K2 Spice: What Is It and Side Effects

K2: What Is It?

 You may of heard stories of K2 sweeping the news recently, but you might not know what it is, or what its' side effects are. Many people like to call it "fake weed" because it gives the user the effect of being high, similar to marijuana. It's also known as herbal incense to many people.

First of all, K2 spice is not marijuana or pot. It does not contain THC like marijuana, but it does contain other chemicals to make one feel the euphoric high of smoking pot. So, what exactly is it that we are smoking?

K2, or Spice, first hit the markets in the early 2000s, but it wasn't until recently that people started hearing about it in the news. K2 contains a chemcial called JWH-018 which is a synthetic cannaboid that reacts with the body the same way that illegal pot does. This desinger drug can also contain cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-073 or HU-210 which are also complex synthetic cannaboids in order to avoid laws that make marijuana illegal. In late 2010, it began to get pulled off shelves for scientists to do further studies to determine it's long-term effects and the synthetic cannaboids are now illegal in most states. It will remain on the Schedule I of Controlled Substances and will be banned for at least one year.

Studies have also proved that often the ingredients listed on the package were, in fact, not found in the Spice itself. Therefor, it is extremely important to use caution when purchasing K2. Many stores also sell "knock off" K2, so again, please use caution.

K2: The Side Effects

K2, or Spice, can be found in most head shops, smoke shops and even some gas stations. There are different kinds available to the public such as K2 Summit, K2 Ultra, and K2 Blonde. There are even newer versions of the Spice named K2 Sky Herb, K2 Orisha, and K2 Thai Dream...but you should know there is no information on these newer synthetic drugs at all.

Because of the different synthetic cannaboids found in the packages, you never know what type of "high" you will be getting. You may buy one bag containing JWH-018, and buy another containing JWH-073, which can make you feel completely different. And more importantly, there is no way of knowing which cannaboid you are getting, because as mentioned before, the ingredients listed on the package are often wrong.

Typically, the high that one achieves from smoking this Spice is similar to smoking pot. It has often been reported though, that the high is much more intense, but doesn't last as long as marijuana. The spice itself has a different appearance and scent as well. It often looks like a potpourri and has a floral aroma to it, although each package is different.

K2 does not show up on drug tests and the purchasing age in most states is 18, similar to cigarettes. A typical package costs $20, which is very close to the cost of marijuana in most places.

It is recommended that the first time user take one hit and wait 10 minutes and then decide if you want to take another hit. It is important to remember that everyone is different, and that the spice will react different from person to person.

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Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

You don't know what you're getting with marijuana either,buyer beware.;)

heather  6 years ago

ive tried this stuff before & i did like it a lot at first but now i don't smoke it cause im scared of the health risks it has long term

jimslim 6 years ago

Hi. I sell pot porri. Spice is now illegal. My products contain different chemical compounds that are not illegal. Its the same shit though. Crack dealers don't smoke crack. Pot pourri dealers usually don't smoke it. I wanna buy a boat when I get rich, this stuff has 400% mark up. Whole sale cost of K2 is $6, sold for 20. Some stores sell 1000 per week, some sell more. So next time you punch that clock and hate on your boss, remember if you were smart you would be self employed too. I make $2 bucks selling a carton of cigarettes. Arizona makes 40, and phillip morris makes 15. But then I sell 300 cartons a week, that pays the overhead, big boat some day ... will be nice. I am pro legalize pot, and who ever is doing prison time for pot, should be released and paid to be responsible people...

Agirl 5 years ago

This stuff should be illegal...what the hell is wrong with this country to be able to sell this at gas stations??????

Housewife 5 years ago

My husband smokes this and so does my mother. If My husband does not QUIT smokein it he will no longer be my husband! Just because it is legal doesn't make it right! It still tears familys apart!

surethang 5 years ago

idiots lol

mannyd 5 years ago

listen, if you don't want to smoke the stuff then that's your decision,but don't blow this out of proportion claiming that this is some new scourge of the drug trade.the government should just legalize weed already,then we wouldn't have these types of issues with custom made knock off drugs.

mannyd 5 years ago

listen, if you don't want to smoke the stuff then that's your decision,but don't blow this out of proportion claiming that this is some new scourge of the drug trade.the government should just legalize weed already,then we wouldn't have these types of issues with custom made knock off drugs.

DAD 5 years ago

This stuff has caused my son to go crazy. He is 25 and I can't stop him but he needs serious help. This stuff has cause his family so much grief.

cacheton 5 years ago

this shit have to be illegal,young people are going to ruing their future,my son smoke this shit and got crasy

edgarfccch 5 years ago

Uh....spice doesn't make you craZy. It gives a very similar high like marijuana, but lasts not as long. IMO this better for your health than cigarettes.

charberries 5 years ago

My sister and I smoked this shit and it made me sick to my stomach her heart rate go up I couldn't sit up and i was hallusinating. I scared my sister bad. Even after a shower and sleeping for 5 hours or more I was still high I did not like that at all. They need to legalise pot already!!

charberries 5 years ago

My sister and I smoked this shit and it made me sick to my stomach her heart rate go up I couldn't sit up and i was hallusinating. I scared my sister bad. Even after a shower and sleeping for 5 hours or more I was still high I did not like that at all. They need to legalise pot already!!

Anonymous 5 years ago

Took a single hit of the shit, became completely disasssociated. I was in the car and I had to get home and my son was in the passenger seat. I started freaking out and he told me not to drive but I did anyway. I so totally thought I could do it, which is the opposite of someone who was high on marijuana would say. (The last thing you want to do while stoned is drive, am I right? Not even to get Doritos.) I got into a major car accident within 60 seconds of pulling out onto the road. I freaked out and instead of hitting the brakes, I hit the gas, plowed someone and then ran into a light pole. Completely freaked out and went into a catatonic state for hours until the buzz finally wore off. The worst part is I remember every single waking moment of this nightmare.

nate 5 years ago

@anonymous wow are you gonna post that lame story on every spice article? I know of dozens of people that smoke it and not a single one has ever told me even wanted to drive on it.... it just seems like you're a shitty dad for smoking that shit while your son is around and then deciding to put hisblife at risk by then thinking its ok to drive with him in the car... it sounds to me you just need to become a little more mature and start making better decisions... am I right?

profile image

dtbarker123 5 years ago

I am a healthy in shape dude just turned 23. Ive been experimenting with drugs, mainly smoking weed, since I was 17. Now a new job has caused me to switch to spice due to random drug tests. If there is anyone that would like to believe spice is totally harmless its me. I wana get high! Ive been smoking it every day for about a year. Never any really bad experiences, same with friends who use it the same way, maybe not as often as me. Maybe felt an increased heart rate and nausea three times in the last year or spice. However the last couple months I've been constantly sick, six or seven sinus infections, last night had an extremely high fever, cold sweats, sore throat, nausea, etc. Id like to hear if anyone else feels like long term spice use can affect the immune system, or perhaps im just getting sick for another reason. I never even worried about it before, but my being sick in combination with the hundreds of morbid spice stories I've been reading make me worry a little. I don't want to find out spice use is fatal in ten years!!

mike 5 years ago

@anonymous I feel sorry for your family that they have to live with your awful parenting skills...

