Life after thyroid removal - what follows?

When you are first allowed home

We must remember that a full thyroidectomy ( removal of the thyroid ) is major surgery, and that our life will in fact never be the same after the operation, although we will be able to lead a normal life, and our life expectancy should not be shortened as a result of having the operation.

As mentioned in my earlier articles, the thyroid is one of the most important endocrine glands in the body, controlling the rate of our metabolism, and without it, in simple terms, our body will gradually shut down.

So, as we no longer have a gland to make the hormones necessary to control our metabolism, we must take them in tablet ( chemical) form. This all sounds very simple, and indeed can be if you are lucky enough to be suited to the type and first dosage given to you by your doctor... but be prepared...

Thyroid medication

Your medication and possible side effects

You will be prescribed sodium levothyroxine. This will be in tablet form, 1 tablet taken everyday preferably an hour before breakfast.

The strength of dosages range from 50mg, 75mg, 100mg, etc up to around a maximum of 250 in one tablet.

Your doctor or endocrine will start you off on what he or she considers to be the right level, but , unless you strike gold so to speak, you will find this is followed by a series of blood test, upping or downing the level of medication, until results of T.S.H, T3 and T4 are that of a person with a perfectly functioning thyroid.

The most common side affects that you will experience whilst your dosage is being played around with, are those of underactive thyroid. If you already had underactivity, then you may notice little difference, possible more severe fatigue, or episodes of depression.

Of all the people I spoke to prior to my surgery, I was told to expect rapid and huge weight gain, and have spoken to many people who are apparently on the right dosage of medication, but still can't shift the extra weight, and are palmed off by diet sheets by the dietician.

We all know that if we have a slow metabolism, then we need to consume fewer calories per day, than a person of normal metabolism, and being given diet sheets may help a little , but I think in the case of many pacients is not the answer, and there is still an underlying problem, or the medication levels are still not suitable.

i am now one month into my recovery from my surgery, and although i am indeed suffering from severe fatigue, and other symptoms of underactivity of the thyroid such as problems with memory and concentration, I have not managed to gain any weight at all, and still tip the scales at under 50kg!

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natural-thyroid-user 6 years ago

I used to be in the er all the time myself. I had to get on anti-anxiety meds, I had been beside myself. I am sure it turned out thyroid disease but like I said I did not know to ask about for copies there was no internet like this.

mitzi 5 years ago

will i be able to speak after operation?

Darcee 5 years ago

I had my whole thyroid removed, First surgury was May 9th n Second Surgury was June 1st. First one they took out CANCER ... OMG!!! I have no cancer now but My mental status is awful! the Anxiety, the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop... My stress level is high, n so r my Emotions...

jordan 5 years ago

i've been livin on thyroid meds for 10 years now after a full thyroid removal it has been hell the doctors don't really know how to treat us one even sent me into multible thyroid storms because he had my meds to high he said your in the normal ranges but what i found out is that you have to find your normal range for me even in the normal range at the higher end could send me into another thyroid storm you have to listen to your body and stay on your doctors to do something about it or your body and mind will suffer. everyone should see an endo to manage this lifestyle it's worse than havein suger problems but at least they have a way to check there blood when they don't fell good we have to go to the lab and always check your calcium,potasum,and other thyroid levels because they go up and down too my life has been a roller coaster sence they removed mine

4 years ago

This article is obviously posted via some service or layperson who is not familiar with common English language expressions or the correct endocrine vocabulary. I consider the accuracy of this information to be suspicious.

Angela 4 years ago

D. I am sorry but I consider your comment to be down right nasty and unfounded. I am British, 100% born and bred and have suffered from thyroid cancer as well as total thyroid removal...I assure you I know what I am talking about.

Judy 4 years ago

I am having really bad mood swings and can't seem to control any of my emotions sinse having my thyroid removed early January, my memory has gone totally to pot. I am told that my medication is the right level for me and the weight gain that I am experiencing is normal and I shouldn't worry about. I am worried and think that I may be depressed now, I don't know, I just can't seem to get a handle on anything in life at the minute, everyone gets on my nerves, I just want to be left alone, please help

Angela 4 years ago

Judy, I am now post op one and a half years, and I still have foul moods, no concentration, no short term memory and feel a totally different person than before the op. Unfortunately my hormone levels also are "correct" and am fed up with an endocrinologist telling me I am fine when she has never been through what I have. If there is light at the end of the tunnel, I think it is still far off. All I can say is that you are not alone in your feelings, I think there are very common indeed.

