoop again and worked my way back up to two scoops max over several weeks.

For the past 3 days Ive had the chest 'flutters' again and then passed out last night. I was admitted to hospital and they monitored my heart overnight. Turns out due to Jackeds stimulation of my heart, my pace maker is throwing extra beats in all over the place now and my rhythm is very irregular. I've been advised to discontinue use or risk serious heart problems. I have to get check regularly now if I feel any chest sensations of dizzyness again. I'd advise to steer clear .. or use once in awhile for heavy days only. Im never using any stimulants again. Fuck risking you health over slightly faster muscle gain.

And no, Ive never had heart problems before I started taking this product. And Im hoping my heart will come right again now that Im off it.

Doug 6 years ago

I died from this supplement, but luckily the paramedics were able to revive me. Embarrassing as hell and spent 3 days in the hospital. They said CNS overstimulation caused a fatal cardiac arrhythmia.

seanchurro 6 years ago

Hey joe, you spelled Connecticut wrong in your bio...f***in moron.

wtf 6 years ago

if u had problems with this supplement plz say how much u took

mike 6 years ago

I took this for the first time yesterday and had great results. I'm 21, used one scoop, and felt I had energy to workout for a long time. I didn't feel overly stimulated or jittery. Unfortunately, it was pretty late at night and I wasn't able to fall asleep as easily as I would have liked. So, I recommend taking this morning/mid-day. Listen to your body and don't abuse it.

Matthew 6 years ago

I've been taking jack3d for about a year now. It is by far the best creatine I've taken. But my advice is to make sure you cycle on and off of it every 4 weeks or so. I've been taking jack3d for almost three months straight and I am starting to see some serious side affect. First my temper has become very bad. Im getting angry about the stupidest things when normally im pretty much a laid back, care free person. Secondly my sex drive was almost completely gone. It was very difficult for me to get and erection and when i would get one it was not for very long. Im 23 years old and a very sexual person. That's not normal. I stopped talking it completely and everything was back to normal within a week. I would recommend jack3d to people but just be careful and follow the directions. Don't be stupid like me.You don't want to get limp dick right in the middle of sex!!!

James Bond! 6 years ago

I am a certified personal trainer, and have been working out for the past 7 years. I started using Jack3d over a month ago, and I started noticing a disconnect with the society, my friends and family. I am starting to get irritated by my friends, feeling anxious, restless and kind of lost. Don't get me wrong, I am a mature professional, working at a very large HR firm and a trainer part-time so I do have a life - and was very happy before using this piece of shit. There is no doubt that Jack3d gives you the best energy. You feel like a tank and you can push anything at the gym for the longest period of time you want, but it has some major side effects. Needless to say that it is highly addictive, once you quit using this, you won't be able to work out. My advise to you, stick with creatine.

Long story short; if you don't want to feel a disconnect with society and your social life, and feeling anxious, restless, lost - DO NOT USE IT.

And no, I am not from any other company bashing jack3d, it's solely based on my experience nothing else.

Dan 6 years ago

Ok here we go, Jack3d expert coming through, ive been taking this product for ages now, and it is great, the effect it has on the mind is fantastic, it really puts u in a good mood and really motivates ur training session, I always take 3 scoops and i feel great, the crash comes about 4 hours later when u start feeling quite tired, but overall its fairly safe, my problem came when i took a 200mg caffeine tablet, and 50mg of ephidrene hydrochloride and about 2 hours later i took 4 scoops of jacked, it is not 2 days later and i still look stoned, i look like a zombie, i find it hard to focus and i have a headache all day, so providing u r not a complete idiot like me, jack3d is fine to take alone

steran 6 years ago

y dangerous and addictive

Wassim 6 years ago

I am 37 and have been working out since 22. I have never used any type of pre-workout sup before and have been training for 2-3 times a week consistently for the last few years now. I have a lot of experience working out and very very health consious. After all these years of working out, I felt that I hit a plateau and really needed a push to get ready to look my best by the time I am 40 lol. I have been pushing myself a lot but without much improvement. I have started using this product about a month ago and to tell you the truth, I have never felt so focused and energetic during my workouts in my life... I am now lifting heavier weights, able to do supersets, and look forward to workout (at night) 3 times minimum as opposed to draging myself to do so. I take 1.25 scoops 45 mins before the workout and really feel it starting to work 15 minutes after drinking the awkward tasting shake. I have grown considerably in one month, can't tell exactly how much , but I would say at least 3-4 kg of muscle. I feel the pump during the workout and the days after, the pump stays and myenergy levels are always at a nice high level. My workouts go on for about 2 hours, and I would not go to sleep at least before one more hour passes by. I have to admit that this product has taken me to levels of my physicque that I have never experienced before, I am so happy I tried it, despite my hesitation in the begining, but I will continue to take it carefully. I have experienced a very acute feeling that my heart was about to explode and that I was going to have a heart attack on a day that I stupidly and irresponsibly drank a large mug of coffee and took 2 full scoops of Jak3d... I felt dizy and really needed to leave the gym and go out for very fresh air, I waited for 5-10 minutes until I calmed down (before that I had been working out like an animal and very very hyper), i went back and continued my workout with a careful approach, that night I could not sleep well, had difficulty breathing and felt my heart struggling... A couple of days after, I went back to my 1.25 scoops, tried it again and my workout was great, lots of energy (not as much as when I had 2 full scoops) but without any heart or breathing problems. the Biceps and triceps superset 1.5 hour of continuous workout with my cousin went as smooth and as energetic as could be. My friends have all noticed the improvement in my body, my cousin who is a body builder is also using Jak3d (2.5 scoops) and he has confirmed that he is now exceeding his max weights, 147 kg of bench press. I am pressing 110 kg when I never could do any more than 90!!!

So conclusion, this thing really works wonders if you know your dose and your body well.

Joe 6 years ago

I've noticed that every single person that is complaining about any type of negative effects has stated that they tried the recommended dose and it was great then they went for the 3 scoops! Thats insane to go from something that works well to doubleing or tripling the dose!

I have been using it for 3 weeks now, 1 scoop, and afterward its about 30-40 minutes to cool down, like normal, and all of my man parts work just like before, my heart doesn't hurt, I'm not on blood thinners and there are no issues at all.

Try using it the way it was intended without taking advantage and you will be fine, it doesn't have meth in it, those people that got tested just like to do meth.

If I gave you some speed or your first cup of coffee and you enjoyed it and it worked as described, the first thing you wouldn't do is say, hey, yesterday that 1 cup was nice and worked well, I think if I triple it and drink 3 cups it will be AMAZING!

Actually there are movies with that plot, how did you think it was going to end!?

If you are 16 or 60 using this product every day or misusing the product you its called thinning out the f*cktards.

WAKA! 6 years ago

ive used jack3d for awhile and its been great makes me perspire more and increase in power is noticeable

jeepguy 6 years ago

I have been working out for a while and wanted something to give me a little more energy at the gym. I went to GNC and the salesperson recommended Jack3d. I take a scoop 1/2 hour prior to my workouts (3-4x per week) and have no issues. A friend started working out with me and saw the results I was getting, so he decided to try Jack3d as well. He is somewhat overweight and was looking for a jumpstart so he started taking Oxy Elite Pro (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). He also takes Jack3d prior to workout. He has been on this regimen for about a week. Last night after our workout, we were at the store grabbing something to cook for dinner. Out of nowhere he became light headed and had a seizure. He has never had a seizure in his life and the only thing different is the Oxy and Jack3d. I felt like I was going to watch my friend die last night on the floor of the supermarket. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? I am not taking the Jack3d anymore even though I don't have adverse reactions. Very scary!

Swedish Viking 6 years ago

I have used a half can so far and this stuff is really great for pump. I have tried very many brands and this one gives me the most pump of them all, but i don't get "high" or energized as everyone else seems to get. But when i use superpump 250 i get really energetic. I guess I'm to used to caffeine and the amounts in this can seem to be quite low. I'm using 3 scopes and been training for about 3 years on and off.

My conclusion:

For pump: Jack3d

For energy and moderate pump: Superpump 250

ohhh yahh 6 years ago

ive been using it now for about 3-4 weeks and i think the stuff works great. i am 18 and could only max 185 once about a couple weeks ago and now I can almost do that weight 7 times and am maxing around 205-210, but i started off slow only taking one scoop for the first week and gradually increasing

Split 6 years ago

Tell u right now don't use 3 scoops for a beginner. I thought I was good when I stopped working out. But then I had and intense workout on the track that killed me. I was dead and a couple hours later I was too shakey and was not a good feeling. So just stick to one scoop. Cause that what I do now and I'm fine now.

Kush 6 years ago

I'm a 40 year old male who has been working out pretty consistently for the past 10+ years. I started using this product just this past week and already notice a difference in my endurance and focus. No noticeable increase in my strength at this point, but it has only been a week. I have three kids and only have time to work out late at night, so this stuff definitely helps with that. I would probably not use Jack3d if I were able to work out during the day, as my energy level is fine between 7am and 8pm. After 8pm I start wearing down at an exponential rate, and Jack3d gives me the energy to match my motivation, as the two don't always coincide. One scoop is more than enough with 8 oz of water, but I have not used supplements in my 10+ years of working out, so my tolerance is still probably low. No problems sleeping afterwards either, and definitely no problems sexually.

If you have a pre-existing condition that doesn't bode well with the ingredients, consult a DR before using. Also, follow the directions and don't exceed the dosages. Not sure why so many people fail to do this, if you can type a comment and read the article, you should be able to comprehend the directions on the tub.

DHizz 6 years ago

used jack3d for the first time last night. 2 scoops. we had a football game. im a sophomore in highschool and i had the best game of my life last night. 5 pancakes on my guy, 1 fumble recovery 2 tackles and 1 TD pass. this stuff gave me the energy to start both ways on the field.

Cody 6 years ago

I have taken jack3d before and am on another cycle. Only con I can think of is my irratibility after working out. But usually I take a nap after working out so most people don't notice...

Ben uk 6 years ago

I have just ordered some of this product to give it a try. After reading all these posts I maybe wish I had ordered something else! I have tried various pre training supps and can honestly say I get side effects from all of them although the worst was Nanovapor. Im thinking of just buying plain old straight forward creatine monohydrate to add in with my protein shakes.

If you train and eat right do you really need any of these NO boosting supps anyways??

I gave up smoking and ate like a horse but made sure it was foods which were high in protein and carbs with moderate levels of fat. I put on 3.5 stone of mass and increased my bench by 100 kilo's in 5 months. I looked great and felt great, i just hope I can replicate that after a year out!!

I will repost with my comments on Jack3d once I have tried it a few times. Will definately only be taking 1 scoop at any time though!!

ts153 profile image

ts153 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia.

Jack3d is by far my favourite pre-workout supplement and the best selling at my store. It out sells every other pre-workout we have combined

BradT 6 years ago

Today was my first time taking jack3d and I must say, this is truely the best pre-workout sup I've taken. I took 2 scoops about 20-30 minutes prior to working out and this is how my workout went:

1. I start off my workouts with 5 minutes of light cardio, the stationary bike and burned about 10-15 more calories than I usually do during the light cardio.

2. Following the cardio i began my lifting starting with a tricep-lat superset (5 sets of 15 reps). I began to feel a tingling sort of itchy feeling through my torso. It was rather annoying but soon passed. I decided to go for more weight same sets today and had the energy to do so.

3. Around my 3rd superset the effects truely kicked in: I began to have a sharp focus like never before. I blocked out everything and everyone around me including my music. I was cutting through sets with increased energy and strength, and my rest periods were 25-45% shorter.

4. While finishing up my final exercises (abs) I was hacking crunches with much more endurance. I ended up finishing 30 minutes faster than usual.