Reesie 5 years ago

Guys please do not smoke this! it's horrible and needs to be banned i smoked one time and it was the worst night of my life i tried to run out in the middle of the street and kill myself it really makes u hallucinate! i was high for a good 3days.

i_love_him 5 years ago

this shit is horrible. my boyfriend seems to thinks its okay if you know your limits but he's wrong. it's not okay. the chemicals in spice completely fuck up your brain. today one of my friends decided they were going to smoke it earlier and ther ended up having a seizure. and i had to watch and it was horrible. please people don't do this shit. it's horrible for you. if you care about yourself and your loved ones., you would put it down, and leave it that way. there is no scientifically proven need for the high of spice, not even to relieve pain. please, don't make others have to worry about this. it's one of the worst mistakes you can make. i love him too much to lose him, we've been together for a long time, and we have our future planned. what happens to those plans if he's gone? don't make the one who truly loves you , suffer for you. it's not right. and for all of you assholes saying the only side affects are a harsher but shorter high similar to pot, yo're all dumb asses who deserve to be shot, nyoure wrong, and you're going to rot in hell for the destruction of most likely yourself and others, good job fuck tards...

fred 5 years ago

well as i been reading here and i have came to this .... it is a drug, all forms of it and with that in mind is there a drug that's good for you... no .. and duh but ppl as in most ppl need something to get them through the day or night i would be dead to day if i didn't have a fall back like k2 and cloud 9 i cant smoke weed (cus i work for a living) and im very anti antidepresints they just make things worse for me maybe they worked for other ppl.... don't know don't care.... i have my RX aat my local head shop

Kaylee 5 years ago

Your experiences with k2/spice will vary for each person. I smoke k2 everyday and I have for about a year now. Most of the time it has the same effects as weed but i have had some crazy times. When I first started smoking it I never got high. The first 5 times I actually passed out. My vision got blurry then i couldn't hear a thing then the next thing you know im on the ground. I have not had anything like that happen since, but I have noticed it can make you seem a little crazy. For a few months now I have been hearing voices in my head. Sounds weird, but its like an angel and devil. Im not sure why it does that but I have heard stories exactly like this before. I actually just smoked a lil about 2 hours ago and I was by myself. For some reason latley things have been seeming akward. Earlier, I kept talking aloud thinking people were with me and then I would relise I was by myself. Shit freaks me out but i gotta get high somehow!

Peaches 5 years ago

This stiff is really bad dor you. I smoked Zombie Matters for several months and I kept getting up with my throat hurting. I also keep a head cold and a very bad caugh. When I decided to quit, I no longer had these problems. One night my friend smoked it with me and her heart felt like it was going to bust out of her chest.

first_time_old_timer 5 years ago

I tried a spice for the first time last week. It was called Fuzion or something. It looked, tasted, and smelled a bit like cheap pot and I was totally surprised how quickly and fully I got zonked. I had rolled a regular sized joint but only hit it 2-3 times. I was on vacation in a beach town and got totally lost; wasn't even able to ride a bike. So I pushed the bike around a while and eventually made it back to where we were staying. I felt more like I was tripping than stoned - a kinda speedy LSD-lite. I've tripped a bit in years past and didn't freak out but I did sense that I was too high to be out in the world and used all I had in me to find my way back home. It sparked some fun ideas and fueled a journaling/doodling session that was pretty entertaining. At first, I didn't even feel a need to put on tunes - there was an awesome sountrack of original tunes playing in my head just or me; a few song ideas emerged.

I continued to smoke, 2 hits a session, a couple of times a day for the next few days until the little pack was spent. That was plenty for me, even while on vacation. Each time was similar: pretty non-functional for a little while (15-30mins?) accompanied with a bunch of energy. That's a weird combo. I did a lot of drawing and writing and got to where I could ride a bike - I did stay well away from car traffic.

Now a few days later, I've had some headaches and chest pain. I think the pain is related to lung impact; my lungs are kinda shot. I haven't smoked pot in like 12 years but I used to smoke it A LOT; I got bored with it. I have thought about spice a lot since I first sparked it which is a bit concerning. I'm hoping that will wind down soon. I still feel pretty spacey. Again, more like a milder version of LSD aftermath.

If I smoke it again, I don't intend to do this with any regularity. Seems like there's too much variation, unknowns in the chemicals. When I was younger I didn't give a rip about anything and smoked a lot to avoid how bad I actually felt, emotional issues. Now I have a family, get help in other ways, and I like being alive and healthy.

My advice: If you do it, be careful. Don't be a macho guy or gal and see how much you can do - just a hit or 2'll do ya. DON'T DRIVE A CAR and think twice about even getting on a bicycle. Be somewhere safe. If you start to get anxious, turn off the music and bright lights, breathe deeply, look around, enjoy the quiet sounds. You'll be alright in a few minutes. It might not be worth doing it very often. Again, the chems may be pretty damaging. If you find it necessary to get baked everyday, something's up, get some help. It'll never resolve itself, by itself. Get healthy, then one day you can go off by yourself on the family vaca and get zonkered, then go back to the not-as-awful-as-it-can-seem 'real' world.

moto 5 years ago

Unfortunately the symptoms you are describing in relation to chest pain, is actually your heart being affected by this drug. It causes your heart to act abnormally, and so it destroys the muscle, which in some cases will lead to a heart attack.

CJ 5 years ago

Don't smoke this stuff I been smoking weed for about 5 years now and it never fucked me up as bad as this did the only reason I quit smoking was same as everyone elses cuz I need a second job to pay the bills. But when I took my first hit body started tingling which was fine then as every minute when by it got worst n worst heart felt like it was exploding out my chest I felt scared like I was dying n then passed out and had awaken with a horrible headache legalize marajuana

annonomous 5 years ago

I think my sons friend did it yesterday. He was talking to me one minute and dropped flat on his face out cold the next. He came to about a minute later. He claimed he was out of his body looking down at himself. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have researched it and found nothing similar. I actually saw a red Orb over his left shoulder before he dropped. A bit later he blacked out again for a moment. Can anyone offer answers/advice??

MacMiller 5 years ago

Stay away from it.. I couldn't stress this enough. It not only causes heart problems, but also enlarges your brain, makes you have uncontrollable mood swings because it IS addictive, destroys your thought process, after using it for awhile you won't be able to remember anything, even what you were just talking about. It messes up your immune system, nausea and vomiting from the chemicals being obtained in your saliva. It will give you throat aches. The 30 minute high is NOT worth it. Weed lasts 2-3 hours and there is no recorded deaths from it. Weed is a natural grown plant, that does not mess up your body. I advise everyone to not use this. From my own experience, this Spice bullshit just isn't worth it.

Nina 5 years ago

Dang! Not the first time I do this shit, but last night I did TOO MUCH! It was crazy! I almost freaked out. And today I can still fuckin' feel it. Does anyone know if body pain is a side effect?

Seriously, I can't sit, stand, lay down, or walk for even a minute when everything starts to violently hurt again. ughh...my pits hurt so bad.... ='(

Never doin' this shit again! I don't need it!

