Japanese diet - results in 2 weeks (14 days)


The question could be why Japanese diet, but just think of how do you imagine a Japanese person? I'm pretty sure most of you have your own imagination, but i'm sure only a few of you if any, imagine Japanese fatty or obese. Yes, they are short, but only a few (i'm talking about sumo fighters) may be obese. These people are very slim, and their health is one of the best all around the world, so i believe, there is something we should learn from them.

So what i would like present you today is a diet according to Japanese. I found it in some Lithuanian website, and there were many pleased and happy reviews. In worked for about 95% of those who took it so i believe some of you may be interested to give it a try. What i must say is that this diet is very strict and may be heavy to follow. It takes 14 days and is of two rounds split to 7 days. So this is your new menu for next 14 days:

Day one.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee.
  • Dinner: Two hard-boiled eggs, fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil, a glass of tomato juice or one tomato.
  • Supper: Boiled or fried fish 200g (7oz), fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil.

Day two.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee with toast.
  • Dinner: Boiled or fried fish, fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil.
  • Supper: 200g (7oz) of boiled beef, a glass of buttermilk.

Day three.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee.
  • Dinner: One hard boiled egg, three large boiled carrots with seed-oil.
  • Supper: A few apples.

Day four.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee.
  • Dinner: One large boiled or fried in seed-oil parsnip or parsley root, apple.
  • Supper: Two hard-boiled eggs, 200g (7oz) of boiled beef, fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil.

Day five.

  • Breakfast: Fresh grated carrot dewed with lemon juice.
  • Dinner: Large boiled or fried fish 400g (14oz), glass of tomato juice.
  • Supper: Boiled or fried fish 200g (7oz), fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil.

Day six.

  • Breakfast: Black coffee.
  • Dinner: 500g (17.5oz) of boiled chicken, salad made of fresh carrots or cabbage.
  • Supper: 2 Hard boiled eggs, fresh cabbage salad with seed-oil.

Day seven.

  • Breakfast: Tea.
  • Dinner: 200g (7oz) of boiled beef and some fruits on your own.
  • Supper: Anything from a previous day's diet, except the third day.

After 7 days this cycle should be repeated for 7 more days. So it's 14 days as mentioned before. After 14 days you should loose about 7-8kg (15-18lbs). You should not try this diet for more that 2 weeks. It may be harmful to your health. Make at least 6-8 weeks break if you want to go for more.

If you succeeded, post a comment, so the others could make better impression about this diet!

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marcustummel profile image

marcustummel 6 years ago

I am interested to read everyone's success. Thanks for the hub.

Uka 5 years ago

Did you try before? How many kg-s did you loose weight?

sweetsnakie 5 years ago

was on diet 3 times within last 5 years. Diet is super easy but sometimes extreme. First couple of days so hard to get into it last couple of days indiference to food and you start skipping some food and yet big cravings for at least the darkest chocolate. I did loose 8-9 kg each time.

Nadia La 5 years ago

My aunt lost loads of weight, after being on that diet (although some of the ingredients were different, for example the egg meant to be raw in her version of the diet, thin it was the only thing that was different)

Anyway she was big, at least size 18-20 and she got to size 10-12, which was quite shocking to be honest. So Yeah, the diet works, just don't change the ingredients and don't overeat. Personally I think that a bit of exercising would help too, I usually dance at home (when alone :D and air-boxing is also a great fun!! :D )

Good luck

Clyde Benjamin 5 years ago

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Ellie 5 years ago

Or you can just get the Isagenix cleanse pack... cause that is wayyy healthier and keeps you from feeling hungry.

Sar 4 years ago

I did it twice with some changes, I it worked, total I lost 18 pounds. Though it is not that easy for a person like me who is not used to cooking fish. I had to buy my fish. But it is worth a try!

myriam 4 years ago

wow i am on my 5th day and i have so much tentations!! I did supper all week for my family because my parents are renovating...and I couldn't eat it!!! I am also becoming obsessed with food, searching recipes etc. I had a dance class today and tommorow i have gym class!! I dont know how i will do it :( But i am so happy because i lost 8 pounds already and 2 inches of waist !! :) i am afraid that if i stop now, the weight will come back.

neila 4 years ago

If i cheated on one dinner, can i still continue the diet?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


i'm sure you can. When being on diet, you must be possitive and think of what you're doing as good as you can. And cheating on your diet isn't such a bad thing as on your spouse, so don't worry. Continue from where you stopped and be happy of your results!

Deena 4 years ago

how many inches off your waist/thighs do you lose doing this for 2 weeks?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


it depends on many things. In short - the more you weight, the more you lose. It can be anything from 4 to even 20 pounds. Harder to describe it in inches, but at least 2 inches is easy to get.

Deena 4 years ago

Ok thank you!

Also, would it be bad to eat other low calorie foods as snacks? For example, cucumbers and celery? And if you follow this plan for two weeks, do you guarantee long lasting results or will you just gain everything back after you start eating normally again?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


first of all, you should try it at least for a week to see the results starting to get instantly. Although, it's made to be used for two weeks, but for starters a week is ok. I will definitely see the first results by the day 7, after what i believe you will want to continue.

The other thing about low calorie snacks is a bit confusing. You see all diets is about discipline. I understand, that it's sometimes hard to do exactly what's said, but you should at least try. As i mentioned before, give it a try for a week and do exactly what's said, then if you can - continue for another week, if can't - at those low calorie snacks.

