Legalize marijuana for the US?

I run both was as to should the United States legalize marijuana. I have seen how it can cause a normal person turn into a dope head who doesn't know his own name, address, or even what day it is. Those I have known who smoked maijuana habitually did end up moving onto stronger drugs than canibis after an average of 2 years of useage termed at least 3 or more days a week. I also suport the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes since it does have natural properties that can help with certain conditions. Did you know that canibis is a natural remedy for morning sickness? I personally have never tried any form of illegal drug or recreational drug so I do not know the first hand view on this subject. I know if I had cancer or glaucoma that could be eased by smoking it I'd say "pass me a blunt".

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Hill Country profile image

Hill Country 8 years ago from San Antonio

I also run both ways on this subject. While I don't know if I support legalization, I definitely do support the "decriminalization" of it. We don't have to make it legal; but it won't be a crime to have a certain amount in your possession for self-medication. Since we wouldn't be legalizing it, we wouldn't be telling our kids that it's all right to use to enjoy the effects of getting high. But I can speak from experience when I say that it does have valid therapeutic uses.

profile image

Ananta65 8 years ago

Hill Country, the Netherlands have had a 'tolerance'-policy for years and it sucks. Here in the Netherlands you have the situation where possession of a certain amount is not legal, but supply is. It's a juridical jungle.Either you legalize something, or you don't.

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