Rios 4 years ago

hello! i stumble into this page today because i was trying to find some answers about life after this removal of the thyroid. i didn't get my thyroid removed through surgery but i instead got a nuclear oblation. Two months after that i gained all this weight and doing all this research i found out to be common and loosing it has been a real pain. B

Rios 4 years ago

but thats not what im trying to find out. well i was put on sythroid and the first dosage the doctor gave me was too low even though i felt really good and everything was fine after the bumped it up higher my feel have become really sweaty, i get minor headaches, and y hair falls of in huge chunks ! for a girl in her early twenties..this is a nightmare but i talked to my doctor and she said that during the process of the removal of the thyroid my body was focusing itself on recovering and getting better so hair growth stopped but now its back to growing hair that it may look like its falling off but its actually growing back! well she may be right but how can i help my body through this journey and has any one found an effective way to remove the extra pounds in a safe but effective way...please any suggestions will help. Thank You

Christine Walker 4 years ago

i have loads of saliva spilling out daily

RUTH 4 years ago


VibrantRogue 4 years ago

I don't know if this information will help anyone struggling with this or who haven't had a thyroid operation yet. I was told by my endocrinologist that surgery on the thyroid is considered quite risky and dangerous. The preferred method of removing the thyroid now is by taking a radioactive iodine pill. I went with that option when they said I had grave's disease and needed to get rid of my thyroid. I'm still struggling with fatigue as they slowly adjust my medication doses. I'm currently on levothyroxine which seems to have relatively few side effects, at least for me. I also just picked up a book about the struggles people face with thyroid issues called "The Thyroid Solution" by Rhida Arem. I just picked it up from Barnes and Noble last night so I haven't had a chance to read any of it yet, but it seems that it may have some interesting information about the side effects of losing a thyroid. I hope this helps at least a few people, and good luck to those you who are wrestling with this issue. I hope your doctors are able to find solutions that work for each of you!

sm 4 years ago

what happens after thyroid removal if you opt out of taking thyroid medication

becci 4 years ago

Shit!!! Im having this op as i have 3 kids and they consider the radioactive treatment not right for me. Well by the sounds of this the kids wud be better off without me for two weeks rather than me being a mess

Me 4 years ago

I would like to add I had my thyroid totally removed 2 days ago. The pain is nowhere near what I expected and I can speak albeit very quietly. I am able to eat soft foods and only feel bursts of pain when I cough. Hopefully should be able to move onto solid food again shortly. Taking calcium tablets, painkillers and thyroid replacement meds start tomorrow.

CM 4 years ago

I have been having concentration issues, unable to remember things, fatigue, weight loss, nervousness, shaking hands, panic attacks, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, coughing and choking etc. which I thought may be related to a thyroid issue. I saw a doctor yesterday. After and exam she said that my thyroid is enlarged. She then drew blood and is sending me for an ultra sound. My mother had her thyroid surgically removed many years ago, when I was very young and I am 56 years old. She has been on thyroid replacement since that time and seems to do well with it. Since I received the information from my doctor yesterday I have been looking into what others on the internet have to say about their experiences. Some are positive and others are not. Personally I am going into this with a positive outlook and feel that at this point things can only get better. I think my symptoms have been escalating for the past several years and recently have gotten almost unbearable. Recently my husband was forced to go out of town to work and initially I blamed the depression on the fact that he is gone from home, which is not unreasonable, BUT the extreme level of the feelings are. I now feel these feelings are related to this thyroid thing and I hope that it will soon be corrected with what ever treatment my doctor feels I need and I can go back to enjoying life.

Char 4 years ago

I had total thyroidectomy in June and I still am not right. I have Hashimotos so even though surgeon removed my thyroid I still have this autoimmune disease which I feel makes things worse. I was on Levothyroxinne before the surgery for the Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism. After surgery I was put on 150mcg but it was way too much. Doc dropped it to 125mcg but that was too much. Yesterday dropped to 112mcg. Now during the past 3 months I have been miserable. Cry all the time at the drop of a hat, tiredness, sleepiness, not being able to sleep through the night, muscle pain, headaches, anxiety, numbness of my neck up to my cheeks from the surgery, my voice is changed, I can no longer sing, If I raise my voice it cracks and sounds like a Tibetan tuva chanter, I have a hard time remembering things, I feel like I am in a fuzzy cloud, I have to read things over and over. This has been just terrible. I was never like this before. Sure I had all the hypo symptoms before surgery but it was not like this. This is all the hypo symptoms plus 100. Endo has ordered more blood work to check Calcium and Vitamin C levels and some other things. Main point is to find a good endo who cares. I found one and he makes me happy. A good endo can make it or break it for you.

Shanda 4 years ago

Hello I am due to have my surgery , they are taking all my Thyroid out on Tuesday but after reading most of the comments on this page I am scared that my meds will not get regulated properly and that I will not feel good to to be able to enjoy my three new grandsons. Makes me feel closer to death rather then closer to a better life. Sorry just starting to get a lil depressed and i want to enjoy life to its fullest. I was told i had to stop taking most of the meds i was taking 4 days before surgery so all my pain is here and my sinuses are acting up...does anyone who what kind of sinus meds we are aloud to take before surgery that does not have aspirin?

Char 4 years ago

Well I had more blood work and was very low on Vitamin D3. Very Low. So Endo prescribed 50000 units with one pill a week. This gave me great stomach misery and diarrhea. So he told me to take 2000 units a day and I bought some from Vitamin store.

My moods are still very bad and I can't think clearly. People talk to me and I can't concentrate on what they are saying. I can't put things together in my mind when given a task at work. I can't focus. I have to ask everyone over and over about what they said. Just typing this is hard as I have to retype over my errors.

Our poor removed thyroids are so misunderstood by doctors. They don't see us and how we suffer and have to live now that they are removed from our bodies. There is no normal any more. Everyday is a struggle just to function.

