Jim Humble Is Going To Jail?

Agency is trying to take MMS off the market...

I just got a desperate letter from Jim Humble the discoverer of MMS stating that "sorry, but my name and my picture must be removed from all sites selling mms in any form. All of the jim humble approval stamps must be removed from every site selling mms."

He further states, "This must happen immediately. Any time the attack comes if my approval is on any sales site that can be used to put me in jail. This is true in most countries as well as the united states, especially in Europe. Please comply with this. It is important. This must be done immediately. Taking my name off of your site will also keep you out of jail.

"I appreciate your help in bringing mms to the world. Now is the time to change mms to nothing but water purification drops. My sites will remain in place so that people can use them. They don't lead people to other sales sites. When the time comes the authorities must see nothing but mms water purification drops. We will have to depend upon my book, radio, TV, you tube, and other internet articles to tell what mms really is.

"One other point, anywhere on your site where the word supplement is used it should be changed to the word "solution", the reason for that is the FDA objects to the word supplement, that begins to neutralize our sites. Is for your protection." End of announcement!

What does this mean?

Does this mean that from now on MMS will be called Water Purification Drops - only? Does this mean that MMS had damaged someone and there is a complaint? Does this mean that the MMS is helping people purify the water in their bodies and therefore no longer need the high priced drugs, poisons and operations?

I understand that the FDA has ordered Amazon books to stop selling the Jim Humble MMS book if it is sold along with the MMS product.

Also according to the FDA the word "solution" is not a good word to use either. Maybe the word "drops" or the word "liquid" might be better.

All sellers of MMS are now asked to call their product "Water Purification Drops"

For additional articles and information on "Water Purification Drops" search the Internet for chlorine dioxide.

Want to try some MMS? These MMS distributors are reliable: http://reikiranch.net and http://subtleenergytherapy.org

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Jack 7 years ago

Is someone on behalf of Jim Humble coordinating an organized broadcast to all

water purification drop sites/sellers/bloggers? Many sites still haven't complied

with this request - why? This request from Jim will show resellers true colours...

tvance profile image

tvance 7 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear Jack,

The sellers of MMS - miracle mineral are not organized. Jim Humble tells how to make the Miracle Mineral is his book "Breakthrough of the 21 Century."

They are trying to spread the word to those with websites. One problem is that the public still doesn't know what WPD are.

MMS is now WPD - water purification drops. Sales have dropped off. The FDA is also looking at "Meta tags" on the websites selling the bottles and writing letters.

I just heard that an 80 year old man got thrown in jail for selling Rife Machines. No one has ever been hurt by a Rife machine.

Sites such as this one



They won't have to change as I heard  because they do not sell any products.

Dave 7 years ago

It would be helpful if you dated your posting so that I would have some idea of its currency. This could be from a year ago, or it could have posted yesterday... Looks like the responses are from 5 weeks ago?



tvance profile image

tvance 7 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Yes, Dave, all this MMS threats from the FDA have been happening in the last 3 months as far as I can tell. March 2009-present

dj in ga 6 years ago

i know for a fact that this stuff works for not just the flu but tb and all types of infections as well as the "C" desease .the big boys will go to any link to stop this!

pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

I've never heard of these drops before, how sad. I wouldn't put anything past the FDA if their not paid under the table your product won't market.

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

The FDA is in the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies. That is what happens with the fox is guarding the chickens -- it is never good!

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

wow...I have never heard of mms...but this sounds crazy...and yet the pharma drug kill and those are allowed.

mms concerned you should be! 6 years ago

Well the reason the name has changed and Jim has asked this maybe due to the fact that it has killed people!


tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Who has it killed? Can you prove that it has killed one person? We need the name, date, city, state, hospital, doctor's name, and death certificate.

It has been safely used for over 80 years by campers and hikers. MMS has been used for water purification for years in cities and never killed anything but Microbes, bacteria, bad microorganisms, fungus, anthrax, SCARS, Morgellans disease, Lyme disease, cancer fungus/bacteria, etc.

Chlorine dioxide is made to work at the atomic level only attacking anti-life cells and organisms with a "+" positive ion. It does not attack health cells in the body.

There is a lot of big pharmaceutical money out here in the Internet trying to give MMS a bad name. Yes, they pay bloggers to post vague comments against MMS.

MMS gave me my life back when antibiotics could not kill the spirochete in Lyme disease. MMS did the job and for under $30.00. I know people who have spent many years fighting Lyme disease the medical route and spent (wasted) over $20,000 and still not any better.

Ray 6 years ago

Jim Humble is wanted in Malawi Africa and other African countries surrounding it, and has at least two arrest warrants out for him, regarding the poisoning and death of several people who have died due to taking this procedure and giving them false information. On his websites he is careful not to say it cures just helps conditions,but in Africa he says it does cure all, the problem is he has been saying it cures everything from aids to hep and more,these peoples imune systems are already compromised so if they take this in heavy doses they become very ill or die!

His renaming of an old treatment to MMS is nothing more than water purification tablets activated with citric acid. This was a basic treatment for malaria many years ago.But like most treatments now for Malaria they don't work as the mosquito has adapted.He also claims he has cured 100% in Malawi when Malaria is out of control and if you go there without the preventative you will get it and MMS or the water purification protocal thats as old as Jim wont help except short-term perhaps!

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Prove that your allocations are fact. There is no proof that your comments are based on public record. Do you think that the readers of Hub pages are so shallow that they believe anything a person puts down on paper. Do you travel with Jim Humble? Are you trying to put your pharmaceutical bosses' words in his mouth? You don't know what Jim Humble says! Jim is a smart man and he know that only the body can heal -- as he says in his book.

People are waking up and taking back control of their lives. MMS only kills pathogens; it does not harm healthy tissue or cells. It works at the atomic or electrical level and a bug cannot develop resistance to losing its "+" ions. Yes, a person needs to get Jim Humble's latest newsletters and also read the book to understand the procedure.

If you have proof of death-- use an Official agency such as in this press release: "According to the information gathered from data submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration during the first quarter of 2008, there were 20,745 reported serious injuries associated with drug therapy, up 34% from the previous quarter, and up 38% from last year`s average. Even more eye-opening than the number of serious injuries is the number of reported deaths – 4,824 people were reported killed from pharmaceutical drugs in the first quarter of 2008, a 2.6 fold increase from the previous quarter."

Chuckles 6 years ago

you all have got to be the dumbest things on 2 legs, not a single Chemist amongst all of you I see, MMS is, for all practical purposes bleach, Humble did not discover it any more than Newton discovered falling down, bleach kills any tissues it encounters good, bad, or indifferent. In small amounts it is great for sterilizing stuff, or whitening clothes, but long term exposure is hard on the innards

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear Chuckles, Thanks for the comment and your logic. I see you are not a chemist!

Lemon juice is a bleach and many people for thousands of years have used it as a bleach and whitening clothes, getting out stains, making hair blond, etc. Because lemon juice is a bleach -- does it make it a poison??? NO!

The bleach (lemon juice) makes a delicious refreshing drink!and it is full of vital life force, vitamins, etc.

Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are two very different chemicals. One causes problems when digested and the other works with the bodies immune system. Chlorine dioxide is the most power pathogen killer known and Jim Humble is helping millions become healthy again by safely taking MMS! He sells no MMS. He makes no money from helping people.

Ejvind 6 years ago

It's ridiculous that the freedom of speech is no longer non-existing, due to the fact that medical companies in cahoots with governments and legislature have succeeded to ban all natural products that might benefit the population. Shame on them.

Truthbagger 6 years ago

I don't know if MMS works, but the people in power trying to stop it is better evidence than any study could provide that it is a threat to Big Pharma.

Taylore Vance 6 years ago

You're right!

The big Pharma is all about them making money at our expense. They don't like to lose a buck either to some natural and almost free solution.

Keep thinking -- You are right on!

Paul 6 years ago

I'm a chemist, and I can tell you for a fact that chlorine dioxide will attack anything that it can grab electrons from. That includes healthy cells in the body, such as the stomach and gut lining. That causes irritation which results in nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as the body desperately tries to rid itself of the poison you have ingested. Chlorine dioxide cannot tell a toxin or a bacterium from a healthy human cell, it will happily damage any of them. If you took enough MMS to get blood concentrations of chlorine dioxide high enough to kill a single pathogen, you would probably die, though that would take about 400 ml or a couple of bottles full. Antibiotics are far more potent at killing bacteria than MMS, and far less toxic. Dicloxacillin, for example, is 100 times more potent at killing bacteria than MMS, and 20 times less toxic.