Talking about lasting of the results is hard. It does last, if you eat healthy, do some sports. If you just sit on the couch and order pizza's than ain't gonna work. This diet is a part of your healthy life and as i mentioned in the article you can repeat it after 6-8 weeks, to keep you weight getting away. Probably after you do it first time some part of what you lost will regain, but after 2nd or 3rd, let's call it "sesion", your weight will stay at the level you reach.

Deena i recommend you to try it out. Give it a week strictly by the rules and see what happens.

Loose it with smile :)

Deena 4 years ago

Ok thank you so much!

I will start this tomorrow and tell you how it goes in a week :)

Miyazaki 4 years ago

That sounds like you'll be very hungry most of the time. Breakfast should always be a meal, if you're going to skip a meal skip your last meal of the day. Also, that's not very Japanese. I live in japan and most meals are not like that. Everyone here eats rice with every meal, if you skip the rice and only eat the other things you will get hungry very quickly. The reason why they can eat less is because they eat rice and that fills them up enough. They also almost never eat brown rice only white non-enriched rice.

Definitely works 4 years ago

I am on day 4 of the diet, but I've done 2 sessions already, over the last year. It definitely works. I lost 12 lbs the first time, and 10 the second time. It's very strict, and u have to stick to it exactly. But, come on people, it's only 2 weeks! You can do anything if you put your mind to it, and the results are worth it. And, most importantly, you keep the weight off as long as you are sensible about your eating habbits after. Try it, you won't be disappointed!!!

profile image

Obetty 4 years ago

HI, Thanks for your usefull info. I am on my second day of diet. What kind of alcohol can i drink in case of party. I really need to know. Thanks. Can i eat canned tuna instead of fried fish?

Jenna 4 years ago

Can I replace the beef with something?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

guys,Obetty and Jenna,

both of you should understand, that this is a very strict diet. You do it exactly as it is, but for your patience and accuracy, you get rewarded. Still you can adapt it in your very own ways, but what i believe is that it could be made on second session of doing diet. I insist you to try doing one two week session as it should be. Get to see the results, and then adapt it as you like.

I recommend you try changing any of the products very careful. You need to eat something, that makes you feel good, but has just a minimal level of calories, still making you feel good.

Obetty, what's about alcohol, is that i recommend to use none of it. Still that's not for everyone, so it you really need to have a drink, i recommend you choosing something, that has a higher level of alcohol in it, so there would be less glucose in it. A shot of tequila or tho is better then a bottle of beer.

donni 4 years ago

could black coffee be replaces with unsweetend cocoa?

josue 4 years ago

can i substitute tea for black coffee

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


Yes you can

ashley 4 years ago

are we allowed to use seasoning for cooking the meat products. Does this really work?

Poonam 4 years ago

Hi, I am happy to hear about all the positive reviews. Today is my first day with this diet I was wondering if I can substitute steak or fish with chicken. Thanks I hope I am as successful as you all!

Hwang Soo Hyo 4 years ago

Hi, I've read the information given on Japanese diets, and this is the best diet plan so far. Reading the success of progressing this diet seems inspiring, but just to note down, what could I do to maintain my cravings? for example if I get hungry could I just eat a piece of fruit or vegetable?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Hwang Soo Hyo , friuts and vegetables are mostly a low fat food, so i believe some of those wouldn't hurt your diet :)

bahar 4 years ago

can we use lemon and salt and paper for dressing ?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


you can do whatever you want, but the diet is THE diet. It must be done according to rules mentioned to be 100% succesfull. Everyone wants to do something differently, but everyone forgets, that this is diet we are talking about.

I recommend keeping it according to the plan to get the promised succes rate, otherwise i cannot guarantee you anything

Vera-lynn 4 years ago

Is there a specific type of cabbage that must be used. When you say a cabbage salad is that just plain chopped cabbage .

Starting the diet tomorrow.


fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 4 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Hi Vera-lynn,

It's nice that you are about to start this diet. I wish you some good results!

As for cabbage salad it should be simply grated cabbage with some grated carrots and a few drops of olive oil.

Maria 3 years ago


i really want to try this diet but it doesn't say here which kind of fish you can eat and what's with the amount?

thank you!

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


It doesn't really matter what fish it is, it just has to be low in fat. Choose the one you like. And what's about the amount whit fish it can be up to 500 g (16 oz).

Have a nice diet!

Lina from Klaipeda 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm glad that so many people talk good about this diet. I did started it for a first time, today I'm working on 3 day. I do have to say my stomach is changing form everyday. I do not have a goal how much to loose, my goal is keeping it for 13 days and not change a thing and I'll be happy with result whatever it will be.

Personaly for me to follow is not difficult cause I do like all the ingredients, though i do not like boild carrots, but I'll eat them raw, so hope its just will be better.

So wish you all good luck on following.

Katerina 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Just to let everyone know that is trying this diet for the first time, that it's amazing and it work's but you have to stick to it. I did it the first time maybe three years ago and I lost 25lbs and my eating habits did change as well, I didn't crave sweets anymore. I did gain the weight back due to pregnancy, but did the diet again afterwards and did a couple of changes to it, such as: instead of fish or beef I ate chicken, and since I couldn't go without breakfast I ate a cooked egg in the morning and coffee and still lost over 20lbs.

I started the diet again this year, and today is my day 3 and I am doing it just like I did it the second time. When I feel hungry I try to drink as much water as I can or have some celery which is ok too. I already lost 8lbs. but than again I started at 168lbs and my goal is to be 150lbs by the end of this diet.