The worst part is the dosage game. The try to find a dosage that will make me feel good again. When I was on 150mcg I was better mentally but had heart flutters and racing. Now I am down to 100 mcg which I just started and tired tired tired. But no Heart flutters. Dosages are hard to get right that is what I see. My doc says your body is not managing itself I am trying to do that and that is more difficult since our bodies know what to do and do it right but trying to be the body is hard and all our doctors can do is guess and test.

Judy 3 years ago

I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago and my levels still go up and down, but I asked to be taken off of synthroid and am now on Armour Thyroid pills. I can tell you after a week my vision was better, my moods were great. I'm am finally losing some weight and I feel wonderful. My doc gives me blood test every 8 wks now to make sure my levels stay good. We started out with 120mg and then 120mg and 90mg alternating, now on 90mg. From what I understand from the doc is that after the removal it's hard to keep the levels even. Has to be monitored regularly. I feel great on the Armour Thyroid. Walgreen's tells me it's a great drug that doctors don't use very much. The price is awesome too. Please look up Armour Thyroid and ask your doctors about it. Hope this helps you. Oh, the book I read is The Thyroid Diet Revolution by Mary J Shomon. Got it from Barnes and Noble.

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alunthebont 3 years ago

Hello all.I had my thyroid removed17 years ago with no problems. I have allways had a weight issue.I have lost 2 stone in weight in 5 months by not eating crap.I go for a 30 minute walk most evenings with my 62 years old,on 200 mg's of thyroxine a day.don't flap over your thyroid probs,just live your lives to the full,it's not the end of the world you know!

zakaria 3 years ago

i m having my surgery this wednesday,so so scared,with 3 little girls, no family here,the pain is just killing me......i m 25 years,and just thinking my thyroid will be removed........alomost losing my mind.pray for me plz,i really can t stand problems after the surgery..........very happy that i ve seen very positive person.

Jen 3 years ago

Hey everyone, I had my thyroid removed April 9th and I was 15 weeks pregnant now 21 weeks. I kind of miss my graves becuase I didn't feel as depressed as I do now that my thyroid is gone. My doctor just changed my dosage to 112mg. It has just been a totall 180 from going from graves to hypo. Just keep postive tho for the people that are getting the surgery mine when amazing. I was able to talk and eat a little bit right just felt like my head was going to fall off from the insision but I have been healing great.

Alfred 3 years ago

I had my thyroid removed 5 months ago, and so far it has worked out pretty good. Papillary thyroid cancer. My doctor has increased my dosage a few times, and now I have one of the symptoms that a high dosage brings, but it´s not a great problem, it´s just that I feel a bit hot most of the time; and wear less clothing than I used to. I also had the iodine radiation treatment a few weeks ago, and that was no problem (so far), but it was 3 very boring days at the hospital.

I did put on some weight after the operation, but now I have lost that and a bit more by the new very popular method of fasting every other day or so. Papillary thyroid cancer is one of the "better" forms of cancer to get, and by that I mean that the prognosis is usually great. Most likely I will die of something other than thyroid cancer, and that´s a relief.

leah 3 years ago

Can I can if people felt dizzy after surgery I had my removed 2 days ago on standingbi feel awful is this normal and will ot pass

Alan 3 years ago

Just a 2 weeks into having total thyroid removal as it had grown down into my chest and was closing off my trachea, commonly known as a goitre. Have had no adverse reactions, life operating as normal. I made the decision that nothing would change, and it hasn't. Your body will respond to whatever mind set you have, just make the decision life will go on as normal.

April 3 years ago

Had my thyroid removed June 5. My doc told me it was a very simple surgery...not so much. When I got out of surgery he told I could go home, but I actually asked him if I could stay overnight. I felt ok I just couldn't breath very good. Almost 3 months after now, still having problems breathing, haven't got my regular voice back, and everyday I feel worse and worse. My endoc doc says my levels are fine... Something isn't right tho! I'm trying to be positive about all of it : \

Maybelline 3 years ago

Remain positive I had my surgery April 12, 2013 and I am face with some breathing problems. I have my days. keep thinking positve speak with your pcp and endro, make sure they are working together. hae family support. Keep me posted distance but here. Believe me Im scared but keep in touch

Shyguy 3 years ago

I had a total removal on June 13, 2013, I gain full strength with a week. Since then I continue to work the construction field in the burning sun. I notice sometime I feel exhausted, but recover within short rest period. I were told by my doctor to take a pill and half on Sundays. I'm currently taking 0.2mg of levothyroxine. Now I always feel sleepy. Back to the doctor again, hopefully there will be improvement.

Rose 3 years ago

I had my thyroid removed just over 5 weeks again and have never felt better, I haven't put on weight and with a busy working life and 3 kids to run around after, the surgery was the best thing I ever done. It was a tough couple of weeks for a start but feel a million dollars now. I feel I have my life back now and I'm going to start enjoying it again. All the best to those who are about to go and have it done.

Pat 3 years ago

I had a total thyroidectomy 18 years ago, and was sick for over 17 of those years. Was taking levothyroxine until the end of last year; doctors in five states all looked at T4/TSH and said my illness wasn't from my thyroid. Switched to T4/T3 NDT late last year and got better. The thyroid makes both T4 and T3. If you do not have a thyroid, have your doctor check your Free T3, Total T3 and Reverse T3 levels and dose with T4/T3 combo or T3 only based on symptoms, NOT TSH levels, as TSH values do not indicate if you are converting enough T4 to T3 or not.