Missy 6 years ago

We've been using MMS for a few years. It has made my family healthy and I will continue to use it. Those that got nauseated and threw up obviously took too much, too quick. Big Pharma is all over this, obviously. Just like they did to Dr Schultz years ago. Anything that is good and saves lives from major disease and Big Pharma doesn't have their hands in it, is going to be looked down upon. MMS ROCKS!

Jeff 6 years ago

For the chemist, perhaps you should mainline some cytoxin chemotherapy since it is also labeled as so safe, like 100,000 times more toxic than Chorine Dioxide and made from mustard gas. There is nothing safe about any Pharmicueticals including simple aspirin has serious side effects and is very toxic when you take it at a rediculous level like some idiot did with Chlorine Dioxide recently.

As for the facts about Chlorine Dioxide, it works and I don't care how or why. I took it for H1N1 and it killed it in less than 48 hours. My wife takes it everyday for stage 4 cancer and is still alive and well, I have the PET scan to prove it......Moving on and FUCK the FDA, just a big scam organization.

muhammad rodhy 6 years ago

for chemists,

My family has been convicted is not going to recover from jaw cancer. All the doctors had been convicted he would die in the near future. Chemotherapy drugs and surgery can not help from malignant cancer. After using the MMS and now he can recover normal activity. He recovered within two months. For me need proper treatment to deal with cancer. It turns out there I found the medicine at MMS.

I believe the MMS as a drug.

Thank you for your attention.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

I received a recall email this morning because I bought the stuff. I think it is disgusting they are trying to stop it being sold like this but having said that I also agree that MMS can be a danger to the body and quit using it myself because I was getting too sick to work. I have a friend who regretted taking the stuff too. I have posted about this at forums including Outlaw News. Someone told me to just take a few drops a week and its OK that way. I have found that to be correct but at the recommended dosages it would kill me if I was already seriously ill! I can see both sides of this issue and it is not as clear cut as it is presented.

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

From my three years experience taking MMS - Water Purification Drops --I understand it better than those of you who have never taken it. I feel good again and know dozen of happy people who no longer have any aches or pain because of the WPD.

When you are loaded with toxins, parasites, bacteria, candida, viruses, you will get sick while the MMS is eating up those pathogens. Start slow.... take 1/2 drop an hour for a few days. Get the training that Jim Humble is giving in the Dominican Republic.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

tvance, I took the stuff and as I found out it is impossible to work if you are taking the stuff at doses recommended. Please see:


I am not at all convinced about the stuff and wonder why it is needed when colloidal silver has no harmful side effects and does not stop a person working and also destroys pathogens!

Perhaps you could answer that?

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear Bard of Ely,

There are plenty of testimonies on http://JimHumble.biz from 100,000's happy people who are feeling better from taking the MMS / WPD.

I also like colloidal silver especially I love this one called Wayne Water -- http://silverwater.weebly.com/ Wayne has been making this holy water for many years in a state of the art facility that is a church. There is also a movement to take away silver water.

One major MMS player went to selling Lugol's Iodine and he believes it to be better than either of the other two solutions.

Lets just keep sharing information, natural health remedies and keep the spotlight on the FDA. The evil loves darkness!

People used to have free will and a choice! What happened?

Ron 6 years ago

Well it looks like the FDA and all the rich assholes in the drug industry are out to get MMS and Jim Humble.I have been taking MMS since March of 2010 and feel great.I had a heart attack in 04. Since I have been taking MMS, my monthly blood tests, since March have been the best ever.

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Jim Humble 's answer to the FDA Attack on MMS:

Warning -- FDA-approved drugs cause death

225,000 people died last year after taking one or more drugs approved by the FDA and prescribed by a doctor. (Some agencies report a much greater number; depends upon what agency is reporting.)

No, these people do not die as a natural progression of their disease, whatever it might be. These human beings die as a result of taking prescribed drugs. The action of the drug kills them.

The drug Vioxx, for example, killed 60,000 people before the FDA took it off the market. These death reports are on the internet. Just look them up under “Medical drugs and death.”

thanks Jim

MMS has no deaths and many, many healings... Follow the money and see who controls the FDA!

LINDA 6 years ago


tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear Linda,

Thanks for your hearth warming letter and testimonial. Many are struggling with the closing down of Project Green Life selling the MMS. PGL was abused by the FDA and their SWAT team powers.

"Wishing" that the FDA would let you make your own choices for your life is not working -- this will not make them change.

What if we each tell three people how MMS works, what it will do for them and show them how to take it???

Don't let this wonderful product die because the big pharma is paying off the FDA officials to hassle the MMS suppliers into withdrawing it from the market.

The Health Freedom Act supports your freedom to choose healthy supplements, nutritious food and your right to make your own health care decisions based on accurate information.We believe that this information is important to all citizens, regardless of your political views.

We encourage you to get educated and involved - your right to have healthy food with real nutritional value and herbal supplements of your own choosing is being threatened RIGHT NOW!

Fred Sanford 6 years ago

found this post in responce to an news storie, he has some links to show how chlorine dioxide is being used and that it is approved for use on food.

I hope you find this helpful and constructive

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 2010-08-04.

The FDA is well aware of CD and know it is safe when used as directed, in this case MMS. I have used it for 25 years, long before Humble "discovered" it. Have never taken an antibiotic and have watched 1000's all over the world get great benefits. Think, how big of a threat is this to the biggest and most profitable companies in the world, the drug ones?

Read and learn:


Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective disinfectant, which rapidly kills bacteria, viruses, and Giardia, and is also effective against Cryptosporidium. ClO2 also improves taste and odor, destroys sulfides, cyanides, and phenols, controls algae, and neutralizes iron and manganese ions. It is an effective biocide at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm (parts per million) and over a wide pH range. It is ten times more soluble in water than chlorine, even in cold water. Unlike iodine, chlorine dioxide has no adverse effects on thyroid function. Chlorine dioxide is widely used by municipal water treatment facilities.

The term "chlorine dioxide" is misleading because chlorine is not the active element. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing, not a chlorinating agent. ClO2 penetrates the cell wall and reacts with amino acids in the cytoplasm within the cell, killing the microorganism. The by-product of this reaction is chlorite, which is harmless to humans. Chlorine dioxide is available in both tablet (Micropur MP 1) and liquid (Pristine) preparations.



Intro to Chlorine Dioxide:

There are in excess of 10000 water plants in Europe and the USA relying on Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection control.



US Environmental Protection Agency

Office of Pesticide Programs

List C: EPA's Registered Antimicrobial Products

Effective Against Human HIV-1 Virus

January 9, 2009


When you download the pdf, write chlorine in a search for the 6 listings to show chlorine dioxide approved products.

It kills HIV outside the body, and many have found inside the body too (stabilized Cl02) following simple protocols.


For water purification,




Anthrax spore decontamination using chlorine dioxide

Current as of July 2007



3. Is chlorine dioxide safe?

The Niagara Falls New York water treatment plant first used chlorine dioxide for drinking water disinfection in 1944. Currently, there are approximately 400 - 500 water treatment plants in the United States and over 1000 in Europe utilizing ClO2 to purify municipal drinking water systems. Numerous studies have shown chlorine dioxide, when used at the appropriate concentrations, has no adverse health effects, either by skin contact or ingestion.



American Manufacturer: http://www.bio-cide.com/

UK: www.tristeltechnologies.com

A Scottish Company:



Some may know the name DuPont:



Scientists, Researchers Reference: (the links below give an exhaustive scientific,chemical analysis):


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been proven to be cidal to almost all known infectious agents in vitro using remarkably low concentrations. This includes parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. The experiences noted above imply that this compound is tolerable orally at effective concentrations. Therefore extensive research is warranted to determine if acidified sodium chlorite is effective in treating other infections. We may be on the verge of discovering the most potent and broad spectrum antimicrobial agent yet known.

by Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD

References are available upon request.




Summary of Approvals for Chlorine Dioxide use by the USA Government:



EPA registered disinfectant / sanitiser with applications in food processing plants.

EPA registration as a terminal sanitising rinse for food contact surfaces in food processing plants such as poultry, fish, meat, and in restaurants, dairies, bottling plants and breweries.