It really does work and if you add a couple of simple and easy workouts a day like hula hoop, walking, some sit ups and squats; you will get even better results as long as you STICK TO THE DIET.

In two weeks going from size 14 to 8 is worth it and it's not that hard, but the best part of it all is you will change your eating habits so it's going to be easier to keep weight off and loose more.

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


Thank you for your insightful and extensive comment. It does provide many additional information and probably lots of inspiration to others who thinks about taking this diet!

I'm happy for your results and inspiration! All the best to you and your still little (I guess?) baby!!!

Katerina 3 years ago

@fanatik efka, Thank you but I am still far from my goal at 5'6" I would like to be around 130-135 as I was before, but one step at a time.

As of today I am 154lbs and still have 3 more days so I think I well reach my goal. Very happy about results and can't wait to go on vacation (in two weeks) I finally won't be one of the fat mom's...lol...:)

Yadgarov@gmail.com 3 years ago

Im on my eight day now, I was loosing up 2 lb every day. The last few days it stopped and today I gained 1/2 a lb. don't understand want is the problem!!! Can anybody help?!? Please....

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


You should not be thinking that you loose weight every day. The first days are always the most effective - it's a surprise to your body. But it will show you the effect in a longer period of time: compare what you have today whit what you will have in 2-3 days.

And one more thing: 1/2 lb? really? This is just so much, that even your outfit may matter :)

Hope you will get good results at the end of diet :)

Yadgarov 3 years ago

Thank you! I hope you are right :-) I'm not giving up yet- I have one more week!

Saruul 3 years ago

Can I eat some apple and drink water?

I`m so tired. It`s just second day.

Kristina 3 years ago

Thinking of starting this diet.. I have read somewhere that you can do this diet only once a year, in order not to damage your improved metabolism.

My concern here is a food quantity. Says apples for a dinner...so how many you can eat. Says fish...how much? I want to put all strict commitment and don't want to make any mistakes here.

And another important question is if you are allowed to drink a herbal tea? Or it is only water in between meals?

Thank you very much for your answer in advance :-)

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


If you really feel tired, you should not risk your health and do anything you feel might be bad for your body. If you feel you need some some energy, then ok, take an apple of drink some water. You can even slowly melt some half of a spoon of honey in your mouth. It will provide you with some additional energy sugar free (lets's say so).

and Kristina,

about doing this diet once a year. It is kinda extreme diet, but if you do it as it says and feel quite okay after the diet, you can do it again after 2 months or so. More regular sessions are not recommended.

about the quantities. It seems that I really missed some, although I posted this diet here more that 2 years ago and people are still doing great. That's a strange thing really :) It probably proves it's effectiveness. I will edit the plan with the information you asked, just scroll back to the beginning.

on the tea. This one is a bit more of a problem. Since the diet is so extreme, your body will need to get quite a big amount of water. I mean pure water not as part of tea, lemonade, juice or something. Of course drinking tea ain't bad, but i recommend you on consuming more water than any other drink. It's calorie, sugar and all the other stuff free, so best for your body.

I appreciate your comments! If any more questions arise, please don't hesitate to ask, although it might take me up to 24h to answer to you, since the timeline differences and the fact that i'm being informed on comments only once a day and it's when i sleep :)

Have a great weight loosing guys! Keep healthy!

tash 3 years ago


Can I cancel some of the things in the diet such as/ not drinking the buttermilk and have water instead or do I have to have it?

maria 3 years ago

i have just started this diet. come and follow my progress on:



good luck!

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Good luck Maria! Such things like blogs and so helps you to keep up with the diet, because you're kinda doing it publicly.

Hope you will get good results!

Lacey 3 years ago

Hi! I have a question... on Day 2, Dinner, how much fish are you supposed to have? Also on Day 4, Dinner, what is supposed to be boiled or fried in seed oil? Finally, can the buttermilk be left out or substituted. I am lactose intolerant?! Thank you for your help!! :)

Jessica 3 years ago

Hello. I am on this diet right now. Don't find it too difficult. Anyways, on Day 3 instead of the carrots, i was told to eat Zucchini and Eggplant as however much i want. This diet plan seems to vary?

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Congrats Jessica on joining the diet!

As you already understood, this diet varies depending on sources, translations and so on... Although many people tried out the one described here and it worked, but you're always free to interpret some of the details as you want :) Just keep an eye on your progress.

July 3 years ago

Hi, I want to ask, if I don't eat beef, can I replace with fish/chicken? And also very difficult to find parsnip or parsley root in my place. Any suggestion? Thanks!

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

I just started this and I am so excited to see the out come. I have tried so many other diets and nothing seemed to work. So this is day 1 starting weight is 325 and I were a size 2x or 3x . OMG that is the first time I ever posted that. I guess that is the first step for me. I will check in tomorrow.

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Josie R, please check in every day for those 14 days! Your results might inspire other people to do the same and reach their goal!

July, you can replace those with turnip or radish.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

OMG I am starting on day 2 and I down 6 lb so far. This diet realy works I am so excited :) and I feel great to .

July 3 years ago

1 more question, my friend is confusing me... Are those boiled or fried fish without ingredient (eg. a bit of salt)? I'm on diet since Monday. :)

Thank you so much for your suggestion and help!

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

You can boiled, fried,or steam the fish. But no salt on anything during the diet at all. I do squeeze a bet of lemon juice on it when I cook it.