Jocelyn 3 years ago

After experiencing a Thyroid Storm, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I have recently talked to a specialist and they will be removing my thyroid asap. I talked to the specialist and the surgeon, but I had no idea about all of the side effects until reading these posts. I am now very frightened. I would love to see some positive posts and some ways people deal with the effects of thyroid removal. Very nervous!

Barbie 3 years ago

Don't be frightened. I had my thyroid removed in Feb 2011 and was home within 2 days. I had lived with a large multi-nodular goitre for 30 years until it started to press on my windpipe and so surgery to remove my thyroid was essential. I was started on 150mg of Levothyroxine every day but after regular blood tests I have settled down on 100mg one day and 125mg the next and I am absolutely fine. OK, I may be fatter but perhaps that's the wine I consume! After Christmas last year I shed weight easily, so it can be done whether you have a thyroid gland or not. Be positive and stop worrying. Life without a thyroid, and with the right medication is fine. I don't feel any different without one!

Jack-JoAnn Bowen profile image

Jack-JoAnn Bowen 3 years ago from Grand Island, Nebraska

I had my thyroid removed August 29,2013, and I feel amazing. It is the best decision I've made. I have been battling Hashimotos for 13 years. I had been to so many specialists and had so many tests done. I was in the hospital overnight and I was eating and drinking fine by the next day. I continued on my same medication and I am loosing weight. For me it has been a good experience.

April 3 years ago

Well on month 5 now. Really can't see an improvement, yet. My breathing still sucks, especially if I am busy doing something or even just taking a shower or getting dressed. I still have alot of tightness in my throat. I am more moody and depressed feeling than I have ever been in my life (33 now). I really don't know who else to go see or talk to about this, so I'm gonna let God handle it.

Abi 3 years ago

I had surgery at the start of July and felt instantly better. I think the levels for my thyroixine are high though as I have been experiencing sleep apnea, increased heartrate and weight loss despite constant eating. I've also had a cold for around 4 weeks now and this has affected me and how I feel. I've been experiencing hot flushes, slight vertigo and sickness which I assume is to do with my cold rather than my thyroid tablets??? I also can't seem to get rid of this cold!!!!

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Emotionalwreck 3 years ago

I had my thyroid surgery on July 24, radiation on August 19 and started taking synthroid on August 26. Since then it has been an emotional roller coaster. I am suffering, my relationship is suffering and so is my home life. I was told this evening that I looked miserable...what do I say to that? Every since the surgery I have been an emotional wreck! Is it me or is it because I do not have a thyroid? I feel like I'm going crazy and I am about to explode! Can someone please shed some light on this subject? Does anyone know of a website that I can research this further?

Jaime 3 years ago

I had my thyroidectomy five days ago, and it will be another two days before I get in to see my endo. My surgeon did not prescribe any Syhthroid for me in the meantime, which means I will go at least a full week without any thyroid hormones. Is this normal? Did anyone else go this long with out it post-op? I started to really feel the effects, yesterday, with extreme exhaustion. I can barely function. Even typing this takes a lot out of me, and trying to read the medical lingo on these thyroid websites is impossible at this point.

Debbie 3 years ago

Hi guys, I had my thryroid out about 4 weeks ago. I had instant relief from all the symptoms of graves disease and I had all of them trust me. I feel great most of the time but still have the odd anxiety attack or some depression every now and then. I know now that it doesn't last so I just hunker down and wait it seems to go away after some hours or even the next day. I am on 100mg of thyroxine and so far feel this is fine. I have not gained any weight so far and still eating as I was before but still a bit more aware of what I do eat and try not to overdo it with the chocolate. I suffered greatly with Graves Disease and find that having the surgery was the best decision for me but still in the early stages so hopefully will continue that way. I feel that we all belong in a special club which I will name "Survivors of Thyroid Disease" as no one outside of us really understands just what we go through. So chin up everyone you are not alone.

Julianne 3 years ago

I think for some of us the name of the Club could be "Victims of Doctor's and Pharma Companies". I was talked into a lobectomy for an "indeterminate nodule" and given the ultimate scare, so I had it done right away at the doctor's advice. The nodule was benign. I have been a total wreck for the past five weeks. My levels are "normal range", but I am tired...maybe from the surgery 5 weeks ago, and my anxiety and sadness have been tough to get a grip on, but I am trying. My calcium is good (9.5), but after reading all of these horrible posts, I am more worried than ever. This surgery was the biggest mistake of my life.

gina 3 years ago

Just went to the endo and my tsh is 104.20, ive been on synthroid tirosint all .175 and am now severley anemic, there had to be some malabsorbtion issues but drs cant figure it out anyone else have that high of levels

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NiseyLee 3 years ago

Hello all!

I had a total thyroidectomy 7 days ago. I am on my way to visit my surgeon. I will post my results later.

