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Life Quotes

“You can’t measure your life by someone else; they might have something hid that you can’t see; most of us do.”

“If life seems bad; then maybe you should look around you and try to take on another person’s load.”

“Nothing in life is ever as bad as it seems; especially when you weigh the fact that whatever it is “you did not die” from it.”

“Being super intelligent in life is important, the latter does not stand totally on its own; for without wisdom and common sense; it is weakened.”

“Life is sweet even when it is sour, because you are still breathing.”

“When human life is not respected; it simply means that one has forgotten that someone did not kill them before they had a chance to life.”

“If you can’t deal with your life as it, how could you deal better with it? Would it be better with more money, more things, more friends, more family, and more problems? The more you have, the more you have to deal with.”

“I decided a long time ago that Life is good, only I can make it better, no one other person can make it bad, unless I let them.”

“My strength in Life comes from my life mistakes and lessons; it is by those mistakes that I have grown, learned, become stronger, become more understanding and become a better person. Without those mistakes and lessons, I would still be an uninformed individual.”

“We all want to be loved; yet we are sometimes without love for others. We all desire to be respected, honored and thought well of. Yet we go through life with a critical attitude, without respect for others, without honor, because we are jealous and we tend not to think well of others. So, we get back what we give away.”

“No one knows all there is to know about everything in Life; there are experts in every field. Yet, we have one knowing in common, and that is when you die, you stop living. You do not have to be buried to stop living, but you must be born again to start living.”

“It is really unimportant what others think of me; it is what I think of myself that is lasting. If I think well of myself; then it probably means that I have integrity, try to be good to my fellowman, see good in others and know I am not the only deserving person in the world.”

“If I have learned anything in Life; it is that words can both encourage and kill, just like deeds. Words can weaken, deliver strength, forge power, eliminate hard feeling and destroy confidence. I have learned that sometimes words not delivered can be more important than telling the truth.”

“If we were all rich in this Life; what would we have to strive for? Would we try to be better humans or plot and scheme to become richer?”

“Why is it that those individuals who are the wealthiest; get their names in the paper as being the saddest or having the most ridiculous problems and sometimes wind up in jail? They appear to have no inner value; only lots of money.”

“Why do most of us want what we can’t have at times? Later to find out what we had our eyes on, was not worth what we already had.”

“When people get divorced; it is usually because one or the other began flirting with danger that made them tickled; instead of going home and tickling what they had.”

“What is a farce? It is someone who is a charade, a joke, and disguise, fake, silly; and someone who is afraid to let the real “me” show through.”

**Life Quotes: by L.Todd

The Whys.....

Why can’t we as humans, believe in each other no matter what political agenda we have, or whether we believe in God or don’t? Why can’t we be kind to others instead of being someone who pushes another soul down? Why can’t we truly see that most individuals are doing the best they can with what they have?

Why is it that we try to make ourselves look good at the expense of others? So we get a laugh or two or an email that agrees with us…so what does that mean? That only means that you have allowed your comment to affect another soul with the same venom that you have used.

Why does one person think that their position in life is far more important than another? Who said that one person is more powerful than another? It depends upon where and what they are doing; we are not all powerful in the same thing. If I can promote another soul; that makes me powerful. Why is it that most people had rather feel good about their own life and could care less about anyone else?

I do not have the answers to all of these, but when I see grown adults putting out mockery, slander, and trying to see who can out say the other on some of our news channel; it is sad. I feel sorry for these people who are acting like children instead of adults. In fact, this is some of what our children are being taught as the okay thing to do.

"Shouldn't we all realize that not anyone is better than another; only more blessed in some way possibly, because we might have reached our full potential. Not everyone has that opportunity."

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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 6 years ago from Australia

Great selection of quotes!

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 6 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Great quotes. I have always believed that any day you wake up on this side of the grass is a good day. And if more people realized that we really are all alike, none better and none worse, when it comes down to it, we would all be more peaceful.


lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

stricktlydating, I am so glad you came by to read and comment. I appreciate it so much. These are quotes I made myself soooo, I am glad you liked them.

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

Deborah Deander, I appreciate your kind words. We are all alike in so many ways and we should be more enduring of others as we try to improve our on abilities and realize that we are all just very human.

Thanks for stopping here to read.

heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

Nice hub to live by:) Positive words, and actions are the best way to live! Thanks for the tips:)

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

heart4theword; thank you for your kind words and coming here to read and comment. I am grateful for your time.

e summer profile image

e summer 6 years ago

Great quotes. My favorite is:

“I decided a long time ago that Life is good, only I can make it better, no one other person can make it bad, unless I let them.”

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

e summer; thank you for the kind words. I like that one too because it is true. I have found that true with most things in life; it is up to make our life what it needs to be for us and not let others influence or make it seem unfit. We have to control how much authority another person has over how we feel or what we do.

Thank you for stopping by.

ItsThatSimple profile image

ItsThatSimple 6 years ago from Florida

Great quotes! Daily positivity boosts quality of life!

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

thank you again for coming here with kind comments. I appeciate your stopping by to read.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Outstanding words of wisdom here my dear. I like the last quote the best. I'm going to work on becoming a kinder, gentler James. :D

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

James, there is not a human that doesn't need at little work somewhere. I had the Lord's supper at Church about a week ago, first time in a long time and of course I certainly did not want to be unworthy; so I prayed Lord forgive me for anything I have done or said wrong. Maybe not in those exact words but life brings us so many twist and turns daily. Things to bear as we can't control others. I have a problem with my responses and it seems sometimes regardless of how I pray about it; I still slip up. Not in public but at home. But, I feel that if I can't control myself at home, then I am slipping....??? So, I just keep on trying...

Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

You said it very well,we grow as we know,and show as we go.

It was well put together and I think with good intellect.

You can't live someone else life for them,and you can't force a peg in a round hole.

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

Apostle Jack, I like the way you said that. We grow as we know and show as we go. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comments.

Truckstop Sally profile image

Truckstop Sally 6 years ago

Thanks for great quotes! I love: “If life seems bad; then maybe you should look around you and try to take on another person’s load.”

That will be my goal this week!

lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

Truchstop Sally, I appreciate the kind words and thank you for coming here to read and comment. That is what we have to do sometimes, is make us a list of goals for one week at a time. Good luck with the goal for the week.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

It is sometimes hard to be kind, and I seem to have to defend myself and my beliefs but I have always been a person to want to follow happiness not looking for trouble, although it comes looking for me many times,lol, I will get by. Great hub.


lctodd1947 profile image

lctodd1947 6 years ago from USA Author

Pollyannalana, sorry I am late but thank you for coming here to read and comment. I know how you feel. I can get myself into a lot of trouble sometimes by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank you Polly for you nice comments.

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