Kudos to whoever can handle it :)

RoCordi profile image

RoCordi 5 years ago from Florida

For all you "adults" who smoke this stuff, that is your choice and you are responsible for your own actions. But, when I hear that children as young as 10 years old are getting their hands on this shit, then it's a different story. So tell me, if you are a parent and you smoke spice or k2 insisting it is not a drug and it is harmless, would you be okay with allowing your child to smoke it? If you answer no,I am happy to hear that, but then your a hypocrite, and if you answered yes, then you shouldn't be a parent.

phillip 5 years ago

I've been smoking evry day for 3 months I havn smoked for 6 days cuz I've been high since it won't go away .. and massive headaches at times .. goin to hospital

annonomous 5 years ago

I smoke weed regurally but a couple of nights ago my friend told me about this shit and i didn't have any bud on me so i was like why not? my friend his friend and me smoked this shit and after like 3 hits i was totally ripped. this shit was like 10x stronger than weed. We smoked like 4 j's of this and could barley move... then we got lost in my own neigboorhood where ive beeen living for 17 years. since then ive had a massive headache. is it possible that its related?

Wife and Mother 5 years ago

My husband smokes weed but he ran out and there was none to be found at the time so he went and got this K2 summit. Well since then he has been depressed, very aggitated, and after it was gone he threw up for like 2 days and felt horrible. We thought he had a stomach bug. I really think now all this is due to smoking the spice. I told him not to do it and to read about it before he did but he didn't want to. And he wont believe me if I tell him the was he is feeling is due to the k2. People please don't smoke this. His cousin has been smoking it for like a year and he is always sick with bad colds and vomitting for days. He was a good kid but his stuff is ruining his life. Im very worried about people doing this drug its fatal.

yourLife 5 years ago

I watched someone I love try and kill himself while on it.

A Nurse 5 years ago

Kids and teens have been omitted into the hospital on spice. Not only can it cause a phychosis state will delusions and hallucinations but there are new findings that the chemicals found in it are never the same. Chemicals that can cause permanet types of personality disorders. ie schizophrenia. Why in the world would any person smoke or take something that can make certain people crazy forever. You only get one brain and once its gone so are you. Think about it. Is getting high on something worth it.

Tiff 4 years ago

I smoked some last night and almost died worst feeling every

Samantha 4 years ago

Please do not smoke this. At first it was great. Get super high after 3 hits. I smoked it for about 2 months. I was home by myself after smoking it and i thought a murder was in my house. Freaked out called 911. I haven't smoked in 2 months and I'm still having side effects. I've lost the feeling in my face and my sense of touch is very weak. Even randomly i have a high sensation still after 2 months of not smoking it.

Gregory 4 years ago

Most people on here just had a bad reaction and everyone thinks it happens to everyone. I have been smoking this shit for like 2 years and so have my friends and they have never had a bad reaction to it. Only when you mix it with shit did shit happen. For some people it works and some it doesn't. Its a hit or miss, it shouldn't be illegal, oh and I love how this article is about the Spice that contains JWH, and now spice doesn't, so this is totally unrelavant.

big dog 4 years ago

don't do it side efects not worthit user for 3yrs bad side effects

Britt 4 years ago

The only thing I've ever smoked was spice, recently I've smoked it 7 times in the past 3 days, t first the high went away within an hour. But yesterday it didn't fully go away. Any similar stories? Or advice to help get rid of this?

Kristenye Moran profile image

Kristenye Moran 4 years ago

I have been a pot smoker since I was 18 7-8 blunts a day, till i needed clean urine. I found zombie matter when moving to roanoke va. I started smoking it like regular weed, wrapping it in a blunt. Yes it does make your heart beat faster but its never affected me in any other way, however it has affected a few of my friends, one needed help walking down the stairs, the other hallucinanted. I havnt had any of these problems but ive been smoking fake weed long term now and it is addicting, without it, i have sweats, nausea, irregular appetite. With it, it does the same as weed, i eat a lot, im calm and relaxed. It is illegal back home in virginia beach, but not in roanoke va...there have been teens who have been in the hospital here for smoking it though, so i would put an age requirement on it if they choose to keep selling it. NOT EVERYONE CAN handle it, ive had veteran weed smokers tell me its like smoking exotic weed just a diff taste and smell. smoke at your own risk, A 3gram zombie matter here is 40...that's a lot just to smoke everyday.And as far as mixing it with other things, that's never affected me either and ive smoked it with vodka and vicodens...no problems.

A Mom with a broken heart. 4 years ago

My 18 year old daughter decided to smoke K2 with her boyfriend about a year ago and ended up in the hospital. She was vomiting and having heart pain. She hasn't been the same sense. Five months ago she was diagnosed with depression and was put on medication for it. Last weekend she tried to kill herself. She has episodes of psychosis regularly. My daughter was an average student in high school, an wonderful artist,a member of ASB and a top cross country and track athlete. She had been given a full tuition scholarship based on her leadership and running ability to a four year Christian college. She and her boyfriend had stayed away from the party scene in high school and with one stupid decision to try "a legal drug" that some friends said was harmless, her life is totally screwed up. She has no motivation, is unhappy most of the time, and is afraid she may just decide some night when she can't stand being sad anymore to kill herself. I've read so many posts from people that talk so smart, saying it's all about smoking it responsibly and that people that freak out on it are just stupid. The fact is that you have no idea how it will affect you. I hold every one of you people that promote, sell, or even talk about how great this stuff is personally responsible for destroying my daughters life.

sera 4 years ago

This shit is not something to keep smoking, i smoked weed since i was 14. One day i decided to stop smoking weed and switch to spice cuz it was 5 bucks here in Utah for a gram. Well after smoking it for about 5 months daily i started to get a rapid heart beat, one night i almost had a heart attack my boyfriend was about 5 feet away from me and could hear me heart, it scared him how bad it was. I had started to freak and almost called 911, i swore i would never touch it. Well a few days later i took one hit and i had a huge sezior, the weird part about it was my mind was completely aware and was not sezing but my body was hardcore and i could not control it for a good hour and a half. I have not touched it since, even now and then i feel like i can't focus on more then one thing or even focus really. It has ruined weed for me too i have smoked weed a few times since and everytime i feel as if I'm fucked up on spice. and my heart goes crazy.... Sometimes even since being sober i feel like a part of me has gone crazy. This shit is bad and isn't worth it, i don't like feeling like I'm dying but if you do go for it, but its a stupid choice, i regret ever trying it.

billy 4 years ago

Smoked it heavily for a while now (about 8 months). Would be spending lots of money on it and honestly its not worth it. The high is only about 20 min then you wanna smoke another bowl its a never ending process. Your only left wanting more. I would say just smoke weed and get synthetic. It's not worth The health conditions down the road. Just don't do it. Smoke weed

Lil g 4 years ago

I started smokin spice in Korea. I was there for a year. At first it was lovely. Jus like smokin weed. But after awhile I became addicted to it. I'd find my self smokin more n more. It would make me jus zone out, sittin or laying down for about 30 mins or so. I would stare at the wall and couldn't hold a conversation. I'd wake up the next mornin with cold sweats n it was hard to swallow. Doing physical training every mornin became hard as fuck. Running jus two miles was extremely difficult. My wife decided to smoke a bowl with my boys and I. She claimed that she couldn't breath and her heart was beatin at rapid rates. This fuckwd up our four year anniversary. N ignoring the side effects has cause me to hav problems in my marriage. I'm a soldier and can't smoke bud, but spice really isn't worth it

april 4 years ago

i tried it last night i have tried a lot of things i shouldn't have but did this stuff was the biggest mistake trying spice i was so sick i felt like i wanted to die i cant believe you can buy this stuff at a gas station and pot is illeagle they have it backwords spice could make people go crazy i truly belive that i would never never try that again someone needs to do something about this or were going to have a lot of dead people i know if i was out driving at this time i probably woulnt be here writing this right now PLEASE TO EVERYONE HOW WANTS TO TRY THIS DON'T!!!!!