5. Its been roughly 2 1/2 hours since I left the gym and I have not experienced even the slightest crash.

I truly recommend Jack to anyone who wants to improve on their workouts. I'm not joking, the focus was phenomenal. Kick's NO Explode's ass definately.

Richie 6 years ago

I have been using Jack3d for the past 2 months and about to cycle off. People HAVE to understand that you NEED to cycle on and off this stuff just like other concentrated pre-workout supplements.

As far as the product goes it works great. I take 1-2 scoops a day but deffinantly no more than 2 but i actually drink this stuff during my workout because it works better for me.

It keeps me pumped while working out but im even more impressed by the fact that I dont crash much at all. I burn out everyday after my normal workout on dumbells and a mile jog and i usually crash for about 10-15 mins when i get home but ill just sit down and watch tv and by 15 mins later I'll recoup and I still feel the energy for hours, this stuff is extremly powerful so please be careful.

Jet Ski 6 years ago

mean stuff

6 years ago

The stuff is great for good workout. It works for females as well. The insomnia can occur when used seemingly within 10 hrs of your usual bed time. Since some commentators are actually saying they popped hot for amphetamines on a drug test, I'd suggest going to Walgreens and spending the $10 on a self drug test before taking anyones word on that. It's one of two things: someone did too much partying over the weekend and then when they were confronted with a random drug test by their employer they decided to pin it on a supplement that has yet to be approved by the FDA due to insufficient testing, and ask their employer for a second chance after they get the meth or aderal or ritilan they did over the weekend out of their system OR maybe when used in combination with something else the person ingested it showed up as amphetamine in a drug test. Seriously though, oldest trick in the book is blaming hot drug tests on a combination of supplements that are yet to be approved by the FDA. Nice try guys, hope that actually worked out for you though.

6 years ago

Just a side note, if u did pop hot for meth on ur drug test and wanted to blame a supplement, it wouldn't be difficult to spike your canister of jack3d with some meth and go have it tested to back up your story; so once again, don't take your co-workers word for it. Do your own research.

Krazy1 6 years ago

I guess none of you took organic chemistry in college?

One of the main, active ingredients in Jcak3d is 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, which is CURRENTLY a legal stimulant in its herbal form. Depending on the type of drug test performed by the specific lab, it may show up as an amphetamine. If you think I am "nuts", check with anyone involved with USA National Swim.

Me 6 years ago

this *%#$ is incredible. All I can say. Mentally I"m as sharp as a razor after long days work I take a scoop then boom...ready to work out, study enjoy the rest of my day with a refresh feeling it seems.

ps drink lots of water also and don't abuse this stuff. From my exp, stuff that works this good people usually abuse...so don't. I don't want this stuff to get banned anytime soon, so follow the freaking instructions.

Mimi 6 years ago

I just recieved this in the mail yesterday, after reading all the great reviews on Amazon. It's too bad I didn't get to check THIS page out before ordering it !

I started walking for 3 hours a day almost everyday, within the last month, maybe because my approaching 30th Bday. So my activity level and overall heart health is pretty good. I'm wondering if anyone has tried maryjane with Jacked?

That's how I usually work out, is pot brownies in the morning, 3 hours of psychedelic-music tripping treadmill action...then pop a phentermine and a half to make sure I don't get the munchies for the rest of the day. I'm wondering if the Jack will make me paranoid or anxious with THC already in my brain, especially since I intend to replace the phen. with Jack. (I do NOT intend to use Jack and Phen together- not even within days of eachother).

Phen. with pot usually doesn't make me panicky or paranoid BTW, but other stimulants have definetly in the past...

any replies about pot and Jack combinations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Keith Raab 6 years ago

I just started taked Jack3d (Grape) along w/ Creatine Monohydrate yesterday before doing bi's, tri's and foremarms. My arms are so sore that I can't fully extend my arm and straighten it without it hurting. This has never happened to me before. Can anyone tell me if I should stop taking the stuff or what may have caused this? I didn't even lift outside of my normal ranges so I am very confused.

pissofmom 6 years ago

I am very upset that my child could get his hands on a supplement that can and will harm you.

He has had bad acne, mood swings,testicle problems and become violent all since starting this supplement that someone else gave him without my knowledge. I could tell something was very wrong with him when I asked if he was on drugs he told me he started taking this Jacked shit.

DO NOT TAKE THIS! It is not a healthy supplement.

Pete 6 years ago

Dude, I'm 30 and I've been lifting since I was 16, 6'2" 225 lbs. I am so amped on 3 scoops of Jack3d right now, that my armpits are steadily streaming sweat and my mind is friggin' racing. It's around 4:00 in the afternoon, and I took the 3 scoops thinking I was going to burn it off during a tough chest day, but when I hit the weights my left shoulder was bugging out big time. So, now I'm stuck with crazy jitters after doing like an hour and a half of abs, speed-bag work, calisthenics and more abs, and this sucks. I wish I could throw it up at this point and take a nap. Miserable. It may be "healthy", but stand by and be prepared to burn off mad adrenaline if you expect to sleep.

Magnum 6 years ago

Mimi -

Pot Brownies! Your a complete F'n idiot!! I'm sure your Parents as well as your kids (If they weren't born deformed) are very proud of you...

Thai 6 years ago

To Keith Raab:

That's a good pain. You actually got a good workout. If you're not like that within 24-48 hours after working out, you've wasted your time at the gym. The pain is micro tears in your muscle fibre. Tear and rebuild, that's how you grow.

I've been using Nano X9 for the last couple years and thought I'd try Jack3d because of all the reviews I've been reading. It does give me lots of energy - even skin tingles. But I don't find that I get as much of a pump as the X9. I only use the recommended dosage on the container though.

Scott 6 years ago

Contains an MAOI anti-depressant, a 70's psychoactivating designer drug - DMAA, a 70's breathing medication Theophylline that my grandmother and my father took....I know there are safer and less expensive substances one can ingest to improve strength, endurance, performance and appearance ie. proper combinations and amounts of organic whole foods !!!

N Murphy Design 6 years ago

Bought this last week and its awesome for energy and focus! Only use it on workout days though!

Jack3d user 6 years ago

I've gone through 3 jars of this stuff since I started lifting. I only take 1.5 to two scoops of this stuff because any more gets me flying. by far this is the best prework out. I've tried black magic, Vapor, vapor hardcore, Superpump, and a few others. I've notice I haven't built a tolerance for this stuff like I did with the others mentioned and the best part is I don't feel bloated when taking it.

kolja 6 years ago

has anyeone used and stoped using jack3d,what arre the results after stoping to use the product?does your strength weken ore what?sorry for my english :)

gfro 6 years ago

pot and jack3d works fine! ive tried it and it makes me focus 10x more

CG 6 years ago

I am thinking about trying this stuff... I need to improve my track time for 1.5 miles... Will it help me out?

Trevor 6 years ago

jack3d is yet the beest pre work out supplement i have yet tried i noticed muscle growth within 3 days of usage deffently recremended.TRY IT!!!!!!

cyclist 6 years ago

Is Jack ok to take prior to cycling or any other sort of Cardio training?

kenrn 6 years ago

Maybe I'm wired wrong but this stuff is my Xanax. Doesn't get me going just makes me feel mellow. No worries when I take it, stressed out when I don't. Absolutely no physical effects seen...???

Bella-Marie 6 years ago

So after reading all of the comments, I decided to purchase my first tub. Initially I was a little anxious because of the 'Black Box' warning, however, I knew I had a run today so I tried 1.5 scoops.......OH MY GOODNESS ME...this stuff works.

Ladies, I would definitely recommend this stuff, but please PLEASE make sure you read the container and follow the guidelines.

I have a workout tomorrow and I'm already looking forward to the rush I'm gonna get from this crazy stuff.

Definitely the best pre-training supplement out there.....WELL DONE!

Jack3d 6 years ago

Wow I can't believe so many people are bashing this! Just take the recommended dosage (or less) and you will be fine...

Victor 6 years ago

I have been taking Jack3d for the past month and I do believe it works. I say i THINK it does work because as soon as i started working out i bought this so i dont know if its jack3d or the fact that i do gym everyday for about an hour, but something is really helping me. I started as 6'0 tall about 239 lbs, puffy arms, soft midium size belly, with a fat back. after that month im 220, my arms are rip, my stomach is starting to get a 6pack shape my back is starting to show some muscle. Take in consideration its the first time im dedicated to gym, so maybe my body was ready.

I usually took 3 half spoons of it mixed it with water about half an hr or hour before my workout. I just feel great with cardio, but after 45 mins of doing weights i just dont have enough to keep going.

As for being addictive, i dont know, im almost done with one container. but on the occasions that i dont go to the gym i dont take jack3d and i feel fine and normal. Maybe its because i hate the taste of it, or something, but i actually cant see how anybody could get addicted to this stuff.

about after workouts feeling dizzy, light headed, or just so tired you wanna go to sleep? NEVER HAPPENED TO ME... I am tired after my workouts but i usually take an hour of rest. then i go to my job and i just feel so awake, so full of energy, so fresh that im ready to go.

I know i been only saying great stuff about jack3d but those are my experiences thus far. However, i do intend to visit a doctor real soon because on the internet there is a rumor about jack3d having some steroid ingridients. and if it is true i will stop using it, because i want to build my body of true workout not just pump air into my body.

The last thing is i really dont know about the sex drive thing, ahaha that is one thing i also wanna check with my doctor. Been to busy working out, school, job everything that i havent had time to get a girlfriend and see if it has affected me in any way. lol

But i do recommend trying it, but not overdoing. one it could lead to unknowing consequences. and two the taste of this stuff is just horrible. i love how much energy it gives me, but the taste is just horrible. no side effects for me, as for now.

personaltraining profile image

personaltraining 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

jack3d is a great product in my opinion. I used it and did some great workouts and was in a great mood for the rest of the day. Of course you must use it only as recommended by the manufacturer!

Gabriel Elijah 6 years ago

Haven't used this stuff long-- but it works great for energy & helps me focus at work! I also like the fact that I dont have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes like some products. But unlike some of the other posts, this product actually made me over sexual. IE- made me think bout sex more than normal, & as far as intercorse is concerned- had no problem with erection, but I had a hard time with tha big finish (if u know what i mean). But I haven't taken it long so I'll just see if this is a side effect that goes away with time.

Jackey Chan 6 years ago

Started using Jack3d about 3 weeks ago after previously using Force Factor. Was a fan of Force Factor but was looking for a little more. Honestly, it helped tremondously with my workouts. More energy and I definitely put up more weight. However, during this time I had a hard time both gaining an erection and maintaing one. I was so nervous about what was causing it, but finally made the correlation. So, ultimately I've decided to discontinue...bad for my workouts, but good for my sex life. And because I bought the 2 for 1 deal at GNC I have a tub and a half left. Ugh!

Jim 6 years ago

Jack3d is by far the best pre-workout I've ever tried. There will be problems with any substance like this provided it is in the wrong hands. It can be a slippery slope for anyone with the mindset that if they increase their dose they increase their results. People just need to realize there is a limit and once exceeded it'll just make you feel like crap. Also, the only supplements you ever really want to constantly be taking are protein and multi vitamins. All creatine products and preworkouts alike should be cycled off. I.E. use a bucket then don't buy another one for 4 weeks. Prolonged use will just cause tolerance and you won't feel the same results anyway so it actually works in your favor. I've tried many pre workouts, all with various side effects. Nano Vapor made me so nauseous post workout. No Xplode made me feel too caffeinated. Dark rage made me so sick I couldn't even lift. Jack3d I have no side effects and all the positive results. The problem with PW's is that they promise such astronomical results it is ridiculous. The 16 year old high school kid high on testosterone who lifts shoulders and biceps everyday might have a problem refraining from having the "competitive edge" that PW's provide. I also favor jack3d because it has the least amount of bullshit in it, and the label doesn't mirror that of a muscletech product containing shit that hasn't even been tested on rats.

