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Kettlenetics Slim and Tone System

By now you've probably seen half a dozen or more ads for kettlentics and most of them start off with the line above "kettlenetics slim & tone system" then basically go on to say the same thing as everyone else.

You know that these people are clueless as to what the program really entails, they have never even picked up a kBell - how can they write an objective review of the product? They can't.

My experience with kettlenetics is a bit different, I am a kettlenetics product user who because of my experiences with kettlenetics decided to write about the workout program and not just paraphrase what's on the main kettlenetics site.

Compensation Disclosure: You will see links on this page to Amazon which carries kettlenetics and if you do purchase i will receive a commission.

My kettlenetics - this photo includes the standard kettlenetics set as shown on this page & an upgrade set.
My kettlenetics - this photo includes the standard kettlenetics set as shown on this page & an upgrade set.

So What Is the kettlenetics System?

Kettlenetics is a cardio fat burning system that uses the weight of a kBell and 7 signature moves to give you an all-around dancers type workout.

Now don't run away because the word "dancer" is used, there are only 7 moves to learn.

At one time there was just 1 kettlenetics DVD set and 1 upgrade set to choose from now you will find a few different choices.

While they all basically have the same type of a workout some sets have more DVD's then others and then there are a few "stripped down" versions and don't include the sweat bands or towels so be sure to read each product description so that you know exactly what you will be getting.

However they are all have the same basic steps and movements and this is where Michelle Khai's dance experience comes in. During Michelle's career as a professional dancer, she noticed that when dancers workout, they work their entire body at once and not like the rest of us, where you will work the legs, then move on to the abs, and then the hips and butt and then...well you get the idea.

We only work one body area at a time so our workouts not only take longer but are less efficient.So Michelle took these simple dancers moves and added the kBell for resistance (weight).

This way we could add the strength training that is needed to tone muscles while doing cardio moves.

By now we all have learned that workouts like walking and even brisk walking don't have the fat burning power that weightlifting does. And weight lifting really doesn't have the body sculpting ability like dancing does - so if you add all three together you'll get the benefits from all - this is kettlenetics

kettlenetics video - watch kettlenetics in motion

So Is Kettlenetics Hard?

That's kind of a tough question.

The 7 signature moves are easy, even learning how to do them in a nice fluid motion is easy, and the workout is fun (I'm sorry but it is fun). However, once you add the 4 pound kBell to your workout it gets a bit tougher. Hard - no, get out of breath - yes.

Kettlenetics under the disguise of being fun is a full body sculpting workout.

You will sweat, you will feel it in your muscles (even if you are doing another workout program now).

The kettlenetics program will make your abs feel sore even though you'd swear that you aren't doing any ab work.

Your inner thighs will feel it even though there are no floor exercises.

The first time that I did the workout, I knew that my arms would ache the next morning, since I was swinging a 4 pound weight (yes, 4 pounds doesn't seem like much - but trust me you'll feel it) but I didn't realize how much that weight was making the rest of my body work to keep the motion fluid.

kettlenetics before and after pictures of real customers like you and me - not fitness models

Would I Recommend Kettlenetics?

If someone is looking for a slow paced 45 minute cardio workout, and also wants to add an additional 30-45 minutes of toning and shaping exercises without sweating or panting then no, I would not recommend kettlenetics to this person.

kettlenetic is fun but it's not like taking a walk in the park.

kettlenetics is for the person willing to workout, build up a sweat, feel their entire body get in shape (including cardio) all in about 30 minutes, a few times a week.

It's for the person who wants to see and feel results quickly, they don't want to wait several months to see results. Either they don't have the time to spend more than 30 minutes each workout session or they just don't feel like spending all day working out , they are willing to trade off a little sweat for powerful results.

This is the person that the kettlenetics system was created for.

Kettle Bells

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jackmrk profile image

jackmrk 8 years ago

I love it !

Finally something so simple, fun to use that gets you in share!

It doesn't huge amount of space, you can take it anyware, its like

having your entire fitness club in your bag with you!

franchesca 8 years ago

i just got my kettlenetics package in the mail and i can't wait to start using it! thanks for your informative review.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I think that you'll really enjoy the program. Don't get fooled like I did and had so much fun the first time that I played with it 3 times the first day. My arms were so achy the next day, that I almost couldn't lift the kBell.

I'd start off the first day very slwoly with the introductory DVD, and don't try to do the workout more than once in a day. It may be tempting to try the workout again later on but hold yourself back.

Good luck!

Deb 8 years ago

Has anyone with Fibromyalgia tried this? I also have diabetes, thyroid disease, and my energy level is -zero!! I have 70 pounds to lose, and i have tried everything!!!!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Since kettlenetics is an exercise program and you have a very low energy you probably would bot get much out of this workout program. 

If you have not discussed your lack of energy with your health care provider I suggest that you do. He/she may be able to give you a few suggestions that can help.

If you have already talked it over with him/her you might possible want to search for a few health forum. Just Google fibromyalgia forums. As I am looking I see many and you'll just need to check a few out that are busy. 

This way you can interact with others that are having the same problems as you and you may get some tips and suggestions. 

You may also want to do the same search for diabetes and thyroid disease. It may appear to be time consuming in the beginning, but once you find forums that you fit in well with you'll be able to just bookmark them and occasionally check them out.

It may surprise you how much good information can be found in a forum. Just remember that most are run by regular people so if something sounds like it's not healthy, don't just take their word for it - check it out.

In general through, you'll find people just like you and you may learn from their experiences.

I hope this has helped!

Eileen 8 years ago

I'm 66 in fairly good health. I have back and neck problems. I was wondering if this product will put too much stress on my low back? Are there form tips given throughout the workout?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


There are a few movements that will have the weight off of your center of gravity and that may cause pressure on your back. Although there is one dvd in the package that shows proper form and how to do the movements exactly as shown, I wouldn't risk additional injury to your back.

What might work better for you is pilates. Pilates will help stretch and keep you flexible would be easier on your back and neck. Then once pilates helps you regain better flexability in these areas you can start adding light weights.

Another good option is yoga.

Are you currently seeing your health care provider about your issues? if so, the office can usually recommend exercises to strenghten and add flexability.

Many back and neck problems are caused by muscle imbalances. By slowly working the muscles through exercises that only rely on body weight you can even out the imbalances.

Another suggestion is to listen to the audio at

It's an audio that talks about exercises that are safe and effective for those with back problems. There is no charge for the audio ( and they don't even collect your email address- you can just listen) and it may give you several tips that you can run with.

My husband just had a decompression in his back and the addition of 3 titanium plates. He'll be out of work for 6 months minimum (he's in construction) so I know how careful you have to be with back problems and how it's best to error on the safe side.

I hoped that this information helped.

mariah 8 years ago

i am not sure if i should try this program. i really want to lose weight (like 25 pounds), would this really work. I am very lazy and cannot stand exercise and i want to see results fast. should i try it? and why? thanks/

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


The only way to lose weight is for the body to take in less calories then it will burn off during activity. The more activity the body does the more calories burned and that lead to a nice, steady and healthy weight loss.

I see that you really don't like to exercise so an exercise program like Kettlenetics would not be good for you.

In order to lose the weight that you would like however, you are going to have to do some type of exercise as there are no magic pills - if there was one magic pill that could help everyone lose weight without exercising then everyone would buy it and there would be no need for any other diet products.

But since there are thousands of diet products - this can tell you that they don't work.

Are there any activities that you like to do that will help build lean muscle and burn fat? Are there any sports that you participate in?

If so, try to do these more during the week. For each pound of fat that you would like to lose you will need to burn 3,500 calories.It's best to try and exercise 1 hour dail, 4 days a week at a moderate level. If you get involved with an activity that both burns fat and builds lean muscle you could then work out 30-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

If you participate in an activity such as walking, you will need to walk 1 hour a day, 5 times a week at a fairly quick pace. Then you should also try to do some strength training to build lean muscle which burns more calories per day than fat does and also take up less spece (so you are thinner).

Kettlenetics won't give you results if you not willing to give it a good try. It's not magic, it won't work on its own. You must put in a good amount of effort.

If your not willing toput in the effort then you would just be wasting your money if you purchased kettlenetics. But if you do decide and realize that you will need to add fitness into your day, then kettlenetics is an excellent choice.

Good luck!

Amanda B. 8 years ago

I would like to purchase this product but I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with the moves, meaning, are the moves easy to learn and do? I have a fear that I will not be able to do the positions properly and not attain great results, as I have tried another exercise program in the past and had difficulty keeping up and learning the moves correctly. How easy is this to learn and keep up with?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I also had concerns about learning the moves, since Michelle Khai was a professional dancer and the moves are based on dancers moves. However, this is nothing like Hip Hop Abs ( I couldn't keep up) or any of the other fancy step exercise programs.

There are 7 main "exercises" to learn, each broken down into 6 moves. Each move is simple. For example: one of the moves is "the swing" With this move you are standing (in all moves you are standing) with your knees bent a bit and your upper body leaning forward. The kbell is held in both hands in a position that is behind your mid thigh and you swing the kbell up over your head and return to the original position.