Nick 4 years ago

Ive been smoking k2 every single day since it first came out I have no downside effects.

Jason 4 years ago

I've been smoking spice for about a month after being introduced to it. I'm in love with purple diesel and Aztec warrior. It's like marijuana but you can't fail a drug test for it. It's a fair price. I smoke out of my one hitter and then go to school. When I get home, I have another one hitter (I can't handle an entire bowl) and it makes dealing with my parents either. Although I do feel randomly high even when I haven't smoked. I'm baked right now. Highly recommend it

James 4 years ago

My age 27. I never did any drugs in my life. I wanted to give this "Spice" stuff a try cause I told it was legal to do, This shit was awesome let me tell you.I was only doing one small hit a day for about a week.One day I didn't do any at all then out of no where mid day I was all buzzed. The next came around and I was fine so I did a hit in the morning and I was all good and happy. Took one hit befor bed, Worst fucking thing ever to do I was having an anxiety attack!!! Every fucking noise in the house was scaring me to death, I kept think is was going to die thank GOD someone was home and that I could talk to too clam me down and I felt if I fall asleep that I was going to pass away and not wake up the next day. I was able to go to sleep just make sure you have someone check on you if you go to sleep. As the day came I felt some much fucking better, I told myself never fucking doing this again I trashed all of it away. I woke up at 9:00AM every thing was fine but when it was 1:30PM I felt fucking buzzed I was like oh... NO! I still feel buzz/sick. All I have to say is if your going to use this stuff make sure you tell someone what your doing this shit. If you feel something is wrong then stop right away don't do no more and toss that shit in the F@#$ING trash. All I know is this is the wrost f@#$ing thing I'v ever tried/done in my life. People don't smoke this fake ass shit, I think if your going to smoke then stick to the real shit like pot. BUT IN ALL'N'ALL DON'T GIVE THIS SO CALLED "SPICE" A TRY, TRUST ME PLEASE!!!

4 years ago

i smoked spice one time. i didn't know much about it other then it wasn't good. i smoked it like i have weed before, took a lot of hits. next thing i know i was having unbelievable chest pains and i started having a seizure. i almost felt like i was in a dream cause i could feel myself shaking violently. long story short i had a seizure. and anxiety. i would have anxiety attacks sometimes even two weeks after i smoked it and only did it once. it also ruined weed for me because i get the same feelings as i did with spice and my body freaks out again. all in all its not good. and too all you dirtfucks that say just do weed? nooo? don't do anything. god our world is full of scumbags. get it together people..

krysta 4 years ago

I'm so glad I found k2! I can't smoke pot cause I'm on probation and I think its wonderful! I'm also glad I stumbled upon this website, its information was very useful

tyler 4 years ago

iv pretty much tried every single type of k2 and each one was the same high. pot makes me feel relaxed and stable. k2 il take one hit and istantly feel it. it gives me extreme anxiety and litterly made me stupid i couldn't talk well or think thoroghly. what its doing is just burning a bunch of brain cells and literally smoking yourself stupid. my buddy that has been a pothead for a long time and had to switch to spice and he literally is retarted. i cant even hang around him cause he went from having a good chance to turn pro in motocross to bein a burnout unintelligent looser. i am extremely agaist this shit and i hope people would stop smoking it

Mom 4 years ago

My son smokes spice and it bursts the blood vessels in the whites of his eyes he looks terrible. Not to mention the next morning he is kind of angry, time to move out son and go kill yourself slowly somewhere else, I cannot watch this happening to you. My handsome wonderful son has no value on his very precious life it kills me daily. This drug has no history, chemicals are what's killing you all daily and add this garbage to the list to kill off our young people quickly. You want quality of life people, you will NOT have it when your brain has been damaged. I am incredibly sad smokers cannot get high playing sports, loving and enjoying life with friends and family, wives, husbands and children, how bloody selfish can you get!!

banspiceinmssouri 4 years ago

i started using it when i got put on probation and decided not to drink anymore, bad idea shoulve listened to my program, a drug is a drug is a drug, got addicted tried to quit for my 3rd time now im going to come forward at my next meeting im really scared ive allowed my fiancé and i to smoke this "weeed replacement" and we could die...DOO NOT SMOKE IS NOT SAFE ...seriously i think its pretty much slowly liquifying me

Tripppppppp 4 years ago

I've been smoking spice for a while, stopping due to it now being tested for. I've had many bad experiences with it. Even in the same batch I wud not be able to predict the effex. No bs I thought I was gonna be all macho cuz I used to smoke shit tons of weed, and I smoked a half a joint of granddaddy spice. Within five minutes my skin was vibrating, I felt like my brain was being eaten away, i felt like the bed was sucking me in and if I let it I wud die. On top of that I picked my lil ratdog up and threw it against the wall cuz I thought it was going to kill me, sorry Stormy :( I've experienced extreme nausea EXTREME paranoia, hella intense fear of immediate death, and even when not using go in and out of intense moments of weepy depression. Wud have stopped a while ago, but I figured anything is better than heroin. My advice? Fuck spice!

jordan 4 years ago

does k2 make anyone itch??

norareyes38@hotmail.com 4 years ago


unknown 4 years ago

my first experience smoking K2 it made me realy hot so I slept it off..but ever since then neva smoked it

Mark 4 years ago

I could write a book on this stuff. As a little background, I am 61 years old and have an 18 son, Dennis. I have always preferred alcohol over any other drug as it allowed me to function at a high level during the day and get high at night, and to do it over and over and... This, a guy who didn't drink until he was 30 and didn't start smoking until he was 50.

Last year was a disaster - we lost our house to foreclosure and me my job, all around the same time. I became depressed and started drinking more. At the same time Dennis was experimenting with several different drugs and I tried it with him a couple of times. Well, that quickly led to me having my "2 hits" in the evening. But this was the "good times" when Summit would knock your head off; back when I first started using.

Six months have now elapsed and he and I are very familiar of the symptoms of continued use and withdrawal when I have been on trips for my new company; I don't mix the two. Anyway, my experience in summary is as follows: The symptoms during continued use and early withdrawal, particularly to nausea, reminds me of people in chemical refineries who have "chemical pneumonia". In short, your body is responding to poison. We're through although we're on the way to get a bag right now.

brandon 4 years ago

I tried this once and my first time smoking I had a seizure. I had smoked weed before but not k2. I guess I couldn't handle the high

kimbo 4 years ago

Man I am telling ya this spice shit makes you paranoid. Today I felt like I was going to die , I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds and had to catch my breath. Weed is so much better for u than spice.

Mike 4 years ago

This is not a drug, it's POISON!

Mike 4 years ago

I gave up pot and took up this shit as many others have, because of drug screening in the work place.

Smoked many different blends daily over a couple years span. My body seemed to handle this spice well, well I was using it. Now that this can be tested for, (I have some single panel test strips on hand) I thought that I would just give it up for 3-4 days to test myself, then just go down and get some more after words, as 3 days aint bad to go without to pass a test.