Jim 6 years ago

Oh, and anyone claiming it is harmful for their sex drive is just trolling. Probably a rep for a different company. There is absolutely nothing in Jack3d, and even most PW's that would cause an issue with erections. In fact, if anything it would help erections because of NO increasing blood flow. Hell, that is what all PW's are essentially about.

Big Button Mobile Phone 6 years ago

Jack worked awesoe for me. I love the tingles and the focu it gives is amazing. Two thumbs up! :D

AJ 6 years ago

Hey, I have been using the product (as directed) for about 2 weeks now and have been enjoying the results. Rather then exceed the dosage I stack the product with a serving of Redline. However, I noticed a side effect in that for the first time in my life I don't have much of an appetite. I am 24years old, lift 4x a week and tend to eat 4K+ calories a day but since using Jack3d my desire to eat is gone and I may be eating half of what I use to. Is anyone else noticing a similar effect?

Joe 6 years ago

AJ- yes i had the same thing happen. Furthermore, I noticed if i eat to soon before taking it then i didnt get the same results as taking it on an empty stomach. I love tha stuff but your right it does make it hard to eat!

nasim 6 years ago

Ive been using jack3d for the past 2 weeks. On my first dose I experienced the positive results. I have not taken over 1 and a half scoops and I am cutting down to 1 scoop because 1 and a half gives me more energy then I need. Everyone should take note that if you exceed anything in life it will be harmful to you. So when you start jack3d, take only one scoop and stick with that. I think if mentally you push yourself you won't even need that extra scoop.

Dean 6 years ago

I just finished my first tub of Jack3d and thought it was really good. I've taken BSN N.O. Xplode and MRI Black Powder before and both were just too much for me.

I like Jack3d because it does what it says. Stimulants to make you go harder/faster. Arganine for increased Nitric Oxide production (pump). Creatine for increased ATP production and muscle volumization.

Follow the label, don't exceed recommended dosage, and cycle on/off. People over-do supplements and then try to blame the companies that make them. Use common sense - If you have a headache and one tylenol got rid of it, why would you take two? Don't exceed dosage and expect to just reap double-benefits.

Trevor 6 years ago

Never much cared for jack3d, it's only stimulant based, without enough creatine/arginine to have an impact. Might as well buy caffeine powder.

Christine  6 years ago

Been taking Jack3d for about 4 weeks. Definitely feel pumped, motivated and unstoppable after taking it. Starting to slim down, and it's probably due to the appetite suppression. It's extremely hard to eat after taking Jack3d - you won't be hungry for hours. So if you're trying to bulk up, I would avoid this. Awesome for women trying to cut up. I have the Lemon-Lime now, but will probably switch to something a little less sour. Great product, easy on the wallet.

Paul 6 years ago

I have been taking jack3d fruit punch for about 2 weeks. Sometimes my heart seems to beat unusually fast for no reason which is cause for concern, but that only happens every once in a while and may not be related to this product. I would say the results after 2 weeks of taking this product are minimal but honestly it's only 2 weeks what do you expect. I will take it for 8 weeks total and then stop for an additional 8 weeks.

James 6 years ago

I stopped taking Jack3d due the negative side effects I got from this product. I had major headaches, which then I realized it was due to the stimulants they rely on with this product such as Geranamine for example. I also hate the crash feeling I get from this product because again it is heavy on stimulants and I think it is over rated. It does not have enough ingredients, and the small, basic formula is hidden under a propriety blend which makes me even laugh more.

Currently I am using Bulldozer XL5000, and I will never switch away from this product. Clean, quality and no headaches or negative side effects what so ever. I have been on it since May 2010 and still have not build any tolerance yet and works every time.

Mike 6 years ago

Ive been taking this product for just over a month and I am on my second tub. I am 19 ~170lbs and I take 2 scoops a day. I wake up at 7, take 2 scoops and then workout at 7:30.

It really helps me wake up, but I dont feel jittery or moody or any of the other side effects people are saying. Everyone's body is different. I myself am not overly affected by stimulants. I don't have any problems sleeping, which i am sure is attributed to the fact that I take the product at 7 am (if you guys are complaining about problems sleeping after taking the equivalent of over 2 cups of coffee at/after 6pm, I am sorry).

I generally work out 6 days a week, (running 5 days a week, gymming 2-4 days a week). I take this before I run or go to the gym, and am doing up to 10 miles 3 times a week. Creatine hasnt been shown to do much in the way of endurance workouts, but this product definitely gives me more motivation to run after i wake up, kinda like 'Damn its too late now, I had some jack3d, now i have to work out'. It definitely helps me wakeup and get focused for the run, however I doubt it is doing much in the way of aiding my running.

Like all stimulants, If i continue to take this product for a month or 2 more, I am sure I will start to feel some heart palpitations, which is a totally healthy way of you body telling you to slow down on the caffeine and other stimulants. As soon as you cut down on them, the palpitations will stop (as has happened in the passed when ive taken similar products). This product has helped me get back in the groove of working out.

Take everything in moderation. According to what some people here are saying, some of these chemicals in here are not too good for you body, but this product is hardly the only thing you consume daily that you could say that about. Just do not over do it. Don't take it forever. Its not as bad for your body as common products such as ibuprofen (advil) and maybe aspirin.

wade 6 years ago

I have been using it. It works i am a fitness trainer. My only worry about it is my stomach. I do not know if it caused the problems but it may have. Has anyone had real bas stomach issues with it

wade 6 years ago

I have been using it. It works i am a fitness trainer. My only worry about it is my stomach. I do not know if it caused the problems but it may have. Has anyone had real bas stomach issues with it

Diego 6 years ago

I'm 18 and I want to start taking this supplement because I hear it gives you focus and incomparable energy. I really just want the focus for school and work. I don't go workout, I only have a small weekly routine where I d push ups, crunches and a couple more things. Is this product suitable for me?

Will 6 years ago

So today was the first time I tried jack3d. I am 5'6 140LB and I have never taken supplements before so I have/had no idea what to expect. I took 1 scoop of this and the only thing I felt was the tingly feeling in the face. I didn't feel that burst of energy or the concentration levels that some people felt.... or at least I think I didn't feel it.. I honestly do not know. going to try it again tomorrow to see if anything is different.

Is anyone able to describe what this energy/focus feeling is like? because maybe I am getting it but not noticing.

wade 6 years ago

Has anyone had stomach problems answer me. By the way when taking a new supplement sometimes it takes a while for you to notice the efeects your body has to accept it. So if tyou do not feel the rush of eberrgy right away you eventually will ok Will

Steve H 6 years ago

If you're having side effect don't take the supplement on an empty stomach until you build a tolerance to it. Simple as that. It's not the product its your body, just eat a little then take a scoop, and you'll be golden.

Garry mills 6 years ago


sally 6 years ago

Yuk i hate this product ended up giving it away due to the horrible side affects it gives you after work out. my advice is take anything except this. its a waste of money and its bad for you in the long run. professionals know the truth about this dangerous product.

mick 6 years ago

Superpump is better

Bobby 6 years ago

Great pre workout product. Jack3d will give you tons of energy and focus to hit the gym. I am a college student so I study consistently, but Jack3d will always motivate me to workout everyday. For 5 days a week and 2 hours a day, I run on Jack3d.

Remember, EFFORT is IMPORTANT, so WORK! You wont see results unless you do your best! Take supplements like protein aside from Jack3d to see results. From the veterans I talk to in the gym everyday, Jack3d is probably the least dangerous/addictive pre workout supplement, cycle for 8 weeks then take 4 weeks off.

I am not going to criticize other people who hate this product, but I have never heard of anyone complaint about this product in the gym.

Good luck!

chad 6 years ago

This improved my workout and my stammina i last all night in the bedroom my wife keeps begging for more and loves for me to take it i suggest this jack3d for every man and the wife will appreciate it

wade 6 years ago

That is just common.since steve. I am a personal trainer

Elvis 6 years ago

Been using this stuff for about a week now. Stuff hits me really good. Is it just me or does jack3d kill anyone elses appetite?? I take 2 scoops in the morning and it pretty much destroys my appetite for most of the day, while giving me good energy. Am noticing some small weight loss ( water weight) of course for now. Will stick to it and see how it goes.

Josh 6 years ago

So far, everythings been good from using this shit, it hits hard for the workout, but after the gym I get mixed feelings everytime from like being sad and depressed to really motivated and shit like that ya knoww? AFter 3 scoops i felt pretty high tho haha

Ørjan 6 years ago

Just tried this for the first time. I took it on a full stomach and too close to my workout (20 minutes) so i didnt feel it until the last half of my workout. (i work out for one hour) The pump was great and i felt i had better control with the weights, which might be more power or placebo. Hehe. I am usually ready to puke after my last set, wich is deadlifts, but today i felt like i could do a few more sets and even put on a bit more weight! I didnt though, as the last thing i wanna do is hurt my back! Next time im gonna wait a little longer between my meal and my workout, and im gonna take it at least half an hour before. I also might try one and a half scoop. Did one the first time. No side effects ive noticed yet. Been a little over 3 hours since i took it and i dont feel exhausted, nor overly energized. Just normal. Im 23 years old, 185 cm tall and 85 kg. (187 lbs) So to sum up. Didnt notice alot besides pump and slightly better control, but as i said i might have redused the effects because of timing. No negative effects yet. Looking forward to next time

sam..usmc 6 years ago

this supplement is amazing and way beyond average. i'm currently in active duty in the marines, and this stuff helps me a lot with my workout sessions. it has helped me improve my weight lifting, especially increasing the number of repetitions and weight. even with crazy hours of work during the week, i manage to workout every weeknights without a crash, or a lack of energy the very next day of work. i love this stuff....

stevie 6 years ago

iv taken jacked for about a year now im currently deployed to iraq i have not had any side efects whats so ever from this product i have nothing bad to say about jack3d iv got 8 pack abs an this stuff was a huge factor in me getting them!

Justin 6 years ago

ive been using Jack3d for about 2 weeks 1 scoop a day and ive felt ive been working out 20mins less than if i didnt take it...has any1 else felt this way using this product

Felix 6 years ago

I use Jack3d after work and It makes me feel great, I always get a great workout. Those people who abuse it have to know that this supplement is for GYM use only, not at the office or before going to bed.. I love jack3d.

Kurt 6 years ago

The only side effect I get from Jack is a rash in my groin area after a week or so of using it. When I stop it goes away in about 4 days. Get back on it and it comes back. Anybody else have this?

Gnar 6 years ago

My experience with Jack3d has initially been positive, but overall, I'm going to stop using it. It increases the odds that I'll get an ocular migraine, and I find myself chronically dehydrated... so much so that after 8 hours of being awake I am hit with irresistible lethargy and end up sleeping for a few hours in the middle of the day, waking up just in time for bed. This dehydration is hell on my metabolism. Granted, I should drink more water, but I believe that Jack3d suppresses thirst as well as hunger, so it's a chore to have to constantly remind myself to drink water I don't feel like drinking.

This stuff is effective, but the cons don't outweigh the pros for me personally. I'll be throwing my tub away and sticking to the coffee.

ropima 6 years ago

Hello, I´m 43 years old, From Mexico. I´ve been using this product and it is just great, I have never tried anything like it !!! I guess that if you use the right amount, just one scoop you can get good results. All excess are bad !!! Remeber this stuff is not natural, it is man made so in a way our body is not designed to "artificial stuff" and we love to put our bodies to the limits and that is not good, because sooner or later we´ll pay the price.