EPA registration for disinfection of environmental surfaces on floors, walls and ceilings in food processing plants such as poultry, fish, meat, and in restaurants, dairies, bottling plants and breweries.

EPA registration as a sanitising rinse of uncut and unpeeled fruits and vegetables at 5 ppm followed by a potable water rinse.

EPA registration as a bacteriostat in ice making plants and machinery.

EPA registration as a sanitiser and deodoriser for air handling systems, HVAC systems and ductwork.

FDA approval as a terminal sanitising rinse, not requiring a water rinse, on all food contact surfaces (Reference CFR 178-1010).

FDA Letter of no objection for the use of stabilised chlorine dioxide at 20 ppm for treating ice used for icing fish in the round.

USDA D-2 approval as a terminal sanitising rinse, not requiring a potable water rinse, on all food contact surfaces found in food processing plants.

USDA P-1 approval for bacterial and mold control in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants for environmental surfaces.

USDA 3-D approval for washing fruits and vegetables that are used as ingredients of meat, poultry and rabbit products followed by a potable water rinse.

USDA G-5 approval for cooling and retort water treatment.






For use as an anti-microbial for incidental contact on food or surfaces that the food comes into contact with.


Approved by the UK Secretary of State for the Environment under Regulation 25 (1)(a) of the Water Supply (Water Quality) (Amendments) Regulations 1991 (also in Scotland).

Approved as a disinfectant for service reservoirs, distribution, mains and waterworks apparatus.

Approved as a disinfectant and taste and odour control product for use in water that is supplied for drinking, washing, cooling and food production purposes on condition that the combined concentration of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate does not exceed 0.5 ppm entering supply.

Approved as a disinfectant by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Secretaries of State for Scotland and Wales for the Purposes of the Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectant) Order 1978 (As Amended) with corresponding approvals in Northern Ireland and Eire.

Approved for the Control of Legionellosis - A Recommended Code of Conduct for Service Providers' - produced jointly by BACS and WMS.

Registration Number : 1999/617 at 01/07/1999.

Approved by HS (G)70 for "The Control of Legionellosis including Legionaires Desease" and MISC 150 the Technical Supplement to HS(G)70 "The Control of Legionellosis in Hot and Cold Water Systems".



Our products have passed the standard SABS test for Disinfectants ( SABS 1616:1994 and SABS 1593:1994) in terms of their ability to inactivate bacteria and fungi.




ISP (Public Institute of Health) # 2179/95

ISP (Public Institute of Health) # 1763/9

score 6 years ago

I have been using MMS for a year and a half as prescibed by Jim Humble. I travel for a living via airplanes and used to get colds and the flu often due to the exposure on the airplanes. I have been cold free since the use of MMS. I knew the FDA would sooner or later wage war on MMS and JH. It is a great compound that supports the immune system! Be WEll All and Remember "Thoughts become Things, so choose the good ones!"

zhen 6 years ago

Hopefully these MMS sellers will be prosecuted and jailed for fraud.

truth now 6 years ago

The fact that the FDA is vilifying it means MMS IS effective. Big pharma, whom they're in bed with, hates competition. Show me verifiable cases of people being harmed by MMS. A $20 bottle of MMS can last a year vs. statins at ?? I don't even know what it costs, but NOT $20 for a years supply. Follow the money and it will lead you to the thieves...always!

tvance profile image

tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

My husband had shoulder aches and I had a pain in my neck. We both bought new special neck support pillows that are a great improvement over the old regular puffy pillows. The new pillows helped quite a bit!!!

But what really helped was the MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution -- WPC - Water Purification Drops! What ever you call it it works to kill the little critters that cause pain in the body. The WPD was taken at a rate of 3 drops per hour for three days (not at night... unless you have cancer or some dread disease.) All the pain has gone away with taking the MMS or WPD as they now call it!!!

We're so happy to be pain free!!!

Thank you Jim Humble for being so brave to bring out this product even when you knew that the money people and big pharma was not going to like it!

find some here http://reikiranch.net

WhosBodyIsItAnyway? 6 years ago

To: zhen (& the like)

Hopefully these MMS sellers will be prosecuted and jailed

(So baseless) - So when are we going to see the same happen to all the Big Pharma people??? Anyone ever see one of them get what they want to do to anyone else. As in - those that don't pay their fees to get accepted into the system?? Nothing like Rockefeller Medicine right? (cough)

MMS works!!! 6 years ago

I used to have colds and flu many times per year. This winter I never had one. 2 times when I had first symptoms I just took 2 drops and next day wasn't even sneezing. After this I never caught any virus even though people at work were sick with flu! Thanks, Jim!!! Now I need to help a person who is a Hepatitus B carrier. Anyone had experience with this?

jb1010 6 years ago

I've been using the mms for almost two years now. It made me sick @ the 9 drop point and despite my efforts I could not get past 9 drops so rather than stop I just went to the maint. level of 6 drops twice a week. I wasn't sick or trying to fix anything in particular, just wanted a "cleanse". My athletes foot is gone, sinuse problems gone. Mystery rashes that accurred from time to time are no more. Follow Jims directions for burns and they really do heal in half the time, often even without blisters. Cuts and scratches heal without infection. I don't know about cancer, aids and such but if the stuff is so bad I'm not seeing it. I see no reason for it to be kept from the consumer other than the fact that it is threatening someones bottom dollar.

Hepatitis B ???  6 years ago

Please ! does anyone out there have experience with with Hepatitis B ?

The boy is healthy but he is a carrier

myrna 6 years ago

I took MMS as I had had a stroke earlier (2007) and had lingering effects, ie numbness, pains in my head and drooping on right side of body. Did this and was amazed-it took about 4 months but no longer have pains in the head, drooping almost totally gone and flushed out tons of parasites-no idea how long I had those! I do have health issues with my heart that MMS can't fix but it certainly has handled a lot that I was told could not be, this after I had seen 2 top neurologists, done every medical test (all heart scans, MRI, etc.) and was told I would have to resort to medication and the pains were a mystery as to why I was having them and they would fade (they didn't).

Not on medication so far as it is no longer necessary, medical doctor was amazed at it. If I need to, I take the MMS for colds, flu, etc. and I recover from these much faster-1 to 3 days as opposed to weeks. I don't honestly do it every day as I can barely remember to take my vites daily but if I seem to have some bacterial or viral problem I take a few doses and it seems to kill it. I do have to say to be sure to take the dosages as described--it is the same as with anything on or off the market--otherwise it can make you very ill and it is not pleasant! One other interesting point is I was getting severe migraines and while I still get them, it is a lot less (1-2 a month as opposed to 1-2 a week) and they are not so severe that I can't control the effects. I am also Mrs. Skeptical on everything but this stuff worked for me. But please read up on it, take exactly as prescribed and persist through any conditions. You can cut back if the reactions are too severe and realize it can take months--it took me almost 4 months to handle the effects and I did a weekly dose for almost a half year before I completely stopped taking it. I personally don't see the need to do a weekly dose, I treat it the way I treat any medicinal handling and only do it when I need it. Hope this helps. As a note, I do believe in medicine and take antibiotics, etc as needed but don't blindly follow any doctor's word as I almost landed in the hospital at least once from allowing myself to being talked into something to handle a nasty throat infection that was a research antibiotic. You should do the homework and then decide for yourself. There is simply no magic bullet to cure everything but MMS has been one of the more effective things and it has worked for me.

stillsmiling 6 years ago

I've been taking mms1 and mms2 for 3weeks now, I'm trying to get rid of herpes. The mms seems to be working wonders :-)

Reiki Student 6 years ago

I was introduced to MMS (water Purification Drops) at the Reiki Ranch class three months ago. I was scheduled for a knee joint operation to replace my knee. Something told me to wait a little longer and not have them remove my old knee. I did not like the idea of a titanium knee joint that would wear out in 20 years at the costs of $60,000.

I have been taking the MMS and the pain is going away. Could it be that the bacteria have been eating up my knee joint? When I kill the bacteria -- then it looks like the body can rebuild the knee. I don't know, but I'm walking much better, now. I have postponed the knee operation. I also read that the spirochetes of Lyme disease have been found in arthritis painful joints. I wonder if everybody who has had joint pain has Lyme disease? I don't know, but I'm now reading and studying about natural health. I'm feeling better everyday and my health is getting stronger.