Pot took me 6 weeks to clean out of my system. The withdrawls from just a 1/2 day without spice sucked and got worse for the next few days. (Never ever had physical withdrawls from pot & abstained from pot several times in my using.) My withdrawls from spice were a killer but better now after 7 days (I will not go through them again, and is about the same story as most others have posted about their withdrawls.)

Now I also worry about long term side affects, as they are not yet known. Never worried about that with pot.

I will never use this shit again, cause a job is no good to a dead person!


Would like to get into more detail about this, but still my mind will not let me keep focused enough to complete a sentence without reading over it several times. And even still, looks like a 3rd grader wrote this.

Jenie 4 years ago

Alright, so I'm 16 an I smoke weed all the time, an take a lot of hits of it. Well lately I couldn't get anymore weed cuz my friend who grows it got in trouble, so it gone :(. An my other friends who get some rarely get anymore cuz now their dealers are making it more expensive, an there's no more good stuff like Northern Lights and Blue Dream. SO, I wanted to get high, so i did some spice/k2 with my brother. (he's older than me) And I tried it three times. The first two I only did a little bit so like 4 hits. I got a normal high. So the third time I did it, I was retard and did 5 hit it like deep inhald and holding it cuz i thought it would be like weed. (don't judge me.)By the way i didn't eat anything all day before I did this. An when i was done smoking, i blinked an everything was trippy like everything was moving slowy but fast like picture shots and when i look at everything closely was in a shape of diamonds. I was barely walking, but when i grab the door, i kinda reliaze where i was. My face felt like it was shaking and my eyes were too. I kept thinking i was gonna die by like a hear-attack (cuz my heart was beating supper fast) but i told myself that i'm just tripping balls, and think happy. I couldn't breathe so a sat down on the couch. If i didn't move then i couldn't focus what's what. My trip was like im in reality but everything is in fresco paint drawling, even i look cartoon. Only thing i saw real was my brother, my cat, my dog, and my refigator. I had to move around so that i know what's what, because i didn't want to become lost. idk y. I had to take off my necklace because i thought it was choking me and holding me down. The most scariest thing besides thinking that i was gonna die was that my dad came home earlier from his work, an he came home after an hour of smoking k2/spice. So quickly as i try to move my fragial body, i acted i was sleeping. Until i heard the door shut. i went to the freege and ate much food as i can and drank a lot of water, to make my high disappear because i already f up last year with drinking/partying way to hard with my friends. SO if he finds out that i was smoking, i'll be kick out of my house. :( and i love my family and i don't want to disapoint them anymore, but i love having fun tho. ANyways, my dad came out of his room, i was wearing sunglass, cuz my eye were really dialted. He ask me why I was wearing them then i told him i was gonna go outside to pick up the dog poop. Then after doing that i ask him i can go to my friends house and he said sure. Well i don't know what happen that day. DOes my dad know that i was high, btw he did way worse drugs than i ever did when he was a teenager. An Did I suffer any big issues that could killed me? Please tell me.

jay 4 years ago

I smoked this shit like a month and a half ago only once! i still feel paranoid all the time and deppressed and just overall..not myself anymore. Has anyone else experienced this? can u help me out? what should i do? is it just in my head?

legalize pot 4 years ago

People won't stop using this cheap weed substitute until the government gets their heads out of their asses and legalize pot. I smoke spice whenever i can't get my hands on weed, and only once have I tripped out and forgot who and where I was for like 10 minutes. It was a little freaky yes, but in the fucked up world we live in sometime you need to get high to forget your troubles and relax.

Me 4 years ago

A now ex-friend of mine started using this on a regular basis. Over a period of about three months he got more aggressive and paranoid to the point where I couldn't even talk to him anymore and had to cut off the friendship for my own sake. Hes been kicked out of two houses so far(One was his own family) due to his horrible attitude and behavior and was living in a motel for the last week. He turned up at my house tonight banging on my windows and yelling and wouldn't go away til I threatened to call the police. He has always been the sort of person whos confidence was a little too high and he was quite stubborn but nothing like this before.

I honestly believe it is down to this stuff.

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pyin 4 years ago

I tried it for the first time last night. I've only smoked regular weed maybe 3x in the last 12 years. It was NOTHING like the real thing. Only took 3-4 hits and was gone immediately. I was tripping like LSD, on a bad trip. My 20 year old daughter brought it home. I was hallucinating and couldn't function. My heart rate was up to 132. I was vomiting and didn't know it. I lost all motor function. I was so far into my head I had no consciousness outside of myself. This lasted a couple hours. Eventually I realized my daughter was standing in front of me telling me I was okay. I could only focus for a minute and then would go back inside my head. I felt like I couldn't control was was happening and I was losing my mind. It was so bad she called 911. I vaguely remember them being there. I couldn't even walk. They took me to the hospital. This is nothing like pot. It had the exact opposite effect for me. I had SUCH a bad trip, and was lucky I came down in two hours. There have got to be some serious brain altering chemicals in this stuff. No way it can't be bad for you. Synthetics are so dangerous. It can't be too long until the US illegalizes it. SO many people end up in the ER.

diego 4 years ago

wtf so i can legaly buy this shit that causes internal bleeding but i cant get a bag of weed to calm my stress

jMAN 4 years ago

This shit fucks me up so bad. I have smoked it about three times. The first time, It was more of a funny enjoyable high. I couldn't control myself much. But in about 45 minutes it wore off, I then smoked some Fruit Punch x3, The high at first was fun, until about 5 minutes in, I felt liekm i was a robot and my movements were pre planned, like someone else was controlling me. It hurt to, felt like a laser burning right through my head, hurt my nose, cheeks, teeth, it was terrible, i layed down and that made it worse, took a nice hot shower and that easied me. I just soked about 6 hours ago and im still pretty buzzed but controllable. It comes and goes every few hours or so, but at first, I was so high and funny, i felt myself leave the earth lol i was on another plannet then i realized how high i really was, I had like 6 hits and my friends had like 10!! We were so gone, Then it hit me i felt like i wanted to die, that the high was never ending, those other highs were like weed highs, this one made me trip, my friends didn't know who they were and i felt like i was about to have a seizure and a heart attack, i just wanted it to stop, i haqve a killer mirgaine , This shit was fun at first but its wack now, don't do this shit, stick with the real deal.

My side effects

- Shaking uncontrollably

- Very Rapid heart beat

- Pain in, head, legs, feet , arms, hands,teeth,ears,eyes,and brain.

- Bad Headache

-Terrible Cough




-Impaired skills

-hear noices.

This shits messes with you ina bad way stick to weed.

morgan w . 4 years ago

I have always loved weed because it is natural and harmless,with hippie parents the rule was weed is ok and white powder and needles or other peoples pills are not because you don't know what your getting and the shit will kill you. My wife got busted for weed sales, ect. then switched to this shit ,I was cautious and watched my friends and ole lady then after several times and they didn't die I smoked some of that nasty shit. It just was not what I was looking for. Then I witnessed a couple of fags that own a sex shop making there own to package,when I was buying some weed, roach poison,,glade,,and mrs. dash. people in columbia mo. buy the shit out of the stuff. ??? A year later my wife is forgetful ,supper irrated by the slightest thing and fuckin nuts. I keep trying to help her but she thinks I am the cops or some shit.she smoked weed for 25 years and no issues ,this is killing her physicaly and mentaly,emotionaly. I hate cops and don't agree with all there polices. But something needs to be done about this ass backwards situation...

