Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter for Your Newborn Personal Development

"The Lamaze Infant Development System guides you through three key stages of your baby's development. Lamaze toys grow with babies". You will like the Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter as toys are enjoyed in new ways as the months go by for your baby to get use to them and learn more about coulours. The sorting toy will awaken all of baby senses contrasting colours & patterns for sight which will improve your babies mental development as first as possible. The baby will be able to hear different sound on each shape for hearing, your baby will be able to sense smell from the calming apple scent of the toy.

While using the Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter, its funs shapes, sound and differing textures normal encourages baby to move and play with it. Check online at Amazon for more review on this great product that your child needs for personal development

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Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter

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