I hope this post will help others.

shy 6 years ago

you ougt to tell dr house that

zita 6 years ago

In my opinion Jim is a hero, who risking his life for helping humanity to get rid off many diseases.Humanity is in danger, but people doesn't know it, or doesn't realise it.Those who writing against him, or attacking him makig a big karma

for themselves, because they making an innocent and humble man's life myserable.God never beat you with a stick, remember for that, but what is comes round it's will go round as well!!

vitalundfitmit100 S.L. 5 years ago


german website about Jim Humble

Melody 5 years ago

For the person that asked about Hepatitis B, Yes Jim's book tells of a lady that overcame Hepatitis C so I don't see why it wouldn't really help Hepatitis B as well.

tvance profile image

tvance 5 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Yes, Melody, it seems true -- if people could just read the book and use their god-given brains to figure it all out!

MMS kills all pathogens, germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus -- then it most likely will kill the microbes called Hepatitis B.

Read Jim Humbles book: get it here http://mms.reikiranch.net/index.php?act=viewProd&p...

We all really need to get on to a more natural diet of organic foods and eat lots of raw veges and fruits.This aids in our natural immune system's defense of germs.

Buy Stabilized Greens from the Silver Water company and take a tablespoon a day. This takes the place of 6 huge salads of raw greens and vegetables. It is easy to take and saves on all that chewing. See it here: http://mms.reikiranch.net/index.php?act=viewProd&p...

Any other questions or comments about MMS (WPD)?

Dot 5 years ago

My mom was introduced to MMS while in the Dominican Republic and after talking to Mr. Humble began taking it. There was a spot on her leg she has been watching for a couple of years- sure it was skin cancer as it runs in the family. After taking MMS- the spot began shrinking and while in the shower one day after less than two weeks of taking the MMS- it actually fell off, kind of like a scab. She is now a true believer.

Matt 5 years ago

Maybe if you want to know more about MMS you should also click here http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Industrial+Bleach. The reason the FDA is coming down on Mr. Humble and MMS is because it's industrial bleach, and it isn't a cure for anything except perhaps bad breath if you gargle with it. Oh, it's also very useful for bleaching wood pulp for paper production.

tvance profile image

tvance 5 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear Readers,

I wonder who is paying Matt to post his bleach comments?

How about the millions of people who have been cured of hundreds of diseases over the past few years? Their testimonies are all over the Internet as well as posted here on Hubpages.com, http://Jimhumble.biz, http://curezone.com, etc.

What's so bad about a bleach? Lemon juice is a bleach and is used to bleach hair, laundry stains and makes delicious lemonade drink. Cities water purification plants put chlorine --a bleach -- into drinking water for hundreds of million people in the USA. Coca-Cola drink dissolves iron nails.

Show us your testimonials. Don't let the FDA take the MMS away! Have freedom of choice of health treatments again. Tell your friends and neighbors about MMS (WPD) water purification drops!

Dot 5 years ago

I tasted the MMS my mother takes and it doesn't taste much different than city water! I chose to believe the testamonials of those people who have tried MMS over those who have done nothing but read something about it.Taken as directed MMS is no more "deadly" than taking Tylenol. And my question is: If you non believers were diagnosed with a deadly disease and "traditional" methods weren't helping- would you try MMS?

tvancee 5 years ago

lol, who the hell is tvance? You get paid 2bucks a post from this company? You use pure chemicals and tell others to do so as well, lmao

tvance profile image

tvance 5 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Dear tvancee -- is this your real name? I bet NOT! What company is that you are talking about? Who will pay me $2.00 to post? I could use the money -- so please tell me about "this wonderful rich company who will pay me $2.00 per post"... I could get rich, too, like you!

There is no company selling MMS. It is hundreds of individual little people helping each other get well from using MMS (as you call it -- this chemical.)

We have tried the AMA way, big pharmaceutical drugs, doctor's orders and we, as a people, are dying from their treatments. The problem to our health is that we all have simple parasite infections.

MMS kills all pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, etc and -- PRESTO WE GET WELL! It is almost free to use the MMS! Who would pay me $2.00 to post about an almost free solution?

Humm What is logical anymore?

Getting healthy, getting well, and being free is logical.

Matt 5 years ago

Dear tvance,

No one is paying me to post comments about MMS. I assure you if you find me here in Saint Louis you will see that I'm a flat broke student and on the take from no one. My primary concerns are good science, critical thinking, and the well being of the greater community. I really said quite little about what MMS is and simply encouraged people to research it for what it is, an industrial bleach and not a cure all. I'm not saying big pharma always has our best interests in mind, but people like you with your conspiracy theories are crazy! I know I won't convince someone with beliefs as entrenched and irrational as yours, but I hope someone who might catch my comment and do a little more research. I don't think MMS with such small concentrations of the chemical agent will kill most people, but it's likely to cause harm cumulatively, and it's no cure. At best, if you're using it and assuming you haven't decided to forgo conventional and proven therapy techniques, you're wasting your money and putting your health at further risk. Speaking of a conspiracy, why is it that those of you who stand up for MMS are so vague, unable to produce evidence, and so quick to point the finger of suspicion?

tvance profile image

tvance 5 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Conventional therapy for cancer is only about 50 years old! Trillions of dollars have been spent to find a cure for cancer.

Traditional treatment for cancer is known poisons: 1) Chemo is a deadly chemical also known as mustard gas. Mustard gas is outlawed by war rules. 2) Radiation is known to cause cancer.

What is so great about your body being poisoned by "conventional treatment?"

Check out popular writer and movie star-- Suzanne Somers' books -- she cured herself of cancer using alternative and un-conventional natural immune system building nutritional tools. She list several MD's who have curing cancer and they have been attacked by the FDA and jail for curing cancer.

joseph 5 years ago

for everyone who is talking shit everywhere about mms what do you know about it unless you have tried it im not saying it would work for everyone cause everyones body acts differently to different things but the fact you all are saying not to take it when in fact it does work for things, ive had colds and flus and cured!! thats right completely gone!!not fixed the symptoms but gone quick yea it might not be the healthiest thing to put inside your body but neither are antibiotics which cause alot of other things intestinal problems and others etc..antibiotics do kill good and bad bacteria so its that really the route to go?? which have you back to the doctor taking more medicine what does that mean more possible side effects hmmm it keeps going and going.. fuck doctors and fda look at all the people who claim to get better with mms and for the people who have nothing better to do but put down mms get a life and go f yourself people need to get better especially when then have life threating cancer and could maybe reverse it by taking something to help them..hope everyone who doubts mms gives it a try it really is worth it..ps sorry for poor punctuation just wanted to speak my mind really quick

Researching 5 years ago

Found this. Was Jim sure of his own discovery?


Paul Morgan 5 years ago


Humble may not be going to jail any day now, but he's certainly been rumbled!

Jean White 5 years ago

I don't think Jim is going to jail. He has given his life to helping people get over disease. He does not sell any products for treatments. He sell his book that tells of his struggles in testing the MMS and getting it ready for use on a large scale.

Check our Jim Humble's website and see the thousands of people who have gotten over disease by killing the parasites and pathogens in the body.

Quite being the "cash cow" for medical doctors. MD's push the pharmaceutical drugs just like they are trained to to as sales persons for big Pharma. Do your own studies as to what it takes to make your own body more healthy.

And Love yourself!

Gail 5 years ago

I have COPD and chronic sinus problems plus other problems.over the past 4 months my COPD has gotten quite severe 30 percent lung capacity and my specialist told me that my lung function test are declining every time I go back to see him.In the past I had always been active inspite of my lung problems having been an asthmatic all my life and then being diagnosed with copd when I was 46 and I am now 61.The last few months have seen me so short of breath that I thought I would pass out if I didn't sit down and rest.the medication I was on only made me gain 7kg in 4 months which made it even harder to breath.i refused to believe that I was not going to get any better so I searched the internet and found MMS.I now have hope my breathing is improving everyday I am at present on 10drops twice and handling it quite well.My sinus has cleared up where as I used a nasal spray everyday I have not used it in 6 days.As for my lungs I have been coughing up thick yellow gunk I can now Play bowls again and am about to start doing my daily 5 kilometer walk that I used to do. I can't believe how good I now feel after thinking that my quality of life was becoming non existing.So thank you JM for giving me my life back.