Dieterhermie 3 years ago

It was July 10,2012 when my Thyroid completely removed thru surgery.The same day took the 2 of them nearly 5hours at the operating room.Full in comma so you don't feel nothing wrong really.I got operated here in Frankfurt,Germany and really until now went well.But,before I went for operation I took Vit.D3 for 20 days because my Nuklear Medicine Doctor told me to do so..So far,I feel better now and for lifetime I had L-Thyroxine 125.The only worries I have now is my gaining of wait and my doctor told me about the planning of diet I have to eat .Actually,I gained 10kg and it is really true if we are not careful our sugar in the body will be in danger.That's why I'm very careful now the food I eat...Thank you!!!and God Bless you all..

JackM 3 years ago

I had my thyroid removed 6 days ago, I had a multi nodular goitre which apparently was growing to the top of my chest and around my neck. My mother, aunty and grandmother all had goitre's so it was in my family.

I was having problems swallowing at night when I was laying down because it was putting pressure on my wind pipe and there was a question if I had sleep apnoea as my wife said I would stop breathing and kick in with a gulp of air plus if felt I could go to sleep everyday around 2pm. I had lost my voice for 5 days after surgery and can only talk like a mouse now otherwise it fails. The surgery went for about 3 hours and still have quite a bit of swelling below my voice box but not too uncomfortable unless I cough which hurts a lot. As others above I haven't been give any tablets yet but I am due to see the doc tomorrow, he said I would be fine until then which I don't seem to feel any issues at the moment. Sounds like there can be varied outcomes until the meds are correct, looks like I have an interesting 12 months ahead which has been posted above!

helen gavadan 3 years ago

hi i had my thyroid removed 6 weeks ago but i still have a problem with my voice. many people could not understand what i am saying because of my mouse like voice. i am not used to this, i felt so deppressed. i want my original voice back so i can be again a lector and commentator in our church.

Gabby 3 years ago

I had a total tyroidectomy 6 years ago due to cancer. Every day is a different day and my syntriod dosage has been adjusted several times, from 155 mg to 112 mg at any given time. I have gained almost 80 additional pounds since my surgery. No, there are no concrete answers for dealing with the side effects because the thyroid is gland that helps to balance all the chemicals in your body. This means it works differently for everyone. It will release what your body needs. Your weight, diet, activities, environment, stress levels, etc. all play a big part in the fuction of balancing your body chemicals. This is why our physicians cannot pin point all the side effects. I have found vitamin B12 and B complex to decrease fatigue. Working out at the gym & walking also helps the muscles and joins. Eating less sugar helps to keep my glucouse levels down because at times when I visit my Endo it appears as if I am boarder line diabetic. Until the World Health Organization can compile enough information and statisics in numbers for similar effects, we will not have more defined way of dealing with those that continue to issues.

mel 3 years ago

I had a total thyroid removal 13 years ago,quickly settling into a daily dose of 200. Over the last five years, based upon test results my recommended dose is now down too only 50. I feel fine but am concerned regarding why the dose is soon low,any one else had similar issues?

marli 3 years ago

I had a TT and 2 parathyroids taken out in april of this year due to cancer. I have had NOTHING but problems since my surgery. I was in the hospital 6 days after mine due to my graves disease bleeding to much had to have a JP drain in my neck for 3 days. Now I have hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, and hypocalcemia. In the 8 months since surgery I have been in the ER at least 15 times bottoming out on my calcium. They can not seem to get any of my meds working right. I am on 300 mg of levo right now and a t3 pill which seems to do nothing. It was suppose to help my energy but its not helped at all. I have gained at least 50 lbs since then. I found out I had graves in march was in radiation in early April then full total thyroidectomy 2 weeks later. I am so weak and tired all the time. I am only 28 years old, my hands and klegs are numb all the time. They just keep pumping me with medws but its not working. ANY HELP????????????

Bertha 3 years ago

I had a thyroid storm 12 yrs ago grew a agoiter could nt eat due to the goiter was given a year to live should I not have surgery I was to the point of crawling to the restroom clinging to the wall to walk lost gobs of hair my surgert lasted longer than the norm bleed more and intense was told both doctors had theryre hands in my neck trying to save me was like a needle in a haystack was told they lost me for a minute in surgery said hadn't seen a case like mine in 27 years 2nd person know to have into surgery having a thyroid storm I believe in the hear after I had an out of body experience during this time saw a light my body in the air and the most beautifull feeling of life not death a feeling o force of energy taking me a love I will never ever forget and surely not from this world next thing I was brought back and felt it awoke in ICU the versions were amaculate I survived for whatever reasons I believe for Love Real love

karen 3 years ago

had surgery first wk after was great then have been having depression dizziness stomach issues no one tells you these things might happen and graves eyes was to get better worse help what to take

sarah 3 years ago

I undergo total thyroidectomy first last feb 2013 and second last april 2013 due to papillary carcinoma, I never take RAI due to financial problems. I never see my doctor anymore but I continue take my hormones pills 150mcg. My health feels good. God is my medicine. Things I put in my mind after surgery. God knows what good for me.

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tdbrown7 3 years ago

I had my thyroid remove on April 15, 2013. I was told it was going to be a one day stay in the hospital which was truly, but I was not told of the problems that happen when the doctor was doing the surgery. I was release on April 16th at 4:37 pm to be rush to the Emergency Room on April 17th at 1:50pm (less than 24 hours) because my voice cord was damage and my windpipe was parazlyes from the surgery, my oxgyen level was below70 and my headache was so bad I could not see. I stayed in the hospital for a week and they NEVER contact my surgeon to see what happen. After being release I called the surgeon to fine out what happen then he told me he have to do another surgery to put a gel on my voice cords to get the to work again which will help heal my wind pipe. It is January 2014 and I still have problem with my breathing from wind pipe and another lump in throat and I am starting to have memory loss.

