Kate Hudson pregnancy weight gain pictures

Pregnant Kate Hudson
Pregnant Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson pregnancy


Kate Hudson, gained sixty pounds during her pregnancy as shown in these pregnancy weight gain pictures of Kate Hudson and gave birth to an adorable baby. After giving a satisfying birth, Kate needed to lose all the weight gained during pregnancy before starting her next film. Kate Hudson switched her eating plan from her previous eating plan to a higher protein diet. And Kate did it!

Actress Kate Hudson is pregnant again in 2011 with beau Matt Ballemy's child. Kate and Matt have been dating for about nine months before this Kate Hudson Pregnancy news came out. It is reported that Kate Hudson is about 14 weeks along. Fans and family are thrilled to hear this news. Kate Hudson had son Ryder with husband Chris Robinson before and got split due to marital reasons. Later, Kate dated Owen Wilson.

Kate Hudson Pregnancy

Kate Hudson, the gorgeous daughter of Goldie Hawn, is an amazing beautiful actress and is popular for her various glamorous hairstyles. To lose the weight gained during pregnancy, Kate Hudson consumed higher protein meals in smaller amounts and combined her diet with and exercise programs that included cardiovascular workouts and weight training. Due to the flak that Kate received because of her post-pregnancy figure, she lost the baby weight in four months and gained abdominal muscles that were the envy of many in Hollywood.

Kate Hudson got her beautiful body back after giving birth but it was not easy. The key is to eat healthy and work out. There is no other big secret. Kate Hudson says stick to the basics and be disciplined. Kate could afford to pay for top personal trainers and nutritionists, but remember she had to be committed in order to achieve the target of losing weight within the given timeframe.

Kate Hudson weight gain pictures

Kate Hudson pregnancy picture
Kate Hudson pregnancy picture
Kate Weight gain picture
Kate Weight gain picture
Kate Hudson sucking in tummy
Kate Hudson sucking in tummy

Kate Hudson in bikini

kate's bikini pic
kate's bikini pic

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tectonic profile image

tectonic 5 years ago from Singapore

Fruitful nuggets of info that you have presented.

Nicely done

Jennifer  5 years ago

These are not "weight gain" photos. These are PREGNANCY photos. I think it is important to differentiate between the two. She did lose the baby weight and I don't think she was sucking in her tummy in that red bikini. She looked pretty smokin' hot to me!

marla 5 years ago

I don't think she is sucking it in she looks good to me!

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