Life Without A Television For Over A Year

We Really Can Live Without Televison ~ I'm Not So Sure About Our Cats, Though!

Our kitty, Misty, smacking the polar bears on the Animal Planet channel. I think she might occasionally miss having a television set. She hasn't complained too much, though.
Our kitty, Misty, smacking the polar bears on the Animal Planet channel. I think she might occasionally miss having a television set. She hasn't complained too much, though. | Source
She really DID enjoy watching those polar bears! But now she looks out in the backyard and watches the hummingbirds at their bird feeder and we think she enjoys that just as much.
She really DID enjoy watching those polar bears! But now she looks out in the backyard and watches the hummingbirds at their bird feeder and we think she enjoys that just as much. | Source

Hard To Believe It's Been Over A Year Already ~

Like most homes in America, we always had a television. Also, like most Americans, we were in a type of a trance for several hours each evening after work. Our kids were in the same TV watching habit, only after school. It got to the point where we had television sets in practically every room. Our boys each had them in their rooms, we had one in our bedroom, there was one in the living room, and even one in the basement for when we were riding an exercise bike.

If I counted right, that is at least five TV sets we had throughout our home. Some of them would be on constantly, from the time we awakened in the morning, until we'd finally turn off the flickering box at night. Constant light, constant noise, constant chatter. A person could hardly even hear themselves think.

Since our boys are grown now and live in their own households and are busy with their own families, we found ourselves in the "empty nest" years of just my husband and myself. An airline he worked for went out of business, and he was unemployed for about eight months. He finally found a job, but it was over 2,000 miles away in Nevada. He came out to Nevada originally to begin working at his new job, while I stayed at our former home in Wisconsin.

I kept working, downsized our possessions and packed up what was left. All this in addition to trying to sell the home we had in Wisconsin. My husband was busy as well with working about ten hours a day, exercising in the evening and our daily phone calls. Once he found our home in Nevada, he moved in and made a conscious decision to go without a television.

He found he had so much more time to do things. He painted the entire house, he would go for long walks on the famous Strip here in Las Vegas. He would walk for hours getting to know all the hotels, places to shop, eat, and other places unique to each hotel. He ended up losing about thirty pounds from all the walking, which was a definite benefit.

I still had television at our home in Wisconsin and wondered how in the world he could survive without a TV. It was a decision not based on money factors, although it IS incredibly nice to save about $150 a month that we were spending on a cable television bundle plan. We had cable television, a land-line phone and internet for about $150 a month.

Once he was living in Las Vegas, he found that he did not have any need for a land line phone. The cell phone was fine and all that he needed. He also felt he had no time to even watch TV any more, much less a desire to do that. Between working and all the activities there are to do here in Las Vegas, he was getting along fine without a television set. The only thing needed was Internet, and we found that through a service called CLEAR.

He kept telling me "try it you'll like it" when it came to giving up TV. I had TV while I was still in Wisconsin. But, to be honest, a lot of times the television was on to serve only as background noise while I was busy doing other things. I got to the point where I was hardly paying any attention to it anyway, so why bother even turning it on? I had the cable disconnected and cancelled right before coming down to join my husband here in Las Vegas, and I haven't looked back.

Even With TV's Available Everywhere, We Still Find We Don't Watch Them ~

There are TV's in practically every casino here in Las Vegas, and even though they are on in the background, we find that we hardly even pay any attention to them. They are there, but we rarely if ever find ourselves sitting and watching anything on them.

Most casinos here have televisions for the sports games that people enjoy watching while they are at the casino. Occasionally we will go and have a hot dog or quick meal at the casino and watch for maybe 1/2 hour or so. I have never liked football anyway, so I am just there to people watch and I barely pay attention to what is on the screen. Even my husband doesn't watch anything for long.

What To Do Without A TV ~

It's funny, we get asked "what do you DO without a TV?" Our answer? Go to live shows, go hiking up in Red Rock Canyon, go hiking at Valley of Fire State Park, go walking to get exercise, go out to eat, cleaning, projects around the house, learning and writing on the Internet, and reading. I do the writing, my husband usually surfs the net for information and news.

I've gotten more writing done and learned more new things simply by unplugging that flickering box than I think I ever would have gotten done in my life otherwise. We both read books from the library and have learned to love reading all over again. I used to say I didn't have time for reading in my life... that was because the flickering box was taking so much time away, like a thief, like a mind-numbing thief.

