'Jenna's Journey',the aims for our 'Non Profit Organisation'

Jenna's Journey

On January 4th 2011 we lost our beautiful grand-daughter Jenna to cancer. she was diagnosed with Hepatablastoma at 14 weeks of age and after fighting this disease and her treatment being unsuccessful she died at 20 weeks old. During her journey with childhood cancer our family stayed with her supporting her parents and siblings and providing a loving and caring atmosphere when she passed away. Unfortunately during this time we recognised that there were many things missing which makes the sad journey a little more comfortable and bearable for the children and families,perhaps a divan for the parents to sleep on together with their beloved child, equipment in poor condition or poor supply, older children with little to do while they endure hours of testing, treatment and chemotherapy.While we understand that much is done to assist the children and their families it never seems to be quite enough and the demand seems to out-strip the supply.

'Jenna's Journey' was created as a Non Profit organisation by a group of 12 individuals who have all travelled on this difficult and heart breaking journey with Jenna and each experienced the difficulties with which other parents are now having to face. 'Jenna's Journey' has made a committment to raise funds for the Brookman Ward WCH Adelaide. All monies raised will directly benefit the children and their families who find themselves in the position of facing their own individual illness and the long struggle to wellness.

Our goals are to:-

1.Raise funds to directly assist children with cancer

2.Assist families with children who endure childhood cancer.

3.Raise funds to provide equipment/ entertainment for children with cancer.

To anyone who has been on this journey you will know the many many difficulties faced by not only the children fighting a battle for their lives but the families who travel this road with them. To those of you who have been lucky enough not to have had to face a situation like this , be grateful when you look into your childs eyes, see their smiles and hear their laughter and appreciate the good health your child has every single day.

I give a heart felt thanks to everyone of you who have put even $1.00 in a donation tin to save a childs life, sadly it did not save our beautiful 'Jenna' but it may well have saved another child equally as beautiful and special. That $1.00 may have gone towards making a parents life a little easier at a time when their thoughts were consumed with one thing .. saving the life of their dearly loved child, and most especially it may be one of the many dollars that go to purchase an item, that distracts that child from the pain and struggles for a small part of the day. Though I always gave to good causes and popped a bit of loose change in the tin as I walked by a collector, rarely did I stop to think of the good a small amount of money could do when given to a good cause, I did feel good though, my consience salved as I hurried by, because at least I had given to a cause..... indulgence in the finer things of life was certainly high on my list and I cannot say I have been 'without' for a very long time. Now I temper my desires with a different attitude, material things no longer seem important and ensuring I do some good for someone before I leave this earth has taken precedence. To know that I may have made a difference no matter how small the contribution has enlightened my soul and spurred me on ... Please Wish us luck as we begin to fund raise to help others less fortunate than us, others who face the same pain and suffering that we once faced .. and the next time you pop a $1.00 into a tin think of the many things that your $1.00 could be contributing towards. And especially remember that someone out there is saying 'THANKYOU' because you have made a difference, not only to them but to their beloved child who may not have a lot of time to enjoy many more things in life .....

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