My advise to you is that no matter what you take, read the labels and NEVER eat or drink more than what the labels says, in fact some times I even take half the dosage of what it says and I always get good results, because all excess is drain to the toilet.

So you´ll body will thank you and you´ll save some money in your pocket !!!

I´d rather spend more time in the gym than in a hospital !!!!

Nick 6 years ago

Well I took Jack3d for the first time today, my focus was amazing and I had my most powerfully and personal best shoulder session. It is amazing stuff I would recommend this to any experienced lifter. I would agree that the power it gives you is incredible so it should be used cautiously I'm using it for shoulders and chest, when I do back and tris I use nothing and when doing legs and biceps I use sci mentor nitric output for a less intense boost. One last thing is I too got the skin tingling sensation and personally loved it, it was a nice reminder when the tingling increases after doing shoulder presses, it's like a reminder of how hard you just pushed yourself.

Good luck

I stand by the belief if you believe 100% in achieving beyond your maximum it becomes a possibility.

Nick 6 years ago

That makes it sound like I do a three day split, I do a 6 day split with frequent abs sessions and calves thrown in. Mental cardio is fairly frequent.

Mike 6 years ago

I bought the Jack3d a eek a go and tried it twice. Both times I felt like I was going to puke and my head was not right. I guess, like any other product, it works for some and others, not so much.

Nick 6 years ago

I used three containers of this stuff i stopped taking it about 5 months ago. This stuff is not worth it i have gained as much muscle off of it as i did while i was on it. While taking my third container i noticed extrmed lightheadedness and occasional fainting this stuff strings you out and can be no better for you than heroin is

Zak 6 years ago

After trying a bunch of different pre work out supplements I tried jack3d. I'm almost done with a tub lf noxplode now but I figured I try this.

Did back an biceps.

Got me so pumped up I was litterally screaming at the weights, (gym was empty)

Way better then anything. Iv tried. A little nervous my heart will explode after some peoples comments but ... What ever.

Teamvuch 6 years ago

My husband and I take only 1 scoop 30min prior to workouts only. It's great! He's a USAF fighter pilot and has strict guidelines on what he can put in his body. This is approved for him! I lost 30+lbs in 4 months working out 4 days/week -2hrs ea. Lots of cardio. This is a great product, like everything in life...be responsible with moderation. We did take 6 weeks off from heavy exercise & Jack, but back on now! We are not "builders", just really busy and this gives us that added energy to push through our 2hr gym days. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before using AND starting exercise programs. Some people don't do well with Motrin even. Everyone is different. Ask for a free sample maybe ~ p.s. If I take it in the afternoon, sometimes I don't fall asleep easy, but have a history of that. So I'm not going to blame Jack!

Nick 6 years ago

So to the guy who says it probably causes as much harm as heroin, stop talking out of your ass you probably took too much over a time I only use it when I want a long powerful work out which it gives!!

STOP ABUSING SUPPLEMENTS!! They don't need to be used all the time.

Dave 6 years ago

I have used Jack3d for the past 2 months. I have had decent gains and it allows me to continue working throughout long days. I dislike the tingling sensation I get but it goes away. I would suggest this product. I have tried many like it over the past 20 years and this one appears to be the best at this time.

Kurt 6 years ago

I took this supplement and I died. I seriously died and I am still dead. Seriously though, I take it and I like it. I don't have to have the motivation to work out anymore, just the motivation to drink the nasty shit. Does anyone else's eyes and face get really itchy after taking it?

kyle 6 years ago

is it bad to take jack3d if you have asthma?

Sean 6 years ago

I love Jack3d. It helped me have the most productive workouts and the largest gains I've ever had off any supplement. Only problem, it gave me the worst acne I've ever had as well. I'm 26 and I am acne prone so I guess it was as no surprise, just saying

Doc1970 6 years ago

I am 39 and have been taking Jac3d for about 7 months now. I have been through 3 tubs by taking three weeks on 1 week off. The first tub was only 1 scoop 1 hour b4 working out. Then I moved up to 1.5 scoops for the 2nd and 3rd tub. I got great enery, focus and slight gains throughout all three tubs. I am staying off it right now as I am trying to have a kid w/ my wife. During the months I was on it, there were a couple of times where I found myself very depressed but recovered the next day. This could have also been due to me having a very hard time dealing with people at work. Not sure, but take in moderation and don't go over 2 scoops ever. If you don't feel anything, cycle off for 1 or 2 weeks.

natedogg 6 years ago

I have been using jack3d for about two weeks. I got stupid and took 3 scoops, and was amped all day.Now I just take two scoops. It sounds like most people who are feeling extreme side effects are not following the directions on the tub... I have had no problems while taking two scoops...

Eric 6 years ago

I bought this product yesterday at a local GNC for 30 bucks. I'm 28 years old and have been lifting weights off and on since i was 19. over the years i've tried all the various creatines and proteins. I took one scoop of this product on my way to the gym..about 15 to 20 minutes before starting my workout. by the time i pulled in i felt like i just downed a red bull or an espresso. didn't think much of it. got into the weight room about 25 minutes after drinking one scoop and i gotta say that i've never had a more focused and intense workout like i had last night. i worked out from 5 20 to 6 30. about 45 minutes into my workout i started to feel "done" but that was damn near constant lifting. I felt like superman on steroids while on this stuff! i left the gym at 630 went to a friends house and told him about my awesome workout experience, shot 4 games of pool and was dead tired and in bed by 10 15. So I slept like a champion but...i woke up GROGGY AS HELL i don't know if it was the supplement or just because i had a hell of a workout the night before..btw i got up at 530am. early i know. so i dunno. i'm very excited about this product but i think i'm going to only take a half scoop from now on. as for the effects during my workout i felt focused and energized. i was able to lift 10 percent more weight than normal. i did feel slightly dizzy and somewhat lightheaded and winded while lifting but that may have been from the amount of energy i was exerting too. oh and by the way DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!!!!! i was extremely dehydrated all morning. to recap this run on mess of a paragraph i LOVE it so far. please be very very careful and DO NOT OVER DO IT!!!! OK??? DRINK A LOT OF WATER!! READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LABEL AND ALL INGREDIENTS BEFORE USING!! nothing is worth hurting yourself over. enjoy!

Anacharsis 6 years ago

Don't be idiotic guys:

Of course jack3d works. But so does cocaine. If you really want that extra strength and focus when you work out then man up and pay a little extra for coke.

If that sounds like a stupid idea to you, then you probably still have a couple brain cells left. The extra energy you get when you work out is ABSOLUTELY not worth the health effects you may incur in the short run, and the health effects you will most definitely incur in the long run.

This also applies for a lot of the supplements out there. If you don't have the willpower to get shredded using just the basic stuff (protein, etc) then you are gonna have a hell a lot of health problems in exchange for a few years with a nice body.

Dr Jim 6 years ago

I hope that lady with COPD didn't start taking jack3d. If you have COPD the pressure in your pulmonary capillary bed increases which backs up the pressure to the left side of your heart causing hypertrophy. The left heart is not meant to become enlarged, and over exertion can lead to heart failure.

The problem with getting an "edge" is that it usually is a short cut that trades off another aspect of your health. People seem to forget that drugs interfere with the cellular processes that we have evolved and are necessary for normal function. Eat a good mix of proteins carbs and fats, then you will have plenty of energy without this crap.

Josh 6 years ago

I couldn't even read through all the responses to this. the one I stopped at was Steve's how in the world is he going to blame one thing on his heart problem. There was most likely underlying problems that he had that created the problem. Whos fault is it that he didn't get a workup at his doctors office before taking the supplement. It tells you on the label consult a physican before taking the supplement. I have had nothing but good results from the supplement. The only think I would say is I work third shift and workout when I get off work. I have found that sometimes I have trouble going to sleep. Thats my fault in not taking it at a time that it won't effect my sleeping pattern not the product itself.

kretsus 6 years ago

3d jack very careful if it is true that works, but this product caused me very bad sexual impotence. and tried to take it in two and really hocacion my sex life was completely destroyed and I never suffered from sexual impotence if it has not happened to others but if I go and it's real

bunsen 6 years ago

i bought a tub of this stuff today and i had 4 scoops in one go... biggest mistake of my life im still off my head 5 hours later... i seriously thought i was going to die at one point... definitely going to take 1 or 2 max scoops next time...

Joe 6 years ago

For anyone that would take 4 scoops of Jack3d at 1 time, I would have to pray for you! I am sure your hands and face were tingling being your capillaries throughout your body were on the verge exploding. hahaha

Take it easy man, especially if you are using additive supplements as well like time released NO or vitamins that could already have arginine included, not to mention creatines and protein supplements with vitamins included. You can't forget you get a lot of nutrients in food already. You can over dose on a good thing have it become bad doing more harm then good. Make sure you know what is in your supplements and don't exceed the daily dosage or you might screw something up seriously! Then you won't be working out to gain extra, you will be working out to rebuild what you had, something like rehabilitation out of the hospital. smh Stick to the directions and play it cool!

unknown 6 years ago

BE CARE FULL with this stuff, check with the doc first! I have used it and now throwing it away! Ya you get one big rush and can work harder than ever before, but only using it for 2 months after the workout one word can describe it.. misery.. I urge great caution, very addictive. I did not touch the stuff for a 14 days and never felt so angry, and depressed in my life. Just check with the doc before you use it and also start with low amounts and work up. And for those that it works for you good on ya, keep it up.

Tye 6 years ago

I've ben using jacked for about 3 weeks now. It works really well for increasing strength, energy and focus just like every other NO product I've tried before(and i've tried them all).this one has an ingredient called 1,3 dimethylamylamine in it though which ive seen in muscle and fitnessed advertised as a legal steroid.

This ingredient is very potent and is probably the reason some people are testing positive for meth in drug tests and also why some people have zombie like feelings or withdrawl symptoms like anger.

last week my instructor asked me if i was on steroids...

he seems to think i have a mood swing problem. i didnt think too much of it and just chalked it up as stupidity on his part but afetr reading these posts i think i might quit using it along with telling my younger brother to quit. this shit is not safe and DMAA is not FDA approved.

Moe 6 years ago

HI I have been using jack for about 3 to 4 weeks and i have been exceeding the amount to about 2 to 3 scoops and so far I have been having some stabbing feeling in my chest and jack 3D has made me do some weird stuff I also want to say it will work but the only way to safely use it is to not go increase the 1 scoop you are supposed to take or it will screw you up its working very well just take 1 scoop people and you will be fine and for some people take half a scoop on your first try and you will be fine do not take more than the exceeded amount people.

My buddy is not taking the exact amount as I am and he is doing fine. So just try 1 scoop and you will be fine.

carnie 6 years ago

I suggest whoever takes this jack3d supplement take this into consideration i took two scoops got an intense chest workout in got home took a shower and before i knew it i was bangin my friend andy while he was playin call of duty black ops now im gay and like having sex with guys so take that into consideration before taking this stuff

Jack3d Trey 6 years ago

WEIRD the same thing that happened to carnie happened to me, well sorta. I bought some jack3d a week ago. I took 3 scoops and had an amazing workout. Great pump concentration and all that. I got home and hit up some protein and took a shower. The next thing I know im banging the hell out of my dad. Last thing I remember im in the shower and the next thing I know im balls deep in dads ass. This supplement had obviously made me gay and incest. Things could not be more weird for me at this moment. Has anyody had similar experiences. Is this a one time thing or am I gonna go incredible hulk and jack hammer my dads ass all the time now? He wont speak to me...My mom says I have to move out. Please anybody with similar experience let me know what to do. Thanks Carnie for your post. I was too afraid to post anywhere until now. Im 18 and have never had any gay thoughts or any attraction to a guy or my dad for that matter. He said I came into the den mumbling something and with my pupils dialated with a crazy look in my eyes. He is much smaller than me at 125lbs so naturally i overpowered him and had my way with him. Jack3d has really screwed with my life at home and Thanksgiving will be weird this year for sure.

muscle bound jeff 6 years ago

Trey and carnie, thanks to ur posts I have decided to purchase 8 tubs of jack3d. My dad looks like brad pitt but he has always been stingy with the booty. He will allow mom to use anal beads on him but everytime I hear them getting frisky from the other room ill tip toe real quietly to the door make sure dads naked from the signs of the sounds...and ill barge in like a Bat out of hell but dad always covers up so quick I only get to see split seconds of @ss! But guess what this thanksgivingdads gonna be in for a surprise of his own. I'm going to do a whole tube of jack3d and dads gonna get stuffed like the turkey!from ur experiences do u think that jacked will giveme enough strength to not only rape dad but to ddt my mother into a coma? I definitely don't want to kill her but I just want her to be out while I'm living my fantasy of humping my dad mr brad pitt look alike himself! I just want to say thanks ahead of time for the heads up on this product.

