Smoking Kills Others

Legal Serial Killers

If you were to ask me who I believe is more damaging to society, a heroin addict or a nicotine addict, I will have to say the nicotine addict gets my vote. At least a heroine user is only harming themself. Whereas a smoker in addition to damaging their health, is also harming others, the environment and not to mention their family, who will have to watch them perhaps someday suffer in a hospital bed and then later painfully mourn for their loss. To be brief, smokers are a bunch of murderers who slyly kill through their fumes, forcing the innocent to smoke passively.

Yes my opinion may be extreme to some and I will voice these thoughts to every smoker that comes my way.
I will admit that I do have violent images when I’m walking down the street, when in my attempt to breathe some fresh air, a random gust of toxic fumes proceeds to travel up my nasal passage making their uninvited way inside towards my untainted organs. In short, please fart in my face, but dare to breathe smoke my way and I will stab you and tear your polluted lungs out with my imagination.

Smokers have the knowledge of the widely known effects of what passive smoking can do, yet some are a selfish bunch of addicts who still walk down the street and blow poison in other people’s faces. I’m sure that they are aware that when they exhale the 4000 chemicals into the air, it is the cause of death for an average of 60,000 people world wide every year, mostly children.
And on top of injuring human life, this group throws their little fatal stick onto the ground, knowing full well that they are cleaned from the land only to be dumped into the lakes and rivers causing the marine life to come under threat when they are eaten by them. Also for every three hundred cigarettes, a tree is cut down. The list can go on about the environmental causes, but I won’t bore you, and will leave this research for you to do.

Why is it that drugs such as heroin, cocaine, speed etc are banned, yet tobacco which is the major cause of death in comparison is legal? I have never heard of a child having smoking related cancer because their father is a coke addict, nor have I heard that millions of trees are being cut down, to support heroin addiction. Yet greed always wins, the greed of multi billion dollar tobacco companies, who in my opinion are a bunch of legal serial killers, whose accomplices are the smokers that are slowly but surely killing the innocent.

P.S - To all smokers reading this, you are probably red with rage right now, huffing and puffing wishing you could find me, tie me down and blow puffs of smoke in my face until I beg for mercy. Well that's a nice image ain't it! but just know that this article is just an exaggerated rant from my behalf and of course for entertainment purposes. So hope not too much offence was taken. Peace and love :)

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AskAshlie3433 profile image

AskAshlie3433 6 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

You have a way with words. One of the best hubs I have read. WOW WOW WOW

anonymous 6 years ago

So when a heroine addict is painfully suffering in a hospital bed, cause their family pain because they must watch, that is okay. But a smoker, who is also an addict is the worst piece of sh!t out there. I think that is an unfair judgement. The only reason smokers get so much crap is because it is out in the open. The other addicts, are underground because those substances are illegal! Your are entitled to your own opinion, but remember, smokers are people too, and just like you can't segregate races or sex, you should segregate them as well!

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 6 years ago from All Over Author

Thank you Ashley, I appreciate your kind comment.

I understand your point of view, and I have friends and family members who are smokers whom I love dearly, and they all know my harsh views on this topic. But in my opinion, as long as a heroine addict is not injecting his shit into my arm, then he/she is only harming themselves. But smokers are exhaling their toxic chemicals all over the earth, some passing it on to their children, to innocent bystanders walking down the street, and are even poisoning the marine life. Whether it is legal or not, nicotine is a drug and the only reason it has yet to be banned is because of greedy tobacco companies whose only concerns are to profit at the cost of your health.

mcrawford76 profile image

mcrawford76 5 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

So just to be clear, I'm sure that you DO NOT drink alcohol right? Because if you do, that, I think, would make you terribly hypocritical. Your assessment of Nicotine "harming others" would have to make you Anti-Alcohol as well right? As that is also a drug, as that is also a drug that hurts and or kills thousands of innocent people a year.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Thanks for your comment mcrawford76. The problem is not whether people want to hurt or kill themselves, but if they want to kill and hurt others. Smokers kill thousands of people every year through toxic fumes, not the cocaine addicts, nor the heroine addicts and neither the alcoholics (unless they get behind a wheel) I’m particularly against smokers as they exhale their fumes to society, friends, family and children. I have heard of child related cancers due to second hand smoke from parents, but I have yet to hear about cancer due to a parent drinking or doing cocaine (unless in the womb) And yes I’m anti artificial stimulation in every sense in my personal life, but I will only condemn those who are harming others.