Alan 5 years ago

This is a fun thread to read. tvance scoffing at a contributor, "I see you are not a chemist!" for pointing out MMS is bleach. She then calls lemon juice a bleach, used to make delicious, refreshing, vitamin C rich juice. Lemon juice is an acid. Bleach is an alkali, a base. Lemon juice is the opposite of a bleach. In fact, if you added lemon juice to MMS you would increase its PH partially neutralise it.tvance is obviously not a lemonade scientist.

Friend ofr Jim Jumble 5 years ago

Jim says: The Governments of the world have now become agents of the drug companies. Four more people have been attacked for absolutely no reason except the lies the governments tell the mass media. They can't find anything MMS has done badly, nor anything bad about MMS, so they continue to use the same old lie over and over. You know, the first one the FDA spouted:

* They said several people had complained about a stomach ache and one person had low blood pressure.

But they never investigated these complaints. They knew that they would find nothing so they didn't investigate. They just said it. A person over the telephone says they had low blood pressure, and the FDA not only believes them, but without the slightest bit of evidence puts it out to the state-run media that the low blood pressure was from MMS. Then the governments all begin attacking MMS based on the FDA's non-existent “evidence”. Each government embellished the FDA’s lies and spread them further.

mark 5 years ago

I had Chronic sinusitis for several months during which i took several different anti-biotics & a steroid

i had no success killing the infection so i was scheduled for sinus surgery . Meanwhile a friend found out about my problem & recommended mms or wpd , water purification drops . In 1 week my problem was gone !

, taken as recommended , now a newer methods of taking this is even more conservative .I was uncomforable with the idea but after much research i took a chance & i sure am glad i did. Interestingly enough I went to the pre-surgery appt. anyway to tell the dr. what i'd done & I was surprised how mad they were.. that I had cured myself ! They tryed to tell me i would be back within a yr. , that was 3yrs. ago & I haven't been sick since .

I still have the same $20 bottle & only ocassionly take a dose or when i get a funny feeling i may be getting sick . If u do the research the fda has published a max. amount considered safe to be in your body , what mms recommends is way below that . I think it is very safe & it's a godsend.My eyes have been opened now to the medical community & what crazy stuff that goes on there we all probably would hardly believe ..it's all about money

Nobody is getting rich off a $20 bottle that could last 3 yrs. ! Modern medicine has some caring ,very good intentioned human beings working in it.. for a living but there is a greedy, ugly deceptive side of modern mmedicine getting rich by taking advantage of us .

rightsaid 5 years ago

I would be curious if anyone could explain their understanding of how chlorine dioxide reacts differently between healthy cells of the human body and pathogens. And then also how it works the same on so many very different pathogens, from viruses to cancers (which are just out of control human cells) to bacteria, to yeast (just the bad Candida when we all have Candida of one kind or another), to protists of various sorts (like malaria which is caused by Plasmodium, a member of the group Apicomplexa).

It just seems to good to be true. And please do not accuse me of working for some corporation. Thanks.

Health Nut 5 years ago

I'm not an expert like Jim Humble, but the way I understand it is that -- Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer and it has (-) negative ions.

The things in our bodies that are pathogens (bacteria, fungus, virus, heavy metals, cancer, etc., are (+) positive ions. Anything that is anti life in the body has (+) ions.

When a (-) and a (+) ion gets together they go poof at the electrical level. The explosion leaves a little salt (Na Cl) and water.

Positives and negatives attract each other. They have the electrical charges that cause this. MMS works at the quantum level.

I have a friend who has taken hydrogen peroxide for 3 years and thought he'd try MMS. He takes up to 45 drops a day with no bad side effects. I guess he did not have many pathogens left to oxidize.

A person needs to start slow -- one drop activated -- and wait several hours to see if they can take another 1 drop.

Another friend took 1/2 drop several days a week and still got very sick each time. He has MS and is very over weight. He even passed dead worms in his feces from just taking 1/2 drop of MMS. So, it looks like when a person is very sick (full of pathogens) they need to take it very slow.

Does anybody else have any ideas about how MMS works?

Paul 5 years ago

Ive been using MMS for 3years now. Ive has success with Malaria, I live in a country with Malaria, and colds, flu, and coughs. I give it to my 1year and 2 1/2year old daughters and and it is the quickest,easiest,cheapest way to get our bodies working right again. Last night, after I put a drop(+5 citric acid)in some apple juice and gave it to my 1year old, she stopped coughing, after about 5 minutes.Ive taken so much MMS in one day that my urine smelled like bleach-2years later no harm, just health.

brian matthews 5 years ago

to gail re copd, hi gail i wonder if you could tell me how long you were on the mms before you started to feel the benefits, i also have copd and have been taking mms for 3 days, at the moment i dont feel any improvement, the protocol i am on is 3 drops every hour for 8 hrs i would be very gratfull for your comments. brian

JK 5 years ago

Adam Abraham said I could share this testimonial from his blog.


I began taking MMS approximately 2 months ago. I am 60 years old and have COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) with chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. I was on oxygen 24/7.

I was not bed ridden, but life was a real struggle. To give an example of how weak I was; I had to sit on a stool and lean on my elbows to brush my teeth because I didn’t have the strength to stand or to hold my body upright while I brushed my teeth.

Each day when I opened my eyes in the mornings I dreaded making the effort to get out of bed. But in only one week after beginning the MMS drops I noticed that I didn’t need my oxygen all the time and that I had strength and could walk easily through my home without gasping for air. I was able to remove the stool and stand to brush my teeth. I opened my eyes each morning looking forward to the day. By the end of the second week I was completely off the oxygen.

I am a new person and getting better with each passing day. I do things now that I have not been able to do in a long time. I vacuum, do laundry and am also able to go shopping. I’m beginning to have a real life. MMS has proven to be a MIRACLE for me and has literally given me back my life. God bless and have a wonderful day.

Jody K.

brian 5 years ago

to jody k, hi jody dont know if i am allowed to ask this, if not im sure it will be deleted but could you please email me re-mms. thanks.b.matthews2@ntlworld.com

RSC 5 years ago

Everybody should do some research before attacking this product. I've read tons about mms. I also take it. You will get sick if you take too much, but your not going to die from it. It does not attack your cells or anything thats suppose to be in your body. It really is as good as all these people above claim it to be.

Ask yourself who your going to believe. Are you going to believe somebody who writes a long testimonial about their specific experience with MMS or are you going to believe somebody who writes a couple sentences bashing it. Please research this product if your thinking about using it. There are a thousand times more positive things said about MMS than their are negative things. The FDA is desperate and its a high probablility that some of the posts above are placed there by FDA related people. Try MMS for yourself and make your own conclusion. You don't have to be sick to use it. It's great for just maintaining health and preventing sickness. MMS does not cure anything. It kills what is not suppose to be in your body.

Jim Gleason 5 years ago

A friend of mine had blood sugar level of 500 After taking MMS for a month it dropped down to 100. She was taking only 1 or 2 drops a day.

ricky 5 years ago

i take mms 2 and it is supposed to be just as good as mms1. it's easier to get and so far i've had no adverse effects. hypochlorous is already in your body at small levels and this just gives you extra

Watipaso Mzungu Jnr 5 years ago

Can someone help with Jim Humble's email address please?

Write through mzungumaranatha@gmail.com or watipaso@journalist.com

Jims-friends 5 years ago

http://mmsnews.org -- for new protocol, Jim Humble News Letter, and lots of other information.

Lots of his older sites have hacked by enemies of natural health. They might lose money if people actually well quicker. I like it when people get healthy quickly and save money at the same time. How about you?

Stephen 5 years ago

I have used wpd to knock out food poisoning successfully. The most dramatic "cure" was using the wpd as a "swish and swallow" to deal with an abscess tooth. If you have ever dealt with this you know just how painful it is...within the hour I started to get relief....

FnOzi 5 years ago

Can somebody inform me as to where in Australia mms can be purchased ?.

Thank-you in advance.

Guest wg 5 years ago

If anyone "died" it's probably because they didn't mix the solution with lemon juice or citric acid. And used the solution pure. In that case... Ya, I'm sure that would create a horrible situation. Otherwise, it's probably fake news to deter people from buy it.

Guest - lilly 5 years ago

No one has died from the use of MMS -- and hundreds of thousands have more energy and a better immune system from using this Master Mineral Solution (MMS or water purification drops).

