Kegel Exercises For Men - Male Kegel Exercises for Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Kegel exercises for men are used to tighten and strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, similar to the exercises for women.  These exercises developed in the 1940's by Dr. Arnold Kegel, help to control the bladder, rectum, prostate, and urethra.  Read on to learn about the benefits  and techniques of kegel exercises for men.

Benefits of Kegel for Men

There are several ways you may benefit from kegel exercises.  Men who experience urinary incontinence can benefit since the exercises can help tighten sphincter muscles, giving you control over your bladder. Using the exercises can also help to strengthen and reduce pain in the prostate, leading to better overall health.  Kegel exercises for men are also used to increase sexual function, controlling premature ejaculation and achieving intense (and sometimes multiple) orgasms.

How to find the PC Muscle

In order to successfully perform male kegel exercises, you must find your PC muscle.  The PC muscle is a hammock-like pelvic muscle that extends from the pubic bone to the tail bone, forming the pelvic floor.  These muscles help to keep the pelvic organs in place, including the rectum and the bladder.  Weakening of the PC muscle can lead to urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation, and less firm erections.

You can easily find your PC muscle when you urinate.  Once the urine flow begins, try to to stop it mid-flow.  The muscle that tightens is the pc muscle.  You may notice the penis and testicles jump as you flex your muscles.  When trying to find the muscles, keep your abdominal and thigh muscles relaxed.

Alternatively, you can try to find your PC muscles through the rectum.  Lie down in a comfortable position, and place one lubricated finger in the rectum.  Then tighten the muscles as if you are trying to stop urination or a bowel movement.  The muscles that squeeze around your finger are the PC muscle.

How to do Kegel Exercise For Men

The basic kegel exercise men use is the "squeeze, hold, release" technique. This method is achieved by squeezing the PC muscle, holding it for several seconds, and then releasing. When you release, relax the muscles for ten seconds. Repeat the technique as many times you can, up to fifteen times.

If you're having trouble holding your muscles, or if you are just beginning, you can also do the short version of male kegel. This is still the "squeeze, hold, release" technique, but you will squeeze and hold the muscle for one second and relax for one second. After repeating these steps five times, relax for ten seconds. Then you can repeat the process another 3-4 times.

The lifting of the penis and testicles is an indication that you are doing the exercise correctly. You are not doing the exercise correctly if you're holding your breath or if you're squeezing the wrong muscles.

If you are just starting male kegel, and you can't squeeze or hold the muscle for even one second, it's o.k. With persistance and regular practice, your muscles will strengthen and you'll be able to do the exercise with no problems

For an optimal kegel exercise session, urinate immediately before doing the exercises. Do not make it a habit to do exercises while you are urinating since this can lead to urinary infections and complications. Try to vary your positions while you're doing the exercises: try it sitting, lying down, and standing. If you do the exercises everyday, at least twice a day you will begin to see results in 1-3 months.

As you get comfortable doing the exercises, you can create your own variations of the technique; they can be done anywhere at any time.

Setting a Schedule

In order to get long-term results,  you must do the kegel exercises for men consistently. The best way to remember to do the exercise is by making it a habit, which can easily be done by setting a schedule.  Choose a time that is convenient for you, and schedule the exercises at that same time every day.  You can do the exercises while watching television, taking a shower, before or after a meal, or before going to bed.

If you forget or fall off of your schedule, don't beat yourself up.  Just pick up where you left off and continue to do the exercises until they become second nature to you.  Never get discouraged.

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Frank 7 years ago

Compliments for the well explained process.

vijay 7 years ago

its wonderful.... after doing it my timing has increased to 15 minutes..


carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

I recommend this post.. the kegel exercises are an efficient way of preserving erection quality well into your senior years.

Natalie Bonanski 6 years ago

I believe most men would benefit from incorporating kegel exercises into their exercise routine. As they grow older they may find it will indeed help with maintaining an erection.

JACK WILSEN 6 years ago


Allan Hercules J Muhumuza 5 years ago

These drills are life savers.

Jimmy Bob 5 years ago

Kegal Has turned my life around i am now able to hold my mucles for 5 mins at a time and able to do 60 min sessions, my wife loves it i am able to pump that much blood into my erection that i am able to double my normal width to almost 2 inches, and 9and half long, thankyou kegal

Babeto 5 years ago

I am confused about this excercise with breathing. It says NOT to hold your breath while contracting the PC muscle. I find it extremely difficult. Is it inhale and contract, and then exhale and relax? While inhaling, how is one suppose to hold on to the contraction while not holding one's breath? It seems breathing and contraction goes hand in hand. Please help explain. Thank you!

rony 4 years ago

you are not supposed to hold your breath. if you are holdingn your breath, this means you are putting pressure on your stomach muscles. you should be able to talk normal while doing this exercise

Mortan 4 years ago

Waw..Really very well explained the benefits of the Kegel exercises for men .Great post indeed..Loved this one..I had done these types of exercises in the past.Thanks a lot for sharing..:)


chuckrac 4 years ago

will Kegal exercise help after bladder removed

DreamerMeg profile image

DreamerMeg 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

Good for women to know too, so they can pass the info on to their husbands / partners.

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