Lateral Thigh Trainer

What is a Lateral Thigh Trainer and What Does it Do?

Sorry about the rather silly title as the name kinda gives the game away doesn't it?. A lateral thigh trainer is a piece of exercise equipment that tones and exercises your leg muscles, in particular, your thighs.

It is an excellent addition to the constantly growing family of household exercise equipment and one that will definitely have a great affect upon your health.

The lateral thigh trainer is an extremely simple piece of design, but as with all of the best designs it's simplicity is it's strength and by its ability to do the job for which it was designed...which is to tone and sculpture the thighs and the other leg muscles and it does this thanks mainly to its unique diagonal motion which rotates the leg slightly when making a downwards step.

The diagonal motion of the lateral thigh trainer, and the workout it provides, has been likened to walking up a steep hill which will also make you turn your feet outwards slightly as it is perfectly natural to do so in order to maintain the maximum grip on the slope.

The stepper , which is often confused with the lateral thigh trainer, was, in fact, its predecessor . The stepper was immensely popular when it first burst onto the scene and the same can now be said of the LTT.

The stepper is still a very effective exercise tool, both as a piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment and as a toner for certain muscles in the leg. Unfortunately though, the muscle that benefited the most from using a stepper is the calf muscle and because of this, people who used the stepper excessively soon had disproportionately sized calves, compared to the rest of their legs.

In comparison, the lateral thigh trainer, although using the same up and down motion as the stepper , incorporated a slight diagonal turn on the downward step. This diagonal turn has the effect of working far more muscles including those in the lower back and abdomen.

As well as being great for toning leg muscles, the lateral thigh trainer provides the same cardiovascular benefits that its predecessor provided.

If you are concerned about another hefty piece of exercise equipment there is no need to worry as the lateral thigh trainer is small enough to make it portable and can be easily stored in a cupboard or under a bed, which makes it perfect for use at home or in the workplace.

As for cost...when you compare it to the exercise equipment you would have to use in your local health club to work the same muscles then the lateral thigh trainer is exceptional value retailing normally at between $75 and $100.

All this sounds great, and it should, the lateral thigh trainer is an excellent piece of kit...but, if you are looking at purchasing this specific piece of equipment as a means of losing fat from your thighs, based purely on the information provided by the manufacturers promotional material then you would be wrong to do so.

The lateral thigh trainer is a very good way to tone your legs, obtain a cardiovascular workout and lose weight but, it will not provide targeted weight loss from the fact, nothing will.

There is no shred of proof that suggests that targeted weight loss is possible, and all available evidence points to the fact the complete opposite is in fact true.

Therefore, any claims that are made proclaiming targeted weight loss by any company, pharmaceutical or exercise equipment manufacturers, should be ignored.

This isn't to say that exercise equipment such as the lateral thigh trainer cannot assist in weight reduction . Exercise is a valuable, and absolutely necessary, part of weight loss and as such should be undertaken as all exercise will burn off fat.

As always, the best results for successful weight loss is a combination of exercise and a good diet and the lateral thigh trainer is an excellent way of achieving the former.

If you are considering buying a lateral thigh trainer in order to lose weight and tone your muscles, then that's great, good for you. But burning fat from your thighs takes more than just exercise! Discover more about how to lose weight without having to change your diet too much by clicking here.


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