Keeping Your Loved Ones With You


After a cremation, the ashes can be either scattered or kept. While in past centuries most people chose to leave the ashes of their loved one at the crematorium or to scatter them to the ground in a place chosen by the deceased, today more and more people decide to bring the ashes home. It is an important decision, one that can have a profound effect on how you heal after your grief. Keep reading to find out more about the different ways in which you can store the ashes of a loved one after you use cremation services.



Urns are the traditional receptacles for storing ashes. They have been used for thousands of years all over the globe, across continents and religions. Today urns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be simple or elaborate. Urns also come in a variety of colors like granite gray, dove white, or a combination of bright colors as well as patterns. The materials from which they are made vary from clay to metal. All urns come with a lid, and some of them may have the name of the deceased inscribed or engraved on them.

Where to Put the Urn?

Urns with ashes can be stored in a cinerarium or columbarium, memorial garden, or at home. Keeping the ashes of your loved ones at home is something that more and more people are doing after cremations, either because it is hard for them to accept their deaths and part with them, or because they believe their memory will be better preserved that way.

Some people choose to build a small domestic memorial with the urn at the center, adding photographs, letters, small objects that had belonged to the deceased and other mementos around it. Others prefer to keep it more private, in a cupboard, closet, or some other quiet, private place of the house. Finally, there are those who simply put it on the mantel.

Regardless of where you put the urn, it will probably make you feel as if the deceased is still there with you. It’s a comforting feeling that can provide relief from pain, as well as help you with the healing process after your loss.

Keepsake Jewelry for Cremation Ashes
Keepsake Jewelry for Cremation Ashes

Keepsake Jewelry for Ashes

There’s another way of keeping your loved one with you – keepsake jewelry for ashes. Exquisitely crafted from fine silver and other materials, it looks as beautiful as normal jewelry but will have forever a special significance for you because it contains a small portion of the ashes of the deceased. You can choose from many wonderful designs –versions are available for both sexes. What is more, jewelry for ashes can be given to all the members of the family.


If after cremation services you decide to keep the ashes of your loved ones with you, you may consider storing most of them in an urn, and the rest in special jewelry items. In this way you will keep their memory alive and keep them with you always.

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FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

I like the idea of keeping the ashes at home or at least scattering them on your own property that your loved one once inhabited.

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