John Distazo

What if that man Distazo is right?
The one who says there is no fight
and we people don't have a chance
to play in the Eternal dance.
And that there comes a day
that our souls just fade away
and we don't soar into the sky...
We just lay down and die.

I'm hoping that Distazo is wrong
and that somehow we all belong
to something greater than ourselves
and not just a life avoiding hell.
That we are here to truly strive
to do our best to live our lives
and that there truly is a Place
that always exists and always waits.

It waits for the day when we move on
away from this rock we all live on
and it won't give us a grade
for all of the choices that we made.
We know we all have a cross to bare
and we've all shown moments where we cared
and when my time finally does come
I really hope that Distazo was wrong.

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