Max_Power profile image

Max_Power 5 years ago from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hi Ranzi,

Excellent hub, and controversial which is good to see.

I am not a smoker myself, but I am all for people smoking if they wish. The only problem I would have is if they smoked in a closed room/car with their kids.

As for toxic fumes, cars etc spew out millions of times more toxins than what smokers do. And we are breathing it in all day, every day. I am always amazed that people hardly notice it. They will get upset with some poor dude smoking on the street, while hundreds of cars are driving past! Huh?

I do agree with you that cigarette butts are a major pollution problem, and would like to see people putting them in the bin.

Anyway, this is another great hub!

I am looking forward to reading the next one.

mcrawford76 profile image

mcrawford76 5 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

Ranzi - thank you for clarifying. It makes much more sense to me now. But I would disagree that harm only comes from alcoholics that get behind a wheel. Coming from a family with alcoholic parents, there was much more damage done than could ever be caused from behind the wheel of a car.

And I would also like to argue that chemical addiction is not something that you can just stop. If it were that easy everyone would. I have tried to quit numerous times. I know I need to for my health, for my children. Though I can honestly say that I never thought about it bothering someone walking down the street. Unfortunately life, or stress, or something has always happened to derail my progress every time i've attempted to quit.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Hey Max, You make an excellent point, especially as how people get upset about a poor dude smoking in the street and while not aware of the damage of a thousand cars driving past.

I’ve had this discussion many times with people about the difference between car fumes and nicotine fumes. And it’s very sad that the earth has become so out of control, from pharmaceutical drugs, pesticide in foods, toxins, and the greed of the big boys. Yet there’s a difference between a social necessity and addiction. The only point I wanted to make is that while self harming drugs such as cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs are banned, perhaps the government needs to consider banning the most harmful, a collective harmful drug, nicotine, which is uncontrollably spread to others. And the term ‘legal serial killers’ refers to the tobacco companies, not the addict. But I understand your point totally and do agree with you to some extent.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Mccraford, Yes you’re right in many ways, each drug has it’s own damage to people, especially family members. But the toxic fumes of cigarettes are damaging to society as a whole. Did you know that there are countries where it’s not even banned indoors and people can smoke indoors. At airport, shopping centres, offices and work places. And this I’m sure is encouraged by tobacco companies as people who choose not to smoke end up giving in and joining the rest of society. And Also where I live in Sydney, I can smell the fumes of my neighbours smoking from their balcony while I sleep, the whole night I’m forced to inhale their smoke. Now I also have family members and friends who are addicted and have a rough battle with quitting. I acknowledge how hard it is and support them. BTW this blog is just a debate, an analysis on one point. In no way did I mean to offend you and as a social worker, I do have a lot of empathy for addicts from every background.

Max_Power profile image

Max_Power 5 years ago from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I totally understand you being annoyed at your neighbours - that's enough to drive anyone nuts!

stuff4you profile image

stuff4you 5 years ago

I totally agree. I think there should be a public ban on smoking everywhere because of this.

There may as well even be special guidelines for those who want to smoke - some way that those fumes can't reach the general public.

profile image

Jussara Scotton 5 years ago

I smoke and I'm not proud of it, but for now it's a fact that I can't change.Yes, I have tried. As you said, I'm addicted.

I smoke only in places allowed to, and there are very few of them. I respect the no smoking signs.I avoid smoking where children are present.

Done! I do my share.

If one day, smoking on the street is prohibited by law, I'll respect that, but until then there is always the other side of the street. I can not be called a murderer just bacause I smoke in places I'm allowed to or inside my house. I can not be compared to delinquents who take drugs and go around raping, killing, stealing among other things.