Hope this helps.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 3 I lost 1 lb for a total of 7 lb in three days not bad. I think I really can stick to this diet. :)

July 3 years ago

Thanks so much. Do you do exercises as well? I only lost 1 kg in 3 days but I will try to finish 14 days. :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

1kg is good keep it up. This is my 3rd day to. Lets do it together a see what happens at the end of the 14 days. No I don't exercise yet.

Where do you live? I am in California USA.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Today is day 4 I lost 2 lb more woo woo that is a total now of 9lbs .

I really think drinking more water did the trick, I wasn't as hungry to.

Hope you all are doing well to. I will check in tomorrow , have a good one. :)

July 3 years ago

Wow .. 9 lbs in 4 days .. so great! .. This is my day 5 but still 1 kg but let's see until 14 days. Hope I can lost minimum 6 lbs after finished.

Anyway I'm from Singapore Josie. Let's try it together! :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Ok today is the 5th day and I lost 1 lb for a total of 10 lb now :)

I am shooting for a total of 18 or 20 lb off by the end of the 14 days.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 6

I lost 1/2 a lb not bad all this fruit fills like it is binding me up I feel so blotted my belly hurts. 8 more days to go I am trying for a total lost of 20 lb . See ya tomorrow . Hope you r doing well. :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 7

Lost 2 lb yep yeee that's a total of 12 1/2 lbs so far. :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 8

I lost 1/2 lb for a total of 13 lb six more days to go. Going to start swimming tomorrow for the last six days.

July how are you doing I haven't herd from you in awhile , hope all is well.

July 3 years ago

Thanks Josie, you too.

I lost total 4 lbs so far .. but I'm happy with the result.

I still got 5 more days. :) Hopefully after stop, it will not gain back.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 9

Lost 1 lb total of 13 lbs & 5 day to go.

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 10

I lost 1 lb total of 14 lbs.

I feel so much better without all that wight on me.

I was at a friends house last night and she had a bunch of goodies out for everyone to eat and I just had water I didn't even want any of it :) .

When I had to go to the bathroom I just pulled my pants down without unbuttoning them WOW. I will measure myself again on the last day I can't wait till the 4 days are over now to see my progress.

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Josie R, your progress is definitely inspiring so many people here, so just keep it up and reach your goal!

Best regards!

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 11

Lost 1/2 lb not bad

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 12

I did lost a pound that's ok total lost is 14 1/2 pounds and I still have 2 more days to go :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 13

I lost 1/2 a pound for a total of 15 pounds and one more day to go yeeh :)

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Day 14

Omg I lost 2 1/2 pounds and this is my last day on the diet,

so far that's 17 1/2 pounds I have lost.

I will weigh in tomorrow and give a finale total.

I hope you all are doing as we'll as I am .

profile image

Josie R 3 years ago

Last weight in

Ok I got on the scale this morning and 2 1/2 pounds more gone wow

That's a total of 20 pounds total lost .

I a for sure going to do this again in 8 weeks I still have a long way to go befor I reach my goal.

So I will check in now and then to let you all know how I am doing.


Nada 3 years ago

I really found this diet helpful,THANK YOU!

profile image

Claytopia 3 years ago

I am a 36 year old male who is currently on the diet.

I had about 10kgs (22lbs) to lose to get to my "ideal" weight.

I am currently on day 12 and I am thinking about stopping.

Over the first 5 days I lost on average 1kg (2.2lbs) a day but I have not lost any weight over the last 7 days.

Unless I lose aother 1kg by tomorrow I will stop as I have noticed that it not just fat but muscle that I lost.

Think carefully about it before you start this diet.

ELW 3 years ago

Can someone pls tell me if u have done this diet how often is it safe to do I just finished day10 and need to know how many more times can I do this before New Years

Thank you all

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Dear ELW, there's been many people who took this diet and most of them were happy about it. As i said in the article, you should let your body rest for at least 6 weeks to repeat this diet. It has a very strong impact on your body and its functions, so you can't do it again earlier than the time mentioned before.

ELW 3 years ago

Thank you for ur response I was wondering if u have anything else u can recommend for me to do for the 6weeks I just finished my 12th day and I'm still at 10lbs off I would like to loose another 30 by December 16th. therefore if there is any tip or any other diet u have pls let me know

profile image

ingelmarch 3 years ago

Hello 1st thank you fanatika for this diet. After reading all the comments ive started it!

I am on my 10th day and so ar ive lost 4.5kg. Im italian so I dont know conversion in pounds. Only thing ive noticed is tht after 6th day loosing slows down getting me worried. Since I too would like to reach my ideal goal I will need to repeat it another few times I guess according to the rest periods of 6 weeks. And here comes my big question!:)

A part from healty eating do you recommend a detailed maintainance diet? Can u give me some tips? Please? It would be easy for me to stick to some plan then just eating approximately. Thank you again this is great! Btw I dont have any problems in following it nor cravings.

Ari 3 years ago

Can i continue doning this diet 3 week ? because i eat more than usual and i feel good

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Ari it's up to you, but i don't recommend you doing this diet more than 2 weeks. But if you feel good and want to extend it, you can try, but just be carefull - if you start feeling "low in power" stop the diet!

ari 3 years ago

okay thank you ^^

Omar 3 years ago

I am thinking to do this diet .. I am 150 kg nd i need to lose weight before my graduation .. I have 2 months to go ... I did a strict diet last week nd lost 5 kg in 6 days then i took a day off in which i ate fast food and badly i gained 3 kg from the only one day off .. I guess tht has to do with water weight loss not fat weight loss usually fast diets helps losing water weight this is whT i read ... Any idea of this diet? Will i gain my weight back in few days of normal eating ???