Stephanie 3 years ago

I had a complete thyroidectomy 13 years ago. Will be 14 years in April. I had many issues and just thought it was me until about a year ago. I am still learning, but have decided that I need to get to an indo. I had the thyroidectomy and was released to my PCP for maintenance. All they looked at was the TSH. After joining several FB groups and learning about many experiences of others I am now more educated and feel that I can now get this all under control. Hypothyroid Mom and Dr Wiggy are great sources to follow on FB. Thyroid Sexy is another great source. It's filled with everyday people discussing their experiences. Dr Wiggy actually post articles that are very informative and he is an actual physician that treats thyroid specifically. Thyroid communities are the best way to go. Hope this helps because if you aren't educated it is very easy to remain "sick" for a very long time. I honestly don't know what it feels like to be normal because I had my thyroid removed at such a young age when you push your body anyways thinking you are immortal. I am betting it is a wonderful feeling and I am very much looking forward to it. Research research research.

TL 3 years ago

Hello fellow thyroid suffers. I have had my thyroid totally removed after they found a goiter that was cancerous. They wanted to do the radiation Iodine treatment, which I refused, before I was put on Synthroid. It has been going on 3 years since. I have gained some weight, but not as much As some. My reactions to the thyroid removal are( more fatigue than normal, depression and mental alertness.) What I found for the mental alertness is Mitragyna Speciosa, which is an herbal leaf from the rain forest of Thailand. This is a natural herb and not a pharmacudical drug, so it has not been tested by FDA.

The problem is when you remove the thyroid and do not take Levothyroxine or some other form of thyroid medicine you eventually die. I would have elected not to have it removed if I knew what I know now. I cant take back time, so I continue to fight for knowledge and tolerance of being a non thyroid survivor. Really isn't that what we are? People who have had problems with their thyroid or who have had it removed then have to trust in their doctors. There is no doctor that can tell you how you feel. You tell them how you feel and if they don't listen find another one. Research on things that work, because doctors prescribe what they feel you need and it could be based on books and pharmacuedical manuals. Remember you need that Levothyroxine to live and you need that prescription for the rest your life.

Try the Mitragyna speciosa also known as Kratom. Get the leaf that is ground up and put in gel caps or you can just get the leaf and make a tea from it. You'll find some negative stuff on the internet and idiots that take Kratom to get high. I would rather take a natural plant known for 1,000 of years, than a drug that is prescribed that has so many side effects. Don't mix kratom if you are already taking a drug for depression. I have found it has been the best for concentration, since my work requires me to stare at a computer screen all day and analyze. Do not quit taking your levothyroxine or synthroid.. if you have any questions or just want to talk contact me at we can exchange phone numbers. Take care and keep up the good fight.

jo 3 years ago

I had TT 12/27/13. I suffered from what the Dr's described as Hashimoto's. I had every symptom of both hyper and hypothyroidism for the past 25 years since starting Synthroid for suppression therapy. My thyroid was full of large cysts and goiters that grew so large under my clavicle it began to bump up against the aortic branch. I put surgery off for 2 years researching DR.s and hospitals. I found a Great surgeon. My surgery couldn't have gone better except for my larger than normal incision, which I'm using a scar cream my Dr recommended. I experienced nausea from the anesthesia but had very little pain and could talk and swallow fine in the recovery room. It's been almost a month and I have to say I feel great. I'm on the same dose of Synthroid I was before surgery (0.05mcg) and I take short acting Cytomel (T3) 5mcg during the day if I feel tired or sluggish. So far I haven't experienced weight gain or loss but I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I plan to return to work Feb 3rd. It's a little soon to be too optimistic after reading so much negative but I was so ill leading up to surgery anything is better than all the symptoms and constant fear of cancer.

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Johnson83 3 years ago

Hello. I had my whole thyroid removed just over a year ago for Papillary Thyroid cancer and i am still feeling awful. My medication has been changed 3 times but I'm still tired all the time (but can't sleep), my neck is ALWAYS tight and uncomfortable. I told my doctor that I always have the sensation of being choked but she can't seem to find a reason for it. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has this sensation and if they've been told by their doctor what it might be? It is so frustrating not having answers! Thank you!

Emma 3 years ago

I had mine removed July 2012. It went very well and I take 100mg of levy thyroxine every day and this is fine, no problems at all,

I'd rather not have it than have cancer, I to have 3 kids, and you worry about leaving them, best thing I did. No side effects either x

Maxilou 3 years ago

I had Partial removal of the thyroid five months ago and still don't have my voice back, and I am in a business where I use my voice a lot as well as giving talks. I am really depressed.

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Johnson83 3 years ago

Maxilou, you should probably get your vocal chords checked. I just had the test done today and I was told that my right vocal chord is not working. I see a surgeon in 2 weeks and might have to have surgery to fix it. Good luck!