If you dont' like beeig arround, you're always welcome to leave.

I don't mean to be rude, but we don't force people to be around when we a lit a cigarette.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Stufff4u I totally agree, the government needs to wake up and realize that society is suffering in order to satisfy greedy tobacco companies. In the end, the addicts are also victims in the bigger scheme of things.

Thanks you for your comment.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Jussara, first of all I would like to thanks you for your comment, whether it’s negative or positive. My hub is not meant to please people, It could be offensive but please don’t take it literally. It’s just a hypothetical article, comparing addiction and its harmful effects on society on a toxic level only. And it’s only my opinion, not God’s or some superpower nazi that wants to exterminate smokers. My father was a smoker who smoked in our house in the closed space in the 80’s and I love him to death. (there was not enough education on this matter at the time)

But let me ask you this? Are you saying that just because you are doing your share, that healthy people that want to take care of their lungs, should leave the restaurant when you’re around and the bar tender who has to tolerate you puffing smoke in his face all night should quit his job?

profile image

Jussara Scotton 5 years ago

Ranzi, what I'm sayng is that all restaurants have seats for somoking and non smoking people. As for the bartenders an waiters, they're taking the risk, juts like any other worker who assumes the insalubrious risks of their jobs.

I know that many drug addicts don't harm anyone, but I also Know that many of them beats their child till death after smoking crack.

I know this is your point of view, and I'm just trying to show the other side of the coin.

Thank you too for answering my question.

nifty@50 profile image

nifty@50 5 years ago

I totally agree. Smokers don't care enough about themselves to stop smoking, so why would they care if they are cutting short the lives of their loved ones? Why would they care they are going to die prematurely leaving their family to fend for themselves? Think of the small fortune they waste on those nasty cigarettes in a life time, while their family does without. I have had more than one insensitive idiot bounce a cigarette butt off my windshield, I get mad for a second, then I imagine the terrible death (most likely lung Cancer) they are going to suffer and suddenly, I almost feel sorry for the bum! Oh yeah, great hub Ranzi!

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Hey Jussara, all this article is about is, who is more dangerous?

1. a coke addicts who SNORTS UP HIS NOISE ALONE, IN PRIVATE.


2. a nicotine addict who HUFFS AND PUFFS TOXICS IN PEOPLE’S FACES?

Yes there are crack addict who beat their kids and heroine junkies who kill and steal. But this is only a comparison of drugs on a toxic level. So I’m just surprised why this drug has not yet to be banned.

I’m sorry but I don’t believe the waiters, bar tenders and workers need to take unnecessary risks for a job. That’s a huge oh&s hazard in order to please addicts. No freaking way!

But in the end Jussara this is your opinion which I also respect in some way. And I appreciate you showing the other side of the coin. Once again please don’t take offence. I’ve read your hubs and seeing your profile and you seem like a great, genuine person and I respect people who are not afraid to say what they feel and think. Thanks again!

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Nifty@50. Yes you’re right some smokers don’t care, but there’s others who have a huge battle with quitting and hate their habit. Addiction is any form is very sad, for both person addicted and family who watch their loved one suffer.

It’s so true, they do spend a fortune on cigarettes. Did you know that here in Sydney a packet of cigarettes is almost $15 dollars? So imagine the money spent? And also I’m not sure if some realize that each time they throw their butts out the car window, they’re destroying the marine life and a contributing to pollution.

But this hub is also somewhat an exaggeration in some sense. Of course deep down, I don’t believe that they are evil murders and I have so many smoker friends and family that I love and don’t wish any harm on. And yes in the past when I was younger, I will admit I was also unaware and I socially smoked, I did puff in people’s faces, threw my butt out of car windows, but thank God that genetically I’m not weak to addiction, otherwise I will be also contributing to forcing the innocent to smoke passively.