InPain 6 years ago

i bought jack3d and used it for the first time. i took 1 1/2 scoops before ma workout. the pump wasnt all that...not as good as superpump250. i went to bed feeling fine around 12am. got an hours sleep...then i woke up to severe stomach pains. i was sick all over the place and couldnt get back to sleep. it was definately the jack3d as that was what was coming out. beware of this supplement!

Lee 6 years ago

Well... I got this stuff since everyone was Hyping the absolute shit out of it, and claiming it turns you into the Hulk when training. It's pretty much bullshit to be honest. First time taking it I had 1.5 scoops 30 minutes before training and i actually felt slightly weak. I can say that my rests between sets were maybe 30% quicker but that's about it. I took the stuff on an empty stomach pretty much. Maybe i need to up the quantity to 2 scoops, which i will be doing tomorrow for my workout before my 2 rest days at the weekend. Saying all that, after my workout, i was like what the hell? Didn't even feel like i had a workout, pretty much no fatigue and I had the urge to do it all over again. I must say i felt stronger after my workout which made me want to start it all over again to see if my strength would have increased. I obviously didn't do that because i didn't want to over train like some idiots would. I feel the stuff kicked in halfway through my workout, so i will take it 45 mins before starting again.

Mike 6 years ago

What about taking Beta Alanine, Schizandrol and Dimethylamylamine in pure concentrated forms? I feel that those three ingredients are what really give people the extra energy in the gym. I also wanna add that the pre workout "Pre-Surge" is a great energy supplement to try. I think it works better then Jacked in all honesty.

Colin 6 years ago

I tried Jack3d twice with samples from GNC and honestly I don't think it it sits that well with me. It's now been about six hours since I worked out and I still feel strung out and exhausted. I know everyone feels tired after lifting but this is much more than normal. I had to lay down on the couch for a long time. I'm a fan of energy drinks and coffee and I've never felt such a draining crash from anything in my life. I'm sure it's different for everyone so I won't discourage anyone else from trying it but Im going back to normal lifting because I dont like these after effects.

Tommy 6 years ago

THIS STUFF IS SO BAD FOR YOU.... just take protein after you workout. all of the ingredients in it is garbage for your body.

alex  6 years ago

I finished my tub of super250 it was great, but wanted to see if jack3d was any better first two workouts on it i had alot of the problems described on here, i d could definitely feel a buzz but i felt zombied out after and crashed bad had itching and some spots appear on my forehead. I then really shook my tub alot more than i had first time. I now feel a really good buzz and immense concentration during the worktout personally the pump was not as good as with superpump but i was close to throwing my jack away but no more than happy with it so please guys REALLY GIVE THE TUB A GOOD SHAKE EVERYTIME !!( 2 scoops of jack is perfect for me)

aweee 6 years ago

im 16 i bought a tub of Jack3d and have taken it twice - i feel it works greatly , i was benching 70 (repping 3 sets of 10) then had such a pump went to repping 80...was doing incline dumbell press 24 then went to 28..i feel this stuff works but is it bad for me as im still 16 and could speed my heart rate up to much..will jack3d and novadex xt be a good combo ?

dave360 profile image

dave360 6 years ago

Great review, read what happened to me when i took Jack3d


James 6 years ago

Im 15 and lift everyday and play football, I looked into taking prohormones and mass tabs but then found out it stunts your growth. I rep 225 4x6 and im looking to jump up in weight without messing with my growth or body... is this product right for me?

mark 6 years ago

okay i am 16 years old. i am a current user of jack3D. for people who say "all creatine is junk" are wrong. first of all if your over the age of 40 and have not been workingout for years well duhh you shouldnt use jack3D. ive talked to bodybuilders about jack3D and the only thing they can say is "its the heathiest creatine avaiable". for people who have tried n.o. explode im guessing you have seen the side effects. you have this little rage about everything. little things get you mad. you get back acne. well for people wanting to use jack3D but are scared that there to old or to young well first workout normally without it. then without any cardio in your workout use 1 scoop. and does it stunt your growth? no it does not. ive been using it since it first was on the market. and everyone might say your just a little kid who doesnt know what hes talking about. but ive studied more about workouts/supplements then most of you "older" ones.

start your normal workout for about 1 month without jack3D

then after the first month use one scoop of jack.

then as time goes by you may increase your amount by 1 or 2 scoops. if you dont belive anything i say then go look at it yourself.


pat personal trainer 6 years ago

hey guys just wanted to say ive tried this supplement myself as advertised it does give u the energy u need and with its active igredients it is true it will increase ur strength gains. It also has possible serious side effects such as raising ur heart rate which can lead to worse effects.... anyway yes a good product but i have its doubts about its safety....

Nickoz 6 years ago

I've found this product to be absolutely superior compared to the other market choices. Intended results are obvious after 15 minutes of taking two heaped spoons. Energy, vitality, euphoric rush, increased strength and stamina for extended periods of time.

However the crash a few hours later can be very strong. If you suffer from anxiety ordepression it's adverse reaction or come down can be extreme, so caution there.

adam 6 years ago

i took 2 scoops and felt it didn't do too much so today i decided to take 4, bad idea, i got really irritable, felt llike getting sick and had the runs like you wouldnt believe. i feel absolutely wired still and i took it like 5 hours ago. i have taken no xplode before and only ever got the runs from it. this stuff seems ridiculous to me if it can do this to u, its like taking meth before going to the gym or something. i know i overdosed but still i would stay away from the stuff

dave 6 years ago

when i first took it it was ok and i only got a little acne but then as i upped the dosage it was the same as coming down off meth or coke, i was shaky my heart was sore, my head was running and i was dizzy

Jack3d 6 years ago

Honestly, I haven't experienced any of the problems people have stated above, I take 1 scoop and find that it makes me do alot more reps during circuit workouts, don't feel as if it's addicting and honestly the only problem I had was not getting enough water, I believe most people using this are inexperienced and just don't know how to use this supplement correctly.

Sensible 6 years ago

Why would anyone believe the claims laid forth in the article or any of the comments? The article itself doesn't list any research papers backing up any of their analyses of the constituents of Jack3d. Then the author has the audacity to write, "Hopefully the research contained herein helps you to make an informed decision about Jack3d and if it is right for your workout routine." What research? Nothing is listed but speculation and opinion. Be cautious in accepting anything he says.

Same goes for anyone in the comments who claim that they screwed up their bodies and have to take medication for life. Well, did they adhere to the guidelines? Did they have a contraindication? Are they lying to generate buzz? Who knows. Unless someone can post an account from a credible source of someone being harmed by the product while following the guidelines and having no pre-existing condition, then it's baseless hearsay.

Critical thinking 101.

Oh yeah, for anyone experiencing jitters like "coming off of meth" as one commenter stated, did you consider that caffeine is an ingredient here? Given that it's a proprietary blend, I'm not so sure the ingredients of the blend are listed by quantity. It is possible that caffeine is the chief ingredient provoking a reaction and that the others are only present in trace amounts. Can't be certain, though.

adam 6 years ago

and theophylline u can take it from me that my coments are genuine my left side is sore today still... people are hardly making it up you fool

jai 6 years ago

i have been taking this supliment for about 3 weeks now its works great i use 1 to 1.5 scoop anything over that is a waist of the supliment and danger to ur body... i feel strong and gain more muscle in 3 weeks than i could gain in 2 months awsome.3 weeks ago i was 5'7" 130lbs with bearly any muscle and now im same weight with more muscle mass and less body fat awwwsome feels good when people notice the diff

jai 6 years ago

the reviews here are great...if u use 3 scoop u will get side effects it tells u on the bottle not to over dose so dont push it when 1 scoop does the same as 3

Don W. 6 years ago


How are we supposed prove that the product put you on blood thinners?

Maybe you shouldn't have been taking caffeine before a workout anyway.

Lets see a pic of the prescripton, or it didn't happen.



robertBalon 6 years ago

All these products cause nervous system damage which will ONLY lower your metabolism over time. Want to get ripped, Eat Lean and clean ALL of the time. I used this cookbook with fat melting recipes and it is UNREAL. I love it. http://e5df1z53olrm1kdxz9gkx6jgli.hop.clickbank.ne...

jeff syed 6 years ago

Ok so i tried jack3d 1 time because my friend takes it ,and it kinda feels like taking a 5hour energy nothing really to dramatic,,but i say get big and cut the natural way ,even if you use a little protien like syntha 6 ,but stay away from creatine p.s all i take is 1/2 a scoop of syntha 6 once a day .

jeff syed 6 years ago

Ok so i tried jack3d 1 time because my friend takes it ,and it kinda feels like taking a 5hour energy nothing really to dramatic,,but i say get big and cut the natural way ,even if you use a little protien like syntha 6 ,but stay away from creatine p.s all i take is 1/2 a scoop of syntha 6 once a day .

Nico22 6 years ago

I've been using it for 2 weeks now. I'm 1.95m long and weigh 96kg. One day i used 3 scoops and i ended up with heart cramps that night. I will not recommend it for people that wants to have a healthy body. And one last thing, i don't feel the good stuff that your supposed to feel.

NikkiP 6 years ago

I've taken this supplement 3 times and I won't be taking it anymore. I wanted something that would get me through my workouts since I do a lot of cardio, so the owner of the gym I go to suggested Jack3d to me since she takes it. The first day I took it, it got me through my workout and had me in the gym for an extra 30 mins. It definitely gives you energy and focus.

What I noticed though is that I started having pains in the left side of my chest and I was extremely moody, almost depressed after my workout. I chalked it up to my hard workout and kept going. The 2nd time I used this product, the same thing happened, except it was accompanied with a splitting headache and shortness of breath. I took this product one last time today and as I type, I feel moody and I'm having chest pains. I know it's this supplement. I'm a 23 yr old female and completely healthy.

I love the positives of this supplement, but the negatives just aren't worth the risk to me. Today is the last time I'll be using this product.

vincent 6 years ago

er, whats wrong with food? all the so called 'benefits' can be found in food.

APG1981 6 years ago

Please get a life.

The first rule of having a healthy lifestyle is not eating anything your Grandmother wouldn't recognise.

I can run 5km in 19 minutes (outside) and bench press 100kg 3 X 10 sets surely that proves you only need good healthy food.

I may not be the by any means the strongest or fastest but when it comes to overall fitness im not bad.

Case over

jacob1 6 years ago

this product is great started off slow and it helps with the focus during my weight lifting and for the asthmatic question you should take it slow not to over work your self or else it will become a problem

Lee 6 years ago

The only side effect I have had is nausea, and that's a day I didn't take it. My workout feels more intense, and my cardio has improved. It actually makes me want to train. I wouldnt say it made me significantly stronger. I have less break time between sets, I feel focused, and eager to move onto the next exercise. When before I would linger and stall most of the time, coming out the gym with no satisfaction at all. Jack3d has helped overall.