TV Became Like A Thief, Stealing Our Time ~

Television, we found, consumes you after a while. You have it on even if you're not watching. It becomes like a pacifier constantly yakking at you in the background with or without an audience. I used to come home from work, settle into a comfortable recliner and promptly fall asleep watching the flickering box. It seemed to be more of a tool to fall asleep to than to actually watch anything on.

I found once I moved here and didn't have television, it forces you to find other things to do instead. I go swimming almost every day during the summer. Not only is swimming great exercise, it is so relaxing and enjoyable to swim while looking up at the dark blue sky and the pretty palm trees. I would be missing all of that if I was stuck inside the house watching the flickering box. I love being outdoors and being in the sun.

When we lived in Wisconsin, we didn't see nearly as much sun or warm weather. We figure since we are living in a sunshine warm weather place, why not get out and enjoy it? Between writing, cleaning, swimming, having a nice dinner with my husband, then going for an evening walk... who has time for TV? I hate to admit it but my husband was r... r..... r..... right. I actually find that I don't miss TV since I've gone for about a year and a half now without it.

I think if we lived someplace that didn't have as many things to do, and that didn't have the beautiful sunshine and warm weather and didn't have so many places to go walk, so many live shows to see, so many people watching opportunities... maybe we would go back to having a television. Then again, maybe we have now gotten so used to being "unplugged" that we might decide never to go back to sitting in front of a flickering box again.

I did miss shows like "Dancing With The Stars" I guess... for about a week. Then I found that if I really wanted to see what people were talking about, I could catch "highlights" on the Internet and not have to sit through two hours of mindless drivel just to see those highlights. The other good thing is that with services like HULU, you can watch a TV show if you want to see what all the hype is about.

I actually did watch HULU for a bit recently when I had the flu. It would have been really difficult to go walking or do other activities, and eventually I got tired of the computer. So, I gave in for an evening or two and watched a "Dancing With The Stars" episode on HULU as well as a new show about Nashville and the music business. So, if you really do want to watch something, you can do that. But, you really don't have to pay the outrageous prices charged by cable TV providers and Satellite TV providers to do that.

Will We Ever Go Back To Having A Television? I'm Not Sure, But Maybe Not ~

All it takes to give up television is a bit of commitment and a desire to do other things instead of sitting in front of a flickering box. I used to also have terrible dreams before. I would be bombarded all day long by news alerts, news channels and a constant stream of people arguing with one another over topics. It led me to have some pretty bad and frightening dreams. I don't have that problem any more.

I can't tell anyone who really enjoys TV to give it up, and giving it up might not be for everyone. I just know that we have given up watching TV and it works for us. My husband has been "TV-free" for almost two years now, and I have been for 1 1 /2 years. We don't feel like we've missed a whole lot.

We were talking the other day and decided that a "celebrity" from some Reality TV show could be walking through any casino or any shopping center here in Las Vegas, and we would have NO IDEA who that person is. In a way, that's kind of a freeing feeling. To not feel nervous around someone because they are famous, to not have any desire to ask that person for an autograph, because you have no idea who they are, is kind of a neat feeling. It doesn't mean you stick your head in the sand and have no idea what is going on in the world, though.

We get plenty of news from news websites and from headlines on just about any home page you choose to have on the Internet. My husband uses MSN and I use Yahoo. Any of them have all the latest and most important headlines and you can watch news on any of the news websites, on your own time, when you want to watch them. You don't have to watch the same news stories over and over either. That's been a really nice benefit of unplugging.

So, can you live without TV? Probably. I've seen a lot on the Internet lately about people who have given up TV, and honestly, after doing it ourselves for over a year now, we don't even miss it. It makes your home a more relaxing place, a haven from the outside world and all its distractions, so why invite those distractions into your home by turning on a television set? At least that's the way we feel about it right now.

For now, this works for us. If you try it, you might just find you like it, and you might save over $1,500 a year or more in the process, money that would have gone to pay for cable or satellite TV. We feel as if we are living a healthier life without TV, but we also realize it's not for everyone. If you do decide to go without TV, good luck and enjoy the benefits! I think you might find some of the same benefits we've found from the simple act of unplugging the television set.

An Update ~ Nearly Five Years Now With No Television!

