My New Year Resolutions and the Plans to Succeed.

Time to put the plan to the test!

I haven't done much for New Year resolutions over the years, but this year I kept feeling bothered by two things, and figured it was time to do something about it. I'm not going to say I'll try either, because from what I understand of the dictionary definition of the word "try" it basically means to attempt and fail. So here I go with my 2012 resolutions....

1. I love smoking. I enjoy the feeling, the fact that when I haven't had one for a while it gives me a head rush is fun. Yet, every time I light up a cigarette I feel guilty, and it's that strange kind of guilt where both my parent's smoked so growing up around it was a big contributing factor on why I enjoy it, but when both my parent's have also quit it makes me feel a bit guilty that I still want to do it. I also feel guilty towards my body. I went for a test that determines how strong and healthy your lungs are, but when I tried to do it I ended up coughing and gagging. The doctor told me that at my age (25) I already have the lungs of a 35-40 year old, and that if I continue to smoke in 5-10 years that will practically double. So quitting smoking has become my number one resolution for 2012, and I'll share with you in a bit on how I plan to do it.

2. I love being lazy, and pigging out on yummy food. These two things in combination are a weight hazard. My eating habits are even messed up to the point where I feel better eating a super big meal at supper and snacking till bed instead of spreading it out to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a couple snacks in between. Personally I don't think I have the metabolism to eat breakfast and lunch, but even though supper is basically the only meal I have I still seem to keep putting back on whatever weight I lose in no time at all. So weight management is my second resolution for the New Year. One plan is always good, but with two I'm bound to accomplish one or even both of them.

Quitting Smoking - Resolution #1

This one is super tough. I love, love, love it, so how am I going to get rid of it? There are many alternatives and I'll list off a few, but here are my basic plans for the next while that I hope will give me the strength to push this sweet love out of my life.

1. Find another Hobby. Something I can do whenever I get the craving to keep my hands busy, and get past those moments of wanting a cigarette.

2. Use an alternative. I do plan on quitting cigarettes, but I never said I'll quit my narghile. Some call it a sheesha or a hookah. Narghile is the Turkish word for a tobacco water pipe. The smoke I use in it though isn't even tobacco. I get it imported from India as they have this herbal berry leaf mix they use that is 100% tobacco and nicotine free. This would allow me to still enjoy the part of blowing the smoke out of my mouth, but it will take away the addictive that keeps me hooked on cigarettes.

2(b). Another Alternative. I recently discovered this E-cigarette thing that is basically an electronic smoke, but again with no tobacco, no nicotine, and leaves no residue in your lungs. It runs on water vapor. How it works is there's a little cartridge that goes on the end of the stick that looks like a cigarette, and when you suck on it the liquid in the cartridge burns off, and produces a thick vapor that you can blow out to still get the mental feeling of having a smoke, yet in reality your just blowing steam.

3. Tic Tacs, and Gum. I'm not going to be getting those Nicorette gums either considering they still supply your body with the addictive substances you find in a cigarette. When ever it gets to the point that I start chewing my lip, or biting my nails, and have that overwhelming urge to have a smoke I'll be popping a tic tac or piece of gum on my mouth instead. I prefer tic tacs considering they have less calories than gum, but with this I'll be able to keep my mouth busy throughout the "urge", and hopefully find satisfaction through that instead.

4. Cup of Water, and Straw. This is another tactic I came up with to still get that sucking feeling. Usually I would just drink a glass of water straight up, but in watching my father quit smoking he gave me a neat idea of drinking water with a straw to still get that feeling, and not only does it satisfy the body, but by the time you've finished that glass of water your urge will be dampened down a bit.

Weight Management - Resolution #2

I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and it may not seem like an issue when you look at me, but when you look at my family you'll see that I'm pretty tiny compared to all the women on both sides of my family. I look like I'm about 140 lbs.. In reality I weigh 170 lbs. Most of that sits in my thighs. My legs are super strong, and have plenty of muscle, but I wish I could buy a one piece bathing suit instead of a bikini with an XL bottom. Some people have even told me I don't need to lose any weight, that I look just fine. Well to be honest I do, but I know very well that around 140 lbs is where I'm most comfortable, yet keeping that weight off due to the poor metabolism I inherited from my family is nearly impossible. So here's my plan to lose 30 pounds over the next month or two.

1. Walk every day. A walk a day even if it's just around the block helps to build your stamina, and with me quitting smoking at the same time stamina is just what I need. I usually run out of breath by the time I'm halfway around the block, and that's no good. So everyday I'll be out in the morning to take a short walk, and get some fresh air.

2. Sign up with a local Pool and Gym. In Vancouver I was able to get a 3 month pass from a local pool that also has a gym for $130. Which is pretty cheap. 30 minutes in the gym doing stretches, and then using some equipment before I finish with more stretches is a perfect way to lose some extra calories. Plus after I go to the gym I can head straight to the pool, and swim for another 30 minutes. From what I've figured out every 5 minutes of swimming laps loses up to 250 calories. Which is more than the gym. So the mix of the two is a great idea. Especially when you can go sit in the hot tub after and relax.

3. Pilates and stretching. This is a great way to tone up. Using your own body weight in rigorous movements gets your heart rate going, and trains your body to pull tighter. If you focus on certain muscles like I do with my hips, and thighs you'll start to see results in a few weeks. Hunt the web for some good Pilates movements. Use stretches during intervals to keep your muscles tight, and try it at first for maybe 30 minutes a day.

4. Drink more water. Water is a huge factor in losing weight, and toning up. Not only does your body burn a lot of water while you exercise, but it also contains plenty of minerals that help to break down fat cells. Have a large cup of water just before going for your walk, or beginning an exercise routine, and finish with a glass of water. The more you drink the more your flushing out of your system, and every time you go to the washroom you'll be getting rid of more of those chemicals, and unwanted cells from your body.

5. Diet control. Figure out your metabolism. Try a different eating pattern for 2 weeks, and if it need changes then try that for 2 weeks. What I'll be doing since I don't usually eat breakfast or lunch is starting my day with some toast, and a glass of milk. For lunch I'll munch on an apple and some yogurt, and for supper I'll be staying away from the oils, fats, and starches. After a couple weeks if I need to make some changes I'll do that, but for now this is my plan.

6. Supplements. I tried this thing out for a while and I didn't even need to exercise to lose weight, but you'll need to exercise to tone up. I took Acai berry supplements, and not the ones with fillers either. If your looking for Acai berry tablets then make sure they're dark purple in color. If they're pink or light colored then they have supplements in it and won't do anything to help break down those fat cells. At the same time as taking Acai berry I also took Metamucil which helps clean out the colon. So a colon cleanser supplement would also work. For the first week I had horrible diarrhea, but soon enough my body got used to it, and I was able to go to the washroom normally again. In less than 1 month I had lost 15 lbs with no exercise. So this is another great idea, and may not work for everyone but it works for me.

With these plans in mind I'll be starting to follow them in the next week. Willpower, mental strength, and support from my friends, and family is enough. Hopefully with a bit of luck I'll be able to succeed. I hope these ideas helped to inspire you in your own resolutions. Good luck, and best wishes for the New Year!!!

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carlavk profile image

carlavk 4 years ago from BC, Canada Author

I've heard of the raw food, and juice fasting thing through a friend and it really seemed to work... I've been thinking of trying that out to see if it works for me. I only posted what I've done, but I'll be sure to look more into that idea, cuz it's definitely a great one :):) Thanks :)

kristy 4 years ago

TWO words....RAW FOOD diet , and juice fasting youll lose weight fast...and you wont be able to smoke

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