I Hate Smokers 5 years ago

Smokers have made up their mind about death and value their instant personal gratification over cancer. Do you think they give a shit if you get cancer.. NO! They are as damned guilty of murder as someone who accidentally hits someone in traffic with their car. Second hand smoke is a controlled poison distributed by the hands of its user.. "Sorry I like to smoke poison.. too bad everyone else has to get a second hand dose of it when I use it." What the fuck is that!.. Die motherfuckers just fucking die.. and leave us a better world. Assholes.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

In my not so humble opinion - attacking chemical addicts is superfluous.

If you look at addiction as an engine of societal damage, then no addict is more a threat to this world than is the industrial capitalist who is addicted to profits concerning petro dollars.

How many folks have been murdered in wars for oil or natural gas so that bankers and corporations could control Arab or Asian resources?

brittanytodd profile image

brittanytodd 5 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

A heroin addict is better than a smoker? You have got to be kidding me. I'm with Wesman on this. You should not be upset with the addicts. Also, you have not cited the photo you used in this hub and I suggest you take it down or get the proper clearance.

FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

I am confused as to why you are not attacking the tabacco companies making the cigarettes. They are the ones addicting people. Another legal drug - alcohol.

FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

By the way, I am a former second hand smoker via my parents. Just in case you think the only people who disagree with you are smokers themselves.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Yes I agree with both Wesman and flora, especially wesman's point about industrial capitalists, I couldn't agree more. And of course Flora, you are 100% right, the tobacco companies are the biggest criminals in all this and deserve a special hub to cover their scandal and greed.

My hub is simply comparing different drug addicts and the health and environmental damage they conflict upon society. Unlike heroine, cocaine, speed etc addicts, a smoker

a) Kills at least 60,000 people world wide through their fumes, forcing the innocent to passively smoke. )I just came back from Lebanon, and this it is normal to smoke in restaurants, airports and shopping malls, around children.)

b) many trees are been cut down to support this addiction

c) Cigarette butts cause major damage to the marine life

d) Smoke produces an unpleasant smell, people who passively smoke at times suffer headaches, nauseousness, breathing problems and can trigger asthma attacks.

I'm simply talking about the effects this drug does, not to the addict themselves(as this is purely their choice) but the people who are walking the earth trying to breath in some fresh air.

So yes brittany, a heroine addict is better than a smoker, in the respect that he/she are not blowing their poisonous fumes in my face. (The heroine addiction it self is worse, but the addicts are only damaging themselves and not poking their needles into every by passers arm)

p.s Alcohol is another drug that harms the innocent through accidents and also deserves a hub on it's own.

Cheers everyone, thanks for reading and your comments :)

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Ranzi....Such hatred and violence spewed by what appears to be a cute young lady, who claims only love, tolerance and acceptance in her bio.

Hmmmm, It may BE, Ranzi that "all" you intended for your "article to be about," are the 2 main points that you list within your text. However, as a writer, surely you are aware that your READERS (whom it IS that we authors write FOR and write TO) are fellow humans with independent BRAINS, who can and WILL read many, many things into any work they read,to include yours. If there are strict rules you want followed by readers, such as WHAT to find interesting/important and/or HOW to translate your article, you should probably begin with a disclaimer, or some sort of "directions," the reader may follow, in order to read YOUR article as YOU want them to. SILLY, isn't it? Yes, Ranzi, of course you know this is ludicrous.

No doubt, dear lady, your opinion certainly is EXTREME, as you, yourself admit. Perhaps beyond extreme, but you have the constitutional right to that opinion and to express it, as well. My comments will be less "opinion" but rather, based upon fact.

I take it you live and have always lived in a BUBBLE? To boast of "untainted organs," this must be so. The only other way you would be the SOLE human being living here on earth,with "untainted organs," would be that you are an alien and in fact, not from this earth. Cigarette smoke,(?) WE SHOULD ONLY WISH to be the very worst thing invading our bodies! You need to do some serious research.