Anya 3 years ago

Did this diet a few times and IT WORKS!

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Thanks for your feedback Anya! Hope it will help even more people!

Joanne 3 years ago

Today is my 12th day and I've lost 3 kg. My goal is to lose 6 kg. The first few days are hard really but as long as you persevere it gets easier.

Problem for mine is, my weight keeps fluctuating between gaining 1 kg and losing. I barely lost any weight for the second week. It seems that my results are not as magnificent as the others. What may be wrong here? :(

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Joanne, it's great you started!

Your results might be influenced by many factors. It's hard to say what's wrong not knowing anything about you. Provide some information about yourself (weight, job type, eating habits, activities etc.)

Sharon 3 years ago

Hi there please can you tell me what kind of cabbage it is as another site has it as Romanie lettuce....and should it be cooked???.I am third day which looks the hardest as no meat fish or eggs ....and I hate apples....can I have an apple juice or smoothie instead with no added sugar or from real fruit not concentrate.... :)

TanyaVan profile image

TanyaVan 3 years ago

I'm so glad I found this page! Such a great place to discuss a progress of following this diet with other dieters.

I'm in my 50th, fairly health and fitness conscious woman. While generally I eat healthy and workout 2-3 times a week, sometimes I can't resist some junk food and sweets. I'm 5'2" (160cm), and my weight before the diet was 130 lbs (59 kg). My goal is to lose 5-10 lbs of fat.

I started this diet 5 days ago. So far I've lost 4 lbs. I find this diet not too difficult to follow, except for the breakfasts. After drinking my black coffee I feel so starving and can hardly wait till dinner time. Day #3 was brutal too. I need my proteins!

So far, I was trying to follow my usual gym routine (1 hour of cardio class followed by weight training). This wasn't easy though. I've felt very weak and tired while at the gym. So I decided to take it easy and skip the gym while on the diet. I'll do some walking and yoga instead.

I'll keep you guys updated on my progress...

Mary 3 years ago

This not how the Japanese eat! Not even when they're on a diet. This is basically a starvation diet. If anyone does lose weight it will be mostly water weight and muscle loss. Meaning you will put it all back on, if not more, when you start eating normal.

Besides am I the only person who finds it suspicious that there are so many people making the exact same grammar and spelling mistakes in their comments as the author.

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 3 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


Thank you for being suspicious! This is great that you are critical about things, but there is no conspiracy theory here. You can easily see ip addresses of people posting, so there is no way I did it myself. I can't even see no need for that, cause there are many people who posted positively only once and then gone. If I'd be cheating I'd keep posting for all the 14 days. As I recall there's been only one person, Jesie, posting every day through her diet and I appreciate that!

So to conclude, Dear Mary, I do not cheat or post on behalf of other people. Is you cannot believe this diet works there are two options: try it or just don't care about it. As what for grammar and spelling mistakes, this might be due to fact that most of people leaving comments are not native English speakers as myself and, well let's be honest, most people do same mistakes when using foreign language.

Have a great day guys!

Konstantin 3 years ago

Add Your Comment.

Mira 3 years ago

Hey , Im gonna try this diet but do you think it would be okay too add wakame to the cabage salads ... it would make it more japanese .... also instead of parsnip can i have some steamed brocoly of something .... theres just some things i cant stomach the taste of

Konstantin 3 years ago

No idea why did it post automatically before :) Anyhow, trying out this diet, i'm now on day 2, will be taking photos before and after, maybe post them if there's any changes :) I was wondering though, can't i add pepper to anything ? Cuz all i know pepper increase metabolism and it has no bad "material" that would not coincide with this diet. I live in Norway, so have no problem with the tasty fresh fish, but would like to get those peppers on the salads and eggs and BEEF :) Also, do you guys know can i use garlic ? http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and... unless the only reason for it is it has a lot of carbs, i'm afraid to try it out on my own since i don't really want to spoil and keep it original, but then again, any thoughts on this matter ? :) Cheers. Btw i'm Lithuanian too mate :)

Ally 3 years ago

I just wonder, what are the recommended meal times?

Dinner and supper seems really near, and for the whole of afternoon it's just sustain on coffee etc.

Alba 2 years ago

Hello, can i replace buttermilk with something else? Don't drink milk unfortunately.

Any ideas?

Alla 2 years ago

I've been on this diet for two weeks; as a result I've lost 8lbs of the planned 10lbs. Yet, I'm satisfied with the results. While keeping the diet, I didn't have any cravings, which was amazing after what I read in the comments. I have a sweet tooth, but I didn't have any desire for sweet stuff. As for no salt, first it was weird; but later I realized how much the taste of fish and meat had improved without salt. Sometimes during the 2nd week, I didn't have any interest for food and skipped a meal or just ate an apple. Still, I felt absolutely fine. Now let's see for how long I'll be able to keep this weight.

profile image

prettycinnamon2 2 years ago

I'm starting tomorrow for just 1 week ... but the meal hour confuses me, does that mean the 1st meal should be around 6pm? - I'm afraid i might passed out. Is that okay i fix 1st meal to lunch time? I will also substitute coffee with tea since coffee starves you more. Im 5'7 and I'm 133lbs, my goal is to lose 12lbs. Wish me great luck!!

Akmom 2 years ago

Hello, I started the diet yesterday...anyone who started recently???

Pegasus 2 years ago

Some people call Lunch Dinner, and Dinner Supper. That would make more sence in regards to meal timing.