Korey Warzala 6 years ago

Best supplement of all time - Yes, trying to workout without it is slightly miserable.. but that's what I expected..

I've been using preworkout sups now for a couple years and this is by far the most effective.

Rydo 6 years ago

I have been taking one and a half scoops per day for two weeks and have no ill side effects. I train two hours per day, six days a week and at 26 years old I am in my physical peak.

I would recommend Jack3d for anyone who, A. Trains hard every day, B. Is a legit athlete (high school football hero does not count), C. Knows exactly what their body can handle at max effort.

I would not recommend it for people who, A. Work out twice a week, B. Are just starting to work out, C. Are overweight and are trying to lose weight quickly.

If you are a serious fitness person, Jack3d works pretty well. If you are too young (under 18) or too old (over 50) or not physically fit, I would not take it.

Carla 6 years ago

I would strongly advise not using this product PERIOD!!! My 19 year old son has been using it for a little over a month and just recently started having seizures and even experienced bleeding out of his ear as well as bad headaches. His actions were like someone on Meth. He's off of it as of now and it will not come back into this house again.

Bobbo 6 years ago

I been using this for like 2 or 3 months. Gives me incredible energy. I workout like a barbarian at the gym on this. Like 2 hours or a little more. But today i got some chest pains. it isnt a musle issue, its has to be something with my cardiovasular system. I take this product like 30 min before i workout. 3 scoops. The first thing I do is cardio on the tredmill. I have been keeping my heart rate in the 190s for a half hour. I think it's because of this. Maybe I should hit the weights first then cardio on the tredmill? I would love to keep continuing this product but I hope it's not part of the problem of my chest pain. If someone has some info, send me an email at xrayzakkontatik@aol.com. I also use bee pollen in the mix before i workout. maybe it has something to do with this also??

Doubt it 6 years ago

I have been regimented for 5 years on a specific routine in the gym, and diet. Im 38 years old weigh 192lbs, 5'9" and very little body fat. I can lift more weight than the average person, but I don't consider myself a body builder, but I am big.

Ive cycled through No xplode, NaNo vapor, and now jacked.

Im thoroughly convinced they are worthless, I keep logs of my workouts and weight lifted. I have seen no increases or decreases when on or off either of the three products. I have used several tubs of all three consecutively as to make a scientific comparison, not the typical "wow i just got this stuff and tried one scoop and im loving it" or "wow i just got this stuff and tried one scoop and it doesn't work"

I have given all three products ample time to show any types progression or digression. NADA.... zip....

I have come to the conclusion that some caffeine before workout is the best to get you jumpstarted and if you can't follow through after that, then your diet is lacking something keeping you from lifting the weight.

Sorry, there's no magic powder, they may help a little for some people, but old fashioned "effort" is the best for stimulating growth and testosterone.

chris 6 years ago

i have been taking jacked3d and love the flavor and the drive it gives me when i work out, but i seem to have a crash about 1hr after my work out..i used 1 scoop and 2 and 3 and all same reaction.

nate 6 years ago

i see alot of comments about jack with first time users, your not supposed to take 3 scoops first time -.- i started with half a scoop and have worked my way up to 1 1/2. you can really hurt yourself if you dont look into what you taking and how much dose you need

eric 6 years ago

This stuff gives ENERGY! but after i workout i do feel the "strungout" and moody feel, so i recommend taking this only a couple times a week.

Mike 6 years ago

I workout regularly, mainly weight lifting, and have seen results due to pre-workout supplements such as no explode. I am very sensitive to stims and usually take half scoops (built up to 1 scoop but felt too wired). I took 1/4 scoop of jack3d and felt like I was going to throw up and faint. Not talking trash about this product since my friend uses it regularly and loves it. Just know what your body can handle, if you get anxious off a cup of coffee then maybe a full scoop of this or any other stim isnt right for you. And if it saids do not exceed X times a day... I have stopped taking all pre-work out supps and even though I miss the boost I no longer get the wired feeling that comes afterwards. This sort of stuff isnt for everyone.

Chad 6 years ago

They just need to take the Magnesium out of NO Xplode and then that would be ideal. I still like BSN NO Xplode better but this is an alternative and different than being just another Nitric Oxide product.

zack 6 years ago

Some of the post on here are obviously made up! I have been taking it for 2 years as recommended and have had no problems, no more problems than drinking a cup of coffee. That being said i dont think a 16 year old should be taking three scoops either. Great product and very safe and effective. IT does have a similar make up to amphetamines that are tested for in drug screens - so dont take it a couple of days before or longer. I would be more concerned about taking tylenol.

Grant  6 years ago

First time taking jack3d today! I loved it! lifted more and it was good for abs. Note to EVERYONE! (Taking JACK3D with no food is a bad idea. The effect is stimulated when its all there is in your stomache. I felt like i was going to die, but im doing it again tomorrow, with food!

Aaron 6 years ago

love jack3d and I'm no stranger to N.O. products or most supplements for that matter. 3 scoops for me is too much though. felt very "high" i guess is the word. my body felt very numb but i had huge pumps and amazing strength in the gym. 2 scoops for me is perfect. best preworkout I've tried and no i don't work for the company but I do work for GNC:-)

brandon 6 years ago

Be wary, my friend who had a preexisting heart condition (he didnt know about). Used this and on monday suffered a heart attack/stroke and is now in a coma with the doctors giving him a low chance of recovery.

Ed 6 years ago

I got a cardiac arrhythmia too after 7 hours by assuming...i'm 27y and i took 1 scoop. be carefull with this stuff!!!

Happynappy 6 years ago

A dangerous product and should be banned, i have suffered sleep issues,headaches, nausea etc in just 2 weeks of using this, i have been using these type of supplements for years and have been bodybuilding for over 3-4 years and i can sfely say this product is dangerous, avoid at all costs if you dont wanna risk brain damge or a stroke later on

Jordy 6 years ago

I've taken this for about 5 months, maybe a small break here and there in between but, have been taking 5 days a week at 3 scoops, works good. Havent had any problems other than maybe a little woozy or light headed while liftging but that could just be from pushing myself.. usually have a little bit of a crash an hour or so after working out but who doesn't??? just hoping no problems later on in life with it....

bunghole 6 years ago

Been taking this stuff for two weeks. Only thing I do know it makes me do it get morning wood. I'm not talking about the go piss and it goes away wood I'm talking strap that thing down cause I have to go into work morning wood. Boners just won't go away.

Some guy. 6 years ago

How many of you have drank a pot of coffee before? Well, I have and I get really weird, heart skips a couple beats... it was dumb. It made me itchy, emotional, energetic, and moody (If I had some kind of medical condition I would be in trouble).

I took 2 scoops of jack3d and gave me similar results but cut in half.

I suggest drinking at least a full pot of coffee in 1 hour just to test how it may affect you in an extreme way. If you have any problems with that don't take jacked. I drink alot of coffee, which results in a higher tolerance to caffeine. so I can take more jack3d and not have bad side affects.

If you feel nauseated drink more water and take less jacked.

If you end up in the hospital, (obviously quit taking jack3d) than your body cant take the amount of caffeine found in jacked.

Also, if your getting some outrageous side affect, its all in your head, or you had a medical condition prior to taking jacked.

OR did you have drugs that day, did you drink coffee that day, did you O.D., ..... it really helps to read the label to better protect yourself.

****"This product is intended to be consumed by HEALTHY adults 18 years of age or older."**** - as per the first of many Warnings on the bottle. Pretty much if your NOT healthy (e.g. drug addict, don't eat properly, bad sleeping patterns, fat) consult your doctor.

****"...extreme caution must be exercised & should not be used for novice athletes. Use with caution under strict dosing protocols."****

Anyways I took it, loved it, bought it. I'm healthy, not a novice, love caffeine/coffee. oooo here is a good one **** "This product contains caffeine and should not be taken by individuals wishing to eliminate this ingredient from their diet"****

Pretty straight forward.... read before taking (everyone should for any supp especially for special supp's).

As a side note caffeine has weird side affects and is a drug... some people puke taking it.... some people cant piss while on it... some people end up in the hospital. Know your limits with caffeine. This stuff is strong but well worth it if you know what you are doing.

p.s. Maybe you are allergic to some medical ingredients or any ingredients in jack3d? Just a thought. :)

jai 6 years ago

some people say wats wrong with food... but hey try eating a sandwich or pizza see where it gets you,,, unless u have alot of cash then yes food will work but no one ever have a balanced diet everyday..

rob 6 years ago

my son who is a top flight athlete non-professional athlete (martial arts) has over the last year worked to increase muscle mass and includes Jack3d as an aid with his workouts. after his workouts i find him overly exhausted, unfriendly and aggresive in his responses. being that he is a very nice and pleasant young man by nature, i can only attribute the sudden changes in his demeanor to this Jack3d pushing the user beyond his/her body's natural limits making them highly irritable and frustrated. this is not a good product.

bawbag 6 years ago

Jack3d=mild speed (in my opinion)

Try 6 years ago

I took 1 scoop of jack3d today and drove about 15km to the mountain I wanted to walk up. As I was driving I noticed that all I wanted to do was 'race' other cars. I became quite an impatient driver today and I got honked at twice...so Jack3d is not so good for my driving.


The walk up the mountain was great...Jack3d works. 1 scoop only gives you enrgy and focus for sure. A pre-workout gem.

Tom 6 years ago

this product will be taken off the shelves within the next 6 to 12 months! Not a safe product

Peter 6 years ago

I have tried many pre-workout supplements, I have been using jack3d for the past 3 weeks and its great. No side effects, just a great focused workout.

Moose 6 years ago

Try, i know the feeling of the road rage, i feel it too if i drive to the gym after taking it and have good tunes going..

I'm 19 years old, 6'4, when i started Jack3d early December i weighed in at 193lbs and was stuck in a plateau. A month and a bit later, i am now up to 202lbs and gaining fast.

But on the other hand, i just finished my first tub of Jack3d. I was referred to it by a good friend of mine, and after coming off NaNO Vapor i thought i would give it a shot. The first time i had it i could really feel the Beta Alanine tingle, and had solid workouts in that first week. I eventually had to up the anti to 2 scoops, and then the tunnel like focus effects started to come back. Strength gains, yes, but thats from the focus and motivation i had from Jack3d.

When i was going 4 days a week(M/T/R/F), i did sometimes notice it would feel like my heart would skip a beat, thats when i knew that the servings were too close together. I did cycle it 4 weeks on, 1 off, 3 on, as this was my last week.I do notice i'm a bit more impatient, and as funny as it is to say, i like to yell alot more, and i just want to be in contact; meaning punching, or just being violent. I never had this feeling before Jack3d. That may sound odd, but its almost like it gives me the power to feel invincible, this is something i never experienced with NaNO Vapor and i don't know if its a good thing or not. I channel it to Boxing on my off days, but regardless, i don't think that should be happening.

I knew all the precautions before taking Jack3d, and figured i would give it a try. Being in Kinesiology in University, i've had my eyes opened to spotting the "Red Flags" in supplements and such. Jack3d seemed fairly legit at first look, but what on the market doesn't?

I'm not praising or bashing the product. It works well for what i want to accomplish in the gym, i always feel refreshed after workouts and am able to push myself very hard in my workouts.

