Laser Skin Resurfacing Florida

Age, and damage from sun and wind, can dry out the skin and cause it to lose its elasticity and youthful vigor. Once the aging process begins, the skin becomes marked by deep wrinkles and lines, and age spots and liver spots form, especially in skin that has been exposed to intense sun for extended periods of time. For individuals with fair skin, or those that are prone to freckles and sunburn, the intense Florida sun can contribute to severe premature aging.

Traditionally, many people turned to microdermoabrasion to try to recover their youthful complexion. This process is almost exactly like sandpapering a piece of wood, and removes the damaged top layers of skin, exposing fresh pink skin underneath. Whilst this process can be effective, it is extremely painful, and the healing process is a long and drawn out affair.

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The Advantages of Laser Skin Resurfacing

Advances in modern technology mean that repairing damaged skin is now less painful, and much more effective. In large numbers, Americans are turning to laser skin resurfacing as a way of repairing damage, removing wrinkles, age spots, acnes scars and thread veins. With this process, a laser removes the top layers of skin, exposing the undamaged layers beneath and knocking years off your age. The traditional chemical peels and dermoabrasion techniques remove only the top few layers of skin, but the laser can be set to peel off deeper layers, removing all traces of age and damage. Laser skin resurfacing can:

  • Smooth and erase fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • Soften crow's feet and laughter lines
  • Remove spots and blemishes, and rectify uneven skin pigmentation
  • Smooth out scars and blend them with the surrounding skin
  • Improve general skin tone, restoring elasticity and youthful vigor

Skin laser resurfacing is usually performed on an outpatient basis, although deep treatment for particularly acute conditions may require a general anesthetic and short stay in hospital. The technician uses a laser to ablate and peel away the top layers, directing the laser with precision and finesse, minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. This process is thorough, and laser skin resurfacing rarely requires a long series of repeat visits, with 1 to 3 sessions usually enough.

The Side Effects of Skin Laser Resurfacing

Of course, whilst skin laser resurfacing is the most efficient way to remove the ravages of time and scarring, there is a cost. The process is more discomforting than some of the gentler laser methods, and the recovery process takes a few days. Some patients may suffer redness and blotchiness for a month or two, but this is easily disguised with cosmetics, and it will fade over time.

However, the method efficiently ablates away the top layers and exposes the fresh collagen beneath, ultimately giving skin a fresh and youthful appearance, making the extra discomfort worthwhile. The dermatologist will provide medication and dressings, if needed, ensuring that there will be no problem with infections of inflammation, as well as arrange a series of follow up visits.

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Florida

Skin laser resurfacing is not ideal for everybody, and it is useful to book a consultant with a center for laser skin resurfacing in Florida. Certain medical conditions and medicines hypersensitize the skin, making the process unsafe. In addition, it is harder for the practitioner to focus the laser through very dark skin, although recent improvements and refinements in the laser have helped to open the process up to many more people.

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