Dina 2 years ago

Can i eat canned tuna in water ? Instead of fish ?? Please answer.

Connie 2 years ago

Hello, i am from South Africa. This diet was recommended by a friend who lost about 10kg in the two weeks. I want to know if the cabbage can be substituted with lettuce, because most diets i have tried so far has the lettuce salad.

kthnia 2 years ago

I started the diet yesterday and I'm not going to lie day 1 was hard. You completely shock the system. I stepped on the scale and was sitting at 137 lbs. This morning I was 133 lbs. I suspect it was a lot of water weight. But I'm happy to see it going down. Day 2 seems to be going well.

I was grateful for toast this morning. Definitely help with the carb craving. I'll check in again.

kthnia 2 years ago

Beginning of day 3. Got on the scale this morning and was excited to see that I dropped another 2 lbs. That's 131 lbs now for those of you who are too lazy to calculate :p

Today's going to be the most challenging day as there is not a lot of food. What's helped is definitely drinking more water when you get hungry and sleeping earlier.

Will check in again

kthnia 2 years ago

4 pm of Day 6 just finished the boiled chicken and cabbage salad. I'm sick of cabbage, but am happy to report that I'm in my 20's again. Stepped on the scale this morning and it was 129 lbs. That's a total of 8 lbs thus far.

Right around the middle of day 4 as I was eating that parsnip, I was ready to call it quits. But being able to fit into my skinny jeans again without a massive muffin top was just the encouragement that I needed.

This diet is tough, it's a battle between temptation and will power. But I constantly remind myself "eyes on the prizes....eyes on the prizes"

I share my journey for 2 reasons. The first; inspiration. Sometimes the difference between failure and success is just as simple as hearing someone say "u can do it". The second; self motivation. Writing about my experience publicly, forces me to preserve to the end, in order for this to hold any relevance.

So until the next time. "YOU CAN DO IT"

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 2 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Hi kthnia!

It's so nice to hear from you! I very much appreciate commentators who come here to share their stories and to encourage others to strive for better!

Thank you very much and I hope you will reach your goals!

kthnia 2 years ago

8 am day 10. Thanks fanatik_efka for the reply and diet. I wasn't sure if u were still managing this site.

Can't believe I'm here on day 10 already. Got in the scale this morning and I'm 126lbs. That's a grand total of 11 lbs.

The days seen to be flying by rather quickly after u endure the first week. You no longer have to anticipate "how hungry u will be" or "will that fill me up". Once u accomplish the first week the second week becomes a breeze. Your body has also adjust to the lower food intake and the lack of flavour (I'm Canadian so yes there is a "u" in flavour).

Interestingly, u also become more aware of what u put in your mouth and what others put in their mouth. For me this sacrifice will not be in vain. My husband and friends keep temping me to break this diet with a buffet feast, to which I replied "buffets are evil". It's not just about this diet but it's also about the days thereafter.

I leave u with that. Until next time.

kthnia 2 years ago

Day 1 after the diet. I feel great.

Final weigh in......drum roll please......121 lbs. That's a grand total of 16 lbs in 14 days. The diet did what it said it would.

The last 4 days of the diet just flew by. I was no longer starving and towards the last 3 days I was leaving out food cause I wasn't hungry.

For those of you who are skeptical there is only one way to prove it wrong.....try it. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

After the diet. ......

So I was totally looking forward to this day for what seems like a life time ago. I would picture all the things I would eat, and salivate at just the thought.

So here I am, the very day I've been anticipating and you wouldn't believe what I ate.......cabbage (yes cabbage and egg whites) lol.

My sweet craving has diminished. My outlook towards food has changed. I have a new found appreciation for the natural flavour of beef, chicken, fish and vegetables.

All in all I'm glad that I did this. I hope my updated have been helpful.

Would love to see others succeed and hear about their journey.

Good luck

Cris 2 years ago

Day 1 today. Wish me luck

fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 2 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author

Good luck Cris! Keep us up to date on your progress

Gigi 2 years ago

hi everyone, i am on the 3rd day of the diet. Since reading the results of others really did motivate me, here is hoping mine will do the same too.

So i started at 68.1 kg= 1501. lb, height 165cm=5.5

day 3 i am 66.8kg=147 lb

so that was about 600gr=1.3 lb of weight per day i suppose. i wasn't all that hungry as i expected myself to be. the trick is to keep your mind on other things and drinking water, that really is thats keeping me.

i will update tomorrow hoping i will be at 66.2 kg.

Cris 2 years ago

Thank you so much fanatik

Day 2 loss 1 lbs. I'm so glad I'm not having craving sweets which is my weakness. This program is good just put your mind on it.

My target is to loss 20 pounds. Gain all of this weight in last two months and everyone I know criticize on how I put all the weight and they are rude.

I was hurt at first but then I realize I like criticism. Makes me motivated. People are always negative and have something to say but don't let them ruin you. :)

gigi 2 years ago

this is my 4 th day and i am at 66.2 kg as i have planned. i feel much lighter already. wooohoooo

gigi 2 years ago

hii cris what is ur starting weight

Crud 2 years ago

59 kg Gigi

Cris 2 years ago

It's my third day. I feel good, I don't feel hungry should I force myself to eat?

gigi 2 years ago

5 th day not much to say really the same not all that hungry the weight is 65.7 kg. 1.1 pound lost

Cris 2 years ago

I gain 1 lb. I cheated yesterday it's Canada day so lots of drinking and food.