All the moves are as simple to do as the one above, so as you can see they are not hard to learn. However, as you move the kbell from beginning position over your head and backto the original position you can feel your muscles work hard all the way from your inner and outer thighs, lower belly, then upper belly, chest and back area and the arms.

So this one movement hits upon almost every large muscle in your body and all of the other movements are as easy to learn but you will feel it and you will get a hard workout. 4 pounds sounds very light but once you start to workout with it, you will notice that its really not.

If you try the workouts without the weight the first time you will see how extremely easy the moves are to learn and keep up with. It's when you add the weight, that you will find yourself working out hard.

It's a good hard workout but simple to learn.

Alyse 8 years ago

Ok I'm going to ask a general question: Does this really work? I wouldlike to lose about 30 pounds.Will this really make me have a "dancers body"? Will I really get slim, lean, and toned? I sure hope so!!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Kettlenteics is a mixture of cardio, strength training and stretching all done at the same time.

If you performed each of these exercise types on their own you would see results but noting that great. But when you add all 3 together you'll find that you become more flexable and limber, you build lean muscles and tone and tighten and also burn a heck of a lot of calories (both while you are doing your workout and for several hours afterwards).

I have been very satisified with the results that I have been getting.I'm not a youngster, so I can't put in a workout like a 25 year old, but after trying tons of other exercise programs in my life I am finding that this one has helped the "flappyness" of the fat on my body tighten and shrink. I feel as though I don't have the stiffness that I had when waking up in the morning or sitting in one position too long.

Just remember though, that the results that you get will depend on the effort that you put in.

Good luck with your health goal!

Gwenyth Taylor  8 years ago

Is this program ok to do with other exercise programs? I wanted to do it in conjunction with the Fluidity Fitness Program so I can really get a dancers body and get into the greatest shape of my life.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Hi Gwenyth,

There is no reason why you would not be able to do kettlenetics along with another fitness program (unless of coarse your doctor has restricted the amount of exercise that you could door if you are not healthy and have a health issue that would prohibit cardio).

I can't see anything negative about doing both the programs since they are similar in that they both tone and shape and build lean long muscles. Each one would compliment the other one nicely.

I think that you'll like the combination of the two.

Evangeline 8 years ago

What are the two extra DVDS that come with the 8pound kbeLL? HOw much does it come out to?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Adding on the additional 8 pound kbell and 2 DVD's is an additional $29.90 plus shipping. Since I purchased my 8 pound set at the same time as the 4 pound set, I don't know exactly what the s&h would be for the 8 pound set on it's own.

The total for both sets together came to $94.70 and since it's sent by UPS the shipping charges would depend on where someone lived - so their package could be less or more.

The 2 DVD's are both 30 minute workouts and one is the kb flowmotion dance and kb total body blast. The total body blast is a more intense workout than any of the other workouts and the flowmotion turns it up heat on the original steps.

Even if someone is not quite ready for the 8 pound kbell than can still use the advanced DVD's to pump it up with the 4 pound.

I know that the difference between 4 pounds and 8 pounds doesn't appear to be much, but since the DVD's are advanced it may be best to do the advanced workouts several times with the 4 pound before moving on to the 8 pound. This way you have the workout down and then only have to concentrate on the heavier weight.

Hope I didn't too long.

Victor Goodman profile image

Victor Goodman 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Simple, I really like simple. I've got to share this one with my wife.

Maria Rosa 8 years ago

How fast will you start seeing results?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Maria Rosa,

Ah, what an excellent but difficult question to answer. As with any type of diet or exercise program each person will lose weight or inches depending on: their age, their current fitness level, their current weight and size, the amount of energy you put into the program and if someone is on any type of medication (as many medications slow down your metabolic rate).

I would love to say that you'll lose X amount of weight or shrink X amount of jean or blouse sizes in 4 weeks but there is no exact way of knowing.

All I can say is that I was able to see a visible difference in 3 weeks and that is also when I noticed that my tighter clothes began fitting looser. Now I don't beleive in scales since they can be very miss-leading so I don't know if I have lost any weight or how much.

Since muscle weights more than fat but takes up less space, I wouldn't be surprised if I had gained a few pounds. I just know that I countinue to get tighter and firmer. Our weather has been very hot the last few weeks and we don't have air conditioning so I have cut back on my workouts (making them much shorter) so right now I am maintaining. Once the cooler weather starts coming back I plan to put my workouts back into high gear so that I can be ready for all the fall holidays.

I wish that I could give you an exact answer- but unfortunately I can't. All I can say is that I like the system and have been very pleased with my results so far.

Thank you for asking -- it was a toughie

raven 8 years ago

I'm really on the fence about buying this, I have done pilates and gained weight, I have done the firm with no weight loss I have a good diet, but I'm scared that I will be wasting my money, Help sell me on this.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I think that as long as you have doubts about an exercise or diet program you should stay away from it.

In order for a diet or exercise regime to work well for you have to be convinced in your heart that you are willing to do what it takes to arrive at your goal. As long as there are self-doubts you won't be giving the program your 100% and you won't gain the confidance or reap the benefits as if you gave your hearts worth.

As with dating a guy, if your unsure don't try to have a friend read off all of his best qualities, since you'll need to see them for your self.

I suggest that you hang back, watch the videos a few times, get a feel for the movements and the program, then think on it. If it's right for you you'll know it, If you still have doubts then it's not right for you. Practice in your head and act a few days as though you are doing the program, if after a few days you start feeling more energetic and more confidant then go for it.

You'll know one way or the other.

Good luck & hope you join the ranks of kettlenetics lovers!

Tuesday 8 years ago

This site is soo helpful! I was very unsure about purchasing this program, but after reading all this content I am very sure and excited and will purchase it with my next check. Thanks soo much for making making me well-informed and things clearer and easy for me! You have an awesome site! :)

Marli 8 years ago

Is there a site where I can watch the whole infomerical, not just clips on youtube?

Christina 8 years ago

Im trying to get this product for the introductory price of $39.95 instead of $59.95 that was on the website but now its 59.95, do you know anything about that or how I can purchase it for that 39.95 price?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Just finished checking with customer support and $59.90 is the intro price.

Christina 8 years ago

Thanks so much. I could have sworn that I saw it for 39.95 or two payments of 19.95, I think the prices might have gone up. I think I may still purchase the system though.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Maybe you saw a test page when they were testing out prices to see which would work best. I know that some companies try this before settling on a fixed price.

Erika 8 years ago

How intense are the workouts? Is this program really intense?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


If you are concerned that the program may be like the older high impact aerobics classes or the 300 workout don't worry it's not. This program is more like Pilates but more upbeat with a handheld weight.

If you are out of shape you can start slowly buy not using the kbell weight but holding your hands in position as if you were holding it. This will give you a chance to ease into the workouts outs. Then once you feel as though you can move on, you'll add the kbell.

It's when you add the kbell is when you start to rev up metabolism and get the heart pumping. 4 pounds isn't a heavy weight but your moving it in away that's a bit different than you normally hold a weight.

For example: Most of us don't have any problem carrying or picking up a gallon of milk. Now think about exercising with a gallon of milk (which I beleive is 5 pounds) that's when you start to see the exercise movements getting a bit tougher.

The series of DVD's in the package start from the very basic steps, then on to a fairly easy routine, then additional routines get tougher. This way everyone can work at the own personal fitness level.

Once someone feels as though they really want to turn up the workout, there is an advanced system with a 10 pound kbell weight and advanced routines (and yes the advanced routines are very intense). Even doing the advanced routines with the lighter 4 pound kbell can be tough.

The kettlenetics system is designed to work you up through the levels, so that you can start slowly if someone has not been working out lately or by a person who is fit and wants to add some new variety to their workout routine.

Like with any other fitness program someone should be healthy enough to exercise and check with their health care provider to see if they have any health issues that they are not sure about or any medical conditions that would not allow them to safely get their heart rate up.

I know that this was kind of a round and about answer but since the system can go from the beginner to the expert what is considered intense for one may not considered intense for some one else.

I hope this helped and didn't totally confuse you (I can do that sometimes - or as my husband would say - "most of the time")

raven 8 years ago

does the workout come with the more advanced dvd that you use the 10 pound kettlebell or do you have to purchase that seperste?

Brianne 8 years ago

When your body gets used to a workout, you still burn calories of course, but does that mean you're just not gaining any muscle? What does "getting used to" a workout really mean for your body? Is the easiest solution just to add weight/more exercise to your day (i.e. instead of just Kettlenetics, I could go to Curves also, which is probably hard to "get used to" as it's personalized and automatically lets you progress based on a variety of things...or I could just keep upgrading to different kBell lbs.)?

Thank you! :D

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

I just realized that I mentioned a 10 pound kbell with the advanced set --it is actually an 8 pound kbell.

I hope that I have not confused anyone

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


First I want to point out that I made a mistake about the weight of the advanced kbell, The weight is actually 8 pounds and not 10 pounds.

When you go for the advanced set you do receive advanced workouts to go with it. You can still use the original workouts because by adding the additional weight you'll automatically be working harder during your workout.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Most fitness professionals suggest that you change up your workouts every 8-12 (some say 16-18 weeks) weeks.It's been shown that your body gets used to a certain exercise or a certain diet and expects you keep taking in the same amount of calories or muscle stress and it adjusts to the routine.