Looking back on this article now, many of the things I wrote here are still true today! We have been living here in Las Vegas for about five years now, and we still don't feel a need to have a television.

There were a couple times when I missed having a TV, especially when I was sick with the flu and got tired of looking at the computer or cell phone. I remembered thinking it would have been nice to have the TV on to watch and to help me to fall asleep when I was sick!

All kidding aside, though, if there are times we feel like watching something, we can use Netflix, which we pay a minimal monthly fee for. I know that some of the programming on there is older, but since we've gone without TV for this long, it all seems new to us!

A while back, I watched several episodes of the show "Sons Of Anarchy" and found that to be intriguing. Netflix worked just fine for that purpose. What I like about Netflix is that the TV streams with NO commercials! That's something that used to bother me about commercial television! All that time you'd spend out of every hour watching useless, repetitive commercials!

So, we are still going strong without TV after five years, and we don't miss it too much. If there is an awards show on, I often find friends commenting about it on Facebook (funny comments, too!) Then, I can watch highlights the next morning without having to sit through hours of droll content or terrible musical groups!

If there is a football game on my husband would like to watch, we always have the casinos to go to so we can watch there. The good thing about the casinos is that you get the atmosphere and the excitement of a live performance (as far as the audience reactions go!) We've even gone to the casinos to watch events like the Kentucky Derby. And people who are also at the casino watching it dress up in derby hats for the event! Sometimes the people in the audience are just as entertaining as whatever is on television!

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

It's been six years for me and I am always listening to people tell me that they can't imagine not having one...I no longer can imagine having one. Awesome hub Kathy!

Abbyfitz profile image

Abbyfitz 4 years ago from Florida

I still have one but usually only watch one one hour show a day. There is not much on

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I totally agree, billybuc. :) I am so used to it now that I think it would seem really strange to me if we did go back to having one. I enjoy the peace and all the things I'm able to get done without that extra distraction. Thanks so much for your great comment! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

You know something funny, Abby? When we still had TV, my husband and I would look at each other and say "over 200 channels, and there is nothing worth watching on"... I think that was when we started to realize we didn't really need it any more. Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it! :)

alison ashley profile image

alison ashley 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I bought a new TV around two years back and hardly ever watch it. When I do turn it on I realize I'm not really paying attention to it because I'm too busy with other things. Would much go out and see the world than watch it on TV! Besides I think it just serves to brainwash people.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

That's how we were starting to feel about it too, Alison! I found the constant commercials on TV and pushing things we "had" to buy to be too much as well! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! : )

sarahshuihan profile image

sarahshuihan 4 years ago from USA

I wish more people would do this! I lived without a television for years living overseas and ended up reading a lot more as a result. I found that if I really wanted to watch something, there's always online streaming videos? I am also a lot more picky about what I watch, which isn't a bad thing.

shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

Kathy - Great way to describe it. A thief stealing time. I am an outdoor lover and avid reader as well. Television takes a distant place when given the choice of the outdoors and reading. Good for you.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

We've found the same thing, Sarah, that we can watch whatever we want to, on our own time, by choosing online streaming services like HULU. We've become a lot more picky about what we watch as well, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks, Beckie! That phrase just came to mind when I thought about all the hours people spend sitting in front of a TV, and I was one of them for a LONG time! We've gotten so used to life without a television that I think it would seem weird to go back to having one on in the house. Thanks so much for commenting! :)

donnah75 profile image

donnah75 4 years ago from Upstate New York

Fantastic hub! It's amazing how people wonder what you do without a television when TV hasn't always been around. I mean before TV was invented people must've done something right? It really is a good idea to give it up i also find myself using it as background noise and find that I'm not really paying attention. Great job here. Voted up.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks so much for your great comment, donnah75! :) I appreciate it so much and thank you for the up vote, too! :)

catgypsy profile image

catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

Kathy, I give both of you a pat on the back for doing this. I live alone, so I'm not sure I could do without that chatter in the does make you feel less lonely in a way, but I do agree with you about all the ways TV can 'interrupt" your life. I think it's great that you did this and have found so many new things to do! Very interesting hub!

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

I think we can all cope if we put our minds to it. Saying this though I stress that I am not ready to ban my TV at this moment in time.

I have great respect for those that do though.

Brilliant hub my friend and have a great day.


