Lesser Known Facts About Depression

Lesser Known Facts About Depression
Lesser Known Facts About Depression | Source
  • Depression is misdiagnosed as anxiety in about 65% of the time. Make sure your condition is diagnosed properly for a better treatment.
  • Persistent irritability can be a symptom of depression.
  • Depression can present as physical pain. Also, the state of depression leads to higher level of physical pain to injury.
  • Depression can make you selfish. Well, it's difficult to think about others pain when the person has a lot of pain to deal with himself.
  • Alcohol, marijuana and other recreational drugs are actually depressants. It's best to avoid these when you are suffering from depression (and otherwise as well!).
  • Depression not only makes the sufferer feel bad, but can also affects the closed ones. When you stop giving time to your loved ones, they may distance themselves from you.
  • Not only bad, but even good situations can lead to depression like getting a new job, marriage, graduation, child birth etc.
  • Women are 2 times more susceptible to depression than men. A probable reason is the hormone estrogen which alters the neurotransmitter activity leading to depression.
  • Men are more susceptible to depression post-midlife because of decreased testosterone levels in their body.
  • Depression not necessarily mean "sad, socially withdrawn and hopeless". Sometimes depression take the form of "violent and abusive".
  • According to researches, depression has been linked to low bone mineral density. Depressed people are more likely to develop osteoporosis.
  • Depressed people suffer from cold more often than others.
  • Depression sufferers are more susceptible to have a heart attack.
  • It is genetic in 50% of the cases.
  • Severe depression can cause hallucinations.
  • Even children can suffer from depression. 1 in every 30 children suffers from depression.

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  • About 80% of those suffering from depression don't seek medical treatment.
  • Low intake of omega-3 fatty acid increases the risk of depression. So if you're depressed, eating fish or other omega-3 rich sources would be a good idea.
  • Oral contraceptive pills also increases the risk of depression. The culprit here is the synthetic version of the hormone progesterone.
  • Depressed people have less specific goals/more generalized goals. For them, it's "Everything sucks, I don't care" kind of feeling. They are not less motivated by personal goals but they are more pessimistic about attaining them.
  • Depression affects memory. You might have difficulty remembering names, places, in recalling meaning etc
  • Depressive realism: It's been found that depressed people see the world in a more accurate way than non-depressed. For example, non-depressed people always think that they've performed very well in a task than they actually have, thus results may not always be up to their expectations.
  • It has been found that those, esp. the teens and preteens, spending a lot of time on social networking sites have higher risks of developing depression, also known as "Facebook Depression". Apparently they have difficulty in actual human interactions and maintaining friendships. They also tend to have less realistic view of the world.
  • Even the end of TV series or movie series can lead to depression in a fan! Some Avatar fans got depressed and even tried to commit suicide because the fictional world shown in the movie was not real. Harry potter fans got depressed when the series came to an end too.
  • Exercising is the easiest and cheapest cure for depression. That's why a lot of therapists go on a walk with their clients, instead of doing a clinic session. Walking for 30 minutes can reduce your symptoms to a great extent. Exercising regularly also prevents depression.
  • People don't choose to be depressed but people can choose how to deal with it. That's why some people come out strong while others suffer from chronic depression throughout their life.


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Yeah, she's smiling. But don't let that fool you. Look into her eyes; she's breaking inside.

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denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 9 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

Depression can really throw us for a loop! Mine was originally triggered by hormonal imbalances in my body that were exacerbated by high levels of stress. Once the hormonal imbalances were gone through surgical treatment, I still have the residual effects of the distorted thought patterns and unrealistic expectations that they fostered. I see a counselor regularly, but am not currently taking medications. I find it much more effective to use cognitive behavioral therapy principles, analyzing my thought processes, and changing them for the better.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 9 months ago from Nashville Tn.

Zoning in the on the facts about depression really caught my eye. What's more I continued to read every word. Many hubs bore me somewhat and I tend to 'scan.' But with this one you kept my interest high all the way through. Good writing!

Now I'll check out more of your hubs. :) Thanks and I'll be sharing this everywhere.


Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 9 months ago from India Author

Thanks a ton! I'm glad you found it interesting. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 9 months ago from India Author


Whatever works for you is best. I hope you're doing great! :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

IvoryTusk profile image

IvoryTusk 9 months ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

This is a beautifully written article. You are right; depression is an often misdiagnosed challenge for many. There is also a difference between being depressed and being sad. There is a beautiful neurological study that was done between two people talking. When the conversation changed from one person asking the other about his dog, the man's brain showed neurological changes that indicated deep depression because his dog had just died. But within moments, he showed neurological signs of being happier. Chronically depressed individuals can be involved in humor, but their brain patterns very seldom change out of that depressed state. I love the quote about looking into a person's eyes. There is an old saying that "eyes are the windows to the soul." I truly believe that this is true. It's all about listening and connecting. Thank you for this; I appreciate your views so much!

ladyguitarpicker profile image

ladyguitarpicker 9 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

Thank you for this article on depression, it has a lot of good information. I was surprised to read that violence and abuse can be because the person is depressed. It is a terrible cross to carry.

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 9 months ago from India Author

IvoryTusk... I didn't know about that study. Thanks for sharing that here. :)

I too agree that eyes are the windows to the soul. We should try to see beyond what we can see on the face. A lot of people fake smile because of the fear of being judged and being "labelled" as depressed.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked this hub! :)

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 9 months ago from India Author

ladyguitarpicker... I'm glad you found it useful. We never know what direction such problems would take. Every person responds differently to same kind of situations.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 9 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Sneha Sunny,

Fantastic work. Loved how you presented your topic in a very professional fashion. Very well-written and given the right amount of text so everyone can not just read this, but understand what you are saying.

Keep up the great work.

Your Friend and Follower For Life,


Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 9 months ago from India Author

Kenneth... You just made me blush. lol. I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for following me. :) You gained a follower yourself! :)

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 9 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Sneha Sunny,

Awww, that is nice. Making people blush is my business. LOL.

Thank YOU for following me. I shall send you (in the next few weeks), my personal Note of Thanks for following me. This sweet gesture will not be forgotten by yours truly.


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