You are absolutely correct that a father who does not smoke, but is A COKE ADDICT, does not "poison" his children with nasty, filthy 2nd hand smoke. That loving Dad would probably merely: 1. Kill his child in a drug-fueled rage 2. SELL his child for money for his next HIGH 3. Leave his drugs and paraphenalia about their cozy home for the children to play with 4. Beat them and their mother bloody, because he needs a FIX. Yes, I see what you say. It's much better for a Dad to be a coke addict. And what exactly is your highest level of obviously wasted education? This applies much the same to Alcoholics, who, by the way, needn't get behind a wheel to kill. 86% of all Domestic Violence and murders are committed by individuals under the influence.(STATISTICS, my dear.) A DRUNK was responsible for the death of my precious 22 month old grandson. My devastated family continues to grieve. This baby-killer was not a smoker, nor was he behind the wheel. Wouldn't have mattered if he had been a smoker. Our baby is gone because of DRUNKENNESS.....NOT 2nd hand smoke.

I sat, holding the hand of my dying mother and was with her when she took her last breath. Mom was not a smoker. She we ALL will one day. Mourning the loss of a loved one is no easier nor any more difficult, no matter HOW or WHY they die. Do you beleive we weep harder or louder if a loved one dies due to a bad habit they may have had? Well,DO you, child? Preposterous! I sat at my sister's death ONLY sibling and closest friend. She died. A non-smoker, married to a non-smoker. Would it have mattered to any of us there sobbing in each others arms? NO. You made a statement about loved ones having to see someone die and mourn their loss.......and you have the immaturity & audacity to single out smoking or 2nd hand smoke as the CAUSE of death.& GRIEF?? though the CAUSE even matters to those left behind. You are beyond silly, but I do believe it is your youth and "untainted organs," as well as perhaps a tragedy-free life thus far, for you to be sooo over the top consumed and concerned about a PUFF of smoke floating past your "nostrils" while walking outdoors. Yes, I understand how difficult and tragic that must be for you. I will pray for you that you never, ever have to deal with anything WORSE than that in your lifetime, honey.

And so that I do not ignore the silver-tongued devil "I HATE SMOKERS!!" You scream filth and profanity as you order people to DIE (because they smoke) If all those &%$$#@**&## smokers &&%$**## DIE, to "LEAVE A BETTER WORLD," will you be staying in this better world and polluting it with the filth and hatred you spit from your ignorant mouth? Ahhhh yes, I'm sure it will be a BETTER world for your wonderful contributions.

Ranzi....honey, find yourself a bigger, better, far more important cause to fight for. This one you scream of is easy to avoid. Stay home.. keep MILES away from smokers...demand that they DIE as your visitor has....but for God's sake child, do something worthwhile with your life & your untainted, self.

Finally, BRAVO, Wesman....and "AMEN,"'s to much BIGGER fish to fry! Peace!

profile image

oldandwise 5 years ago

It's easy for the non smoker to critize and "Judge" the smoker. As easy as models and some who criticize the over weight. It's always easy to do something from the outside looking in. Most smokers are courteous to those around them and when they are out in public. They follow the rules and look for places that allow smoking. When I'm out and about I'm offended by some who "overload with perfume". Should that be banned? I'm offended by unruly children in restaurants and stores. Should children be banned. And yes, the perfume hurts people with allergies and unruly children running around, out of control, can injury themselves and others. And direct outcomes from other peoples actions are endless, and too many to list here. Good hub none the less, but there are two sides to every coin and opinion.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I've been told by people that did both that heroin was a harder drug to kick than tobacco.

I do NOT doubt this at all.

Yeah I've shot heroin, I've done every drug under the Sun. If there's a law against some substance, then I know it's just capitalist trying to make money, and never a moral issue at all.

Capitalist will SELL morality in the form of "law" and grow fat and rich while assuring you that it was for your own good.

Speed kills? HARDLY!!!! I've heard of exactly ONE methamphetamine overdose was someone who'd been taken into custody, and swallowed three grams of pure "ice" amphetamine. I can see that happening. I've swallowed a gram at a time before.

Just colour me "junkie." I don't much care.

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

I've been called many things but never a serial killer.