Gypsy48 profile image

Gypsy48 4 years ago

Excellent hub Kathy. Having a tv on all day can control your life. Some people plan ther day around what tv programs they think they must watch. They are watching other people living their lives while they sit on the sofa letting life pass them by. Voted up and awesome.

aziza786 profile image

aziza786 4 years ago

TV has changed many peoples lives since the day it was invented. These days there are far too many channels available and you don't know what to watch and when. Watching TV is still one of the main hobbies for many people. I used to watch a lot of TV many years ago but I've cut down my viewing hours. Nice article about your life without TV and how to live without it, very interesting indeed, voted up.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Hi Catgypsy! That's true, the background chatter does keep you company in a way. I found that to be true when I was up in Wisconsin and my husband was here in Las Vegas. We do have the radio on quite a bit, so that provides almost the same kind of chatter, in between songs! (Depending on what station you listen to!) Thanks so much for your great comment!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks so much, Eddy! So nice to see you again! :) You're right though, giving up TV is not for everyone. It is difficult, like any habit I suppose, to give up at first. After a while, though, we've just found that we don't miss it! Thanks so much for commenting! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you gypsy48! In a way, I suppose I was one of those people who would plan things around what I wanted to watch... it is freeing now to be able to do what you want when you want to and not worry about missing some TV show. :) Even with a DVR that came along with our cable package, I still found myself planning to watch something when it aired. Thanks so much for reading and for the great votes!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks, aziza786! Even cutting down TV watching hours is a fantastic thing! Good for you! :) I started doing that before giving it up completely. I found that I was busy in the basement going through things and sorting them, deciding what we could get rid of and downsizing for the move to Las Vegas. I found that I was so busy I would just keep the TV off while I was busy! It was still kind of hard to completely give it up, though. Thanks for your thoughtful comment! :)

picklesandrufus profile image

picklesandrufus 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

Kudos to you! I don't watch mine often, but haven't made the conscious choice to give it up. Nice article-enjoyable read.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA

I have had no more TV for over two years (unless you count the only 1 local news channel we receive with an indoor antenna) and am enjoying life more! I am reading, studying more and spending more time with my dogs than before. I am really starting to think that living life is much more fruitful than watching other people's lives on a screen!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks, picklesandrufus! So glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for your kind words. :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

That's so true, Alexadry that living life in your own way is so much better than watching others live theirs on a screen. Thanks so much for reading and for your great comment! :)

Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

Pamela Kinnaird W 4 years ago from Maui and Arizona

I enjoyed your thoughts on this subject. My husband and I haven't had a television hooked up (on cable or antennae or satellite) for viewing since October 2006. We have a television and DVD player in case there is a DVD of our grandchildren sent to us or something really good like that. We do enjoy watching the occasional PBS show or documentary on the internet and we catch some news on the internet. We don't miss television at all. Even without it, there still aren't enough hours in the day.

Voting up and awesome.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

That's pretty much what we have too, Pamela. We have a small TV but it's not hooked up, but we do have a small DVD player we could hook up to it if we want to do that. It's nice being disconnected from the cable and satellite providers though :) It feels good to save that extra money instead of sending it to them. I feel the same way, even without TV there could be a few extra hours in each day! :)

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

If it were not for my TV hubby, I wouldn't own one. I rarely have time to sit and watch it with all the things I am into these days. And I don't believe there is anything of real value to watch (maybe some news?) I applaud your efforts and determination.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks, Dianna! :) That's really true, giving up TV has to be something everyone wants to do. I'm like you, I have so much other stuff going on, it's hard to find time. Thanks so much for your great comment! :)

David Warren profile image

David Warren 4 years ago from Nevada

Awesome topic! Your hub and the comments helped me to realize I'm not alone with these views. Unfortunately I still pay the cable company a ridiculous amount of money as my wife, and mother who recently moved in with us, would never consider giving up "the boxes" but I really can't handle more than a half hour of them before I'm ready to climb the walls. I even made a living reparing "the boxes" for many years as well as producing video but I've never had much interest in watching them for leisure. Great hub, voted awesome!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks for adding your thoughts on this, David! I know exactly what you mean, TV is NOT what it used to be. My husband and I were just talking tonight about TV in the 1960's when we were kids (Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Gilligan's Island, Andy Griffith, Lost In Space and so many others I couldn't list them all) Back then television was original and some shows were entertaining. It's gone downhill every decade since then, to the point where we didn't think it was worth watching any more and decided to pull the plug. :) Thanks so much for your great comment! :)

vibesites profile image

vibesites 4 years ago from United States

I think I can't have at least one TV at home. It takes a lot of willpower and readiness for someone to forego TV which used to play a part in the household. I have so much respect for you. Voted up and awesome. :)