People can over-douse on drinking water... There is no hope for people who cannot follow instructions or read. Stupidity has its own cure!

Study the results, take it easy, start slow, and you will be able to get off medical bandwagon of poisons.

Malibu Kim 5 years ago

I just put up an article on the front page of my healthy living website: http://www.malibukim.com, regarding my experience with MMS. After 3 days of a nasty virus wreaking havoc in my lungs - I took MMS. I was back on my feet within a few hours. It took only 9 days to get the resultant viral goo out of my lungs. If I hadn't taken MMS, I would have been down for a couple months or more. My friend had it for 6 weeks when I told her about my miraculous recovery. I wholeheartedly thank Jim Humble for releasing this information to the world so BIG PHARMA CANNOT KEEP THIS AMAZING HEALING TECHNOLOGY FROM THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Anyone with a brain will see the comments and attacks from Big Pharma henchmen for what they are - garbage out of the mouth of hired thugs. THANK YOU JIM HUMBLE - you have released me from ever having to suffer another cold/flu virus resulting in bronchitis ever again! Who says there are no magic bullets!!! If ever there was one - MMS is it. I've tried colloidal silver - never saw any observable effects such as I have with MMS. MMS TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!! My home will never, ever, be without it.

tvance profile image

tvance 5 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Thank you Malibu kim, for sharing your experience with MMS with us here at the MMS Hub. This Master Mineral Solution in truly a blessing!

Malibu Kim 5 years ago

I just put up an article on the front page of my healthy living website: http://www.malibukim.com, regarding my experience with MMS. After 3 days of a nasty virus wreaking havoc in my lungs - I took MMS. I was back on my feet within a few hours. It took only 9 days to get the resultant viral goo out of my lungs. If I hadn't taken MMS, I would have been down for a couple months or more. My friend had it for 6 weeks when I told her about my miraculous recovery. I wholeheartedly thank Jim Humble for releasing this information to the world so BIG PHARMA CANNOT KEEP THIS AMAZING HEALING TECHNOLOGY FROM THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Anyone with a brain will see the comments and attacks from Big Pharma henchmen for what they are - garbage out of the mouth of hired thugs. THANK YOU JIM HUMBLE - you have released me from ever having to suffer another cold/flu virus resulting in bronchitis ever again! Who says there are no magic bullets!!! If ever there was one - MMS is it. I've tried colloidal silver - never saw any observable effects such as I have with MMS. MMS TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!! My home will never, ever, be without it.

Malibu Kim 5 years ago

Sorry about that second reiteration of my posting. I thought I hadn't submitted it - since my text was still in the comment submission form.

youngaunty 5 years ago

My husband has prostrate cancer,and high blood pressure,chronic,with four different types of HB pharmaceutical medicines,im his full time carer.But he also has genetic disease from birth dupytens contractures,with several operations on his hands and feet, heart attacks.been using the drops of jim humbles from last two months.since i dont like the chemotherapy,and radiation to be given to him, and i am a nutritionistand herbal and naturopathic practitioner,with chinese medicines,and ayurvedic too. i know the function of chlorine dioxide. first few day,he felt sick. so i diluted it very much. He has improved his prostrate problems, no symtoms now,he can walk better, and he couldnt eat well as before,but lived on milk,chocolate and icecream.....i let him have, and be happy...but as soon as i started to give him this water purifyer.he began eating his normal food..removed his pharmaceutical medications to one only,removed aspirin too.digestive creon , removed too.removed antidepressant,as he always complained of pain due to nerve damage,due to dupeytens contractures...he is eating his normal,fish,little meat,vegies and fruits,he is back on,which he used to love before....so i am happy and so is he. i am taking daily too...i have pulmonary embolism,rhematoid arthritis,with severe pain on both knees. orthoepeodic surgeon,wanted to have knee replacement.i walked,hobbling,with much pain, with pain killer,anti-inflammatory. i walk now in three months of jims drops in water,with no pain and am able to go for hydro,swimming,stand and cook,which i couldnt do before. nor could i sit long in the computer , to do my research,and write my book. i am able to do it without pain. i am also ex-retired practitioner in health...so i dont do or take anything, unless i try it and know all the facts. been a microbiologist, and loved research,especially on genes, and on ionic level and believe in quantum science. i am happy. People,who donot start with diluted ammount , may have trouble. i vomitted for two days. but i knew that all the toxin was coming out . i had dysentry for three days. now its fine. 29 yrs ago i was on blood transfusion and chemo...had been sick for two yrs,loss of hair ,vomitting continued.....so chlorine dioxide is nothing compared to the toxic chemotheray. advise to all who takes these drops in the water..start very diluted state first and it will still make your body alkaline and healthy. Good on you Jim Humble.


Rosana Ridgecrest  5 years ago

Thank You Jim Humble you gave me hope today:) I will spread your hope far and near!!!! Its my body and I'm thankful for being able to heal how I see fit.

Friends of Jim Humble 5 years ago

We are trying to spread the great news and benefits of MMS far and wide. Anything you can do to help tell people will be appreciated.

We here at the Jim Humble's websites DO NOT SELL ANY MMS PRODUCT. De do have the Jim Humble Books!

We list several websites that do sell the MMS such as http://reikiranch.net. In lots of websites MMS is now being called WPD (water purification drops.)

It is the same 28% chlorine dioxide as always. The new mixing protocol is 1 drop to 1 drop -- wait only 20 seconds and dilute with water and drink. Never take full strength!

Thank you all for supporting Jim Humble.

Blessings and keep drinking the chlorine dioxide, getting well and sharing with your friends!

Shelley 5 years ago

Hi Jim. I used mms years ago and it wiped out my yeast problem. I am currently using it again for a bladder problem and pruritisani. I was going to the bathroom 40 to 50 times per day. This started months ago and worsened. Was told it was a urinary tract infection. Did not believe it but it scared me into taking antibiotics. Did not work but caused me other problems. They wanted to give me another harsher antibiotic treatment, once again, fear made me take it. Was not working again. Developed the other problem which was very painful. Doctor wanted to put me on detrol. After reading about the side effects of that it scared me into quitting my antibiotics and trying the mms. After a week on mms, I am going to the bathroom like a normal person again. I was coughing up so much mucous, my lungs feel great, my energy level is off the wall. Prior to mms, I was weak and tired all the time. My sinuses cleared. The verdict is still out on the pruritisani. I know that is my fault, I should be quitting sugar and coffee, I believe those to be the cause of my problems in the first place. I am weaning myself off of them. I am loving the new protocols. The old one used to stress me out. I will keep you in prayer Jim to keep you safe so you can continue to help people. You are a Godsend. I cant wait to receive your books. It has been placed in my heart to spread the word on mms. Sincerely Shelley

Bishop Jim Humble 5 years ago

Kill Order for Bishop Jim Humble


I have just learned from a highly reliable source that the FBI now has a kill order on Jim Humble. That’s me. I wish I could say that the Government source isn’t very reliable, but this source has proven to be very reliable up to this time. Several plans were to be considered including having me invited to a country in Asia and there I would have an accident. The other possibility was that I could have an accident here in the Dominican Republic, but that would be a less likely plan. But remember, when Obama says kill, that's what they do. It doesn't matter if they are guilty or not.

Why not? They kidnapped my friend, Greg Caton, from Ecuador and brought him back to prison after Ecuador had given him political asylum. It was in the newspaper about a year ago. Check it out for yourself. Search for "Greg Canton Kidnapped" in Google search. I have another friend in prison for healing people and another one, with his legs blown off for healing people. There is a list of 160 scientists who have made inventions that would aid mankind in one way or another who have died violent deaths in the past 20 years. That isn’t my idea. Check it out on the internet. I don’t care if you believe in conspiracy theories or not; just be willing to read. It’s all there.

The reason I am telling you this is, so that when I come up missing or come up dead you will know what has really happened. And of course, you probably already know that should my death occur, all my books and other materials on MMS become public domain. That is already written into my copyright. Hopefully then, people who knew me or of me will print my books, mainly the last one, and hand them out wholesale until everyone on the planet has one.

I know that there are many of you that are not accustomed to this sort of thing, but on the other hand I have gotten letters from time to time that show that there are many people who do know the score. And the score is, that there are people in this world who are beginning to lose money because of MMS. That, of course is, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and a host of related industries. They aren’t too worried about a few million dollars of losses now, but they are looking at the huge loss that will soon be happening when MMS becomes popular. We all know that, “the love of money”, is one of the main reasons for the world’s problems.