P.S. Might I suggest you use spell check before hitting publish, I found so many typos in this hub that I had a problem staying on track with your rant or hub, whichever.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada


I am a smoker. I enjoy smoking and I do not believe in prohibition. If you check throughout history, it just doesn't work.

I am also not looking for you to blow smoke in your face. Haha ... whatever made you think of that is beyond me.

I do not smoke around people until I ask them if it is okay for me to do so and I never, ever smoke around children. I know it is not a healthy thing to do but it is not as draconic as you put it.

Have you seen children raised by heroin addicted parents? No, you have not. You would not have written this piece of writing as you did if your experiences varied a little more.

Am I here to defend smoking? No. I am just here to tell You that I am going to do what I want to do as long as I am not bothering others. My smoke is not bothering you so I will re-light my joint now. Is that okay, am I allowed? I do add tabacco to my weed - I enjoy the mixture.

All the best and don't be so angry, I do not smoke to ruin your day or life, in any way shape or form. Cheers!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

And please don't blame the dirt in the oceans on me. I have never tossed a cigarette butt in an ocean, river or lake ... or even in a forest. I backpack, camp, etc. (a lot!) and I always keep my cigarette butts when I finish a smoke. I am a member of Greenpeace and I donate/do enough not to hear this comment from you or anyone else. Thank you.

brittanytodd profile image

brittanytodd 5 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Nice name Fpherj48, I'm guessing they are the initials of your grandkids. And since you are a grandmother you obviously have much more wisdom than myself ignorant young self to offer. So I do respect many points you make, especially about the father who might sell his kid for cocaine, (good point)

Now for me hub pages is not a popularity contest, nor I'm I writing to please the majority. am I neither here for the money, or scores, other wise I would be writing long "How to B.S' So of course what I write may offend some and many times the truth may hurt.

You yourself Miss fpherj48 seem to also have a lot of anger and are so quick to judge. You seem to think that you know me so well by reading my hub. In this small rant of yours you have claimed that I live in a bubble, immature, and of course silly.

Since you told me about your mature and challenging life, perhaps I should also tell you a little about my immature, silly life living in a bubble.

I was raised in an underground war shelter for 9 years, It was the norm to see and hear bombs blasted, shells going through your living room glass as you sat for a sunday roast, people and children with limbs hanging out dead in the street, running out of food and water, running in the streets trying to escape explosions, soldiers holding your father at gun range, people from your family kidnapped by war criminals. I was also a refugee who went to a western country like yours (where most people live a huge bubble) went there for a better life, the ones that your country fights so hard to keep out. I also come from a broken home, with a mother on a single mothers pension, I've had to work 3 jobs at a time, even as a cleaner to get to where I'm, and still I don't own not even one home or a small busines. I've also had family members die in war, I've also sat a death beds, and also know the tragedy of loss and mourning. I don't mean to dramatize my life in the bubble. But since you've told me so much about yours, I though It's only fair to share.

And yes I'm damn concerned about myself trying to take some fresh air while sitting having my lunch at on park bench, when a rude and unconscious smoker decides to take a seat next to me and blow their poisonous fumes my way.

And thanks for the advise and encouragement "Ranzi....honey, find yourself a bigger, better, far more important cause to fight for" So I have decided to join a campaign that will fight until smoking is finally illegal. (you may think that second hand smoke is a joke and something that should be taken lightly)

Finally yes I know that the world is a messed up place, everything is killing us, car fumes, pollution, food, drink drivers, alcohol, wars, people, yet what doesn't seem to make sense in my mind is the government doesn't mind that people pay billions of dollars a year for a cancerous suicidal stick that is killing the addicts along with the non addicts.

Anyway I do thank you for your time in reading and taking the time to comment and still do respect your opinion.

Peace :)

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Thanks you for all your comments. I respect and value each and everyone of them. You all seem to have some very valuable points which I have taken into consideration.