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Great hub. Interesting point of view with which I totally agree. Living here in Riga, Latvia I can tell you TV just has nothing of interest on it and we don't wish to spend money on a decoder for a TV and on cable. We just don't have that kind of money. Instead we enjoy nature, I love to photograph, and of course I write and get info I need on the Internet and besides there is YouTube which let's me see old TV shows and movies if nostalgia hits. I definitely don't miss TV.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thank you vibesites! It wasn't completely easy giving up TV, but now we are so used to it that it would seem strange to have one again. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and for the great vote!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I know what you mean, Gypsy Rose.. we've gotten to the point where we don't miss it either. I think it would be hard to find any time to even watch with everything else we have going on during the day! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate that. :)

Armchair Builder profile image

Armchair Builder 4 years ago from Hawaii

Good stuff. I need you to talk to my wife...I'm all for losing the Tube!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks for the compliment, Armchair Builder! :) I know what you mean, it is not an easy thing to convince someone else to give up TV, it really IS a habit! Thanks so much for reading and for your comment!

rumintasari profile image

rumintasari 4 years ago from Sleman

I still have one in my room but never really had the time to watch it, maybe on weekend for soccer match.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

It really is hard to find time these days to watch TV, rumintasari! Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

Bonsie007 profile image

Bonsie007 4 years ago

Been there done that! We have gone without TV for years actually! Then we started back watching last year. Such a disappointment though. Too many reality shows and too many commercials. A real time waster. So out went the cable. Don't miss it a bit!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

We've thought about starting up again, but we feel like we would discover exactly what you said... too many commercials and pointless reality shows. We really don't miss it either. Only time I missed it was when I had the flu, but then I could choose what I wanted to watch on HULU and watch it there, so that was good! :)

Bonsie007 profile image

Bonsie007 4 years ago

Yes, Hulu is a great place!

profile image

Joanne M Olivieri 4 years ago

My tv died about two years ago and since I didn't watch it that often, I never replaced it. With Hulu and Netflix, I just check online if I want to watch something. I do go to live shows much more often since I am tv less.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Aren't Hulu and Netflix nice, Joanne? I use those too! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :) I appreciate that!

profile image

Joanne M Olivieri 4 years ago

Kathy, I enjoy your hubs. Have a great weekend.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks, Joanne! Hope you have a great weekend, too! :)

mary615 profile image

mary615 3 years ago from Florida

This Hub caught my eye, because I "divorced" the cable company about two years ago. (I wrote a Hub about that). I have a Roku box and get movies from Netflix.

I just refuse to pay for stupid commercials that are forced down our throats on TV.

Voted UP and shared.

Attikos profile image

Attikos 3 years ago from East Cackalacky

This article is timely for me. I dropped my television service last week. Like you, I find I do not miss it and that I have more time for things more important.

Voted up and interesting.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

I totally agree with you, Mary! The longer we have been without TV, the less I miss it. It's been almost two years now.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and was halfway listening to the TV in the waiting room...they had a trial on about a woman in Arizona who killed her boyfriend... the way it was covered was more like a soap opera than a real trial. The garbage on TV these days seems to be pure craziness... and I don't like the commercials either! I don't even like commercials that are on the Internet so I "close" them whenever they pop up!

Thanks so much for reading and for your great comment, I appreciate that! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks so much, Attikos, I'm so glad you liked this! :) We really don't miss TV at all. Thanks for your great comment!

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 3 years ago from Massachusetts

Hi Kathy great article and many have done this type of thing to, i know become i am one. I now have been with out television for two years and and only missed it the first month . I don't miss the trash they were putting on TV and the news was getting just as bad .

Vote up and more !!! Sharing !

MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 3 years ago

How refreshing, someone not tied to the TV. Years ago between marriages, my TV went out and being an avid reader, I didn’t miss it. When I remarried, I discovered that my husband was a TV addict who had the racket box on upon arising until bedtime. It was very annoying until I finally got used to it. We have talked about doing away with our bundle and going Hulu or something, but our DSL is too slow to really watch a movie. Besides, what are we going to do with a big screen TV with theater sound system. Voted you up and interesting.