You'll usually know when the time is right for you since you'll either hit a weight loss plateau as shown by the scale or you'll see a slowing of the inches lost or the toning of your muscles.

This is why that you'll often see recommendations for people that often workout by swimming to change to walking or if your walking change to using an elliptical etc.

Another way to work around this is to alternate workouts during the week. You could do one set of exercises 2 days a week and another set 2 days a week. You could also do totally different types or workout.

With kettlenetics you get several different exercise routines so it takes much longer for the body to get used to them. You could use the 4 pound kbell for months and months and continue to see changes in your body or if you are already strength training with bands or weights, then you would need to increase the weight quicker.

I have not attended a curves workout but have heard very good comments about itand from what I understand it's like circuit training, and always working the muscles differently.

This would be an excellent companion to kettlenetics or kettlenetics could be a companion to Curves (focus on the one you like doing the best ).

If you are already signed up for Curves and if they have strength training you might not want to even purchase kettlenetics, as Curves may be all you need.

As long as you do some type of strength training - you'll see results and you'll feel better.

Heather L. 8 years ago

Can this program help a person lose about 25-30 lbs? Or even more?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Heather there is no reason why it wouldn't help. Kettlenetics is a strength training and cardio program which will help build lean muscle and burn off fat.By adding lean muscle, it will boost your metabolism 24/7 which will help burn more calories each day.

This will help with weight loss and also the kbell exercises will help to tighten and tone muscles. The combination of the two can help someone lose a good deal of weight.

Now just because someone is exercising doesn't mean that they can now eat what ever they want. They still shouldstay on a good diet (there is a weight loss success guide in the kettlenetics box and it does give sample diet menus, ideas for good food to shop for and a few tips).

If you watch the second video above you'll see real women with real results and you'll notice that several lost quite a large amount of weight. Kettlenetics is an exercise program and as long as someone keeps with it and cuts down on their junk food, they can lose a very large quantity of weight (way more than 25-30 pounds).

The only things is, that if someone has not worked out for a while and has not been on an exercise program they should use their judgement and check with their health care provider first. It's just common sense, but it's always good to remind people.

Good luck with your weight loss goal!

Fiona 8 years ago

I just ordered kettlenetics today and I am so excited I cannot wait until I receive the order! I will update you on my experience and success with this product!! :)

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Yes, please keep us updated. We would alllike to know how your doing and if you have any humps to get over.

Good luck!

Margaret 8 years ago

I noticed that they send free wrist bands, how much tension and pressure are strained on the wrists? Do your wrists hurt after you exercise?

Brooke 8 years ago

I have recently purchased Kettlenetics (Hooray!) and am enrolled in the club where they send a new DVD every month or so for $14.95. Do you know what kinds of DVD's are sent? I'm just curious, thanks!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


The wrist bands are a stretch terry cloth (like tennis players often use) and there is no tension to speak off. They are just snug enough that they don't slip off your wrists when you evercise.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I had not joined the DVD club, so I am not familiar with the monthly DVD's. When I had purchased my kettlenetics set it was spring time and I knew that with the hot weather on it's way I would not be working out as much as I should and was going to put the club behind me until cooler weather started to set in. Well it was 50 last night so I guess it's time that I join.

Why don't you stop back when you get your first DVD and let us know what you thought about it? it can help others decide if it's right for them.

Have a great day!

Mary 8 years ago


I am interested in trying this. Do they hurt your knees? I have sore knees after running, but do okay with walking and biking



Keara 8 years ago

About how many calories does this exercise burn?

Ruth 8 years ago

How is this program different from other exercise programs, especially infomericals and weight loss gadgets? There are tons of infomericals of exercise programs wanting you to buy them because they tell you it is the best product even and tons of weight would be lost

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Looks like there are a few questions this morning and I'll try to do my best to give you an informed answer.


Although there are not many moves where you put pressure on the knees take a look at the top video on this page.

In it you'll see the movements where you bend at the knees. You may to try a few of the movements on the video and see if your knees do bother you. I know that Michelle Khai had left dancing due to bad knees and designed kettlenetics to keep in shape. However, the problem that she had with her knees may be totally different than what you are experiencing.

I would try a few moves and if you feel any discomfort while doing the exercise or in the days afterwards then kettlenetics would not be right for you. It's better to play it safe. I'm just a product user and not a doctor or somehow in the medical field so I don't want to give you any bad information or make it sound as thoughI know all the answers.



I really have no idea of how many calories a kettlenetics session would burn. Much would depend on your age, current fitness level, current weight and how much energy you put into your workout.

If I was to guess I could be way off. However on the order page there is a"contact us section) where you can ask questions by email or by a toll free phone number. They may be able to give you the information that you want. 



To me the main difference between kettlenetics and most of the gadgets sold on infomercials is that most of the other products tell you that it will do most of the work for you. They make it sounds as though you just sit there, maybe rock a bit and you'll lose pounds and inches.

With kettlenetics, there is no promise of a machine or gadget doing the work for you. You will be working and you will be sweating. The kbell is a weight - it's not a magic orb that will mysteriously remove inches. They make no promises of that.

The kbell is a tool and like any other fitness tool (like hand weights or a treadmill)the more energy that you put in to it the better results you'll get. Kettle bell, after which the kbell was based on has been used for fitness for many years. The problem though is that kettle bells are usually in a weight that is too heavy for most women and the exercises that you use with them create shorter more muscular muscles.

By having a lighter weight (the kbell) and moves that are more geared towards a womans goal of long and lean muscles you have a system - a tool. If someone believes in the product and works hard they will results, but if someone is unsure, they may not put their heart into it and not work out as hard as they should. They then would not see significant results.

You'll get the amount of results as the energy you put in to it. I'll be honest, when I work ou,t I sweat, I huff and puff and work my butt off. It's hard work but it's also enjoyable at the same time.



Traci 8 years ago

Is this program fun to do? I don't have problems with the idea of working out, but I do not like boring workouts and the more and engergetic they are I can partcipate in. The informerical makes the workouts look slow and boring, but most people say that it is fun. On a scale of 1-10, how fun would you rate kettlnetics?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Kettlenetics is a bit like Pilates and jazzercise rolled into one. Or antoehr way that you can think of it is Pilates X's 3. If you find that Pilates bores you but you think that you would like it if is was a bit faster then kettlenetics will appeal to you.

However even if you felt that even turning up Pilates a bit would bore you -then kettlenetics would not be right for you.

It's hard to give it a scale # because I find it fun but you may not since it's not very active. It is a bit slow and not like high impact aerobics like you would see back a few years ago.

Cass 8 years ago

hey is this workout for people who want to lose A lot of weight? or few people just losing a few pounds

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Caught the dupes.

Kettlenetics isn't just for those wanting to lose a few pounds. As long as someone is healthy enough to exercise they can lose as much as they need to.

However, to continue to lose weight they should be prepared to move up to the advanced system about 3-4 months after they have started. This will help give them a harder workout and help them as they hit the normal weight loss plateau.

Since kettlenetics is an just exercise program in order to lose more weight a diet is recommended. There is a diet included in the box but any low calorie, HEALTHY diet is best.

The combination of burning calories and taking in less calories helps the body burn fat faster.

cass  8 years ago

thank you for your answer and my diets already started and this is the first dvd that im going to stick with!

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That's the spirit! With the air getting cooler and the holiday's just a few months down the road - now is a great time to get started.

Two years ago I had a foot surgery and then knee surgery a few months later, so I wasn't really able to exercise from August until January. I can't tell you how much I dislike all the Christmas photos that year.

Sitting on my butt for months tempted me to eat so much junk food and then just sitting all day made me blow up like a balloon. Although I still don't have really good eating habbits at least I exercise to keep the body under better control. I still have more to lose but I know that I can make it.

Norma 8 years ago

I'm really out of shape and get out of breath easiily, Will this help me to condition myself? Would you recommend this to someone who is out of shape and out of breath easily, but is motivated by the program and to exercise to lose weight?


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Most people when starting an exercise program are out of shape, andwhen they haven't exercised for a while they will also get out of breath easily.

The best way then to approach exercise like kettlenetics is to start off very slowly. For the first few times that you do the workout try it without the kbell. You'll still see that you'll get benefits but you won't over stress your heart, lungs and muscles.

Continue to do the workout without the weight until you can comfortably do the entire workout and just be slightly out of breath. Once you have accomplished this, you then should add the weight for only a portion of your workout. 4-5 minutes is a good start. Then as you progress, start using the kbell more and more during the workout until you can complete the entire workout with it. You can take this as slowly as you need to. It's better to go too slow then to rush it too quickly. If you find that you can not speak when doing your workout then you are pushing it too quickly.

You should be out of breath but should be able to speak a few sentences without gasping hard for air.

It may take 30 workouts before you feel comfortable enough. But with each workout you are conditioning your entire body a bit more.Eventurally you'll find that not are you able to complete a workout with the kbell but you'll be able to do any of the workouts included in the kit. Once you find that you can perform all of the, you may then want to get the advanced kit to add on to your overall fitness level.

One note however, just like with any other exercise program it is always a good idea to get a physical check up, just to rule out any medical issues.

