Keep Your Heart Healthy

A healthy lifestyle is essential to keep your heart in optimum condition
A healthy lifestyle is essential to keep your heart in optimum condition | Source


Heart health can be achieved by adopting some lifestyle changes in three main areas:

1.starting an exercise regime

2. healthy eating.

3.managing stress

Exercise can be of two types i.e. exercising for it's own sake-for example going to the gym or getting exercise as part of another actvity-for example housework or walking to the shop.

It is best to do exercise that you enjoy so that you will maintain it instead of losing interest. Try to exercise for about 30 minutes at least four times a week to get the full benefit for your heart.It is necessary to change old habits of being a couch potato in favour of taking some regular exercise which will have other health benefits along with being good for your heart.Plan your exercise regime and allow time in your daily schedule to do it.

It is often helpful to exercise with someone else for the "buddy effect" and it is more likely that you will keep it up in this way.

Healthy eating is absolutely essential for heart health.Some basic things to do are to avoid fast food and perhaps start eating porridge for breakfast instead of processed breakfast cereal.Porridge is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

We all know about eating five a day of fruit and vegetables which can be easily achieved by drinking fruit juice in the morning along with a piece of fruit as a midmorning snack and adding vegetables to the main meal.

Those who don't like fruit and vegetables whole can eat them more easily in a smoothie.

Eating on the go or "grazing" is not recommended no matter how busy you think you are.Always sit down for your meals and take time to eat slowly and enjoy your food.

Managing stress is essential for good heart health.It can be achieved in various ways.A hobbly which you enjoy will relieve psychological stress.Reading or watching a film is a great form of escapism and many people use yoga or meditation as a way of destressing.A do it yourself approach to meditation is as follows:

Focus your mind on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.You might find it useful to repeat the same word in your mind while meditating (a mantra).Just let other thoughts come and go in your mind while focussing on this mantra and breathing regularly and deeply.

You might want to use relaxation music or meditate in a warm bath to refresh your mind and body

healthy living for a healthy heart

Learn to love yourself

The heart is associated with love.Often,we are better at giving love and not good at taking it.In this context we may focus too much on looking after others instead of ourselves,sometimes forgetting about our own needs completely.This is not good for our heart or our well-being in general.It is good to learn to ask for help and be realistic about what we can achieve on a daily basis.Love yourself,love others and do the best every day with the resources you have at hand.

Strive for a healthy heart,mind and body-you'll be the better for it

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