Kundalini Yoga Crow Pose - Practical and Powerful

Finding the Pose

  • Squat on the floor with legs shoulder width apart and feet flat on the ground with the toes pointing outward.
  • Reach forward with your arms and have your index finger pointing forward, while the other fingers are interlaced.
  • Gaze over your extended arms and stare out into infinity.
  • Keep your back straight and breathe deeply.

Resting in the pose

Breathing deeply, hold 15 Seconds - 3 minutes. Start slowly and build up your time steadily from there.
Breathing deeply, hold 15 Seconds - 3 minutes. Start slowly and build up your time steadily from there.

Benefits of Kundalini Crow Pose

  • Opens and clears the root chakra increasing one's sense of security, connectivity to nature and clear practical, down-to-earth thinking.
  • Balances the root chakra also helps remove fears.
  • Balances and heals the heart chakra, allowing love and compassion to flow.
  • Increases flexibility in the groin and hips.
  • Good for the health of the knee joints and ankle joints.
  • Stimulates the internal organs for toning and healing the elimination system of the body.

Reaching and Deepening the pose - Tips

  • You can also place a rolled up blanket or hard cushion under your heels to help you with this posture.
  • Be careful with your knees and only go as far down as comfortable, regardless of whether you are doing the modified posture or the full pose.
  • Feel your heart center expanding as you reach forward and stare out over your hands into infinity

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