Anonomys 4 years ago

Never do this stuff. I bought some last night from a gas station. Only took 3 hits and it was the worse experience in my life. I was tripping and just kept playing the same thing over and over and over (which was me rolling around while My cousin was saying "chill bro chill the fuck out" over and over and over in a deep voice. Then I started seeing shit and thought if I killed myself I would wake up from this nightmare so I tried to kill myself a million times. Soon I threw up and more memories played over and over and over all with this eary music. Then bright colors flashed over and over and wouldn't stop and I told myself,"your dead, your never waking up this is what being in a coma is like. I thought id be forced to see these colors flash over and over for the rest of my life". Then I remember all these doctors and cops surrounding me while I was in hand cuffs. I had all these tubes in me and was laying in vomit. They kept asking what I took and how stupid I was and that I might die. It was the worst feeling in the world. They said my heart was beating so fast that they thought I was going knot cardiac arrest. They were shocked I actually lived. Scariest thing ever. This shit will kill you. LEARN FROM ME AND DON'T DO IT. I almost through everything away when it didn't even make you feel good. It just makes you see and hear stuff. Makes you pshyco. I thought the cops were trying to kill me so I attacked them and got hand cuffed in my hands and feet and was on suicide watch since I was trying to kill myself. Don't do it!

gb 4 years ago

My bro is a cool guy loves his wife and kid always out on trips laughing and havin a good time.. today for the past three days he has lost it.. has been smokin this dumb shit every one brags about being cool but it does destroy u physically and mentally. My bro doesn't stop talking about someone trying to kill him he is very anxious and acts like a schizophrenic person its very sad seeing a good man go down the drain like that all because he wanted to be high. And work

Josh 4 years ago

i tried this stuff the other night and I felt just like that..Like I was in hell and the same shit kept playing in my head and that demons were playing with my soul and thinking this was how it's going to be forever. Then after all that i went into a seizure but that's when it got a little better for me.Still thinking im gonna die but much more peaceful. A buddy of mine really helped me thru it.. Pretty weird trip.This stuff should not be consumed by humans it alters your body in ways that are to much for it to handle.. If people are smoking this crap for a weed like high just go get some weed..

stable101 4 years ago

If doing this kind of stuff, or any drugs is the only way you can have fun or feal like living then you must have a very shallow life. My family and real friends are very important to me and I would give anything for them. so to put things in my body that may end up killing me or causing me permanent damage that is just plain STUPID. All the drugs in the world are not near as important as my family. so I will take care of myself so that I can be there with them and know that they are there. Don't do what you wouldn't let your # year old do if you do then you are just showing them it alright, Daddy/ Mommy does it.

Sherry 4 years ago

For all of you idiots that think this shit is ok. My 20 year old son smoked it and had a seizure and his heart almost stopped. His fiancé had to call paramedics and they barely made it to the hospital. Now we are having to put him through extensive testing to check for heart and brain damage. Any of you that think it is safe because it is legal seriously need your asses kicked into reality. Get a job and do something constructive with your life for Christ's sake!!!!!

carl 4 years ago

This shit should really be illegal. I almost had to call 911 because I was so scared I was gonna die or have a seizure. Please for your own sake don't touch any of this nonsense.

Me 4 years ago

The people on here who have smoked it for two years can't even spell. Does that tell you something?

I smoked this crap a few times in my life. The first time was great. Loved it. Then I started smoking it everyday and finally started having panic attacks. Long after I quit smoking it, I was still having panic attacks.

They really need to legalize weed.

Scared 4 years ago

I smoked mr smiley every evening for about a week and was fine, it felt good. But 2 nights ago had a bad trip. Been almost 2 full days and I'm still fucked up!!!! Im scared its never going away.

Wow 4 years ago

A friend of mine has been smoking some of this crap and has become a complete idiot since. He has smoked weed heavily most of his life and has always been himself. Ever since he's been smoking this crap he can't put a sentence together without stuttering or mumbling. He looks like shit and I don't feel I'm talking to the same person anymore. We used to smoke together but I won't allow him near me when he's smoking this. I'm afraid he's going to become another story of a brain dead idiot abusing this and going mad. No high is worth losing your mind and/or your life.

jamie 4 years ago

im in drug court.. so i thought they wouldn't have a test for k 2... guess what? they caught me.... there is a test for k 2 and bath salts...

carlos 4 years ago

stop with your stupid stories.. people make up some funny bullshit sometimes to scare people

Space cadet 4 years ago

Stupidly last night I tried this.... Was awesome to start with, fab sex lol. But my word once I decided it was time to sleep that's when the problems started, paranoia, chest pains, increased heart rate, couldn't breathe and uncontrollable shaking. Some people can handle it but I definitely know I'm not going to try it again!


DON'T TOUCH THIS SHIT, It is not for human consumption! This is going to kill everyone who smoked K2! We are all going to die because we smoked this bullshit! Im sorry for the profanity but this is not good my heart was so close to popping out of my chest! I saw my heart move my ribs and almost popped out of my chest! Please I know you guys find it so addicting and I want some really bad but this is not a joke! Please listen to me I beg you! The high is great I know but this will kill you and it really sucks because I am craving it so bad right now ;'( I can get 3 3 gram bags and this would last me 2 weeks but I know this can kill me. I have smoked from February 22 until June 7 of this year. I almost died 3 days ago and I don't want anyone to do this. Please listen you can do whatever you want but think of what it is doing to your body, I know Im some guy who you don't know but this will kill you I know it will! SMOKE POT NOT K2!!!

dont try 4 years ago

Real story:

I smoked it due to probation. I don't ussually smoke weed but I thought id give it a go. 10 min later I called an ambulance telling them ive been drugged and that someone was going to kill me. They showed up and I only wanted the police officers near me because they were in uniform. Thought they were safe. My life flashed before mg eyes, no joke. I ended up being fine until an hour ago I woke up from a nightmare thiking these people were going to kill me too!im scared.

valmarie 4 years ago

great info about this new drug called to 2k. I feel if people are going to smoke weed you should stick to weed because trying something new may kill you im not saying you should smoke but if you just have, to have a smoke just stick to weed. And if your doing the 2k drug PLEASE STOP because this NEW DRUG can really kill you.









CONCIT1 4 years ago









GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

Anon 4 years ago

I used to be able to smoke a LOT of weed when i was in middle school, but since i got a job that does random drug tests in high school a friend introduced me to this. I eventually smoked it every day and if I would use too much I felt like I was going to die. I continued to use as long as I took small hits, but every once in a while I would fuck up and use too much and freak out. I have not touched it in a good while, but I can feel the damage that was done, my chest feels like it is strained and whenever I do smoke bud I get the same feeling.

Don't smoke this shit, cling to the original sticky icky green stuff that mankind has been toking for thousands of years.

And if you have a heart/connective tissue condition then you really need to stay away.