Of course, it is a little late for them to do anything now with more than 8 million people having used MMS and with thousands of web sites and with thousands of MMS success stories posted all over the world. But still, if they could say I disappeared and then if they put some poisoned MMS out without me to oppose them they might make some of their lies stick. Remember, for every cancer patient that they convince that MMS doesn’t work they make $800,000 dollars for the cancer industry. A similar story exists for malaria the worst disease of mankind and many other diseases.

Our present ongoing seminar this week: I wish you could meet the people here for this seminar. They are quite similar to the other seminar people over the last year. Most have said to me, “I just came because I had to come.” You got to understand that. All of us are a part of a group that agreed to come here for the third millennium millions of years ago. We came to save Earth. When I mention it, almost every one of them said, “You are right. I knew it. I just needed someone to mention it.” We all want to save Earth. Come and join us. And listen, if you can’t get the money, let us know. We’ll try to help you. Come and become a minister in our non-religious church. The more people that are trained, the quicker we can help this world become, “a world without disease”.

My New Book Available For Download

Please go to: www.miraclemineral.org to purchase the eBook, Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium. Tell your family and friends! It contains a lot of very important information that people need. Please, help us get this eBook to as many people as possible!!! The print version will be available in a few weeks and I will notify you in another newsletter.

I’m really excited about the information in this book getting to the whole world! There are so many important findings, testimonies, new protocols etc. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide. We now have 214 Health Ministers in 49 countries teaching others to teach others!

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

loveisnow2 5 years ago

I have a question. If a person is taking pain medication is the MMS going to interfear with the medication? Can you get off drugs with this?

David Smelser 5 years ago

I know Jim Humble has been looking for a way to get the sodium dioxide in deeper into the tissues. I can not do that but I think we can do the equilivant be getting the bad boys into motion. I recently purchased a Rife machine and have determined that it does not kill everthing around either. I think there a lot of bad guys that don't get killed but decide to try find a better location. So the Rife machine is like the bird dog it flushes the birds out where the sodium dioxide can blast them. I started out kind of stupid not timing the two but now I think I have this down. Flush them out immediately shoot to kill, flush then shoot to kill over and over. If I had a specific problem I would place the electrodes to best achieve my objective. Say if I had a liver problem I would place the electrodes so the current will pass through the liver different ways on different days, but always immediately follow with the MMS. I had a problem with the roots of some of my teeth having infection. The dentist perscribed anti-biotics but I just put the electrode on my gums and set the power to the lowest setting and used MMS admitadly with bad timing but great results just the same. Not only is the infection gone but the hot and cold sensitivity I have suffered with for the last years is gone also. Now some of you people are crying about not having health freedom but you should realize that freedom comes at a price and that is responsibility. Everyone wants freedom but most don't want responsibility so they give up freedom to the responsible party. I an not just talking medical insurance but also a more general insurance also. For instance the State of California OSHA sued the United States OSHA for the right to exclusive control of OSHA matters in California. The United States claimed in the Supreme Court that it had a right to contol since it has an "ownership interest in the productivity of labor, therefore has a right to control the risks that labor is exposed to". Since National Socialists view themselves as Gods chosen people to rule, they stand up and point out that limited liabiity businesses are contoling what employees do but are not fully responsible for what the employee does so they are needed to make sure the employee is protected from the employeer. So my friends and neighbors if your God is Democracy and the United States has ownership rights to your productivity right or wrong you are subject to the FDA and you do not have the right to control the risks that you are exposed to. If you want freedom you need to wake up and take responsiblity for yourself and take back your Republic and stop trying to control your neighbor. You don't have the authority to control your neighbor nor his property so you can not delegate to your representitives authority you don't have by one or two or by a million. If one of you has no right to control then a million times zero still equals 0.

notty 5 years ago

hi, can we use it for genital herpes? Is it just a mixture of lemon juice + pure sodium dioxide? in what quantity should i mix them to treat herpes. i'm 30. plz email: suarez.lfc81@gmail.com

5 years ago

'There is a list of 160 scientists who have made inventions that would aid mankind in one way or another who have died violent deaths in the past 20 years'

Killed by FBI? And why would fbi do that?

5 years ago


4 years ago

Can somebody please advise me, my mum has stomach cancer, she is only 52 and means the world to me, I can't afford to loose her, does mms work? Where can I get it from? Can somebody please please reply to me. I'm just so confused and heartbroken, I've searched everything on the Internet about what can be done to help my mum, I'm now running out of options and most importantly time. Somebody please please help me.

pop 4 years ago

mms dose work, sodium chlorite,put viniger with it and you have chlorine dioxide or mms its made from electrolises its all on the net how to make your own sodium chlorite just water and salt and power suply look it up study it well before useing it yourself need to dilute it if made pure

Tudley Smith 4 years ago

I am wondering just who is paying ror the negative and true comments that have been posted here.I have long been an advocate for mms as per Jim's suggestions. I also think anyone with any bigger than a pea brain would have to see that big pharma must be paying them handsome amount to get that sort of false shxt expressed.I have taken mms as suggested for a year now with 15 to 20 drors per dose.It controls the numerous sinus infections I have been having for many years.I find now that 1or 2 doses aday is now plenty to put a stop to flue and chronic sore throats as well as chronic constipation that could well have been the early cancer symptoms.I will be keeping on using this

Tractorist 4 years ago

For H !!!!!!


For your mom's cancer , use baking soda and DMSO

Also Cesium chloride.

But baking soda is doing tha job.

Tren555@aol.com for a deep information !

Works fast !

Take care !

Thibos 4 years ago

I am from south africa can any one please give me the name of mms distributors

mms.ReikiRanch.net 4 years ago

We ship all over the world...

One set of Water Purification Drops (mms) 4 OZ of sodium chlorite 28% and citric acid (new protocol 50/50% -- that activates in 20 seconds) costs $25.00 -- it ships most anywhere in the world for around $15.00.

New Wonders 4 years ago

It is always intresting to see the back and forth of ideas about what is good and what is bad. Do you all lack the ability to research the people behind the FDA and their connection to corporations that influnce market compitition. If such ties exist then a true conspiracy to control markets will pan out. Filing a law suit against the FDA is what will be needed to gain access to phone records and documentation that will prove or disprove this connection.

Prove that a corporation has had influnce in an obvious attack against a product that has the potential to wipe out their business.

Does anyone know how the medical community started? Well, it was supported by grave robbers. That was illegal but done anyway because they thought they knew that it was for the greater good. That idea of the greater good has been lost with the staggering dollars that are at stake. All of the people that sent in testomonials should forward them to people that have power and are not controlled by the FDA. If it can be documented by thousands in one place the battle can take a turn because the proof is there to read and this can be used as a reference to others to protect WPD.


Friend of Jim Humble 4 years ago

From: MMS Newsletter --- mmsnews@mmsnews.org ---

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I also want to mention that now the new CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is proving to be even more effective than MMS.

We use the same protocols, and judging from dozens of reports so far, the CDS is more effective.

There is still time for you to come to our Christmas seminar and learn the details of how to make it and how to use it.

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MMS Newsletter --- mmsnews@mmsnews.org --- email for Jim Humble

4 years ago

Hi can somebody please tell me if mms works or is it just a scam and where can i buy it from. My mum has stomach cancer and is seriously ill. I'm so confused. Please please somebody reply to me.

Healthnut 4 years ago

Dear H,

Yes, MMS is not a scam. Why would someone waste their time on a $25 scam. You'd never make any money. That is why big pharmacy is trying to discredit it -- calling it a scam, a bleach, etc.

There is no silver bullet for disease. First the person has emotional issues, stuffed emotional baggage, bad diet, too much sugar and other poisons, acid blood, toxic body, soda pop, etc, etc.

and yes MMS -- now called water purification drops works for 5 million people. Buy the new blue cover book

buy it here for $25 the 50/50% kit. Wp plus activator for the New Protocol of the 50/50 citric acid.