So this my 5th day. I'll eat according to diet. :)

Cris 2 years ago

Day 6 feels like starting over again :(

sana 2 years ago

Can we have tea in between meals....im a nursing mom ...so i really feel the need to have sum thing after every two hours...would u recommend tea?

sana 2 years ago

Can we have tea in between meals....im a nursing mom ...so i really feel the need to have sum thing after every two hours...would u recommend tea?

Cris 2 years ago

I think tea would be ok. Still need to drink a lot of water.

cris 2 years ago

man I am not gonna lie I was struggling for few days. But I guess something good is happening

Jen 2 years ago

Hi! Today is my 4th day and I started at 131lbs, I weighed in this morning at 128 lbs. I was ready to quit today, I just feel too hungry and too tired, having a ton of cravings for really bad things! lol (bacon and cheese) for some weird reason since the only thing I ever crave are sweets. However I wont give up just yet! Ill try to finish at least the first week and see if I am strong enough to continue to the second week. I eat anything I want at any time and that is totally my problem right now :( I miss that.

This is proving way harder than I thought when I first read the ingredients, I am also changing some of the ways i am making the foods so I believe that is why is working so different so me and I am not having the same success as everyone else.

Please try to stick to it as much as you can, don't give up!

Hamu 2 years ago

Hi Fanatik -Efka

I had a baby 8 weeks ago, I started walking every day and I need to loose 10kg. I plan to breastfeed at least for 4 months. when do you suggest I start with this diet, I don't want to harm the baby.

Thank you for the reply


fanatik_efka profile image

fanatik_efka 2 years ago from Vilnius, Lithuania Author


In your situation I strictly advice you not to take this or any other such diet until you breastfeed. Any diet causes loss of extra energy normal person doesn't need. In your situation, so have to recover and moreover - feed you newborn baby.

So as mentioned before - don't start this diet until you breastfeed.

Hamu 2 years ago

Thank you so much, for now I will keep eating , do light exercise as recommended by the Dr until I breastfeed no more. then I will begin with the diet. See you in few months.


goldylocks 2 years ago

I am very happy with this diet I'm on day 3 and i lose 1kg each day im just not sure how many hours after dinner do i eat supper at

Robin S 2 years ago

this is my sixth day. by the way my clothes fit i'd say i've lost about 6 lbs. so far. i will measure by dress size instead of weight. i have more energy and my head is very clear. a great detox diet. very impressed. who invented this diet, anyone know?

Alex 2 years ago

Hi i am on day 6 and i am following it exactly how it said however i am not loosing that much which is a bit annoying. How is everyone loosing so much???

gingerbit 2 years ago

Umm...I don't understand..how is it ok to eat toast if we can't eat sugar or flours?

Esther Thebe 2 years ago

I'm on my day 2.... and I'm enjoying the diet. Haven't really lost anything just yet, but patience is a virtue. I'm 65kgs hoping to drop down to 50kgs in 2weeks. Excited

Esther Thebe 2 years ago

Day 4 and I went from 65kgs to 62kgs. It's hard. But like everyone is saying. You put your mind up to it, you can do it. 10 days to go. I wanted to ask, after these diet, what type of food must I carry on eating?

Esther Thebe 2 years ago

These diet is insane. On my 6thday and I've lost 4 kg? Can't wait for the 14 days to end hehehe

Esther Thebe 2 years ago

Errrr guys I'm feeling alone here. Can someone response? Where did you all dissappear to?

Mirka 2 years ago

Hi Esther, don't worry, you're not alone :) I will start the diet on Sunday, basically the same starting weight as you were although I don't think I want to loose more that 10 kg, seems a bit too much in 2 weeks. How are you? Any progress today?

esther 2 years ago

Hi mirka. Today is your 1st day. Yay. All the best. It's my 11th day now. I went from 65kgs to 59kgs. I want to continue with the diet till I'm at 50kgs.

vanillagold 2 years ago

should I be exercising while doing this diet? will i be losing muscle mass instead????

Esther Thebe 2 years ago

I respect these diet. I did it for 4 weeks. I went from 65kgs to 50kgs. Insane. But I lost muscle. My body is lean. But everything is soft. I'm happy though. A sling as the fat is gone

Maki 2 years ago


Great to have landed on this page. Ill be starting this diet on Monday.

Good luck to myself and all those starting!!

Maki 2 years ago


Glad to have found this page.

Im going to be startig this diet in 2 days.

Good luck to myself and everyone starting this diet!!

Maki 2 years ago

Ill also be posting my results here~


Maki 2 years ago

But also wanted to ask..

Anything to replace buttermilk and parsnip or parsley root?

lola 2 years ago

day 1 and i'm 3lbs down from 142 to 139. i'll keep everyone posted on my progress :)

Lola 2 years ago

I'm down to 138 from day two. Feeling quite tired but happy withy the results!

Melissa 2 years ago

Can you subsitute the fish for chicken or beef? or if you dont have any beef could i eat chicken or fish instead?

Ana 2 years ago

Today i start this diet , i am 61.3 kg ( 130 lbs ) i will substitude beef for fish because i dont eat meat , i will let you know how it goes .....

Ana 2 years ago

Its day 2 , day 1 was ok, easy, i had 2 green teas with splenda during the day, i needed cofffeine . Today I am gonna eat fish for lunch and eggs for dinner instead of beef .....