Sandra 2 years ago

I had a total thyroid removal Nov 2012. The surgery was a great success and recovery was good , all of my symptom slowly disappeared, currently taking 100mg thyroxine. Life was great and back to normal... However... I now do not feel good... Nearly 2 stone weight gain, low mood, fuzzy mind, lost concentration, short temper, muscle aches, lethargy , low sex drive n more... Is this normal... ??? Help

Cassandra 2 years ago

Just had Thyroid surgery Jan 29th and again Feb 6th due to the pathology reports. It has been Hypo Hell as others have put it for two weeks. I've been experiencing some severe muscle pain, thought I was having a heart attack not sure what to do, learned about it as a side effect online from others. I sent my Endo an email, because she likes to correspond that way, but said she wanted to wait till after my full body scan. Hmmm.....I was able to see an oncologist yesterday, and he had lab work done again, I addressed the pain, he said he did not believe it was just a lack of calcium but of Magnesium, which I started taking yesterday and today. Apparently women need about 350mg a day.Certain symptoms may also indicate the possibility of an existing magnesium deficit. These include:

• Muscle cramps and chronic pain

• Facial tics or muscle spasms

• Headaches

• Anxiety or hyperactivity

• Sleep problems

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

For people in these high-risk groups, increasing magnesium intake can be therapeutic. Dr. Mildred Seelig, magnesium researcher and author of The Magnesium Factor, has noted that supplementation is necessary when combating low magnesium:

Hope this helps - so no one else has to suffer through muscle pains after a thyroidectomy because they where not informed like I was.

Denise Thompson 2 years ago

Hi I had my thyroid remove a week tomorrow getting my stiches out tomorrow the thing is I have mouth ulcer the last nine months and cant get rib of them does anyone know how I can get rib ofc them please help me

Ashusiraj sheikh 2 years ago

Ashusiraj sheikh

Drew 2 years ago

Had mine out Dec. 4th ,2013. I had papillary cancer on both sides. I took radioiodine Mar.12th.I take 150 of levothyroxine. Considering I'm not going to die of cancer, I am feeling pretty lucky! I had no symptoms and good TSH levels. A tech. in a stroke scan alerted Me and saved my life! I'm really lucky, only side effect is itchiness. My wife has trouble with Levothyroxine, but Armor thyroid(derived from pig thyroid) works much better for some its a better fit! Me I'm just glad I'm going to live! And I'm not going to let this ruin My life! I wish You all the outcomes I've had so far! Think positive! Your still alive!

If Your doctor doesn't listen , research and find another!!! T3& T4 are important! Learn all You can, Be that patient that understands what they are talking about! They stay on top of things when your an informed patient! Your going to be the patient for a long time! I'm lucky to live 2 years ago

I had my thyroidectomy November 21, 2013. I have problems sleeping, headaches , constant craving of sugary deserts and chocolate. After reading these posts, I want to see an endocrinologist and switch medications to Armour thyroid. I miss my beautiful hair and I'm taking every vitamin and trying using the best shampoos to get it back.

jenny 2 years ago

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jellie 2 years ago

I had a tt 03-24. The first three weeks i felt great. Fourth week i went down hill. I cant remember nothing im in fear of loosing my job for careless mistakes. Soo sleepy all the time. I can sleep 12 hours at a time and still feel tired. In the first two weeks i saw weigh lost. Now i have gain 15 pounds. I was bless to not have cancer and for the most part my surgery went well. Its this after surgery i dont like. And everything hurts my feelings. So nothing good to say. Good luck n GOD BLESS US ALL.

Matthew Webb 2 years ago

Ok, I used to be very stoic. Then I had a nodule in my thyroid. Went in for biopsy, came back "probable". I didn't even know this was an option, I thought it was yes or no after having someone untrained poke around in my neck. I have a history of cancer in my immediate family (both parents) so opted for thyroid removal. Diagnosis, papillary thyroid carcinoma, after removal, who would say it's not cancer after you just altered someone for the rest of their life? After having my thyroid removed I get very emotional over stupid shit like a home run at a baseball game and tear up and almost cry. I seem to have no control over it anymore, I didn't even cry at my mother's funeral until it was my sister and I alone at the gravesite. Now I cry at the sight of a cute baby? WTF is going on here, someone with some knowledge please help. Are the thyroid replacement drugs just that inferior? Am I just an emotional mess after dealing with cancer? I have always been a strong person and now I doubt myself. In my younger years people would comment on my swagger and I just don't seem to have it anymore.

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Tia Mia 2 years ago

Hi--Understanding that everyone's experience is different, I wanted to post a positive thyroidectomy experience. I had my large goiter removed in two separate surgeries, 3 years apart. The first surgery removed the largest lobe (it was so large it was growing under my clavical). I was out of work a couple of weeks--pain was not bad and could be managed with OTC meds. I just had the other side removed several weeks ago. This time, my recovery was shorter--I was back to work (admin work) within 10 days. I have adjusted very well to the thyroid replacement meds--had my blood work checked, and I am a tad hyper, so I needed to stay on my current level (112 mcg) but take one half a tablet on Sundays.

