Laser Eye Surgery Providers in China


Laser Eye Surgery in China

China is the worlds fastest growing and biggest super power in the world today. It excels in the export business and trades with more countries than any other country in the world mostly due to its manufacturing abilities and competitiveness when it comes to price. The same applies when it comes to hospital surgeries and treatments which is why many people are travelling to china to make the most from these procedures at such a low price.

How much does laser eye surgery cost in China?

The cost of laser eye surgery varies quite excessively depending on the difference in procedure. The most common types of laser eye surgery are LASEK, LASIK and PRK with the prices varying from £395 per eye (usually for 0.25 correction) to £4000 per eye for some more complicated treatments.

Locations and providers for laser eye surgery in China:

Canossa Hospital Caritas, Hong Kong

New Vision Eye Clinic, Shanghai can offer a range of optometry and ophthalmology services, as well as consultation by appointment, direct-billing and English language services. They specialize in refractive surgery, cataract surgery, comprehensive ophthalmology treatment, cosmetic surgery, strabismus and amblyopia treatment and medical optometry.

Evangel Hospital, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Central Hospital

St Paul's Hospital, Hong Kong has state of the art Facilities, the environment. Modern ethnology and medical equipment! Hospital consultant doctors! Specialists and other medical staff service specialists.

Is laser surgery in China safe?

The country in which laser surgery is performed really doesn't determine anything when considering the safety of the procedure. It is important to check that both the clinic and the doctor are reputable. A reputable clinic will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their practitioners’ qualifications and experience. You are fully entitled to enquire about the number of procedures that their doctors have performed and they should be able to supply you with success rate figures. However, don't be naive because laser surgery in any country involves risks. To choose a reputable company to perform your laser eye surgery you should be looking for result of 98 percent success and above. It is said that less than 2 percent of people have negative side affects. It should also be mentioned that the success rate varies depending on the type of procedure.

How long will the surgery take?

Usually you can go into the surgery and leave the hospital within a couple of hours. The procedure itself can range from 10 minutes per eye to 30 minutes per eye. You will then be given goggles of some kind and asked to sit in a dark room for half and hour or so. Providing everything isok you will be discharged to continue your recovery from home. After 24 hours of rest you may feel some slightly itchiness or discomfort but yougenerally well recovered.Frequent eye drops should then be used each day. Most patients hathe perfect eyesight within a couple of days of the procedure but for some people it can take up to one month.

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peachpurple 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

my nephew had eye laser surgery a few years ago and doesn't any problem yet. It was done in taiwan. Heard that the price is cheap.

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