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Natural Additives

There are some natural fruits, nuts or roots and tree barks that are sources of energy unknown to mankind. Luckily some have already been exploited and are universally used to help our physical body function more actively. Though these substances are used in our every day life yet most people do not know their true potentials. One of these substances is the coffee we drink and the other is Tea. But the main item I am interested in discussing and which are very vital yet unknown to many parts of the world is the African Kola nut.

This powerful nut grows in west coast of Africa. It works just like the coffee having the property of keeping someone awake and active as long as its effect remains in the blood system of the individual who eats it. However, it performs its duty naturally quite unlike the coffee. While the best known coffee give headache to some people, this kola nut has no side effect and the person who chews it would not feel anything. Besides it is just like every other nut which someone bites for fun. Kola nut can be eaten at anytime. It has no instruction on how to eat it, it has no dosage but it should not be eaten in excess of it in order not to have prolonged sleepless nights.

In addition to serving as source of caffeine, people from west coast of Africa believe that it was a chosen nut from god. According to the Igbo tradition and believe this kola nut does not understand foreign language. It is used for important ceremonies as a mark of oneness, friendship, love and so many other favorable attribute to nature.

In Igbo land, a man is called and regarded as a man if he can direct the processes underlying the eating of this kola in the traditional way without missing any bit of the process. Should the person fail to go the right way he is subjected to friendly fine? The term friendly fine implies that though the offender is levied and must immediately pay the penalty however, the issue ends there and then without any grudges. It is the custom and everyone uphold this custom with clear mind irrespective of the impact of the punishment where and whenever it comes.

The major difference between the coffee bean and the kola nut is that apart from any side effect of the coffee it also have remnants while the knola nut is eaten in whole without  waste.

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