Feel better than before surgery. Glad its over, and all turned out well. I wish the same results for everyone.

julie 2 years ago

Just wanted to thank a couple of people above (e.g. Drew) for their well-measured, encouraging comments. I had a full thyroidectomy in February and radioactive iodine treatment a month ago. Now in the stage of trying to adjust my medications. Like a few of the earlier people, I'm just very happy that a) the operation was much easier than I anticipated, b) this is perhaps the 'best' kind of cancer to get statistically, and c) overall I'm feeling pretty much normal. So...of course one would never wish for something like this to happen, but hey, there are a LOT of worse things out there. Good luck to all of you going through similar issues.

I hope

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D1234 2 years ago

I have been on thyroid replacement for 20 years. I had radioactive oblast ion after being diagnosed with Graves. My doctor, at the time, also prescribed Cytomel which was extremely great in balancing my mood swings. I currently take both synthroid & Cytomel. One doctor took me off of Cytomel fo 60 days. Luckily I found a new doctor before I had a major meltdown. I strongly suggest everyone discuss being placed on additional medication like Cytomel with their doctors. Just a thought if the synthroid isn't "working". Good luck to all.

Gerry64 2 years ago

Had thyroid removed 12months ago and have not been the same. Irritability, nervousness, fatigue and difficulty in falling asleep is bad. Doctors keep saying symptoms are normal and I have signs of depression. I know how I feel and struggle to get by day by day. Can someone please help

Double whammy 2 years ago

I had a my thyroid removed 4 weeks ago. It took 2 surgeries. The first one was to remove a nodule. It looked ok until the report came back. Cancer. The other side was removed 2 weeks later. It also had papiliary cancer. My issue is when the doctors found the nodule in the thyroid they also found a tumor in my spine. I had surgery for that 4 months ago. When you talk about issues I'm not sure which goes where. I am depressed. My muscles hurt. I am losing hair. I stay constipated. Migraines out the wazoo. Tired all the time. Thy way I look at it I could be dead of cancer or in a wheel chair. I have aches and pains that I deal with daily, but I get to see my husband, kids and grandkids daily. I would rather struggle to see family than to lay in bed. Find doctors that will listen to you. Mine are great and we all (family,doctors and myself) are taking this journey together.

louise 2 years ago

Add Your Comment Hi iv no voice now for 5 months i also have a pain in my neck i feel really tired all the time i feel as if I have a lump on my neck i also take neck pain could someone tell me if they had any of these symptoms when they had thyroid cancer

lori 2 years ago

I had an enlarged thyroid and had it removed 1wk ago. The surgery went well hard to eat or drink after for 3-4days. The only thing I have problems with is the cramping in my neck.

Lucky1 2 years ago

I'm 4 months post total thyroid removal Have sharp pains and some trouble swallowing meds not right yet. Why don't doctors tell you how bad you will feel months later

debs 2 years ago

Had my thyroid out 13months ago all went well but am still feeling very tired and my neck still feels very tight when wake up .don't know if that is normal

Lucky1 2 years ago

Does anyone have that magic number of how long it takes to get meds right. I'm so tired all of the time. I have talked to my Endo about this and he tells me to go to my Primary?

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Ladyorange 2 years ago

TT today. Slight discomfort but I generally have a high tolerance for pain. Starting the morning and praying for the best.

sam 2 years ago

Had a right thyroid removed in April wish I hadn't bothered,never felt so depressed as I do now, had all the blood tests thyroid,iron,calcium ect and all came back fine, feeling really miserable got no energy,hair falling out,feeling short tempered. Please help

mam 2 years ago

cry mam hy evebody i just foud out my dogther have cancer she very emosion and she have a baby 4 mounth old i wont to help her but i dont know how im to emosion to with that please help my baby

Stacy 2 years ago

I'm 4 weeks post op for total removal, non cancer. I had Hashimoto's for about 19 years, took meds for about 12 and got off of them because they made me feel worse. I'm on 150 of Levo and .5 of Cytomel. My biggest complaint is that I'm so darn tired. My Endo added the Cytomel this week to help with the tiredness. I'm praying that it will work for me. Anyone else taking that combo for tiredness?

Mary 2 years ago

Had thyroid cancer 30n years ago. Had thyroid removed and started taking levothyroxine ever since. I have regular blood work done to be sure my levels are ok. At first I was very nervous but after a short time my body became use to the medicine. I never gained weight because of the thyroid removal. I weighed 115 then and now I weigh 125 and am 64 years old. You learn to live with what you can't change. If you are just beginning this journey, I wish you the best of luck.

kath 24 months ago

had a full thyroid removal 5 week ago was not as bad as i expected infact i could eat drink swallow cough no problem eveything went well everthing was clear no cancer was allowed home day after surgery just feel tired still awaiting blood test to see if anything needs chainging with the medication

15 months ago

I had my thyroids and parathyroid removed 5 and half years ago for Papillary Carcinoma. It took about one year get my range by tweaking my meds. I am checking my TSH, T4, Thyroglobline panel levels twice a year. The lab results look great. However, while my lab numbers are where my Endo wants it to be, I am experiencing difficulty in focusing, I have low energy and getting too tired. These things are happening in the last three months or so. I am a bit lost, why changes in my energy level and moods when the lab results doesn't support the cause for these changes.

john 14 months ago

I had a partial thyroidectomy in august . It is December and although the scar is ok , I am not. having headaches ,neck stiffness unmananagable depression ,high blood pressure and prostate issues I believe are as a result from the surgery. I'm currently off any meds because they said I don't need them. so whats next?

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