Do not think that I look down on addicts, and do work in social work. I have been a support worker and have helped many people battle addiction and mental health. I respect and emphasise with addicts and the challenges they face and can never put myself in their shoes. I will never want to see a drug user thrown into jail, or be punished in anyway, as I know this is a disease. I recently watched my aunty who smokes three packets a day suffer with a heart attack, have heart surgery and ignore the pleads of doctors. She continues to smoke three packets and her addiction will take her to her death. So I'm aware that addiction is not easy to overcome. Yet admitting that cigarette smoke is damaging to society is easy, taking responsibility for passively smoking and forcing second hand smoke onto others is also easy, yet at times many smokers will not take responsibility for anything that may threaten the luxury of their legal drug.

I will never be able to change your opinion, and neither will you be able to change mine. I'm a nobody and in the end my opinion is just that, and not of some nazi leader who is threatening to put smokers in concentration camps.

Good night fellow hubbers

Peace and love to all of you

profile image

oldandwise 5 years ago

Just the opposite, you are indeed a "somebody". And there is nothing wrong with your stand and you should be proud of that stand. And this comes from a smoker, who does everything in his power not to expose non smokers to my nasty habit. Have a great night!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York, you share a war-ravaged past existence with my friend, Brigette Gabriel. An incredibly brilliant lebanese, Christian woman who founded A.C.T. of which I am a member and supporter. I receive their newsletters and am totally behind their goals to educate Americans about the savage, murdering radical islamist terrorists. I have her books that I have read more than once and have lent out to my friends and family."Because They Hate" (fabulous!)......I know from her intense and graphic tales of the "life underground" her people (your people?) were forced to endure.

You know full well, Ranzi, that my reference to the "Bubble" was due to your comment about your "untainted organs," which WAS, in fact, a silly comment, knowing full-well, no one's organs remain UNTAINTED past the age of 3.

In any event....NO I do not think 2nd. hand smoke is a "joke", nor did I say such a thing at any point in my hub. I did, however and DO, relate it against the FAR more serious and deadly poisons and toxic environs ALL AROUND US EVERYWHERE.

Good for you....I sincerely hope you DO fight for a such a worthy cause as banning cigarettes as illeagal. Go for it. THAT, would be worth your time. Writing hubs about how hard drugs being a better choice than smoking......and those drugs not HARMING others as much as 2nd hand smoke? NOT such a good cause, because it simply isn't so..... I GAVE you ample reason to realize that DRUGS and ALCOHOL do NOT merely HARM the user.....But in FACT, harm others....many others....just as 2nd hand smoke does. THOSE were my points. You may not ignore them ....and thank you for your response.

I hate smokers 5 years ago

I totally agree, but I feel smokers should be isolated from the non smoking population they should be placed in sealed rooms in a isolated building. they are infecting us non smokers they are lazy, and are mentally degenerate, and they lack compassion. they are the ones hilter should have killed instead of jews, communists, gypsies, and non smoking physically, and mentally handicapped people.

TheLifeExperiment profile image

TheLifeExperiment 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

Wow. I can't help but laugh at all these people saying you're rude and crazy for saying everything you said...Personally I wouldn't have gone as far as calling them murderers (which they sort of are, they just don't mean to be). But its true. You are never forced to try smoking, and try it again and again to get yourself addicted. If you're walking on the sidewalk with a bunch of nonsmokers, you can wait a few minutes to do it in the privacy of your office or wherever. secondhand smoke is just as bad if not worse than actually smoking- I know, I have to deal with it every day because a family friend who lives with me is a massive smoker, and it drives me crazy. Its stinks, causes cancer, and is generally the worst habit in the world. Just don't start smoking in the first place, and you'll never get an addiction. Smoking in public is selfish and dangerous, especially for children and people like me, with asthma. Just save it and don't get ridiculously defensive when nonsmokers say they don't enjoy having toxic smoke blown in their face. Sure you don't meant to actually blow it in our faces, but it happens all the time. Stop, and grow up.

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 4 years ago

great hub and i agree with you completely. being a nicotine smoker is worse on some levels all depends on how much you smoke of it and so on and so forth. very informative. voted up.

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