Kinect Fitness: Losing Weight

Technology has finally arrived that will allow you to interact with a video game system without holding a device of any kind. New from Microsoft is the Kinect, a very intelligent camera that interfaces with the Xbox 360 gaming hardware. With the addition of the Kinect hardware, the Xbox 360 can deliver real time interaction between you and your television screen. Now with the introduction of games you are able to have an interactive exercise session and begin losing weight with Kinect gaming.

The system is so smart that it uses the camera technology to actually see the moves you make and respond to you as you dance or move your way to a healthier smaller you. Many of us dream of getting involved in an exercise program where we work with one on one with a personal trainer, complete with motivation and technique feedback. That is now a reality without leaving your home with Kinect fitness.

To optimize the system, you should have about 8 square feet of room to move. The program is set up by you and individualizes its offerings dependent on your personal information, such as weight, height, age, etc. There is even a cardio program that will read your heart rate with feedback. It is also able to provide you with the estimated amount of calories burned during the movements on screen.

There are several different software to choose from including those for dancers, yoga lovers, cardio boxers, and even gamers that want to stand up and interact physically in a game with other players. With the quality of the software, it will prompt you if you are not accomplishing the moves acceptably, so no cheating with this one. This is a fun way to exercise your excess weight away. With the marriage of the gaming system and the weight loss industry with such quality, the Xbox Kinect fitness has hit a home run.


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