When I first got my kit, I could just about make it through one full workout (even without the weight) and was so upset with myself that I almost just gave up. I so glad that I didn't.

Motivation can get you through a lot. Stay motivated & you'll reach your goals!!

Sally 8 years ago

Are you a member of the Kettlenetics Web Club? If so, how do you like it? I am considering joining, would you recommend it? Feedback from any person would be delightful. Thank you very much.


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I didn't take advantage of the Kettlenetics Web Club. Maybe one of our readers who has, can add some comments about it.

Gretchen 8 years ago


I was a member of the DVD club and stopped immediately with the first shipment. They are not Kettlenetics DVD's but DVD's from Gaiam, the fitness production company. The first set was Yoga for Weightloss DVD, Get a Dancer's Body DVD (NOT from Michelle Khai), and an aerobics workout DVD. Many people might be interested in them, but they were not for me.

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Thanks for spending the time to give us more info on the DVD club!

Patty  8 years ago

I have Kettlenetics, but when I tried it for the first time I had some pain in my lower back, any ideas?

Also, it was a bit for me to keep up, but I do enjoy the experience and cannot wait to have it down like a pro!

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The first few times that I did the workout, I did it without the kbell. Then I started adding the kbell for longer and longer times during the routine, until I was able to complete the entire workout with the kbell.

I know that 4 pounds doesn't sound like much weight, but once you start swinging it, it does feel like 50 pounds (and you'll probably agree).

Since your getting pain in your lower back it sounds as though you maybe arching your back to help compensate for upper body strength (i'm not a doctor but that it what it sounds like to me). It should be your arms, shoulders, abs, and upper back that should be working to keep the kbell in motion.

See if you can try doing the workoutwith thekbell just part of the time and when you do don't be afraid to be behind the workout. What you'll want to do is to besure that your form is good and that you don't feel any stress on your back (at all). Once you know that your form is correct and your not stressing your back,you can then speed up your routine a bit. Then use the kbell for longer time increments until you can do the workout and fell your upper body controlling the weight.

The movements themselves will work your lower abs, thighs and butt so you'll be able to get a full body workout.

Remember that you should NEVER feel any pain. Sore and tired muscles sure but not pain. Take it slow and easy. There is no rush - just follow your body's clues and listen to what it tells you.

janel 8 years ago

I am in my early 20's and used to be very very fit due to all of the sports i used to be involved it. Now, I have retired from my job of sports and have gained about 20 pounds and lost muscle. However, I am not overweight, and am in pretty good shape still. I want to loose those 20 pounds to get where i used to be. Is this workout intense enough fot me?

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In your question you didn't mention which sports you were involved in and if you are doing doing any othertypes of fitness routines.

If you were just coming out of being heavily involved in sports then I would say that this program would not be as physically demanding as you would need to keep up your fitness level.

However, you do mention that you have lost muscle tone. If you feel that this loss is very small you may want to look into more of a weight training type program that would allow you to use weights in both hands. Your local gym would be a good place to go.

You would want to add some circuit trainingalong with the weight training, switching back and forth to continually work different muscle groups.

Now, it it's been a while since you have worked out and you feel that your muscle tone loss is noticable to you when you move and lift then Kettlenetics would be a good way to get back into a fitness program. There is also an advanced program that you can work up to.

Kettlenetics by no means is an easy program. It does give a very good workout and many can not even complete the routine the first few times without the weight. And a very high proportion have to stop using the weight half-way through their first workouts.

However, since you have been so active you still may have maintained much of your strength and cardio capacity. So if you feel that carrying groceries seems a bit harder to do, walking up a few flights of stairs is not as easy as it once was, then starting back into a fitness plan with kettlenetics would be a good idea. But if you are as strong as ever and don't get winded, then hitting your local gym may be the botter option for you.

Monica 8 years ago

When i use kettlenetics, I do not feel it in my abs at all. The only part of me that gets sore are my theighs. Do you have any tips or ideas for me?

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hoping 8 years ago

I have a few questions. First of all, did you experience any type of fatigue in your lower back when you first started? I'm about 3 wks into using kbells and still have fatigue on my lower right side. I'm not sure if I'm not doing something correctly or if that side is that weak. Second of all, did you experience any soreness in your hip flexors? Once again, I'm not sure if I'm doing something incorrectly or what. I did email customer service and they told me they are not doctors and to contact my doctor. well, great, but I need to know if this is something that a lot of people have or is it just me. Third, do you follow the recommended workout schedule still (say the intermediate) or do you follow your own workout schedule? I followed it at first, but now I'm not and I just wondered if it's VERY important to follow the workout schedule they provide. Thanks!

Patty 8 years ago

I had fatigue in my lower back too and I think that I was not doing the exercises properly. Hoping, you are not alone.

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

There is a difference between fatigue and pain. If your muscles are sore then I would suggest doing only half the workout for a few weeks. And before you do your next workout, try it without the kbell and take the moves veryl slowly.

Feel the way your body moves, see if there is any strain put on your back - if so slow down the moves even more so that as soon as you feel any stress you can check your position and see where it is out of alignment.

Also try to keep your body properly aligned so that you use your abs and not your back muscles to help you through the moves. When you have weak ab muscles your back picks up the slack and that can hurt your back.

Now if you feel any pain or burning at all - stop. You should never feel any pain doing any type of a work out. Pain is a signal that something isn't correct. It could be your form, it could be that your using the strength of your back to help get you through the routine.

Just like when you pick up a package, you use your leg muscles and bend to pick it up.

If you feel pain anywhere after the above then try talking to your doctor and see what type of exercise would be best for you. It's better to be safe!

Morgan 8 years ago

I just got Kettle Nettics and I can't wait to start exercising and losing weight! I can't wait to start seeing beautiful results! I know if I work at this program I will begin to see results and feel healthier and toned and in shape! I sure hope so!!

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Keep us posted on how your doing and any tips that you may have for others using kettlenetics.

Just remember to take it slow - the workout can really kick your butt!Although you may be tempted to do an entire workout with the kbell start off slow and then gradually work up. Otherwise you'll be incredibly sore.

a. j. 8 years ago

Can a person still lose weight if they eat very little, like just an apple for a day, and does kettlenetics? will it still work?

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It is very harmful to the body to eat so little. Not only would a person eating so little not get the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that they need but their body would go into starvation mode. During starvation your body holds on to as much fat as possible and starts to eat away and survive on your muscles.

This is very dangerous as your heart is a muscle and it would be eroding little by little. The brain would also stop functioning properly.

The more muscle mass that you lose the less calories that get burned during the day until you get to the point where you are starving your body but no longer lose weight.

A person eating so little wouldn't have the energy to do kettleneticsand since they are not getting any protein or nourishment from their food they could not build lean muscle.

To have any type of a fitness program work as it should it is best to eat at least 1,200 calories through lean meat or other source of protien, a good amount of veggies and fruits, green salads, fat free dairy or soy products, whole wheat grains, some olive oil or ther fat (the brain needs fat to function) and plenty of fresh water.

If there are 2 people and one barelt eats any food at all and the other eats healthy food - they both exercise the same amount - in 6 months the one who hardly ate anything will be weak, sickly, dull pastey skin and probably has lost a lot of their hair, while the person who ate well will be trimmer, more energized, glowing skin, shiny hair and will feel wonderful.

If you have a choice which person would you rather be like?

Meghan 8 years ago

Is it ok to exercise 6 times a week? And when is the best time to exercise, before or after eating? And when is a better time, morning or night? And how soon after eating can someone exercise?

Jackie 8 years ago

Do you know if any celebrities use this program?

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I really do not know if any celebs do use the program or not. I do know that kettlenetics is popular in many tophealth clubs but I don't know if any celebs go there or if they even use it in their home. It would be interesting to see a new infomercial to see who is talking about it.

Melanie 8 years ago

How is Kettlenetics different from KettleWorx? They both appear to have some same exercises, but KettleWorx offers so much more DVD's and exercises. Is Kettlenetics more towards developing a dancer's body, and KettleWorx more towards an athletic body? Because the people on the infomerical for KettleWorx looked ripped and bulky, even the women. Which do you think is better?

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I am not familiar with KettleWorx from the infomercial but I have seen some info online. Both programs look alike but it looks as though Kettlenetics is focusing their advertising towards only women where as KettleWorx is advertising for both men and woman.

By reading the information they do look very similar with just a different way of advertising. It's hard for some women to workout using the heavier weights with KettleWorx when they are just starting out. If a woman is fit and fairly strong to start with I think that either program would work just as well. It would just depend on the woman's starting strength and I believe that both programs are good and it would just be a matter of choice of which one to go with.

Vanessa 8 years ago

Thanks you are so helpful and inspiring! I will update you on my progress!!

Vanessa 8 years ago

I just read the article from the link you sent and it was so helpful and I am so motivated now! I also liked the other link you posted earlier reponding to another person's post. I would like any more helpful sites and links you have to offer because I am really motivated to become healthy and would like helpful and all resources you know of for tips and support. Thanks for your advice and help!!

Vanessa 8 years ago

Thanks so much!! You are so resourceful!! :)

Erica 8 years ago

I,too, have purchased KettleNetics but have never used it. My New's Year's Resolution is to start using KettleNetics and loose weigt and eat healthy. I also want to join that web club to help me stay on track. If anyone is in this webclub to please let me know how it is, Thanks you.