AB 4 years ago

Are you kidding me?! This stuff should NOT be banned. Just because some people don't know how to control it doesn't mean shit. If you cant handle it DON'T SMOKE IT! You just have to relax and chill,....because it only makes you insane when you think about it. And plus, it DOES NOT last anymore than 45 minutes. When you soke it just make sure your on a bed and just chill. Remember, if you don't like it DON'T DO IT!-.-

Dave 4 years ago

Alright look I smoked spice for well over a year I started because of probation then got off and found myself still smoking it. I have personally never tripped off of spice. I smoked every fucking day I smoked 10grams in 4 hours. I puked once. I have though been driving with out a license once and told this kid to smoke it he took two hits and started shaking vomiting all over himself he was saying he needed to kill someone in the woods to save his kids. He is 15 doesn't have kids. I pulled over and called 911. It was 3 am on a dead road it took 15 min until the first cop showed up. I don't have time to go into compleat detail but he tripped hard it was the most scary thing I ever experienced in my life I thought he was going to die.. He had a neurological break down and he went into a comp for 3 hours at the hospital. I still smoked it after that. I have now been sober for 2 months the cone down from spice sucks. I cannot sleep as it is 4 am and I am writing this. Do not smoke spice! If this does not make u stop call me and I will tell u the full story and I bet it will. 2392401787 legalize bud!!!!

Dave 4 years ago

Also, they do now have tests for spice and if u find urself losing it and u think u r going to trip turn the tv on concentrate pull out ur phone And start testing or play a game this worked for me u can fight it unless ur a pussy

CC1 4 years ago




Anjie 4 years ago

So...here's my story. My friend got a bag with the smiley face on it... I had no idea that I was about to have k2. He mixed it with weed, and oh my gosh let me tell you how horrible this was. We went to the back of school (we usually stayed after) but I had a project. I figured 'regular weed' would be fine... Well my friend mixed it. So I took a hit. I could feel it. So then I tried again...and again... and again, until I felt it burn my fingers. I looked down and saw an ash floating down in like slow motion. At first I was was like whoa... I could see smoke coming from my mouth. Then i looked up at my friend. He smiled, then all of a sudden his face zoomed in, but he didn't move. That scared the crap out of me. I seriously thought I was dreaming. But when i looked around the corner...I was actually at school. I walked around the corner, my heart beating fast. I literally dropped down to my knees and started speaking in tongues. I looked up at the sky, and it zoomed in like about a foot away. My other friend was there, and was like "Yo... he's coming! Please come here," she was talking about my guy friend coming to help me. Lol i thought she said the police were coming, so I ran, which was hard AF because things were zooming in and out. I ran fast, and went into mission impossible mood, hiding behind buildings lmfao. Soon, i came out of hiding, and went into the school. Three of my friends were there, I asked them if it was real. then they were like "Your eyes are red AF" they brought me to the bathroom, and all hell broke loose. My hearing was heightened so i could hear outside, the world was turning sideways, and when someone talked, or I talked, the words echoed like five seconds later. If i stared at the floor, the tiles floated up. Even my breathing echoed...it was weird and scary AF NEVER AGAIN!!!

4 years ago

So I tried spice a while back with my friends and boyfriend,I had a baby trip but it went away fast so I didn't think much of it,I did say though I wouldn't try it again. So lastnight after drinking at a bar,we went to a smoke/sex shop next door,and my boyfriend and friend bought some spice and a bong. We got home and we were still partying and so I decided to smoke with them,the first hit wasn't so bad it was a good high,so I did another hit but this time it was a big one. I went inside to get water and I looked at the counter the room was spinning all around me and I put my head down on the counter and started seeing things and my body felt weird,I then fell back to the floor and I felt my body shaking and twitching,all I could hear was my friend and boyfriends voices really faded in the background asking me if I was okay and then next thing I knew Iwas on the couch,that trip lasted for about 30 mins,and those where the worse 30mins of my life!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! This shit it way worse than weed,& it needs to be banned from every store that sells it and be made illegal!!!!

PSYCHNURSE 4 years ago

have seen many people from twenty years and up being hooked on all kinds of drugs.now a young man sneaks k2 and adds to his problems.je is paranoid and delusional.the lucky addict makes it to a facility and at the very least has some kind of support system and food and shelter. the unlucky ones are dead,homeless or driving their families crazy.you wreck your brain ,heart,liver and god knows what else.many people in mental facilities get a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder.they wear used clothes,live for their cigarretes a few bucks from the government and junk snack food. some still sneak out for alcolol,k2,any kind of drugs or paint to sniff.it is obvious that their brain/mind is affected.until you realize that you are an addict and want to change it wont get better.so sad.wasted lives.no home,spouse,children or goals except trying to get another high.and they are the lucky ones.think about.don't kill yourself on this shit.

Disc Tech 4 years ago

I enjoyed reading all the comments on this article and found a lot to be informative but a lot of them had 1 thing in common, the facts are that the "Potpourri" has not be proven to be the cause of any permanent or long lasting effects. Before, marijuana has been linked to heart disease but not proven and "Potpourri" has been linked to 3 heart attacks in youth younger than 18 years old but not proven. There has been no scientific evidence saying either or about this new Fragrance. Assuming you're responsible and not going to smoke it, it is a POTPOURRI, you burn it using char to release it's aroma and that alone is supposed to help sooth you. You don't have to smoke it, that's why it keeps getting banned and marked illegal, haha. Just like kids and their AirDuster haha :P Be smart and Be responsible!

Cheyenne 4 years ago

@dbarker123 im a 16 year old girl

I smoke at least 2, 3 gram bags every day for at least a year & i can never sleep at night i have a lot of cold sweats, no appetite, i crave it extremly bad when i don't have it. But i have to say i still love it! I love doing it during school. & all the stuff kids have been going to the hospital i've had, plus worse. One time i had a seizure my veins were bulging out of my neck i then fell on the floor & started puking all over myself. I wouldn't of known this even happened if my friends hadn't recorded me & showed me. All i remember was blacking out & i literally felt like i was hanging upside down & spinning round & round. So when docters say your going to die... I wouldn't recommend listening to them. & people who died at bikefest in leesburg fl. It was because they were drinking crazy amounts i was watching them

alicmarq 4 years ago

I've left my bd for smokeing this nonsence he was crazy already then became phyco -_-..I am litteraly scared of being around him for his actions are now even more "fucked up" than what they use to be... I don't recommend anyone with this unless they want to ruin there life...

someone in iowa 4 years ago

i tried this on saturday and it is now tuesday. today is the first day that i feel somewhat normal. that night i puked for several minutes and then could not move or talk. since then i have had stomach pains with sore fatigued muscles and a headache. i tried it cuz i was at a gathering where it was being smoked and thought i'd try it. i do and have smoked pot for several years. this is nothing like pot, i will never try this stuff again.

Randall 4 years ago

K2 killed my sister. I had no idea how harmful that shit is. Stay away from it. Smoke cannabis instead

Deion 4 years ago

Jeeeez FUKK people!!!!!!

Im from South Africa, they don't even sell that sh1t here but we hear all about it!! If you wanna save a life...destroy this stuff....some guy is getting rich off selling it to ya.

please please google the weird stories that have hit the news in the past 3 weeks!!! 2 naked guys on a highway...one dude chewing off the face of another guy.

Another guy attacked and ate a dog

a chinese guy attacked a woman in a car and chewed her face!

How damn paranoid and halucinated do you have to be to go so CRAZY!

And YES!!!!...sadly death is the only escape from getting through this hellish trip!!!!!


get extacy or summin....

