Lee Hadwin, the Man who can only Produce Art in his Sleep

Art comes in many types, forms, styles, genres, meanings and periods and nearly anything can be described as art nowadays, once it’s being marketed that way.

There is no real definition of art and what is art really depends on the person and in the eye of the beholder. One thing we would generally agree with, though, is that art as we know it, is usually created in the conscious state, while the artist is awake.


Lee Hadwin of North Wales, in the UK, has a very unusual talent; he can create artwork while he is asleep. He cannot also create artwork in his sleep but he only creates artwork in his sleep and the work he creates is quite detailed, abstract and expressionistic. Apparently Lee can hardly draw a straight line while conscious let alone an intricate masterpiece. He also doesn’t remember a thing the following day.

Lee began “Sleep Drawing” when he was a young child, at the age of 4, but his real talents were obvious when he reached the age of 16, while inconveniently sleep drawing at a friends house. He awoke the next morning with his friend’s mother complaining about the drawings all over her kitchen walls.

While living at home, in his late teens and 20s, Lee continued his sleep drawing, and scribbled on walls, newspapers, table cloths and even an antique family heirloom which he etched a drawing into. His mother was greatly displeased.

Nowadays, Lee lives out of home in a flat with his partner and purposely leaves sketch books, paper and art materials around his flat, juts in case he decides to have one of his unconscious artistic flares.

His sleep art has developed over time into very detailed and fantastical work and has grabbed the attention of many art collectors and everyday people throughout the globe.

His work has and is being presented in galleries around the world and some of his art has even sold for wopping 6 figure sums.

"Awakening" by Lee Hadwin
"Awakening" by Lee Hadwin | Source

Lee believes that his sleep art could be a result of spirits or aliens communicating with him while unconscious and that maybe he is being sent messages. This is obviously not the conclusion sleep experts and doctors have come to, but even after many tests, they still don't know much about his "condition," or how he's actually able to produce these art works while unconscious. They even don’t know which stage of sleep he's in while he creates his sleep art.


Lee’s sleep drawing “condition” is a mystery and one of the only explanations proposed was that Lee had experienced something quite dramatic while a child and that may have initiated his sleep art episodes.

Regardless, Lee hasn’t posed a threat to himself or anyone around him while he is carrying out his artwork and his work in some case is worth millions, so overall, his sleep art is a more of a blessing than a curse and has made him his fame and millions.


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cindy.dauer profile image

cindy.dauer 5 years ago from Oregon

If someone can walk in their sleep, I suppose someone could draw in their sleep too.

kashish bhargava 4 years ago


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