Juice Fasting for Health Restoration


The main causes of disease and aging come from the processes of cell regeneration and metabolism. One interesting fact is that your age is the same as your vital links, the cells. When the normal process of cell rebuilding and generation slows down, your aging process begins. Aging process is caused by the increased waste substances within the tissues that interferes with the cell nourishment.

Each and every cell in your body is a complete living being each having its very own metabolism. Your body requires sufficient oxygen supply and nourishment from all nutritious substances. Nutritional deficiencies, poor digestion, sluggish metabolism, lack of exercise and rest can take away nourishment that our cells need. When this occurs, the cells begin to stop producing and start to break down. The cell replacement process starts slowing down and that’s when your body begins to grow old. As a result, its resistance to diseases will become less and more illness will start to emerge. This does not only happen when you get older but at young age as well. Slow metabolism and constipation can result in increased toxic wastes in the cells, which ultimately cause diseases and premature aging.

Half of the cells in your body are in good development and working condition. In most cases, one fourth is in the process of dying and replacement. When there is good balance in the process of cell replacement and cell break down, the healthy, essential life processes and youthfulness are retained. The process of aging begins when the cells break down faster than the new cells that are being produced. It is crucial for the aging and dying cells to be decomposed and removed from your body system effectively. Fast and effective removal of dead cells in your body can stimulate the production of new cells.

What Happens During Juice Fasting

During the juice fast, the process of removal the dead and dying cells is sped up thus making way for new cells to build. When the toxic waste substances are efficiently removed, the restoration of cell oxygenation and normal metabolic rate occurs. How can the absence of food in the body achieve such extraordinary results? During the first few days of fast, your body will endure on its own substance. When your body is deprived of the needed nutrition, it will consume its own tissues in the process of what is called ‘self-digestion’. But your body won’t do it without purpose. When fasting, your body feeds on the most impure substances such as dead cells and nasty accumulations, fats, damaged tissues, tumors, etc. Such dead cells and menial tissues get absorbed first. Essential tissues, organs, nervous system, brain and the glands will be spared.

The protein level of people who fast remains consistent throughout the period of fasting even without protein consumption. The reason behind this is that proteins in your body are being transformed from one phase to another, constantly being decomposed and synthesized and recycled to meet the various needs within your body. Amino acids, responsible for producing proteins in your body are not wasted. Instead, they are released from the decomposed cells and re-used in the production of new, young, vital cells. Cells are made up of mostly proteins. To effectively build new cells, essential amino acids must be present in the body. During fasting, the proteins that are needed for the new cell productions are accumulated from the decomposed cells. The body uses and recycles the same proteins and nutrients again and again when needed.

During a juice fast, the cleansing capability of the eliminative organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs and skin is considerably increased. A large amount of accumulated metabolic wastes and toxins are also discharged at a faster rate. One example is when fasting, the toxin concentration in the urine is ten times more than usual.

A juice fast gives physiological rest to the assimilative, protective and digestive organs in the body. Fresh vegetables and fruit juices hardly require any digestion and are easily assimilated from the upper digestive tract without putting any burden on the digestive organs. After fasting, food digestion and the use of essential nutrients metabare improved tremendously. This helps to prevent poor metabolism and further waste retention in your body.

Finally, the juice fast employs the effect of stabilizing, normalizing and rejuvenating all important physiological, mental and nervous functions in the body. The nervous system is revitalized; mental powers are enhanced; glandular and hormonal discharges are stimulated, mineral and biochemical balance in the tissues is normalized.


In conclusion, juice fasting is an efficient and effective way for rejuvenating and restoring health, in addition to being a safe and quick way to reduce unwanted body fats.

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ma45frost profile image

ma45frost 5 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Donna. I just purchased a B & D juicer but haven't tried it yet (hope I don't spend too much time cleaning). I definitely agree with you that ease of cleaning is important especially when shopping for a juicer.

Mike 5 years ago

Thanks for the tip on the juicer

Donna Sundblad profile image

Donna Sundblad 5 years ago from Georgia

I have a Champion juicer which is easier to clean than most centrifugal juicer. When clean up is a hassle it becomes an excuse for why we don't drink fresh juice. Great hub!

ma45frost profile image

ma45frost 5 years ago from USA Author

mikerfrost: try juice fasting :)

profile image

Mikerfrost 5 years ago

i need an energy boost...

ma45frost profile image

ma45frost 5 years ago from USA Author

rasta1: I have yet to try this. I've been consuming a lot of vege and fruits lately and I feel great. It's time to get my system cleaned :)

rasta1 profile image

rasta1 5 years ago from Jamaica

Juice fast is the way to go. I love my blender. It keeps you looking a lot younger with a lot of energy.

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