Laughter is Good Medicine JOKE, God wants us to be happy!

Got a Joke?

I heard the cutest joke today. I think I can remember it. It goes like this, There is a little boy and He is looking through the family Bible. It is a pretty old Bible, it has been in the family for years. The pages are thin and fragile. Everyone knows how special it is and that it needs to be handled delicately. The little boy is trying to be careful as he turns the pages and examines the contents. There are old photos and little notes, drawings, a lock of hair, different pieces of paper in all colors and other things in it. As he turns the page something falls out on to the floor. He yells out to his mother, "Momma something fell out of the Bible." His mother ask him, "What is it?" So the little boy bends down and picks it up, it’s a leaf, it had been placed in the Bible some time ago and was now pressed. The little boy calls back to his momma. "I don’t know momma, but I think its Adam’s underwear."

Laughter is Good Medicine!

God loves us and wants us to be happy, He calls it JOY.

Take the God is real experiment go to

Got a joke?

Remember, Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!

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sandwichmom profile image

sandwichmom 6 years ago from Arkansas

Laughter is good medicine- and keeps wrinkles away!

Not a joke- my girlfriends husband is very practical- and does not think about sweet gestures. For her anniversay she asked for romance- She got it- the LARGEST package of the perfume romance that is made. Her husband was so proud. She wanted a dinner and flowers- humm..

BL Tween profile image

BL Tween 6 years ago Author

At least he tried, she should have asked for dinner and flowers, she probably would have gotten it.

Thanks sandwhichmom.


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    Good Morning!


    O-ffers us His


    D-evotion to

    M-ake us

    O-bedient &

    R-eady for a

    N-ew day with Him.

    I-nspire others please, and

    N-ever forget

    G-od loves you!


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