Laser Stretch Mark - Guide to Laser Treatment in Florida

For many women, stretch mark treatment is a godsend, helping them to get rid of the results of pregnancy or losing weight too quickly. Rather than spend money on expensive skin creams that are usually ineffective or merely cosmetic, more are turning to laser stretch mark treatment as an alternative. Whilst other methods may fade or disguise stretch marks, only laser stretch mark treatment removes them permanently

In Florida, due to the skin damage caused by the strong year round sun, skin laser treatment centers have a long history, and the practitioners are well practiced with the equipment. Add to this the fact that they are aware of the latest techniques and technology, and stretch mark treatment in Florida makes perfect sense.

An increasing number of medical tourists are flocking to Florida for treatment, lured by the expertise and the competitive prices, but also by the chance of a long and relaxing break. Why not kill two birds with one stone, and receiving stretch mark treatment in Florida provides another great incentive. Many women avoided wearing bikinis for many years, embarrassed by their stretch marks, but the low recovery period means that they will be able to proudly parade down one of the many beautiful beaches.

Courtesy of bjearwicke:
Courtesy of bjearwicke:

How Does Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Work?

Stretch marks are the result of the breakdown of collagen fibers under the skin surface when weight is lost quickly or, more commonly, after pregnancy. Whilst stretch marks are completely harmless, they can be distressing for women and destroy self-esteem. Laser stretch mark removal takes care of them, and will allow a woman to wear, once again, swimwear to one of the beautiful Florida beaches.

To remove the stretch marks, the practitioner uses a high intensity laser to break down the collagen under the skin, without actually damaging the skin itself. The collagen layer then repairs itself with fresh and new skin tissue, effectively reducing the stretch marks. For shallow stretch marks, one treatment is enough, but more persistent marks will require a few sittings.

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment in Florida

Florida is a prime location for laser stretch mark treatment centers, because the state has a long and proud history of being at the forefront of skin laser treatments. The practitioners are experienced in treating sun-damaged skin, and learned to apply this to other uses, including laser stretch mark treatment.

Of course, as with any surgical procedure, however minor it seems, you should always make sure that you are in the hands of a reputable center. Poor treatment can cause permanent damage, so seek a practitioner with a good reputation and a few years of experience, with word of mouth and personal recommendations always a good start. This is not the time to be trying to save a few bucks

With the right practitioner, Laser stretch mark treatment is extremely effective. It has immensely improved the lives of thousands of women. Such a simple procedure can bring such great reward, and allow a woman to enjoy the beaches of Florida without feeling out of place.

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