George 6 years ago

great stuff! i use it on days i do biceps chest and triceps. CRAZY PUMPS last very long, no crash and gives BOMB ASS energy to do "just one more rep"

great stuff, just dont over use it..

dgomez 6 years ago

I luv this stuff. i use 3 scoops and i can't say that it helps to increase any reps but it gives me crazy energy. i tend to work out late.7-730 start time. i would drink my 3scoop mix around 6. the only draw back for me is although i dont get any kind of jittery, heart raceing feeling, i cant get to sleep till 3-330 in the morning. Killer. gonna cut back the scoops and see

blatantlyshills 6 years ago

It's pretty damn obvious that most of the comments on here are written by Jack3d shills. The grammar and spelling is far to consistent for them all to be genuine, but to give you credit, it's clever marketing and I do like the novel way you increase the appeal of the product to a certain type of high-hungry customer by drawing attention to the methamphetamine like side effects and warnings not to snort the stuff. Makes me think 'What you can snort it too?! Wow'

A Concerned Father 6 years ago

Hello, I'm writing this as a serious warning for parents, athletes, and all individuals who are considering using Jack 3D. Two days ago (1/18/11) our son who is 18 took 1.5 scoops of Jack 3D (purchased from GNC) prior to working out with a trainer and ended up in the emergency room with a sky rocketing blood pressure and pulse rate. For over eleven hours this condition persisted and required him staying overnight in ICU and having numerous tests performed prior to his release. As background our son has been working out for years and played both football and baseball in high school and hopes to play next year in college, this was the fourth time he used Jack 3D. He has never experienced this issue before and all the doctors suggested Jack 3D was the most likely the cause of his condition. When he intially mentioned he was going to try this we suggested he not use it and now he is convinced of it's dangers. He was released yesterday from the hospital and is still not feeling well. Personally I would absolutely not take the risk of using this product and hope this helps all individuals thinking of trying this product.

tomac013 6 years ago

been on jack3d for 2 weeks now.


following instructions on the bottle. i do get a crash a few hours after but other than that. feel like a beast in the gym.

am a bit concerned of the risk or stroke in the long term though? any thoughts on this?

Will 6 years ago

Im a fairly high level athlete and i play a lot of basketball, i used to drink NO explode before my games for energy and now im thinking about drinking my jack3D before games too.. i know it increases heart rate but i am very healthy and in good shape, is this a bad idea?

Brian 6 years ago

I have been taking jack3d for 2 weeks now, works great and keeps your stamina up during your workout but I have felt so burnt out the following 1-2 days as expected, not to mention if you take it in the evening don't expect to fall asleep for a few hours!!

ricky 6 years ago

i dont know about anyone else but wen i took it it gave me ED.....id get if up but it took a lot longer and only lasted for like 30 seconds!

Stephen 6 years ago

Will, don't take Jack3D before basketball. You'd be better off with the Gatorade G series pre-workout drink. It won't increase your HR the way Jack3D will. I love Jack3D be the way. I recently tried White Out instead and will be switching back to Jack3D right now. Just remember to follow the directions guys and girls. If you don't like stimulant based pre-workout mixes, try the Gatorade stuff or you could use anything with Beta-Alanine or an NO booster that doesn't have caffeine. I would recommend that you allow yourself at least 3-4 hours of time after your workout and drink plenty of water before trying to get to sleep. If you're stimulant sensitive, go with one scoop or even 1/2 a scoop at first to test your tolerance. If you are a caffeine junky like me, maybe 2 scoops on most days and (just what I do) 3 scoops on leg and back days because of the amount of work involved. Definitely limit your other sources of caffeine intake while using Jack3D.

Oscar 6 years ago

Took this stuff before my hockey game last night, i didnt realy know too much about it all i knew is that other guys take it and they have the focus of a owl.

taking 1.5 scoops for the first time, i began to feel it quickly. by the time i hit the ice i had the most energy in my life. it was clearly evident that I had a rediculious amount of energy and focus. with that being said during the game there was one point when i thought i was going to die :P, my heart was pounding and i was tripping out. also after the game for 3 hours i was prety close to being high.

That night i couldnt fall asleep untill 5 am. I dont know how to rate this product, as I loved it and hated it at the same time. I felt no fatigue, no pain, and no distractions. But i also felt sick, high, and too alert and jittery. CHECK WITH A HEALTHCARE PRO BEFORE TAKING!!

Stan 6 years ago

I like this stuff as it makes me have big craps in the toilet.

Be careful with taking it if you are in a happy marriage though

As everytime I take it my other half gets a beating

Canadian 6 years ago

I've been taking this before games (I play Jr. A hockey) and it works. I'm throwing the biggest hits of my life, I'd really recommend it

Chris 6 years ago

After reading the comments on here, I was pretty nervous before taking Jack for the first time last night before a weight lifting session. I only took half a scoop. At first, I felt jittery and anxious (more because of the nervous anticipation of its effects). But once It kicked it, it was brilliant. I had so much energy and focus, and by far exceeded what I had achieved in my previous workout (in terms of reps and sets). Defintiley reccomend this product to anyone AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NO PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS. If you're unsure, get checked out first. The only real negatives where the fact that I was thirsty as all hell on it. I think this is safe as long as you follow the dosage protocols. Will be upping it to one full scoop next workout.

Travis 6 years ago

Just used jackd 3d for the first time one scoop . Getting rid of it asap, got way jittery,lite headed and pale as a ghost during workout out. Now im wide awake and muscles feel tight. becarefull!

mike 6 years ago

Its easy to like something when your addicted to it...either at a concious or subconcious level it doenst matter.

jess 5 years ago

jack3d made me soo sick, I tried it yesterday and I feel like I'm on crack I can't even eat and threw up then started bleeding from my nose. My bf decided to put some in my water and maybe since I'm small it messed me up... but i will never take this again.

Workmaster 5 years ago

shutup guys! you are all gay! if you want to make muscle like arnold? YOu must worked out everyday without taking anything except water. Look! does arnold used anabolic? or lets talk about the guy in the movie hercules?( old movie). If you want to make a muscle do it everyday for 1-5 years without taking anything. forget about crush or sumthing let see the result then?

Workmaster 5 years ago

Sorry for what i said! Anyway I just want to help you not to end up in dialysis unit. As long as you are happy take whatever you want and join our club, "The Dialyser" lol

jaker 5 years ago

arnold used steroids. lol. fail info. "you want to make muscle like arnold?" . yes. i do. so i guess your encouraging steroids for us? faaaiilllllll

Nick L 5 years ago

per Steve... did you have any previous medical complications such a chronic dehydration or any erythrocyte problems? When your blood thickens, and the viscosity increases this is usually a sign of dehydration or not enough water in your blood content. This could lead to a problem of the heart using too much energy to keep a regular and harmonic pulsate. the SA Node found in the right atria is the main controller of the rhythm your heart maintains, did you have any cardiac problems before taking this supplement... if so this could be the problem you are facing.

Jerry 5 years ago

Jack3d is perfect for someone like me. I am very calm and sometimes too quiet but after taking this at the gym on my lunch break, I become "normal" for the rest of the day, lol.

Mike 5 years ago

There are directions on the container for a reason. Follow them, and you'll be fine.

John 5 years ago

All of the negative comments about Jacked 3d are merely because people took a lot more then the recommended dose.....It's common sense that when you take 4 times more then suggested that you will more likely have side effects.....I honestly have not heard of anyone having problems with it until this forum....Just don't go overboard with servings....its not a drug....chill out

Tyler 5 years ago

My name is Tyler and I am a certified personal trainer. I have personaly been taking jacked for about 9-10 months, I absolutly love it. I do fallow there cycles though. I usually take it for 4-5 weeks then I lift with out any supplements for 1-2 weeks. I have moved up from 3 scoops and am now taking 4. With taking 4 scoops I have increased my water intake to about 3-4 gallons a day. But with this article I have never seen any of the side affects it has said, but you need to do the cylces correctly and flush the body out with as much water as you possibly can!

Andy 5 years ago

Highly recommend for bodybuilders but you need to be careful not to be too addictive and using high dosage. Overall im satisfied with the product :)

Paul 5 years ago

Used it for first time today, 2/3 scoop (118kg bw)and had great results, shoulder press up 11 lbs and did strong cardio. Great pump as well. Wife used same dose and loved it. No crash. Think people need to follow the instructions to the letter.

Ian 5 years ago

This stuff is great. It does have some side effects though.


Lot's of energy

lifts spirits

after taking it in resonable portion, i dont go crazy, i just get a little excited and want to throw something around, NO ANGER, JUST HYPERACTIVE.

I recover quickly after sets.

in conjunction with protein, i build lean muscle FAST

my heart does not increase in rate when i take it, it just gives harder, more stronger feeling beats. Which is good, it's not racing, it's pacing. ;)


First time i took it, the next day i was a bit moody, and pissed of my girlfriend. (Whoops)

Sometimes, maybe 1 out of every 6 or 7 uses, i zone out a little. a bit like being high, not like legit pot, but more of a K3 or tobacco like head buzz.

it's only a con when im trying to focus on anything but my girlfriend, but i get horny as shit about 4 times a day. sorta weird but oh well, It's not E.D.! ;)

cmo 5 years ago

first off im 24 years old, 6'4" 225lbs, played college football, and have been working out for years. i have takin numerous preworkout supplements including superpump 250 and NO-explod. jack3d is WAY above all others. for first time users- what r u thinking taking 2 and 3 scoops for ur first time using?! i guarantee if you never drank coffee before and then drank 3 cups, you probably would be jumping from the walls too. i took only 1/2 a scoop for three months before i upped my dosage to 3/4 a scoop, and even now i only take one, and it works just the same... bottom line, when trying anything out for the first time try a small amount first to see how the product works for you... and honestly if ur under 18 or a newbie lifter, this product ISNT for you, only the intermediate or advanced. just starting out lifting for the first time or starting over agian is going to take a tremendous toll on ur WHOLE body.

Angie 5 years ago

Im a marine and i had a child 4 months ago, the guys in my shop use this stuff and gave me half a scoop. I must say it was awsome, i hadnt been able to run my usual time for 3 miles since i started working out again and Just using that half a scoop i did a mile in 8 minutes and my total 3 miles in 26, where id been barley getting to 2 miles i almost 30 minutes and afterward i still felt incredible, once i got home and started to relax for the evening i had no troubles gettingto sleep. Not a miracle product but definatley something I intend on purchasing for myself

Scott 5 years ago

Used it for the first time today.

decided just to "test the water" so i used half of a scoop.

i started working out 10 minutes after taking it and worked out for 30 minutes, then all of a sudden i got the rush at 40 or so minutes in and just started throwing down more reps then when i started. If i can just do more with half a scoop, no need to take any more then one scoop and save money and make the product last.

Will throw in an update in a few weeks

Taylor 5 years ago

Great stuff! I can't say ne thing negitive about it. I have been using it for 6 months with a week break here and there. Great for lifting! Great for cardio. Funny thing is 2 scoops is all I need. I haven't crashed yet and I take it around 11 am five days a week. To all those side effect advicates... treat it right and it will treat u right.