Darly 8 years ago

I just purchased the program and cant wait to receive it to get started, what really made me run to the phoneis when I heard in the informercial that you can burn one thousand calories in an!!!! I still keep thinking about it, but now when I went on their website it didn't mention anything about the 1 thousand calories per hour.....I have like 50 pounds to lose and this info would be really helpful...Is it true that 1 thousand calories can be burned in an hour???(ofcoarse I understand that it depend on the weight,age and fitness of each individial but an estimate make me so motivated)...thank you sincerely Darly

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I have also heard that a kettle bell workout can burn 1,200 - 1,500 calories an hour and if you Google it you'll see many sites stating that. I have never noticed that number in any of the literature that you get with the kettlenetics system.

However, like you mentioned the amount of calories that you could burn would have many different factors and I think that the 2 most important ones are sex and intensity. On average men burn twice as many calories as women when they workout, so thay will usually see a much quicker weight loss than women. You also have to look at the intensity level. In order to be burning one thousand or so calories you would have to really be hitting your routine at the max for a full 60 minutes. Even many fitness instructors would have a hard time staying at their max level for a full hour.

So although the posibility is there, reaching that level is highly unlikely for the average person. The average person will also only work out for 20-30 minutes during each session so they wouldn't be hitting that high calorie mark anyway.

If you do your workout to the best of your ability you will see results. You will be building lean muscle which will help you burn more calories per hour 24/7 which is more important than how many you will burn during your exercise time.

Concentrate on each workout and each day one by one and try to avoid a scale for a bit. Instead keep aside a pair of pants that are either too snug now or ones that you have a hard time fitting into.

Then every 2 weeks, try them on. You will be so surprised with your progress. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so if your building muscle and losing fat your scale won't show a lower number and actually may rise a bit - that's why it's best to stay away from one for a few weeks. I know that you'll be tempted. And if you must look, just remember that as long as you continue your workouts and eat healthy foods, you will be melting fat.

Good luck!

Mike 8 years ago

Thanks for all the info you've supplied here. It's much appreciated. I was wondering though, so many weight loss and fitness products seem geared towards women - and this one is no exception. I know too that traditional kettlebell workouts can be intense (Pavel, etc) and you can get those sort of dvd's on Amazon too. But since I'm a guy that likes yoga and pilates as well as a little weight lifting, do you think this would be a good workout for me? Is it sort of like pilates/yoga/callinetics moves with the small kettlebell for an added challenge?

Thanks in advance!

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I think that the reason why there are so many fitness products now focused towards women is that women are now learning how important it is to build lean muscle but are afraid to get too bulky. If they see women doing the workouts then they won't be afraid of getting too muscular.

Kettlenetics originally was created and used as a dancers workout for both men and women and there is no reason why both men and women can't do the kettbell workouts. The only things however, is that if you are used to working out and using weights heavier than 4 pounds it may not be challenging enough for you. Yes, kettlenetics is like a mixture of pilates/ yoga with a weight for a bit of extra strength building. Kettlenetics also has a cardio workout and the added weight really burns the calories.

You or anyone who may be used to a heavier weight, would be better off picking up a kettle bell workout and dvd seperately froma site such as

I like the "GoFit kettle bell" sets and you would be able to get a heavier kettle bell and dvd combo for less than the advanced kettlenetics system would cost you.

If you had not worked out for a while then I think that kettlenetics would be fine, but since you did mention that your doing a bit of weight lifting it may not be challenging enough for your muscles.

Mike 8 years ago

Thank for the quick reply! I see that Amazon is selling a version of the product for $25.41, but with 2-4 weeks for shipping. Perhaps it lacks a few of the items that come with the package on the site.

It does look like a good workout, and from what I've been reading online, on various sites, isn't like a traditional kettlebell workout, but a good, effective workout in it's own right. I like the dance/sculpting aaspect of the program - from what I've seen. I will probably purchase it and then get a heavier GoFit bell also.

Thanks again!

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Your welcome! and thanks for stopping by

Lisa 8 years ago

does this program do a lot of squats? I have big thighs and tend to bulk up in my legs any time I do a program with a lot squats. When I did the firm program, I really had problems with this.

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


With kettlenetics you would not be doing a lot of squats at all. However, if you did find a program that really appealed to you and did involve squats you could just do a few modified squats or do no squats at all. Then during the time that the tape or dvd was having you do squats you could spend that time focusing on a different part of your body.

I don't do squats or lunges because I have bad knees. However I found that side leg lifts work well for me, so even when I was going to the health club I would do my side leg lifts while everyone was doing squats and lunges.

Since you already have The Firm, try to work in a different exercise while they are doing the squats. This will keep your heart rate up and if you feel that you should do some leg exercises find alternatives, but if you don't feel that your legs and butt need help focus on your mid-section - I think almost all of us could use some extra help there.

Lisa 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. The FRIM has a lot of squats and lunges, so if Kettlenetics does not, I think I will give it a try. I know some peole say it's not true, but with my body type, I always bulk up in my legs when I do a program with a lot of squats and lunges. Have you heard that before?

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Oh yes, there are many women who are prone to bulk up in their legs, thighs and butt. From what I understand it has to do with our hormones, reproduction and beauty. Our bodies are built to attract a mate, and although we always think that breasts are the most attracting feature (at least tv, movies and the like say so) it's actually our thighs and butt that are hot wired into a male brain (think about J-Lo and Angelina for a moment). So many women find that these are the 2 areas that bulk up on them.

Another option for you is to check your local library for exercise tapes or dvd's. I know that ours carry some and this way you can get a chance to see the workouts, try a few and see what appeals to you. Our library lets us check them out for 2 weeks each. Some are only in the vhs tape format but I did find a few on dvd.

It's just another option to help you get where you want to be.

Pearl 8 years ago

I haven't bought the Kettlenetics program yet but am currently researching if it's suited for me.

I am moving into a small condo and space is limited. Will this exercise program require a lot of space? I want to avoid wearing out the carpet and was thinking of doing the exercises on a mat and bare feet. Would that be a problem?

Thank you.

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author

Hello Pearl,

Although you don't need a ton of space for kettlenetics you would need more than you would get from an exercise mat - even more than a treadmill mat.

It's not as much for each exercise but as we workout most of us have a tendancy to shift where we are working and normally that's not a problem but when you've got a weight in your hand you wouldn't want to but your body out of balance.

I have a small living room and our furniture is pulled away from the walls so my workout space is around 4 feet deep and five feet wide. This does give me enough room to stretch out. I don't think that I could work in a smaller space.

Maybe someone else can chime in if they are working in a smaller space but I don't think that mat size would be large enough.

Pearl 8 years ago

That's great to know. I'll wait until I move in to know exactly how much space I have before I purchase Kettlenetics and the exerise mat. Thank you!

Anne 8 years ago

I'm 56 years old and am on weight watchers. The worst part of my body is the vicseral fat that I have gained around my waist. Will kettlenetics work with weight watchers and help me get rid of all this vicseral fat?

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


It's always a good idea to add in a fitness routine along with a diet. Most don't understand that if you only diet and don't exercise you may get much slimmer but you will still have the fat deposits surrounding your internal organs but I see that you understand that.

Weight Watcher's is a great way to eat healthy and lose weight and with the addition of the weight training/interval training/cardio or kettlenetics you should be able to burn off the vicseral fat that lies below the surface.

I don't know if you have been regularly working out or not, but if you haven't you may want to talk it over with your doctor first. I am a year older than you are (yikes! did I just admit that outloud to the world) and when I had gone in for my yearly check up and mentioned that I had started working out again after not doing so for a while my doctor was happy, yet she scolded me for not letting her know first so that she could remind me to start off slower than the videos suggest because of my age.

You'll find that by working with light weights such as the kbell, you'll be able to burn the fat much faster then if you just walked for 45 minutes a day and your workouts will be shorter.

I think you'll love the results, just remember to take it slow & get your drs ok.

Anne 8 years ago

Just curious? How much weight have you lost with the kettlenetics? Did you use their diet? Or your own. Some exercise products say that you should use their diet for better and faster results. And no is the answer to I have not worked out in a while. I have a treadmill that I'm using now and then by the end of the week I'm going torder Kettlenetics. I will take your advice and go slowly,because I know that it is the right way to approach this program. I'll work out without the bell for a while and then workout for 4-5 minutes with it. Thanks for your advice.

Hayley 8 years ago

I absoluetely LOVE kettlenetics, the only problem is that my back always hurts terribly after i work out. I know I am probably putting strain in my back and doing the exercises with my back and not my core, how do i stop this?! Any tips or tricks? I know that I do this naturally because my back is stronger than my core and that is how i lift the weight. i hope to improve this but I dont know how! HELP! Thank you :)

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


I'll be honest - I have not done kettlenetics as often as I would like. My husband has been home the last 7 months due to back surgery and he camps out in front of the TV most of the day & that is where I like to workout. OK, I know that I shouldn't be self-conscience to workout in front of him but I prefer not to.