KathyH profile image

KathyH 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks so much for your great comment, Kashmir56! :) We've been without our television for almost two years now, too, and don't miss it. When I have doctor appointments and they have the TV on in the waiting room, I find that it is annoying!! It just confirms my not wanting to have the racket in our house! Thanks again! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks MizBejabbers! That is a problem, what to DO with the TV's. We did actually give one to Goodwill, but the other two are still at the home we moved from in Wisconsin... I don't know what we'll do with those, probably give them to our sons or put them on Craigslist I guess! Thanks so much for your nice comment and for the votes, I appreciate that!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Kathy H.....You did quite a fabulous job of "convincing!" You certainly can sell an idea! It's strange, but as I read, I found myself agreeing with you and all the while thinking, "Could I ever really do this?" LOL

I live alone.....Oops, excuse me. My dog Toby and cat Tommy just took serious offense to that statement. But you know what I other humans.

To add to that total silence.....I have no neighbors closer than 3 football fields away. The house is a rather large 2-story Country-type home....and recently, I got rid of some very old furnishings. The main floors are hard wood and when I walk through I can HEAR AN ECHO!!


Hmmm...I don't know much as I love your idea and wouldn't mind saving the I mention I'm also quite the "Loner?" I see friends on my time and terms. Gosh...that makes me sound like the Old Wicked Witch from Hansel & Gretel!! LOL....I'm not, I swear......

So, yeah...I think I just talked myself right out of trying the No TV thing! I'll be satisfied just thinking about you and your husband and your wonderful decision!!......UP+++ Tweeted & Pinned.

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 2 years ago from Oakley, CA

I grew up without TV; my father refused to have one, on the grounds that, "the commercials insult your intelligence." (He was right!) We read, listened to the radio and records, went places, played piano (my mother fairly well; me not so much), and I was usually outside playing with my friends.

When I married the first time, it was to a man who'd grown up with TV, and we "had to" have one...he would turn it on first thing when he got up, leave it running when he left for work, (and the first thing I would do when I got up was turn it OFF!) I like things QUIET. I can't stand "background noise," because I grew up in a quiet house.

We eventually divorced for many other reasons, but my current hubby is also a 'raised-with-TV-TVaholic.' On right away, and on all day. He is disabled, and unable to get out and do stuff, so I don't begrudge him the TV: it's really his only available entertainment.

That said, I've now gotten in the habit of watching a lot with him, and as his sole caretaker, I don't get out much, either, as I don't like leaving him alone, in case he should have a problem needing attention.

I would, however, much prefer to listen to music for my 'background noise,' which I now, unfortunately need, as I've developed tinnitus, and if it's quiet, that is annoying. I need a 'white noise' machine next to the bed. :-(

But, I'm still not a huge fan of TV. Take away my TV--oh, well. Take away my books, and I'll dust off my karate moves on you!

Voted up, interesting and useful. (and sorry for the long rant!)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Thanks so much for your awesome comment and kind words, fpherj48! I appreciate that so much! :) If you do decide to go without TV, you might just find you like it as much as we do! We are almost four years into our "no TV" time and I don't miss it much at all! :) I can read about what is on TV on Internet articles. I swear, though, a lot of the same stuff that was on it back then is STILL there today. It doesn't seem like it has changed much in those four years! Don't miss it and I probably won't go back to having one, unless we move to someplace that is more "remote" and we don't have all this entertainment like we do have here in Las Vegas. Heck, walking on the Las Vegas strip is a "reality show" in itself! Lol!! Thanks again for commenting! :) You really added to this post!

KathyH profile image

KathyH 2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

Your father was a very wise man, DizzyMsLizzy! :) I would probably go back to having one, too, if we didn't have much else for entertainment. For us right now though, this works! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment as well, you really added a lot to this! I appreciate that so much! :)

KathyH profile image

KathyH 2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada Author

This must have been a pretty decent hub, it was stolen by TWO websites... and I cannot find addresses for either one to send a DMCA copyright infringement notice to! The way they stole it is ridiculous. They ran it through some "article spinner" and it came out not making sense like the original does!

Why are people too darn lazy to write their own stuff!

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