Benny 4 years ago

H.... other than what has been posted here.. I dont' know where you are located... but the best alternative INTENSE Doctors for a serious condition I have come across are:


Benny 4 years ago

H.. and also these :

this guy was outlawed.. because his diagnoses were WORKING.. but he does "remote diagnosis" through any doctor that is not an asss.


and this guy :


and this guy, although not a doctor, but a researcher and will probably talk to you for free :


4 years ago

Guys I've been searching about mms for sometime now, I was really hoping that their maybe some truth in that it can cure my mums cancer but I have given up hope that mms is just another way for people to scam money out of somebody desperately looking for help, if I am wrong please tell me how mms can help my mum with her cancer as I would appreciate any feed back

Me 4 years ago

H: why do you keep asking but not DOING?

Just wondering. Troll under the bridge or sincere? If sincere?

DO SOMETHING, spend the lousy $25. Your first "appeal"?

6 months ago...

H 6 months ago

Can somebody please advise me, my mum has stomach cancer, she is only 52 and means the world to me, I can't afford to loose her, does mms work? Where can I get it from? Can somebody please please reply to me. I'm just so confused and heartbroken, I've searched everything on the Internet about what can be done to help my mum, I'm now running out of options and most importantly time. Somebody please please help me.

2nd "appeal" 2 months ago:

H 2 months ago

Hi can somebody please tell me if mms works or is it just a scam and where can i buy it from. My mum has stomach cancer and is seriously ill. I'm so confused. Please please somebody reply to me.

Last "appeal" 3 weeks ago:

H 3 weeks ago

Guys I've been searching about mms for sometime now, I was really hoping that their maybe some truth in that it can cure my mums cancer but I have given up hope that mms is just another way for people to scam money out of somebody desperately looking for help, if I am wrong please tell me how mms can help my mum with her cancer as I would appreciate any feed back.


IMO? Don't feed the troll.

Sky 4 years ago

H - you need to do some homework and just research the product. Depending on the stage your mum is in, she can get help and treat her symptoms. Far better than taking toxic meds from the Drs!!

Check out http://www.cancertruth.net/

4 years ago

If you want to help your mum or anyone with cancer for that matter then alkalise the blood. Our blood is supposed to be slightly alanine and cancer CANNOT survive or even exist in a health alkaline state body. Drink water with bicarbonate of soda or even better go to a homoeopath and by and alkalise power from them. If the cancer is on the skin then you must do some research on "Black Salve" as I know many people now some of them close friends who have susses fully removed skin cancer. If you really want to get rid of cancer cells then all of these will help as well as drinking raw food smoothes. These are very simple just take one veg with green leaves. Celery, baby spinach, parsley, bok choy there are many to choose from. Blend it in a blender with 2 glasses of water, one banana and two other fruit. Something like a pear is good then maybe something sweet like strawberry or dates.

On the MMS topic I have been using this for years and I know it is very good. Weather or not it cures cancer I cannot say but what I do know is that your biggest weapon against cancer is your immune system. Strengthen the immune system with good nutritional food (such as a green leaf smoothie) and let the immune system do what it needs to do. By using MMS I believe that if not directly helping to rid the body of cancer you are at least killing all other pathogenesis so that your immune system can get on with the job without distractions.

Hope this helps.

Love to all

Lyndall 4 years ago

I have been using MMS now for a few weeks and not only have i eliminated parasites from my body but my skin is clear, my polycystic ovaries are not inflamed anymore and the cysts are going away and i have lost weight. My underactive thyroid has also gone to healthy normal levels and is no longer underactive. This is a miracle and the government wants to get rid of it for the simple reason they do not make money from a natural substance that costs me on $30 AUD to buy. Buy MMS guys, seriously awesome stuff and well done to the Humble man that discovered it.

Evie 4 years ago

Does this MMS cure lupus?

4 years ago

This is a message for ME whoever they are

I've bought mms when I done my second appeal, my mum doesn't have long to live now, this isn't a fake appeal the way you think it is. I tried mms and it didn't go down well on my mum, she got severe cramps from it, she had 80% of her stomach removed and can't stomach mms. She lost her appetite when on mms as drinking the solution every hour filled her stomach up. She got diarrhoea from it too. I'm not feeding no troll as you put it!! The reason why I appealed so many times is because it wasn't working on my mum. I hope you don't ever have to go what I've gone through with my mum and see her suffering the way aim and when u appeal for help people try and mock you. Mms was my last hope........

No Silver Bullet 4 years ago

MMS is not the silver bullet to heal all disease! Healing disease is a process beginning with the thought we think!

The 8 areas for health are:

1. Healthy thoughts? (do you think you are going to die? if yes, then you will!)

Do you have: Depression, remorse, anger, sadness, regrets?

2. Clean Water/ air

3. Healthy Food, raw and organic

4. Exercise

5. Emotions & Relationships

6. Organ Support - on a scale of 1 to 10 -- how is your liver doing -- energetically? This can be measured by a Laser Reiki Master at http://reikiranch.com

7. Detox of years and years of eating the wrong foods

8. Supplements all from natural foods, minerals, and not toxic itself

9. Kill bacteria, worms, fungus, viruses, mold, yeast, etc., in the body with MMS

Do you have the will to live and thrive? Do you have a reason to live? Like dreams and goals?

tvance profile image

tvance 4 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

For more articles I fount this great MMS website: http://www.miraclemineralsupplement-mms.com/

To purchase MMS -- now called WPD = water purification drops http://mms.reikiranch.net

This product has been used by millions, but still it is 100% experimental and a do-it-yourself project!


Valgata 3 years ago


I have read about half of the posts here and the prankster who started this is thinking is smart scientist. We still can not explain a lot by science and even what we can does not work like we think it should. This is general statement. The same thing what this prankster or "student of science " is trying to do to MMS has been done over the decades to vitamin C . I have used both MMS and vitamin C. One thing is that goverment and many people like this Matt student of science will try to scare you out of the things which work and can be life saving for many ill people or prevent many people from becoming ill. I tried mms just to see what it does to me since I am healthy in general and I did not feel much difference but one day when I felt sick to my stomach I took it and it cleared the problem instantly. It was something I ate I know as a matter of fact. As I mentioned the same what has been done now to MMS has been done to vitamin C and it high doses applications. Luckily vitamin C was backed up by Nobel Price winner otherwise it would be by prescription only probably or just plainly written up as ineffective to cure anything or help with anything. I know vitamin C is a nutrient not a medicine but still will not get the recognition from medical industry for its effectiveness to cure many conditions. check out this video from NZ tv and your science will crumble like deck of cards and that is just one case. http://www.tomlevymd.com/index.html there are thousands of people who use MMS and vitamin C in high doses. You should put your learning skills to something more useful than just writing baseless article like that. Medical industry is the one who is getting rich and many people like you who are trying to get a nice paying job in it just want to believe that it is all we need because it will support their lively hood and that is their bottom line. MMS works and it is similar to other therapies which use oxidation http://www.foodconsumer.org/newsite/Non-food/Drug/... But as Dr. Rowen said : "One of the reasons why is because these drugs are extraordinarily, widely promoted. If you take the case of any of the NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, I tell my patients, 'You can reduce your pain by taking the drug today and destroy your cartilage tomorrow,' because one of the mechanisms by which they act is reducing the production of cartilage. So they're actually inducing long-term arthritis by reducing your pain forcibly today.

But the drug industry is a huge industry. Everywhere you turn on television... [and] you see these commercials for petrochemical pharmaceuticals.

I'm wondering when are the people going to wake up? There are plenty of alternatives.

MMS is not going to kill you if you take it like Jim says it. I took it for 2 weeks . Matt use your time more wisely than this good luck to you with your science.

Alex 3 years ago

There has been 1 recorded death (in Vanuatu) of a person (allegedly) ingesting MMS. Conversely there are over 16,500 NSAID deaths recorded in the United States each year from people ingesting plain aspirin. What are your thoughts in relation to the difference in these statistics?

Bubbles 3 years ago

Anyone looking for MMS in Johannesburg South Africa- Reformhaus pharmacy in Northgate Mall sells it! The staff works- don't be fooled!

La smile 2 years ago

I'm taking mms to rid my body of severe hsv 2 I hope it works, since hsv is a virus . Has anybody cured their herpes 2 with mms and can you explain how you cured it thank you.

InsasiaSic 10 months ago

Howdy, nice web-site you've at this time there.

tvance profile image

tvance 10 months ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

MMS or Water Purifier does 4 things:

** Kills bacteria

** Viruses

** mold

** oxidizes heavy metals

It has no bad side effects. It does not kill people. It has been used for 80 years as a water purifier.

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