I have however, lost 18 pounds and have gone down 3 pant sizes. Had I worked out steady I know that my results would have been better. As soon as my husband goes back to work I'm hoping to get back into it like I should.

I am horrible when it comes to diets. Even when the diet allows a good selection of food I still feel like I am deprived. I prefer to eat my normal foods but I use a smaller plate than the rest of the family so I can't fill up as much. And also by using a smaller plate it looks like I have a lot of food. Again with hubby home I have not been good at all. I know that many start new diets and exercise routines at the beginning of the year as a resolution - mine however is to start once I have some time to myself during the day.

I think you'll really like the kettlenetics system.I've done so many different programs over the years and I feel like this is the only one that I have seen results from and enjoy doing. Back in '87 I was going to 2 aerobic classes a day (one low impact and one non-impact) and my results were outstanding however, I screwed up both my knees and stopped doing aerobic all together.

Treadmill are great!!


I am not pro at this but for me, I have found that if I suck my gut in and stand tall, I use my core and arms more than I use my back. Sometime if you lean over (forwards) while you are working out your center of gravity shifts and if you happen to have big boobs the weight pulls on your back and not where it should be.

If you wash your face in the bathroom sink and have to lean over to do it -try to see if you feel back strain. If so then it's the weight of your upper body which is giving you the soreness in your back. Then be sure to always stand tall and when your moving the kbell watch its motion. Try to keep it in alignment with your center of gravity.

Your back should never hurt. If you find that by making the changes above you don't find that it helps, then I would suggest that you call kettlenetics toll free at 1-800-350-8029 or 1-800-713-2909 and don't continue to workout until you talk with them. They should be able to help.

anita 8 years ago

I am really interested in this program. I am 42 years old and I have worked out irregularly for years. I am about 25lbs over my desired weight and I am really looking for something that will help me slim my thighs and lift my but as well as tone my arms and abs. I work out on my elliptical or jog on my treadmill about 4-5 times a week and I try to do some strength training every week. I am easily distracted and bored. I am also busy with my husband and 4 daughters as well as working part time and very active at my church. I don't have a lot of time and getting up any earlier might kill me. I have hundreds of work out videos and I don't want this one to collect dust like most of the others. Do you think this could really help me get my shape back? I am a fairly healthy eater (I do fall off the wagon every so often and binge on ice cream.)

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


Before looking to purchase a new program why not try to use what you have already? I know that sometimes doing the same workouts can be boring but if you put a new spin to them it might get you excited with what you have.

For example, I love both treadmills and ellipticals and there are many workouts that you can do on them in addition to what you may already be doing. If you go to Youtube and search Treadmill workouts and elliptical workouts you will probably find new one that you had not thought of.

I find my favorite ones when I search "treadmill workouts fordmodels" in addition to new routines that you can do on your fitness equipment this search will also give you new workout ideas to do without any fitness equipment.

Although you would probably really enjoy kettlenetics, I can't see you spending any more money on fitness when you already have videos and pieces of equipment. Try new ways to use what you have - kettlenetics will be here for a long time so if you could always pick it up later if you can't seem to stay with what you already have.

Anita 8 years ago

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I will try your suggestions and I may still give kettlenetics a try later.

Gretchen 8 years ago

If I follow the directions provided, how long will it take for me to see results. Where can I expect to see the most immediate results?

Thanks so much!

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The Health Lady 8 years ago Author


It is so hard to say when any one person will see results. There are so many factors such as age, your current weight, your current fitness level, how much energy you put into your workouts, how is your diet etc.

What I can tell you though is that if you faithfully do the kettlenetics workout you will see results quicker than you would think you would. Many start seeing results in 2 weeks. Remember too, that when your doing kettlenetics you will be looking for toning, shaping and fat loss. Your not just concerned with weight on a scale.

Since kettlenetics is more than just a cardio workout or a diet, the weight you lose will be fat and fat weight less thanwater weight or muscle so the scale will move slowly in the beginning but you will see a physical difference.

Take a pair of pants that are snug on you now. Workout for 2 weeks, then try them on again and you will probably seeand feel a difference. No it won't be a huge difference, but you'll start to see the fat melt away.

Good Luck & have fun!

Jo 8 years ago

Well I just did my first kettlenetics workout on Friday. I simply did the first one, kbelements that just kinda goes over the moves and then started the second one, flowmotin basics but wasn't able to finish it. I feel like I am not in terrible shape but evidently I am not in great shape by any means. I have been walking on and off (weather, etc..), playing tennis some, (weather), riding horses, etc.... However after doing the little that I did, my thighs (quads) were extremely sore the next couple of days.I think that it was more from the first dvd, just showing me how to do some of the moves, because it has some lunges, and squats etc...which when I did the second dvd, there was not a lot of these. So now it is 3 days later and I am better but still sore. I have definitely decided to do the routine without the kbell until I have gotten the moves down better, and can make it thru the whole session. I don't think that I am going to do the first one with the moves again. My thighs can't take that again. I plan on following the schedule for beginners and them working from there. It does seem to be fun, but I think that I will enjoy it more when I get the moves down pat. I am 49 and hoping to lose some weight and tone up all over. Would love to lose 20 lbs. but not going to worry about that so much as just getting the benefits of the exercise. It is great to hear about the experiences of others on here so I will keep checking in.

kikkichikki 8 years ago

where can i buy it? best buy ?

Treadmills101 profile image

Treadmills101 8 years ago from Utah


I purchased mine through the link up above these comments where it says "kettlenetics link" and was very happy with the quick shipping and customer service.

You can also find it at which also has quick shipping. I have heard a few talk about a few different places where the price is a few dollars less but also heard that it takes twice as long for your package to arrive.I don't know if bestbuy would have it it or not -I haven't been there in a while. You could try calling.

By then you are not as motivated. I prefer to get it while I'm motivated otherwise I might let it sit in the box.

Jo 8 years ago

Our area Kohls has it, but I ordered mine off QVC and got the best buy for the deluxe package. The shipping was very reasonable and it was here in a few days!

I did the flowmotion basics without the weight yesterday and did fine. Still got my heart rate up and hope to add the weight soon.

HelplessInSD 7 years ago

I just bought the kettlenetics system plus the deluxe... I sure hope it helps! I have always been 'skinny' but no matter what I do I can never seem to loose my lovehandles and cellulite. I am only 21yrs old (5'8", about 124lbs) and I have been dealing with cellulite and lovehandles since I can remember (preteen age maybe? can't remember...)

It really brings down my self-esteem to see others my age with no 'muffin top' or dimples/fat on their bums and upper thighs. I mean, I'm only 21... I deserve to have at least a few years of an amazing, tone, "perfect" body. I feel like my youth has been taken from me all these years. Not to mention, I model and to see other models with no areas of concern really discourages me as well.

I have NEVER been able to go to the beach without wearing a coverup or shorts... most of the time I'd wear a shirt too just to hide my lovehandles. I would give ANYTHING to be able to feel confident and look amazing in a bathingsuit this summer. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G-!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or does anyone know, possibly from experience, if the kettlenetics system help with getting rid of cellulite and lovehandles? And how long did it take for you to see results in these areas? (Yes, I know everyone's results may differ but I just want something to hope for.)


The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


You mention that you are 5"8, 124 pounds and that you model. Is it possible that you are being too hard on your self and your body? If your body was as bad as you think it is, then you would not be able to get modeling jobs.

Although you may believe that your body is way out of shape it appears that others around you do not. The one really good thing about kettlenetics is that it is an exercise system that will tone your muscles and tighten any jiggely areas.

Since you already have a desireable BMI ( body mass index of 19) you should see results fairly quickly compared to someone who is quite over weight. You really don't have any fat to burn off but need shaping which kettlenetics can give you.

Just remember to take it slow in the beginning and build up as you get use to the workouts and the weight of the kbell. Don't try to overdue it so that you see results quicker - this will just make you sore and you'll wind up skipping workouts.

You have more than enough time to start working out now and be ready to have a super toned beach body by summer (if not before summer starts). Many people start seeing results in 2-3 weeks so take a good look at your body now - take a few measurements - then check again in 3 weeks and compare.

Then let us know how you are doing.

Good luck!

Mary Jen 7 years ago

I ordered kettlenetics the other day and you have a chance to get the heavier weight when you order the regular set. You order the 4 pound and before you pay you will have the option of getting the extra set added.


Vanessa H. 7 years ago

Help! I need some motivation! I purchased this system, but I have been so busy with work and school that it is difficult for me to start and to buy healthy food and eat healthy! I am always tired and have limited time! Please give me some motivation health lady!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


Congrats on your first step to getting your body back in shape and living a healthier life. I know that I have a hard time eating healthy foods when I am either stressed on time or short on cash.

I'm not sure why but food that is better for you always seems to cost much more than jumk food - doesn't it? One of the great things about spring is that there is more fruit in the grocery stores and they are often on sale.

Relying on fruit in the spring and summer is a great way to eat healthy without having much food preparation and you can often just grab it on the run. With most fruit there is often no preparation (except for washing) and it travels well.

Now is the perfect time to switch away from heavier, fatty foods of winter and keep plenty of fruit on hand. You will also find that by having a few pieces of fruit spaced out during the day will give you natural energy and you will be able to get through the day without dragging in the afternoon.