John 4 years ago

My name is John,

I like my personal life personal. But i've tried Spice when my drug dealer introduced me to it. He claims it was "Kill" and I tried it before I left to school. It was prerolled into a joint, and instally, I could feel it. I stopped smoking and walked out to catch the bus. And let me tell you, as I was walking , 20 steps into the bus my head started to heighten, vision getting closer, (different from any type of high) and hearing heightened ( 3-4 secounds delay) All i heard was buzzing and words whispering. I then continue to walk, and few seconds I don't know what I was walking for. As I keep walking , my eyes were getter darker, and All I saw was blure, and a lot of black dots. Never again, Don't try this drug. I didn't manage to go to school that day, I had to go to bed 10 minutes later attempting to take the bus. To tell you, this drug is for maniacs.

worried 4 years ago

I watch the teens go in and out of the stores still selling this crap after it was made illegal. all of them, blood shot, sunken in eyes and the craziest look on their faces. I really am frightened. I have never been so scared of something. trust me, I have had my experiences with different types of drugs but not even crack and meth have had such serious adverse side affects on people in such a short time. If you are reading this and disagree, please consider smoking pot instead. please. I met a 17 year old girl today who is on the stuff. so sweet. body covered from head to toe in bruises. a beautiful little girl selling her body for the stuff. such a sweet voice. I gave her clothes and my number if she ever needed help. Please help these kids get off this stuff. Even my 11 year old son sees what is going on.... he says it's "turning people into zombies".

anonymous 4 years ago

Yes this needs to be illegal!!! My brother smoked this two weeks ago..it affects everyone differently. He still is not the same!! He has been in and out of the hospital. He is in and out.. still has not came completely back to his normal self. Not sure of he will. Just praying he will stop going in and out .... he never did drugs or anything before this. Fuk this drug! Needs to be banned everywhere! !!!!!

unloveable 4 years ago

been smoking this stuff for a few months. Have stopped as am slowly losing feeling in my hands! having panic attacks and mood swings.pot was never like this. Never touch this dirty shit!!!!!!

Angelus 4 years ago

God this shit wad horrible. Coworker offered me some during a smoke break, i took two hits off of a clip and I had a panic attack while ringing up a customer. Luckily it didn't last long. I'm better of smoking Jane.

Smokey 4 years ago

Quoers stfu

Jakob 4 years ago


"Uh....spice doesn't make you craZy. It gives a very similar high like marijuana, but lasts not as long. IMO this better for your health than cigarettes."

Are you stupid? This about killed my friend and you think its better for your health than cigarettes? cigarettes kill you over time this can kill you each time you smoke it you moron.

Zach 4 years ago

Well ive been smoking mr happy for about 7-8 months and im addicted when i spit there is black specks in it and its hard to breathe im a total dick without it and i spend all my money on it and all my parents money on it to its got me totally fucked up and im only fifteen my heart feels like its goin to explode every time i smoke it but i cant stop

bubba 4 years ago

@Zach, you can stop just imagine yourself in a ditch.... go enjoy your youth climb a mountain jump out of a plane.

For everyone else, stick to Pot and push for Legalization, I guarantee if pot were available as this stuff is our kids would be home digging in the frisge for food not seizing and potentially killing themselves.

rizzo 4 years ago

"Synthetic weed" aka K2, Spice, Down to Earth, Mr. Nice Guy, Scooby Snax, etc. has been illegal for several months, yet a few "enterprising individuals" are still distributing it throughout my city. This makeshift (?) stuff is stronger than the stuff you used to be able to get in stores. You don't know what's in it... One time it made me seriously bug out. It was scary as hell.

My advice: Read the label. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It's easy to say, "they just put that on there so they won't get sued". I disagree, this stuff totally should not be smoked. I'm a grown man. After what I experienced, I don't know how a child (teenager) could handle such a bad "trip".

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MiskyG 4 years ago

A friend came over and my husband and I smoked a blunt of this between 4 people.......they are young 20 and 22.We are 39 and 43.they left,I cannot even believe they can drive on this stuff....We started tripping so hard it was like we took way too much acid and were fixing to OD........we couldn't move,we were sweating and freezing at the same time.We hallucinated,and we both thought we were dieing......It took an hour for us to make it to our bed.Then we held each other tight.....I don't know how we lived....I even tried milk and it didn't help......our hearts were pounding out of our chests....this is 3 days later and we still cant think.Our son has been smoking this stuff for years every day all day long.We are worried about his long term use of this,he has changed big time!Do not ever smoke this crap!

Andy 4 years ago

I've heard this stuff is basically potpourri incense sprayed with Acetone..which is a chemical unintended for human consumption to say the very least. I've smoked it on several occasions and must say that even though it does give the user a high, its not an enjoyable high 9 out of every 10 times it is smoked. I would strongly suggest staying completely sober over indulging in this stuff..if it has acetone in it, it can't be good for you in the slightest.

Max :( 4 years ago

Guys, if you care about your brain at all, DON'T DO THIS SHIT!

I was a frequent weed smoker about half a year ago, but my parents found out and now they drug test me every month to prevent me from smoking weed

So, looking to get a high that doesn't appear on a drug test, I tried Spice

A lot of what this article says is very true. Even though all the spice I smoked was from one bag, I got very different highs (some of them, despite being intense, were quite unpleasant)

I smoked a total of 7 or 8 times, and then stopped, 'cause it really wasn't that great (you'll find this type of comment said by a lot of people)

But anyway, my short-term and long-term memory capacity as well as my concentration all dipped

Concepts that would be previously easy for me to understand were now quite complicated

I think some of the variants of Spice have chemicals that can potentially damage your brain, while other variants don't - It's like a gamble and you're betting your brain function

I remember how much talent and skill I had before smoking this fucking trash, and I hate myself for throwing that away just to get high

Please, if you care about your brain function, don't do this garbage! Stick to smoking bud instead :) Take it from someone that's been there, and knows

dave 3 years ago

bin smoking this for bout 2yr. like the buzz. problem is feel like I have a permanent cold. smoke a tiny amount each day. I have stopped smoking as much as I did b4 incense, in a weird way it seems a bit cleaner than weed, the smoke in weed is thicker and more carcinogenic. persistent cold is a worry tho. I feel that this stuff must be having adverse affect on my immune system. cant decide what to do. 3g will last me 3mths. 3gram weed 1week. torn on what to do. I need a fix, if I don't smoke this I will most probs drink more and spend more money on weed which is also bad for my health. problem is knowing which is the lesser of the 2evils?? alcohol and cigarettes kill stupid amounts of people. how many people are dying from incense?

Jamie 15 months ago

My friend asked me to take a hit from a cigarette but didn't tell me till after i took to hits of k2 will i be fine

Wildman 9 months ago

Ive been smoking spice for years and I can honestly say I love it. Ive done every drug out there and there is nothing like spice. I study this shit, meditate on it, explore it. Ive had many seizures and its alright, you gotta enjoy the ride. The body may be convulsing but in the mind you are traveling. Its similar to weed but it has more in common with lsd, its a spirtual journey. You have to use this drug responsibly tho, drink water, eat food, sleep regularly. Dreams btw are more vivid. King kong, purple diesel, Diablo are the only stuff I can find. They all give you a body high with a head high at its peak. Im schizophrenic by birth so I experience some intense shit without the use of drugs. But with spice I use it to help me understand my mind. Dont give up on this shit, get high and enjoy it.

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