Ana 2 years ago

Its day 3, i feel good , i was drinking a lot of tea during day 2, for lunch i had salat and fish , and dinner i had eggs and yogurt..... This morning i was 59.6 kg, which i am happy about, today i will eat for lunch egg and carrots...... Okay .....

Ana 2 years ago

It's day 4 , i Feel much lighter ! I am 59.1 kg this morning which is great ! I amd drinking a lot of green tea during the day, i dont drink water that much not that big of a water drinker..... today i will have lunch carrots and apple, and dinner fish and salad, i cannot have eggs and fish just doesn't go....I am changing this little but it works ! okay .....

nanik 23 months ago


I have tried this diet for 10 days, i have lost 6 kg.

But now i desperately want to eat taste food, do you know what happen if i stop in 10 days?

Thank you

Jin-ri 23 months ago

Am I able to eat the lunch food at breakfast and just not have lunch because I have no time for lunch and breakfast is the only thing I eat before dinner ?

esther 22 months ago

Guys... remember it's important to keep the sequence as it IS, Do not do too much substitute or the diet won't work as it's intended. And 2ndly, Dinner is your Lunch and Supper your dinner. The diet was mistyped. So have your lunch at around 2pm and supper 6/7pm. Good Luck. It's not easy I know. But just imagine how Hot and lighter you are going to be in 2weeks. . Yeppie

Cee 21 months ago

I am allergic to eggs and want to do the diet. can i eat fish instead.

esther lola 20 months ago

Guess who's back on the diet??? :) ... so, it's day 2 and I've lost a total of 2 kg. From 57.7 to 55.7. So motivated

kim 20 months ago

Hiii this is my 1st day, starting weight 65 i hope to reach 57 by the end.

esther 20 months ago

Hey kim. I also started at 65 kg, went to 58, did the diet again went to 55kgs. I'm on it again. Now im at 54.5kg. My goal is 50 kg. Had doghnuts today though. Naughty me. But im gona sweat them off in the morning. Good luck to you and everyone. U can do it!!!

Jacque 19 months ago

hi everyone, i am on my 3 rd day today. My sw was 68 and today i am 66 which means i lost 2 kg. if anyone interested i changed the fish on Day1 to chicken instead and there seems to be not much difference. Cant wait to see the end result !!!!!

Jacque 19 months ago

Day 4 and 2,5 kg down, all the hunger pungs seem to be decreasing. Cant wait for next monday to start my next week ueaaaay!!!!! :))

Jacque 19 months ago

Day 6 down. Today was sooooo hard i was so tempted to eat lot of things ... But i endured the day. I made it through the day loool. This morning the total loss was 3 kg.

Jacque 19 months ago

Hi everyone well this is my 7 th day and i am ending my diet today. I feel nauseous all the time i just couldnt take it anymore. I am not sure why but i am gonna eat very clean for a week and try this for a week again. So the total loss is 3.6 kg in 7 days. Not bad at all, i am sure i could have lost 7 if i continued so goodluck to anyone who is reading this blog. The diet does what it promises.:))

Jina 19 months ago

Going to start this diet tomorrow... I want to post it publicly to keep myself on track and motivated! I tried this diet before, a little over a year ago. I only lasted 5 days and even cheated one night, but I did lose about 7lbs, so it really does work! I have really bad eating habits and tend to binge eat junk food one day and not eat much the next few days, so I want to change that. I hope if I really stick to this diet, it'll help me get into the habit of eating regular, healthy meals. If I can stick to this, then I know I can control myself!

Right now I'm 59kg. Last year I was 56kg. My ultimate goal is 48kg (I want to be very thin; just a personal goal and not because of others opinions), so I'm hoping I'll get at least halfway there! If I can end this diet at 54kg, I will be more than happy!

esther 18 months ago


Snow 16 months ago

Hello i am going to start this diet tomorrow

Sophie 15 months ago

Hi everyone

Snow, it is 2 weeks today, what are your results??

13 months ago

I feel really discouraged because I followed the diet well for four days and even added more oil than I needed to the cabbage salads just for extra calories, but still I fainted today. I think this is because I have a very hectic schedule and am active for most of the day. I work 8.5 hours at a children's center Monday-Friday, and even after that I go to night classes, so I am out and working hard for about 14 hours in the day. I think because I need so much energy, this amount food is not enough to keep me running. What do you suggest I do? Do you think I should eat more meat each time or more eggs, etc?

13 months ago

I would also like to add that I tried this diet two years ago, and it worked so well! I only did one week and lost 7lbs, and I was much less busy at the time. So I have been able to do this diet fine in the past with no issues with energy. It's just lately I have such long and demanding days that I think it's not enough food for me anymore!

Angela 11 months ago

Hey guys... I'm on day 4 from 60.8 to 58.5

Esther Thebe Star 3 months ago

Started diet yesterday. Starting weight 62kg. Day 1 and I've lost 1.1kg, 60.9Kg .... Not restricting for me as I've done it before.

Esther Thebe Star 3 months ago

Day 2 I'm down from 62kg to 60.1.... total loss of 1.9kg in 2 days. Hectic. No energy though

Esther Thebe Star 3 months ago

Day 4 today... I know we are supposed to have just coffee for the morning. But I felt really weak, so I had coffee with half slice of brown toast. I have dropped 1.9 in 3 days. Very impressive

Esther Thebe Star 3 months ago

OK... so I'm starting day 5 today. So far I am 2.4Kg lighter

Eugenie 2 months ago

Hello, I would love to do this diet; but I'm vegetarian so I don't eat fish. Can I replace it with something else? Maybe tofu?

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