If you hardly eat fruit now, then you should add a piece or 2 to your day. The over the next few weeks add more in as different fruits come into season and go on sale. If you add too much too quickly it can give you gas so start off slow.

Don't forget too that grocery stores also have cut and bagged carrots, string beans, sugar snap peas and green salads. The prep is already done for you so that you can take it on the run.

What's easier than grabbing a banana, a handful of cut carrots and a green salad? This time of year it's inexpensive, super easy to have on hand and no prep needed.

The natural sugars and nutrients will keep your energy level high and if you also add a container of yogurt you'll add protein which will help you learn and retain info better.

Go to the store one day when you are not too stressed on time and take a good look in the produce section. See what's on sale, see what's new, look for fruits and veggies that are already cut for you.

After a bit you'll find that it's just as easy to grab a handful of grapes then it is to open a bag of chips. And the grapes will give you energy and the chip will weight you down and make you drag all afternoon.

It will take a bit of work the first week or two but after that, you'll make the right choices automatically.

Good luck!

terri 7 years ago

this may sound like a dumb question, but is there a lot of jumping involved. I live in an apartment and do not want to disturb my neighbors below me with a lot of jumping up and down. right now I go to the gym 5X a week and walk 3 miles on the treadmill, but am not getting the toning I want except in the rear end area

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


Kettlenetics does not involve jumping. It's kind of pilates with the addition of a weight. The movements aren't like aerobics, but slower and presice.

Can I ask you what type of programs that you are doing at the gym? If you are working out 5 times a week you should be seeing results, and the addition of the treadmill should help even more.

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

This was good to read - thanks.  I just ordered Kettlenetics a few days ago.  I'm not particularly planning to stick with any particular schedule.  Instead, I'm adding it to a mix of programs I have as a way of having yet more variety in workout options.  I already have a single-DVD, 5 lb, kettlebell workout (from The Firm), and I like the smoothness of the movements.  I think they make a nice complement for the more "jerky" kickboxing and other moves.

I'm not far off from your age, and I've never found any of the "dance-based" programs a problem when it comes to doing the moves.  Then again, just yesterday I saw someone who looked in her 30's write about how she couldn't master the moves in a different workout.  I think when it comes to that, it often depends on the person.

I have the "lovely" light blue, 8-lb kettlebell and extra DVD's coming too. I expect that to be just that more challenging than any of the basic workouts (Kettlenetics or other), and I like the idea of "escalating the workouts", as opposed to just doing the same thing all the time (particularly since I have been (ahem) "36" for several years now).

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Just another note: I just checked out other people's "offerings" on Kettlenetics, and yours deserves the high score it has. You've been really thorough, rather than just posting a couple of short paragraphs of "same-old-nothing" information.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Thank you Lisa for your comment.

I was first hesitant to start kettlenetics because I wasn't sure if it would be out of my league as I hadn't exercised for quite a while.

I did try a few of the "dancing" type programs but I didn't have enough room in my living room to work out and was spending more time trying to learn the dance steps than actually doing anything.

With this program you move slower but with each movement you are working your muscles. I leave my kbells in the living room and sometimes I'll pull them out during a commercial to get a few minutes of exercise here.

This helps to make up for the days when I don't have time or when the weather is just too hot to workout (we don't have air conditioning we have what they call a swamp cooler and it doesn't keep the house that cool at all).

Maybe because I enjoy kettlenetics I write about it a bit more than on some of the other sites.

Angain- thanks!

Shanelle 7 years ago

Thanks for the information! Do you have any site reccommendations for motivation? I liked the link earlier about the 100 motivational things for working out, do you have other sites that can help motivate me for exercise? Thanks!

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

The Health Lady, I just thought I'd return and mention that my Kettlenetics arrived.  The 8-lb. kettlebell isn't nearly as intimidating as I thought it may be.   I don't have much strength in my hands at all.  Carrying a gallon-bottle of water can be a challenge if I don't use my arms.  Then I have one hand that was badly broken and never quite got so it isn't sensitive.    Still, the design of the kettlebell makes it fairly easy to hold and swing.  (The thought did occur to me that one wouldn't want that thing to fall on her toes.   :)  )

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


Good luck with your exercise routine, you'll notice that as you go along you get stronger and stronger. I know that you will not be able to do this with your hand that broke but have you thought of getting a small rubber ball to do hand exercises? They are very inexpensive and you can do the exercises anywhere. It's also very effective.

Shanelle,I apologize for not getting back here sooner but I have been searching and looking for really good motivational sites and have not found any except for the one listed way up top.

Maybe fellow readers can help out and suggest a few.

Shanelle 7 years ago

I appreciate your help, thank you very much Health Lady :)

Rebecca 7 years ago

Hello! I love reading all the comments here. Thanks for the great info! I started doing kettlebells a few weeks ago and have been using a 15-lb KB. I am interested in variety so am considering getting Kettlenetics as well. I'm really confused about the price and what it contains. I saw on the Kettlenetics website -- it's $39.90 plus approx. $15 for shipping = roughly $55. What do you get with the deluxe package? Do you get more DVDs in addition to the 8-lb KB or are you just paying for that 2nd KB? I'm trying to figure out how much the total cost for everything will be in the end (incl. shipping). Thanks for all your good advice! =)

Rebecca 7 years ago

p.s. Hi again! Sorry for the 2nd post -- just wanted to make sure I have my facts straight: The initial package you get includes 5 DVDs for $55 shipped. Do you get 2 more DVDs with the deluxe addition plus the extra KB? Meaning at the end of the day, you have 7 DVDs and 2 KBs...for how much? Thanks!!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Hello Rebecca,

I had purchased my kettlenetics standard package and deluxe package just about a year ago so shipping prices may have changed but here is the breakdown on my invoice:

Standard set 39.90Deluxe set 29.90Shipping 24.90 for a total of 94.70

With the deluxe set you do get advanced DVD's along with the heavier kbell so that you can expand on your workouts. Plus as with dieting, when you do the same fitness routines your body gets used to them and you have to shake it up a bit.

With the combination of the starter and the deluxe set you'll have your 2 kbells, 4 full length DVD's and 2 additional 15 minute workouts (starter pack) and 2 DVD's that are both 30 minutes long with advanced routines and all the other goodies like a wall chart, food chart etc.

Do you already have any workout dvd's? If you do you may just want to add to your collecton by going to a page such as and putting in a search for kettlebell dvd's. There are several that you can purchase independently from a kettlebell set (since you already have a kettlebell).

I do love my complete set since they are meant to work together moving you from one level to another but you may just want to get individual dvd's and maybe a lower weight kbell. This might save you a bit of money.

I hope that I have not confused you - you just may not need a complete set.

In addition to kettlenetics

Rebecca 7 years ago

Thanks so much for the fast response. Right now, I have the Lauren Brooks Body Sculpt & Conditioning DVD. I alternate between a 10 and a 15-lb kettlebell due to the fact that I've been having some upper back/shoulder/neck achiness & strain. I love the DVD I own but am looking into the kettlenetics because it looks quite different. In addition to just needing variety, I am also interested because it uses a lighter weight kb and seems to offer a workout that is more fluid than the normal kb workouts. I'm not sure if some of the overhead kettlebell exercises I'm doing now are irritating my shoulder/back or not, so I'm hoping that kettlenetics can be an alternative that will provide just as challenging a workout. I just wasn't sure if I needed everything -- the standard and the deluxe sets -- considering I have a 10 & 15-lb kb plus DVD that already cost quite a bit. Of course, if money were not an issue, I would totally LOVE to have the entire set! =) But again, thanks for the info. Will continue to scour the web for the best deal -- hoping QVC will get it back in soon!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


You are right about the heavier kb's possibly causing your achiness. When I started I was even sore just using the lower weight and used it for about 2 1/2 months.

With kettlenetics the movements are slower than with the other programs, so your not getting any help from momentum. LIke pilates the slower movements causes each part of your muscle to get used in the full movement and works each part equally -I think that's how it gives your longer more even muscle tone and not the shorter bulkier muscles that you get when you weight train.

With summer workouts really getting popular right now QVC will probably have it back again shortly.

Best of luck!

Brittany P. 7 years ago

Will this program make me bulky? Will me body be proportioned, or will my arms develop more than the rest of my body? Also, I do not want to shrink my bun size but instead want a more developed and bigger bottom, will this program do this for me?

Lynn 7 years ago

I'm so glad to read a review by someone who has used Kettlenetics. I thought your review was right on target. I've been doing Kettlenetics for about 3 weeks and am seeing great results in my upper tummy area as well as my inner thighs and butt. I think it's a great workout! And yes, you DO sweat! :)

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


In general it is hard for a woman to get bulky using light weights unless she specifically trains to bulk up. Bulkier musicles are usually created by using very heavy weights with a small amount of reps.

Kettlenetics uses a light weight ( I know that a 4, 8, or 10 pound weight may not seem light when you are using them but they really are.)

Another thing with kettlenetics is that you use the weight with both hands at one time and by doing so your not just using your arms and shoulders by your entire upper body, The when you lower the kbell you are using your core and lower body.

Your kbell may be in your hands but you use most of the muscles in your body (depending on which move you are doing) to help move the kbell.

