Keeping Fit for Business

I don’t know about you but I struggle to keep fit on a consistent basis. My ideal weight is around 75-78 kgs but with work and children at times this can go around 85 kgs.

Recently in a HBR article there was a theory that people need to be fit for business. The concept is that if a person is fit then they can achieve more in their working day. I know that when I am fit that I perform at a higher level than when I’m not fit.

Defining why you may be unfit

This year I analysed why I may not be as fit as I wanted to be. There are a few factors:

· We go on holiday every October and over that two week break I get into a habit of not exercising and when we get back it’s the Xmas rush so there is no motivation to train

· This year I broke my hand, so I wasn’t much fun running with a cast on your arm

· The Xmas period is a nightmare for trying to stay fit with the amount of lunches, dinners and drinks there is limited motivation to keep fit. Also over Xmas it feels much better to stay out of the heat, watch the cricket on the TV and have a couple of beers!

· Alcohol consumption can lead to demotivation to train and adds pounds

· Being on the road makes it hard to stay fit (it’s not impossible, just that you can lack motivation)

Now that I have defined why I may be unfit it is about making changes to my lifestyle so that I can become fitter and therefore be more on the ball at work.

What is your motivation?

I find that every January that when I return to work after the Xmas break that it can be hard to fit into my clothing and generally I am not as effective at work.

Research suggests that being unfit can lead to reduced effectiveness and concentration at work. When I survey my office I see that those who have a sporting or exercise interest are more motivated in their work and are able to generate higher outputs.

There also needs to be a goal or a challenge in becoming fit, what is it that you want to achieve and this can help to drive you.

Author getting ready to run
Author getting ready to run

What I have done

My favourite sporting/fitness activity is to run, usually around the streets in my suburb. When I first returned to running in January I took it very easy trying to go 2-3 kms without stopping. Once I mastered this I increase my distance and my speed to enable a more effective workout.

I like to run as it gives me an opportunity to be by myself and to work through issues at work. This 30 minute activity enables me to set a challenge – run fast for 30 minutes until I get back home; to think about one issue at work and to find a solution. It at times also creates an almost Zen state that can also lead to relaxation.

On Sunday I did my first 5 km run within 30 minutes which is a great result and I thought through the budgeting issue that I had been working on this week. Great success!

This year my goal is to get to 78 kgs. I’m already at 80 kgs but the key for me is to maintain this weight. The issue that I will get is the number of business lunches, trips away and ‘drinks’ catch up that can lead to increased consumption and less motivation to train. Already on trips away this year I am doing exercises in my room and this is assisting.

This year I have reduced alcohol consumption to once a week and restricting the amount (a couple of glasses of wine and 1-2 low carb beers) and this is helping to reduce weight.

Finally on the family holiday this year fitness will be a key element so that I don’t lose the momentum that I have built during the balance of the year. I am also focussed on training 6 days a week and am looking forward to the mud of winter as well!

Authors calf's - years of running have created these monsters
Authors calf's - years of running have created these monsters
Post run recovery - 'no hat'
Post run recovery - 'no hat'
Post run recovery - 'hat on'
Post run recovery - 'hat on'

My goal & motivation

My goal this year is to maintain 78 kgs and this will mean training 6 out of 7 days and watching what I eat and drink. Once I get to 78 kgs I’m going to visit the local Nike Running shop and get some trainers that will enhance my running experience. At the moment I am wearing some Li Ning sneakers that I got from China 2 years ago and they need replacement.

I have also set myself another goal, to run a marathon within the next 5 years. But I don’t want to run any marathon; I want to run the original marathon from Marathon to Athens. I’m a bit of a history buff and this would be a perfect goal for me.

The other motivation factor is to be fit for work. I want to be more effective and focussed in 2012 and I think that being healthy and fit physically will assist me in my business.

In summary the theory suggests that being fit physically enables one to be fit for work, more effective and the ability to increase output. This is my goal and as you can see I am well on my way to being fit for work.

Cheers Michael

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profile image

Flickr 5 years ago

change your diet to a healthier one by going vegetarian, eating organic vegetarian is better for you to but fresh green vegetables are the key. truly. thanks for sharing.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks Flickr for the advice. Unfortunately I like to eat red meat way to much, but I have increased my vegetables in recent years! Being from country Australia we grew up on red meat and 3 veg every day. Agree about organic - not only is it better for you it tastes great. Thanks for you comment.

samtenabray profile image

samtenabray 5 years ago from uk

Hey Charmike4, getting into shape can be hard but my advice would be too join a gym, either jetts or anytime fitness is 24 hours in Adelaide so that could help work around your busy schedule. Using weights actually burns a lot of calories, people always seem to be surprised about this. Another thing you can do is interval training which uses the after burn effect so you continue burning calories for the next 48 hours after your workout. Hope this helps good luck in reaching your goal weight.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks samtenabray. I did weight training in the early 2000's and it worked well, except I wanted to eat more! I find that running (for me) burns off the weight really fast as compared to bike riding and other activity. Thanks for your advice.

Good win by Arsenal last night, you got to hope for a replacement for Henry to continue the good form. Newcastle on the other hand - 5-0 loss to Spurs...what is the world coming to?

Stig 5 years ago

Hey there Michael. Good luck with the training. I started riding to work a couple of days a week + one ride on the weekend, wich enabled me to finish a 430 km race across three mountain passes last summer. Can highly recommend it.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

G'day Stig. Hope things are going great in Norway! Wow, that's one hell of a ride. I spoke to a guy lst week that took a week off work to ride across Tasmania - 1300 kms in a week including going up a very windy Mt Wellington. Have thought about riding myself, but not sure how I will look in lycra!! Thanks for the comment mate. Cheers Michael

Hally Z. profile image

Hally Z. 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Great article about how you can keep fit and get some work done too! I was running just over 7 miles in one hour- and then I twisted my ankle about 2 weeks ago while on the treadmill. It's been a sad 2 weeks for me...I miss my running!

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

I hope you didn't have the treadmill turn too fast when you twisted your ankle...ouch! I've been trying to get out for a run for the past 2 days but the temperature here in Adelaide has been 40C+ (104F) so it's too dangerous to run in that type of dry heat. So I share your fustrations. Thanks for stopping by & commenting & for following me as well - cheers Michael

Kgiovannone profile image

Kgiovannone 4 years ago

Great article. I agree with the idea that you are more productive if you are in good shape. I try to do some form of exercise 5 days a week both aerobic and strength. I'm not at my ideal weight, but I'm getting there.


charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks Kgiovannone for your comment. I find that when I am fit that my energy levels and therefore my productivity is much higher. Yesterday I did 6kms in under 30 mins and it felt really good! Cheers Michael

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