Juicing With The Nutri Bullet

I purchased a Nutri Bullet a few years ago and have definitely received my money’s worth over and over again. I have tried several juicers and this is, HANDS DOWN, the best product for juicing. I enjoy the Nutri Bullet, because the cleanup is very quick and easy. I do not have to clean a grater or scrape pulp from another tray or bucket. With the Nutri Bullet, after juicing, all I do is rinse the cup and blade and that is it!

Kohl’s had a sale on their Nutri Bullet and I also had a 30% coupon from Kohl’s, as well, so I purchased my Nutri Bullet at an exceptional price. Check for sales and keep your coupons, so you can get your Nutri Bullet soon.


Tropical Island Breeze

¼ Cup Crushed Ice (Do not add to much ice or you will have ice cream)

1 Small Banana (cut in small pieces)

3 Strawberries (remove stems and cut in half)

½ Apple (chopped)

¼ Stalk of Celery (chopped)

¼ Lemon (remove skin and seeds)

3-4 Pineapple Chunks

Water or Natural Pineapple Juice (fill to Max Line)

Optional: Dash of cinnamon and Cayenne pepper

Note: Cinnamon may lower blood glucose and cholesterol; Cayenne pepper is great for the circulatory system.

Zingy Tomato

1 Small Roma Tomato (diced)

½ Celery Stalk (chopped)

½ Lemon (remove skin and seeds)

Cayenne Pepper (a dash)

Water (fill to Max Line)



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