You will feel more soreness in your arms then in the rest of your body if you haven't worked out for a while but you will feel it all over - this shows you that it's not just your arms that is getting a good workout.

As Lynn mentions right above this - "you'll feel it in your upper tummy, inner thighs and butt".

You'll see a firming in the butt and you will also notice that if you have a saggy butt -kettlenetics will work the muscles to lift it - thus giving it fullness.

Have fun!

Donna 7 years ago

I've been looking into Kettlenetics and finally bought it today. Looking forward to getting it and adding it to my workouts. Thanks for all the good info.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


I think that you will see fairly quick results and be very happy with what you see. Just remember to go slow in the beginning and don't over do it.

I know that I worked too hard the first day and totally felt it for several days later and missed a few days because of it.

Cheyanne 7 years ago

How soon are typical results shown? I would like to be in shape by the 2nd week of September due to a wedding. I hope I can do it it is difficult for me to get motivated to work out! But I do like Kettlenetics, even though I haven't started yet, I hope I can get into the groove of it and lose weight by September.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Hi Cheyanne,

I think that all of us at one time or another wanted to get in shape for a specific occasion. Luckily for you, you have 6 weeks to work out while most don't even think about it until 2 weeks before the occasion and they don't have time.

It's so hard to predict how much weight someone will lose in any particular time frame. There are so many deciding factors such as:you age, your current state of health, how long you work out, how hard you work out, what you eat and on and on.

From listening to others it appears that many start to see results in 2-3 weeks. Some are a bit sooner and with some it takes longer. You have about 6 weeks to work out which should give you a good amount of time to either ramp up your efforts or slow them down by checking your actual results.

I'd love to give you a specific answer but we are all so different.

Instead of trying to figure out how quick you can start seeing results or what type of results you can see in 6 weeks---get to work right away. I know that it is hot out so you may not want to work out in long sessions so, do shorter sessions and then be sure to move as much as possible during the day.

You may not burn many extra calories by leaving your cell phone in a different room than you are in, but you can give your metabolism a bit of a boost by having to run into a different room every time your cell phone rings or you get a text message. It may seem annoying to always having to get up but remember every time you do you get closer to your goal.

You will also have to watch what you eat. Don't go into starvation mode by trying to cut back too drastically. Just eat well by relying on your foods in this order (from the most to the least)

veggies, fruits, whole grains, low fat or non-fat dairy, fish, soy or lean meats.

If you can fill up on veggies and salads you'll find that you won't have room for any junk food plus veggies are very low calorie yet pack a lot of nutrition.

Try to take every day (and sometimes every hour) at a time. Put up a photo or a reminder of why you want to get in shape and use it as a motivator. For every cookie or fast food burger you pass up the better off you will be.

One of my favorite places is . I found many foods that I was eating and thought were fairly low in calories and fat but packed a calorie and fat wallop. No wonder we all have problems with our weight. There are hidden calories every where.

Good luck & keep us updated on your progress!!

Cheyanne 7 years ago

Thanks I feel more motivated now! Thanks for providing me with website references and feel free to post more they are helpful!! Also, have you joined the Kettlenetics webclub? It looks motivating and I am interested in hearing from someone who is a member so let me know how it is! :)

Beth 7 years ago

When I tried Kettlenetics, I got really out of breath and achy. I am perhaps starting off wrong but I am determined to stay focused and try to get the moves right because I want a body like Michelle Khai!!!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Hi Beth,

I think that you sound like 89% of us when just starting out. Although kettlenetics is fun it is a lot of hard work.

If it's any consolation to you the muscle soreness is due to working your muscles and being out of breath is the aerobic part. So your working it girl!

Just remember to start off slowly, take your time to learn the moves correctly and stay determined. With kettlennetics you will see results but you don't want to overdo it and get too sore in the beginning so that you don't look forward to your workouts.

This comment is for any one who is starting a new exercise program or diet - consult your doctor first before starting. I just found out yesterday that a man in our neighborhood decided to play a friendly game of basketball with some of his sons friends, it was 95 in the shade he got over heated and had a heart attack.

So always make sure that you are healthy enough to workout and take extra caution in the summer heat. Please!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

I found this article at Yahoo health very interesting and thought that I would share it with you today.

It's a long url so I hope that it works ok.

The title is " Burn 9 Times More fat and other Secrets"

Beth 7 years ago

Thanks health lady! I will be checking back on your site often to see if you updated any new websites! thanks for the information and links!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Yahoo has another good article today - drop a pound a week.

Hope you pick up a few tips.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Found another one of those great "eat this not that" pages.

It's the 30 worst foods in America.

Beth 7 years ago

Thanks this is a great article! Now i am more aware and can substitute!

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Pizza is my favorite food & boy was I shocked when I saw the calories and fat in some of my favorite pizza's. Luckily the article has "good" pizza to eat.

Kate 7 years ago

Just had to say thanks for all the unbiased reviews. Kettlenetics isn't easy for someone who is uncoordinated,stiff and sore before their time. However it is worth doing. I have been combining it with a home pilates workout for the last two weeks and I am beginning to feel less stiff and more aware of my movements and posture. (Had been using just pilates on and off for a few months) Just as everyone else has said take it slow and steady. You will see results.

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author

Yes, isn't it great when everyone chips in and gives their opinion!

Nadia 7 years ago

I am going to begin a juice fast and colonics, do you think kettlenetics will be safe to use with these new changes?

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


The only ones who would know the right answer to your question would be you and your health care practitioner, since someone would need to know your current health status, your fitness level, your meal plans etc.

However, in general when someone is going on a fast it is best not to do anything that is very physical for several reasons.

First, often the person fasting can become dizzy and physical activity can increase this feeling.

Second, the calorie consumption is often extremely low (many time just enough to sustain bodily functions) so if you burn more calories you may start burning muscle.

Third, with fasting you probably won't be taking in any protein. Protein is needed to repair muscles during exercise.

Fourth, unless you have fasted several times before, you won't have much energy while fasting so you don't want to expend any of it.

I'd stay away from doing any intense exercise during the fast and for at least one day after. So I personally wouldn't do kettlenetics during this time.

Good luck!

Nadia 7 years ago

Thanks Health Lady! Wonderful advice!!!

Debra 7 years ago

Thanks so much for all of that info. And, no, for some reason that booklet wasn't in my kit. I'll definitely contact Gaiam and try to get one from them.

Thanks again!

Kate 7 years ago

My New Year's resolution is to use kettlenetics and get fit and trim! I know it may be difficult at first to get in the mode and stay motivated, but I am confident Kettlenetics will help me achieve my desired results! I can't wait to see results! :)

The Health Lady profile image

The Health Lady 7 years ago Author


Good luck! As they say ....A New Year ...a New You

Shannen 7 years ago

Thank you for such a thorough and well written review. I saw this product at a store and didn't want to purchase it until I saw reviews from actual users. This one cinched it for me. I'm really excited about getting started now. I have about 40 pounds to lose after having a baby 8 months ago and I think this will be the ticket!

Andy 7 years ago

The fitness industry still have not communicated to women that they will NOT get bulky lifting heavy weights. Even that dancer seems to think so in the informercial. They will get strong, but they wont bulk up like men do. Women are not men! Bulking up requires heavey weights + testosterone, and very hard work. and women have 1/20th of the amount of testosterone as men, and even some men have trouble bulking up. Those scary women you see are usually 'taking something'

Now to really tone, sculpt etc you need to lift heavier weights.

Google Lauren Brooks to see what proper kettlebell work does to a woman.

Lifting heavier weights will also help with Osteoporosis.

Women carry heavier shopping bags , babies etc. Dont be afraid of buking up. It wll never happen.

Ella Thomas 6 years ago

I am 61 and in pretty good health. I don't take any kind of prescription medication and I exercise 45 minute 3 to 4 times a week. Will this program be ok for someone over 60?

Bev 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this fantastic review.. It helped me decide to actually purchase the kit, which arrived 3 days ago.. I am in Australia and unfortunately the 8lb kbell isn't offered to us in an upgrade unfortunately so I was only able to get the 4 lb kbell.. I took your advice and only did the Kb elements and the flowmotions basic dvd on the 1st day and I didn't really think it had done much, but boy did I feel it the next day in my legs. I had a rest day on the 2nd as per the instructions and have just finished both the Kb elements (am just doing this until I feel confident I am getting the moves right) and flowmotions basic again. Now I can really feel it in my legs today and a little in my arms and upper stomach..

I can't believe how quickly the time goes when doing the workouts.. They are great and I am sure will get easier the more I get used to the moves.. I am a 49 year old who really needs to get back into shape after having 5 children, one of them in my 40s.. This workout program is something I think I am going to love and stick with..

Thanks for your advice and help and the fantastic review you have written.. It has helped me greatly..

Miranda O. 6 years ago

I really want to use this product! I have purchased it, but am too lazy to actually stay motivated and do it consistently. I get inspired when i hear stories about people who are getting results from this program. I really want to have a hot body, especially a lean, dancer's body. I am going to try and stay consistent with this program. i would like to hear more stories from people who use it, and people to keep checking in and telling their improved results- i need some motivation!!! :)

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