Steve H 5 years ago

I've been running marathons for years and decided to try this product using one scoop before my 6 mile morning run. I always track my speed and heart rate. The run went well, I felt stronger than normal, but my HR was much higher than it usually is at the same pace. I doubt I could run far distances using it. Also, I sweated profusely and later in the day my face was so flush that my wife noticed it without me saying anything. Truthfully, it's a little scary to think what might happen if you use this product for an endurance event. Probably fine for weightlifting, but a high HR and dehydration can be a dangerous combination.

cmo 5 years ago

after reading some more posts, i saw that some people were doing ridiculous amounts of aerobics (cardio) with jack3d. this i highly dont recommend. this product should be intended for weight lifting only! (for example people that are bulking and eating more than the usual amount of calories, carbs, protein) even though it will make you lose some weight do to the higher temperature that your body will run do to the higher heart rate that it produces thus you burn more calories(when the body heats up you burn more calories). when i take jack3d i dont do any kind of aerobic exercises only anaerobics(weightlifting is considered an anaerobic sport). i take at least 2 an half to 3 minutes between sets to let my heart rate ease a bit and keep my reps to no more than 8 with all lifts. (remember i am trying to stay in the hypertrophy zone, that is burn what i eat and not burn so much that i go beyond that and start to burn muscle in place of calories, carbs). you must keep hydrated, muscle is 80% water, going below this will cause you to get dehydrated, which thickens your blood, which makes your arteries and veins have to widen, this can cuase them to splinter and crack, which leads to high blood pressure, which leads to the heart having to work harder to push the blood to the parts of the body that need the blood the most (what your training that day bis, tris, quads, etc.)when you do any type of cardio nearly every muscle in the body(including the heart) is working. so all those muscles need fresh blood delivered to them. think about it, if you only exert one muscle all that blood only has to deliver what that muscle needs(calories, carbs, protein) so the heart doesnt have to work as hard. i feel if you dont know how the body works and reacts, you have no right to take any supplements. hope this is helpful.

matt 5 years ago

this article writes that this product is dangerous for the side affects it was made to give you. this was made to get you in the mind set to work out and focus you, there is even a warning on the box. if people dont like it take m5 its the same thing with out giving you the jitters or the "strung out" feeling this article talks about. and why do people take supplements if they dont research them first. go to a gnc and talk to one of their annoying sales reps, yeah they wont shut up but they will tell you everything you need to know

Neil 5 years ago

Ive been taking this stuff for a few weeks now and have never had more than a scoop at a time, until today. I took two scoops and have been feeling completely miserable all day. Ive taken adderall before and this feels identical.. even the side effects are kind of the same. Definately not a fan of this stuff.

Shatters 5 years ago

I've been taking jack for a month.

my testicles turned into bananas before I

farted and then 3 gremlins played truant

upon a rabbit skin drum. oooossshhh

James 5 years ago

I took 1.5 scoops yesterday and worked out like I never had before was lifting much more and for longer,very strong stuff tho got much more of an kick than super pump,some people say it gives you side affects but I was ok think that's cause I followed the instuctions you can't just take like 3 scoops to start off like most thing you need to bulid up to it.slept fine that nite

Tyler 5 years ago

I take this product also. I'm 16 and I have been body building for a year and I haven't had any problems with it I don't like using it all the time I like to quit after a tub for a month or 2 not just to keep it working and cycle on and off but just to not over load my body and to get some natural work out time in without any shops besides wheyabolic protein which I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a good protien that doesn't taste bad also. It's at your local GNC. I have only gotten good things out of jack3d after it got in my system good I was increasing on bench by 10 pounds every single week and you won't forget the pump you get from it, it's really explosive pump. I only take this and protein but for anyone that is thinking about taking it I recommend it but don't get lemon lime it's horrible haha. Also if your paranoid research the ingredients and compare them with any mess you take or ask your doctor but for the most part it's just a artificial supplement improving a natural body process so it's nothing your body doesn't do it just opens up veins a little more and pumps more blood in your muscles and puts nitric oxide in your blood stream which already happens it just puts more so it is a natural process.

Tyler 5 years ago

Also this product ISN'T for everyone! Just because it doesn't work for someone doesn't mean it won't work for you! Also if it works for me it doesn't mean it will work for you. Just like medicine people take different versions of medicines according to their body remember everyone is different. And besides if you go to GNC if you don't like it you have 30 days to take it back and get a full refund!

Chris 5 years ago

Been taking this supplement for several months now and I will admit it's a great product. That being said, its not for everyone. I've tried several pre-workouts, NaNoVapor, Black Powder, NO2 Black...none of them gave me the drive that Jack3d does...almost to an "insomniac" level. I work nights so I have sleeping problems anyway so I'm not sure that the two are related but I am also curious about possible long-term/heart problems after seeing posts about irregular heartbeats. A friend/coworker of mine who also takes Jack3d had to make a visit to the ER for chest pains and he's a responsible, 24 yo user. If anyone knows any more about this product, please post!

Chris 5 years ago

...Also !!!BE ADVISED!!! WILL SHOW UP ON DRUG TEST AS AN AMPHETAMINE if stacked w/ USPlabs OxyElite fat burners so b cautious

Stu 5 years ago

10/10. Afetr taking jack 3D, my bolt has improved massively. I am now sub 3 seconds. Thankyou USP labs!

cmo 5 years ago


In terms of JACK3D and amphetamines, some basic chemistry may significantly clarify this issue. Methamphetamine is simply the N-methyl derivative of alpha-methylphenethylamine (amphetamine). In both of these compounds, we can notice several functional groups, owing to the parent homologue of phenethylamine. These are the phenyl group, the ethyl group, and the amine group.

The first functional group, the phenyl, constitutes the base ring of all amphetamine derivatives, and is a six carbon benzene ring where each carbon serves as a point for an additional functional group to bond to. In this case, the carbon at position one is bonded to the second functional group, the ethyl, and the other five are saturated with hydrogen atoms. Therefore, we read the chemical structure of the phenyl group in phenethylamine as (C6 [six carbons] H5 [five hydrogen atoms])

The second functional group, the ethyl, is a structural unit where two carbons atoms are fused together by a single bond, and each carbon atom then shares a single bond with three hydrogen atoms. In the case of phenethylamine, the ethyl group is bound to the phenyl group at the first carbon, in the position where the third hydrogen atom would normally be. Ethyl groups will always share this bond with another functional group, which is why we read ethyl as (C2 [two carbons] H5 [five hydrogen atoms – as the functional bond takes the place of the sixth hydrogen atom]).

The final functional group, the amine, is a simple nitrogen atom which shares two single bonds to hydrogen atoms. We thus read it as (N [1 nitrogen atom] H2 [two hydrogen atoms]). We describe amphetamine and phenethylamine as homologues, as the only structural difference between the two is that, with phenethylamine, the amine is bound to ethyl group where the third hydrogen would normally be.

Dimethylamylamine, then, is clearly different from amphetamine, and this is easily recognized as it does not share our key functional groups. It lacks the benzene ring, first and foremost, which is present in all phenethylamine substitutions, possesses a pentyl as opposed to an ethyl as the second alkyl group, and in reality shares only the amine functional group. (Being a sympathomimetic amine, however, is not sufficient enough to call these compounds “structurally similar” by any means.)

Most importantly, though, is that phenyl groups cannot be developed in metabolism, essentially meaning that all substances that have phenyl ring-containing compounds already had the phenyl ring in their structure prior to ingestion. As dimethylamylamine clearly does not, and is not produced from any compounds which possess such a ring, it is quite literally chemically impossible for the 1,3-dimethylamylamine in JACK3D to result as a false positive for methamphetamine.

What you are claiming is not so dissimilar to saying that you have turned water into gold, or vice versa. It is simply chemically impossible for 1,3-dimethylamylamine, or any other compound, for that matter, to spontaneously generate a phenyl ring.

guest 5 years ago

DO NOT take more than the reccomeneded scoops. I was used to taking the massive scoops of N.o. explode. and one of my buddies had some of this new jack. previously i had tooken jacked and it was not near as strong as N.O. so i thought well geez to get this anywhere near close to N.o. explode im going to have to up the dosage... without reading the instructions i took FIVE+ scoops. to make a long story short i feel Horrible right now

mjohn 5 years ago

This supplement may seem great, but the opinion of health professional is that one of the chemicals(Methylxanthines) can cause serious problems to the human heart in which it may start beating to quickly.

Concerned Parent 5 years ago

My son has been taking Jack3D for about 2 months...we have noticed he easily flies of the handle for no reason, his eyes look like he his strung out. He has been

complaining of chest palpations, and will say he feels is heart is racing for long periods of time after his work outs. We has parents are going to do all we can to get my 19year old son off this CRAP!!!! I also want the young men to know that they putting themselves at risk for cancers... one being testicular with these kinds of supplements. Please do your research before starting this supplement!!!!! Just has a point of interest I had a full blood screening done on my son one to make sure

he was not going into cardiac arrest or stroke and to assure me he was not strung out on drugs. He came back clean for drugs BUT some of his chemisrty levels were elevated and he will now be referred to a Cardioligist.

LUIS 5 years ago

Jack3d is definetly the best product i have tried for working out.Other products i've tried were energy drinks,5 hour energy, n.o. explode,superpump,etc. I use it 4times per week and have noticed that my workout routines are longer and especcially better in cardio. I tend to workout late so one downside is that you have to get it out your system before slepping or else you'll struggle with trying to sleep.

cmo 5 years ago

to the concerned parent

agression and flipping off the handle with mood swings doesnt neccessarily mean a "drug" problem. those are signs of hormones, ideally testerone. instead of testing your son for drug levels you should test his testerone levels. remember, there are many tests for many different things. for example, one test will only test for say marijuana, another only for meth, another only for hormonal levels. when i played in college we had only one test and it was for steroids (hormonal, testerone levels). even though recreational drugs are prohibited, there were people smoking weed and it never showed on tests because it wasnt tested for. only hormonial drugs will change a persons attitude, and since jacked doesnt raise your testerone levels to an amount that will cause "roid rage" i highly doubt that it is jack3d making him agressive. like i said have his test levels checked. if hes on something it will come up and the exact thing he is on will come up (which steroid deca, dbol, test) that is if he is on them. also, how old is your son? if he is an adolescent, his test levels will be high anyways. and mood swings comes with being an adolescent. like YOU said, do your research, and i think you need to do some more. one last thing, if your son is an adolescent, why are you letting him take this supplement? read my last posts, NO ONE under 18 or novice lifters should take any supplements of this caliber.

cmo 5 years ago

my bad, i saw your son is only 19. this means that he is an adolescent. my point exactly. and as for the blood screening. what exactly was his blood tested for? lipids (fats), metabolites, endocrinology (hormones), hematolgy (blood cells), liver function, cardiac?

Some guy... 5 years ago

I`m a 22 year old male , I`m quite short and I weigh 125 pounds... This is the First time in my life that I`ve used Suplements, But I only use half a scoop a day, and I can tell you that this stuff definetly works... and all these People That say, yes they took 2-3 scoops the First day and it completely screwed them up should just LEARN TO READ... On the Label it SAYS, start out with 1 scoop for the first 3 times using it, only increase it after that... So if you just follow instructions then you`ll be fine...

BeauW 5 years ago


I just read basically every post on here. I'm 26 yr old male who is an ex college athlete who still is extremely active. I learned about Jack3d in it's beginning stages and have grown to love the supplement. Upon first use and still currently I can feel the effects of the supplement. It obviously is extremely useful FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE PRODUCT: To give you sustaining energy throughout your workout. It shouldn't be used for days when you aren't working out or for any other purpose than before working out! I find it absurd and ridiculous that a 16 yr old kid would feel the need to use this product or anyone under the age of 18, really 21. It also is absurd to hear people using the product to get through working hours at night. Like any product, this should be used in MODERATION. I am 6'5 220 lbs and feel the effects off of 1.5 scoops. That's all you need! Anything more will cause you to have the "wired" or "zombie" like feel. There is a reason why they direct you to use under 3 scoops of the supplement because it is so powerful. Do your homework and review the product before taking it. It works great and for the purpose of it's intentions and should be kept that way.

LoboFerozX 5 years ago

HI guys, I had read some of the comments and is like a rollocoster while some are almost dying ans other are getting the best time of their life. I will try this product, and I will find out on my own. Its like when I tried the Vita-Whey Liposomal Whey Protein with with its 8 hours delivering protein for 8 hours system, my friends didnt believe the facts of this protein shake. I found this product witht he guys that make the Supremgreens, their site is www.supremegreens.com. as I said I going to try the Jack3d

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